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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 9, 2015 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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is attitudinal we are bigger than the problems that seem to confront us. i hope that helps everybody and i want you to return next week bright-eyed bushy-tailed and lori: i had a blast. charles: lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the pentagon today raised the threat level against military bases all around the country. as a result, a growing concern about a terrorist attack in the united states. that means more security checks. more security guards and unexpected drills. there is no specific threat though. nor any single reason we're told for the increase alert level. but it does follow the fbi warning yesterday that islamic followers in the united states are being urged to strike. we'll be discussing the islamic state threat and what the white house is doing to keep americans safe. we'll be taking that up with former director of national intelligence john. also the justice
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department announcing it is launching a federal civil rights investigation of the entire police department of baltimore, maryland. that announcement comes two days after the mayor stephanie rawlings-blake asked for the investigation of the department that she has run for more than five years. it's been 11 days since rioting and looting broke out in baltimore. after demonstrations over the death of freddie gray who died in police custody. we take it up with former attorney general under the bush administration, michael. and it turns out the clintons aren't completely teflon after all. in the latest polling hillary is now trailing a good number of republican presidential candidates in a key swing state. we'll break down where hillary is in trouble and analyze whether she can recover from these scandals. fox news political analyst former white house political director, ed rollins
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joins us here tonight. we begin with a raising of the military alert level for the first time since the tenth anniversary of september 11th. the pentagon raising the force protection condition to bravo at all military bases because of what they call a predictable terrorist threat. the alert follows a warning from fbi director comey about the united states rising influence in this country. meetings with president obama. joining me now, the former director of national intelligence john. mr. ambassador, good to have you with us, as always. i'd like to get your reaction to this first in a decade increase in the threat level. john: well obviously i'm not privy to all the intelligence, but there must be indications that these people are communicating through their various means with sympathizers
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are people who might carry out some kind of copycat activity here in the united states. but clearly there magnum stenomustbe a basis to do this. i'm sure this is a warranted precaution. lou: warranted. yet the fbi itself says there is no specific threat. there is no one element of this. it's the result of what seems to be a shift in attitude at least on the part of the fbi. >> well it could also be though an increased amount of chatter, a noise -- noise in the system that is causing people to be a bit nervous. and that in turn is causing these precautions to be taken. would i expect some dramatic really large terrorist act to be undertaken? i'm not so certain. but could there be a one-off activity in some location or another? you never can rule that out. it was mentioned that
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there was going to be this very important meeting of the gulf state leaders, the persian gulf leaders with the president next week. and so that may be an added reason to take this kind of precaution. lou: and that meeting is going to have a great deal, as you know, to deal with the weapon systems that we provide. the military support that we provide those arab states in the gulf, particularly as the administration approaches, it appears, a culmination of some sort of deal on the reduction in nuclear weapons development on the part of the iranians. do you think this is an appropriate response on the part of those arab states to what they perceive obviously as a greater threat against themselves? >> as you point out, they're very concerned about the country of iran. they're skeptical about the negotiation that we're undertaking. although, i think they should take some reassurance from the fact that the congress will have the opportunity to review
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this now before it goes forward. lou: right. >> and i think it's good policy to strengthen our ties with these gulf state countries at their time of concern. and you might even say anxiety. secretary kerry has been out there. now this is the follow-up. i think it's very important. it's good diplomacy. it's good policy. i think it might help avert their temptation to try to acquire or go down the path towards nuclear weapons themselves. so this in and of itself, i think makes it a good thing to do. lou: but as you suggest, the saudis we know are entertaining the possibility of either acquiring or developing the weapon. it is readily available to them. through pakistan which they, of course helped in the financing of the development of pakistan's nuclear capabilities. we understand that other companies including turkey are following much the same line of reasoning.
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>> well all these countries -- yeah. lou: go ahead. >> all these countries are signatories to the nonproliferation treaty. they definitely as a matter of policy prefer not to go down the nuclear weapons route if they can at all help it. i think one of the good points about this agreement. people may be uncomfortable with it. but it certainly will delay by a substantial number of years the time before which iran might have the possibility of acquiring nuclear weapons. it isn't going to banish the possibility forever. but it will buy at least ten years. you can call it sort of kicking the can down the road. but it seems to me, that is at least going to give these gulf states more time to assess their own situation. and also measure the degree of commitment that the united states is prepared to make to their security. i think you might see some pretty interesting commitments made as a result of this camp david meeting. and i think we're all going to be very
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interested in hearing how that comes out. lou: yeah, and the result of that meeting as you intimate likely to be critical to popular support for any agreement that ultimately is arrived at, if such is the case. yemen, i would like to take just a bit of your time and just ask your thoughts on yemen. the saudis have attempted a five-day truce which has been summarily rejected by the iranian-backed houthi rebels. it's critically important to iran. where are we headed here? >> well it's a very messy situation. but at the moment, the saudis are clearly determined to prevent a houthi -- the houthis from taking over the government. meanwhile there's this serious, dire humanitarian situation that has developed in the country which makes
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some kind of a cease-fire a desirable thing to do so that the humanitarian agencies can get food and other supplies in. the country is running desperately short of supplies. and hopefully get the country back on to some kind of a track of pursuing the political road map that had been designed earlier by the united nations. they've named a new united nations special representative. and i think all efforts have got to be concentrated on trying to move the country towards some political outcome. but that clearly is not what is happening at this very moment. lou: and it is saudi arabia after all seeking to provide for that humanitarian crisis that you described. and being rebuffed at this point. >> that's right. lou: ambassador always good to have you with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. lou: ambassador john. from the president's foreign policy to what critics are calling his pursuit of a political agenda. the justice department announcing it is launching a wide-ranging
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civil rights investigation into the operations of the baltimore police department. more than 20 police departments across the country have been investigated over the past five years. more than twice the number of cases opened in the previous five. fox news white house correspondent kevin cork has our report. kevin: in new york solidarity in a sea of blue. >> we are here to let you know that we are with you. kevin: by the thousands, law enforcement officers mourn the death of the nypd's brian moore, the 25-year-old officer was gunned down saturday while on patrol at queens. a visual outpouring of support for his extend family in blue. men and women trained to trust their instincts. but accused of losing the trust of those they are sworn to protect. >> this investigation will begin immediately. >> loretta lynch announced that the
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justice department will investigate the baltimore police department's use of force. >> if unconstitutional policies or practices are found, we will seek a court enforceable agreement to address those issues. >> the civil rights division is separate from a probe already underway into the death of freddie gray who suffered a fatal spine injury while in baltimore police custody. setting off a night of rioting and days of protest in the city and across the country. the inspection welcomed by congressman elijah cummings who said, the doj is helping us get to the bottom of the breakdown between the police and the community. this latest investigation is similar to one conducted in ferguson missouri where a white officer shot an unarmed teenager last year. the doj concluded the department routinely engaged in racially biased practices. but there are major differences in the cases. while the victim in each
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instance was black, half of the officers charged in the gray instance in baltimore are african-american. and the mayor police chief, even the city's state attorney are all african-american. still, critics say they don't expect the baltimore pd to fare much better. >> they're asking bureaucrats who are hostile towards law enforcement have no experience as law enforcement officers they won't get a fair evaluation of the practices in baltimore. >> the probe mirrors an ongoing pattern here. this is important for your audience to understand. more than 20 local law enforcement offices have been investigated by the feds since 2009. i should add that the defense attorneys involved in the baltimore case are asking that the states attorney recuse herself from this prosecution.
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lou. lou: kevin, thank you very much. much more on the department of justice investigation. we'll take that up with former attorney general michael. we're coming back. much more still ahead. stay with us. coming up, the clinton cash scandal driving hillary's poll numbers down as the republican field of candidates continues to broaden. republican strategist ed rollins next. and veterans of world war ii look to the skies to celebrate ve day in our nat just because i'm away from
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fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. ♪ lou: troubling new poll numbers for hillary clinton. the latest wmur survey showing clinton behind three republicans in the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire. former governor jeb bush leading clinton, 47-41%. senator marco rubio doing just about the same thing. 47-42%. senator rand paul. the same top line number. 47-43%. and clinton ties scott walker. she holds a one-point lead over senator ted cruz. not good news at all. joining me now to assess this and much more. former white house political director. fox news political
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analyst. republican strategist. and great to have you here. >> thank you my pleasure. >> early days. without question. how troubling should this poll be? >> it's troubling. it's troubling when you get inside the numbers and look at the distrust number on ms. clinton. she may be the inevitable nominee because no one is running against her. she's not the inevitable president. but the critical thing here is the drumbeat that she's had on her emails, on her finances, on the clinton foundation is now creating high numbers where the american public doesn't trust her. if you don't trust somebody, you won't vote for them in the end. >> and the republican field itself is growing by the day. and by the way, i would say this, it seems to me these candidates are a stronger group already than what we saw in 2012. >> no question about it. several of these people could have been the nominee. romney could have had the nomination.
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we almost have too many candidates. we have very viable people. you have governors of states. senators. they're all making momentum. rubio made the announcement the day after she did. he's come to there to almost leading the pack. raising money doing all kinds of important things. running. talking about the future of the country. talking to a lot of young people. what has she said? i'll basically expand the president's immigration policy. the white house says you can't do it, even though. lou: that's quite a restraint. >> right. it's sort of, she's out there talking -- she wants to talk to five or ten people in restaurants. she's a heavyweight. she can have thousands of people. she doesn't want to meet with the press. lousy start to the campaign. lou: hillary clinton saying she doesn't want big unaccountable money in politics. she would work against it. one of the four major
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points of her campaign. the very next week, she's meeting with her super pac. priorities usa to get a little love. >> when she opened up. she said she would run a two and a half billion dollar campaign. twice as much as obama did. she may end up needing it. at the end of the day she'll raise all the money she needs. by the big donors. they've always been friends with big donors. been always effective at raising money whether in the white house or what have you. lou: jeb bush, his super pac right to rise, on track to collect -- to me, this is a pretty impressive number. 100 million by the end of this month. he's lifting the self-imposed cap. he wants the money. >> he wants the money. and what's interesting he'll let the super pac run most of the campaign. mike murphy the strategist. lives in malibu. doesn't want to move to florida.
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malibu, a state you can't possibly win. doing all the media. you can't talk to each other. two campaigns, it will be. lou: what is the affinity for mike murphy from governor bush? what's the reason for that? because murphy has always been a bit of a controversial character. >> mike has real talent. he has a guy named larry macarthur -- he's a talented guy. he has a great ability -- i worked with him. he has a great ability to handhold. has a great ability to make a candidate feel good. hard to make the candidate feel good when you're 3,000 miles away. is he the best strategist in the business? we'll see. there's no transparency in this super pac. and people have the right to know the candidates responsible for his campaign. he's responsible to let people know where this money is coming from. lou: this is unusual to bring this up in a discussion of us
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presidential politics. but i couldn't help, but be impressed by david cameron's performance in the uk. rolling over the competition. an outright majority. it's -- it's a striking performance. >> extraordinary campaign. the closing two or three weeks, he went out and really made his case out to the public. obviously won a massive victory. routed the competition. to a certain extent, it's a good thing. very important ally of ours. lou: and he talked about issues and i would say intelligently if i may use the expression. he talked about in-depth the immigration issues. he talked about the european union membership. he -- i -- he is functioning as one of the best street politicians i've ever seen. >> he certainly moves to the top three or four leaders in the world today, and this reelection will help in that. we have some strong leaders out there. our president is not one of them. we have president xi in china.
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mrs. merkel in germany. and certainly putin in russia. and cameron steps into that same mix as well. (?) >> it will be interesting which candidates take which lessons from that. if it's occurred in the uk. great to see you. thank you for your insight. have a great weekend. good to see you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the appropriate subject of any investigation of baltimore should focus first on the incompetent leadership of the city's mayor, the city's council and as police commissioner. cast your vote at lou more than 50 vintage world war ii planes flying over washington's national mall today. part of the 70th anniversary victory in europe celebration. the fighters, the bombers flew in formation. recounting the biggest battles of world war ii from pearl harbor to the final assault on japan. the show didn't -- didn't go off without a hitch however.
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one of those planes, a p51 mustang. one of the all-time greatest aircraft ever had to break formation make an emergency landing at reagan national airport. which the pilot did without a problem. the plane suffering a hi a hydraulics failure. president obama's choice of venue for the transpacific -- tree trade for this president. he sounds like a few recent presidents too. why he picked nike? my commentary is next. i'll tell you why i'm delighted he did. an arizona school teacher loses his -- well, it's -- he's going to be losing more than just his job. this is outrageous. that story coming up. stay with us. ♪
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lou: a few thoughts now on president obama's rather odd trip to oregon today.
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curiously, the president chose to go to beaverton, oregon, because apparently some genius in his administration that nike headquarters one of the biggest outsourcer of jobs would be the perfect place to promote the benefits of the controversial trade deal known as the transpacific partnership partnership. president obama: this is why i'm such a strong supporter of new trade agreements. they're going to help our workers compete and our businesses compete. if we don't write the rules for trade around the world, guess what china wins. and they'll write those rules in a way that will give chinese workers and chinese companies an upper hand. lou: but nike is an emblem of why critics of tpp say that trade deal will cut more american jobs and further reduce american wages. trying to boost the
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president and his trade deal nike today pledged to create -- well as many as 10000 jobs in this country over the next decade under the transpacific partnership. now that is really very tepid stuff. nike, you see, employs 6,000 employees in this country. yet its contracts overseas have more than 1 million workers. nearly all of them in asia. part of nike's original value proposition was founder phil's view that it could manufacture shoes at a lower cost by outsourcing jobs and offshore production. nike found that a third of its manufacturers in the year 2013 didn't meet the company's minimum standards. hours and wages the main problems. yet president obama is holding up nike as an exemplar of why congress
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should grant him fast track trade approval. president obama: i don't have any other rationale for doing what i do than i think it's the best thing for the american people. and on this issue on trade, i actually think some of my dearest friends are wrong. lou: well, regrettably our president seems to believe that he can still ignore the consequences of any deal, particularly this trade deal and as is his habit, simply acknowledge he has no rationale doing whatever it is he does just because he thinks it's best. he has no answers as to why he would be at the headquarters of a company with a million contract employees overseas. six and a half billion dollars parked in overseas bank accounts and only 26,000 workers in this country. why he isn't offended that nike thinks so little of the tpp that they can only create 10,000 jobs over the next decade in this
2:31 am
country is beyond me. we've long moved past the point where this president's charm is an inadequate substitute for real knowledge principles and empirical support for whatever policy he might advocate. but i am glad he went to nike headquarters to illuminate the immense threat to our middle class. all of which have been the targets of such disastrous trade deals for decades. with that in the way of real knowledge of the consequences on the part of our leaders. republican and democrat. now our quotation of the evening: president obama has outsource a major portion of the us space program to the russians. that's national policy. taxpayer money. so let's stop playing games with this outsourcing distortion and talk about the fact that what we need is a president who knows how to manage big enterprise
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and create jobs. that's former new hampshire governor white house chief of staff, john. we're coming right back. please stay with us. coming up, a new york police department officer laid to rest as the obama administration presses on with its war against law enforcement. former attorney general michael with us in moments. and the actions of true american heroes caught on video. you'll see what these service members did to earn some of the military's highest awards for valor in
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♪ lou: thousands of police gathering in new york long island for the funeral of brian moore. the 25-year-old officer was shot in the head while on patrol last saturday. he became the third member of the nypd to be killed in the line of duty since december. police commissioner bill bratton praised more as a devoted officer. >> he dreamed of being a cop. he dreamed of following his dad, whom he loved so much. he dreamed of following his dad's brother and his aunt's cousin and his cousins. he dreamed of getting the bad guys off the street. he wanted to make a difference. lou: today's funeral comes a day after mayor bill de blasio announced a new 2016 budget that
2:37 am
does not include funding to increase the number of policeman on the street. in so doing, de blasio is ignoring requests from the city council. returning to the latest developments in baltimore. loretta lynch announced the justice department will conduct an investigation into the baltimore police force searching for discriminatory policing practices and patterns. joining us, michael the former us attorney general under george w. bush. former district court judge in the u.s. district court for the southern district of new york. michael, let me ask you to begin with. this request by a mayor of the doj to investigate a department that she has been responsible for for five years. does that strike you as unusual? is it unusual? >> it's unusual in my experience. and it strikes me from the standpoint of that local official down right bizarre. usually you find
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political officials resisting that kind of thing than encouraging it. and the commissioner himself appointed by this mayor, the question just compounds themselves. why could -- is there a question here of whether the doj should even be responding to politically charged moments like this, or is this considered, aside from the curious irony of a mayor asking that she herself be investigated, is there anything that comes of this that makes any sense at all? can the doj carry out a productive investigation that leads to any result. >> well, the doj can carry out a productive investigation. the question is really whether there is an investigation warranted here. and it's hard, i would think, for the doj in the face of an appeal by local authorities understand what they're saying. what they're saying is:
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please investigate us for the possibility of a pattern and practice of denial by our police of the constitutional rights of our citizens. a pattern or practice is something that would have to have gone on for quite some time. these officials are saying that under our administration, it may very well be that there was a pattern or practice of denying people their rights. that i find stunning. lou: this looks like woeful lack of incompetence and lack of trust in their own abilities even. >> i have some question about who is really calling the shots here. it's one thing for the police commissioner to say that i welcome it. when he knows that it is inevitable in coming anyway. people do that. but i don't know that it was necessarily the police commissioner who was behind getting it started in the first place. lou: and you serving as a judge.
2:40 am
a distinguished legal career throughout. does it seem as you watch this administration that there is a -- a purposeful campaign against law enforcement in this country on the part of the obama administration? >> well, look i don't want to characterize things as a purposeful campaign against law enforcement authorities. but i will tell you what pattern has emerged. that is, when you get one of these highly charged situations, whether it's trayvon martin or whether it's the young man out in missouri, you get the justice department making a statement about -- right away, that they're going to investigate. and then you find them coming in behind that, with an investigation of the local police department. in the case of trayvon martin, the local police department had precious little to do with it. but they nonetheless launched an investigation into whether the local police department was -- had a pattern or practice of
2:41 am
denying people their civil rights. that, when the issue was really the use by essentially a private person of the florida statute that -- the stand your ground statute. that has nothing to do with the police. so this has happened in roughly 20 cities across the country. and what happens is, the cities don't have the money to litigate against the justice department. in the connection an of an investigation like this. so they essentially cave in and accept some monitor or supervision. and the result is not a happy one from the standpoint of the citizens. i think the best example of that, the museum quality specimen, if you will is seattle. where they had one of these monitors and where the crime rate has gone through the roof. lou: so this is not likely to be trusted as a panacea, the
2:42 am
request of an examination by the mayor of her conduct and her responsibility over a department for over five years. truly extraordinary. mr. attorney general great to have you with us. we appreciate your insight. thank you so much. >> good to be with you. lou: judge michael. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is: do you believe that the appropriate subject of any investigation of the city of baltimore should focus on on the incompetent leadership of the mayor the city council, and the police commissioner. cast your vote at the us airports awarding top medals of valor to people whose heroism was actually videoed. matthew fighting their way out of an ambush by insurgents in afghanistan last fall. and two others. this video taken by our forces, the enemy openly
2:43 am
planning over the radio to take their entire team of 21 americans hostage. temple was awarded the air force cross. goodman and grayman received stars for their heroism. remarkable video. tom brady breaks his silence on deflategate. the media catches up with the self-proclaimed deflator. also a popular hawaiian tourist destination is a hot spot.
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♪ lou: breaking news now, an fbi agent has been shot in littleton, colorado. the fbi swat team member serving a warrant for a bank robbery suspect who was holed up in a littleton hotel. the police officers from a number of different agencies are on the scene. they were trying to arrest the suspect. they have that hotel now surrounded. there is no word on the agent's condition at this time. we can confirm that he was shot in the leg. we'll keep you updated on his condition and the circumstances as they develop there in littleton, colorado. on wall street today, stocks closed sharply higher. the dow surging 267
2:48 am
points. the s&p up 28. the nasdaq up 58 points. volume on the big board, volume picking -- well, moving down a little bit. 3.2 billion shares. the nasdaq with fractional losses on the week. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. please stick around for a special edition of cavuto. neil focusing on america's trust deficit. that's cavuto. begins eight p.m. eastern. the economy added 233,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate 5.4%. the lowest in almost seven years. the number of americans participating in the work force still near record lows under 63%. the stock market rallied. turning to deflategate. tom brady broke his silence on the nfl deflategate report.
2:49 am
thehe said he simply hasn't had time to read the report, which goes after him and some of the locker room folks but not the team members or coaches. >> i don't have really any reaction. it's only been 30 hours. so i haven't had much time to digest it fully when i do, i'll let you know. >> are you that slow a readreader? >> my athletic career is better than my reading career. this is longer. >> clubhouse attendant jim taking a different approach with the media. the self-proclaimed deflater screamed at reporters to get off my property before promising not to say another word. that's one way to handle the media. in arizona a racial slur led to an action by one teacher that is
2:50 am
simply outrageous. phoenix police opening an investigation into the conduct of substitute teacher brett russell. he was voted on a cell phone camera body slamming a student a kid to the floor! the student admitted that he had used a racial ep epithat. the students mother is calling for the immediate arrest for the man who took this kid. that's just outrageous. i'm telling you public schools right now they're something else. well turning to an active volcano. turning a popular hawaiian -- the lava on hawaii's big island has rose to record heights. the popular visitor center, a mile away from the crater is in no immediate danger. now, that's -- that's trust, if you buy that.
2:51 am
the assessment coming despite multiple eruptions that have thrown rock and lava and ash thousands of feet in the air. president obama taking another shot at the transpacific trade partnership. it looks like just another missed opportunity. we'll take that up and more with matt and mercedes schlapp right here next. stay with us. ♪
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. lou: joining me now american conservative union chairman matt schlapp, former bush 43 spokesperson, republican strategist mercedes schlapp. great to have you with us. mercedes, start with hillary clinton. she is in a nosedive the most recent polls out of new hampshire. she's getting whipped by nearly all of the republican candidates. >> you know, it's been interest to see hillary clinton trying to survive the scandals. especially swlu her husband saying i gotta pay the bills, and getting $700000 speeches that they're paying for. however, what's interesting, lou, is that the numbers that are impacted, for example, are 6-10 independent voters are saying we don't trust her but her numbers are not hurting with the democrats. it's so early on in the polls and doesn't mean too much. >> but mercy, these democrats they're worried. very worried.
2:56 am
you talk to people off the record, look she's fumbling, stumbling, bill clinton doesn't seem to be with his game. certainly not his a-game, it doesn't look like a top tier democrat getting to jump in maybe martin o'malley which is good for republicans. she's doing such a bad job, i personally want to run against her. lou: makes you think about the republicans going after her so hard so early maybe it would have been in the republican interest to keep her around for a year? >> there's a lot of truth to that. >> and i also think i can't wait for the commercials to come out, when the gop -- whoever the nominee is when you're bringing "clinton cash" on the commercials, you know opposition research against hillary clinton. however she still has the advantage. when you look at it, you're going to see the women that really want to see a woman president, and they're supporting her, the democratic numbers are not hurting the poll numbers see her favorably,
2:57 am
they support her. i don't know, schlapp the numbers are not hurting her as much as you think they are. >> you might want to call me mr. schlapp, all right? lou: you might want to work that out tonight. let me turn to rick santorum and lindsey graham. >> gosh. lou: tried and true not doing well santorum back again. lindsey graham decides he wants to be president of the united states, good idea or bad? helpful or not to the republican party. >> lou, are you jumping in next? because i want to know who's the next person jumping into the gop. lou: you can take this to the bank, it won't be me. [ laughter ] . >> i think it's just getting a bit out of control. i know they all want to have a voice in the process, but again we're going to start getting to these debates, and these poll numbers are going to come out, and you're going to see that only the top tier candidates are going to be part of the debate process i don't know how long the campaigns,
2:58 am
for example, senator rick santorum or lindsey graham, hour they're going to survive. lou: is survival the issue here in the fact is the republicans will look pretty good in one way producing all the folks who want to be president, and the big field i would think i don't know does it help or hurt? >> they're bound to say crazy things. >> you know mercy, i disagree. i think the field is good here's what i think it is good that it's big. republicans have wandered. lost two presidential elections and wandering in important policy areas. what's the right republican conservative view on foreign policy? what's the right conservative point of view on privacy. real questions that we're facing. lou in commentary you talk about trade. what are our positions on immigration? having these debates they're going to get started in the summer it's going to help us figure out what the right point view is. i want to see the debates, see the candidates mix it up. lou: do you think that obama
2:59 am
purposely went to nike headquarters to the show what the impact is of the agreement and how screwed the american working man and woman is under these agreements and these offshoring and outsourcing of jobs? >> i just cannot believe he chose nike to go there considering that almost a million of these workers are in vietnam and promising, what did nike promise 10,000 works in
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coming up next is "strange inheritance." thank you for joining us. announcer: 100,000 creepy crawlers. >> spiders that will cover your whole face. announcer: all collected from the far reaches of the world. talk about a bug's life. >> old is he wanted to buy the collection. announcer: there is a bigger story behind this request. >> that was a bigger eye-opening experience than the film. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ of. jamie: i


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