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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  May 11, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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id to talk iran and it is not just the saudis who are snub snubbing us. problems are not going away from hillary. from the emails to a family problem that has nothing to do with bill. the nanny state taking a step too far. a fast-food ban in one of america's largest cities is backfiring in a major way. one last "american idol." the competition show that started it all set to its final bow. even when she say it's not it is always about money. melissa: scheduling issues or a royal snub? the white house scrambling to put a positive spin on an arab summit after at camp david after the saudi king and other leaders decided to skip it. >> i know that there have been some speculation that this change in travel plans was an
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attempt to send a message to the united states. if so that message was not received because all the feedback that we have received, from the saudis has been positive. melissa: except for this. four of the six nations who got invites saudi arabia oman bahrain u.a.e. sent a last minute rsvp saying their deputy was be attending instead. i'm joined by judy miller, manhattan institute and fox news contributor. judy she is also the author of the phenomenal book, "the story." we don't want to leave that out. judy, go to you. there is no way to spin this. this is a snub? >> it is actually not a snub. melissa: what? >> i'll tell you why, the person actually running the kingdom of saudi arabia right now is the person who is coming to this summit. what it is, it is a miscommunication. 79-year-old king salman is ill. he has been ill for a long time.
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i don't know why the white house thought he was coming but, 10 days ago the gulf institute said, hey, he is not coming. it was all over the internet. and the saudis just didn't get around to confirming it until yesterday. melissa: they didn't get around. it is all over the internet but they don't bother to go out and correct it. instead they let the president look like an idiot. how about bay rain? that is one of our closest allies in the region. host the navy fifth fleet. a tiny island. still the base from which our operations launch to go out to do patrols over iran. they're sending their -- i'm sorry, they are sending the crown prince as opposed to the prime minister who is the guy there who calls the shots. dan? >> well it looks to me like a fiasco to tell you the truth melissa. this is an incredible expression of disorganization on the part of the white house over something that is presumably a very big deal for them. convincing the gulf state leaders that they should sign on
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to the deal that obama is striking with iran over its nuclear weapons. you, the cows are out of the barn on this one. obama is determined to do this deal with the iranians and the saudis and iranians qataris are just beside themselves over the potential that iran could get a nuclear weapon. they have said publicly if iran gets it, they're going to seek it too. what can obama do for them? melissa: judy if it is not a snub, four of the six people we invited are not coming so we're really bad at addressing invitation. >> right. the rsvp, push this button function. dan is right it does reflect what should worry all of us, extraordinary incompetence on part of the white house staff and the state department and u.s. government but surely by now we're used to that. what is going on in the region is a generational change. the people coming to the meeting whoever they are, are
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authorized to make a deal if there is one to be made. the problem is there is no there there. what are they going to do? what they want the united states is not willing to deliver. they don't trust us to deliver what we say we will deliver. that is a tough one. melissa: new allegations in the cover up of killing of usama bin laden. pulitzer prize-winning journalist seymour hirsch, got to iran with pakistan's help dedespite saying it was all u.s. affair. white house stating there are too many baseless checks to fact check each one. there are astounding allegations, pakistan, basically captured bin laden and holding him since 2006. then they sold him to us. and that is why our navy seal team went in and unopposed. walked in and killed him and took him out. they say his body wasn't buried at sea. judy, what do you think of this.
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>> two words we can't say on the air. one of them is bull. everyone i know involved in the effort to track and kill bin laden says there is nothing to this story. the person who hirsch quotes is isi former director who left 13 years ago and will say anything to get himself on tv. this is vintage classic seymour hirsch. when he is good he is very good. when he is bad he is awful. this is the awful. melissa: dan, do you think he is selling a book or something? >> he is selling himself. he has been away for a long time. what is publishing this in the london books, he couldn't get "the nation" magazine to publish this? this is like solar eclipse for once i am in complete agreement with the obama white house. melissa: we'll leave it there. dow and s&p trading lower. the dow in particular near session lows following a strong rally on friday's jobs report. let's go to nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. she is watching one major mover
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for us today zulily. >> indeed. this is a fun one to take a look at. this is inspans back. this stock basically 80% off its all-time high in february 2014. today moving higher, up 7 1/2%. as alibaba moves in and really picks up higher stake. 11 1/2 million shares now that is what they pout. they went to a stake of 9.2% up from 7% and change. with that they spent over $56 million to do that. alibaba, e-commerce giant, taking a huge stake now in zulily which is basically retail for home decor around clothing and the like. retails mostly to women but has been under some pressure. they do have about five million customers. we'll see whether this help this is one out. it is down this year. as i said off its highs of last year. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you very much. google better after its car insurance handy. out of 48 self-driving cars in
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california, four have gotten into fender-benders since september. most were owned by google. my panel is back including fox's brian kilmeade jumping in there. brian kilmeade would you drive a self-driving car? >> i would. i think it's a riot because they have 50 of them. a couple of them, four get into an accident. two of which they say they were not their fault but you do have to fill out action reports because of that. they had this thing, who's driving. you write know one. that quickly becomes the story. they do not blame me. do not hear that before. i wasn't driving and i'm correct. melissa: but two accidents with cars where there was no driving in a driving state. the whole point they're supposed to be safer. there is no human error. they will respond. they have censors, they know better than us. dan, what do you think? >> i think probably there is a future for these cars. i like the idea computers are sophisticated. the biggest problem will be regulatory and legal. can you imagine liability
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concerns raised by something like this? melissa: yeah. >> lawyers in california will be all over this. the google's biggest problem is with the lawyers not technology. melissa: three involved lexus suvs that google outfitted with sensors and computing power. this was supposed to make us much safer judy. >> i know. machines beat us at chess but i'm not sure they can beat us on the road. my husband think as self-driving car for improvement. melissa: for me, definitely improvement. i'm a terrible driver. i cast no stones. >> the problem is humans. we've been over this. if we all agree to let the machine drive the cars, we're okay. but the machine can't stop human from texting and driving not paying attention. melissa: but they're supposed to have sensor to get away from the car that is careening. >> they can't bo invisible. if you're sitting at a light. melissa: we're so glad you came. that is why you're here to point that out. thank you so much. five people are dead and a dozen are missing after a slew of tornadoes roared across states in tornado alley, wow.
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one small town east of texas completely devastated. fox news's will carr is surveying the damage on the ground. will wow, what is the latest there? >> melissa, we're in van, about an hour southeast of dallas. right now there is a widespread search-and-rescue mission going on the ground. there are eight people who have been unaccounted for after a tornado swept through this area last night. on the ground as well there are still some major concerns with downed power lines. authorities are keeping both the public and the media back where the tornado directly hit because they're worried about potential gas leaks of the damage though is widespread. they tell us between 50 and 100 homes were either damaged or destroyed. 43 people were sent to locla hospitals last night. two people were killed in this storm. we since learned they were a married couple, tragically getting killed when the tornado hit their home. the tornado destroyed an elementary school, ripping the
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roof off the school. we heard from a county judge. take a listen. >> van is a strong city strong community. we will rebuild. i would ask that you continue to pray for all the lives that were affected in this disaster. >> that's really been the mentality that we've heard from a lot of residents here in van. we spoke to one woman, angela reid, she said the tornado directly hit her home when she was inside with her family. she said it felt like it picked the home up, twisted it around and threw it on the ground. the tornado destroyed the home. amazing nobody was hurt. they had minor cuts and bruises. she was walking around handing people coffee and doughnuts. i asked her, melissa, why she did that she said she had so much to give while others lost everything. melissa: that is amazing. the pictures of the houses, wow.
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breaking news the interior department approving royal dutch/shell's approval to drill oil in the arctic. this is a major victory for shell around the rest of the petroleum industry which sought the permission to drill in the arctic waters which are believed to hold vast gas and oil reserves. standing by his brother, jeb bush giving one of the most revealing interviews to date saying he would tore rise an invasion into iraq. we have details. money down the drain. you won't believe how many states are running out of cash. why this could be very bad news for your paycheck. more "money" coming up. ♪
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melissa: emergency landing in lax. a plane operated by skywest airlines was coming in to
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los angeles from monterey california, when it experience ad mechanical malfunction. the aircraft was unable to deploy all of its landing gear. it began shaking when it hit the tarmac. emergency personnel surrounding the plane as it came to a stop. 43 people were onboard. no one was harmed. skywest made headlines you will remember last month when one of its jets plunged 20,000 feet in just a few minutes before making an emergency landing in buffalo. the economy at its healthiest since the great recession but good luck telling that to state governments. turns out nearly half of all u.s. states are projecting a budget shortfall in the coming years. this is according to a new report from the associated press. and those deficits are stoking fears of tax increases. with me, lauren cole a contributor at dan is back with my. lauren what happened? why are they all facing a short fall? >> there are all kinds of
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reasons. we have declining revenue growth. one of the interesting things is decline in oil prices which is something a lost consumers benefited from with prices at dank but negatively impacted state budgets. melissa: so that hurt a lot of states. dan what do they do? they are not like the feds where they spend unlimited credit card and get away with it? a lot of states are required to have balanced budgets. >> they're required by law to balance budgets. they could cut their spending. melissa: that is terrible idea. no one ever does that. >> they have a dilemma. if you raise taxes you need a strong economy. we have a weak economy right now. i think one of the most interesting aspects of this report, very interesting report, is that people pay taxes. and they're having revenue shortfalls. that suggests that the labor participation rate we have talked about for so long which is so low now means fewer people in these states are actually working. what those states need is stronger economic growth and
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than the united states is producing right now. melissa: some of the states have magic rain any day funds like california to borrow from but a lot of those have run dry. louisiana thinking about increasing cigarette tax, incredibly regressive. kansas might roll back a tax reduction they had in place. what do you think we end up seeing? >> at the end of the day the states will have to figure out a way to balance this. consumer has to realize this economy is still weak. they need to do what they can to make their own personal finances, as protected as possible. melissa: because the taxman cometh. don't you think that will happen because they have to raise revenue? >> politically they have to be careful. in maryland the guy, martin o'malley, the guy who thinks that he will run for president. he raised up to 50 taxes. in last election it was run by a republican against o'malley's tax increases. so they have to be careful about raising taxes. melissa: so you think they cut
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spending? >> no. melissa: those are the only two answers. >> illinois they can fake their way. bonded out. melissa: bond it out, fake it out. thanks guys. a couple of stories on our radar indiana reporting the first confirmed case. iowa also saying that the disease has been found in another four million chickens. bird flu has now affected 40% of the state's egg-laying flock. major companies continue to hoard their cash. u.s. businesses are now sitting on more than a trillion dollars. that is according to research from moody's. nearly half of that is held by just five companies including apple, microsoft and google. you've got a pasta entry on the way with those bread sticks. they're just too tempting. olive garden heard your dilemma. they figured out a way to make them the main course. plus a rising star among gop white house hopefuls as "saturday night lives" puts it
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own spin on each of their platforms. do you ever have too much money? >> it is ben carson! he is about to put his neurosurgeon training to use, because the thing he says, will blow your mind. obamacare is the worst thing since slavery. >> all the way from miami, it is senator marco rubio. he believes marriage to be between one man and one sexy mamacita. [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go.
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melissa: breaking news right now. george zimmerman apparently shot as he sat in his car in florida. his attorney says another driver pulled up alongside zimmerman, and shot at him through the window. he says the bullet narrowly missed zimmerman and lodged in the car roof. responders rushed him to the
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hospital. police say they have the suspect in custody. apparently the man has been involved in other incidents with zimmerman in the past. you will remember of course that sim every man fatally shot a black teenager, trayvon martin back in february of 2012. it is a case of government overreach gone bad. a fast-food ban in south l.a. was meant to improve the lives of resident by forcing them to eat healthier meals. go government. instead obesity rates have gone up. more health-conscious chains like chipolte are being pushed out. bruce terkel from terkel brands. lauren and brian are back as well. i love this, bruce, when they first put this into effect, seemed like perfect genius. get rid of anything with limited menu, with items prepared quickly, that served things in containers where there is not sit-down service. get rid of all that is affordable. probably fattening too. they go back over time and obesity rates have risen faster
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in the area where they took this action than before. what do you think of that, bruce? >> i think it is simple. the problem is low wages, bad jobs and no opportunity. since we can't do anything about that we'll tell people they can't eat hamburgers. people want fast and cheap. they don't want slow and expensive. a shame we can't handle problems the way they need to be handled. melissa: brian, i kind of disagree with bruce. it is not higher wage. it is not government's problem to solve. it is people's problem to solve if they are going to be obese and overweight or not. what do you think, brian. >> unless they change proportions of containers, once we go out on the street we're on our own. melissa: we're on our own. >> we're able to tell where our home address is is and memorize our phone number. i think for the most part this whole operation was laughable. you want to go into schools, you have the thing called health class. explain not to have fried. have vegetables. have fruit. ultimately you're on your own.
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you want the pizza once frozen or two or three times frozen and have it on the fourth day. that is truly an option. give people the option to eat healthy. you can't make them eat healthy. that is true for your children, melissa you can eat less. this boggle as my mind. this is not the government's problem to solve. they obviously are proving they are terrible at it. >> this is interesting from the budgeting perspective. in the '60s, we spent 11% of our take-home pay on food and 5% on health care. today we're buying less on food 10% of our budget but spending 16% on health care. clearly these things are related. melissa: if you thought olive garden bread sticks could not get better, i know i'm one of those people, you may be surprised, olive garden rolling out bread stick sandwiches. that is amazing. you can get a chicken parm or meatball sandwich. come with side of unlimit breadsticks. this sounds very, very wealthy
2:26 pm
kilmeade. >> i was brian two minutes ago. now i'm kilmeade. this is genius. i still don't understand to this day, make italian ice. like bottom of italian ice. dig down to something look forward to. when you go for bread sticks you live bread sticks. you say why are they gone? only get certain amount. this is genius to make a sandwich. this is no highlight to look forward to at olive garden. melissa: a bread stick sandwich with a side of bread steaks. >> cab to carbs on carbs. right on the treadmill. melissa: you sit down don't serve things in container. follows all the l.a. rule on healthy. sometimes good things come in small packages. starbucks roll out mini product, a mini version of frappuccino. it is two ounces less than the tall version. lauren, what do you think? is this a home run? >> not exactly.
2:27 pm
it is for starbucks. they will see higher profitable for this. for most people, two ounces less. u burr only saving 20 cents. for my money, go for the size small. >> right. melissa: bruce, what do you think real quick? >> i don't think it has to do with saving money. it has to do get being people to >@try it who wouldn't have ordinarily. you don't say no thanks. you overcome the guilt and suck it down. >> no financial planner lauren, can recommend you go to starbucks to think that is good investment no matter how big. melissa: anything at starbucks is a good investment. thank you very much. pulling ranks. one gop candidate climbing into new territory. dimming the lights on "american idol.." reality tv heavyweight signs off but somewhere brian is feeling vindicated. "piles of money" coming up. ♪
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>> the race to the white house three more candidates throwing their hats into the 20167 ring, but only one is seeing a sizable boost in this week's power rankings. here now chris fox news digital politics editor okay, let me ask you about cracking the top five on the republican side. do you think she's resonating or just that first bump? >> she's on the hustle. >> i think she's dealt swiftly with the small controversy that came up. farina by something that she joked now hillary clinton turns out is being demain squatted. she's good, she was quite good on late night tv, and she's out there most important thing at this point is she's on hustle it was rocky as she talked about
2:32 pm
her tenure at hp. i like the momentum an way she's going. republicans are giving her a hard look because they understand the electoral environment saying both parties have nominated a woman in the same cycle. >> running for vice president >> i don't think so that would be a little too on the nose. well you say you have a woman running for president we have vice president that is generally not how those things work. you say if you were voting for a woman to be president why pick the second slot so tick in reality she's going for the tom spot? >> speaking of how things don't you recallly work a lot of people thought that marco rubio would drop out when jeb bush and showed he was here to stay because they're both in florida so that divides up a very important spot. now, he's running a very strong number two and he seems to be keeping his momentum is he the biggest threat right now first of all? >> no question that marco rubio
2:33 pm
is biggest threat to jeb bush that marco rubio is drinking out of the same cup as jeb bush he like having this long noncandidate city where he's gobbling up superpack money an getting big as a whale at least in economic officials he likes that parking lot. what he doesn't like is that people are switching to rubio establishment republicans and they think rubio would be effective running against hillary clinton. young hispanic new generation, and it has not old bush versus bush. >> thank you so much. >> standing by his side jeb bush revealing that he would done the same thing as his brother and evaded iraq in 2003. former governor speaking exclusively to fox news's megyn kelly. >> i would have so would have hillary clinton to reminding everybody and everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got. mistake?
2:34 pm
>> retrospect not just the united states saw that it was faulty. in retro spect once he innovated, and took out saddam hussein we didn't focus on security in the secure environment. turned on the united states military because there was no security for themselves and their families. by the way, guess who think that those mistakes took place as well? george w. bush. >> airs tonight along with kerry so a big exclusive interview with megyn kelly and over liberty university gives his speech. he's been raising a lot of money on the side. but we haven't heard him really go out and talk to get to know people. how does he do on this? what kind of grade do you give him? >> high marks for how he handled it. bad he's talking about iraq
2:35 pm
needs to put that behind him so lower marks in terms of pivoting conversation away from that. >> going to watch that tonight but megyn doesn't let you fifth anywhere. she has a question for you had you better answer it. >> maybe that is the function of megyn's strength. >> we saw marco rubio number two and jeb bush at the top these are two candidates talking about issues in substance both foreign policy and domestic policy they're two that people seem to be responding to. as for jeb bush and iraq he's a professional politician. he was down there in florida watching the brother through the entire presidency. i think that one thing where we wouldn't guess in another bush presidency is the repeat because he's seen mistakes that his brother made an he's not going to make those -- >> interrupt you for judy miller's book sir colleague friend here at fox. a book exactly all of this intel and how everyone was singing the same song here.
2:36 pm
hillary kerry voted for the worst so hands are not clean. >> more problems, hillary clinton's brother tony rodham receiving front page treatment bit "new york times" today newspaper uncovering legal documents that rodham attempts to use the clinton foundation to make certain deals. man it feels like it never stops, same story again and again. he tried to make a 22 million dollar deal to rebuild homes in haiti. this thing with haiti keeps coming up how clinton swarmed in to rebuild the place. i don't know what it looks like right now or how much of that got done but he tried to get liz $22 million but to the greater public does it feel like more noise in the same vein? >> that is a bad thing for hillary clinton that it does feel that way. because you know last week kazakhstan and frank, and it all sounds like listen deal making and wheeling and dealing on a
2:37 pm
large scale. you have two major figures here in new york state shelly silver and dean skelos who were both in deep trouble for fairly minor wheeling and dealing revty this not suggesting what they did was illegal. >> but the public -- very very anxious and depressed about it. >> can help them for trying to help their sibbing but this is a straw on the camel's back and put on clinton you don't want to just make a buck. that is what clintons have done exploited public service for their own good and for their own money. >> yeah what i was going to ask is if you continue this drum beat every week with another thing they did with dirty tricks money for power. do people get numb to it? or does it cement the idea that these guys are really dirty and you don't want them back in office? i'm not sure which, what do you think? >> i don't think you get numb to it anymore milk is a because social media and nature of the
2:38 pm
media today it feeds on itself. i think democrats are going to get very, very nervous and anxious if about these continual shoes dropping around the clintons. and -- it will be something else. >> it is mother's day who are you going to call? >> hillary clinton celebrating the date by ringing five different moms. lucky winners chosen by a fund raiding contest from the clinton campaign. not to be outdone president obama surprising like the mom off. hillary clinton was on the phone and obama is like wait, wait, wait we have to call moms dot same thing what do you think? >> everything for the clinton is scripted hillary runs risk much being the romney for democrats. she's very stilted so she's trying to craft i'm a mom, grandmother but i think it is beginning to backfire you put her on a stage next to marco rubio it took her moist give a speech to ucla in the time it took marco rubio to pay 16 years
2:39 pm
to pay off students loans. she's out of touch trying to craft that image but i don't think it is beginning to work. >> obama is wonderful hex it is me give me a test. ask me about anything. [laughter] >> like mr. wizard. mr. chairperson ask me about anything. very dangerous question by the way. she could have said anything. i wonder what she did say. decision time for roger goodell and tom brady will they be hanging championship banner without their mvp plus best catch of fugged's philly games of not made by a player. the dad who does it all on mother's day because at the end of the day it is about money and baseball. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm allisa francis chosen south carolina for its first american factory. the automaker will spent half a billion dollars on a facility which will make up to 100,000 cars a year. construction starts this fall. microsoft is ditching windows. company says upcoming 10 update will be the last big release. that doesn't mean that windows is going away, of course, microsoft will just roll out regular updates instead. and car service über is worth a lot more than you think. reports say that it started a fresh round of fund raising and
2:42 pm
values the company at $50 billion. seriously? über is said to be looking for more than a billion dollars in strategic partnership that is the latest from the fox business network givingout power to prosper.
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>> okay now for something i had to show you. have you seen this a father managing to catch a foul ball. despite having a baby strapped to his chest that didn't stop him. the all star dad behind homes plate at the mets fillies game ab caught the ball with just one hand that is kind of dangerous. went on to flex for the crowd i did love that. the baby meanwhile i think looking very, very relaxed as that ball just comes hurdling towards it but that is look, no hands. all of those babies, no hands. >> the question is that good parenting or bad parenting? >> no comment. >> doing with fans on wedge nfl and possible punishment for tom brad did i and roger goodell expected to rule this week. brian kilmeade is back with me. what do you think is going to happen here? >> gary missouri percent one of the premier nfl writers is doing a book on payton manning and much to grin he believes it will
2:45 pm
be a multiple game suspension for brady between four and six weeks. >> best that he probably knew something and someone. >> if you read the report it is obvious that he had something to do with the deflation of the ball. the kid -- the deflater we are go back and forth about tom's demands to do things there were constant meeting prior and didn't cooperate and turning over text messages they requested. >> how do we know that tom constructed them could have been the quarterback? >> a great play. anyone else. >> because the supermodel for that reason because she's not only a model but a superstar quarterback as well. >> anyone else wanted to win the game. everybody who knows that he prefers this type of poffle could be taken it on themselves to do it. not saying that is what happened but arguing the other side here. >> you are arguing other side and wrong side of this point. i feel bad for patriot fans who believe him a world champion without doing this and all time great without doing this hall of fame doing this.
2:46 pm
but having read the report and seeing in prior times in transgression i expect four to six games to come and possibly could use a draft pick because they have instructed the investigation. wow while i have you with me we talk about the battle in salt lake city getting worried about evander holyfield. >> i think we have to listen. >> i've listened to the interview and he's not going to throw -- no punches some but appropriate for guys 68 years old and never boxed in his life. [laughter] come on. popped out of that -- show you over the top. [laughter] >> now you're getting worried. >> you know, so funny i didn't real he was 68 first of all. face it unbelievable shape but
2:47 pm
never boxed before. boxed four time heavy weight champ should have had experience. >> you feel it. but should blame his own son. he is the him up with this so i have an idea. whatever help yours charity called evander holyfield not a real fight or hit it. but how much can you fake it? i tell myself this is a mistake and fake but not going to hit me. >> andrew young got in there once from atlanta in there with a football helmet still shakes he's an evil kill guy and bit his ear and it was still calm but said i worked out something to throw a punch, i can throw punches and not hurt him that much. unbelievable shape three rounds. if you get a ticket even though it is for charity vision for $20 give eyesight that is tremendous. you want to see somewhat of a show. >> i think holyfield could kill them by accident.
2:48 pm
[laughter] >> agreed not to do that i'm so sorry. wow, okay well his fault for signing up i guess. ryan thank you so much. >> no problem. one pricey portrait expected to smash a world record today plus believe it or not this bun -- is it not burnt. oh. the black burger is latest global trend. i don't know why. we're going to show you where to try one. you can never have too much money or too many of those. >> looks good -- >> terrible. ♪ ♪
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2:52 pm
his role and highs with the u.s. castro says he's so impressed with the pope that he's thinking of joining the catholic church and meeting up again this september when pope francis makes his big trip to havana. over to brazil, where tickets to the real olympics are still going strong organizers have not adjusted rate on ticket sales despite the fact that brazil currency has fallen 30% in nine months. that means that overseas buyers are paying way they could by the way. local officials say they need extra cash to cover all of the cost of hosting next year's games. see there's a message to that mad phenomenons landing in indest country to start serving black burgers. have you seen this trend? a restaurant there is dishing jet black buns, with either chicken or vegetable patties. oh -- here to take us to the last hour of trading.
2:53 pm
liz what do you have coming up on your show? >> we're watching the clock melissa and the wires to see when and if the punishment is will be handed down in deflate-gate. word of course is that nfl will announce something this week is quack tom brady still a rock star and radio active. man who manages money for more than 100 proathletes on what happens next. ed, the warning he's giving to all of his clients about this situation. plus offer the radar for months suddenly bit coin and using technology this after the crypto currency goes from $1,000 to $242 what is going on here? should the nasdaq trust technology? do you conference founder jeffrey tucker on the fierce and heres of bit coin and its technology. don't count it out. melissa. the libertarians love it. >> there you go. >> all right it is curtains for "american idol" show behind kelly clarkson and carrie underwood off the air.
2:54 pm
i wound for simon signed off on this, though. end of the day all about money. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
2:55 pm
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2:57 pm
melissa: whether it's on wall street or main street here's who is making and spending money today. including anyone who wants to buy this impressive work of art. it's by pablo picasso. it could become the most expensive painting to sell at auction. bidding starts at christie's in new york. experts think it will fetch more than 140 million bucks. i actually don't love it that much. a piece by artist bacon holds the current record selling for 142 million back in 2013. that is amazing. i'm not sure we could show that on tv. but too late. the end of an era. american idol will be eliminated next year after 15 seasons on the air.
2:58 pm
i don't know about you. it's a bit pitchy to me. bruce is back. diana, so it's still so popular. i mean they're talking about their ratings from went from a high of 36 million viewers down to 11 million viewers. i mean, when 11 million viewers is terrible, that's a lot of people. how could you take it off the air? >> well they're doing it very carefully. it costs 168 million to produce the show. it came under $500 million in ad revenue. it's produced a lot of stars. they'd rather go out on a high note than a sour one. >> bruce, do you buy that? i think, at the end of the day it's all about money. as long as the show is still making that much money, it's very surprising to me. i heard they cut some of the salaries for some of the talent next year. they're saying the advertisers won't pay what they would have before but it's still profitable. >> diana is absolutely
2:59 pm
right. the snarky person would say every lousy karaoke singer has been on there and they've run out of talent. they've changed the way television is being watched. any of those shows you watch. whether skating or dancing or singing, you see their imprint. the money making machine, they'll roll out new programs and new opportunities. but diana is right. they want to quit while they're ahead to maintain the value of the concept. melissa: because they have perfected and maybe started the idea of this contest reality. reality is in all these different categories. this is where you find the winner. there's cooking shows like this and everything else. this same group could do something else. like maybe another music show? >> as i was saying, the whole landscape will probably change. i think we'll look at youtube to find our stars. there's vine stars. there's instagram stars. these people are profiting on how many followers they have. so the whole business
3:00 pm
model is changing. it's very exciting to watch where our new rising stars are coming from. melissa: absolutely. that sounds bad news for me. i'll race over to youtube to figure out what i should do over there next. that's all we have for now. "countdown" starts right now. liz: we just hit session lows this very minute. we're watching the markets and ride sharing service uber raising money faster than it can show up at your door. the valuations sound more like monopoly money on steroids. should potential investors and any of you looking at the ipo should you be aware? the bitcoin hype seems to be over. hardly. they've quietly been embracing technology. is it now to invest in bitcoin. when will it be as common as apple pay? the man who literally wrote the book on bitcoin. just hot air or a big letdown in pay and endorsements? tom brady may soon


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