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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on "the kelly file" tonight on fox news, 9:00 eastern time. david: they don't waste time. blake burman, thank you very much. liz: thank you for joining us. we'll be back here tomorrow. for now "the willis report" is next. ♪ gerri: hello, everyone, i'm gerri willis and "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business. the nfl set to punish one of it is biggest stars. will tom brady be suspended for cheating? the latest mess in the rollout of obamacare a state health exchange under federal investigation. we'll have latest details. self-driving cars are supposed to make our roads safer but a new report says they're get nag fender-benders at much higher rate than regular cars. we'll investigate what is going on. don't lose money on your savings. we have a list of checking accounts with surprisingly high interest rates. all that and more coming up on "the willis report," where consumers are our business.
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gerri: health connect tore, the massachusetts health exchange, is under fire. the officials appeared to have lied to the federal government about the progress of the website. the report coming days after federal investigators issued a subpoena for records from the troubled health exchange. here to weigh in douglas holtz-eakin, president of american action forum. great to see you. this is one of the many state obama care exchanges. we come to find out that state officials knew that particular exchange was off track more than a before it was supposed to be launched did nothing. massachusetts was the model for obama care. are you surprised by this? >> does appear to have been the model for obamacare. didn't work. the connecttor didn't work. nobody told the boss on and massachusetts and nobody got fired. they appear to be on the same
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track. the problem is politics as usual. you get invested in a top-down solution. no one wants to tell the top it is not working. you have to have a strong leader who is willing to hold people accountable. until the new governor came in that simply was not the case. gerri: it was like, don't tell anybody. we have a problem. it will not work. here is what a whistle-blower told the pioneer group which published report. we were waiting to recognize how bad it was done we had done everything we could to escalate the matter to higher levels. we're told to be quiet. it doesn't matter. don't say anything. at the center of all this, cgi, this is a company that provided all kinds of headaches for obamacare with the national exchange. what do you say? >> same pattern. federal -- massachusetts wants federal money. they have exactly the same contractor to say to the federal government, we have best
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contractors, same person you hired, things are fine, don't worried about it. cms they know things are not fine. they do not don't want to admit it to massachusetts. conspiracy of silence a good product never appears. a lot of money paid to contractor. in the end both exchanges don't work. gerri: the exchange never worked, right? this is i.t. equivalent of the big dig, which was such a mess in boston. is this about the same kind of thing with boston related or are the problems really broader? >> i think there are some pieces probably very matches mass. the big dig was a fiasco. in this case they ended up dumping people into a medicaid program that was quote, free. lord knows what kind of services you get with a free medicaid program. there are broader problems. as you know, this was supposed to be technocrats dream solution to our health care problems. we'll write down magic formulas and send out the exchange. people will get all the wonderful products that we've designed and one size fits all.
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those technocratic solutions never work. there is nothing about -- gerri: they never work. worse they waste a lot of money. >> a lot of money. gerri: billion dollars and counting. a bill dollars for the exchange that doesn't operate like it is supposed to. i'm wondering if there were very deep political issues here as well? they waited, the federal government waited until after governor deval patrick was out of office before bringing these charges? >> well you do wonder about the timing, right? the democratic governor leaves. in comes successor mr. baker. he in the end demands resignations of some of the connecttor officials. looks like he is starting to make this thing an efficient management operation but in terms of the investigation for fraud that is long overdue. why it starts now no one explained. gerri: waste, fraud and abuse. doug holtz-eakin, thanks for coming on the show. very good to see you. >> thanks, gerri.
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gerri: on with more waste fraud and abuse. more controversy surrounding the clinton foundation as it purportedly attempted to pressure company charity navigator a non-profit and well-known watchdog group. they wanted to them to take the clinton foundation off the watch list, the same scandal-plagued asharpton's charity is on. we have fred barnes of the weekly standard. welcome to you both. i have to tell you two, i misstated what was happening. reality charity navigator wanted to click the clinton foundation out essentially very little money the clinton foundation raises actually goes to charity work. fred, to you, what do you make of the way they treated these charity foundation executives. >> they want ad special deal. the charity navigator has a policy of once you're on our watch list, because questions have been raised about the legitimacy of how you're acting as a charity you're on there for
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sir months. well the clintons didn't want to be there on for six months. they didn't want to be on at all. they were pressuring the charity to drop them from being on the watch list. the charity wouldn't do it. they wanted to get off the watch list without answering all of the questions raised by stories in the press about how the foundation was operating with russia and uranium and haiti and algeria and all these other countries. they didn't want to answer. they wanted to get off the list. i think it speaks well for charity navigator to say, when they said no. gerri: so so, liz we know these folks because we've had them on the show a million times. they're the most respected evaluator of charity organizations in the country. they're very well-regarded. ken berger, the guy who used to run it. here is what he said. they mining clintons, felt they were such importance that we should deviate from our process and essentially give them a top rating. tt is not what happened despite the fact that they were
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invited to talk at clinton foundation events. the wooing went on. then it got ugly. ceo of the clinton foundation is now saying really nasty things about berger. they weren't open. that they, wouldn't come to meetings. what do you make of all this, liz? >> i think once again it is showing that the clintons are trying to play by their own rules like fred said. they want a special deal from the charity navigator eastern though that they're not going to get any special treatment. charity navigator said you will not get off the list until you explain all of these controversies all these news reports. and explaining, in a strong way. the fact of matter clip:will not come out there and defend the foundation. they sent out bill clinton to defend it. even did not have a good response. he said, oh, we had to pay our bills, when he was talking about taking six figure speeches. it really doesn't look like they will be taken off this list
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anytime soon. gerri: to switch it up a little bit, peter schweizer out today defending his book about clinton money. what he says, essentially is that, look, the supreme court has defended what i said, which is that, here's, here's the comment right here. the supreme court unanimously upheld the ban on foreign political money and president barack obama and republicans have echoed similar themes. he is saying look it is not just me saying that foreign political money shouldn't come in to the clinton foundation or other private foundations owned and operated by politicians. this is supreme court. so fred, do they have that right? >> i don't think so. also the obama administration which at least required the clinton foundation to if foreign money came in to disclose that, and, they were, and in fact they were not supposed to take it all while hillary clinton was secretary of state. so it's funny to hear that the woman who is one of the heads of
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the clinton foundation talking about the watchdog group is accusing them of lack of transparency. the the clinton foundation is all about lack of transparency. they, they just don't want to come to grips with the problem they have now. it's a big problem a new story is examined every day over the weekend, the haiti problem where bill clinton was in charge of everything there and it turned out to be a any as co-- fiasco except for clinton friends who made a lot of money. gerri: there's a new way story every day but i wonder if it is registering with voters. you see the numbers. you wonder if it is having any impact. jeb bush sits down with megyn kelly on our sister network fox news tonight at 9:00 p.m. he has interesting comments. listen to this. >> there has to be a point where we fix the system that legal
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immigration is easier than illegal immigration and show some respect for people that might be 10 years might be valedictorian of high school, no no, you're not allowed to go to college? i think there is point past which we're over the line. gerri: liz, what do you make about his comments on immigration? he always sort of been in the area where he wants to extend a welcoming hand to immigrants at some level? and what do you think about the timing of any announcement for him? >> well, i think his stance on immigration is going to hurt him a little bit with the gop base. that line right there, we have to show respect to all of these dreamers, sound a lot like the rhetoric of president obama, saying that all of these dreamers are valedictorians and stuff like that. that makes the gop base a little bit uncomfortable there. will have to walk this line. he can't flip-flop on the stance. he has been for comprehensive reform before. so he can't fall back on that.
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but he will have to walk a line. as far as announcement comes i think he is taking his time. he is able to raise a lot of money as undeclared candidate. will wait for everyone else to declare the field and make formal announcement next month. gerri: fred. >> bush is pro-immigrant. most americans are pro-immigrant. this may irritate some people in the republican base. jeb is taking a gamble. sticking with his policy. it doesn't call for automatic citizenship but legalization in a period of time. this is good position in the general election. this is a gamble on his part he can get through the republican primaries on this position in the general election. if he is in the general, this is the right thing to be saying. >> liz, fred, thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks,. >> you're welcome. gerri: still a lot more to come this hour including a new report on self-driving cars. are they really safe? next one of the biggest names in football could be forced to sit out part of next
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season. what should happen to tom brady. that is next. let us know what you think. tweet me @gerriwillisfbn. go to our website, we'll be right back. ♪
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gerri: "deflategate" erupts. the nfl is expected to announce disciplinary action against patriots quarter back tom brady any day following a damning 243-page report last week. will the all-star quarterback get stack sacked by the nfl? we're talking to john greenburg. john, great to have you here. in your view your view, how should goodell rule? head of nfl taking this very seriously, should brady be fined, suspended or what do you think? >> i believe he will be suspended. i believe he will be suspended for 4:00 games. they will appeal it. it will be brought down to two games. gerri: four games?
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>> it -- gerri: four games is a lot. >> i know it's a lot. it will cost him millions of dollars because i understand his $25 million a year, 16 games, that will cost him millions of dollars. gerri: wow. >> i that, i think what happened if he had come forward, when it was brought up, and, if he had turned his cell phone over to them when they requested it, they would inhave had to go through the expensive investigation. they were talking to 67 people and because they have gone so far with this, he is going to be made an example of. and the example is, to, tell the truth do not lie, when you are questioned by the nfl about an infraction. gerri: here's what the ted wells report had to say. i'm quoting here. "deflategate" findings. it is more probable than not, brady was at least generally aware of inappropriate activities of jim mcnally and
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involving the release of air in the game balls. the assumption in the wells report is yes he knew. seems all circumstantial to me. can you walk away from those findings, say incot vertably he knew? >> well the problem is that it is, it was more probable than not that he was generally aware. and then we talk about the he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and that he knows how footballs feel. and, this is something that, i don't think anybody can swallow is that, he couldn't tell that there was a difference in the feel of those footballs. gerri: i'm wonder about a fine, pardon me, i am wonder about a fine. i have to think a fine for brady is not that meaningful since he is really pretty wealthy. do you think he will be fined as
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well? >> i don't think so. i think the fact that he will be suspended this is unprecedented it has never happened to a quarterback for an infraction of the operating conditions of the game. and i think as i said before i think they want to make an example out of him. gerri: they want to make an example out of him. that will certainly looks like it is going to happen. john, thank you so much for coming on the show. we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. gerri: now we want to know what you thinkere is our question tonight. what should happen to tom brady? should he be suspended, fined or both? log on to and vote. i will share results at the end of tonight's show. in other sports news, did you see it? it was a record-setting sunday in the world of golf. ricky fowler had a captivating victory at the players championship in florida. take a look at that. the win came after a four-hole playoff with kevin kissner and sergio garcia.
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but getting to playoff was a jaw-dropping moment. fowler trailed by five shots with six holes left before a birdie eagle, birdie, birdie to finish regulation. in regulation. it was the greatest finish in the tournament's 34-year history. super exciting to watch. they said he was a fakeer. no. he is the real deal. good stuff. later in the show, will the government start telephoning americans to eat less meat? next a new report on the safety of self-driving cars. will a string of accidents put the brakes on this new trend? ♪
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ey rarely if ever cause an accident, or be involved in one really but new evidence uncovered by the associated press not only do these cars have accidents but they have fender-bender at higher rate than ordinary cars. why is that happening? automotive editor gary gastelu. welcome to the show. talk about the findings from the associated press first. they compiled material from california state government which showed there is a little bit of a problem there. >> yeah it is actually interesting. the frequency of accidents for these cars seems a bit higher for typical car, but according to the companies the cars didn't cause accidents but hit by other people or the human driver were involved with some of the accidents with this report came out. gerri: out of 48 cars, four cars since september have gotten into accident. what would be parallel number the in the real worlds those
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low-grade human drivers it is not even one per 100,000 miles. it is .3 of 1% of 100,000 miles. the hit rate is much higher. granted these were all fender benders. no one got hurt but the speeds were very low. what does it mean in the confidence of self-driving cars, does that mean you're more or less can confident? >> those asks may not be reported. gerri: true. >> a lot and in the low speed human environment. they are scared of high speed driverless cars flying down the highway. it is easier to program a car than it is in town, people making left turns from the wrong lane. gerri: absolutely. i spoke with a fellow who drove coast to coast with delphi in the audi. he said the major problem for them wasn't in-town driving necessarily but when there was construction because then, the gps? really working. it doesn't know where to send
5:25 pm
you because it is not updated. >> doesn't know where to send you. if there is construction, the road service might be different. driving down the road. you see a road beat up you will take precautions there. the car needs to know, hey, this isn't very good road there. that is gravel. it will get slippery. i will need to make adjustments. these are sorts of things they are trying to learn to program into the cars. gerri: you mentioned when you sat down, google came out and said oops, we had a few more crashes we didn't tell you about. what are the total numbers? >> since the program started a few years ago they say they had 11 incidents. they say the cars were never the problem, it was getting hit or human driver of the car actually caused the accidents. they're saying look, every time we have a accident, even if the car is not at fault, we're learning from it. we program information back in the car. make them even safer. >> i say don't learn on city streets. that is what i say. four out of 48 in the most recent group by the associated press. two of those were in cars where the cars were not driving. one was a person driving. and the other we don't know. so clearly there is lots of
5:26 pm
questions but you know, i sit back and think about electric cars and how much they have been embraced. not so much lately because gas prices are low. people are less interested in that technology. do you think there might be a similar learning curve with the driverless cars? >> definitely will be a learning curve. people that want this sort of thing they will be cautious to hand the driving over to the car. it will be a long time before you see a car -- gerri: how long? >> before it is able to drive itself, i don't think we'll see steering wheels come out of cars in our lifetime. at least on mainstream cars. maybe truckers in the middle of northern canada with nobody else on the road, they will have shipments in special vehicles there. but i think on the main roads you will always have the backup system for the humans. even a delphi car that drove across-country, made it all the way itself 99% of the way. drivers needed to drive 1% of the time. that is when problems happen 1% of the time. gerri: you're blaming us. this is legal in california, nevada michigan and florida.
5:27 pm
we'll wait and see how long it gets to see these things on the road. gary, great to see you. >> coming up. emergency crews in texas searching for eight people missing in the wake of tornadoes. we'll have the latest headlines. will rise in cost of medicine have people rationing health care? we havedkevin campbell joining us with his prediction.
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gerri: welcome back to the willis report, in a moment the push to have the government in your kitchen but first a look at other stories. >> 5 people are confirmed dead after violent storms struck parts of texas and arkansas last night. the severe weather is now moving east. >> secretary of state john kerry is heading to russia tomorrow on his first visit to the country since the ukraine crisis began.
5:31 pm
he is to meet with president putin and associates tomorrow. >> no injuries have been reported after a small commercial airliner at lax experienced trouble causing a rough landing 43 people were aboard the skywest plane, the left landing gear did not deploy as it came down. >> and the show that once dominated the ratings, will go off of air fox aid that "american idol" will end its run next spring, at the peak it brought in 36 million. >>viewers, this year viewers totaled about 11 million. those are some of the stories in the news tonight. gerri: the fallout mounts from obamacare, the days ofrationed healthcare could be upon us. dr. campbell is joining us now. good to have you back. i think you make a interesting
5:32 pm
point when you say by cost of some spchtyspecialty medicines is rationing care. >> a lot of these are coming at a high cost, including some of the new drugs for hepc . what this is occurring is that causing us to not be able to pay for these. how can we afford to given who needs these drugs these drugs. gerri: the price tags on some. $1,000 a pill, $84,000 for a 12 week treatment. and another one $1125 per pill. so how does this get paid. is this going on the taxpayer bill? >> right now if you are a medicare recipient you pay for the first 4700 dollars after
5:33 pm
that it is a cat catastrophic expense. medicare will pick up 80% of that cost, that means that we as taxpayers will pick it up. up. i see criteria for who gets the drugs who does not this is sad. gerri: it is not experimental this does the work. talking about medicare spending, and on hepatitis c either peer, medicare sent -- therapy medicare spent 4.5 billion last year alone. in your view how should these be treated. >> pharmaceutical companies are charging what they think they can get for it. we have to figure out a way to pay them fairly are but make it affordable for everyone. not everyone can write a check
5:34 pm
for $84,000 for this drug that would cure you from a disease. this is a huge cure. gerri: here is what the companies would say we spent a lot of money developing these products it takes us a lot of time we need to be compensated for it, your ponce? >> there has to be something between making money and compassion unfortunately the street does not reward compassion, i think hopefully we come to some agreement where these could be reasonably priced. you would ask would they lower their price after recouping their r&d dollars, a chief executive at gilead said that powell be highly unlikely. gerri: thank you dr. campbell. to one of my favorite topics, food. activists are calling for the
5:35 pm
government to play a larger role in re-- meat. peter barnes is joining us. >> that is right here at is a -- sakowski's meat market, a group has gotten together to lobby the government to include less meat in the official government dietary guidelines, not just for health reasons but also for the environmental reasons. saying it is better to grow crops on farmland than it is livestock. they have launched a campaign, my plate-my planet, they argue quote that the science is clear, eating less meet and more plant is better for our health, the
5:36 pm
meat industry has launched a campaign called, hands off our hot dogs. which argues, the the confirms that -- the customers who come here, they come here to buy meat, they agree. >> probably have a steak once a week i eat more chicken and pork. and environmental effect is not the best but i don't see the harm in it as long as you stay healthy and exercise, eat vegetables when you can. >> reporter: now the government will weigh in on this debate later this year, when it releases its official 2015 dietary guidelines, i don't want to give away my bias on this, but zach, what do you got for
5:37 pm
me? veal chop, one of 5 my favorites it goes great with broccoli? >> i love it. i am on your page, but i can't imagine how it is even legal for the government to worry about environmental claimings when it comes to what we eat come on. >> right this is part of the fight because none -- no one less than secretary of agriculture, says that this is an overreach that dietary guidelines law mandate says that it will only cover according to him only coff cover diet and nutrition it should not be touching on the environment, and a number of members of congress are upset. >> thank you peter barnes.
5:38 pm
gerri: we have breaking news for you, tom brady has been suspended by nfl brady suspended for the first 4 games of the season, he will also face as there are million fine, tom brady in wake of deflategate nfl ruling suspending the star quarterback for the first 4 games of season, no bought the cost patriots a ton of dougo h . when he come back, state of your money as we look at growing problem of budget caps, we're live in illinois where the crises is worse. advice on where new college grads should be looking coming up. >> but first a look at your consumer gauge.
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re for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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gerri: more news on tom brady and nfl suspension of the star quarterback, 4 games. tom brady will be suspended for 4 game, patriots, his team, will be fined a million dollars. patriots also lose their first round selection in 2016 draft. so a lot of penalties from deflategate. the idea that tom brady knew he was throwing an under inflated football and did so knowingly. we will -- we'll try to get one of your gives back to talk about this more in detail. here is what we're finding out tom brady star quarterback for patriots suspended for 4 games. at the start of next season, patriots will pay a million dollar fine and they will lose first round selection in the 2016 draft.
5:43 pm
now, what our source told us in the beginning this will cost them millions will dove dollars people won't buy tickets they will stay home, what does it do to viewership. in the meantime, tom brady suspended 4 games because of his involvement in deflategate. we had the report, come out earlier, that accused him of knowing about it. and passing on it. and saying yes give me the deflated ball. we're waiting for a reaction from the patriots, we have not heard from them. to be sure it will be a big am pack on the patriot's bottom line. they have been incredible leaders in the league, taking home many titles and tom brady has been sphar of the star of the
5:44 pm
show, we're waiting to see if we can get somebody on the phone to talk to us about this event. this is a fair lay serious charge. 4 game muss4 game suspension for tom brady. and a million dollar fine for the patriots, and the patriots lose their first round pick in the 2016 draft. if you are a fan of the patriots it is going to be alonely season, tom brady will be sitting out critical early games. we'll not see him. i know that a lot of fans are not going to like that news. gerri: likely he will participate in off season training. that is not a requirement of the league he sit that out. but when it comes to the all
5:45 pm
important games he will not be there. we're continuing to wait to see if we can get member to talk to us about this. so many people who watch this program, and watch fox business network are fans. one of the questions coming up now is whether brady will actually appeal the ruling by the national football league. it is possible. he could do that. you know even the people who wrote the report did not say definitively they have proof he was involved in this, it was more circumstantial evidence, you would expects a football player of his caliber to know if he was throwing an under inflated dog. i think -- ball, i think that is the question that much of this has turned on. we also have james mcnally and second name again?
5:46 pm
john. we mentioned them earlier two folks who are involved with maintaining the equipment for the team they have been suspended as well. so not just brady or the star of the timor quarterback -- the team not just the quarterback but also the folks in charge of the equipment they have been suspended. i think you have to back up, say, this is a pretty serious response to deflategate. they are not taking it lightly national football league having a serious react here, suspending probably the highest drawing player in football? certainly somebody that so many football fans love to see play because of his extreme talent. the message is clear, you don't want to be cheating in football. i think that is the message they are trying to get across.
5:47 pm
suspended for 4 games this is the penalty on tom brady the star quarterback for new england patriots and a million dollar fine for the patriots time, the patriots lose their position, first round selection in 2016 draft. and the two men involved in maintaining the equipment were suspended along with brady. so, i want to bring in jeff flock, our reporter to talk about this issue. jeff do you have any more. >> we talked to rodger goodell last week, here in chicago you brought up the possibility this could be everyone turned, a number of rodger goodell's punishments on various issues have been overturned. you can expect nfl player association will appeal this,
5:48 pm
because, as you point out that is 4 games worth of salary as well. this is the high-end of what it could have been, a lot of speculation around two games. but four games and a million dollars, that high-end, that is what i say. gerri: this just doesn't impact you know brady it impacts the patriots it impacts the game, and the profitability of the sport. what do you think the broader reisch will be. >> we were talking here, people in office saying that the bears are volunteering to pay patriots in one of first 4 games this season. i think you will have a lot of teams volunteering for that 4 teams just kind of growth a break, you have a second string quarter become back -- quarter
5:49 pm
quarterback for a super bowl time. possibly bad for the nfl there are a lot of eyeballs on it, if it comes to pass. gerri: you have to wonder today what is likelihood that it happens again? >> you get an arbitrator in there. and you want we went through it with ray rice situation, you know he bans somebody that is kinds up not to be the case, commissioner is not all powerful as past nfl commission eshave been he is open to scrutiny, a no-win for him. he can put it out there. gerri: do you think -- what do
5:50 pm
you mike of fashion this is happening now. -- what do you make of the fact this is happening now football has been -- well there have been black eyes, and ouch of field antics. and some of the issues with women that have been so problematic, given so much time in the press. is this a way back? do you think that goodell is thinking we have to have a strong response? >> i think that is something in the back of his mind, he seems like he still enjoys the job. there are a lot of eyeballs and reporters following him before move he makes this is such you know become the national pastime financial has. i like baseball still myself.
5:51 pm
but, i think that -- >> i have to say like it all i want you to hear, we have sound of tom brady defending himself in january listen to this. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i feel like i rally ways played within the rules i would never do anything to break the rules i have no knowledge of anything. gerri: i have always played within the rules. in defense of himself saying he has always tried to to the right thing. here we are so membership months later, not agreeing with them, taking the star plower out to the wood shed. >> this could not be any more huge. especially after a super bowl
5:52 pm
victory. itit does not appear that it has been the case here. this is the tougher side of potential of punish. that you saw. gerri: the reality is, two other members of team will -- two people who were in charge of taking care of the equipment they are suspended without pay. and i would think my guess that this will impact those folks much more than tom brady. because -- i don't think it is about the component for him. -- it is not about the money for him, but i wonder though, whether reason for length of suspension was not only the act which as you pointed are on the is something that there isn 't
5:53 pm
definitive proof about, but that tom brady was not particularly forth coming in the investigation. and as you played in the bite him denying he didn't have anything to do with it. and he did not cheat. do other teams do this start of thing? is there a case to be made that way? i don't know, but if you just stonewall it, sometimes that is not best way to go. gerri: he did not want to share texts he sent back and forth with the members of this equipment team. here they are right here, you can see what was said. back and forth. between his equipment folks. and you know, what is interesting is they sound close and tight like they talk all of
5:54 pm
the time, that was not the cause, look at report itself, you can see words there. you know what i find really s.a.t. sad about this is that not likely that tom brady needed the help to win the game. why cheat. >> the the other funny part is that game was close in first last when balls were deflated, it was after they found the problem. ry inflated them, in the second half is when the patriots really ran up the score board. so argument could be made they did much better than whatever they did to cheat in the first half got reversed. it is crazy. you know tom braid -- this is a bit like, i guess rodger clemens for example in major league baseball for barry bonds, there is not definitive p are not getting to the hall of
5:55 pm
fame because there is suspicion. they would have been in hall of fame before anyway. before the performance enhancing drug. i think that tom brady has a great legacy had he not done anything this will be a black eye that is going to stick. gerri: jeff thank you a recap here tom brady, the new england paidiot star quarterback suspended for 4 games for his role in deflate gate. and patriots will be fined a million dollars and they will lose the first round draft pick in 2016.
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gerri: we have been covering tom brady and the penalty he is facing as well as the patriots as a result of deflategate and we will have more details at the top of the hour. in the meantime you know the problem coming you are trying to save money americans are trying to build up their savings again. how to make sure that you are you're getting the best deal back on your money. we have greg mcbride joining us now. so you have this interesting list which i think people will really care about. which is high-yield accounts out there that offer 2% and he found 20 banks are doing that. are these the big national banks or national ones? >> there is a smaller community bank and a lot of people don't even know that these accounts exist. >> okay, just reading some of these things we are running out of time energy cross key and
6:00 pm
other banks as well. i mean i think i'm going to jump out of here thank you for coming on the show, we appreciate your time area that is it for tonight "willis report", have a great night. ♪ ♪ oh. charles: breaking news come in the nfl cracking down on tom brady and the new england patriots, the super bowl quarterback has been suspended in the draft pick and four games. in addition to that we will be penalized. >> a lot of speculation around two-game suspension around the way, for games is a major surprise. i would say that we are also learning now that robert kraft apparently told roger goodell that he was suspending the to


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