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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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it has been a heavily traded stock. ongoing story. [closing bell ringing] liz: well a miss is as good as a mile. the bells are ringing on wall street. the second day in a row of losses for the stock market. but a lot better picture right now than we had hours ago when the markets opened. we have the dow jones industrials down 181 points. now it is down just 37. we have s&p lower by six. nasdaq getting clipped by 17. the story was the fixed income market. bonds yields spiking to six-month highs. then dropping pretty precipitously. david: the yields came down. what happened overseas, looked like it would happen at the beginning of the day. not so at the end. europeans go their way. we go ours. "after the bell" starts right now. david: breaking down all of today's action, john maxon from
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beacon capital. he will tell us why he is favoring dividend-paying stocks. kevin kelly from recon capital. giving us one area of the market he says investors should avoid. joe in the pits of cm-e. we have to start with treasury rates. why did they stop moving up? >> let's be clear here. i don't think there is a pandemic through the markets. the 10-year got 2.259 on yield. there has been a plunge over last couple days. the remember the tail does not "wag the dog." the dog being s&pes. they have been volatile over the last couple months. i'm telling you right now, the s&ps are strong. they're off their 52-week highs. that money, as long as yields stay below 2 1/2 as one of your previous guests was talking, it will go somewhere. that not held off only the markets in general but also it kind of gave some support here at these level with the bonds. there is not that fear we
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normally would see if we see a bigger selloff. liz: joe must have heard what mark sebastian just said a few minutes ago, where he said the bond tail is wagging everything else. that makes me bring in john maxson. everybody has different opinions. the meaning it is more expensive to borrow money, with yields coming up, does the stock market hold up under those circumstances or do we see a more meaningful correction. >> thanks for having me, david and liz. it is not a matter of if but when rates start to rise. if you look at the overall economy, we see a lot of weak data around we remain pretty cautious. i will give you example in the price increases in the 10-year treasury in the last week. for weekending may 1st, mortgage applications were down 4.6%. so it is certainly something to keep our eyes on as we go forward and i think time will tell but the overwhelming question, is the economy strong enough to actually allow the
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impact of rising interest rate, even a little bit. is it strong enough to absorb those? david: let's talk about another economy, kevin. let's go overseas for a moment because people are looking overseas for bigger yield than what they get here. we had this big election this great britain last week of the socialists were soundly defeated. are there bets made in england based on that? >> there are tons of bets. it is growing economy. last year they grew 2.8%. this year looking to 2.5%. they just reelected david cameron took the corporate tax rate from 28% to 23%. footsie 100 yields 3.75%, compared to 1.9 for s&p 500. top name over there? hsbc. david: we all use it over here. >> traded in adr form on the big board. you get direct exposure. they will not get any bank levies liberals were looking to enact over there. so it is a great company. they're performing 6% this year.
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profits surged 4% in the first quarter. they're expanding in asia which citigroup hasn't gotten a stronger foothold over hsbc. liz: i'm amazed, john, you're picking something completely different. i'm not amazed you're picking things but you picked verizon. did you know in advance when you picked this there might be happening because you have interesting day today? verizon just down barely, means the market pretty much likes the deal with aol? >> we think it is a great deal. there were rumors coming out in january. we've owned it for quite a while because of the dividend. paid 4 1/2% dividend and they have increased the dividend each year. liz: that is a great dividend. david: 4 1/2%. can't beat that. liz: 4 1/2%, why not? >> may go up. >> absolutely could go up. their free cash flow is more than covering the dividend. their operating revenue was up 7% last year. their churn as a company was right at about 1%. we love aol deal because it
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really speaks to one of the two-ways that verizon can grow themselves as a company. do it through adding subscribers or adding services. they have already 1.5 billion connected devices in the u.s. they handle 70% of the internet traffic that takes place in the u.s. so we think, with the online advertising systems of aol and video content they will be adding some really robust services. david: i have to switch to joe real quick because we were hearing screaming in the pits. before i asked you, did that have anything to do with oil contracts? the what was that about? >> they just got some last-minute buying coming in. looks like there is a lot of activity behind me. i didn't see a move in oil but there was a lot of buying on the close. david: oil was up about 2%, yet nobody was making any big bets on oil companies. why not? joe? >> right now, i think with oil, yeah, sorry. you know what?
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right now you had some overbought or oversold conditions that have come in. i don't think anybody's -- it started to pull off earlier today and going in here. i think there is some uncertainty as one of the guests said. there is some concern about the economy. is it, there are some pockets in there. if there is, crude could take a little hit coming into it now but other than that is about what we were seeing today. liz: okay. so then, that becomes the real question, and kevin, i just am very interested to know where you see the overall market going if we have elections in 2016? i know we're spinning it forward but we're looking at long-term investors here, plus a real question how strong the economy really is? >> there are tons of questions abound. given the move in the bond market, volatility in the 10-year treasury is up over 35% from april 24th. you want to get out of the bond proxies. they're trading at historical multiples they're very high.
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you look at consumer staples, utilities transfer that to innovative companies that are paying dividends. the nasdaq 100, look at those names, google, microsoft, you've got amazon. there are good names that some pay dividends you can start to find including starbucks. david: good stuffs, guys. good to have you all here. liz: we already touched upon the big story. verizon this morning woke us all up by buying aol for $4.4 billion, a move expected to bolster the telecom giant's efforts on multiple platforms. david: does it show a struggling empire than the power of the network? we have porter bibb. and dennis berman, "wall street journal" business editor. gentlemen, good to see you. porter, let me go to you first. how will this help verizon with its competitors? it has t-mobile and sprint really nipping at its heels. how will aol help them? >> not only nipping at their heels, verizon actually lost
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subscriber, mobile sub desires in the first quarter to the gain of t-mobile and sprint. so what this does is two things. most importantly it gives verizon a double, dual revenue stream. it gets advertising on to the mobile. mobile advertise something growing 25 to 30% a year. and, verizon gets none of that. now with aol they will capture a huge volume of advertising that not just on their mobiles but on sprint's and t-mobile's as well. >> this is obviously a smart deal for verizon. >> very smart. liz: was this, sort of, aol was looking for some lifeline to come over the cliff to help them? >> tim armstrong is an ad salesman. he was in charge of advertising at google before he came to aol. this is the first guy verizon ever had that understands the real value of advertising in mobile. he had no place to go. he had grown aol about as far as it was going to go. when it was spun out from
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time warner it was 3.4 billion market cap as an independent public company. $4 billion is knot much of a premium. his company's market cap was $4 billion a couple months ago. so verizon's is getting a relative bargain. liz: very much so. >> the big thing they have got, a, advertising as a dual revenue he will stream, and b, tim armstrong. he is really mr. advertising. david: dennis it will still be a tough sell because what they have to do, in your piece today, when you described what was going on, you said verizon and at&t, i'm quoting you here, have the feel of a crumbling empire. what did you mean by that? >> there are a couple different permutations of that. if you look what is changing in the networking space, wireless networking, there are real competitive things going on innovationwise that pose a threat. look at wi-fi networks. a number of new wireless companies basically giving you phones where the wi-fi is default and cell network is the
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backup. google is trying a similar plan with that. when we see other companies like google, facebook, whether launching blimps or gliders or laying fiber, connectivity itself is, that game is changing. i kind of get the strategic fit for verizon here. i think the real question is about execution. we've seen some of these sort of small tuck-in acquisitions basically go to die inside, whether ma bell, its later ancestors or later predecessors, and a number of host of other companies that with these sorts of deals they get mucked up in the mire. liz: this is actually for both of you. who is most nervous by the deal? who woke up, heard about this, said, either we've got to do something right now, dennis, take it first, then porter, we've got to do something right now or we wanted aol? >> actually, i don't think that many folks were nervous. >> that's right. >> look at the marketplace. google owns, dominate this is marketplace. aol has tiny market share. liz: what about yahoo!? >> look at google -- yahoo! is
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kind of a marginal player as it stands right now. i suppose they're nervous but should we care what yahoo! thinks at this point? i don't. david: the key with the communications company there is holy trinity everybody is looking for, software, content, connectivity. >> that's right. david: who will get all three together? that is clearly what verizon is working towards right now, getting those three things together. is this going to do it? >> 800-pound gorilla in the situation is google as we just mentioned. they have got the content. they have superfast wi-fi, a thousand times faster than anything verizon or at&t dreamed of having. they know advertising better than anybody. david: they are closer to it than. >> who is nervous? sprint and t-mobile are nervous. they will not have advertising. they will not have any content. verizon will have over the top digital video service this summer. so will apple. so will hulu and netflix and
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everybody else. but that's money it bank for verizon they never would see. the other thing, there is nice up-sell, believe it or not, 2.1 million aol customers are still using dial-up access to the internet. david: my goodness, wow. >> those people will transition very quickly to verizon. david: good for them. about time they did. liz: porter bibb, dennis berman at "wall street journal." right here in the building. we love that thanks to both of you. david: thanks, gentlemen. you want to know how much the fed policies are costing you? we have an easy way to figure out exactly how much the fed's money print something cutting into the value of your savings. you don't want to miss it. liz: the referee for the "deflategate" games says in his 19 years of refereeing, balls have never disappeared right before the start of the game. what is the role of the ref in all of this? what could have gone wrong? we'll talk to a former nfl referee who was part of three super bowls.
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david: odds are you have an advil or tylenol in your medicine cabinet but which one should you be taking? what the risks and which one works better for you? we break it down. liz: a second earthquake, extraordinary video of the moment it hit. we'll show it to you next.
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david: on to nepal. some americans where a frantic search will begin at daybreak for six marines missing in nepal. the pentagon said their helicopter disappeared during a relief mission for earthquake victims. two nepalese soldiers were onboard. a second massive earthquake struck nepal. dozens of people were killed in the 7.3 magnitude quake east of kathmandu. it comes weeks after that devastating 7.8 magnitude quake that killed more than 8,000 people. liz? liz: tom brady's agent says he and his client will appeal the nfl decision to suspend the quarterback for the first four games next season. he will be suspended without pay. we bring in our all-star panel. people with reallying skin in the game. tayoka jackson. played for the dolphins and buccaneers. scott green, former nfl referee for more than 20 years which
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included three super bowls. welcome to you both. scott, right to you, we haven't yet really heard from a lot of referees who have been involved in games like this or games at all. to the point right after the bat, have you ever experienced anything where balls completely disappeared right before a game? >> well, i can tell you that 23 years in the league, the footballs were always sitting in the locker room. we hand them over to the ball boys who were usually anxiously waiting to get their hands on them. but to look around before a conference championship game an footballs not being in the locker room, that is pretty alarming. liz: in the wells report they had quotes from the nfl ref, from the game in question. he said in my 19 years of officiating, never in my life could i not locate balls right before a game. so, what do you think as a referee of the punishment handed down to tom brady? >> well it's, it is an interesting situation. if you read the rule book, and
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the guidelines they talk about tampering with the balls after they leave the locker room is a $25,000 fine. but when you start talking about the integrity of the game that is where some subjective decisions have to be made. apparently in this case, you know, the league has decided to really drop the hammer. liz: well, tie yoke can, that brings in your perspective and expertise as a football player. kind of interesting as a side note, you were playing in the game that scott green on our screen referredded that ended up in the spy gate controversy that got the patriots in big trouble. what do you think, having been on the other end of all of this? what do you think of the punishment here? >> well, you know, let me just say, full disclosure, i'm wearing a nfc championship ring because of spy gate. scott saw that first-hand. there is history here for the patriots. i thought going in he would get two games.
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but i understand what is happening. there is appeal process. so you put in a little cushion there. you make it four games. that is real money for tom brady. he makes $8 million this year. that is about two million. i think he will get that thing reduced down to two. the most important thing is the integrity of the game like scott said. liz: amen. >> we can not let our viewers think somehow these games are predetermined or outcome is predetermined. this is not wwe, liz. this is the nfl. we must protect integrity and outcome. they have to come down hard. liz: hey, you don't have to convince me but i am apparently in the minority around here. people, even giants fans are saying, this is just a tempest in a teapot. it is ridiculous. scott, they start comparing, well, so-and-so got much worse penalty, much less of a penalty for what appear to be a much worse crime than tom brady. at some point doesn't the nfl have to say, enough? >> yeah. i think that's what you're seeing here.
4:21 pm
you know, the issue that comes up, up sort of the commissioner, is, the prosecutor, is the jury, he is the judge and he is the sentencer. so, that is why i guess so many of these things end up in appeal. but i guess the question comes down what happens on the next instance? doesn't have to be related to footballs. could be related to something else. certainly the penalties, ever since the ray rice situation last year continue to escalate. liz: toyoka, before we go, what do you and your friend get together, without cameras what do you guys say about tom brady right now? >> tom brady is one of grat it quarterbacks that ever played the game. liz: he cheated. that is who cheated. >> well, of course we say that. listen, the notion that somehow the nfl is coming down extra hard on patriots because of patriots is ridiculous. nfl wants nothing to do with this whole subject matter, trust me. tom brady is not on field for
4:22 pm
most marketable game, most marketable player, this is hurting everybody. this is coming down to him. he cheated. he has to take his medicine for it. that is the american way. liz: he will be back for the all-important colts game. thanks. pleasure to have you both. we appreciate it. love to ask our viewers, tell us what you think. did brady get the punishment he deserved or was it too much. we'll talk about your answers. david: does the penalty stand? i don't think it does. i don't think all four does. to russia with love. secretary of state kerry traveling 5500 miles to be face-to-face with president putin? will it ease tensions at a post-cold war high? we'll hear what our panel has to say. microsoft has a slew of new products including phones,
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tablets wearables. the tech giant expert with items you want to see. that is coming up. positive signs for americans get looking for work. is it easier to get a job in we have answers coming up. ♪ good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere.
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liz: hush shun president vladmir putin welcoming. secretary of state john kerry in the highest level visit since the ukraine crisis exploded last year. two met in sochi where kerry held a four-hour meeting with his russian counterpart. kerry tweeted, yeah, he tweets, had frank discussions with president putin and fm, finance minister lavrov on key issues including iran talks, syria and ukraine. later in the news conference urged all sides in the ukraine conflict to hold the cease-fire reached earlier this year. david. david: with all the foreign policy failures of this administration should we expect anything from secretary john
4:28 pm
kerry's faceoff with putin? >> we have "wall street journal" veronica daguerre and hilary kramer. ladies thank you very much. hillary, you go through the list of foreign policy failures of this administration it is extraordinary. start with russia, the failure to get them from stop taking over crime. they pulled out of iraq too fast, led to the spread of isis. yemen bragged how he had a great government in power. it was overthrown by iranian rebels. syria, benghazi, saudi summit snub. who knows what will happen with the iran nuclear deal. >> that is absolutely right. david: how will he better putin? >> it is interesting, what obama keeps doing is jumping from one foreign policy mishap to the next because he just doesn't have the fire power to really negotiate and no one takes him seriously. now i think the saudi ann situation is -- saudi arabian situation is much more serious. putin will never negotiate.
4:29 pm
he has his own agenda. for all i know his plan is take over greece from the european union. david: who knows where it will go. >> that is a very serious problem right now, the saudis have said we do not want to deal with the united states as long as you are, in bed with iran, even if it is implicity. david: veronica, if he has all the failures and can't win with the saudis, with our friends, how will he win with one of our enemies like putin? >> that is a good question. putin is a wildcard. we're not sure about that. look at foreign policy, is america a safer place? is america more respected around the world? do americans feel safer at home? much those are big questions lingering in the minds of americans. whoever is in charge needs to think about that quickly. around the world, middle east, russia, there is no shortage of conflicts around the world that need leadership and need someone to take a hold on. david: bottom line is, i want to
4:30 pm
be kind but hard to be when you look at that list. let's bring it back home, ladies, for a second, talk about chris christie. he laid out in the "wall street journal" today his pro-growth economic policies that includes tax simplification. only i believe two rates. top rate would be 25%. cutting government red tape. national energy strategy, and he would eliminate the payroll tax for workers over 62 and under 21. veronica, what do you think about his plan. >> i think a lot of interesting goals. we heard a lot of these people. if you look at the business community, they have been asking for a tax reform, simplified tax code for a very long time. is that going to happen? is there will in washington to get that done, whoever takes up that mantle. good luck. look at issues like the keystone pipeline he backed. if you look at that the oil and gas industries, refiners would be all over that. they would be very excited to back christie's proposal if he is in fact running for president. we don't know that yet.
4:31 pm
david: that would work for energy. hillary, what about the plans, other parts of the plan, do you think businesses would like that? >> the problem with this 25% simplified tax, even though we all want that, it doesn't really work because if you think about silicon valley, who is really going to back, whatever candidate, they're really going to be very powerful in this election, microsoft paid 20% last year. there are some loopholes. there are some ways to -- david: that's it. take away loopholes and force you to stick to lower rate. >> which is why silicon valley will not back chris christie and why chris christie will really find himself really without the support from big companies. so i think that, also the middle class of new jersey is not the middle class of middle america. so he is really out of touch. christie, what has he done? all been about budget control, budget expense, a budget. david: which is not a bad thing to be concerned with by our national leaders these days. >> yes. but i don't know how he
4:32 pm
successful he has been with tax reform in new jersey. david: he hasn't been. that is the truth. janet yellen still believes 2% inflation is actually good for the economy but she should look what even that low rate does to your savings. take the number 72, you divide it by the rate of inflation, and you end up with a number of years it takes to cut your savings in half. in other words a 2% inflation rate, would destroy half of your savings in just 36 years. so, hillary, why is janet a fan ever inflation, even 36%. >> pause janet yellen and entire fed is so afraid of deflation. david: what is to be afraid of with deflation? what's, i'm more afraid of losing my hard-earned savings than i am of deflation, of prices goings down. >> because you and i have been through inflation of 1970s, 1980s. david: janet yellen was too. >> we know what it can do. this deflation is such a serious, serious concern, not just for the united states but
4:33 pm
for europe. once prices, david, start to fall, it is like this cycle. it is just really vicious. i think that is what she is trying to avoid. david: veronica, i've seen very vicious cycles with inflation. frankly that concerns me more than deflation concerns. >> they're both pretty ugly prospects. idea of hyperinflation versus idea of inflation. we don't want either of those. the fact the fed is facing a very difficult challenge right now. they need to figure out when to raise rates, do it and do it gradually so the market doesn't freak out. we've had a lot of sideways movement in. market. we'll continue to have the sideways movement and continue with volatility. until we have further guidance from the fed, savers around investors, especially mom-and-pop and middle america will be left saying, what do i do? i want to sit on the sidelines because i'm still so scared. david: veronica you making assumption that i make, that the fed is worried about the what the market does. they say they're not. >> not in their mandate.
4:34 pm
david: they are really concerned about what the market does. ladies wonderful, thanks for coming in. veronica daguerre, hilary kramer. liz? liz: the smartphone wars continue as microsoft gets set to launch two brand new phones with high def display. i have one. i've been playing with it. love it already. very cool. windows office, a large screen. we have preview of the phones. you've got to see these and other microsoft gadgets. that's next. new crash test results show less than half of mid-sized suvs performed well in front end crashes it tests. you need to hear these results. that's next.
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advil. david: tech wars are heating up as microsoft launches two new phones along with the new surface 3 tablet. we've got it right here. >> the company made quite a splash into the fit band world with the latest microsoft band. with the latest products, greg sullivan, consumer expert at windows for microsoft. this is met thor after great things. we love competition. here comes the loom mia phone. the lew lumia, 640 is great example. has great 6 megapixel camera. connects to office 365 and can store content you can access from any device. coming from at&t and t-mobile. liz: how much does that cost?
4:40 pm
>> pricing has not been announced. it will be announced. will be very affordable. david: i heard it was 69 bucks. >> you may have set the price. it will be affordable destroys. david: let's grow to the to the tablet. i think tablets become laptops. does it do basically that a laptop does. >> that is exciting thing about surface 3, on the heels of the surpass pro 3, this is more affordable, thinner, lighter, great tablet and pc all in one. you can an do everything that a tablet can do with a mouse and keyboard. if you take that off, it is a, tablet that you can sit on your lab and do -- i love to do couch surfing or play some games. but then also, take it on the road. do all my email and my full office. do all the heavy stuff that you ask a pc to do. david: you can write, unlike the ipad, you can write on the screen. >> one of the great things, it has the smart pen that connects to bluetooth. i pull this out, one tap on the
4:41 pm
pen, pulls up a notepad to instantly taking notes faster than a pad of paper. liz: for both of products the world is littered with people who tried and failed. you have the fire phone from amazon. you have got hewlett-packard trying to do a tablet. they had to give up on that. what makes you think this will succeed? >> well, we're seeing examples like the surface pro 3 establish new categories like the two in one where we're investing in things like the holigraphic computing platform of hollow lens. david: what does that mean? >> there is crazy thing coming in the windows 10 time frame that brings windows 10 to a new form factor thaw wear on your eyes and projects holograms into the real what? >> we're establishing categories like the two in one. we used to be -- we're still in the mouse business. microsoft made sound cards to help multimedia pcs. we have great two in one to help establish that as category. we'll keep pushing into these
4:42 pm
new frontiers to build more cool gadgets. david: talk about the band or some people say the competitor to the apple watch. is it a competitor? >> it is really a little bit different. this is for the fitness enthusiast. i have happen to have been wearing mine since october when it capes out t does a bunch of stuff for me. it tracks my sleep and helps me do a better job of information how i'm sleeping, how my exercises are going. how my workouts, i can download applications to it. it has a star bucks app to pay for coffee. helps me productive. liz: my polar doesn't have that. it tells me how many steps i took. do people want more, all on their wrist? or do they want just a few things that matter? this gives me steps, calories and time? >> that is a big part of it. you should be in charge of how much interaction i have. i have this set so it doesn't buzz every time i get email that would be annoying. i have it tell me when the ball game changes. or my team goes up by a run or
4:43 pm
am i late for nymex appointment. david: will it seine with the other devices? will it sync with the phone? >> it does. we have applications for ioo or android. we don't assume you have windows phone or laptop. we argue it will work better if you do. we work better with ios an android which is kind of a new thing at microsoft. liz: great to see you. good luck. we like competition here. we like what davids come in to beat goliath. not that microsoft is not poor little david. david: greg sullivan, thank you. liz: thank you. david: one former cia director has a serious message about the longevity of terror threats he wants all americans to hear. you don't want to miss this. liz: plus it is the jobs that matter. number of u.s. job openings may have fallen from 14-year high from march. we'll break down the jolts number. it matters to janet yellen around company. positive hidden trends in the labor numbers.
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liz: the number of job openings in america slipped in march to a 14-year high. more americans opted to leave their jobs and then were hired. that is a positive labor trend
4:48 pm
that the federal reserve watches very closely. that is called the quits rate, right? joining us for today's jolts report. what it means the chief economist for leading world job search website indeed. tara, welcome back. we're looking at a jolts number, slipped from 14-year highs but the news is not horrific, is it? >> oh, it is definitely not horrific. from the bureau of labor statistics effort this month's drop was little changed from the previous month's high. we're still seeing year-over-year, a really strong growth trend. liz: let's talk about the quits rate. explain to people why it is not bad when people quit their jobs. >> this is really important indicator of the overall perspective from the jobseeker about the health of the economy. people are more willing to quit their jobs when they see other great opportunities out there that are better fit for them. so every time we see that quits rate tick up, even just a little bit like we saw this month, we have 2% of the labor force
4:49 pm
changing jobs this month. that is great news. liz: this report matters to janet yellen. she is very interested in the jolts report. but in it, we were all counting, you included, the words, little changed were in here 17 times. that doesn't give me a lot of confidence. it means nothing is really happening, right? >> well on a month to month basis it is a really slow incremental improvement. liz: okay. >> i think what is really telling in the report how they pointed out the strength looking over the last 12 months where basically every region, every industry except for mining and logging which has been hit hard by the drop in oil price, every other area grew over the last 12 months. so even though month to month we're seeing small changes over the longer run, things are looking really good. liz: what kind of job openings are you seeing, indeed at your company? are you seeing good-paying, jobs with benefits? are you seeing better opportunities out there? >>, we are seeing strong opportunities. we're seeing growth in a range
4:50 pm
of industry and we need that breadth of opportunity for people in different points in their career and different skill levels. it is really great to see there is a lot of job opportunities out there but -- liz: let me jump in. do retail and hospitality pay that much? >> not necessarily. they can be great starter jobs. for some people, for a long time they haven't found a job that fits them at all this is an opportunity that might be right for them. but also there are opportunities even within those industries at higher end. senior level position, manager level positions. >> great to see you. thanks so much. please come back. >> pleased to be here. liz: tara sinclair of indeed. david: indeed. bigger is not always better when it comes to your safety. we'll tell you which cars you should think twice about before buying. which are the safest for you and your family. liz: jeff flock, the one, the only, will tell us what hot new technology is making a debut on
4:51 pm
farms. oh, you have it in your hand, jeff. >> i have the future in my hands, liz. we're about to launch, agricultural drone. the wheels are spinning. i guess it is propellers. back in a minute. >> hi, everybody, i'm gerri willis. coming up on my show at the top of the hour, the clintons strong arm a charity watchdog trying to get a better rating. we'll have the inside scoop and the man at the center of the storm. that is one of the big stories coming up on "the willis report" in just a few minutes. life on your terms? i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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david: stock is up after hours. american express raises quarterly dividend to 26 cents. they keep doing it, liz. gerri: when it comes to car safety, bigger might not be better. most mid-sized suvs struggledded with the institute for highway safety crash test with two out of seven earning a good rating. two top scoring suvs, niece can murano, jeep wrangler. ford flex had acceptable performance according ihs. hyundai sante fe, dodge durango were marginal. dodge journey fared worst of all. by the way, gerri willis will have much more on the crash test
4:56 pm
story. she will speak to the insurance institute of highway safety about those tests. david: glad wrangler did well. liz: love the jeep. first time agricultural drones are helping with spring planting across the midwest. david: farmers looking for ways to cut costs. jeff flock, from illinois. sea saw it in the tease, jeff. is it ready to go, the drone? >> i will talk to matt. i will show you a live drown launch on the air. very windy. >> it is windy. might not have steadiest of shots. we'll get it up in the air. >> let's launch her. when it takes off, sounds like a swarm of bees. we have the camera. are you able to access the camera, matt, so we see what the drone is looks like. what it is seeing. it is pretty windy, 15, 20 mile-an-hour gusts. this is holding pretty well. you use this for observation on your crops? >> can use it across the fields
4:57 pm
to keep better eye and better management decisions on crops out in the field. >> here is what they want to do wit, dave and liz. they would like to use them to spread fertilizer and pesticide out there like you do from the air or mechanically. >> right. if we can do this, we can do a lot more specific type of jobs in smaller areas, use less pesticides. >> here is the only problem, the fda has not given approval. >> not really yet. we like them to sooner rather than later to go out to be a stewards of the environment here. >> faa did a test in california. this is coming. but i tell you, we're way behind like the japanese. >> we're years behind. a lot of it is due to the faa not letting us progress with the industry here. >> can you bring it in for a landing? let's see what we got here. >> you can see the wind batting
4:58 pm
it around a little it about. but we're getting it down. >> wow, nice job. live on tv. liz: whoa. cool. the pilots won't be exposed to of course the chemicals being close to them. david: right. you don't die in a crop duster. >> exactly. would be much more efficient. david: could replace crop dusters eventually. good stuff, jeff. stark warning from one of the biggest insiders in the cia. former deputy chief michael morrell saying a threat on terror at tock on u.s. soil is very real, more real than it has been. here is what he told bret baier last night. take a listen. >> i believe deeply that the threat that we face from terrorists is significant. and it will remain significant for a long time. i believe, that, my children's generation will be fighting this fight. i believe my grandchildren's generation will be fighting it. i think we are at risk of another attack here. i want americans to know that.
4:59 pm
gerri: catch the -- liz: catch the whole interview on david: we asked do you think tom brady got what he deserved with the four-game suspension. chip says brady's punishment was fair. i also believe the four-day suspension will be reduced on appeal. so do i. >> it teaches brady that cheaters never win. david: i wonder if anybody will get that message, particularly the patriots. spencer says, if the evidence supports it. yes, i have not heard a quality q&a on the matter. well you haven't been listening to fox business. we've been talking to people bit all day. liz: breaking news right now. godaddy posted upbeat guidance for the current quarter and beat sales estimates. despite the positive numbers the stock is trading down after-hours, 2.37%. godaddy went public ape first. it was valued nearly $4 billion, which is about what aol is
5:00 pm
getting bought by verizon. david: we had two losing days, monday and tuesday. what will happen tomorrow? liz: you have to watch the bond yields. we'll do that for you. see you tomorrow. david: meanwhile "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis and this is "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business. >> latest crash tests are in. just three out of seven mid-sized suvs perform well. we'll have the details. tom brady's suspension. >> is it too harsh? i think it is pretty harsh. i'm a little surprised. >> is the nfl punishment too harsh or just right? the clintons go to war with non-profit charity watchdog. the man at the center of that war with the clintons is here tonight. drones take to the air and promise to change the way we get our food. >> you're looking at me on the picture, the picture from the e


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