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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and that is it for tonight "willis report", thank you for joining us. coming up next we have charles payne and his show "making money." have a great night. ♪ ♪ charles: this morning at 9:30 a.m., this was the big one. this long-overdue session where the holes finally give up and the bears rejoice. and at the low point up more than 180 points and then all of a sudden it just stopped going down. and the pressure came from the global bond market and a lot of people cannot explain it. the knee-jerk reaction is to sell everything and ask questions later. but of course there is a school of rock that say that higher yields affect a better economy and then there's that thing called common sense and at some point, they do rebound. so the market averted a disaster today, but a lot of people are
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ill sure cannot. for that reason we have to bears into bowls and one agnostic all ready to square off. i am charles payne and you are watching "making money", let's meet the investment programs. we have dan shafer, nice to have you here, paul dietrich, we have missed you as well. and we have our other paul, and steve cortez, and senior strategist. is that your most recent title? >> whatever title i can get. [laughter] >> and of course lori rothman, thank you so much. you are the best looking one on the panel. [applause] charles: there's a tremendous amount of pent-up buying on the sidelines so why were we making some of that money? there is is a sobering reality
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that a lot of people have gotten comfortable with the bond market rally. you know, you probably think that this is probably a preview of uglier things around the corner. >> this is a touch of what could happen. it was a big gap. the traitors by the dampener were able to hold it. so the way that the market came in this morning and the pressure that came in after that, you can clearly see that panic type of mode even though the other indicators were not pointing to the liquidation. >> we were not getting a volume spike. the buyers moved out of the way. >> yes, that's really what happened. and of course like you said, the bonds kind of precipitated the move coming in this morning. charles: we have been relatively sideways for the whole year and
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i have been many opportunities for sellers to sell and they haven't going to get. what is going on there? >> if you look at the economy, we basically have a stock market that is probably stretching a little bit and is a bit overvalued. based on the domestic economy and secondly we have earnings that have been outside of the global manufacturers. however lebanese are flat and people are worried about that and we know the federal reserve is going to be raising, we just don't know when. so we are kind of in an area that would not surprise me if we stayed sideways but i think we are going to be doing better. charles: you think at some point we will make a major breakout. >> absolutely. i have been in the super bowl camp. i think that the market, if you
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look at it over the last three months, take a longer view, six months, slightly upward bias, the market is just causing and waiting for the economy to catch up. >> why are you able? >> the normal things in place, almost none of them are here. high-yield bonds are hanging nicely, anticipation from the nyse, sector leadership is still solid. >> the market is doing quite well so far, there's no layups, i think that you should always be concerned or matter how strong your view is. i am a bear right now, but i think the united states market today, this was the most volatile unchanged today i have ever seen. >> for folks that don't watch this, holy cow, it was a
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catastrophic situation. >> everybody agreed that at 930, we would not have expected it. >> with both stocks and bonds unchanged, basically. and i'm sure at what the rest of the world, i like u.s. stocks on a relative basis. but china closed terribly and german bonds, that is really personal. >> that brings us to the next real deal. we had a big deal that was somewhat overshadowed and i want to talk about it because verizon taking over aol. aol traded over the offer price. why did it close at 50 or 52? we could see some sort of a bidding war going on. remind me that this is not that kind of a deal, what else could it be? and remember time warner, that
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was 183 billion. and so i think that we have a lot of big deals and we are going to see a lot of consolidation and for me that's a bullish sign. >> yes, i do think it is, and i think you make an important comparison. for what it's worth, aol is gone with bust. when you look at is it's certainly a lot lower. but the fact is that you have to write things in consolidation. i think looking at the whole spectrum, you have to do something right. there was a research market, the number of people subscribing to cable actually fell for the first time down about a half precent and that is just shocking. >> i think that this is a drop in the bucket, i would not be surprised to see them do more deals. so what kind of deal is it? >> i think it is a vertical deal, i think that they have
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cable, telephone and now they are going to be advertising site. as the structure at aol, it cost them less to buy aol than to create it themselves on their platforms. so as the rise in verizon, now they can bring it from the advertising side. >> are there any names floating around the think it could be the next in this deal? >> i think that energy is really poised. we are massively off where we were a year ago, particularly with these kind of components and i have to think that the strongest one and the integrated games, they are having a lot of meetings with investment bankers in looking at what they can take over.
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charles: we saw a deal with rosetta resources, pretty good deal. >> is roughly $100 billion currently raised in private equity for energy takeovers. >> do you have a stock that you like? >> i'm going back to that one, famous dave's at the barbecue place come it's been beaten down, it's a turnaround story and they have brought around the guys from mcdonald's. charles: i know that you think that every company is going out of business. >> i have fabulous companies in my portfolio. >> did mine make money? [laughter] >> i own this and i have been watching it before the aol deal came out and it popped up the last couple of days. it is a french company and its
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moving. >> really quickly, i just need a name and a humble. >> i think the storage in the industry is undervalued and i think that there's going to be consolidation and everything in technology requires it. >> i love all these deals. by the way, progressive around the country continuing to push their agenda and they are taking on everyone including president obama and the big western is how much can they sway hillary clinton? that's right, it's politics time and money time. that's what it's all about what the future of our country and the economics game coming up next
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charles: okay, guys, we have to open up a page from the "payne's investment playbook." today president obama spoke at georgetown university is summit pitching several ideas that we have heard in the past. and take a listen. >> sadly, i think that there has been an effort to make folks mad at the top would make folks be mad at folks at the bottom. and i think the effort to suggest that the poor are sponges and leeches, that they don't want to work, that they are lazy, are undeserving. and i think that it got traction. >> who would demonize the top? anyway, it is a progressive contract with america presented by bill de blasio featuring 13
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agenda items including some of the things that you might be familiar with. paid family leave, 15-dollar minimum wage, higher taxes on the bridge, union friendly loss, oppositions to trade bills and immigration reform. it's quite a wish list and we are probably requiring more than just higher taxes on wealthy. but these are the central issues of our time and at the heart of what america will become and what we are going to be fighting about over the next couple of years. i think it's pretty interesting and that brings us to our next "the real real deal." most recently we have seen this in england last week, israel, indonesia, india, this guy thought he was in the tea party. but we have our all-star panel and we're going to talk about this. and i think this is your first time on the show, nice to have you. and back and ready to go, are
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fox news contributor. president obama said there is a role for free markets but it must include this public and private kind of thing that he talked about so much. on the other end of this, of course, you have bill de blasio and these guys, they are offering no olive branches at all. and it seems like they have momentum. >> sumac she is banking on the bill clinton push and that is going to make her seem a little bit more palatable to some of the people that might be on the fence and a lot of them are the people that they are really going to have to get the brand across. >> she might have to go left to energize this. but it comes to the general election, may be moving towards the middle. >> i think it's politics, whether it's hillary clinton, ted cruz, ernie sanders, that is
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what is going to help on both sides of the aisle. charles: we do feel like the gop candidate will not pick up the marching orders. what i'm trying to find out is will they actually be more to the left or could they be something in the middle? >> i think what hillary clinton, she is going to be the candidate of common sense and i see that as being more to the middle, palatable to independence, not pandering, just actually being realistic and wanting to get something done. >> what do you make of the president's comments? that they are cast in this negative light, that they are just using a system, forever talking about this and that people were just thrilled to be lazy in her home and starting up welfare. would what do you make of that? >> it's interesting because
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newark, new jersey, it's an economically depressed area, a large part of the practice actually consist in dealing with federal subsidy programs such as the housing and urban veltman section eight program and while i see the benefit, we need these programs and i also see how fundamentally flawed that they are. and how you need to be able to in a device. >> it's incredibly hard to get off them and it's not because they are lazy, it is because the ramifications of even a small increase in income will result in such a harsh reality, leaving a much needed thing. >> it's not that their lady and trim lazy, but the culture of dependency is directly benefiting the democrats. we have almost 5million americans on food stamps, that is the entire west coast
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population of the united states, what percentage do you think vote for democrats? it is absolutely overwhelming. when president speaks of income inequality, the primary driver is government policy between the federal reserve and regulation and taxation and that is exact we what is exacerbating. charles: i don't think it's a coincidence that the greatest places for income inequality has been progressing for one-time, whether california, washington dc, you have wealthy people and also very poor people. >> why does everyone have the women in america remap what is every kid on the soccer field have to win a trophy? there has to be competition. this is the core of capitalism. >> what people will say is that if you don't win to capitalism you should get nothing but dirt. >> there has to be a safety net. but that is the problem. day after day, where does one fall, what is the appropriate
6:19 pm
amount of support and for the president to just be so bifurcated to say have and have-nots. >> to your point i think we have gone past a safety net. from this point on, the more difficult it's going to be get off of it. >> incredibly difficult, that's where it's not the agenda that the problem of implementation. but we need policies that actually work, that don't just say that we want rent stabilization and also say that we want to invest money into these properties as the ones he won a landlord to invest in a property where they cannot raise the rent raiment. >> i do not. i think that's the problem. we have tunnel vision and the liberal perception is part of this. >> they are teaming up, which makes us look like we are against this and that.
6:20 pm
>> you're throwing a safety net out and saying that they're going to be winners and losers and people need to go hungry. i would know for certain that when you are in that situation, you're not lazy, you want to do everything you can. charles: how did you get out of that? >> i work for it, my parents provided an example, i have opportunities through mentorship. >> so no one physically held you back? >> i had a quality education that most people do not get. if your zip code determines if you're going to live a lifetime of poverty, there is something broken. charles: >> i made it out of their. >> i cannot sully sell you how many people i have had to evict. they may be 100-dollar rent and you asked them what is going on. and you want to try to get a job. on the flipside they tell me
6:21 pm
that if they go and work at a mcdonald's, we lose the ability. >> so many of these have gone that way, you might actually take a step backward economically but now you are on the ladder of success. shortly thereafter you can make your way up, so that should be temporary, the republicans should sell that. and to placate, step up that safety net. >> who are going to deliver the narratives? >> conservatives have burned the ladder. when you have 300% increases in executive pay. >> when companies are doing
6:22 pm
better. >> we are talking about people that are in the welfare system, it's too comfortable and i think that that has nothing to do with anybody else. and let's talk about some news that just broke. i want your opinion on that because lawsuits are beginning. university of virginia going after the rolling stone. you know that story, i want to tell you about it and i want these ladies to talk about it because it is a big deal and we will be right back
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against rolling stone protecting her as the chief in that discredited article about a break on their campus. now, for me, it is a further takedown of the magazine that just champions antisocial behavior, including glamorizing the boston bomber and always pointing out the evils of america and americans and capitalism. the magazine rants about racism, and i think that's a little hypocritical considering that they have a very racist past themselves. and i want to go to the panel because this is a big deal. and for me it is a big deal because this is a story that the left, they galvanized around it, it was another example of the privileged white kids at the elite universities running amok. >> there is no doubt about it, rolling stone messed up, there's no one on the planet that doesn't know that. columbia university journalism
6:27 pm
reviews that came out, many of them said you were wrong. >> that's pretty brave. >> she started as. so i don't get it the whole bit anyway. >> i think that she may have a case that would boost it, for her to say that this is what i have done when subsequent rape victims or people who claim they were raped or attacked in some horrible manner, this is how i have improve the way we have responded to these situations on campus. charles: do you think that this is a back because we have heard a lot about the rave culture. i think that we have to believe that there is a jury is problem.
6:28 pm
when these allegations come out, it feels like we have set back big goals. >> i actually interned at rolling stone magazine. >> nevertheless, i think that we have to remember that the rolling stone was attempting to shine a spotlight on a legitimate topic and a problematic topic, college rape is a real issue, this is not like glamorizing terrorists. charles: matchup that they had of him was in my mind memorized. you can look at back, he did not look like the guy that tried to deliberately murder people and women and children. and i feel like they were sympathetic to this guy because -- poison in my mind. >> i don't think that that has anything to do with that.
6:29 pm
>> i think that they have a culture they are and they threw out all journalistic principles to focus on the evils of campus life. >> i actually agree that they may have a case. >> i think that she will be able to satisfy the garments which are higher because officials have less protection. >> speaking of the real evil of campus life, we just talked about georgetown university which is my alma mater, everything collectivist, foolish comments the amount of georgetown, campuses of america are broken because they are dominated by leftist ideology that has nothing to do with preparing good citizens or good workers, so for me that is part of the story.
6:30 pm
>> this is a real evil and it has nothing to do with liberal policies, rolling stone messed up here, they have set the conversation back maybe she would use her newfound platform to get us back on track. charles: you guys, thank you so much for being on the show, more and more people participating in their company's 401k plan, this is amazing. it's a great first step. let's talk about how your maximizers for a golden retirement because you and i both know that social security might not be there. ♪ ♪
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>> we are doing it, americans are participating in your aura and one can't 401k plans, up 64%, the rise in participation among young americans point to thing that we all know, the realization that your options are changing and perhaps a willingness to do the right thing. the banc of america reports that 27% have actually increased the voluntary increases come every year you put a little bit more in. taking a quick look at this, you want to talk about how smart the millennial star. baby boomers, 41%, when males are smarter than that, 26%, but they know that they may have to work and a lot of them know that they have to save money. so they are starting right now. one of my subscribers sent me an e-mail delighted about his daughter investing in the market. and by the way, does totally out
6:35 pm
of the blue, she contributes 10% to a 401k plan and they matched. to my delight she wants to take it and invest it in a trading account and i'm thrilled for her and for all of these millennialist no that the future is around the corner. this is what the show is all about, investing and investing. and we invest in the spike among younger people sounds like great news, let's talk about how to do this the right way, let's face it, once you get in, there are things you should do to maximize its. >> yes, absolutely. i think people are rising up. >> there is a subsequent jobless recovery now that the labor market is tightening up. >> they are not going to screw
6:36 pm
it up, people should know i think one of the big problems is a report that i just read today. americans don't take advantage of their employers match and a $1300 per person and do something like that can change your life over 20 or 30 years. >> not only do get the tax deduction but you also get the match and it's a note traitor to invest in that. so you really don't care where the market goes. >> that is how a lot of wealth was created. >> here are the facts. baby boomers going on social security and medicare, they have only payday two thirds of the money that they will take out of the system. so the millennial is better
6:37 pm
start investing because the baby boomers are not going to leave them with us. charles: let's face it, the operative word is this, but what they never here is that you you're going to take out more than what you paid in. >> their children think that the millennial set learn from their parents and learn from ms. mapes. this is great long-term news for america. the young people acting more responsibly. so ultimately it is great bullish news for the country and certainly for young people today. >> i have a little bit of a difference, one i am disappointed that it took the millennial is this long. charles: why are you so disappointed? >> 70 some months into the market. and it probably made a little bit more money.
6:38 pm
>> we did this story before, they were so negative in the market. >> looking at the approach. and the peak is not a data point, it is a series. we watch and watch. charles: to your point, let's talk about this. you have to make sure that you keep watching, fame and fortune week on "strange inheritance close and a member that scene in movie bonnie and clyde? classic scene. and then jamie colby needs a great grandson, a great rate grandson who is swindled out of his inheritance of civil war artifacts.
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♪ ♪ charles: a because opinion, they thought that it would get a hundred and 40 million, try $180 million come a new sculpture, is this the talk or walk
6:42 pm
>> now it is time for upon further review. charles: too much money chasing too few luxury items. many people point to the volatility and the bond market
6:43 pm
and some other things like this. the record-breaking prices, particularly what is happening right now. it might just be the altar wealthy putting this summer. and this is christie's auction with the public for costco painting "women of algiers" breaking the record, $141 million come in now our work cracking 100 million-dollar barriers is kind of commonplace. [inaudible] picasso had another one, and so, okay, do these prices that we are seeing? do you think that they are a sign of some sort o you think ta sign of some sort of access?
6:44 pm
it's a direct correlation from the wealthy are getting wealthier and something nefarious or negative and not necessarily a celebration of capitalism. >> i do not think it is nefarious, i think it's smart of the altar wretch, because i think that they are confused like a lot of people are about where to put money. bonds can be scary as we have seen and what you do with money. particularly incredible high end art these things last for centuries and centuries. you are seeing the same things in high-end property. charles: into the greater fool very, at some point you have to find some tool that will pay $200 million for this thing. >> i hope that it will be something that the public can
6:45 pm
enjoy. charles: i would be happy if no one stepped on it. [laughter] and i'm not sure if there is a universal appreciation for it. >> your goal, you have the stock market, you have the real estate market and it is considered an asset. an asset class. >> you know, maybe art is not a bubble but we have the biggest divergence and maybe they know something that we don't know. >> this has nothing to do with investing, the dirty little secret has been written about this over and over again and this is one last legal form of money laundering and this is where asian billionaires and russian billionaires take place.
6:46 pm
>> exactly, this is their legal way of getting their money out of their country and because of that they are buying this up. charles: reiterating a biotech idea, i wanted to get back in there, it's going to be part of this. but first, i want to check out this video of the day. look at what these two guys do in the air, aerial acrobatics over the hottest city in the world. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ charles: okay, guys, trying to make you a little bit of cash, we are trying to make you money. it was a joke or not, we made money in a short period of time. beating the street porter four times. it's not cheap from this traditional metrics. but sales were up 13%, gross margins went from 72%, operating margins for less than 15% to 27.5% and that was with a higher tax rate. i love that these companies are like this and i follow them all. and they have given pretty good
6:51 pm
guidance on where the stock is right now from this point of view and they are all getting old and they have been in the rumor mill. it is a good cherry on top. >> our entire society is going to soon look like a constant replay of the golden girls. medical devices in general are great, but i'm sitting next to a man who does know about this far better than i do. and it has another run higher and this is a good stop on a pullback that should hit the all-time highs. charles: many mavens and the federal reserve chairman woman say that there's a huge premium, lot more than the aol premium. >> i don't have all of that, but
6:52 pm
you know you that you are at the beginning of a bubble. for me, you still have the real bubble coming, bubbles last longer and go farther than anyone imagined. >> google venture, that's where everything is going. >> you live to those levels and it's not just eating healthy. we might need some tweaking. >> integrate thing because of what they do, contributing to the longevity of life. >> yes, the price of earnings is priced right now. and i like the price. but i would put it more in the risk side of the portfolio. you are looking for some inventions and something innovative to come out of this country. charles: that's a good point. i want to thank dan, really good information.
6:53 pm
the war on police, it's never going to work because without them there is no justice for any of us and without that there's no stock market or america. i know we are in a difficult time and we are going to talk about it when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ it begins from the the second we're
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charles: this past sunday i spend time with my daughter-in-law's father, a retired new york city police office. we were at their baby shower, the day before he went to the funeral of brian moore. the 25-year-old policeman who was shot in the face, in a senseless acts of what i call terror.
6:57 pm
the tone in my mine was a prelude of things that have come. think of last year, 51 police officers were murdered. up 89% from the year before. by the way year before was lowest in 35 years. we were heading in the right direct. public opinion now used against police in ways that not only makes them target, the poorest people out there in worst neighborhoods become more vulnerable. first hand, i lived threw it with the spike. now, residents of baltimore city are seeing this chart right now, since april 22 there have been 40 shootings, 15 homocides, bringing total to 28 people killed this year up from 20 in the same time period last year. growing up in my neighborhood, i have to tell you, we did not
6:58 pm
like the please but we were always happy when they showed up, and angry when they were there too late. this is not what you can turn off like a spigot. once we go down that path, it is hard to turn it back around. no justice, no peace. an hour ago. d.a. laid out why he felt the police officer legally discharged his weapon in the death of an unarmed 19-year-old man, then asked for peace. >> reverend dr. king jr., said, violence brings only temporary change. violence by creating many more social problems than it solves, never brings permanent peace.
6:59 pm
charles: erin you are a lawyer, you understand the circumstances. >> i see it every day. i think we have to remember that the rhetoric, needs to be redirected. it needs to be directed towards, there are federal investigations, and pros in patterns and practices of the police department. that is where rhettic should be focused this not about blood for blood, it not just black lives matter, it is everybody's lives matter. >> broken and consequences, we have to report the men in blue, if not our whole society is disrupted. charles: saying that the officers in baltimore feel handcuffed, the more they feel hand cuffed the more crime is going up. >> it is a vicious circle. charles: thank you, we'll talk
7:00 pm
soon, we'll get you back soon. erin fantastic on your first time. >> thank you. charles: all right, thank you for watching us every day at 6 p.m., now i leave you with lou dobbs. lou: i am lou dobbs. with u.s. relations with russia, the worst since end of cold war, and obama white house declarations that u.s. sanctions are crushing the russian economy, secretary of state traveled to sochi, russia, hat in hand. his mission? to beg for a reset in u.s. and russia relationship. and to kindly ask president putin to curb his engagement in ukraine, and plead with putin is -- with president


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