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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 12, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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erin fantastic on your first time. >> thank you. charles: all right, thank you for watching us every day at 6 p.m., now i leave you with lou dobbs. lou: i am lou dobbs. with u.s. relations with russia, the worst since end of cold war and obama white house declarations that u.s. sanctions are crushing the russian economy, secretary of state traveled to sochi russia, hat in hand. his mission? to beg for a reset in u.s. and russia relationship. and to kindly ask president putin to curb his engagement in ukraine, and plead with putin is -- with president assad. we'll tell you how that is working out.
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we'll take out worldwide challenges to america from russia iran, and china with our special guest. also here, president obama's own rebuffed his efforts to move ahead with what until now was a secret trade negotiation with 11 pacific room countries and asia, and latin america. negotiating secretly with china to sell it advanced nuclear reactors and advanced nuclear technology. president's prospect on that looking loudy if part because senate democrats voted to block legislation that would have granted the president authority to fast track international trade deals. we'll take that up with pulitzer prize winning journalist michael goodwin, and julie roginsky.
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and tom brady's agent said that his 4 game suspension is ridiculous. and the author of the levels -- wells report, said that no one should question his highly questionic findings. -- questionable findings, we have some of the best attorneys in the on business that case. we'll report, and analyze and you decide deflategate. but first other issues looming large. we begin in sochi russia. where the president dispatched secretary kerry. kerry met with the russians. they produced little progress in easing tensions in ukraine and syria. kerry talked about his low expectations during a press conference with the russian foreign minister lavrov.
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>> we didn't come here with an expectation that we would going to define a specific path forward with respect to a crisis or have a breakthrough. we came here to have a full, and open dialogue with russia's leaders. the kind of dialogue that is essential in making progress on the many challenges that we face today. lou: joining us, dean of fletcher school, admiral james. let me start with this attempt rat a reset on the part of secretary of state kerry the obama administration. this is the president sending his man with hat in hand to vladimir putin who this president has said for months and months and months, economic sanctions will bring him to his knees. what do you make of it?
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>> well, i don't think we should be think it too about a reset we should be worried about a replay of the original invasion of ukraine. because if you think back to how the invasion of ukraine started it started with vladimir putin in moscow, in sochi rat the olympics handing world leaders like he has been doing. preparations are underway for a attack probably against marry opal to creata land bridge we talked about. this is not a reset, but a replay of the invasion we should be thinking about. lou: how much more of this can the american public top pub -- tolerate.
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>> this president now launched a negotiation over sending our advanced nuclear technology, u.s. advance nuclear reactors to china. the list goes on, what in the world are we to expect of this president? >> i'm worried about this potential technology deal with china. i hope that congress does its job. which is to look hard at whether this makes sense. while we're in midst of trying to shut down pro 11ing a with iran to spend this kind of time and technology at china, i think is very risky. lou: the tpp trade -- tran pacific partnership. so-called free trade deal, which has been around for more than a decade then this president is driving it forward. he is just waiting for an opportunity to get fast track
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authority, and he will put it before congress. how much more of this style of leadership does this country have to tolerate from what is becoming a authoritarian president. >> the senate puts some brakes on the transpacific partnership today. let's see if the congress does its job in that arena. as it is in the other arena. so we have a government that is working together. it is this gridlock, and this failure too build a cohere 18 case and strategy that is making almost all of our troubles in the world. lou: china russia -- joint military exercises not in the pacific. in the mediterranean sea. what do you make of it? what is their object in so doing? what are we to take from it all?
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>> i think we're seeing a very logical turn of russia. which has been cordoned off from western europe and u.s. from their own bad behavior in ukraine, looking if the world trying to find other partners. they are attempting a partnership with china over long-term i don't see that as successful, two very different nations, different approaches. russia is a $2 trillion gas station, that is how the chinese look at them, i think that china will take advantage of russia. this is an unsettling sight in a part of the world that has been under u.s. and european influence. lou: president meeting with 6 arab states, 4 are not sends their heads of state to meet with the president.
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>> this sounds like a snub, or a strong signal of displace lure with this administration. >> i think it is a shot across the bough. without question this idea of bringing these kings and amirsing it was cooked a long time ago at the last minute 4 of 6 pulling out. this is a message from the sunni arabs. it is mismanagement of our align system in the middle east. lou:ed miral james good to have you with us thank you so. >> thank you lou. lou: and capturing the attention of tens of millions of football fans millions are americans who normally not interested in ball,
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are now into deflategate. it is a scandal but whose scandal is it? is it tom bladey? rodger goodell or ted wells? the patriots moving to support their quarterback now is to challenge the wels report and what brady's anxiety called the nfl's atrary punishment. >> league said it is about protecting the integrity of the game. tom brady was not fully candid with investigators refusing to share his e-mails and text-messages. he is now suspended for 4 games and patriots find a million
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dollars and they will lose first second pick next year. league said, he was at least generally aware of what was happening, of in the vice president vin cent said we cannot be sure where it began but evidence says that january 15 are 18 is not the only time this considers. patriot owner bob kraft said he does not believe it was in any tampering with the footballs and brady has the unconditional appeals of the court. >> thank you very much.
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we'll have much more on the brady appeal with your legal panel on. this will be subject of my commentary we're welcoming right back stay with us. >> coming up, senate democrat say no way to president's see call free trade deal. there is nothing free when the middle class is paying with their jobs. >> more massive earthquakes hit the roof of the world death toll rising in nepal and an american aid helicopter goes missing, the latest ahead.
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lou: president's trade agenda suffering a setback on senate floor, blocking correction of legislation of president's fast track authority to complete a trade agreement with asia. senate voted 52 to 45 to begin debating the bill, 8 short of 60 needed. after that vote, president obama met with senate democrats to talk about i'm sure quietly a
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way forward. that sounds familiar. turning to the race for 2016, mainstream liberal media treatment of republican candidates. bloomberg politics reporter, today, forced to apologize after he was criticized under fire for his interview with senator ted cruz. as you see halprin well he laughlost his way. >> you filled out your application to princeton and harvard, did you list your as hispanic. >> i have listed myself as cuban-american that is my background. >> do you have a favorite dish. >> we eat all of the time. >> your favorite. >> picadillo . >> likely. >> i am going to stick to english, i appreciate the
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invitation sonor . lou: senator cz handled that about as gracious low as possible halprin i will not describe his conduct. his apology senator cruz said it was unnecessary but took no offense. joining us now michael goodwin and julie roginsky. edted cruz was extraordinary. >> i called halprin out on this, i am no fan of ted cruz, you are right ?oorare. lou: are you a fan of halprin. >> there is no excuse, how did you racially profile someone like that. it was beyond ignore app ignorant.
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>> i don't believe that halprin or anybody would do that to a democratic cuban-american. only a republican, somehow there is a issue. >> if you had bob menendez on as a cuban democrat he would have probably done the same. lou: jeb bush would say you are dealing with hypotheticals. >> i am. lou: governor had a terrific interview with megan kelly he recapped a bit. -- recan'ted a bit the most important bit perhaps. >> on subject of iraq, a controversial subject knowing what we know, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. >> in 20/20 hindsight you would make a different decision.
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>> i don't know that decision would have been, that is a hypothetical, but the fact is mistakes were made, as they always are in life. lou: what do you make of this. >> i am offended as a political consultant, he was not prepared for the question he would obviously get. lou: which one? >> iraq. how do you not know they are going to ask you about that? saying hipsay hypothetical. >> i heard him say to sean hannity. i misinterpreted the question to mean if i had known them, none of this makes sense. was he careless, did he wake unin the morning and discover he start a storm. lou: a couple problems. megan kelly could not have been more susceptible and direct -- suss sinksuccinct and direct in her
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question. it gets complicated when you see back flips against obvious. you lose more by just standing by what you mean. >> authenticity should never be underestimated as a value for people. they want to know that you stand behind what you say. in particular on important issues like iraq war. which his brother launched. it was foolish to be so careless. lou: and president's free trade agenda and his sought trade promotion authority. the power to suspend congressional constitutional powers to amend legislation. >> i don't know what is going on, i am agreeing with you on way too many things. i am not liking this. why does president get to unilaterally decide, then inform
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us what we're doing with a trade deal. lou: what are the republicans doing here? poof 52 of them lining up, and voting like lemmings. >> they probably don't know what it is. -- let's debate what is actually in it, not just the power to unilaterally. lou: so cumbersome to ask them read and comprehend it. >> let the public read it for them. >> why should we take anybody's word for it. lou: anybody taking anybody's word in washington, d.c. right now, you are out of your mind. >> agreed. lou: don't you think there
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should be some embarrassment in the house? they are suing president of the u.s. for abuse of executive authority, they are trying to hand their constitutional authority to him. >> and mitch mcconnell votes against the bill so he can raise it again. >> the foolish consistency. lou: you are right. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe rodger goodell has become a liability for the nfl? >> pentagon said, one of our marine helicopters conducting humanitarian assistance in nepal is missing tonight. nepal suffered two more major earthquakes, that helicopter, is a huey, like this one. carrying 6 u.s. marines two
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nepalese soldiers were also aboard. a join task morse has been searching for the aircraft. through the evening. >> today's magnitude 7.3 quake. and a half pour hour later 6.3 killed dozens of people, and triggered landslides and toppled buildings, up next, nfl's handling of deflategate. like west wing fascism? what happened to the nfl? my commentary next. >> and nearly 50 massachusets commuters getting the shock of their life when their bus makes an unscheduled stop. we'll tell you what happened next, stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts now braid's anxiety -- brady's anxiety wasted no time and words in slamming nfl punishment. wrote -- the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis, nfl has a well documented history of making poor disciplinary decisions that are often overturned when neutral judges preside. ted wells defending his report. >> what drove the decision in this report was evidence. those conclusions were not influenced in anyway, shape or form by anyone at the league office. i think it is wrong to create size my independence just because you disagree with my findings. lou: putting aside the findings
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looking at independence, wells has a long association with the nfl, he represented nfl for years in concussion lawsuit. perhaps wells is not as independent as he and goodell would like to maintain, they have talked about what is good for the game. but their actions have hardly been good for the game or nfl for his part goodell tried to hide from his responsible in deflategate by signing his executive vice president to the case as if his direct report would somehow be oc some objective. as for deflategate there are a lot of problem. brady'sage said he participated in a wideranged interview with no conditions for 5 1/2 hours yet some of his testimony was not included. and as for not turning over his final phone record to nfl when did nfl acquire search and
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seizure powers, and what does a play are forfeit his rights of privacy or for any matter, his hisstutional rights. -- his constitutional rights, and why did they not examine the footballs of both teams and why didn't the wells report note referee statement that pressure readings were taken with the wrong gauge by those investigating that under 78ed thestatedthe pressure levels of the football. but the nfl chose not to talk with the patriots about any of the allegations made or the fact they worp goingthey were going to make certain that balls were inflated to any
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level. why would nfl not talk with patriots unless their purpose was to entrap them? rather than protect the game and preserve rules surely no one at nfl is dumb enough to think that more drama is good for the nfl or for that matter their job security. instead, brady's agent said that nfl talked only with the colts and carried out a sting operation with brady and the patriots. rodger goodell is now leading the nfl from behind, trying to preserve his job at all cost, whether to truth. to fairness and balance or further amid cost on nfl itself, goodell continued to insist on leading from behind. his coercive leadership without regard to consequence wielding
7:32 pm
hout regard to facts and good of the game, and truth is far more consistent with authoritarian tone and style that seems to be the preferred style of liberal washington. i think this time goodell provoked a public relations battle, and a legal battle, that i believe he will lose. in loseinning -- in losing those battles he may well lose his job. and in my opinion appropriately so. now our quotation of the evening -- we did it ourselves. lou: up next, brady fights back, but what are his legal chances of success? we take it up and more with leading attorneys lis wiehl and rebecca rose woodland,
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7:37 pm
problems in it. what is the nfl doing relying on such a difficultly incomplete -- >> can we start with the language he said more probable than not. that brady of quote, at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities, are you kidding? that would never hold up in a court of law. it will be appealed, then to goodell or whatever else nfl will take this case to, he has authorize to take but he can give it to someone element then if it is squashed then brady with go to federal court and say -- it has happened. lou: will they not look like fools with this language like prob billy. >> this is incredible. >> in the appeals process i think that goodell will hand it over, he does not want to take
7:38 pm
the heat, and as we've seen anyone that reactor points they overturn his suspension. the report is probably not holding any water, it is circumstantial. lou: it ignores the facts and sets a tone that is authoritarian on part of goodell he is leading from behind, and doing a lousy job the owners have got to be beside themselves with what he is doing. with this perception that the nfl is run by amateurs. >> and report, saying that brady did not cooperate. whatever that means he interviewed, he was not willing to give heroy personal e-mail -- his personal e-mail and cell phone. lou: he should talk to hillary clinton. >> is there a search and seizure
7:39 pm
provision within the nfl? come on. tom brady was advised not to give it over, he said, i'm not obstructing justice. >> who the hell do these people think they are? to that point that is why there is a collective bargaining agreement. in that agreement, and perhaps no one pointed this out to mr. goodell, he is required to make these decisions on discipline and punishment. he can't hand it off you know you can't delegate responsibility. you can't attempt authority. but he has to, to make the decision. >> if he decides against brady right now, i think it would go to federal court. and other thing, ray rice, hello, two suspensions that was before videotape and all that, bottom line for him was two game issuspension, i can tell you that
7:40 pm
two is better than 4 right. >> and let's imagine this were a corporate environment. nfl is. but normal business environment. an employee says, to the hrdepartment and the ceo you know we have somebody, i don't think they are following company policy rwhat would you think if that ceo said okay we'll find out. we're going over here and check it out. why would they not have a discussion, find out what the deal is and attitude and preserve this is a coercive approach. don yi his agent said, it is a sting operation, i'll be damned in i don't think he is right. >> and his agent will say that lou, as he show. >> i know that everyone is playing their part, but in
7:41 pm
reality, is that not what it appears to be? >> it appears that something went awry. it also. lou: a multibillion dollar enterprise. >> that is what i thought handle it quietly 92. lou: does brady win an appeal. >> i think so. >> it depends on who handles the appeal, more "like" than not yes -- more likely than not yes. >> in the courthouse. lou: thank you both for being here. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe rodger goodell has become a liability for nfl cast your vote lou: in massachusets 50 commuter escape a broke undown bus just minutes before disaster struck, the windows blown out as the bustic pleaded
7:42 pm
exploded in fire, overheating several time uthe driver, when he became aware a fire broke out, a car on highway alerted him issue he pulled over, and evacuated bus just moments before the explosion. no one among the bus passengers was injured and no one in passing cars were injured. injured. lou: up next, drone technology, having a major impact on this country's bred -- bread basket we take you there live. that is next stay with us.
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6 nasdaq down 17. midwest farmers are using a new tool to help them in spring planting. agricultural drones are now contributing to one of the fastest planting paces on record. now the federal aviation administration approved new
7:47 pm
research that could expand distance that farmers are allowed to sense the drone, fox business correspondent jeff flock with our report. >> reporter: lou, you are looking at me from a drone with a camera on there. you are about to launch this. >> yes. >> reporter: this is first year that drones have really come into their own in a big way during spring planting. >> right, this is first time. we'll use it all year long. and be. >> reporter: you have to keep an eye on it. >> i lost it in sun. utilize it is virtually all we do. >> reporter: right now, you are using it for observation looking to see how the planning is doing. >> we can monitor wet spots in the field and where it is dry.
7:48 pm
>> reporter: can you lower that just a little bit. gives you an amazing look at your operation. >> we want to take it farther. can use it more. and. >> reporter: you want to spread fertilizer with it? >> we could spread fertilizer, herbherbicides and pesticides on a smaller, more efficient scale so we don't have to spread our whole fields like we have to do now. >> reporter: you need to do that is oc from washington? >> yes, we have to get washington and the faa on-line the technology is here to greatly improve what we are doing. but we need the legal status, and regulations in place to do so. >> reporter: faa has not yet okayed. other than in california, use of the drones for anything other than onobservation right now. message to washington --
7:49 pm
>> if we can get our act together get something done on this, it would be great. >> reporter: a lot of fun to watch them, future of agricultural i leave you with that maybe looking at them, and you looking at us, agricultural drones they are here, lou. lou: i love it thank you very much. it let's look at least aside from other application farmer gogot a little bit more fun as well. in louisiana a motor homeowner found out how dangerous a flat tire can really be. watch this. a dashboard camera captured moment a 40 foot rec recreational vehicle, flips over and crashes through a highway median, the tire blew, driver and passengers suffering minor injuries, everyone i tell you seems to be getting lucky tonight. >> pablo picasso smashing
7:50 pm
records over 40 years after his date. his painting women of algiers became most expensive painting to sell last night $179 million, breaking previous record by 40 million buyer anonymous. we're coming right back. stay with us. >> coming up, baltimore no safer after freddie gray riots as violent rises congressman and former sheriff dave riker on what has become a nationwide campaign against law enforcement. >> it turns out that nasa and the net sons had it -- jetsons had it hit the jet man and his sidekick are here. their stunning display coming up next.
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. lou: quickly, two swiss daredevils equipped with jet packs providing amazing aerial display over dubai. the breathtaking video shows a first ever twin human formation flight. the jet packs allowing the men to soar high over the city reaching speeds -- are you ready for this? -- up to 200 miles an hour. how cool is that? i'm sorry i couldn't help but use the expression. daredevil had previously jet packed over the english channel and the grand canyon.
7:55 pm
my next guest warns we have an emergency in this country when it comes to law enforcement. joining me is congressman dave reichert former president of the washington state sheriff's association. congressman, great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: as we're watching this display personally led by the administration, a campaign against law enforcement it seems straightforwardly to you as well? >> at least that's what i'm hearing from police chiefs and sheriffs across the country and this message started to come to me and other members of congress at least two years ago. they felt that they were under attack by the department of justice and i think there is still that feeling that exists today, and what that has caused i think across the country is this division between police and the local police and the federal government especially the department of justice, that spread now to division between
7:56 pm
the police and the communities that they protect. neil: and this is not being helped in any fashion it seems by the justice department. certainly not under the leadership of attorney general eric holder when he held the post obviously, we are also hearing from law enforcement officers that they think this is an effort the beginning of an effort to federalize police agencies all across the country. your thoughts. >> well you know i'm not sure, and i hope that's not the effort here that's being put forth. i think there is certainly an overreach and i think that really the message that the department of justice could be sharing with all of america and the administration for that matter could be sharing with all of america look, we are a nation of laws, we have due process and that includes police officers so if you feel aggrieved somehow by the police department, by your local elected officials or whomever
7:57 pm
within your community, especially now talk about law enforcement, there's a process to go through filing your com complaints. we can't allow, this is the message that the administration needs to deliver loud and clear we cannot allow, will not allow people to trample on the rights of other american citizens across this nation because they feel aggrieved by the police department. there is a process to go through and they need to follow the rule of law, and we need to support our police officers to enforce those laws to protect the rights and properties of others. lou: well said, congressman, i couldn't agree with you more. the president's support for so-called promotion authority really the congress giving up rights under article 1 section 8 on trade and the
7:58 pm
parliamentary ability to amend a bill. why are the republicans who have sued the president for abuse of power so eager to give him more of their power? >> actually lou, in this case, the language in the trade promotion authority bill we're discussing today in congress is actually our ability the ability of congress, members of congress to put their amendments in the bill up-front. so we're actually setting the parameters for the trade agreement we're telling the administration, look, when you negotiate a trade agreement, you have to negotiate within this box, you can't go outside of this box. it also tells the 11 countries that we're negotiating with it gives them the same message. here are the parameters those countries then than not only is this a negotiation that's being presented and performed by the administration, but that all of congress is behind this, and
7:59 pm
they will put their best offer on the table when they know that we're together on this. and that's what this promotion authority does. it doesn't give cart blanc authority to the president or the administration to do any deal they want to. lou: congressman dave reichert. >> thank you for having me. lou: we ask whether you agree with the decision of the nfl's rodger goodell to suspend tom brady for four regular-season games without pay. 42% said yes, you did 52% answered said no. we suspect there are team loyalties among the fans. if you have your comments, geotweeting me -- beverly wrote on my facebook page --
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight, we thank you for being with us. good night from new york. . neil: all right, forget where's waldo in the big apple they're asking where's bill? new york's mayor never seems to be in new york maybe because bill de blasio doesn't uponing the big apple is big enough and set his sights somewhere else. not on mayor's residence in new york. try this residence in washington. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. and this could explain why bill de blasio hasn't been effusive in praise for hillary clinton. actually no praise for hillary clinton. is this cross-country tour meant to be talking up progressive talking points and sure sign as any he is ready to challenge hillary clinton. move over bernie sanders. you, to


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