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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 13, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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night's tragic trail derailment. seven people killed in the crash. rescuers will scour every inch of the site for missing people and evidence. liz claman is all over this story right now. "countdown" with liz claman begins right now. >> melissa, thank you. and, of course, investigators still don't know what caused an amtrak to derail. the conductor isn't ready to talk. a skull fracture. we are live on the scene as rescue workers try to untangle the wreckage looking for missing passengers. fireeye in play. its services are in hot demand. maybe the entire firm might be as well. is fireeye about to be swallowed up? shares jumping higher after a blog reports it may be acquired by an old line tech giant. back in november, we warned you about the west coast port slow down. guess which retailer is blaming that for a bad first quarter?
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it's the last hour of trade. let's start the "countdown." ♪ >> breaking news. let's take you live to look at the latest images we have from the amtrak train tragedy in philadelphia that in the last 20 minutes has been updated. it has so far taken seven lives and injured more than 200 people. let's take you live to the crash. joe in philadelphia. joe, we heard from the mayor. what more can you tell us? >> liz, good afternoon to you. what i can tell you, it's a very active scene as it's been all day long. mayor michael announcing he expanded the search area as well. let's take you out to a live look. this heavy equipment has been coming in all day. cranes to lift up the cars that belonged to the train. now, a short time ago mayor michael nutter confirmed seven dead as you mentioned. did not give out any
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names. pending notification of next of kin. it was revealed that most of the passengers are concluded for. perhaps not all. a very interesting (?) distinction there. meanwhile, the mayor also discussed that vitally important black box. >> as i mentioned earlier today, the event recorders, i think that's the official term for what we often call the black box. there in wilmington, delaware, being downloaded and analyzed. so let's us please not try to speculate. >> in light of that suggestion about not speculating, some people have said that the speed limit behind me is about 50 miles an hour. it has been reported that perhaps this train was going as fast as 100 miles an hour. the mayor spoke to president obama personally on the phone today. and the president expressed his sadness about this incident. lastly, mayor michael
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nutter says they are checking over the trainmatrain -- and trying to compare it to every last person on this train. >> joe, show us that train. the crane will right these cars that have been overturned. what is the next step on the scene as far as the wreckage is concerned? >> exactly. we'll take you to a live look at these cranes. they're massive. it's amazing how quickly they came in. a truck moving out as well. big, big heavy machinery has been coming in all day long. the object is to try to lift the cars. the seven cars that flew off the tracks all belonging to this amtrak 188 train. in the hopes that perhaps if someone is still missing, they will find that person as we heard from the mayor, of course, sadly a seventh person was pulled from the crash site. and so they are taking no chances. it sounds, although it
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has not been confirmed, that perhaps more people are missing. but officials are keeping that very tight-lipped. liz. liz: interrupt us if there are any new developments on the scene. thank you so much. thank you. now the question becomes, what happens next? let's bring in the connecticut vice chair john heartwell. you and your team meet every couple of weeks to deal with potential for this type of commuter tragedy. joe told us about the event recorder. like the black box. what will it be able to tell us? >> it will tell us everything about how the train was operating at the time. so speed is i think the most important thing to look at at this time. we've heard suggestions that the train was going much faster than it should have been. we've seen other accidents like that. we've had ones here in metro north back in december of 2013 where a train was going more than twice the speed.
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and jumped the tracks. four people were killed. so this is certainly the thing they'll be looking at. liz: john, the philadelphia inquirer, they're right there, they know the area well, they're reporting that an automatic train system designed to prevent speeding was not in place when the train crashed. is that something that has to automatically or hand activate it? it has to be activated by hand? >> there's a technology called positive train control. ptc. and it's mandated to be in place nationwide by the end of 2015. and yet, most train operations around the country will not make that deadline. in fact, metro north, or, the mta. the metropolitan transport authority just last week received a billion dollar loan from the federal railroad administration in order to speed up the installation of positive train control both for
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metro north and the long island railroad. had that been in place, an accident like this might not have been possible. if the train is go too going too fast, positive train control will slow it down to the speed it needs to be at. trains can get out of control and accidents can happen without it. >> we appreciate you coming on. to shed light on the inner workings on what happens in an investigation. thank you. john heartwell. let us turn our attentions to the markets for a moment. we'll keep you updated on anything involving the train situation. volatility ruling again. major us markets bouncing between positive and negative territory. right before melissa talked to us, the dow was down. it's back up by half a point. it crossed the unchanged line 50 times today. if it finishes the day
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in the red, the s&p, that would be the third down session in a row. that hasn't happened since march. so when will we find direction? and how do you play it? let's get right to the floor show. traders at the new york stock exchange, cme, and the imex. keith, yesterday was a bratty bond behavioral moment. today we see a little bit calmer in the bond market, but the equity market is a little bit strange. what's going on? what's happening? >> well, the equity market if you look at the s&p 500, the chart of the s&p 500, going back to december is in an accumulation phase. it can be sloppy on a daday-to-day basis. (?) we don't have any finality until the middle of june. we'll have the sloppiness for the next couple of weeks. >> why the middle of june? everybody is saying the earliest is december for rate hikes. >> i don't think it will have anything to do with
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what the fed does. we have overhead resistance. which means the s&p can't break above that number around 2125. yet the market is still going to be higher if you look at that chart. that's a trend line that was set in december. about the second week in june is where i draw my chart. that's a bullish pattern for equity markets. we should see a break to higher highs. it doesn't always happen. we don't see the market as overbought. it has room to move. one of the key things the reason it's been bouncing back and forth. look what's happening at the ten-year yield. as that trends higher. equities sell-off. as it comes in, then we rally back. that's what you've been seeing today as well. liz: i would imagine people would be find with the ten-year trending higher. we've seen a 16% move in the yield over just one month. let me go to chris. we have retail sales numbers out today. flat as a pancake. does it even have a
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heartbeat? does the consumer have a heartbeat? doesn't that mean something for equities? >> that retail sales really scared us traders here on the floor. what you saw was a huge jump-up in a safe haven asset in gold. last week, i was on with you talking about that 1180 being an oasis where a lot of traders were accumulating long positions. and the fact that we broke above that -- that level that's been so crucial. that it's right now -- we're up 2.5% on the day. we're up over 4% on silver. that retail sales, to your point, was a crucial number. and a lot of these traders, though, like you said, we're back and forth on the s&p futures with a 14 handle spread on highs to lows, a lot of the traders believe that move to the safe haven in gold and silver is indication we'll be going lower much earlier than june. >> silver is higher. gold is jumping pretty
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dramatically. up $21. for the gold bugs, they're all excited. let's get to oil. we have a weaker dollar today, luke. it's not a surprise we would see goldoil was higher. now it's down. what's going on here? >> we had inventory numbers again this morning. once again we saw the drawdown was a little bit bigger than expected. oil started to go up. awes mentioned the dollar is lower. all commodities are priced in dollars. oil started to go up. i feel good about oil right now. i think it's a real asset. i think a lot of people are concerned about currencies and sovereign bonds. gold is a big asset traded globally. a good place to be right now. >> thank you for joining me on the floor show. guess what, the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p, and the russell all to the upside by the skin of their teeth. watching it closely for you. closing bell, 50 minutes away. alibaba sports network? first it takes a stake in a woman's online retail site. now it's getting
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involved in college football, specifically the pack 12. why is the chinese commerce site interested in the gridiron? should espn be terrified by this? we'll have the inside scoop. need a backhoe on short notice or an excavator to build an apartment complex, but you don't have the money to buy a brand-new one. you don't want to buy a new one, you want to borrow one. meet the airbnb of construction equipment. yard club. it's building a profnl profitable business on the back of equipment rental. ♪
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>> update you. we have this breaking news regarding the philadelphia disaster. reuters is reporting that the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia was traveling at more than 100 miles per hour. that's according to a person familiar with the investigation. again, we're attributing this to reuters. but we're told, as you heard from joe, that's much faster than the
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speed limit on that particular piece of the track. supposed to be 50 miles an hour. lot of reports whether it's the wall street journal or the philadelphia inquirer saying it was speeding. now reuters reporting somebody close to the investigation says 100 miles per hour. and would he give you a fox business stock alert for you. investors in delta airlines getting a lift today after the airlines board approved a new 6 billion-dollar stock buyback. also hiked its dividend. looking at delta's stock. up 1%. delta among the best performing stocks last year. if you bought it three years ago, look at this return. 354%. finally the airlines getting the picture right. and alibaba, is alibaba taking on espn? the chinese online and mobile commerce company announcing it will partner up with pac-12 to host a regular season game between the washington huskies and the texas longhorns in shanghai.
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why is alibaba targeting american college sports? jo ling kent joins us with the latest. we thought this was fascinating. jo: this is a two-year deal. very lucrative deal for any actual sports team in the united states right now. if you think about it, no league has ever played a regular season game in shanghai or beijing or anywhere in china. what they're trying to do is appeal cross over. what do we know about alibaba? we know they're investing very deeply into the united states right now. this deal coupled with the zulily investment, i could go on and on. >> they're taking over the world. >> they're taking it over quietly. and that's the chinese way of doing things. that's the alibaba way of doing things. basketball is the most popular sport in china. this is a natural fit. 300 million people reportedly play. that's like the population of the united states. >> do they even care
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about -- >> it's basketball. they get it. i'm not sure of their record exactly. we'll have to check with our friends at fox sports. we know this is game one of two that teams will be playing in the pac-12 in china. what i find so interesting, this is going to be streamed live on espn here in the united states. but also streamed live on mobile networks and on the web through alibaba networks inside china. >> is that cool? or will alibaba hear from espn like verizon? >> it's an agreement between espn and alibaba and the pac-12. liz: i find this interesting. maybe they'll have future agreements that will bring in the revenue. i'm thinking, suddenly alibaba is getting into the sports business. >> espn to my knowledge does not have a footprint in china in the way that would be threatened. right? and also, this is the best part. you'll love this. the two teams, the biggest sales day of the year for alibaba, they're bringing the two teams in. not just to meet jack
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ma. they're going to do a class on e-commerce in china. they'll get a lot more exposure to that whole world. that's a big money making. >> here comes alibaba flexing the muscle. as you said quietly. just as verizon is buying up aol for $4 billion, sprint decided to announce its own partnership to expand its mobile network. this time with wi-fi company, you know them from the airports. right? boingo. they have that expansive airport footprint. pops up. boingo. looking to take advantage of the space. just how does boingo stand to benefit? joining me now in a fox business exclusive boingo chairman and ceo david. david, this is interesting. what does it get me? every time i get to an airport and your website pops up, i have to put my input in there. if i'm with sprint, does that eliminate all that effort to put in my visa
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card, et cetera? >> a partnership with sprint is a vision of where we think the industry is going. that is the convergence of krferl and wi-fi networks. once we've rolled this out across their 40 million smartphone customers will simply walk into the boingo hot spots. the phone will automatically connect to the wi-fi signal. everything the customer does from that point forward goes over wi-fi not the cellar network. great deal for (?) sprint companies. it's a sign of things to come. >> how secure is it? everybody is worried that their personal information is flying around the airwaves. >> well, we're using the technology called pass point. it's an industry standard that the wireless broadband association has put together. boingo is on the board of that. as are other major carriers around the world. it makes a wi-fi connection just like a
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cellular connection. same security you get when you're talking on your cellular phone. you'll get when you're connected to a pass point wi-fi. >> okay. everyone wants wi-fi. i'm 30,000 feet up. i have go-go. where else are you looking to expand? (?) you guys are on military bases. you must be good at security. what's the next frontier for you? >> so we focus on large venues. an airport, we're obviously well-known for. we do a lot of stadiums. arenas. both collegiate and professional military bases. we have a long-term contract with the military. we're building capabilities out to the barracks so our military have great wi-fi in their barracks. we look at any venue that has a lot of people going through it. big infrastructure. tough for cellular
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signals to penetrate. great application for wi-fi. those are the venues we focus on. >> thirty-five airports with the sprint -- i don't mean to push it here. but that's it? i know the state of ohio has an airport in every single county or at least they did under governor dick who mandated that. what about smaller airports? the teeterboros of the world? >> eventually we'll get there. we focus on the larger venues because that's the biggest problem with convergence on the networks exists. we start with the largest venues we can. we'll sort of move on down the market. just to put it into perspective, those 35 airports, 600 million people go through those airports every year. so a lot of people get reached by a relatively small number of boingo hot spots. >> do we need more cell phone towers? there's the whole nimbi towers. or the banana. build absolutely nothing near anything. (?) i mean, i know there's
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still some dead spots. and you're in the hot spot business, david. >> yeah, there's a major trend going on. it's driven by the amount of data going on to wireless networks. the trend is called network denseification. meaning, we need to get more and more network nodes closer to the users. so the towers aren't going to go away. towers are being built. the major trend is that instead of towers, small cell systems will be built in all sorts of buildings. with wi-fi. we also do with cellular extension networks. they're going on rooftops. the side of buildings. denseification is a major wireless trend that will go on for the next ten years or so. >> this don't need fake branches to make them look like trees which nobody buys anyway. good to see you, david. congratulations on the sprint deal. david ceo of boingo. this is just coming in,
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the ntsb is now confirming that preliminary data show amtrak train speed exceeded 100 miles per hour prior to derailment. this is early, but the ntsb tweeted this out. they stress that further calibrations are being conducted. preliminary research is being shown. this is from data because they have the black box. this train was speeding more than 100 miles per hour. closing bell, 36 minutes away. this is why you need to watch fox business. shares of dupont getting clocked today after charlie gasparino warned you. he broke the news that things weren't looking good for activist investor nelson peltz. peltz lost. charlie wins with the story. here's here with the exclusive new details on what's next for nelson peltz, but also for dupont. a lot of you have this stock in your portfolio. ♪ and everybody wants to
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find the next airbnb to invest in. well, we're going to introduce you to the airbnb of bulldozers and backhoes. an exclusive interview with the ceo of yard club. bringing the sharing economy to heavy equipment that you just want to rent, not buy. ♪
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♪ >> there is a good bet you own this stock somewhere in your portfolio because dupont is widely held. now the bidder between dupont and try en's investor peltz comes to an end. nelson loses. dupont's stock is losing. (?) down about 6.5%. this follows the news
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that peltz did not win what he wanted. four dupont seats. he lobbied hard for it. spent a lot of money for it. something you would have known yesterday if you were watching the fox business network is that peltz was a long shot anyway. here's why it matters to you. nearly 20% of dupont is held by mutual funds. so the odds are this could be impacting your portfolio somehow. charlie gasparino now with more on the story. >> we should point out that we first broke that peltz was pessimistic about winning his battle against dupont. we were pretty much on the money. i would say that peltz thought he had an outside chance of getting one seat his seat. and he even lost that. this is a resounding lost. if you have traded on our information last night and eric, a retail investor can trade afterhours. i got a weird email from eric. maybe he has a lousy broker or something. if you took our advice and you shorted the
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stock or sold your shares, you would have made or saved some money. that's what happened. here's the bigger story. this is going somewhat unnoticed by most of the media. getting it here at fox business. there was an alliance on this deal between mutual funds and index funds. big fund money managing complexes are lining up with corporate america against the activist. and that's something you'll see more and more i believe going forward. larry fink who runs blackrock has been very -- has been very vocal about how he thinks activism is short-term investing. just looking for pops in the stocks. they're not looking at improving shareholder value. i think he's wrong on this. and i think he's really wrong on this. if you look at particularly necessarily peltz record. >> i was going to say, depends on the activist. charlie: most of the major activists i know, nelson peltz, even carl icahn, he's in these stocks for a while. he's advocating for changes. and he's advocating -- they're advocating for
3:32 pm
changes in a way that -- that i believe is long-term oriented. nelson peltz wants to work with management. so i think that argument is wrong. you have to ask yourself. we know larry owns a huge chunk. how much -- >> 69%. this is why it matters. 69% of dupont shares are owned by hedge funds, mutual funds, and pension funds. >> you're right. even more than that, if you look at the numbers where they broke down, this is why peltz was pessimistic last night. he knew the index funds and the big money management firms would vote against him. that's why last night we were able to report that. now here's the rub. what is the conflict of interest between the larry finks of the world. not saying larry fink personally, but it may be true for him. but these big fund complexes and these big corporations? why do the big fund complexes want current management to stay in place? the only thing i can think of is that there's a conflict of interest here. we should point out that
3:33 pm
the fidelities manage -- >> you mean they're not just interested in higher stock price? they're 6% down right now. charlie: they have all sorts of interests. including clipping the could yocould youcoupon of a di. and retaining management. so there's a lot of conflicting interest here. it's not purely stock price. and i would say this about the advertising. activist. the activist when they're in it for the long haul, it's hard to argue what nelson peltz said here, he wanted four board seats. because dupont was kind of a sleepy giant. okay? let's be honest here. >> he wanted to cut the company in half. do all kinds of stuff. but ellen has done a good job overall, long-term. >> who knows. the stock is coming down for a reason. and i'm telling you, they -- shareholders -- >> maybe people were in for the arbitrage.
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>> i think investors see -- see this company as one of these sleepy big giants. listen, when carl attacked apple. apple is a great company. right? they are holding g gazillions of dollars not doing anything with it. they do a buyback. the stock goes up. that is like logic, you know what i'm saying. look what carl did with ebay and paypal. it was logic to break it up. he got his wish. it's good for shareholders. i'm telling you, this is a very dangerous trend. when larry fink -- it's more dangerous when you see entrenched interest like the larry finks of the world who have shareholders on his board. is supporting hillary clinton. and the entrenched system of corporate america. that's a bad trend. that's something we should all worry about here. >> charlie gasparino. breaking it. every day, three p.m. charlie breaks the story
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here. >> we are now about 26 minutes before the closing bell rings. why buy it when you can get -- i'm talking about bulldozers and backhoes. a fox business exclusive with one of the hottest start-ups right now. the yard club. the ceo on how he's helping big equipment users really saving money by renting it out for the short-term that they need it. and then not having to buy the backhoe. we'll tell you how it works. caterpillar is so interested. they're investing. remember the film. the perfect storm. george clooney. investors are facing their own perfect storm in the stock market. you know how that movie ended. not well. he'll tell you how to keep your stock portfolio afloat when that perfect storm hits. ♪
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>> time for your "countdown" news flash. a british horse show trumps the summit at the white house. -- skipped out on the summit with president obama. what's he doing instead? he's joining queen elizabeth in a horse show outside of london today. old media and new media joining forces today. facebook comes in with nine publishers. it will let facebook publish articles directly to the news feed. publishers have long resisted giving away their content. they had little choice because facebook is where the audience is. right? more than a billion people using it. wouldn't you want your
3:41 pm
articles read? too massive to ignore. uber has conquered the roads. it's taking over the skies. the fame film festival opens today. uber is offering helicopter rides between the nearest airport in niece france and khan. $180 for a seven-minute ride. (?) here's why you need to take that. driving can take an hour on the roads. the price includes a limo ride from the airport to the red carpet. we showed you this photo of kim kardashian's lavish lawn a couple of days ago right in california. heart of the drought country. did that change her stance on watering her yard? was she drought shamed? she may be considering astroturf and allowing her lawn to go brown and die. meanwhile, walmart may be adding insult to lack of california's water problem.
3:42 pm
it's selling its water to walmart's brand name great veil. (?) reporting more from chicago, jeff flock. what? >> this is of interest to everyone, liz. you can look at this one of two ways. you know that brand. that great value you mentioned there. it's on everything from tv dinners to vegetables at walmart. it's the walmart water. some of it is sourced in the heart of the drought. the sacramento water supply. some people think that's a bad idea. since we've been talking about it. the stock hasn't done too well. ticked down all day. two ways to look i at it. the amount of water that comes out of water is .2% gets bottled. walmart is not alone. coke and pepsi's auk with pepsi's nestle.those guys s well. (?) most of the california water they pump out of california into bottles get sold to california
3:43 pm
residents. walmart making a pretty good profit. they get their water cheaper than residential customers. when you have water restrictions on residents, some people think it's bad to sell your water. two ways to look at it, liz. >> in california, it's not basic astroturf, it's fancy. >> get the green paint out. >> spray paint it. jeff flock. the sharing economy is now coming to backhoes and bulldozers. this start-up in san francisco. very clever capitalizing on the sharing economy by giving contractors the ability to rent -- pardon me. expensive construction equipment. let's go live to the ceo. his name is -- i'm so sorry. colin evran. yard club founder and ceo. i got something in my throat. go ahead and tell us how
3:44 pm
this works. >> thanks for having me, liz. so my dad grew up in the construction industry. he's been in it for about 40 years. he suffers with a problem that many contractors suffer with. they make upfront investments in capital. no guarantee with whether they'll be able to support it long-term. what yard club does is take the principles of the sharing economy and brings it to the sector. so contractors can list and rent out their idle equipment when they're not using it maximizing the iros they receive on those investments and earning income on the side. >> how much does it cost? >> we take a transaction fee on each one. but each individual piece is priced by the contractor that owns it. we suggest prices, but they ultimately decide what they'll rent it for. and so the range really ranges from something like $2,000 a month for a small backhoe. all the way up to
3:45 pm
$30,000 for a large scraper. >> seems brilliant to me. it's $20,000 to represent. and 280,000 to buy. who is doing this. who loves this? >> it ranges from very large contractors that are on our platform. folks that have half a billion in sales. all the way to small contractors that have 50 million in sales. it ranges from small to large. liz: let's talk about caterpillar. they've invested. i think this is brilliant. because, you know what, you could conceivably be a competitor. what are they doing with you guys? >> so we're really excited about this relationship. in addition to investing with the company, they're going to support our launch in several us and canadian markets. in conjunction with their dealers. that not only offers the service to their customers. but they'll also be able to list their own dealer rental industry to contractors that produce in peer-to-peer rentals. >> you guys are going to do an ipo?
3:46 pm
you have 200 million worth of equipment, you need more and more. if you have to go from minneapolis to manhattan, you need that scale. right? >> definitely. definitely. we intend to grow not only in the us and canada, but globally over the next few years and consider our options after that. >> well, we like your thinking, colin. good luck to you. thank you. >> thank you very much, liz. >> colin evran, yard club ceo. why buy when you can rent? closing bell, 14 minutes away. the film the perfect storm. you remember it, mark wallburg. george clooney. a fishing ship that gets caught in a vicious outrageous storm. our "countdow" closer says investors are facing the perfect storm as well. how you can ride it out. don't wait around for some economist to tell you what to do. we have the guy who will make sure your portfolio doesn't sink.
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>> we have breaking news. brand-new video of the crash site in philadelphia. the amtrak train derailment. we have learned that the ntsb is confirming preliminary data show amtrak's train speed exceeded 100 miles per hour prior to derailment. the speed limit in that particular area was 50 miles per hour. the ntsb says that further calibrations are being conducted on the black box. it's actually called an event recorder. the reason you're seeing flashes in this is because this is ntsb video. they've moved most of the press away from the screen. as soon as we get more details, 5:00 p.m. eastern, the ntsb will hold their press conference. no doubt they've gone through that event recorder and have gotten early indications of what happened. nine minutes before the closing bell rings.
3:52 pm
time for the "countdown." don joins to us discuss why markets are setting up for a perfect storm that may kept investors off guard. nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. scott with the number one thing he's watching right into the close. don, i want to start with you. why do you think we're setting up for a perfect storm? >> gdp -- really slow gdp growth. best stimulus pretty much the us economy has ever had. we can't seem to get out of the way. we have earnings and revenue falling. stock prices are moving higher or remaining high. evaluations which were stretched before are getting more stretched. people are buying in just before the cliff. >> well, i don't want to sit there and say stay tuned until the fed channel. i want you to tell people. what do you do? what are you looking for? what's your tragedy? >> we definitely want (?) dividend paying stocks. we want yield if we can
3:53 pm
find it. i only want to invest in those stocks. and i only want to keep the stocks in my portfolio that have rising earnings trends and rising revenue trends. those are stocks that have a chance to hold their price value as people rotate from underred performing stocks to overperforming. >> you say rotate. you're not saying toggle. time some kind of correction that people might be coming. >> well, i think raising cash right now. if you have a lot of overvalued positions is a smart thing to do. never pays to buy really overvalued stocks. those are the ones that correct the biggest and cause you the largest loss. >> he has the trifecta of stocks. three names that all pay dividends. big lots. eastman chemical. h&r block. >> all of these have two things in coming. rising revenue. rising earnings. tougher to find. their pe ratios are not only less than the s&p 500. and big lots case the pe
3:54 pm
ratio is about 20% below the s&p average rate. >> i have it at 13. pe of 13. that's pretty inexpensive. >> right. so we have h&r block. and eastman chemical have relatively modest price to earnings multiples. their valuations look pretty good to us. so do the upside potentials. that doesn't mean they'll go down i if there is a market correction. just a lot less. >> good to see you, don. >> thank you. >> don of wbi investments. closing bell, four minutes away. what are the biggest movers on the big board, nicole? >> clearly we'll look at these retailers. our retail numbers show a cautious consumer. keeping that spending in check. macy's. ralph lauren. michael kors to the downside. macy's and michael kors came out with their numbers. they talked about currency headwinds. that's problematic. and michael kors, a new low. that's down 1.3%.
3:55 pm
polo down 3%. macy's a loss of 2.2%. liz. liz: target on ralph lauren. watch out for that. scott, let me get to you at the cme. what's the number one thing you're watching or doing ahead of the close? >> well, we're watching this ten-year yield. and the machinations of what it does and what it wants to do. horrible revision of the employment rate. retail sales. the consumer is two-thirds of the gdp. they're not coming to help us out here. we're not seeing the big price gain or the money in their wallets from the gas prices coming off. no good news out there. the ten-year is doing what it's doing right now. two and a quarter is a great time to snap it up. go sub two, sub 175 soon. >> nasdaq moving higher just minutes away again. the latest video from the ntsb. the amtrak that derailed in philadelphia was going in excess of
3:56 pm
100 miles per hour. more than twice the speed limit. we've got the latest on this tragedy. don't move a muscle. press conference coming up in an hour. stay tuned.
3:57 pm
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liz: a 5 times the dow crossed unchanged line. david: i was just going to say, probably a little over 55. we're basically right there. a flat line. you get big up swings,down swings and flattens out at 18,000. liz: we have a lot of news. let's go to nicole on floor of new york stock exchange. we're waiting on earnings from tech heavyweight cisco. >> john chambers last report as ceo. chuck robbins coming in later in july. we'll watch for this one.
4:00 pm
>> stock is lower. liz: dow would be much higher, as we go into the close. after the defeat of activist investor nelson peltz. [closing bell ringing]. david: one of our own stock-pickers on monday, suggested that u.s. concrete is a good pick. that is way up, about 7%. we want to give kudos to our stock-pickers. liz: you might today too. as bells ring on wall street, we look how stocks finished up. interesting to see how the dow tried very hard to punch into the green. couldn't quite make it. numbers are still settling. we're waiting on cisco for earnings. david: we have very latest on what is happening with the train accident. "after the bell" starts right now. liz: the latest numbers are


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