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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  May 19, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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comments as a judge gets ready to order the state department to speed up the release of her emails. not saving for retirement. retirees instead choosing to help the grandkids pay for college and winding up on the hook. even when they say it's not it is always about money. we have some breaking news right now. federal regulators are expected to reveal new information about the troubled takata airbags. dow jones reporting that 34 million cars will be recalled in the u.s. the japanese manufacturer is at center of deadly recall that causes airbags and shrapnel to explode. this triggered lawsuit government fines. blake berman standing by in washington with more on this one. blake? >> good afternoon to you, melissa. the department of transportation is expected to make the announcement. we're told 2:00 quite literally in upcoming minutes.
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dow jones is reporting that takata is agreeing to recalls across the united states on certain inflators which would raise the number to 34 million total here in the united states. six deaths have been linked to shrapnel from defective airbags made by the japanese company. dozens of more injuries are believed to have resulted as well. this affects vehicles built and assembled all over the world. there have been recalls of takata airbags in 10 different major vehicle brands including honda, bmw and ford to name a few. takata has been fined $14,000 a day by the federal highway traffic safety administration since late february, allegedly dumping documents on agency without legally required explanation what is in them. that announcement we said is expected here any moment. melissa? deirdre: how -- melissa: how do i know if my car is included? forgive for put youing on the spot. when i see a long list of cars here, how do i know? >> it is 10 different companies
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right? obviously all these companies put out different models year after year after year. there are websites that you can go to, government websites say type in your vin number. you just go to that, hey, is my vehicle on it? that is the simplest way melissa. because we're talking about some companies and they put out models year after year after year it is tough to just give you a list but that vin number, going online, it in is the easiest answer. melissa: that is perfect. exactly the advice i need to get the vin number. thank you so much. between light and shadow, science is and super cities and end of qe and first rate hike bank of america says investors are trapped in the "twilight zone." should hold more cash and gold. joined by judy miller of the manhattan institute. she is fox news contributor and the author of the book the story. we also have todd starnes of fox news radio. he is here along with lauren lyons cole, a contributor to the
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lauren, what do you think of this analysis? it is spooky. >> volatility, sure there will be volatility. we're still confused about oil. there is a lot going on. this is a time for investors to look at your portfolio if you're young, you got time ride it out. melissa: i don't know. this is bank of america. they're telling people to go into gold and cash. that is pretty serious advice, judy? >> i think it is and i think it will have the effect of scaring people into perhaps balancing their portfolio as lauren suggests but i think what worries me is the instability of the middle east and in europe. the all these factors that the united states doesn't control that are going to affect the market and certainly could. melissa: without question. they talk about cleansing drop in asset prices that can't be dismissed right now. that might be coming. other factors you talk about, judy and other factors that walmart came out on their earnings said that a lot of shoppers are keeping whatever
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cash they are saving when they fuel up the gas tank, they're hanging on to it. they're not investing it or spending it, they're hoarding it. >> absolutely. i'm with judy, who wrote an awesome book by the way. again i'm not quite sure this instills confidence. i'm not sure we need to stock up on potted meat in our armageddon bunksers. this gives people pause for concern. folks will play it safe and sock that money away. melissa: we're also watching three more big earnings movers. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with those. nicole? >> well we do have some movers. home depot has a been a leader in the dow jones industrial average today melissa. right now, to the upside. with that we saw home depot with better seas and profit. spring selling season. labor market improved. it was a harsh winter. people rushing to home depot. it pulled back but has been a leader in the dow jones industrial average. it has up arrows. then there is tj maxx. that one right now was a winner a short time ago.
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bargain hundreding shoppers price-conscious consumers move to tjx the parent of t.j. maxx and marshall's. clothes, home furnishes beings that is where they see strength. they raised full-year profit. urban outfitters down set of tine%. this was a total miss. lowest sales in seven quarters. -- is 7%. melissa: state department will not release emails from hillary clinton's private server until january 16th of 2016. a federal judge though rejects that plan. it is set to order a rolling release as they become available today. hillary clinton addressed the media for the first time in 28 days. here is what she said on that issue. >> i have said repeatedly i want those emails out. nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. i respect the state department. they have their process that they do for everybody not just for me. but anything that they might do
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to expedite that process i heartily support. melissa: all right. that statement is laughable. she is acting like it is the state department standing between her and everyone else finding these emails. what is most important about what happened today so there were five lawsuits. a federal judge is ordering in one of them that the emails be turned over. a federal judge ordering from the state department. hillary clinton is not involved in this. she can't stop it because she is not involved. the judge can go further and demand the server. >> right. melissa: that would be huge obviously. do you i think the server still exists? >> i think it probably does even though if i were the clinton campaign or the clinton foundation or any of the other people who have something at stake here i would do my best to deep-six that server. melissa: right. >> but look, this is a nightmare for her. drip drip, drip, story after story after story. probably the only thing worse is her releasing them all at once. melissa: yeah. >> the story after story coming from that bastion of right-wingism,
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"the new york times" of all places. >> right. >> look, is it just me, ladies anybody else tired of the bs? just go ahead tell us what you did. give us the emails and be done with it? people are getting sick and tired of this melissa. earlier today, our colleague ed henry was able to, to ask try to attempt to ask mrs. clinton a question and she just gave this snarky little answer in response. just ridiculous. stop it, stop it, stop it. melissa: yeah, lauren what do you think is the impression in larger world to respond to a question? when if she is asked to take questions from media, will she do interview, she said she will write it down and put it on her list and ponder it in that sarcastic tone, what do people think. >> thinks it is not as much of a priority as she saying it is. honestly a lot of people are saying what about our emails? if this can happen to politicians we should be careful what we're writing in our own
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emails. obviously sort of things we need to see what is in the emails. >> she lied. if "the new york times" story is accurate she lied. melissa: what "the new york times" story, talking about the fact she had been quoted saying, and her people were quoted saying she was only using one specific email. now it turns out due to a time stamp, that she had been using other emails as well. so they're not even necessarily going after the right ones. judy, what do you make of this? >> i'm saying this is a real problem for her. now her numbers among, the faithful, they are fine, if anything democrats are doubling down on support for hillary. but where she is losing support is that critical independent category of voter. they are falling away in droves because they have just had it. as todd said they don't know what to believe anymore but they don't believe her. melissa: we got it. we have to go to some breaking news right now. we'll listen live as u.s. regulators unveil a major announcement on that takata recall we've been about.
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let's listen. >> in the united states but up until now takata has refused to acknowledge that their airbags are defective. that changes today. today i announced that takata has agreed to declare that airbag inflators are defective. it is recalling these inflators and these recalls are nationwide. let me repeat that. takata has agreed to declare that their airbag deflators are defective. administrator rosekind will delve into details in a moment. for now i will say that these defect notifications greatly expand the scope of the recalls already underway. based on data from takata's defect filings, ty were ughldoue teumbe of afcted hicl inhe ited sttes t nrly 3 million. i want to say a word of thanks to administrator rosekind and
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the entire nhtsa team for the work they have done on this issue. takata agreed to enter into a consent order with nhtsa. it requires the company's full cooperation with the agency going forward. nhtsa is launching a legal process that w auto manufacturers whose vehicles are affected along with takata and other parts suppliers. that way they can organize this recall effort and get it done as quickly as and effectively as possible. nhtsa has also begun its own testing program which will make sure that the replacement airbag inflators are in fact safe. this is a monumental effort. melissa: that was transportation secretary anthony foxx. they're saying they're doubling the number of cars involved in this takata airbag recall to 34 million, saying that takata has agreed that their airbag
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inflators are defective. let's bring back in blake burman. this is huge. it is the largest auto recall ever. >> and i believe he called it there, a monumental effort, 34 million. basically takata saying yes, we have a faulty product here that the inflators are indeed bad and that this recall needs to take place going further. and needs to expand. takata says that they are defective. that recall has greatly expanded to 34 million and it is important to point out melissa, that is just here in the united states. this affects 10 different vehicle brands everything from lexus to gm, to honda. i believe you're seeing part of the list on your screen as of now. melissa: yeah. >> you asked me a little while ago, melissa, where do you go to find out if my car, your car is on this list? safe is the website. you put in the vin number. that will tell you there whether or not you need to take action. melissa: blake, thank you so much. safe i want to thank you for that.
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i want to bring in gary gastelu automotive editor at the implications of this are enormous. he made the point the transportation secretary that takata admitting that the airbags, deflators are defective. the liability will be huge. >> the big change here that yesterday we were told only these were defective if you lived in hot and humid areas. melissa: right. >> we found out that is not the case for millions and millions of cars here in the united states. that willing a bib change of implications moving forward. essentially people have been kept in the dark for months now. melissa: gary we're talking about 34 million cars. bruce, blake was telling to us go put the vin number into the website, safe what will that mean from a practical sense whether i figure out my car was impacted? then what? >> you have to sign up to get on a list to get that fixed. they will probably prioritize hot and humid areas first. they're having trouble building
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this. they are making half a million replacement kits by the month. maybe by end of the year doing 900,000 a month. could be several years here in the united states before they fix all the cars. there was 36 million cars worldwide. now over 50 million if you add these. melissa: gary very practical question, airbag they put in is it takata again? >> most of them are. some of them aren't. difficult for companies to reach out to new designers because of -- suppliers because of design but chances are it will be a another new takata airbag. melissa: gary, thank you very much. they are celebrating in the streets. we'll speak to general jack keane on why we should take this invasion more seriously. chris christie sounding very presidential. sounding off on what we need to see in our next leader coming up.
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melissa: the fall of ramadi is sparking new criticism of president obama's policies in the region, including withdrawal of all u.s. troops. here is general jack keane fox news military analyst. thanks for coming on the show. i want to ask you about reports we're reading that fighters took advantage of a sandstorm in order to launch this attack so the u.s. would not be able to respond from the air at least clearly see what was going on. do you think that was coincidence or do you think they're getting more sophisticated? >> no. i mean i think offensive attacks, you take advantage of environment as much as you can. we attacked at night largely you saw take place in syria without direct action forces. this is a operation going on for weeks. there have been supporting attacks and diversionary attacks. the main effort started on thursday. suddenly a sandstorm would come up and last for x-amount of time. they will take advantage of it. but there were 165 airstrikes
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that went against them. they were still able to bring ramadi down so it was not decisive. melissa: the president and the administration trying to down play the importance of this city and the fact that it has gone back and forth saying the tide is turning basically that we shouldn't be so concerned about this what is your response to that? >> well, listen, ramadi is of significance importance. it is symbolic. obviously the provincial capital of the largest province in iraq. it is sunni heartland. it is strategic, because, you frayed december river valley connects right into syria. that is why they're able to pour all these fighters in here because there is sanctuary right across the border, up further to the west of the river valley that leads into ramadi. so that entire euphrates river valley is very strategic to isis and they want to own it. also this is where the sunnis are and you're not going to be
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able to turn back isis without the willing cooperation of the sunnis and their willingness to commit. and now that the iraq government has demonstrated that they can not protect the sunni tribes and their women and their children, their commitment is certainly going to waver here in terms of where the future is. melissa: while i have you here you're somebody that directed 1.5 million soldiers and civilians in 120 countries. no one knows this better than you. what are we doing wrong? >> well fundamentally we don't have a regional strategy to deal with is sis as it expands into libya, yemen and egyptian sinai and afghanistan or pakistan, nor do we have a strategy to deal with iran's proxies in the region. it starts right there. the overall regional strategy is flawed. when you look at isis itself, what they're trying to do is defend and hold on to the caliphate we all saw them establish last year with their sudden and rapid movement into
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iraq. but we have no strategy to actually defeat them in syria. the only strategy we have in syria is to degrade them. there is no ground force. what that means is, their headquarters. melissa: their sank weary, the their ability to pour troops down the euphrates river valley as i pointed out or up further into mosul is unabated. they will do that despite air power because we have nobody on the ground to guide air power. the problem in iraq melissa the president is in pursuit of not enough. not enough advisor on the ground to do fighting. not enough trainers. not enough direct action missions we saw take place in syria. they should go on every night. melissa: okay. >> it is pretty significant in lack of resources and how insufficient it is. melissa: okay. general jack keane, thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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melissa: breaking news right now. the patriots are moving on and will accept the "deflate-gate" penalties from the nfl the team will pay a million dollar fine and lose two draft picks. owner robert kraft announcing the decision just moments ago. >> i know that a lot of patriot fans are going to be disappointed in that decision but i hope they trust my judgment and know that i really feel at this point in time that taking this off the agenda, this is the best thing for the new england patriots, our fans, and the nfl. melissa: quarterback tom brady is still expected to fight his eight-game suspension. free college tuition for all, that is the plan from democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders.
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the u.s. senator introduced legislation today that would get rid of tuition at four-year public colleges. this as we learn retirees are racking up significant debt from helping their kids and even their grandkids pay for college. new research shows that adults between the ages of 65 and 74 have nearly six times the amount of education now, than they did 25 years ago. here with me, is the founder of work creative and lauren lyons cole is back as well. jen, let me start with you. making college free would solve problem of retirees taking on debt. doesn't solve the real problem but people are going to college and not getting a return on that investment. >> right. whether it is an investment in money or an investment in time you spend four years going through all the courses that you need to take. then you end it and you're not relevant. i think that is what is really continuously happens. i feel like i'm anti-college on your program. but it is like companies are
2:26 pm
hiring people who can jump right in dig in and solve problems and be able to make an impact. if you spend four years before you can get to something, chances are what you learned two years ago is no longer relevant. melissa: yeah. >> so time is important. melissa: lauren, as a financial planner it has to break your heart to hear about these grandparents going deeply into debt in order to put their kids their grandkids through college. and then what does that do to their own retirement savings, their own plans? >> it is really hard. i think a lot of american ares struggling with this at the end of the day debt can be paid down. i've seen a lot of people successfully create a plan. it doesn't have to be endless thing that goes on indefinitely. no matter how big it is you can create a strategy to really focus on it. especially if you're in retirement. i see that would be hard but maybe empowering as well. melissa: the idea of making college free as a solution i don't know that solves it no matter how you slice it.
2:27 pm
look at free education in america, whether you're talking about public schools, so many public schools failing? if it is free it isn't necessarily that great. >> right. you're absolutely right, melissa. i think the thing is we have to go back to thing. i was just talking to my makeup artist, going back to school for speech pathology. i have to go through four years i get to the two years before the other two years to the masters. it is eight years before she will join that particular industry. so making it free isn't necessarily mean there will be a job on the other end for them to take advantage of. now they spent time doing that. that is why entrepreneurialism has really risen over the last five to six years. melissa: no, that is a great point, as the bad news piles up for the class of 2015. the underemployment rate for recent grads, you mentioned this remains historically high. nearly half of them are working in jobs that typically don't require a college degree. according to new findings from the federal reserve bank of
2:28 pm
morning new york. jen do you see that a lot in your job? they had a degree. paid for it, totally unrelated what they were doing. basically what was the point of that? >> right, exactly. that is exactly what we're seeing. we're seeing a lot of parents not necessarily encouraging kids to go to school before. where it used to be a badge of honor. like all right if i invest money in you, invest in you starting your own business. real estate is starting to pick up again. people made a lot of money. if they invest it properly with good financial advisor they set themselves up for great success moving forward. melissa: i always tell people, i bet you would agree with this look at cost of college and really assess what does it cost a year? can i afford it? is this school the right choice? what job will i get afterwards? will i be a able to pay this loan back? it's a math decision right? >> college is investment. tough know what the return for the investment. you can't shell out thousands of
2:29 pm
thousands of dollars not with a clear path earning that back. studies show college graduates have higher earning potential over lifetime. college can be a good investment. you have to be smart about it. melissa: thanks to both of you. exciting news to share with you. i will move to a brand new time and new show. you can catch me on "after the bell" with the always brilliant david asman. this starts the first of june 4:00 p.m. eastern. please come join me. you don't want to miss it. we'll have fun i promise. so nice, she needed it twice. a second private email address for hillary clinton but i'm sure it was only used for yoga schedules and family vacations, nothing else. plus we'll need a bigger boat. multiple shark sightings heading into memorial day weekend? yikes! "piles of money." shark fans coming up.
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♪ melissa: want to recap the top
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story of the hour. recalling the amount of cars. the largest ever auto recall in u.s. history. even bigger than the 1982 recall of 31 bottles of tylenol. the airbags have link to at least eight have in more than 100 injuries. a long list of automakers involved in this recall. you can see if your vehicle is on the recall list by going to save cards out gov. hillery clinton speaking to members of the media for the first time in eight days. the clintons income makes her a relatable to the american
2:34 pm
people. >> obviously bill and i have been very blessed. very grateful for the opportunities that we have had. we never forget where we came from. i am running a campaign that is very clearly stating we want to reshuffle that that. melissa: let's bring in our panel. a fox news contributor a democratic strategist, judy miller back as well. trying to get out there. every day drip, drip, drip. >> i think it is how you articulate the message. today, she did better than she has in the past. it does not mean that she cannot be an advocate for those that are not in this position. melissa: the problem is when
2:35 pm
bill comes out and he says -- he sort of undermines that. i am still with you at the trenches working. no you are not. you have your own jet. >> somehow she can be a champion of the average everyday americans and middle class. that is because she herself is particularly wealthy. they have been out for so long. crony capitalism is something that she will have to answer to as well. she has a lot of rich friends. for her to suggest that she could be a populist undermines the clinton presidency in general. melissa: you mean voters.
2:36 pm
>> yes. >> allocations love crony capitalism. >> 40% now identifies it self as independent. that is where she is vulnerable. she is trying to explain how she can possibly go from being dirt poor to filthy rich. melissa: she acts like she will rail against the system. dirt poor to fabulously wealthy. she now says that she will dismantle the system. >> i totally understand the point. you cannot change the system from outside of it. you cannot win without it. that is part of the issue.
2:37 pm
>> she is not saying that. her foundation is perfectly clean. >> this also happens to be why she does not have the complete confidence of real progressives in the democratic party. at the end of the day she is like her husband not president obama. melissa: another e-mail address for hillary clinton while serving as secretary of state. all of this is dripping out. the "new york times" is varying her. here is his other e-mail account where she is having a conversation about something related to the secretary of state. very hard to explain it as anything other than a lie. >> she's actually set the reason i have my own server is because
2:38 pm
i wanted to operate under only one account. her attorney seems to have lied in a sworn statement. we now know that it was while she was secretary of state. the fact that she is engaging in these conversations and a covert way, i think that that is very problematic. melissa: is it a good strategy to avoid the media as much as she has. >> i think that it makes it worse. there are some things that are incredibly private and sensitive i think that she can do a much better job of putting herself out there. i think that she is captivating. she has a great plan for the
2:39 pm
country. >> kristi was sounding off and revealing his preference for the next united states president. >> i really believe that the next president of the united states needs to be a governor. i do not think that it works well. melissa: i wonder who he is thinking about when he says that. >> i do not know. maybe i'll now lay. i think that he did amazingly well in this interview. he was articulate. he held his own. the problem is, is the bridge gate conspiracy, the trial will that -- i do not see him as a front tier candidate. melissa: so much incredibly smaller. it is still hobbling. >> it is in the respect that
2:40 pm
even if they are is no evidence, it could incriminate the governor directly. it ruins the image people have for him. this is a "new york times" story. this is not some conspiracy. >> thank you to all three of you. finding it difficult to control his temper these days. find out what he adjusted at a turtle farm. how one promises to help. one lawn at a time. this is pretty cool. at the end of the day it is all about money and water. ♪
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you can help the aclj stop the senseless and evil persecution. call the number on your screen or go to ♪ melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. the world energy companies are cutting projects worth up to $100 billion. that is according to research by the financial firm. bp shell and conoco phillips have all had to curtail spending to two oil prices. uber demanding more money from its drivers. some new drivers have been asked to pay a lot more than the usual 20% then it takes from others. they want to see how much they can charge without scaring away new sign-up.
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melissa: from new york, every corner of the globe money is flying now over the world.
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starting in iran. detained for 10 months. accused of spying. he will stand trial in a so-called revolutionary court. over to venezuela where several officialsre suspected of trying to turn a country into a global cocaine hub. members are building a case against him venezuela in theaters. including the president of the convent. washington has evidence that shows that venezuela is allowing drug trafficking. landing in north korea where uber went into a wild rant at a turtle farm. the leader turned on workers during a walkabout saying that they were incompetent and out dated. saying they need to get with the times and start breeding freshwater lobsters instead.
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where water is like gold. californians may want to consider using wi-fi to water their lawns. promising to cut water use by 30% and make grass more water resistant. chris klein is the cofounder behind the device. tell me how it works. >> sure. it connects to homeowners wi-fi. once it is connected we watch the weather. look for rain in the forecast. we decide if we can skip the homeowners schedule. more in july then you may need in april. you can adjust to the months. up and down we save the homeowners significant water. >> it makes sense. i grew up in southern california.
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flood your grass at a time when people are trying to conserve water. you think people can save up to 30%? what would that save me and dollars, roughly for the average person. >> i think it determines where you are and what municipality you are part of. once you start to get outdoors, your water gets more expensive. it also depends on the size of your lawn. some customers can save $100 a month, some can save $15 in a month. it really just depends on where you are. melissa: it really is just hurting% of your bill. it makes a lot of sense. you have competitors out there. what makes yours different? >> i think that it all depends on what the customer really wants. some people may prefer back. we prefer to keep all of our
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france for a brand-new stadium for san diego chargers. desperate to keep the team. getting a lot more love than usual. the show finale for madmen had over 3 million viewers. still, it was nowhere near the ratings we have seen for finales of other shows. the sopranos drew nearly 4 million viewers. an exciting show airing tomorrow night. special edition of "the willis report." some serious issues. faa. regulating our planes and airports. how some workers may have even cheated on tests to get their jobs. not exactly what you want to hear when you are about to fly out on your summer vacation. 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow.
2:53 pm
trouble in the skies. heading into the last hour of trading, let's check in with liz claman. liz: to new record closes between spitting distance. we are watching the market for you tick by tick. the airbag recall. where to find the numerical key on your car. whether you need to get your car to the dealer or not. soccer punched by guys in suits. the lawyers are serving class action lawsuits. we have one of the lawyers that is filing a suit against patio. what he says he wants for his clients. right here on fox business. melissa: a couple scrapping it tv plans. the technologies giant is moving
2:54 pm
away from building a tv itself. instead, focusing on other services. karl icahn does not jive with that. more money more apple after the break. ♪
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melissa: now for something we just had to show you. have you seen this? a massive shark spotted off the coast of massachusetts just before memorial day weekend. the 25-foot basking shark swimming just 200 yards offshore. don't be too alarmed. basking sharks are gentle giants. that makes me feel better. they're usually friendly to humans. other sharks could be lurking nearby, though. with at least two other sightings in the past week. all right carl icahn just won't take no for an answer, apple's biggest shareholder penning an open letter to to ceo tim cook about apple entering the tv space. the "the wall street journal" reported the tech giant had already shelfed the idea. jo ling kent has more. what does this mean for
2:58 pm
shareholders? >> this means there's a bullishness from carl icahn in that letter he wrote might not necessarily hold. he really thinks the stock should bvalued at $240 a share and the idea here is "the wall street journal" reporting that the tv set is not going to happen. but keep in mind they're actually, apple is in the tv business already and they're doing pretty well -- melissa: i have apple tv at home. >> you're familiar with exactly. also they're expected to unveil in june perhaps at the worldwide developers conference a new bundle of television channels that stream on the ipad and iphone. melissa: yeah. >> that really is where the money -- melissa: i mean, to be clear, he wants them to make a device, an actual television with all of the gear inside of it as opposed to the little box. >> exactly. he told -- melissa: why wouldn't they a want to do that? >> it may just be a moment where tv may not be the right thing to invest in, that integrated tv set, because it's very expensive to make, the margin ises are very low, you're competing against all these companies that
2:59 pm
are just killing it in that space. maybe this is not the right time. remember how long it took for apple to get into the watch, all of these companies were in the game, samsung had the gear fit and apple comes along and says okay, here's our plan. melissa: yeah. >> so that timing could definitely be similar for the tv. melissa: when you look at the way they revolutionized the phone, the ipad, maybe carl icahn just wants his own personal apple tv. like they could make him one and maybe solve problem. >> maybe they can make that happen over one of their lunches. melissa: absolutely. they are smart about not getting into the space and still knowing they can own it. >> yeah. they're really being silent on the issue, so i expect to see more in the way of television type products but not the physical tv itself come this summer from apple. melissa: all right. jo ling kent, thank you so much. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: that is all we have for now. we have a big final hour of trading right now. the dow and the s&p closing in on all-time highs right now. the dow is up 26 points.
3:00 pm
who better to take you through the last hour of trading than liz claman? "countdown" with liz starts right now. liz: and look at the s&p just a fraction to the upside, that's a record. we neat to see if it'll -- need to see if it'll close there. millions of people are rushing to their cars right now to check the vin, the vehicle id number, to find out whether they'll be swept up into what is the largest car recall ever. >> up until now, takata has refused to acknowledge that their airbags are defect i. defective. that changes today. liz: yes, it does. as the takata airback recall grows to 34 million vehicles, we are going to tell you whether your car has one of the potentially defective airbags and what you need to do about it. manny pacquiao's latest opponents can be vicious. someone who wants a piece of pacquiao one of the lawyers


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