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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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of business. liz: robert gray, thank you very much. david: by the way, etsy which reported disappointing earnings is down 14%. liz that is the first publicly-traded earnings report. that is a loss. "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello everyone, i'm gerri willis and this is "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business. tonight, it is the biggest consumer products recall in history. over 30 million cars recalled because of defective and potentially deadly airbags. also a new warning about the health of the u.s. economy. a major american bank says cash and gold are king. and bureaucrats in switzerland get their way over u.s. consumers. do you want your meat to come from mexico or ranchers in the u.s.? now, you will never know. "the willis report" starts right now. gerri: a major admission tonight from the airbag supplier,
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takata. up until today, for 12 months the japanese manufacturer refused to acknowledge that their airbag deflators are defective. expanding the number of recalls to a historic 34 million. those airbags are blamed for at least six deaths and over 100 injuries. with us bob hilliard, the most prominent attorney in the country representing gm victims and at that cat at that victims and former nhtsa administrator joan claybrook. welcome to you both. joan i will start with you. you have called for takata to issue widespread recall, for nhtsa to get involved. it has now happened. what is your reaction. >> we finally have cop on the beat at national highway safety administration to recall these cars because they're dangerous for consumers. takata tried richly to say they had only do recall where there was high humidity.
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cars are driven all over the country. that to me was ridiculous. and it also refused to acknowledge it actually had a defect. this has been going on for eight or 10 years now people have known some people have known there are problems with these airbags. gerri: eight or 10 years. bob hilliard to you. you're representing at least 13 victims. what is your reaction tonight? >> hi, gerry. good to see you. seems like it's a broken record shared among all of the car industry companies because takata actually knew in '08 that their airbags were blowing up. when they would blow up the shrapnel would hit the driver. in fact the first police officer that investigated one of the first accidents thought it was a homicide, that the person driving had been murdered because of the severity of her throat being severed. gerri: it is you have a full. >> now it takes -- yeah, takes seven years for them to finally admit that the defect has existed for that long. and you know i agree with joan
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in that, you know, mr. fox is finally, on the case and it is going to help but just too little too late. gerri: head of the transportation department. i want to show exactly what we are talking about because not everybody knows or understands about this airbag. this is an actual takata airbag. it would be in your car like this. it would expand like this when you're in trouble. let me show you the other side though, that is the money shot. these are the wires that go in and tell the airbag to deflate. what happens is, they go into this heavy deflator, super heavy. there is gas in there ammonium nitrate that would expand. instead of simply expanding, off gassing into this little bag here, what happened the whole thing exploded and the shards would go throughout the interior cabin, injuring people. just like bob hilliard said. people looked like they were through something horrific when all said and done. six deaths, over 100 people
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injured as we mentioned. joan, to you, my concern tonight for people out there thinking do i have one of these airbags in my car? what is your advice to them? >> well this is a huge problem because there has never been a complete list i've seen made available to the public. a lot of these vehicles are in the 05 to 2011 makes and models. maybe bob knows more specifically but that is about when they were. and so, people own these cars. they don't know if they have a defective airbag. they're primarily honda, nissan and toyota vehicles. i think some bmws. i think maybe some general motors vehicles. so -- gerri: we're looking at honda toyota, nissan, mazda, mitsubishi. we can show you that list. >> okay. gerri: they say they have a come list at safer car dot-gov. i'm not sure that is actually true. what you need as consumer get the vin number vehicle identification number, as most folks know it is in the doorjamb
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of your drivers side on the car or on the windshield at base of it get the 17-digit car number. go to put it in and find out whether your car has been recalled. also, bob, don't people need to call their car dealership here? be. >> i mean the answer to your first question to joan is, does my car have one, you should just assume the answer is yes. gerri: anybody? >> everybody needs to call and just confirm whether they do or not. gerri: wow. >> gerri, because the consequence, if you bump the car in front of you, the explosion is like an ied. it is so massive that the metal that holds the bag in place fragments, and shoots out at hundreds of miles-an-hour. you're simply two or three feet away from it. you also mentioned there are six confirmed deaths. i'll tell you what you remember when you were reported there were 13 deaths for
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general motors. as time went by, we saw more of the truth of the victims in general motors. we're going to see that, because when you look at amount of recalls and look at the fact that many victims will not survive being hit by shrapnel four feet away going that fast, that number will go way up real fast. gerri: there is another problem, an immediate consumer problem in my view which is this, and we saw this with the gm ignition switch problem, you can't make the parts fast enough to satisfy the demand. and a lot of people, it is my guess, i talked to a dealership today who said, well, we're not really going to have the parts until july and august, you want to come in, get in to start the line for getting a new airbag? here is what the national automobile dealers association told fox business. they say, we urge every car owner who receives an recall notice from an automaker, to have the vehicle fixed at no charge.
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we rely on manufacturers to replace the parts for the recall. once they are in stock customers can schedule recall repairs as quickly as possible. reality joan, how long will it take to produce all the airbags? >> it will take several years at least. i know honda went to separate airbag supplier to get the replacement airbags supplier. the airbag should be tested by nhtsa to make sure it's a safe airbag, that it is redesigned that it is safe. i don't think nhtsa did that. this whole thing will be number of years. it is really unfortunate because people are vulnerable, terribly vulnerable as bob hilliard said. you don't want to unhook the airbag disconnect it, because you may need it in a crash but you don't want it if i don't have it may kill you. this is hobson's choice.
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i hope airbag manufacturer takata finds other suppliers to help them get the airbags manufactured really quickly. gerri: big consumer problem. joan, bob, thanks for coming on the show tonight. really appreciate your time. >> certainly. thank you. >> good seeing you, gerri. gerri: good to see you. and investors let's talk about the economy. let's broaden out a little bit here. investors in the "twilight zone" occurring to the bank of america. they predict "flash crashes" and mediocre returns before the fed decides to raise rates. once more the bank is slashing gdp growth forecasts again in the second quarter. we have analysis from moody's chief economist john lonski. welcome back to the show. i want to read you something from the bank of america report, speak about consumers consumers missing in action. they say the consumer would be the bright spot this year given tailwinds of lower gas prices, job growth continued wealth gains, improving sentiment. we have not seen that strength
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materialize. do you agree with that analysis? >> it is true. that is largely because middle-class americans are still struggling to get back to where they were in four four. let's not -- 2004. real incomes have declined for the middle class since 2004. we have more wealth but all the wealth has been skewed towards upper income wealthier americans. gerri: you know i've seen interviews with folks about what they're doing with the gas dividend, right? they're paying existing bills. they're paying cost of living because their costs are going up. and their income is not. >> they're not even saving the money. that is troubling, you think of that. a lot of people are renting, they don't own homes anymore. rents have been going higher. there is a good chance that the savings from lower gasoline prices went to pay the rent. gerri: all right. so the other interesting thing i thought out of this bank of america story actually was that they say we're sort of trapped in "the twilight zone." they say "the twilight zone" is fact that the fed promised to
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raise rates but haven't done it yet. the transition period between the end of qe, quantitative easing and first rate hike by the fed until then, the investment backdrop likely continues to be cursed by mediocre returns, volatile trading rotation, correlation breakdowns and "flash crashes." thanks a lot, bank of america, for that. >> they're telling you just to sit still. it's a recommendation to hold, not to go ahead and buy at this point in time because when that first rate hike approaches most likely you're going to have quite a selloff with equities. you will have a jump by treasury bond yields. again both of those worsening in those particular financial markets will be short-lived. they will still be painful. gerri: i want to talk about housing for a second. building permits jumping in april, up 10%. everybody thinks the housing market will be the bright spot. you disagree. why? >> i disagree for the simple fact that these numbers look great compared to the winter of 2015.
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but, when we look at this long run, what we find is that single-family housing starts are still like 30 to 40% under where they stood five years ending 1999. gerri: say that defend.y're about 30 to 40% less than what the average from 1995 to 1999. that is prior to the housing bubble. if i go to the bubble years they're down 50%. simply not the same. the housing market is not what it formally was. perhaps will not be anytime soon. gerri: my favorite economist john lonski. thanks for coming on the show. good to see you. >> thank you. gerri: still more to come this hour including a ruling by the wto saying we don't have the right to know where our meat comes from. hmmm. and next, hillary clinton speaking out about the email scandal plaguing her campaign. >> i want emails out with all of you. gerri: sure, she does. now the court is telling the state department what to do. our political panel weighs in next. ♪
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gerri: finally finally, hillary clinton breaks her silence. after nearly a month of avoiding the media questions about her e-mails, do i nations and all the other controversies surrounding her and bill, hillary finally took questions. with more, chris stirewalt digital politics he had for for fox news and patrick brennan of "national review." patrick, start with you. and my favorite sound of the day. this is hillary talking about the emails. here she is. >> i have said repeatedly i want those emails out. nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. i respect the state department. they have the process they do for everybody, not just for me but anything they might do to expedite that process i heartily support. gerri: so, trick she wants
5:16 pm
those emails out really? didn't she have a chance some time ago to put absolutely everything out? >> yes. right now the process they're going through the state department is reviewing all the emails. perhaps this would have been expedited if hillary clinton wouldn't have kept emails at a server in her house at chappaqua in the first place. gerri: she was perfectly capable of making them all public if she wanted to. chris stirewalt there were other interesting comments from the contender for the white house. listen to this. >> bill and i have been blessed and, we're very grateful for the opportunities that we had but we have never forgotten where we came problem. i think most americans understand that the deck is stacked for those at the stop and i am running a campaign that is very clearly stating we want to reshuffle that deck. gerri: what does that mean, reshuffling the deck, the deck is stacked? >> well gerri appropriating the rhetoric of elizabeth warren and others whose favor she is hoping to win so she doesn't have to have a primary.
5:17 pm
she is close. we should remember she is only eight or 10 weeks away from being able to call this zone up and moving on to the general election without having to spend any serious money or doing anything else. she appropriates that language. as a matter of fact she was talking about financial regulations for community banks. saying that they need to get the red tape off their backs. i assume elizabeth warren pretty much has veto commentary over any commentses that hillary clinton making over banks. gerri: sound like she says people are cheating they cheat to get the money. wealthy don't get it the right way, they do it the wrong way. >> they don't get it right way like giving speeches for russian oligarchs or get it right way by dropping into kazakhstan and putting together deals on uranium. look the clintons, when it comes to money, talking about money, it will be more awkward for them almost or maybe more than mitt romney. they can't do it, because
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remember this bill clinton recently told nbc news the reason he would keep giving speeches that created all these ethical woes that he had bills to pay. we found out the bills must be pretty big because they hauled in $30 million in less than 18 months in the, last year. they got a big problem on that front. gerri: well and you mentioned the paid speeches i just want to show folks, clinton paid speeches this is hillary's paid speeches weeks before she announced. look at tech companies she spoke to and amounts she got. patrick, to you what do you make of that? >> well, the sheer amount involved here is i think shocking, is shocking to a lot of americans. understand bringing former secretary of state, former first lady, looks nice for the company. when you get paid hundreds of thousand of dollars, the average payment over the last year or so, appears to be quarter of a million dollars. when you're paying that much, suggests that you bring them in to develop a relationship in hopes that she will be in office in the future. gerri: chris, i want to turn to
5:19 pm
the flap over george stephanopoulous. because i'm endlessly fascinated by this. abc, who pays george 105 million, defending him, surprise surprise. what do you think should happen here, and why is it that the fact that stephanopoulous has, you know an ongoing special relationship with the clinton foundation, speaking at the clinton initiative events serving as a co-host, all of this has not really been covered or described in the media? >> well look, i don't know what should happen to george stephanopoulos because i don't know what kind of operation abc is running or wants to run. i think you and i both know what would happen here. i think you and i both know perfectly well that it would be a quick trip out to the street for anybody who was caught with connections to, not disclosing fully those connections. something amiss, either abc knew and is complicit or
5:20 pm
stephanopoulous didn't disclose to them or something. but something's amiss here and depth of those connections, let's face it, for abc hiring stephanopoulous was a mistake. for a long time it wasn't a mistake because they got away with it. like anything else, speeding in a car or taking any other risk, sooner or later it's over and you don't get much advance warning when it is over and for them it is over. gerri: he is really regarded in washington and liked very much. the fact it took him so long to say maybe i shouldn't have given money in the first place, makes you wonder, sit back and think, does he understand the kind of conflict other people see here. chris what do you see? >> i think it is different than that. i think four people, media aheat -- elite doesn't care and doesn't really matter. back scratching and elbow rubbing all the stuff that foes on in which people who occupy this narrow caste, they don't think it's a big deal. it is all the same people they
5:21 pm
see all the time so it must be okay. but when something like this pops and broader audience says you used to work for them, you give money to their charity you can't be impartial talking about them. it is like duh. gerri: chris patrick, thanks for coming on. great to see both of. >> you you bet. gerri: later in the show a special reports unveils how the faa could be putting flyers at risk. victory for the meat industry but not good news for consumers. wto rules we don't have to know where our food comes from. are you kidding? the fight over labeling next. ♪
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from you're out of luck. the world trade organization ruled against labels indicating where animals were born, raised or slaughtered. your beef is from china you will never know. with more on this the director of the food policy institute, at consumer federation of america, chris wall drop. thanks for coming on the show. >> sure. gerri: you share my outrage having this organization not even in this country telling us that we can't know where our beef comes from where our pork comes from, where our poultry comes from. how do you react? >> yeah. it is absolutely ridiculous. this is information that consumers want to know. they want to know more information about their food and not less. to deny consumers this information when we can get information about where our electronics are made, where our clothes are made but not the food we put in our mouth it is ridiculous. gerri: so apparently this is holding back canada and mexico in some way. that is what the wto says i can't even fathom what that is supposed to mean.
5:26 pm
what are they saying? >> so canada and mexico have claimed that this one labeling regulation that just tells consumer where their meat comes from resulted in a decrease in the imports of cattle from those countries. now we all know the world is much more complicated place than that and there is a lot of things going on past couple years. there was economic recession for example, that could have an impact. they claim it was the regulation. they took the case to the wto, and wto founded in their favor unfortunately. gerri: i would like to know if products i'm buying from the u.s. i'm more likely, more likely to buy it and yet, even the cattleman's association says they don't want these rules. why? >> well, you know, one of the reasons is because the major meat companies like to import cheaper cattle from mexico or from canada and incorporate it into your ground beef, into your cuts of steak. and then, charge consumers u.s. prices. so there is money involved here
5:27 pm
and they don't want consumers to know where their meat is coming from. but consumers do want that information just like you said. gerri: i went on their website to find out exactly what the national cattleman's beef association was saying. they say people don't care. that consumers don't use this cool information in their purchasing decision, the labeling. despite implementation costs in excess of a billion for beef alones the same reviews found little or no economic benefit. they say people, there is no evidence they really want to know where their produce comes from. do you agree? >> i'm not sure where they're getting information. we've done polling, a number of other different groups have done polling over different years, show very high rates of consumer interest in these labels, wanting to know where their meat and poultry products come from. if you look at trends overtime, consumers want more and more information about everything, about nutrition, about safety about origin. this is one of those pieces of information that gives consumers
5:28 pm
information when they're in the supermarket. gerri: if they don't start labeling chicken coming from china i think there is going to be a drown swell of consumers charging the fda -- groundswell. we need that information, to make the right choices when we're in the supermarket about where our food comes from. chris, thanks for coming on the show tonight. so good to see you. >> thanks so much, you too. gerri: now we want to know what you think. here is our question tonight. should all food have country of origin labeling? log on to and vote. i will show the results at the end of tonight's show. we give you a sneak-peek of a special "willis report" airing tomorrow. you will want to see that. more evidence environmental its are to blame for the extreme drought from california. we'll have a live report from the golden state after the break. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the willis report." gerri: is the california drought man-made to texas police say that the weekend shootout between rival motorcycle games started and a parking dispute and someone running over eight getting members of. the police say an uninvited group may have appeared as well. nine bikers were killed and 18 injured, seven remain in the hospital. and railroad unions urging amtrak to put a second engineer in training following last week's deadly derailment. the conductor was alone on the train amtrak 188 and was alone when the train crashed. and the owner of the new england patriot says that he will not appeal the penalty handed down over deflategate. the league already suspended tom brady for four games but he is
5:33 pm
appealing. and colonel sanders is back. can't see bringing back there'll hamman. the real colonel died nearly 35 years ago and has not been seen in commercials for 25 years and those are some of the stories in the news tonight. and california. and the worst drought in history some people are saying that environmentalists contributed to the drought due to their opposition in their support of the endangered species act. robert explains why this happened and the pressure being put on farmers. >> hello, that is right. unprecedented pressure on farmers in this region, getting zero water from the government for the second straight year. extreme measures here during a historic drought, we are pleased to be joined by jim thank you
5:34 pm
for having us here. >> it is our pleasure, thank you for visiting us today. >> he went all the way to the supreme court, basically alleging the government was choosing winners and losers. we want to know exactly where to be environmentalists and government officials come in as far as the blame for not handling this drought better way max. >> it's been very difficult. we were going to court in the endangered species act and its really cause a lot of havoc for us. and obviously we are probably looking to 16 being the same and it's partially due to this act. >> lipstick a little bit of a will care. >> let's take a look. 2% of the world water.
5:35 pm
you have had to plow some of your fields more than you want and the cause of water prices is 10 or 20 times more than before way max. >> yes, we are paying up to $1200 per foot 45 years ago we were paying between he and many $5. it is significant and we don't have enough water to keep the trees growing. >> short of getting some relief from the government, what are you guys doing? you are a man of action here. >> i am the second generation here the third generation is working with me. that is my son, i hope to keep this going. we are being proactive, we have a program that we are trying to get going where we take recycled water from the city's close by
5:36 pm
and the farmers will be paying about $100 million to put a pipeline in. >> and all of your own money? >> yes. >> we are very optimistic that we might be able to get this going in the next year. >> thank you jim, so much we will give you an update. back to gerri willis. gerri: thank you, robert. moving on now, it's going to be the busiest summer ever for air travel in this country. 200 million of us taking to the air. nearly 90,000 flights crisscross the united states and its up to air traffic controllers to get us all to our destination safely. you think the federal government would want the best and most qualified people in the control towers but a fox business special investigation reveals that that is not the case. adam shapiro is here with an exclusive investigation. >> we wanted to let you know that that will be broadcast here on "the willis report." he gets to the heart of the
5:37 pm
$1.5 trillion situation. that is what this means for this country picked and there are others that are training for this now. >> for many, thousands of dollars of student loan debt graduates had to start all over. everything they have worked for was deemed irrelevant. not only was preferential consideration for their degrees discarded, and the crucial aptitude test would no longer be a primary requirement. and the faa introduced a biographical questionnaire and in february 2014, thousands took this new test. let me read some of the questions from that test. what has been a major cause of your failures? a question that everyone seems to love his question number 21.
5:38 pm
>> these are multiple choice questions. >> how does this relate to the jobs? how does this determine what is going to make a successful candidate. >> i thought that it was easy. i was like sure i can answer this. >> i got an e-mail saying that i was not qualified. >> did anyone else get that e-mail? >> these and thousands of other well-qualified graduates were deemed ineligible. >> it's just kind of crushed, what am i supposed to do. >> to work so hard for something and for someone to say that this is not legible due to a personality. >> i don't understand how they were not able to proceed.
5:39 pm
>> that is a taste of what we have in store think of it this way when you fly. the key question now how many sports did you play in high school? do you feel good about that? make sure that you watch us at 5:00 p.m. right here on "the willis report." not only do we have explanations from the faa on why they have thrown out the old cognitive exam but we also have uncovered what appears to be cheating on a test so that people can get jobs. it's very mind-boggling. >> mind boggling, and a great job, terrific reporting. we thank you and we are pleased to be talking about that tomorrow. we look forward to it. an in-depth look when we come back of the dangers of rural hospitals. and the supreme court weighing in on your 401k. what the justices have decided and how it will impact your retirement. but first here is your consumer gauge with the numbers that mean the most to you. ♪
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gerri: siding with 401k investors. the supreme court ruling that things are getting better. her to break it down is zapped. it's always so good to have you on the show. i have to tell you i'm sort of shop that we get some assistance from the supreme court. you are on the hook, you have to make sure that those fees are not too high. tell us why the supreme court was involved. >> this was not very surprising in its result, although there are aspects that are interesting. we have a nine to zero ruling. unanimous ruling, the first time you and i ever did this greenport case everyone actually agreed on the supreme court and that is a very rare
5:44 pm
event. the supreme court has really changed the old rule. the old rule was that if they set up an autopilot or a 401k basically they are just chipping away at the savings and employees really couldn't do anything about it. now we have this ruling that really changes this, including the right to go beyond for current and former employees another is a huge wake-up in changes. >> people think this is just a fee. but take a look at these numbers, it would cost a retirement fund 30,000 dollars more in over 20 years. so you're paying real dollars for these views. and i take a look at this, and i think that this sounds good but i worry about the consequences here. are these companies who offer these plans basically
5:45 pm
outsourcing them, are they going to do something stupid or silly that is actually going to end up hurting my 401k because of the supreme court ruling? >> there is always the possibility of collateral consequences, companies could impose a administrative fees. but in the long run i think that the risk of that is fairly low. after all as the successful parties pointed out it doesn't take much time to go out and test what is competitive. do we have to spend all of these additional fees on these plans. and especially when we get away from the retail pricing. >> that is for sure. gerri: thank you for coming on the show. we appreciate it. growing health care concerns in our nation's smaller hospitals according to linux guest.
5:46 pm
the risk and complications and even death for patients at less frequented hospitals. here we have the senior writer for u.s. news and world report. we are talking about low-volume hospitals. is that the same thing as small hospitals? >> that has to do with the number of procedures that a hospital handles and the number of cases that they treat. we are talking about conditions like heart failure are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. and i live in washington dc. chances are you have heard of this and that is what we are getting from hospitals. >> i want to show you real life examples. for example with the issue of
5:47 pm
congestive heart failure, patients are 20% more likely to die in low-volume hospitals. numbers are shocking. hip replacements, 50% more likely to die in volume hospitals. the replacements, everybody gets it at some point. >> wire the numbers of dramatic. >> the risk for individual patients is smaller and they do these procedures. one of the things that shocked us was how many hospitals are out there and there are thousands. and they do procedures procedures in small numbers. there are tens of thousands of patients who have these small patient procedures.
5:48 pm
and they did a calculation based on the analysis and we looked up i procedures over three years. >> if i could just say that they have 11,000 deaths that could have been averted over those three years people who have gone to the lower volume hospitals. >> quickly i want to get to this actionable advice. there are procedures geriatric one cancer, joint replacement, those are the things that if you go to one of these hospitals where they don't do these procedures very often, you are more likely to have problems. at the end of the day the advice must be you have to ask the questions. >> you want to ask about the
5:49 pm
number of procedures. >> that's a fascinating study. >> still to come a big day for good housekeeping. the editor in chief joins me to discuss her latest adventure. ♪ ♪
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5:53 pm
approval cooking tips and party planning ideas. cursed is launching the all new "good housekeeping" tv, it's an on-demand video channel and joining me now is james francisco. it's great to have you on the show. so your magazine is like 130 years old, but here you are doing something hit and very hip. >> it is about expressing yourself doing things that maybe our mothers and grandmothers learn from their mothers and grandmothers. so we have truly seen this return and this romance with domesticity. people wanting to learn how to do it. and so this is a place where you can go and you can get inspired about great ideas genius ideas and then how to do it. >> i am watching all of this.
5:54 pm
how do i find this thing? >> good house >> go to good housekeeping tv. >> is this a hot new trend? >> yes we are really seeing with the homemaker movement and we are really leading busy lives and women are very interested in thinking about doing something special, doing something unique. >> is this different than what i would find in the magazine? >> we collaborate really closely. the teams work together. and if you really want to see this, the great thing is we cover everything about your life
5:55 pm
here and we have the ability to really focus on homes and do it yourself. as we go deeper and some of the classes are as long as three hours and so you kind of learn the hands-on how to do things. and there are baking and other complicated techniques. >> and then once you purchase the course then you can actually go back while you're working on it. >> what does this cost? >> costs are from a dollar 99 cents to free stuff as well. >> that's fantastic area it's so good to see you. >> thank you. gerri: we will be right back with our question of the day.
5:56 pm
should have country of origin labeling? ors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back.
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gerri: labels telling you where the animals were born and raised and slaughtered may have to be dropped and that is thanks to the world trade organization. should all food have such labeling? we asked the question on 94% said yes, 6% want no labeling. and boxing fans calling the fight between the late mayweather and manny pacquiao a fraud. thirty-two lawsuits say that the pre-existing shoulder injury of manny pacquiao should've been disclosed ahead of time. many said they would not have paid for the event had they have known and many say that they spent thousands on the fight. legal experts doubt that the cases have much of a chance. we will continue to cover that story. coming up tomorrow our complete look at trouble in the sky is
6:00 pm
and how the faa's new hiring practices could put fliers at risk. be sure to tune into fox business here on "the willis report." that is it for "the willis report" and we will see you again tomorrow night. ♪ charles: i am charles payne and you are watching "making money." wal-mart misfiring in all fashions. the question is, how much of wal-mart issues are company specific and how much is a reflection of this recovery? consider the pattern of economic confidence, we had a brief period of optimism at the beginning of the year, we have actually been in freefall ever since then. on the other hand soaring at home depot many saw sales up 5% last quarter. and then


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