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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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all right. until monday night, one -- one more week at 10:00 o'clock and then we switch to 8:00 o'clock. good night. come on. good night. come on. ♪ school. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone i am lou dobbs. exclusive developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. "the new york times" obtained e-mails from clinton's private server and it shows her longtime friend sidney blumenthal that an al qaeda attack group plan to use the demonstration as cover that directly contradicting the obama administration's assertions to the american people that the attack was the
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anti-islam amateur video on youtube. tonight we take up the ever widening clinton scandals with peter sweitzer. also tonight president obama says despite the fall of the iraqi city of her money to the united states, he doesn't believe that we are losing the fight against the rather old islamist terrorists. we have general jack keane with the opposite view. and testifying today before the senate armed services committee he said the united states is losing the war against the united states and we have general jack keane is our guest tonight. forty consecutive years of u.s. trade deficit $17 trillion of external debt and millions of lost jobs and the republican-controlled senate acted to ensure those deficits in those deficits and job losses continue. sending a very tough message at the same time to the very same middle-class that middle class that they will be asking to vote
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for them. the senate today passing legislation to give the president power to fast-track massive international trade deals and who among the republicans will be joining the growing field of presidential hopefuls. karl rove is among our guest tonight. and we begin with e-mail sent hillary clinton by her longtime confident sidney blumenthal. summarizing a memo two days after the september 11 2012 benghazi attack. the attack was carried out why the militant group and libyan security officials believe the group took advantage of covert provided by demonstrations against the internet videos seen as insulting to the prophet mohammed to conduct it. clinton told an advisor in response that we should get this around asap.
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and despite that guidance, susan rice would go on several television programs to claim those attacks were spontaneous and links to protest over the anti-islam video. joining us tonight is "the new york times" best-selling author peter sweitzer and the untold story about how and why foreign governments and businesses helped to make ill and hillary rich. it's good to have you with us and congratulations on the book. the firestorm that has resulted, i am sure that you could not anticipate the firestorm that it is. worsening today with the revelation that sidney blumenthal had advised then secretary clinton that benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> yes, it is interesting
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president obama and the white house said absolutely not they are basically paying into the clinton foundation and he became this sort of unofficial official advisor to hillary clinton and it's really kind of a strange world because i think that when i first met him he was a style reporter with "the washington post" so to move forward and say that he is providing intelligence advice to libya is quite a change in his career to say the least. >> the fact that the secretary of state knew two days afterwards, assuming that he was the only source of intelligence on the matter and that she continued to prop up the administration's fiction that it was a violent demonstration and reaction to that amateur video on youtube.
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this speaks loudly to her character and also her acquiescence with what became the obama narrative. >> i believe you are right. the challenge is that any time you're dealing with national security and foreign policy there are times when leaders may not be truthful because they are trying to protect lives and they are trying to protect american national security there's something sensitive going on. but none of that applies in this case. this fabrication and this lie that this was not a terrorist attack when they knew what it was it is totally about covering politically and has nothing to do with protecting assets are protecting intelligence sources, and i think that that is a huge problem. as i pointed out in the book when it comes to donations, they said that they were going to disclose that they did not disclose, you know the polls have shown that the american people do not view this as trustworthy and honest in this adds to this narrative and this is not something that you reversed by just issuing some kind of sound bites or giving a
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nice speech, it goes to the heart of how people perceive it which is not very honest. >> that perception expanding as well to the big donors. the super pac, the outside backing hillary, only $5 million in contributions donations and other things. this speaks of real trouble for the former secretary of state doesn't it? >> yes, i think it does, and the clinton machine like other political machines certainly have the republican side and they have a network of people but they bought in 2008 but that would be enough and it was not and you have someone catch fire and they were able to swap whatever political machines could raise in terms of funds
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and if everything is going to be fine, i think they are going to have a serious problem. this is not a day in politics that was in the 1990s or possibly previous ely when you could have a political machine of networked individuals that could raise all this money. we are in the air of massive internet. so i think that this speaks volumes to the problems that we are having when it comes to supporting the campaign. >> this has generated massive public attention and also the antagonistic assault. and whether they are donating to the clinton initiative and foundation now, you know doing a little bit more with mr. stephanopoulos? >> yes i have asked for that i
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have not heard back, i got tough questions from chris wallace, i have no idea but i have no problem with the tough questions or with stephanopoulos i did not give him a chance to respond and we didn't get a chance to talk about the content of the book and really he was trying to frame what the narrative should be and by the way that is the same narrative that the clinton campaign would use when they put out a two minute video just trying to discredit the book they were using him as the frame for that. and honestly this is the worst offense than brian williams. in this case he is going on late night high talkshows and it goes to the heart of these issues, you give them money as i pointed out, you spent a lot of time doing things for the clinton foundation, a massive conflict
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of interest i wrote something critical of that and he doesn't disclose it but he acts as if there's nothing to say. it's far worse in terms of credibility of journalism. >> in the answer to that question we had more opportunity to speak than the entire interview. >> congratulations on the book the book is "clinton cash." pick it up now. it's an incredible foundation work of which much will be written and discussed for years to come. turning now to the fight against the islamic state the pentagon announcing that it will expedite the delivery of 2000 antitank weapons to iraq. to help security forces repel a suicide vehicle bomb attacks and attacks that helped the islamic state to control. we have the report.
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>> on a day when president obama welcomed the president of tunisia and designated it a non-nato ally ally and the aftermath of the arab spring uprising, the white house making good on a promise following the route. he authorized sending 2000 antitank rockets to help to combat the massive suicide vehicle bombs that isis used in capturing the provincial capital. some were described as being on par with the oklahoma city bombing. white house officials say the shipment is not a new strategy but consistent with the 36 month goal to degrade the enemy. in an interview, the president said that despite recent headlines things are not dire saying that though, i don't think we are losing, and i just talked to the folks on the ground. it's no doubt that there were tactical setbacks although they had been vulnerable for a long time. primarily because these are not
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iraqi security forces that we have traynor reinforced. the obama doctrine is predicated on building up the capacity of local fighters with broad training and additional equipment and operational advice and close air support. but the effectiveness of that strategy is debatable isis controlled areas have continued to spread and this says they overtook the ancient city threatening to destroy antiquity there as they did before. but critics argue that the mission to degrade and not defeat is tantamount to leaving from not behind. >> he's going to have to scrap this policy layout an overarching strategy to defeat these savage terrorist. >> we hear them complain about the pace of progress and there's no doubt that the president would like to see more progress as well but he understands that the kind of strategy that we are currently pursuing is entirely not consistent with our national
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security interest. >> you heard clearly the press secretary saying that for the remainder of this administration the goal is to degrade the enemy and they simply feel like defeating them will take much longer than the 18 months of the president has remained in office, also they will likely get there pretty quickly and we are told that they will probably get there by the end of next week. and back to you in new york. lou: kevin clark reporting with that extraordinary story the idea that we are shipping shoulder rocket fires at what were the tanks, iraq goes on and a baltimore grand jury indicting all involved in the april death of freddie gray. he the 25-year-old suffered a spinal injury while in police
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custody. including sparking a wave of protests. bringing a range of charges against all six police officers including the most serious charge against the driver of the van second-degree murder. those officers will be arraigned on july 2 and there's much more ahead, we are coming right back, so stay with us. >> coming up next china becoming more aggressive in the south china sea and there's much more on the red storm rising. and a family attacked by would-be thie
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lou: a senate armed services committee hearing at evaluating the effectiveness of the obama administration strategy and policies in iraq and syria. our next guest gave the committee this assessment. >> looking at this strategy today, we know that now the conceptual plan is fundamentally flawed. and the resources provided to support iraq are far from adequate and the timing and urgency to provide arms and equipment and training is insufficient and as such we are
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not only failing but we are losing this war. moreover, i can say with certainty that this strategy will not defeat isis. lou: joining us now is general jack keane. when you gave that assessment, which is counter to the words of the president that he uttered today how were you received and what was the reaction? >> the reaction is that you know, general bipartisan support, we have serious problems, i detected that a couple of months ago before the same committee and i acknowledge that when i began this testimony today. and there is some change in what is taking place. and they have a sense that we have problems and it's not their
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expertise, but they are doing the right thing, which is informing and educating themselves and i think we have to give some credit to the gentleman for doing that. lou: being islamic state is continuing to press forward in iraq and syria. we are taking the city of romani it seems to be nothing more than a pipe dream because of this sunni divide. is there any prospect in your judgment that they can be retaken nor any significant part of the territory is the sixth. >> we do think that we can reclaim some of this territory but we really have to make some fundamental changes to do that. one is that we have to admit how tough this enemy is and they are ambitious, confident imaginative. they can do a lot of things at one time expanding serious
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attacking multiple places in iraq, expanding into yemen afghanistan and all taking place at the same time. so anyone who says that we are pushing back, what an absurd comment that is. yes, we can reclaim territory, but we have to fix the iraqi security forces we have to get the tribes armed and equipped and trained this is going to take time to do that we are not going to rush out there as the secretary talked about and maybe we can reverse that and it's not going to happen if we bring the militia and let him do all this work that is going to create more problems than it solved. i think. lou: iran reversing the ship scores now as they have decided that they will submit that and the united nations inspection and u.s. inspections headed
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bear what do you make of it then is this a closed matter now or is this part of what looks like will be a tense relationship of some kind? >> i think that this is going to continue. the iranians have by and large been very successful in using their proxies to dominate and control countries and lebanon is an example syria is an example gaining influence at our expense and now yemen itself. we are not giving up on this they are going to keep the mischief going. so if we give them this windfall as you have pointed out on this program of the sanction relief they are able to apply tens of billions of dollars and i can assure you that some of that money is going to go right into the hands of what is taking place in yemen. >> general, we appreciate it so
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much. >> be sure to vote on our poll tonight, do you believe the president obama ever takes personal responsibility for any of the decisions that he has made during his presidency? cast your vote at and the north carolina family fighting back after a robbery attempt outside of their hotel. two robbers and assailants pulled up as the family was lowering their luggage and again pepper spraying their victims. as you can see here. the victims decided that they were going to fight back. they not only fought back but they prevailed at the confrontation and coming up next the ever reliable secretary of state being allowed to exonerate herself? from all wrongdoing.
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and our commentary is next. and the forgotten wealth, opening up after torrential rains trapping the horse 6 feet underground. and we have the dramatic rescue next. please stay w
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>> lou: if you thoughts on the liberal mainstream media and the symbiotic beneficiary eggs hillary clinton the candidate has now answered questions of the national media from april 12th. six of those came on tuesday including one about the release of for emails file that the state department. >> i said i want them out nobody has a bigger interest to get their release than i do respect the state department they have their process for everybody not just me but anything they might do to expedite the
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process i heartily support. lou: that is awfully decent of her. when one-third of those emails of a longtime adviser and counselor to befall to the private e-mail address it is part by al sharia that they planned the attack for one month in use at as cover for the attack. clinton passed along the memo to get this around asap that is attracting counter for what happened directly to the narrative of the attack from with the former secretary of state actually said that susan rice went on
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to defend to talk about the outrageous and the demonstrations of that a merger video. the emails show hillary straitening between plimsoll and the obama administration strained narrative crafted to preserve obama as reelection. we still don't know the source of the newly acquired emails or what was their motives are to was intended to benefit but we do know mrs. clinton was content get those emails out at all cost with the best possible interpretation to a insurrections that she has
11:30 pm
remained patient throughout. the quotation of the evening is never explained your friends and do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway purpled never explain. you don't suppose? and did you ever notice the best liberal strategy's are grounded on philosophy and mrs. clinton seems to pull her tactics a and strategies our quotation is our great american writer whose best known work is a message to garcia. we will be right back. >> in it gets better. hillary's benghazi's defense is it is it was a terrorist attack. a celebrity turned paparazzi has will incident
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performance in the scandal over the emails that she has remained as the professional analyst strategist for and what about her performance? >> she has walled off the press for the last month she has then running. tuesday she actually accepted six additional questions and it was dave for performance. what about the of current date -- clinton foundation? she said i am proud of it she ignored the second question which is the think america would be better off about saddam hussein? she did not answer how to ordinary americans relate to
11:36 pm
the top 1 percent my cue? she mentioned her granddaughter. she said i get emails from france all the time the fifth and sixth questions about private emails she said nobody has a bigger interest in me. if you have a big interest then why did you dispose of the hard drive? to ducking and we've and no doubt about that. lou: is a divided view she seems to hold up so well among democrats independence milk away from her is there a measurable impact on her candidacy? >> here it is.
11:37 pm
lou: i feel like we should have trumpets. there should be sound effects. >> celestial musec but by february 201457 / 37 but after july it is 55 / 36 now is 50 / 46 i think most americans are not paying attention. the democrats are holding up but they are nervous about a general election. >> with priorities usa to have some difficulty raising money is it transitory indicator to something that is not favorable?
11:38 pm
>> panera it doesn't have a direct result but i do think it is a representative of difficulties in this bill goes out in the "wall street journal". we have people in charge we need clinton people in charge we don't have the right people asking for many actually they identified the priorities of the super pac but the first to maybe correct i think hillary clinton is finding it more difficult for what her campaign has been allowed to do. she is focusing more of her efforts there but for them to raise the money there will get 2.5 billion but they will get 1 billion i
11:39 pm
think the real problem is can she do this in a general election? >> always good to have you here. >> t believe in private will ever take responsibility for the decisions he made during his private -- presidency? and uncooperative passenger on the receiving end of the taser at the los angeles international airport. the man refused to be searched at a checkpoint then proceeded to push past the police officer that was called then for back up. not a good idea. the taser was applied to the man was arrested for trespassing. one of the videos was taken by a factor was also known
11:40 pm
as many meet in the "austin powers" movie. for the first time in decades for misconduct that is called breathtaking to become a dog's best friend to have that story next.
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lou: on wall street go record-breaking day then dow up the s&p up five closing and a new all-time high the nasdaq up 19 points with 2.1 billion shares. don't forget to listen to the lou dobbs radio program on sirius network three times a day. lahood green to pay more than five and a half billion dollars to talk about what is going on with the largest commercial banks the top a banking analyst also author of the of but exile or on
11:45 pm
wall street. with the is that were actually charged of what is day guilty plea. >> there is no excuse for behavior with the currency market. this is the first time that banks have a guilty plea jpmorgan and the terrible black guy. of a similar culture with the issues for the last two decades. >>. >> to say the very same thing about of burglar or a
11:46 pm
robber incentive drives criminality. it is just no longer eric susceptible with conducting an behavior for practices that are corrupt and corrosive liar the banks still members of those high value and principal of the chamber of commerce of the business roundtable? wire they permitted to do business with the treasury? what is wrong with our society that there is a wave of the hand of his conduct? >> the banks have reached
11:47 pm
$150 billion. no excuse the cost of the financial crisis the cultures between one and two decades nobody is minding the store everybody is aware i would say you can trust them more now than 10 years ago but people are not aware of the issues. lou: we have the bank still lowe's compliance officers by the hundreds and values chase as the example with
11:48 pm
the most wayward among them this is despicable. and it seems with the black on black violence, we have all sorts of issues of people dropping out of high-school, out-of-wedlock birth and it is the most highly respected institution and you focus on this the trust it is invested simply gives the american public the back of their hand. fifth. >> i have read about these issues i testified to
11:49 pm
congress i went to the of meeting and then i turned to the chairman of the board. queeney toward the -- told the boards accountable of the big banks. >> recant get the treasury department to these institutions to hold accountable i applied what you have done. it is of very disappointing world. i said that capitalism work but to have impact. >> no one is more of a free
11:50 pm
enterprise capitalist than we but to make it work you have to have integrity and we don't have that right now. but to see the laws and regulations coming together to save the life of a horse after days of heavy rain and fell down a six flood irrigation well covered with plywood that was a decade. animal control with the help of nine others were able to keep him call while they extracted him from the whole they used of back hoe to lift him out. all is well. to officers rescuing a dog from certain death in colombia. swept up by raging waters. watch this.
11:51 pm
what an amazing snag from the mountainous region from the flash floods and mudslides as he rests his own life to grabbed the dog to lift him out of the water after ralph to mouth resuscitation he survived i have to give them all the credit in the world. and up nexus city of ferguson preserves the memory of michael brown. but what are they commemorating? we will take it up next with the "a team".
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lou: joining us tonight from "the daily mail" francesca chambers thank you for being here. the hillary clinton e-mail scandal goes on but she keeps going. what seems to be a teflon candidacy of april 12th but she has not taken
11:56 pm
questions from a the press. [laughter] lou: or a white house correspondent. [laughter] >> but for her it is smart. if she did she would like very much to find and difficult to answer. lou: then she gets away with it. in to be indifferent of the fact with the powless silence that is resolute and to press the issue she was on a choreographed round tables with pre-selected people and it the press
11:57 pm
asked if he would take questions from the press but they have to do that. lou: she is getting away without responding. with the memorial for michael brown to the memory to strong arm a store clerk half the size who assaulted the police officer. >> i don't think they are moralizing back community michael brown as much as to bring attention to the problems that community have is between the police department in the community that it serves. what they clearly wanted to do is have a constant reminder between that community and african-american and the white police force.
11:58 pm
lou: think if they wanted to have of serious discussion about improving relationships between the police in the community there would not memorialized he didn't deserve to be shot that is upset -- unfortunate lou: but some degree he did. >> we wish it did not happen but for it to causes such tableside -- both sides will not get a resolution. >> and the omaha nebraska police officer shot a and killed. is there a nationwide inspired by this administration a campaign against law-enforcement?
11:59 pm
>> one of the things that happened is congress is a the white house came together to pass legislation they hope will better protect police officers to have more information in a timely manner. so for what this administration has done to protect police officers regardless of what else you may think. >> we need to step back about the equipment which and riots have been. >> date you very much. lou: looking at the online poll results to believe deputy assistant attorney general sounded more like a
12:00 am
government official or radical activist believing jim-crow for the baltimore riots. 97 percent said radical activists. that is it f now. >> a century old movie theater passion of small town businessman. >> his dying words were, angela, don't let the theater go. >> that could be a long haul. >> anything that could go wrong went wrong. >> are final credits about to role? >> did he know you would step up? >> i didn't get to tell him. i am sorry. >> will there be an encore performance. >> do you think to yourself, i wish my grandfather would have left me the house. >> so many times more than you know.


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