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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 22, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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june 1st when we go from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern and i'll see you on the fox business news channel and the former joint chief of staff is joining me this sunday and that is general richard meyers. that will do it for opening bell. time for "varney and company." . stuart: hold a second. >> yeah. stuart: hold on. this means that two weeks from today at 11:00 eastern time. you'll be just going down for your midmorning nap. is that right? >> let's remember. i'm going to be talking to you at 9:00, so you're having some changes as well. we've got my show 6:00 to 9:00, your show 9:00 to 12:00 stuart . stuart: yeah. >> and i'll probably be beginning my nap . stuart: i knew it. [laughter] all right maria, we'll see you again soon. >> thank you . stuart: and good morning everyone. yes, it is the start of the holiday weekend. but, you know, it sure feels like same old same old doesn't it? listen to this.
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warren buffett is at it again and he proposes a big expansion, bigger checks from the treasury for lower income lowers. and hilary clinton, we should rename her the wolf of wall street. look how much they were given. the less might have abiowa problem with that. how about obamacare? same old same old. higher comes a massive increase of what they're going to charge you. and here's something yes, we have seen this month before too. hollywood hypocrisy. a 37-year-old actress is too old to play the lover of a 55-year-old man? what's that about a war on women? and, by the way you've got to wear high heels. hope you enjoy this weekend. but first "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪
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. stuart: there was sunshine in beaches okay? the memorial day weekend is upon us. gas prices are at a five-year low. get out there and drive the sun is shining. but we're going to start the show with the markets okay? look that'll big board. not much -- i've been saying this for five straight days. now, the opening bell 11:00 in the morning not much has changed. dead flat in the market. we're down just 20. that's it. however breaking into two separate companies. hp says there will be a billion dollars worth of cost savings and investors like it, that thing is up 4.5%. john deere profits down, but not as much as everybody thought they would be down. i've got a lot of john deere equipment on my farm, i do not own the stock unfortunately it's up 3.5% as of now. price of oil, still around $60 a barrel. price of gasoline, still going on up, but not much, $2.75 is your national average and
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take a look at this. cheapest gas in america. you've got to louisiana. it's $2.70. that is now cheapest in america. listen to this. don't raise the minimum wage, says warren buffett. he has a better way to put the money into the hands of the poor. here's a direct quote from his wall street journal. the better answer is a major and carefully crafted experiment of the income tax credit. the process is simple. you file a tax return and the government sends you a check. how nice. that is more one of the corrupt of all government programs, that is redistribution at large and warren for it. >> yeah. it's a conservative idea stuart. the idea originated with milton freeman on, but the problem is when he proposed it, he said let's get rid of all the other welfare programs
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and reward work. instead what the government did is said let's add this on top the all the other programs and sure enough just last year -- actually most years you have double-digit frauds in the billions . stuart: that's right. >> $19 billion, it has a 27% error rate. can you imagine a private company that was a 27% fraud rate? it would be the worst business in the world . stuart: an incentive to work over time or get a better paying job. suppose i earn $10,000 a year. not much money, so i tell the government i don't have much money. so they have to, say here's a check to top it off. meanwhile i go out and i work some two or three other jobs for cash. i'm doing quite well, thank you very much. >> well, i think everybody should have a stake in the tax system . stuart: liz is here. >> she wants to dive in. . stuart: go. >> the thing that's good about this is he's saying don't raise minimum wage, this is a less distorting program.
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and in essence i believe in the earned income tax credit because it does reward work. and as you earn more, you get less help from the government. i think it's very interesting though and people should pay attention to this. warren buffett biggest financial disasters have been in retail -- and this is where a lot of the push is coming from to raise minimum wage. he knows how hard it is to make money in that business. he's all about the disruption of that industry. he knows that the minimum wage increase is going to make it even harder, particularly for before i can and motor retailers. so it's a little bit of common sense being applied here to the whole about let's give a minimum wage boost because it's going to hurt a lot of companies. . stuart: common sense? >> i know. [laughter] . stuart: i've really got to move on. all right. is hilary clinton mrs. wall street? a wall street journal analysis last year revealed that goldman sachs was the number one wall street contributor overtly years from donations
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et cetera et cetera. but the not the only one. eight firms including citibank paid the foundation between 1.6 and $3.5 million. this is combined for speeches by mr. and mrs. clinton. the economist the four that she's already been on the show liz peek is here. is it ledge legit to say that she's mrs. wall street? >> well, they're two separate things here. first of all she's been very close to wall street, in these decades, not only speaking very high speaking fees, but appearing at their conferences and its. so yes, i think this is the reason that the progressive end of the party is very wary of hilary. and then there's a foundation. the foundation has accepted, presumably asked for donations from all kinds of companies. mostly companies that are highly regulated energy companies, health care companies, and sure enough wall street. and you do wonder what's the quick pro quo, and i think
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there's a lot of information about the information recently, i'm interested in the desk company contributions because investors should be saying time out. this is a political plush fund and you're enabling the clintons, which is what's happening . stuart: by the way the day after she's made that statement that we were dead broke when we left the white house, the day after. the clintons earned $700,000 in speeches. the one day after the dead comment. should we leave it at that? [laughter] she's in the top percent the .001%, and she's talking about reshuffling the deck. i mean come on. >> she's going where the politics are popular and it has nothing to do with her lifestyle. >> you have to ask what the value of these speeches really are. it's not just the for profit she speaks to, look at the nonprofit. the america tamp association and she says, well, we need camps for adults. she goes to colleges and says
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we need to put down student debt give me a quarter of a million dollars. she also goes to places with weak rules of law central asia africa . stuart: some big corporate highs today. and lauren has more. >> i can help you move on, stuart. so you can go into a tesla showroom in texas, but you cannot buy your model s there. the companies must sell through third parties dealerships, and those bring in a lot of tax revenue, and that's one reason that lawmakers refuse to take you will bills this week that would change the law to allow tesla sell droll texans. and tells a title and information about that title all at once. many will not have to click around to get more information. it's netflix's first update in four years. wheel show you the shares. they're dead flat also approximately i see a trend
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here. and it will take five years to replace all the takata airbags in a record number of cars being recalled. 34million cars need replacements. but takata has only made 4 million parts, and they plan to produce about a half million a month. which means it will take five years. that's also the savager average time it takes to pay off a loan. five years to get this recall. . stuart: that is a problem. >> i know . stuart: thanks, lauren. let's get back to hilary clinton. liz still here. no matter what she says about warren buffett she's still here. you don't like it when publically traded companies give money to the foundation and that would be cisco exxon, boeing, quite a few of them. you don't like it happen what's the problem with that? >> well, first of all there's no organization that has rated the clinton foundation as even a viable charitable organization. so, you know -- this is shareholder money okay? at my go through a foundation, but
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it's still a shareholder money. it should be going to the best possible purposes -- if it's a charity, it will be helpful to shareholders, the employees or whatever. . stuart: everybody knows -- >> okay. stuart: it's lobbying, that's what it is. >> but the answer is, yeah, it's lobbying. so it should be identified as such. but obviously this administration, the obama white house is not going to investigate the clinton foundation. so people who own shares in these companies should write the companies and say stop doing this or tweet them. i included a list of twitter handles in my column . stuart: what's your article? >> i put out ana addendum. i meant to do this. but it's an important thing. i think it's ridiculous that these companies are continuing to shove money into these political nest eggs, which is what this is . stuart: do you think that hilary clinton congest sale through this, e-mail, foundation controversy come out on the far side as the democrat nominee, i think that's going to happen with all this, can she win an election? and don't tell me it depends
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on who the republican candidate is. i mean is she going to win? >> it does depend on the republican candidate. i don't think so. i think people don't vote for someone they don't like. in polling shows people don't think she's trustworthy. i think that's a pretty big hurdle to get over before you become the president of the united states. and that may be very pleasing to bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, but it's not going to be voters to central states. so i you'll think she may not win this . stuart: i saw a panel discussion the other day, and the anchor asked a whole group of people, name one accomplishment and they were all clinton voters and they will all vote for clinton and no matter what. not one of them could come up with a simple reason. but liz we enjoyed your performance today. >> thank you . stuart: you can come again
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okay? >> thank you . stuart: all right. now we know what osama bin laden was reading when he was held up in his compound. letters, 9/11 conspiracy theories also a video game magazine. but first this programming note. we're going to give it to you. a whole 'nother hour of "varney and company" starts june 1st. we will be moving to a time of 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 eastern. three whole hours. can you stand it? it's only ten days away. woe
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stuart: slipped a little further south down 66 but still above 18,002. here's what else we're watching for you today. the fbi says internet crimes on the rise and it's costing you big money. cyber scams cost americans more than $800 million in 2014. frankly i find that a very low number. i thought it would be much more than that.
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big rule change to the nfl. kickers will go for the extra point from the 15-yard line. nfl star says this could make the game even more dangerous. he's going to explain it to me and he'll make his case next hour. uber approaching some robotic engineers, does this mean a self driving car is coming to uber? and let's get to osama bin laden. 39 english books ceased from his compound in pakistan where a team of navy seals took him out in 2011. a lot of antimaterial as you would expect. overall the treasure trove have documenting shows osama bin laden running a worldwide terror network. the previous picture we got of bin laden was that he was an irrelevant man hold up in his compound. was that picture of his
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presented in that way for political reasons? >> well, i think it was. but also to be fair, he was a man of declining relevance though, not yet irrelevant. and i was just delighted to look over the list of books in his library. [laughter] . stuart: go ahead. >> it was just a hoot. i mean . stuart: it wasn't really your value of the shadow. >> no. he certainly wasn't. but he -- the books he picked, you look at it and he hasn't this academic taste for really bad writing combined with a undergraduates passion for really bad ideas. i mean, stuart, reading and trying to understand america that's like, reading the harry potter books, at least they're much more literate and incisive . stuart: but he was actively involved in running the major terror.
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you can see he was i declining relevance, but he was organizing all over the world actively. i mean president obama went to bat in 2012 saying bin laud osama bin laden is dead and yes, he's dead, now we're finding how the outta that he was very very active right there and then. >> yeah. he certainly was active. but also if you really look at what we got out of there, it was clear that there was skaubling with al-qaeda, they wanted to establish -- and you see the off shot shoot now with islamic state. so i think the real message is that there's just more complexity here than what we capture in headlines and sound bites. but did osama bin laden matter? of course he mattered. he was john the baptist in a
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terrorist world. and he's the terrorist musia he's -- truly -- this apocalyptic behavior by islamic state of very much on the march. it's -- president obama should be a lot more worried about it than he is . stuart: can you explain to me yes appears not to be as worried as a lot of us think he should be? >> well, i think he's a psychologically complex man who is great capacity for denial of reality. he's surrounding by like-minded advisors, he doesn't like foreign policy, he appears to be a figure thanks things are magically going to work out. because think about it. have things magically worked out for him. here's a man who has no accomplishments whatsoever who talked and charmed his way into the presidency, and he
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still think so things will roll his way. but on a more important note, as he rings his two left hands, islamic state is approaching baghdad. they're engaging in more orgies of violence, i am personally very, very concerned about the ancient ruins of palmira, which is one of the best preserved ruins we have in the ancient world . stuart: yeah. >> and obama the guy is just doing nothing that matters. he makes gestures. the air strikes we're doing are gestures. and, oh, by the way, on those air strikes the american media is so out of touch with reality. look at the newspapers today. along with the follow of it you're getting headline stories, like, oh, in november it killed two children. they're calling tens of thousands and we're agonizing
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over the death of two children? the truth is i can put a price on human life in the middle east. it's about the cost of a sandwich or cheaper. the innocence of a period of slaughter and murder and we cannot apply western values and political correctness and expect to make progress against this monster . stuart: that's why you're one of the favorite guests on this program. that's why you're always invited. open invenuetation any time you would like. >> thank you stuart . stuart: up next. sexism and hypocrisy. very talented actress, 37 years old turned down for a role because she was too old to play the younger love interest of a 55-year-old man.
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stuart: will you listen to this? 37-year-old actress maggie was recently told she's too old to play the lover of a 55-year-old man. look who is here. now, on the one hand, unify
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got hollywood that says they're all in agreement oh, there's a war on women. those wicked wicked republicans, look what they're doing to these women. and now you've got a 37-year-old woman who was told oh, you're too old to be the love interest of a 55-year-old guy. what's this? >> she's 37 years old. i mean, yeah she would not name the movie or the interview, fair enough, but she says she walked out and she said first i was upset and then i got angry, and then i started laughing about it because i thought it was ridiculous. i'm not going to play the lover of a 55-year-old in a movie? you've got to be kidding me. but this is hollywood. this is not reality. this is liberal hollywood which really is a part of the story. it's more about the fact that you've got wage income disparate in hollywood. i mean the pay disparate between angelina jolie and george clooney. i've done this story before. it blew me away. millions and millions of dollars in how male actors are paid versus female .
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stuart: does it relate to the box office receipts? can you justice it in that? >> no. shies actually been at the for front of this, she is now fighting because she wants equal pay with other actors in movies that -- do you remember the sony e-mail scandal? . stuart: yeah. >> but let me tell you something. size. doug marilyn monroe would be employable in hollywood today by today's standards . stuart: what size was she? >> at her smallest she was an 8. she went all the way up to 12. she would be considered in today's hollywood obese. and she said off the record do you mind if i had lunch my girlfriend said, no, of course you can. she pulls out a applying, two indicators, a piece of celery, and some cucumbers. that was her lunch. [laughter] true story. that just happened about six
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months ago . stuart: where this all comes from on this show today. but that was good. >> crazy. . stuart: fox business bomb she will report on the faa hiring practices for air traffic controls. this has gained a lot of attraction. members of congress are calling for a federal investigation. we've got the latest on that. plus we have numbers that back up rand paul. his 11 hour protest on the senate floor is something voters wanted and liked. we've got the numbers in a moment
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stuart: the federal reserve speaks later on today, at 1:00 eastern time i think. and the market's on hold until we hear from her. there are three names boeing, 3m and ibm they're responsible for the dow's half of the current decline. all three are dow stocks. and holding right around 60 bucks a barrel, the price of gasoline up a fraction. 2.73. the cheapest in america is 2.70 in louisiana. now let's go to that special fox business report. allegations that the faa helped some air traffic control recruits cheat to get their jobs. big scoop for adam, and it's getting picked up in the media too. and he's got a response from one of the key players this story. adam is here. who is responding to what?
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>> okay. at the center of all this is a man who is an faa employee who is also an executive with the national coalition with the national black coalition of federal aviation employees. since january 13th, fox business has asked the nbc coalition and mr. snow to respond to our investigation. they have never responded to fox. now we're asking questions about who in the human resources department at the faa may have assisted mr. snow in the cheating scandal listened to mr. snow in his own words and see if you would agree with our questions. >> allow me to go to work and come home and provide you with an e-mail that will be extremely crucial in the opening stages of this hiring process. >> i have a good mind to send it to one of my hr representatives first and give them the opportunity to sign off on it before you actually click it. but in the sake of time, i'm going to send it directly to
11:34 am
you because i'm about 99.99% sure that it's exactly how you need to answer each question in order to get through to the first phase. >> mr. snow has never responded to our request for a interview. he has told us do not contact me and of course i did track him down, and he said no comment no comment. the nbc fee that belongs to, issued a statement last night not the fox business, they put a twitter tweet out in which they said the nbc fae has never authorized, promoted, or supported any effort to under mine the testing process for pro se perspective air traffic controls, any on the contrary is untrue. they just say that the organization itself. they don't make a statement about mr. snow. . stuart: bottom line your story is that the entry people getting into the air traffic control situation is corrupt. >> absolutely . stuart: and it's corrupt --
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>> and that's the way they say it . stuart: it was an effort to become more diverse at the faa for what appears to be legitimate reasoning, which was corrupted by people perhaps within the hr department who might be members of this organization . stuart: gaming the system. >> absolutely . stuart: now, authorities not responding to you. they want you to go away. >> the faa has not responded -- i was on the phone this morning with them and they said, yeah, we'll take your number. the president expunge hunk up on me, they will not respond. but the key question here is really simple. why did you do this and who else is involved in the cheating? and congress wants answers to those questions. champion of students who got thrown out by the faa he's introducing to congress to fix this problem. he's demanding a congressional hearing and frank from new jersey the chairman of the aviation committee the subcommittee, he's demanding answers from the faa yet hasn't scheduled a hearing but he's demanding that the michael, the man in charge at the faa answered questions by
11:36 am
the faa. >> congressional investigation would get to the bottom of it. >> yes, it would . stuart: because they've got the power to bring people in and say did you believe this? >> they've got the power and they've done it. this could go up to the administration. secretary fox in 2013 was grilled about these hiring practices and changes, and he said we'll get back to you. they have yet get back . stuart: who says you've got yourself a scoop there adam, and thank you to bringing it to us. >> you've got it . stuart: go ahead man adam. thank you. now, to rand paul he spoke to nearly 11 hours in protest of the patriot act. watch this. >> any time you give power to give the they love it, and they will accumulate more. any time you give power to the government and expect them to live within the confines the power, they will not live within the ton con fines of power unless you watch them like a hawk . stuart: yeah, well, you heard it american stand with random. rand. it says that 93% of adults say that being in control of who
11:37 am
can get information about them is important. black rock groups lisa joins us now. lisa, this is all about privacy. this is about do i want anybody else of any kind reading my e-mails? and the answer for most people is "no." so are we right in saying that americans do indeed stand with rand? >> well, i think there are a lot of concerns with americans about this abuse obviously the revelation with the nsa and the irs there continues to be this abusive government and particularly when it comes to, you know, this private information. however, i will say that more specifically with rand paul, you know, he's even an opposition of conservative members with his own party, if you look at the usa freedom act which passed the house which seeks to make changes of section 2115 of the patriot act and deals more with the nsa specifically, this was introduced by mike
11:38 am
lee, rand paul doesn't believe that that goes far enough, so he's even out there even further than, you know, more conservative members of the party . stuart: it seems like rand paul however has gotten a handle on the millennial vote. young people are very concerned by anybody looking over their shoulder at their own e-mails. they don't like that. i think this is an entry wedge issue that rand paul has gotten a hold much, and i think he's running with it. i think he's running with it to great he need to go. >> well, i'm sure he's making a lot of money with it. i know the campaign was having the time for the senate for but the problem he's going to have with this is the fact that the republican base is still very hawkish. if you look at national security, it is a top three issue for republican voters. and as i mentioned he -- haze views on foreign policy stand in contrast to other republican candidates like ted cruz and marco rubio and scott walker, so he's putting
11:39 am
himself pretty far out there on national security and it could end up hutting him in the republican primary . stuart: all right. you called it. do you stand with rand or mike lee. >> well, i stand with mike lee on this issue. i think rand paul is going a little bit too far out there and i think there's a balance that we need to seek, you know, with the patriot act and more particularly with nsa. but i think rand paul is going too far here . stuart: to me, i would like to see all these records kept so that we can go back -- if there's a terrorist incident, we can go back look at all the records and find out who the terrorist was in contact with. that's my position. but i think rand paul wants to get rid of all the records that we've cumulated thus far. just get rid of them. >> well, stuart, i think a lot of americans working what you're saying. as we see with the rise of isis in the northwest east and the terrorist attacks in texas, successful terrorist attacks in paris and attacks that were foiled in australia
11:40 am
there's concern across the country with the rise of terrorism. it's an issue that continues to move up the ranks and national polling is an issue that americans is concerned with. as i mentioned, it is an issue that republican voters are very concerned with, so i think a lot of americans share your concern . stuart: lisa, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you . stuart: and, by the way everyone rand paul will join "varney and company" tuesday may 26th 11:00 a.m. eastern. he'll sit with us and discuss that issue about the 2016 race. that's tuesday. our first day back after the holiday weekend next week. thanks. up next. isis forces marching through the mid-east killing anybody else who stands in their way. what are we doing to stop the rampage?
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with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. >> your fox business brief stocks have been under pressure all day long, and more on a margin of two to one. dow jones industrial down six points the s&p 500 down four. the nasdaq down five. we're also waiting to hear from our fed head at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. some of the names putting pressure on the dow jones industrial include boeing, america, microsoft 3m, and johnson & johnson. we're also watching beer today. doing well after its quarter was not as bad adds anticipated. talking about agricultural. you talk about global economy and also heavy machinery.
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stocks are up four% they raised their numbers. and they're under pressure, in particular protecting a lot of a loss, for the following quarter quarterback that includes back to school season and gap stores. well, surprised delays, strong dollar, both to the downside. more "varney and company" coming up [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled
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copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva respimat. discuss all medicines you take even eye drops. if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit stuart: you are looking at the chairman and ceo of a chinese
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solar company. that guy lost $14 billion in one day. sherrill, he was once -- he still is, chinese richest man. how did he lose $14 billion in one day inspect. >> one bad hour on the stock market. he owns more than 84% of his company, and all of a sudden the stock started plunging. shareholders were waiting for him in the meeting, he never showed up. the company was supposed to issue a statement, and they never did and the stock plunged. question about the solar company going into this one day, in any event, china, the stock went up 625% in one year and if that happened in this country, we would be going wait a minute. what's going on? market manipulation questions about this particular company . stuart: well, it doesn't confirm the view, but there is a view that it's a gaming casino flat out. and you can't trust the numbers that are published by
11:46 am
publically traded companies or by the government. this kind of story enhances that negative view of investing in china. >> absolutely. i mean, look, the stock dropped, again 47% in one hour. that would be gut-wrenching in any market around the world. but it does raise a lot of questions about china. still, by the way, no statement. . stuart: that's the point. still no statement. has he shown up? >> nothing. they have not seen him. they -- no one has seen him. at one point he was richer than the founder of alibaba . stuart: he's not now, is he? let's go get to isis. very serious subject here. looks like have made winning doesn't it? they're headed toward bag dag they've got full control of the city, they're killing anyone who comes to them, especially christians, and she's the founder of the iraqi christian relief counselor. julianna, welcome to the program.
11:47 am
>> it's an honor to be here . stuart: you are collecting money, which will be sent to -- directly to the refugee camps that are housing christians; is that correct. >> 200,000 christians in these camps . stuart: now, a lot of people are concerned about how you would get the money or food to them. if we drop it by pair chute it's interaccepted by isis and they take it and sell about t back to the christians. we don't want that. >> a lot of them coniftake things. we directly send the money to feel, and these are the individuals that are indigenous to the land, they have served people for a long time and we've been doing this work for seven years. we have come about since isis, we've been doing this work through the iraqi christian relief counsel for seven years now . stuart: this is valuable work indeed. i know we've got the full screen, but i would love to tell the viewers how to get money to you for this very
11:48 am
very good cause. as we're doing that, i want you to tell me what you think of president obama and what he's been doing in the middle east. >> you know, we must have leadership. we must have leadership that leads for a while the leader air of egypt was a greater leader. so if we don't call it what it is and i know we've talked about it so much, truly if i have cancer and my doctor tells me eye disease and i die of cancer. so we're not going to be able to remedy the issue and clearly we need a strong leader in the white house . stuart: yes strong leadership and political leader in membership. got it. what about the for christians around the world? i don't see it. and the pope has made some statements, very much in support of that. >> uh-huh. stuart: but other churns -- i've not heard anything. i don't get that muscular response. >> you know, stuart, seven years ago when the persecution
11:49 am
was at its highest against the christians in iraq, we knocked on many christian doors and many doors were closed because they did not want to be perceived as islamphobes. and i think it's the hart wrenching images on of what has shaken the world and woken the world up . stuart: yeah. >> and my jewish friends, in fact my muslims friends, they say what is the christian world? why are you silent? so this is what we do. we travel inside the country ask we minister in churches and we wake people up in the pews and the people are waking up. but have he very slowly. if you want to watch a documentary that i produced, it's a ten-minute docudrama called sing a little louder. you can watch a trailer of it . stuart: sing a little louder? >> sing a little louder . stuart: there it is on the screen there.
11:50 am
iraqi christian that money -- i give that money to that organization. >> absolutely . stuart: and it goes to the refugee camps directly. >> absolutely . stuart: and you'll get it there. >> you name it, and we actually get name of people that have been helped. how many per family, where they are and be how much they've been helped . stuart: well done. >> that's something you don't normally see in nonprofits, but we supply you with it . stuart: thank you so much,. >> thank you . stuart: has political correctness gone way too far? john think so and he's next. >> how do you describe a person who ways more than most? a fat b. >> i would use calorically challenged. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:51 am
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11:54 am
stuart: attention libertarians john stossel is in the studio. this week he shows about political correctness. before you see him listen to this. >> what is the correct way to describe a person who weighs more than most? a fat b -- >> i would use calorically challenged. >> i say chubber. >> you're going to say chubber? >> my mom told me to never say
11:55 am
fat, so i would say big boned. >> the political correct term is ample. >> really? ample? >> ample. >> . stuart: ample? okay. i find it rather difficult to stay out of trouble with the police of the pc police being so aggressive and john stossel is here right now. give me other examples. >> well, we did this terms of tolerance quiz. what's the correct name for columbus day? indigenous people massacre day? . stuart: no, you're not getting away with that one. is that true? >> dour o do you have a dog or cat at home? what does that make you? . stuart: a pet owner. >> you don't own a living creature. you are a pet guardian . stuart: okay. come on you've got to give me more than that. >> what's the correct term for people to sign the american deck deck loration of
11:56 am
independents? . stuart: they were all men but you can't call them the founding fathers. you could call them dead white males, frivolous while explorers? >> . stuart: it's not funny,. >> but it is funny . stuart: we're in the o in this prison of correction. >> asu students complained about the don't walk zone, it was a microdiscretion toward disabled people . stuart: what? you've got me there. >> microdiscretion is the big thing on campus. >> i'm shocked. a lot of crazy people thing happened in arizona my home state, but that was pretty good . stuart: pretty good. don't walk, microaggression towards those who can't walk. can you beat that? >> well, much more common is the phrase african-american. we count in tv.
11:57 am
. stuart: i want more of this, and i will watch it tonight. i'm going to promote this show okay? because i'm going to watch it. >> about time . stuart: is it tonight? the name of the show is stossel. it will be at 9:00 eastern time, and i recommended you watch it. >> thank you . stuart: you're welcome, john. and rob o'neal, he's the man who shot osama bin laden he's on this program and he's next. plus big memorial event in charlotte, nascar solutes the troops hour two is a mere two minutes away
11:58 am
right now, the unthinkable is happening. faithful christians are being kidnapped, tourtured, beheaded and crucified simply because they are christians. this is genocide and it won't stop unless we do something about it. at the aclj, we are the frontlines in washington at the un, and in the region advocating for those who cannot defend themselves. but we cannot do it alone, we need your support and we need it now.
11:59 am
go to right now and help us fight to restore christians to their homes and families. the aclj has the global resources to engage the decision makers fight against persecution, and protect the faithful christians in these regions. with every passing minute the threat against christians grows and intensifies. we need your help to get our leaders to understand that christians overseas are under attack and need our help. you can help the aclj stop the senseless and evil persecution. call the number on your screen or go to >> >> with the election is loaded in 2012 osama bin long been is dead is a feel-good politics they have beaten back the threat of terrorist.
12:00 pm
now you will meet the man who shot him what does he think about the terror threat now canal is not put to rest if you watch this program or any other you will know that terror is back. the middle east is in chaos. country's ruins and isis that the president called the lgbt mitt is racking victory after victory. and worse the president thinks it is the immediate threat because it is astonishing to see how well it can unravel so quickly but all while we prepare iran to get nuclear. i'll is not the start of a holiday weekend should your head so in the moment we will get real the man who shot bin laden is our guest.
12:01 pm
♪ stuart: first the state department announced that hillary clinton emails sent from her personal server will be released to the public one half-hour from now it is just 296 out of 55,000 but we could talk about pages and pages of documents we will bring more details when they're released and we have a chance to look them over now we are burning about the items found in the bin laden compound a bookshelf full of big-time american material letters to his family a treasure trove of documents showing how he was running a worldwide terror network. joining me now was robbed
12:02 pm
deal. good to see you. >> you were taking out bin laden but did you know, at the time he was still actively running a worldwide terror network? >> we were pretty sure based on the way they we're doing their own operational security and running messages in and out of pakistan and afghanistan. we were pretty sure he was running the show. stuart: what do you make of isis now? they are slaughtering christians and running wild what do you make of this? >> bin laden was running the show for al qaeda 81 ted to make sure the infidel that were weak enough of the
12:03 pm
islamic state our job was to stop him but isis has the same ideology of that is they see that weakening because of the vacuum to leave iraq too early now they think they should start the caliphate of the islamic state. they are taking over syria that is are they wanted. >> i never heard you talk critical of president obama are you now with isis? >> i am not trying to be critical i do think they are trying to do the right thing but some of those decisions are based on the legacy i got them out of iraq. the reason we see them with the iraqi army is if they have pockets of americans
12:04 pm
they could rely on our medical and intelligence and air power. they don't trust their own chain of command. it is in all or nothing but we do need boots on the ground we could hurt them with a small number of americans. stuart: yesterday on the program colonel west said give me three brigades that i think it is 10,000 and you could do some serious damage to hold the line. you talk to in thousand troops. what do you say? is that enough to do the job? >> with two different areas of thought i don't think we need to three brigades but if we could mitt resupply those that are in contact with air support we fought them before i personally
12:05 pm
fought them in 2007 with the awakening. wasn't even a contest if we do put them in we will crush them. >> isis is reporting and the president has to have some type of response. do you think there is a chance those positions of troops could be put into position? could that happen? >> those from delta proved it when they launched into syria that was nothing they wiped out 12 for 13 of them i am not sure they have enough in place because we are too concerned about putting troops on the ground but the american public needs to realize if we
12:06 pm
defeat the islamic state with a training ground in afghanistan it will be back in this country. stuart: i want to listen to what the president said about climate change. >> climate change will impact every country on the planet. no nation is immune. i am here to say it constitutes a serious threat to global security. an immediate risk to national security and make no mistake it will impact how the military defense our country. we need to act now. stuart: an immediate threat to national security over and above isis'. what do you make of that? >> i am a scientist. but i am a citizen of humanity so i'm obliged to lower carbon emissions but as a special operator i don't like it when people jump out of buildings.
12:07 pm
i don't want to see terrorists coming over to murder kids because we did not secure the border we need to be clear about the clear and present threat. to deal with climate change eventually but i don't think we should address that military academy. stuart: you shot bin laden to have to leave in secret the rest of your life? >> not in secret i am aware of the security concerns provide fnn difficile 17 years i am aware i take it seriously but i am not in secret. stuart: thank you for joining us. on "varney & co.". getting to the market's coming there isn't that much action janet yellen will speak in one hour and find out what she has to say
12:08 pm
about the future of interest rates. the market is on hold until then. down 53 points. the price of gasoline national average and 1 gallon of gas today is about $0.90 cheaper this time last year i say celebrate and get out there. get out there to celebrate. >> known as the carbon footprint will beachy person that will lead to 5% more people traveling in there will be more votes on the water but ultimately with the $20 increase that is the 50 percent increase but it
12:09 pm
is only 1/2 $20. how the price of oil will be here tuesday and at the upper end rather they and though lower and. we will be in this range for awhile. >> you will celebrate to eat a steak? >> it is on the diet dash house sauce is and the cheese and stake just no sugar. that is the difference. stuart: my producers and i am obsessed with your diane. [laughter] i am just jealous of your diet. >> i am not appreciative i have to come one after the american hero who shot bin laden. that was my concern. >> you are a hero to a lot of people.
12:10 pm
in case you missed it we have the updates. >> if you lived in kansas and on welfare you will be limited to the atm install of $25 starting in july. that limit is in to cut unnecessary spending but critics day it will cost recipients more money in the end pushing them to keep going to is the atm to wrap up the fees. 800 million or $192 and change with the complaints coming into the office just last year those maturities are related to real-estate schemes and dating websites and then sell many cybercrimes go unreported so it could be higher.
12:11 pm
but new words for the game of scrabble 6500 new words i will show them to you. what about those shortened work for ridiculous? what is lolz? what is bezzy? it is a word for best friend. including those -- including those crazy ones that we just scroll i tested the young people in the green room and they did not know half of them. stuart: enjoy your weekend. a rules coming into the nfl moving the extra point kick the farther from the goal. that could make the game even more dangerous. we have a linebacker after
12:12 pm
the break. farthing company is moving it an extra hour june 1st 9:00 through noon. it will be something else. ♪ ♪
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12:15 pm
stuart: hillary clinton and mrs. wall street. the "wall street journal" analysis revealed goldman sachs was the clinton's number one wall street contributor as well as seven other firms contributing big money. turn the gasparino is here. day you have more details on the dollar volume? >> deserve notice operandi as she has been ramping up
12:16 pm
her run and not just to raise money but to double dip on speaking fees it is very interesting how she did both i am not saying there is anything illegal but there is a weird the conflict of interest where you run for president every bloody nose that per your hillary then they personally enrich you on the side hoping to get benefits when you become president. we don't have the smoking gun that goldman sachs gave hillary clinton and a speaking fee in exchange for leniency. >> and i will say one other thing goldman sachs never just gives money it is all about influence it is city grew pale and jpmorgan and credit suisse and a lot of
12:17 pm
private equity firms is wall street paid money to the clintons to approve the policies. >> remember wall street was very close to the clintons moving to the left for that commentary sounded like elizabeth warren it was just for show and at some point she will go back to normal. people like cheryl mills who was on the board of black rock the big money manager and larry fink always wants
12:18 pm
to be treasury secretary. stuart: this nexus is not popular and it smells bad. >> but the bank's clients love to have a former president or former first lady that will not stop. >> they don't pay her because they want to hear her speak. mrs. wall street the league is moving the extra point back to make the boring play more exciting but it could be more dangerous. >> you have to explain it creates more collisions. tell me. >> after you are awarded the extra point you usually taken from the 2-yard line
12:19 pm
with the back at the 15-yard line to make them more competitive is more risk because no defenders realize it is no longer the free point. now they will go after the offense carter leaving them more prone for confessions. stuart: what does the players think? >> as a player that doesn't concern us to much we attack the offense so it doesn't concern me to much but it comes down to the field goal percentage were too high so now they are punished and penalized to move it back. i think if the nfl wanted to preserve player safety or diminish confessions or collisions moving it back was not the best way. stuart: i know you are a football guy but it seems jokesters are losing interest in baseball.
12:20 pm
fever people aged seven through 17 to take place an organized baseball teams with the participation in no is growing what is going on? >> it is america's pastime in state in the past. basketball moves a fan base that a less rapid rate than baseball comes down to the interest for of life than kids move on to a different sport. baseball pass to find a way to regain that interest. stuart: you totally missed what we're talking about. [laughter] don't you understand the up-and-coming game is played with a round ball and you
12:21 pm
ultimately eventually will lose ground to a soccer. >> i think that is pretty dominant in europe and the u.s. has done a good job to build it up but as a top sport with baseball or basketball to continue to continue the fight they will continue with that. stuart: which are yuba fan of? >> is manu in it is the only team that you know, . [laughter] >> have a great holiday. stuart: more information on the hillary e-mail release the state department will release to vendor 96 of her emails of mine. the spokesperson says and they will not change the
12:22 pm
facts for our understanding before we're following the story we will be ready with the emails when we get them. sells driving cars are going higher? details after the break. ♪ ♪
12:23 pm
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stuart: the wall street show reports isis claims responsibility for n a bomb attack in a saudi mosque. it would be the first on saudi soil isis claiming responsibility for the attack on a mosque in saudi arabia. it is a big deal. loonies drivers the first self driving car has been spotted in pittsburgh from uber. that doesn't mean they will go crazy. >> food needs drivers?
12:27 pm
uber needs those cars because is he does not have to pay he has publicly said this is my biggest expense to pay for the drivers but i think it should be. [laughter] stuart: he actually said this? >> he has said my largest operating costs is people. stuart: separately tried to raise another $1 billion. >> i will give you this shopping list. google bottom mapping start about $1 billion in 2013 apple just bought and navigation company five days ago at the undisclosed price but it was pretty high. said they did by a another at dade undisclosed amount
12:28 pm
but they are expanding and uber will take on google and apple. stuart: will they go public? >> eventually. stuart: within five years? >> definitely. stuart: we will see you in 32 minutes. we are moments away from more hillary emails. we will be on it. warren buffett says forget the $15 an hour minimum wage just tax the wealthy from the earned income-tax credit. more sticker shock warning their rates could jump up that 50 percent that is what happens when you pass the bill before you
12:29 pm
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12:31 pm
right now, the unthinkable is happening. faithful christians are being kidnapped, tourtured, beheaded and crucified simply because they are christians. this is genocide and it won't stop unless we do something about it. at the aclj, we are the frontlines in washington at the un, and in the region advocating for those who cannot defend themselves. but we cannot do it alone, we need your support and we need it now. go to right now and help us fight to restore christians to their homes and families. the aclj has the global resources to engage the decision makers fight against persecution, and protect the faithful christians in these regions. with every passing minute the threat against christians grows and intensifies. we need your help to get our leaders to understand that christians overseas are under attack and need our help. you can help the aclj stop the senseless and evil persecution. call the number on your screen or go to
12:32 pm
here at td ameritrade, they're always working. yup, we're constantly making thinkorswim better. like a custom screener on your desktop, that updates to all your devices. and you can share it with one click. wow. how do you find the time to do all this? easy. we combined every birthday and holiday into one celebration. (different holidays being shouted) back to work, guys! i love this times of year. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. stuart: the state department is releasing hillary emails. >> the state department said they would put these out at approximately 12:30 p.m.. we're not sure if they are pushed out yet or if it will have been at any second the
12:33 pm
state department says 296 emails from 2011 goes all the way through 2012 the state department said there the same emails given to the house select committee on benghazi we don't know if these are the exact same that were published on "the new york times" web site they posted 350 pages worth of emails that part of them show hillary clinton was receiving memos from her friend and former adviser of course, the with all was on the payroll it is interesting to see if this is the same batch their continuing to review the remainder of the 55,000 pages or this is the very small portion of the benghazi males and it is interesting 2.0 this is happening at 12:30 p.m. on
12:34 pm
friday going into a holiday weekend. stuart: precisely. here comes the three day holiday weekend. our political commentator, mercedes is your. 296 emails between 2011 and 2012 is there any political impact at all? >> we first have to see what is in the e-mail but we have to take a look the state department has stonewalled time and time again not getting information or documentation and to find that in answer to the question. to come out with the report
12:35 pm
that al qaeda would attack. stuart: 296 emails among the thousands which were defeated. >> bid don't have a prayer. it is already released. >> and also make it clear to have the independent assessment of that server they want the third party to have access that as you have mentioned we will never know. maybe they would have more information than we would ever discover. >> talk about obamacare we have to pass the bill to find out what is it will save us money.
12:36 pm
>> affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. stuart: some will raise rates in premiums will go up 50% since it began you can also keep the doctors. president obama has not been honest with the american people. clearly congress has tried to make sure to stick to the lot. and to make it clear to veto any thank from health care. to deal with the fact they have not reached their numbers the healthy people are only 40 percent of those who have been rolled to help
12:37 pm
keep the cost down. but that has not happened. stuart: a 50% increase? >> obamacare, and we haven't even heard the candidates talk about this the with the premium hikes we knew they were coming. this is old news in the sense we knew this would have been. speaker greater, and that is why read affordable choices. and at the end it will impact the bottom line of the american people. stuart: does it affect the 2016 election?
12:38 pm
fifteen dollar minimum wage? for get about there. warren buffett says he has the better way to expand the un earned income-tax credit. >> i don't have any great objections with those we choose to live on. that the main breadwinner it is far more effective to reduce poverty to reduce that earned income tax credit. grass to of the earned income tax credits you can accomplish the same thing. and liz claman is here. let me see if i have this
12:39 pm
right to be earned income-tax credit invite earned 30,000 tell the government and thousand they said that isn't enough we will not give you enough meanwhile i get another job for cash i do pretty well and a check from the government that is held the earned income tax credit actually works and he wants more. >> you say something that has been a major point of contention of the cheaters. >> 27%. >> that is a huge rate so does medicare and food stamps. but if you were to bring that number down that is well-worn buffett is talking about with his op-ed and the
12:40 pm
former "wall street journal" editors was very involved now at the hoover institute. here is his quotation from the late 90's there is as serious program with the earned income tax credit that helps the working pour. here is a history. so with that ford administration and to expand by reagan ronald reagan is quoted to say it is the best anti-a poverty job creation measure. >> and to work more hours the check from the government goes down. there is no incentive to go out and get another job. >> did is graduated for the rest to are not cheating custom.
12:41 pm
>> he wants his hand in my wallet to give it to somebody else. >> what is better to increase the of minimum-wage ? >> i want to grow the economy 6 percent to raise all votes and encourage people to get out there. warren buffett's program increasing the unearned tax credit -- the earned income tax credit. >> you're going against ronald reagan. it is in working. >> there are cheats in there are cheats and every program >> began to expand that with my many? >> there is as many inches.
12:42 pm
>> of data memorial day for race fans paying a big tribute to use of troops with nascar's biggest stars will join us after the break. ♪ ♪
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
>> i am with nicole petallides as stocks are under pressure as the dow jones industrial average is down 31 points. the s&p 500 down at 2129 with the record close up five 1/2 points we have very light volume this could be one of the lightest days of the year. that has hit a new high. with the five and a half percent that is greater for a great outlook. it is about 3%.
12:45 pm
moving into a new high and shake shack and a 30% high and chicken shack at 105%.
12:46 pm
stuart: attention nascar fans of big race coming up this weekend. as some of the sport's biggest cars right now from the motor speedway retired
12:47 pm
lieutenant-general and laurence steel from coca-cola. you have a special way to honor the troops on your car? >> buy it -- brian brewster passed away serving our country and his name is displayed on the windshield of our trade in all 42 cars participating in the coca-cola 600 rollout someone's name displayed on the windshield. normally it is our name but a memorial day we will honor those who have given their lives in the line of duty. is an honor to carry his name. stuart: well done. someone who doesn't appreciate nascar how you get someone to watch on
12:48 pm
television six hours straight as they go around and around? how do you make me watch? >> during the dutch coca-cola before you start. [laughter] i won this race at the coca-cola 600 to labatt's to support the troops with there a short race or a long race into taking a personal. stuart: i come from a military family so i will be watching. the u.s. so involved to honoring the of wife of the late cruz style? >> yes.
12:49 pm
to be involved with these activities with a coca-cola sponsor. stuart: warren i thank you are the sponsor? it is called the 600? >> i am waiting for their cars to go by. [laughter] this is the 56 the running of the coca-cola 600 the most important thing is the largest celebration of memorial day and nascar fans are very patriotic they want to honor those who have given their lives with a wonderful time with some
12:50 pm
solemn times. >> i will watch ioc the flyover thank you very much we appreciate it. stigmatizing did so much fun i ever obsessed with nascar event will be great. >> rand i will watch him go around. >> then there will be a crash. >> stop it record number of drivers as gas is getting a little more expensive. jeff flock gears "on the road" in chicago. watch out.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
stuart: the latest on the hillary emails 296 just released into go through some of the results. >> one of the emails they want us to share it is an interesting exchange for her
12:55 pm
number to with the national counterterrorism chief and keeps reassuring her that she is doing a good job of defection during those congressional hearings but also the talking points that's with us end of your defection. >> the questions are coming in. you are doing okay. you're doing okay your deflecting nicely. but you are deflecting away from the main body of knowledge. >> but basically he says that intelligence community is fending off questions
12:56 pm
about these of unclassified points -- talking points. what are they trying to protect? >> number one the is emails are not the ones that the clinton camp deleted tens of thousands were deleted. for those that have been released by the state department now the timing of the release that it has to care for the presidency since last fall now they're starting to release them it is 1:00 eastern time so from the chair of the bin guys a select committee remember these emails are just one piece of information that cannot be completely evaluated or fully
12:57 pm
understood without the total record their working to collect and evaluate all material necessary to evaluate the full range of issues and we will not breach any investigative conclusions and to all of our work is complete as they reinforce the fact as questions remain. >> even though it is a friday before the holiday weekend we will see her about one hour from now at a campaign event in the media will be there i have a feeling these questions will be thrown at her like it or not. >> we will be back after this.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
l.a.. inga shortly. janet yellen will speak. maybe we will find out when or
1:00 pm
if she proposes to raise interest rates. that could move the market that has not moved much too day. and we have more information about the elderly e-mails just emerging. my time is up but here's dierdre bolton. dierdre: please documents by nsa contractor ed snowden revealing the government considered tapping into a tech industry servers, samsung and google were prime targets. uber may be close to to going public, in talks with multiple banks to set up the $1 billion line of credit. janet yellen about to begin speaking in rhode island, to acknowledge the economy's recent sluggishness and what is ahead for the country. we are going to get you to road island. she is expected to take the podium. that is not the fed chair janet


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