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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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do you have a "strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an email or go to our website. "strange >> good evening, everyone. i'm lori rothman. the state department releasing the first sliver of hillary clinton's emails from her private server. the 300 emails are part of the 30000 she selected to turn over to the public. is it surprising that clinton is saying she's glad the emails are coming out. we take that up with former chief of staff john. the islamic state making significant gains in three countries. the radical islamic terrorists seizing more than half of syria including the last government-controlled border crossing between syria and iraq. in iraq, they've followed up their
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capture of ramadi by overrunning another town in anbar province. they've taken muammar gadhafi's hometown. how to slow the advance. we'll discuss that with ralph peters. a manhunt coming to an end. the man accused of brutally murdering a washington dc, family and their housekeeper before setting it on fire. we have two the best attorneys on this case. but we do begin with the state department's decision to release the first batch of clinton emails. on the friday before this long memorial day weekend. fox news correspondent james went through the roughly 300 emails and brings us this report. >> in the 296 emails the state department uploaded often redact then secretary of state hillary clinton is seen receiving updates on the
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benghazi attacks for weeks after they claimed the lives of chris stevens and three other americans. after un ambassador susan rice hit five talk shows dismissing the idea that benghazi was a terrorist attack. jake sullivan wrote her to say he found one line uttered by rice troubling. it was the sentence where rice suggested the investigation into the attacks might reach a different conclusion. >> we know which embassies are more in danger than others. >> when under secretary of state patrick kennedy in charge of all department buildings worldwide rapped up a tough day, clinton emailed sullivan to ask, did we survive the day? survive, yes. pat helped leveled things tonight. (?) >> many americans don't believe that you told the truth on benghazi. >> well, you know i'll let the americans decide that. >> a week after kennedy's testimony clinton appears to have requested from sullivan.
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and sullivan appears to have forwarded to clinton, a copy of the talking points that sullivan and other officials at state had labored over a month earlier when they painstakingly scrubbed the document of its initial references to terrorist involvement. the next day october 18, clinton chief of staff cheryl mills forwarded to the boss a reuters interview with a libyan militia commander who bragged about being present for the attacks and who later would be arrested and charged for his role in them. it was two months after she read his interview that clinton spun out a scenario that the benghazi attacks may have benefited from no premeditation at all. >> or guys out for a walk one night and decided to kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> the emails show a surprising cozy confidence between mills and the head of the counterterrorism center. ol' citizenolsen declared them a
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terrorist attack. he was privately emailing clinton's right hand aid to tell her that he thought hearings were going fine. his own interrogation by aib went very well and to warn clinton we continue to fend off questions about the unclassified talking points. >> in general, why would sort of saying it went fine, why would that be inappropriate? >> i'm just not clear on the official communicating to the attorney's chief of staff on this -- >> i'm not clear why you're suggesting there's impropriety. >> so september 15, 2012, mrs. clinton who famously asked if barack obama was ready for the 3:00 a.m. phone call herself slept through the meeting where she was to receive the president's daily brief. the most sensitive document that the intelligence community produces. on that day clinton
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awoke at 10:30 a.m. lori. lori: it goes on. hillary herself shows the emails to turn over to the state department. while she was campaigning in new hampshire she didn't shy away from the press. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with this report. >> i'm glad that the emails are starting to come out. this is something that i've asked to be done as you know for a long time. and those releases are beginning. >> this drama started earlier this year with the revelation that hillary clinton had put all of her official email on a private account on a personal server. so it's actually not clear she initially wanted the emails to come out. the state department released the first batch of 55 pages of official emails clinton turned over. there was a new revelation. the fbi deciding some of 12012 emails related to the arrests of possible suspects in the benghazi terror attacks needs to be classified after the
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fact. hillary: i'm aware that the fbi has asked that a portion of one email be held back. that happens in the process of freedom of information act responses. >> at her march news conference at the united nations she vowed this. >> i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. >> today as clinton took questions from reporters for the second time this week, fox and others pressed on why there was sensitive information on her personal server. since former cia official mike believes that server was hacked by multiple foreign governments. >> do you have some concern that it was on a private server? >> no. >> but wasn't there sensitive information on that -- >> clinton used the smutty nosed brewery in new hampshire as the latest backdrop to shift her campaign back to her small business initiative. hillary: so we are now in my view kind of out of the ditch
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that we were thrown into with the great recession. we're standing up. now we have to start running again. >> the same could be said of her campaign. slowed by a series -- from hefty speaking fees for her and bill clinton to former contributions to the clinton foundation. the foundation revealed late thursday that bill hillary, and chelsea clinton delivered 100 speeches negative the charity $26 million that had not been previously disclosed. republicans say the bigger issue for them is the email the public has not seen. since clinton deleted 30000 emails that her lawyers claimed were personal. >> i personally won't be satisfied until we look at the server. we need to keep searching to see if we can find all of her emails to see if she's honest with us. >> the state department and clinton releasing bad news before the holiday weekend. classic time for a news dump. lori. lori: ed henry lot to talk
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about tonight. former white house chief of staff and former new hampshire governor. welcome. >> happy memorial day weekend. >> like wise. one of the things i find fascinating about the emails released today. (?) clinton was told there was detailed intelligence that the benghazi attack was, in fact planned. right? even before the state department went public with the narrative that it was spontaneous. the attack was spontaneous. how damaging is this angle and really the whole email dump today? >> well the whole package of emails and her response to it is just part of an evolving overall picture of mrs. clinton not being honest with the american public in her statements. and i think it's going to be a serious problem. i think the whole server issue will continue to be critical. she said she's happy the emails are coming out. i think the reason for that is it will give her time to try and clean it
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up. i think she'll have a tough time cleaning it up. >> how serious is it that so many of these emails that were unclassified that she says she did not email any classified information -- a lot of those 300 emails, in fact later did become classified. >> well, that response by the state department today that the degree of sensitivity evolved over time underscores why what she did with her own servers was you such an egregious unbelievably bad act. the fact is that something may be unclassified at a given point in time but when the second email matching a second piece of information is put together with the first one, the two of them may have to be classified. so what she did is going to be seen over time as having been absolutely irresponsible and her responses are going to be seen as disingenuous. >> so this is just the latest of a number of scandals really piling on. wouldn't you agree? the washington post today pointing out that hillary clinton earned
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$700,000 the day after telling abc news that she and bill clinton were dead broke after leaving the white house. there was a question from a reporter today -- carry on. sorry. >> go ahead lori. lori: so the reporter asked her today, how can you make so much money and still understand the challenges of working class people? i mean, she has a credibility problem. >> well, it's not osama binonlythat. it's the hypocrisy every time she talks about income inequality. can you imagine someone who earned $26 million in emails criticizing anyone or any system or any party for income inequality. it's just the level of hypocrisy that eventually her base may accept it but the independent voters won't. they'll see right through this. >> do you think this will topple her candidacy for president? >> well i think overall, the fact that she's really not ready from prime time will topple her candidacy.
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>> thank you so much. appreciate your insight this friday night. >> thanks for having me. lori: bellwe will have much more on the clinton scandal coming up later. two and a half months after president obama's bitter public fallout with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, the president is finally trying to make nice at a d.c. synagogue. president obama: the people of israel must always know america has its back. >> is it enough to mend fences? lee joins us. hello sailor. new york city's fleet continues. the th
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gues today. he's defending his proposed nuclear agreement with iran. president obama: i will not accept a bad deal. as i pointed out in my most recent article with jeb goldberg, this deal will have my name on it. so nobody has a bigger personal stake in making sure that it delivers on its promise. lori: obama told the crowd his
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commitment to israel's security is quote unshakable. joining me now congressman lee a member of the house foreign affairs and veteran affairs committee. cochair of the house republican israel caucus. welcome congressman. >> good to be on with you, lori. >> what do you think of the president's comments about reaching out to the jewish community today. did he sell you on the iranian deal? >> no. in his speech he paints a rosy picture as it relates to his policy in the middle east. action speaks louder than words. action and follow through is much more important than anyone's speech. (?) the president's actions with regards to our friends like israel, he's created more problems not less with america and israel. with regards to iran he talked about snapback sanctions as if
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americans are fools. sanctions that take years to put in place you can't just snap back. if the president were serious about combating anti-semitism as he had discussed with strengthening our bond with our strongest ally, with preventing iran from having nuclear capability which is on pace to triggering a nuclear arms race, he would be pursuing policies that that would achieve that result. >> maybe chasing a better relationship with netanyahu. >> he didn't even make reference to the prime minister as far as what you just referenced. the prime minister is in a different league. this is the former special forces warrior who has been wound in combat. served in combat on multiple fronts. he made no reference to the prime minister. he also made no reference to hamas or hezbollah or isis which
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operates just miles inside the syrian border with israel. so there was a lot left that was missing from the speech. unfortunately, i think that we all know that the president isn't serious about pursuing a strong consistent foreign policy that truly lives up to understanding who our friends are and who our enemies are. >> the camp david meeting was last week. right? the goal was to garner arab support. saudi arabia didn't send its top official. so what is the president's -- obviously we know what his goal is. but without support from all these key nations in the middle east. where does it go from here? >> well between now and the end of june this president will be trying desperately to close a deal. he says that the only alternative to whatever deal he presents us with is war. i don't buy that. there is a third option. sanctions are working. iran is at the table. the president may be talking about at the
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table trying to slow down or prevent iran from acquiring nuclear capability. what's not being discussed at the table is iran unjustly imprisoning united states citizens, developing icbms. overthrowing foreign governments. being the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. they're pledging to wipe israel off the map and chanting death to america in the streets. that's coming from the top leadership in iran. so the neighboring countries like saudi arabia egypt the uae they're not going to sit back and let iran acquire nuclear weapons. if saudi arabia acquires it right after, you'll see egypt and uae ramping up their efforts. the reality on the ground between iran and the rising threat of radical extremism is that america is not following through with a foreign policy that understands, if we do not defeat the threat overseas we'll face it at home. >> we'll continue that discussion throughout the show tonight.
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congressman lee, thank you so much. have a good weekend. important stuff there. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe president obama's commitment to israel's security is truly unshakable. cast your vote at the air force thunderbirds giving folks in new york quite a show. they conducted a flyover as part of the fleet week. they flew feet away from one another as they buzzed over long island. the manhattan skyline then along the hudson river. up next, president obama says we're not losing to the islamic state. yet they were still able to take another -- colonel ralph peters on the failing obama strategy next. if you're an adult
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♪ >> the islamic state today advancing in iraq, seizing another town in the anbar providence.
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the radical islamic terrorists -- after local fighters ran out of ammunition and fled. they expanded in syria overtaking a border crossing after taking palmyra in syria. china accusing the united states of very irresponsible actions near disputed territory in the south china sea. china declaring victory after claiming it drove away a us surveillance plane with eight radio warnings to leave its international airspace. we follow china's rapid expansion of a man made island and a military build-up in that region. to join us about china's aggression the islamic state's gains, and the obama administration's strategy for all of it, ralph peters. author of the new civil war thriller called "valley of the shadow." how are you sir? >> i'm doing fine, how are you?
11:26 pm
lori: very well, thank you. the president doesn't believe we're losing the war against the islamic state. you say, what? >> well of course, we're losing the war. we're certainly not winning. lori, i can lay out a few things that i firmly believe. one, islamic state the caliphate is going to be a reality on the ground in what's now or used to be iraq or syria long after barack obama leaves office. two, the military forces of the governments of iraq and syria will not be able to defeat the islamic state. three, if we do not get a strategy for this president does not have one, a meaningful strategy no-holds-barred to defeat islamic state they will continue to spread throughout the middle east. you know doing this stuff is harder than i'm making it sound. but it's that basic. the iraqi syrian governments can't do it. islamic state is growing, expanding
11:27 pm
rapidly. everybody loves a winner. radicals from the west and throughout the muslim world are rushing to join it. and we have no effective strategy. we don't have effective tactics because the airstrikes have not done enough. one last point, if i may, lori, something very i will ill lust triv in the papers about how in november a us airstrike killed two children. (?) my god! we are so out of touch with the realities of warfare, that we -- our media wrings both its left hands over the accidental death of two children, while these monsters in islamic state have slawrd slaughtered tens of thousands of men, women, and children on their altar of a monstrous vision of a god. we're worried about accidents of two kids. war is sloppy. a lot of people will
11:28 pm
die. if we're not willing to do a whole heap of killing against the islamic state, they will continue to -- not only hurt them, but hurt us. lori: is that what needs to happen in the us to win this war? >> i wish i could be a quaker and live in a peaceful kingdom. the only reason there are quakers is because other people have defended them. we have evidence from 2,000 years of history the only way to deal with an out an out-of-control movement of this nature is to kill them and kill them and kill them until the hard-core guys are dead and the half-committed fade off into the desert. that's the only thing that's worked in 2000 years. and we want to talk to these guys? lori: my question to you colonel peters is this: there's so much concern. obviously hindsight is 20/20 with the invasion of iraq after 9/11. now that isis the slack
11:29 pm
state has taken over ramadi and the anbar province and so many of our soldiers have lost their lives. what does the administration need to do? you talked about the desperate need for a better strategy so that american soldiers going into war on this memorial day weekend. right? will be confident in their mission. >> look it's very basic. the united states should never enter a military conflict unless it means to win. if you don't want to do everything it takes to win, stay home. the problem is not that the president has to convince the american people that we need to fight islamic state. the problem is the opposite. the american people have to convince the president, he and the media are the ones that are unconvinced. i mean we hear all these claptrap. you know, we've lived in such safety for so long in this country. despite 9/11. that we've come to believe, oh, you can't put a price on a human life. in the middle east, a human life is cheaper than a fill falafel sandwich.
11:30 pm
we have to fight by their rules not rules concocted on an american campus. >> colonel peters, thank you so much. ever the wordsmith. good to see you. the quoted in honor of those who served. (?) this one from general george patakion. we should thank god that such men lived. we're coming right back. ♪ >> the state department releasing over 800 pages of emails sent and received on hillary clinton's private email server. >> i'm glad that the emails are starting to come out. >> but will it take a toll on her 2016 chances? former clinton adviser doug and matt join us. and there's a real life superhero living among us. yet another person in need of m if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications.
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♪ >> breaking news the senate working hard tonight heading into the memorial day weekend trying to carry president obama's trade bill across the finished line. they are expected to vote on the legislation giving the president so-called fast track authority he needs to cleat a massive 12-nation transpacific trade deal. one that critics say would hurt the middle class. we're monitoring the action on the senate floor. we'll let you know of any developments. turning now to the race for the white house.
11:35 pm
former florida governor jeb bush trying to put space between him and his brother during a new hampshire town hall meeting. have a listen to what he said. >> are there differences? yeah, i mean sure. i think that in washington during my brother's time republicans spent too much money. i think that he could have used the veto power. he didn't have a line on the veto power. but he could have brought budget discipline into washington, dc. >> bush came under considerable criticism to answer whether he would go into the war in iraq. after hemming and how youhawing, he said no. former clinton adviser doug and american chairman and white house political director under george bush matt. matt, to you first. we were listening to those statements and sound bites from jeb
11:36 pm
bush. hemming and hawing. is he blowing his chances? >> i think what you're seeing with jeb bush and what you're seeing with hillary clinton or you're seeing two very good leading candidates who are, you know dusting off some bad answers and some bad moments. the answer on iraq was not a great moment for jeb bush. it is smart for him to focus on the conservative ways that he would disagree with previous republican presidents. with republican congressmen. he has to get to the base of the party and explain to them why he was a visionary governor in florida. i think it's a fair attack. not that it's a fair attack. it's a fair criticism. he needs to stay on this path. >> he has 17 months. what do you think for jeb bush so far? >> i think there's a fairly simple answer to what matt said. hillary clinton is the frontrunner. she has no opposition. as far as i can tell and i may have lost
11:37 pm
count, lori he's got at least 18 prospective republican opponents. the other thing, he's not doing so great in the polls that answer -- as you could hear again, hemming and hawing. and if his best answer is that he's more conservative than his brother on fiscal issues when he's been willing to support tax increases himself has supported both sides of immigration reform it's pretty hard to see where his message is. i'd rather be hillary than jeb. >> i'd be very curious to see the next round of polling with the hillary news. i want to read michael goodwin in the new york's piece. waiting through the daily deluge of -- the litany of her shameful shenanigans resembles the neighborhood crimes reported by cops. there are simply too many to stomach. doug, that's searing.
11:38 pm
>> he's also just wrong. no crimes. no crimes alleged. you may well disagree with what she did and how she did it. to my way of thinking, the american people are far more, i dare say, than michael goodwin. and if she had ethical lapses as it's been alleged that's fine. let that be litigated. she hasn't committed any crimes and there's no showing or allegations that she has. >> matt is hillary clinton beatable or just no matter what happens the frontrunner for 2016? >> it's funny with hillary clinton. a lot of us republicans were worried about her. we thought she was so formidable. then she started to talk. then she started to have events. she went so far to have a press conference. which is one of the horrible moments at the beginning of a campaign that any of us has seen. doug is a pollster. i have respect for him as an analyst. i don't care what the polls are showing right now. what you have to see
11:39 pm
are, are the candidates formulating something that is appealing to voters. what hillary is doing is basically undergirding the theme that people have problems with the clintons. that they are associated with all kinds of deals that are questionable. in all honesty, a bit tawdry, a bit sleazy. this slow drip of these emails. although good to get them out. the slow drip of these new rel vacations will have them talking about these month after month. it would have been in her best interest to tell the first congressional investigation that she had these servers get these emails out a lot earlier. i think it's -- she's reiterating the same themes that got them in trouble in the past. >> we have a gallup poll that says social liberals equals those identifying themselves as social conservatives. 31% even across-the-board. this can't be great matt, quickly for conservatives. right? >> oh, you know, i think
11:40 pm
that this country still has very conservative cultural views. i disagree with doug. i think they have conservative views on the size and scope of government. i think a republican nominee can hit the sweet part. >> with order of the electorate minorities and with those under the age of 40, particularly women, socially progressive it's pretty darn hard given the numbers you cite lori for the republicans to win an election all other things being equal. >> african-americans and hispanics are socially conservative remember that. >> not if they vote republican i'll eat my hat. >> hispanics have been voting republican all across the country. >> how about a beer? >> if that's what you like, you'll get it. >> doug and matt, good chat. thanks guys. be sure to vote. do you believe the president's commitment to israel's security is unshakable. cast your vote.
11:41 pm
this doctor came to a rescue of a woman who fainted in florida. people began screaming for a doctor when he was speaking in a mall. >> you serious? >> so the doctor jumped over a barrier. ran up the mall staircase and helped the woman until she regained consciousness. super doctor. the woman likely suffered an allergic reaction to new medication she had been taking. she did recover. this is the fifth time dr. oz came to the rescue of ill individuals on his travels. and the last time was just two weeks ago on the new jersey turnpike. look at that. still ahead nasa trying to solve a major mastery in space. mysterious lights on the dwarf planet cirrus baffling scientists. the culprit wasn't
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♪ lori: stocks closing slightly lower. was a pretty quiet day on wall street. dow down 54 points. the s&p off five. the nasdaq lost a fraction. volume on the big board was the lightest of the year. two and a half billion shares. for the week, the dow loss less than 1%. the nasdaq and s&p posted gains. joining us now estimize
11:46 pm
senior vice president christie short. thank you for coming in. what's driving markets? >> this week is about the fed. we know that. we got the fomc minutes on wednesday. yellen spoke today. heard more of the same. we gathered there will likely not be a rate hike in june. the markets really liked that. they also had a bullish outlook on the economy. the weakness we've seen in the first quarter is mostly due to transitory factors. the labor disputes on the west coast. the harsh winter weather which we've heard a lot about. yellen seemed bullish that things will improve from here on out. we're approaching full strength. not there. it will take time to have a full recovery. she believes we'll have a good -- >> we were chatting about this in our meeting today saying it's the friday before memorial week. trading volume. >> whenever there's something planned -- whether it's earnings or
11:47 pm
something like yellen speaking. you assume the worst. they're announcing it on this day, trading volume is so light. it was more of a reiteration of what she said on wednesday. i don't think that would have moved the markets anyhow. it was questionable why she chose today. >> so she's reaffirming what she pretty much knew that the economic slowdown is transitory. what do you think that means for the balance bureau? what can growth should we anticipate? >> she felt positive about wage growth. that's the one factor we haven't seen pick up in. unemployment is lower. but wage growth isn't where it should be at this point in the recovery. she says, with some of the plans by walmart and target, these are huge big box retailers that employ millions of people, committing to paying their employees more, she says that's very positive. it means, you know possibly wage growth is on the horizon. lori: i mean that's certainly in the climate. right? we're hearing states
11:48 pm
talking about raising minimum wage. at some point something has to give. >> the labor market is tightening. employees have to pay their employees more at some point. we haven't quite seen it yet in the data. it seems to be on the horizon. the fed is closely tying their rate heightening to jobs and -- >> your expertise is corporate earnings. if i'm buying stocks based on earnings or if that's a significant factor to my investment strategy where are the strongest sectors right now? >> the strongest fundamentals were with health care, financials, and consumer discretionary. revenues down 2%. that's certainly still a weak spot. the top line isn't growing as much as it should be. we are still seeing sectors with strength. a lot of the consumer scarytion names we've been getting this week, the retailer wraps up the season. it's been mixed. walmart, highly disappointing numbers. they are paying employees more.
11:49 pm
the stronger dollar. the stronger dollar having a negative impact. >> christie short, thank you for coming in. a reminder to listen to lou's financial reports three times a day on the salem radio network. well nasa physicists want the public to weigh in on dark spots on cirrus. they took this picture which shows a cluster of white spots on the planet located right in the astroid belt between mars and jupiter. they're asking for the public to weigh in. even vote what they think those spots could be. the options: a volcano. geyser. rock. ice. salt. a salt deposit or anything else. right now other is the most popular choice. well back here on earth, a store clerk in a new jersey jewelry store getting the fright
11:50 pm
of her life after a deer crashed through the store's windows. surveillance cameras captured the animals knocking over a plant. the deer broke through another window and ran away, leaving all the merchandise. a multi state manhunt that stretched from maryland to new york city comes to an end. the search for justice is only beginning. the best attorneys in the biz. wendy patrick and doug burns join me nex
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>> daron dylon wint makes his first court appearance facing first degree felony murder charges connected to the gruesome slaying of a wealthy washington, d.c. family and housekeeper. wint was captured after a week long manhunt. a court document made public today says authorities believe the crimes required the presence and assistance of more than one person. joining us now wendy patrick named one of the top ten criminal attorneys in san diego, and doug burns former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. welcome to both of you. doug, this is a horrendous case. >> absolutely horrific crime. had a case like this up in connecticut. >> yes. >> and the police did a good job. they lifted dna off of a pizza box linked it to him, and also
11:55 pm
his phone basically they were pinging his phone and were able to track him and his movements up north to new york city, and then back. and i suspect honestly couple things, one that the case will get stronger they'll put it together, and two your point they're going to put a lot of pressure on the others to cooperate against him. >> wendy, what are yow thoughts? how long is it going to take to bring justice here. >> this is a cold-blooded sadistic slaughter that had the elements of unsophistication the dna left at the scene the tracking of the cell phone. when you look at it closely, there are elements of criminal savvy that were involved. no signs of forced entry, apparently cameras inside that were disabled and the communications that this man apparently made the family members make in order to keep people away from the house didn't arouse a level of suspicion where anybody called the police. so we really think that this is something that was as a result of great police work not necessarily because it's a guy
11:56 pm
that left too many clues behind. >> fascinating point. what about the other people involved in the case doug? you pointed to hopeful cooperation with the heavy pressure on, you think that will do it? >> we don't know what role, if any, this they played. we have accessory after the fact somebody who participated, you know, the classic law school example. the getaway driver in a bank robbery. and they're going to call him in in no uncertain terms and pressure them to cooperate. but as the other guest says whether it was good police work, bad or indifferent. they have solid evidence. >> this raises red flags terrifying any home owner anyone, you mentioned the case in connecticut as well. is there something as a consumer alert, wendy, that you can ease our fears or give us a reminder to protect ourselves? >> absolutely. lots of families that have safe words. there are communications that were made. there were words used that are
11:57 pm
plea planned signals to call 911. indoor precautions as well. a lot of wealthy families take a lot of the precautions because the perls of wealth lend themselves to people target them for crimes. sadly this is one of the most horrific crimes we can remember taking place in that area. financial crimes take place in all shapes and sizes preplanned things like people like this can do to hopefully avoid senseless tragedies like this in the future. >> talk about ray rice a new jersey judge dismissed the domestic violence charges against him, he dragged his fiancee in the elevator and was suspended. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> $120 in fines and anger management counseling? >> what happened quickly with the nfl is what we lawyers call an analogous double jeopardy point. the commissioner suspended him two games. huge backlash and changed the penalty set aside on the theory wait a minute, you set
11:58 pm
the penalty. he was put into a pretrial diversion program and the criticism somewhat warranted is you look at statistics as i said did juflt quickly, and a small handful of cases get that treatment the argument is he was given special treatment. it's hard to say. but that's the criticism of it. >> wendy, what do you think? special treatment? >> ravens running back to radioactive. with the elevator knockout punch he is a pariah. what is enraging the public is the fact he was treated differently. many call that celebrity justice. he's getting a deal that normal people wouldn't get. after we saw the elevator scene it's hard to understand the punishment he got. we don't know every single fact in the case, and certainly one of the things cited is the wishes of the victim. victims give input but nonetheless a lot of people
11:59 pm
are believing this is nowhere near punishment that fit that crime. >> one last quick statement. >> the celebrity justice argument works in both directions. in other words, they go easy on him he got special treatment, but trying to put a notch on your belt trying to go too hard on a celebrity. it works both ways. >> thank you so much. doug, wendy, great conversation. take a look at our online poll results. yesterday we asked -- and we have a few moments for some of your comments. . >> that doe we will help. that is what we are here for.
12:00 am
>> of course, walks into a bar. the bartender says why the long face? it is offensive. >> we always try to be politically correct. >> i just keep my mouth shut >> because somebody is always offended and in some countries they will kill you. now what has come to america >> shooting outside of a conference center least two people dead. >> but it does not stop racism.


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