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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 26, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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better and cheaper. thank you creative destruction. thank you free enterprise for allowing it to happen. that is our show. see you next week. >> en. kennedy: with a special of businesses every day every day for the past few months to put on your sweater but i cannot think of a stronger place to start as to come by than show in character the powerful agent from on triage. one. >> thank you for having me. this feels right. and every powerful pop
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person needs a good power suits. kennedy: i had questions if you would approve of the earrings. >> that is a high-level of difficulty. kennedy: it is like grey glue guinness. kennedy: i am sorry to have offended you so early. >> happens. [laughter] there is no you can offend me because i do not care enough but when they came to meet that said we need 80 rules to rule by a i said i have 118 and i will shorten the process to crystalize everything i have done that got me to the point that i was not right now.
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kennedy: thank you for this. being such an important part of politics and with the gold nuggets that never the the up a-hole. >> don't leave the paper trail. were well was running the agency i was on the phone with heads of studios to say i am getting not you're not making me a dime on this call. here is the reality. it is okay to be a bully. one if you have what it takes to make a deal. otherwise if you just use of all this oxygen and cannot deliver it is a joke. kennedy: is empty. a man in a powerful soutine and you have to live by that
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gold standard to back that up. >> but money can buy happiness. can it? >> money is happiness. [laughter] the idea to be spiritually aware to begin to challah and living the dream you are kidding yourself. you will sleep your way to a the [bleep] and bottom and you'll wake up in the park it is about 60 miles outside that. and i have paid a lot of sacrifices to know the reason i was not there.
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but the reality is that on the set somewhere. >> to make the deal doing what it takes that is what it is about. that is why i have done my entire career. kennedy: shawn michaels live from the height of stupor to stowe -- super stardom to drug addiction ben came by to show us how he got himself. >> were you just insane? >> in a nutshell. yes. i guess i was not down in the streets. anything like that. i was doing an interview yesterday and i said you
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never made the papers or was public news. and vice said that just made me really good. so it was bad for me. as the bad catholic kid as a military family was certainly my brothers and sisters with their troubles not to the extent of mind. kennedy: one thank you wrote was triple h he did not sound like he was fond of you but did mariel hemingway give you? >> he did. and one year before that as you do that you push every
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but the way. the people that love you the most and help you the most. he was one of them. thankfully it was the public it was private that is why it is so genuine. even though he was still full of the anchored it was different -- anger it was different. but they asked me to come back. but i got there and ended up coming there. not well. all he did was say not in good shape. kennedy: was there an intervention? >> was not a full time with the company. they did say you need to go
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look at rehabilitation. end you could do the test so to speak. but selling used cars for a long time. kennedy: you could say that i am fine. i feel like a dream. >> i was good. so they said i don't thank you have a problem. of course, not. kennedy: but you did. ever since you found god you said to have been preoccupied. on your dad's grave stone says has been, father, a patriot have you been here occupied what people will say about you? >> not people specific but fami.
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for me, my wife and children i don't think i'll have a better game than being a father. but it pays phenomenal if you can learn to appreciate that little boy that changed my life is 15 now. and he is a good young man. you are not going to make me cry. but to go down that road that is all i want i want to be a good dad. kennedy: but that is what got you to change. what do you prefer a bow or a gun? >> it does not matter. i just like to be there. kennedy: what about that dead moose down the river?
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>> first we were dragging him but then he started to drag us. like a 1600-pound animal going downstream. i did okay at first. [laughter] kennedy: i hope the moose forgave you. thank you for being here. shawn michaels. still to come on this edition including my guest will show me a cooking technique i have never been able to perfect plus my other interviews and one of them walks off the set. them walks off the set. that is wonderful.
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♪ kennedy: welcome back to the loan surviving member. he was not the original member but he joined me to spill the beans about the dna and behind-the-scenes spent a great cover. how have you ben? everyone is gone. and have their coast on to do? why write the book now? >> it took five years.
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to thank you can buy it within one week is impossible for you have to have a plan. so 1700's shows and five years it is the most comprehensive ramon's book out there. it is the most comprehensive because i have broached the others. kennedy: what is the hardest the above of ronald reagan or the oecd? >> joe we had an illness later on we realize that the others thought he was doing it just to irritate them but that is what happens when you have ocd but him wanting to bother reagan was his business but he was an admirer of his and that was between johnny and joey politics that was the main topic. because of that they did not talk to each other.
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kennedy: how bad was the on a lot of blood dash animosity between them in your later years? >> this still the same. some people just don't get along but then opposites attract and that is what we do with the music. so we were not unique individuals we were totally different people to affect the music. kennedy: some people feel that you trash every one using their deaths often did? >> no. only one person had a little hissy fit but that was the only bad review from one paper. kennedy: i love the dinosaurs. that is a great record. do you think they were upset
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with that failure of resurgence. >> we're all grateful we did very well. and it continues to this day. but any form of imitation is flattery. so they cite us as an influence so it is great. i am fine with that. kennedy: like your jacket it reminds me of rock-and-roll baked potato. >> it is thermal. you have to be prepared. kennedy: paul grok blitzkrieg get your copy. thanks for being here. especially during the week of the grammys. they did not receive a grammy award will -- will their living but they get a lifetime achievement award. >> that was the five of us.
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kennedy: other icon and johnny rotten from the sex pistols gave me a visit it was a reunion we met more than two decades ago at ntb but that did not end so well the first time when he stormed off the set then but has mellowed since then. >> has been so long the last time we met 21 years ago this month. we had this exciting exchange. >> shut up and let me finish the [bleep] sentence. >> just relax. >>. kennedy: i am not taking any more of this abuse. >> i said it isn't my fault it is not my fault. >> and it is nice to see you.
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>> i have been to college and have written two books since then. kennedy: they give for redirecting already. i was worried. i'd like your book handwriting style is very steamers consciousness. did you record into a tape recorder? >> of budget people were involved to make sure it flows like the way i talk. kennedy: that is a tough childhood and i felt for you. and with your family and the difficulties and to actually enjoy a because you do have that role and to be in charge of the man with that certain imagery and in my
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case in particular the content of the songs and i like what i do. and then to explain that in the book that there is serious problems. >> were you ashamed? >> and to see if i could stand on my own 2 feet. but now the road is clear and so you understand the way i rely on people is the great part. >> you said for five years
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you did not have a memory? you had to rely on the dole to provide that memory to tell you the truth? did that make you distrustful? >> i discovered it was my mother and father and my younger brothers. and others that told lies. kennedy: you said as the lead singer you were miserable by the time you came to america in 1978? >> i did not like what the management was doing. did you ever get the feeling with a whole lot? that since we stopped working.
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then everything has been splendid. kennedy: you want to take off your microphone and leave? we have to go. [laughter] thinks for coming. >> for the 30 seconds. kennedy: it was longer than that. [laughter] kennedy: very peculiar he was. have you ever wondered what happens when we pull out of the studio to blow off some steam? we have some stupid politicians my school reunion. i don't know. who wants to play in idaho? gotta get milwaukee up to speed. we win in flint, we take the lead.
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it's a safe bet. like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. comcast business. [beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight kennedy: every so often the crew here gets a special treat.
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maybe we can go up sought -- outside for what we call "k walking". which superhero for president? >> ♪ ♪ >> superman. he is the best. he is beautiful. [laughter] >> sexy and full of muscle. >> superman. i like jim. -- tim. >> he can see through my underwear. >> hulk it would rebuild our standing around the world. >> "iron man" he is great.
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>> spider-man. kennedy: how do you like me now? >> "captain america". kennedy: exactly. is this my wedding cake? i have been waiting for those. kennedy: we may not be ready yet but there is no shortage of laws on the land. >> would like to buy some eyeballs? eyeballs? ♪ it is illegal to sell your eyeballs in texas. >> i will give them to you for $1. >> do you have $5? i can sell them here. it is your baby.
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in oregon it is illegal to predict your future. but not here. ♪ fix your modeling contract. >> i retired from that profession so please don't. kennedy: you will get married. [laughter] >> he is my brother. >> you will be the late model. kennedy: in new jersey it is illegal to flirt. how are you baby? we are in new york. [laughter] >> is illegal bidding it is america last time that i checked. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: sometimes an issue is so important and earth shattering that it demands a reporter to get the real answers. the rise in the cultural trend is definitely an instance manbun or cinnamon bun? ♪ ♪ >> manbun. >> cinnamon bun. kennedy: do you love cinnamon buns? manbun? >> no. ♪ kennedy: people want to know. >> cinnamon bun. >> cinnamon bun. >> manbun.
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>> cinnamon bun. >> fad is a no-brainer. kennedy: jake to lung all is not that delicious. kennedy: a collection of stories so unbelievable you will thank you have died the very best of "topical storm" is next when my next guest came by he blew me away with his
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kennedy: welcome back to the best of kennedy there is a practice to name hurricane's each season's of the "topical storm" is so big with the same level of respect this was the king.
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>> number one you know, this song. in the taiwan province they had to rename a while before it was determined that a pig fell through the ceiling to the squeals of terror. watch. kennedy: what am i doing here? they evacuated the store and cornered the beast and he had a chinese meal on the house. >> he is eating a chinese meal. [laughter] kennedy: number two. david letterman is the latest post to say for rap -- farewell to his best guest and howard stern was
12:33 am
the latest of the greatest and tried to steal his final appearance with a kiss. ♪ kiss me. kiss me now. kiss me. kennedy: he will go to any staffer in a miniskirt but to get some legendary man ass now he is the con? he is a bigot. number three. all presidential campaigns have office researchers to sticky moments to exploit for the other side. and american bridge is stalking rand paul because it poses a huge threat to
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hillary and the election. one staffer caught between the bridge and the senator. watch. >> this is your state senator [bleep]. >> the american bridge takes of a licking and keeps on ticking. here it is in slow motion. [laughter] kennedy: number four. no matter how gangster you may be when you feel the beat. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: this bird is shaking the tales the other to the next level. when not busy dancing in videos he goes through the trees with his squad he did not choose the. kennedy: t life. it shows him. >> number five these masterpieces were on the auction block last night in christie's in new york including picasso and also these life-size sculptures for the sculpture went out $143 million while picasso was a new world record of $179 million. take that in-your-face. this is a picasso.
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coming up you may remember him as the internet but he is all grown up now. he will pop up here but jonathan is more than another pretty face the unbelievable impressionist
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♪ kennedy: actor jonathan kite dropped by than show a few weeks ago and to the magic of his impressions, we also got to meet the president of the united states. >> you were just picked up for the fifth season. >> incredible. kennedy: is it like really?
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>> the cast of the young and the restless said that. victor newman is in his nineties. [laughter] it is so fine the way that television goes today with internet and a lot of competition so the fact we're on the air is we are so happy. the best job in the world. look what i get to where. is brought to buy 24 our fitness. i like to wear it on a set there is a lot of lights it is grey i don't sweat when i wear almost nothing. kennedy: are you ukrainian? the neck my father is romanian and georgian. kennedy: i am half romanian. >> my mother is our region and danish and norwegian.
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kennedy: gorges. are you a big cabbagy your? >> i love it. kennedy: i'm trying to steer people toward cabbage. >> stuffed and sauerkraut my mother did have that stuff growing up. kennedy: you found you have the incredible gift for becoming other people. i will give you a scenario. been spawned on the back of the sinking titanic. >> i am with you. i will protect you from those icebergs. get out of the way baby. do you know, what i am saying? you know, what i am talking about. [laughter] kennedy: i have never seen
12:42 am
that. is crazy. now what about liam neeson. >> i don't know where you are. i cannot remember where i put you. or you and the cushion of the couch? if you can hear me i will find you. and i will use you to open the car door because rino i am walked outside of it. kennedy: that makes me so happy and he is in a personal tragedy. >> i would love to meet him i know you're watching liam neeson. reach out to. christian bale. >> i will be honest for one reason and one reason only i like chips on my chin a fish
12:43 am
come on. [laughter] but i will still eat. kennedy: it is hard to do welshed. >> it is the myth. it is a scandal. said throw ben -- seth rogan right now i get the hot box. [laughter] remember what they were eating? i had sweaters' all afternoon. [laughter] kennedy: obama says he will not support hillary. >> let me be clear. i will not support hillary clinton and until she pays me the $5 that she owes me. i or her some money for some
12:44 am
juicy fruit i said i will give you the money without interest as a guarantee but i will need the money back for the american people. [laughter] kennedy: he said if she likes it could keep it. >> you have to share a piece with the old man. [laughter] kennedy: i adore everything about you. come back again. >> i.m. yours forever. friends for life. kennedy: ross mathews is turning the ball over the place to the drag raced to his podcast and the red carpet he came here to talk to me and we hit it off quite well. thank goodness we will always have this.
12:45 am
>> i am so excited. i love you. kennedy: i love you. ever since you were on "the tonight show." >> vice started 2001 how about that? almost 14 years? did you ever get to ride motorcycles? >> no. he never asked me. kennedy: did you have a matching helmet? >> of course, . but we never go on the open road together provide love him with all my heart. kennedy: now was a fantastic launching pad. but now drag queen? >> to be 100% committed takes balls to dress up like of lady. not only with discrimination not just the legion but the attitude to entertain people
12:46 am
think it's it is matching dollar bills but it is about to entertain the crowd. kennedy: and it is $20 it is a far more lucrative positions. >> when they win that title and not only get 100,000 but it is quite a career. kennedy: coming up i will show you what happens when we head to the karaoke bar in manhattan from shows like chopped. and the shaft
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♪ ♪ kennedy: as we watched some
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of the greatest moments. i am reminded of the time we would listen to the greatest music hits with a kennedy show at the karaoke blowout. ♪ ♪ what happens when you combine music and friends? karaoke. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we are efficient -- building a new reality show here tonight.
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welcome to fox business team building karaoke exercise. ♪ ♪ ♪ sorry. ♪ ♪ ♪ kennedy: you know, her by
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her nickname of snooki joined me to talk about her book. kennedy: you are the mother of two little nuggets and only two years apart. >> one is three years and the other is six months. kennedy: what do you miss more? sleep bordet drinking? >> both. i did drink a lot. kennedy: day feel like you got it all of? and i started when i was 13 i would steal it from my mother. i cannot do it anymore. maybe if it is wine at dinner i am hong over two weeks. kennedy: did the hormones change to? >> yes.
12:53 am
>> after my kids i could not drink red wine. but i have to schedule then there are people around. >> if i do it is when ibm and lawson angeles not going home to my kids and i am on vacation. kennedy: who is your favorite drinking companion? >> jwow. we are real friends. she is close. kennedy: when you make a life transition sometimes a lot of people are in their rearview mirror. >> i am a godmother to her baby. >> which is kim kardashian? >> we are both black china. [laughter] kennedy: she is tiny. 4-foot shorter than me. and one of my most valuable lessons with our celebrity
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lessons with our celebrity chef taught me how to
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kennedy: a few weeks ago a celebrity chef was your and i worked with alex to learn about her life and career and she nearly made me cry. >> it is a difficult task is to chop the onion. that is why dash i have asked the gallup -- our celebrity chef how to properly atop the onion i always do it wrong. >> it is just not to cut your finger is the objective. and it takes a long time to truly mastered. kennedy: start with the red onion and nobody will know.
12:58 am
[laughter] >> i will cut off the end when i do a very big opinion i tend to appeal that added layer because it is loose and it makes a hard to cut it tight. so you will cut this in half. i will use the two prongs of attack. >> you are doing on some. -- awesome. do not cut all the way to the end but just cut twice through here. make little cuts. not all the way. not all the way. pushed down. see how we don't go to the
12:59 am
end? you got it. remember your fingers? pretend you are an ego who has just landed on a branch. kennedy: this is a great technique i hope my husband is watching. >> now you just push it. >> he said something about takeout. >> do you go to mcdonald's? >> no. but i like you a lot. you are a good woman. cut in this way. >> the eagle to eliot -- tallinn. kennedy: is so beautiful i will watch you everything it about you is it better on tv i did not cry. kennedy: thanks for watching this very special edition
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