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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 26, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> do you have a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we would love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our web site ♪ ♪ kennedy: i bought you a case of the mondays on a tuesday, and tonight i'm sitting back with a tub of virtual popcorn just watching part of patriot act wither and die thanks to the inaction of congress. now, sometimes it's frustrating when congress is so full of can ballistic vitriol, they can't seem to get anything done, but this is not one of those times. it's actually great. senators and representatives did what you did this weekend; they got drunk can, did some shopping for sheets and towels at macy's and forgot about work. in this case, work is figuring out what to do with section 215 of the patriot act which allows for bulk collection of metadata,
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and the government can do just about anything shy of putting a camera in your toilet which i don't think senate majority leader mitch mcconnell opposes. senator rand paul took to the floor in another 10-hour gab-a-thon. >> anytime you give power to the government, they love it and will accumulate more. kennedy: things are about to get pretty awkward for the two kentucky senators as mcconnell and paul sit on opposite ends of the seesaw. paul favors privacy and rationality and the constitution. even ashley judd and a half gallon of maker's mark won't bring these two together. mcconnell wants to throw a hale mary -- hail mary to resuscitate the corpse of the dying provision, but paul knows he has the votes on his side, not to mention an electorate that also favors privacy. spying on people isn't very
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american, mitch. chris christie is also putting his scrambled eggs in the anti-liberty basket. he's been going on a fact-free tear against those who value that annoying old document -- what is it called? oh, that's right, the constitution. >> all these fears are exaggerated and ridiculous. when it comes to fighting terrorism, our government is not the enemy. kennedy: a man whose logic is so wholly compromised, doesn't even deserve a joke about his girth. >> oh, wait, was she a great big fat person? [laughter] kennedy: that is so tacky. stay lazy, congress. in the name of freedom, keep taking that free time. as the nsa winds down, i am willing the double down that allowing section 215 to sunset will in no way compromise our safety. grab some makers, and we can drink to that. tonight on the show, a couple of dea agents were busted
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for allegedly moonlighting as strip club owners. and rand paul's wife kelly is here, i'm going to ask her if he poses a bigger problem for the gop or the democratic opponents. stick around to see which bureaucratic geniuses cooked this one up. glad you're here, i'm kennedy. ♪ ♪ kennedy: oh, president obama, he just cannot pass up an opportunity to try to cobble together something of a legacy for himself. >> today is the first memorial day in 14 years that the united states is not engaged in major ground war. kennedy: yeah, true, but on the other hand, iraq continues to deteriorate more into shambles every single day, not to mention yemen and every other part of the middle east. let's welcome our panel to chew it over, we've got the editor of
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political prospect, it's charles cook, writer at national review -- also the author of "the conservetarian manifesto," and comedian joe devito who will date women in all shapes and sizes. [laughter] so, charles, i will start with you. how wonderfully convenient that people have stopped dying. is the u.s. still at war? >> yes, but he said major ground war. i think what he said was reasonably fair. i'm going to defend the president on one. he has, of course, created a huge hostage to fortune. it was reasonable for him to announce that. kennedy: but is it worth that so he can just make that speech on memorial day? it's really the only time he can trumpet his failed foreign policy. >> it is a failed foreign policy. as i say, he's created a hostage to fortune, but the parsing of the sentence i don't think was unreasonable. i don't agree with the president on foreign policy, i don't like
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the fact that he came out and said that as if he has done something good. it's not unfair. kennedy: is he naive, crazy or a hypocrite? >> he's all those things. kennedy: dial it back, sister! >> i disagree, this is a farce to make this claim. yes, there's no major ground war, but that's because his solution to the problem is to deny its existence. our country's in the most perilous foreign policy territory we've been in since 9/11, and to say there's no ground war, that's denying a problem. there's no ground war because obama hasn't taken the necessary steps. kennedy: is that just splitting hairs? yeah, i think it is. people are still dying, you know? you've got special forces and the cia in harm's way. just because the country doesn't know about it doesn't mean that people aren't giving their lives for these lost causes. >> and the president's engaged in airstrikes, i believe, in seven countries at this point, so you're exactly right. kennedy: do you get special status for that?
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is that like frequent flyer? >> i agree with what you just said, but he didn't say anything false. we are not engaged in a ground war. kennedy: what charles is saying, is he loves his foreign policy. [laughter] joe, who is the president at war with? >> i think he's at war with working on his golf game, he's at war with the gopher from caddieshack. it's not just parsing words because it's not like saying, well, we're not going to have boots on the ground, but they're all wearing easy spirits so you can technically -- ken ken they're -- kennedy: they're not boot, technically. pumps and clogs. >> it was an odd thing to say at a time -- >> again, i don't think it's splitting hairs because in order to make criticism, you have to acknowledge that we're not in a ground war, and then you have to say maybe we should be. but it's not fair to criticize the president for correctly ascertaining the situation which we might disagree with. >> it's a political ploy. this is his selling point, his
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whole point of not leading a contingency in iraq was to say we're not in a ground war, yes, we're not, but isis is in a large part of iraq and syria. kennedy: it may not be a ground war, but it is a poop storm that's percolating. [laughter] and david koch revealed in a saturday radio interview that he and his brother, charles, could spend as much as $900 million in party cash among several gop contenders in 2016. it's too expensive to make sense to normal gamblers, but kochs don't have to worry ant that, now, do they? kaley, why do people hate the kochs so much? >> the democrats dislike them for a reason, because they are important to the republican party, they've pledged to give about $900 million many this race, and i'm so encouraged because they're supporting rand paul, scott walker, jeb bush and -- i can't think ken not your
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boy, mike huckabee, he doesn't make the list. >> hey, that's the free market system. kennedy: social conservatives in presidential races, they are not winners. betting on five presidential contenders, where would you put the money? if you were the second charles koch -- >> right. kennedy: because you almost are, you're charles cook. [laughter] >> which five would i give it to? kennedy: or maybe just one. >> scott walker and marco rubio. kennedy: because they're dreamboats? >> that's my whole thing. [laughter] no, i actually think the republican party is at risk of having too much of a good thing. it's been fantastic they've had so many candidates, they have a deep bench and a real debate which the democratic party's probably not. but 20 candidates is going to be too many. kennedy: right now it's ten solid. not all ten have declared, and four more who will probably get in, so that's at least 14, and that's a moderate estimate. >> the more people join and the lower their chances, the more likely you get someone who goes
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scorched earth and destroys the whole field because they need to make a name for themself. kennedy: donald trump or newt gingrich. let me ask you, would you like to grab a koch and a smile? >> the first 900 million is tax deductible. you're able to claim that when you fill out your tax forms. i think it's great that they're spreading it around, and it's interesting to me how the democrats are going to complain about how this is failure of the system but when george soros starts throwing money, they start dancing -- kennedy: there are plenty of democratic millionaires. >> and they claim that money in politics is a huge, corrupt problem, but let's keep in mind that the koch brothers put in 400 million, and yet mitt romney still lost, is so how corrupt is money in politics? kennedy: maybe they bet on a losing candidate so they would have a writeoff so they really wouldn't have to pay taxes. diabolical, i say. the panel returns in moments the talk about two dea agents who apparently managed to run a
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strip club on company time, making it rain. of course they did. and coming up in just a little bit rand paul's wife, kelly, she's going to take us inside life on campaign trail. she's going to el me if -- tell me if she's worried how life will change if rabid wins. the it's all on the way.
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♪ ♪
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kennedy: oh, you silly girl. welcome back. two dea agents allegedly ran a strip club and even tended to club affairs while on the job. they are charged with lying about the extracurricular activity that put them, quote, in proximity to crime and, quote, at risk for blackmail. that's racist. our panel is back, kaley, charles and joe. so, joe, i'm going to start with you. >> sure. kennedy: if you had to choose between abolishing strip clubs and the dea, which one? >> that's not even close. the dea, gone. kennedy: done. >> along with the nsa. kennedy: yes, the fed? >> all of them, gone. kennedy: joe devito for president. >> we keep hearing about these things -- kennedy: the rotary club? >> the problem i noticed was when they changed their slogan to pimping ain't easy. that was the tipoff. it's like spring break all the
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time for these government agencies, but meanwhile, if you're somebody who needs medical marijuana, their going to come for you. kennedy: exactly. >> if you're an 85-year-old woman putting a little miracle grow on your cannabis -- >> they're going to bust your door down. kennedy: yes. stop and frisk, grand ma. >> get rid of the dea, nsa, tsa. kennedy: the dhs, hhs. so, kaley, we see these -- it's p scandal after scandal, agency after agency. will there ever be accountability? >> no, there won't. look, we see this every day. we see government agents watching porn on the job, we've heard that one, running strip clubs on the side. this is where libertarians have a particularly strong point. there is unaccountability, it needs to be addressed, and it's absurd.
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kennedy: that's absolutely right. charles, will you admit that we've lost the war on drugs and on jugs? [laughter] >> i think we've lost the war on jugs. we've certainly lost the war on drugs. kennedy: thank you. >> this is the problem with government, you have a problem. suppose we believe that drugs are a problem. i don't -- kennedy: conservetarian manifesto. >> but suppose we believe that we have a problem here. by creating this agency, you've created another problem. you saw this at the turn of the 20th century, they said big business is a massive problem, we need to regulate it. so they created big government. kennedy: and antitrust nonsense. >> look at the atf, dealing firearms down to cartels and actually entrapping people, essentially. kennedy: yeah. the dea working with the nsa supposed to catch terrorists, but now they're finding home grown -- >> drugs are a big problem by creating an agency with this much power, you've created a second problem. >> that is, national security arguably, in my opinion, the role of government if there is any role.
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that is it. >> but drugs, you know, the drug war is not national security. >> that's how -- that's debatable, absolutely. cartels running across our border -- kennedy: why are there cartels? because drug cans are illegal. cartels won't be prevalent once we legalize druggings. all right, a new study has found insecure narcissistic facebook users post more stuff. all right, gotta make this good because we're going to be sharing it on facebook later. kaley, what kind of facebook user are you? >> i'm a user that likes to put my thoughts out there, but i'm not really into the selfie aspect. and what really disturbs me, and i hope you two gentlemen are not a part of this is the male selfie. i see it everywhere. it's troublesome. i don't like seeing men take selfies. >> we should all complain about cameras when we're surrounded by them on national television. no, i'm teasing. i do agree completely.
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the thing is it's not surprising because facebook is a narcissistic platform. it's designed for narcissism, and then we complain that people are narcissistic. kennedy: this study that said insecure people post on facebook, what a shock! it's also extroverts, open people, narcissists, neurotics and conscientious people. can't all five post? do you have to be just one? >> i don't know. i only post my pieces and where i'm speaking. kennedy: do you mean -- >> reese's pieces, yeah, that's my is selfie. i'm actually a famous porn star. kennedy: very good. >> that's why i said the war on jugs is not over to. that's the name of my latest movie. i was under the impression this was what this was about. some sort of junket. that's a not british thing. kennedy: has facebook become too predictable? >> i'm a big fan of the milfie, can't get enough of those.
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i think what we're seeing is we have the first generation that was raised to have their self-esteem built up, and we can see what a tragic mistake that was, because they think everything they do is wore sharr people. oh, look, they wrote my name in the foam of my latte. everybody, like this. we don't need -- we don't care. we don't care. kennedy: you know, i think the response of parents to bring their kids down a peg. i think kids have gotten too soft. when you've got a generation of parents running around going you're so special and wonderful, you know, maybe -- >> and i have an instagram account with no photos. what am i going to post? it's going to be me in a dimly lit room with a glass of wine? ken ken that's the cover of your cd. a little later we're going to talk about taco bell and pizza hut swearing off the artificial ingredients. but first, kelly paul, the wife of senator rand paul, i'm going to ask her what the most
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stressful part of the campaign trail is and doesn't she worry what it'll mean for her family if her husband actually wins? stay here.
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ kennedy: kelly paul is on a promotional tour that could be something of a marathon. first, she has a new book out, "true and constant friends," about friends she's kept across three decades since they met in college, but she's out to kencky senator rand paul. kelly paul joins me now. you must be exhausted. how exhausting is it running for president and supporting the man that you love? >> you know, it can take a toll, absolutely. try to have a sense of humor, take my vitamins, meditate, pray, do everything i can. kennedy: what's the secret? what have you found is most effective in helping you keep your energy level and enthusiasm up? >> i think making sure we do have some down time. this past weekend rand and i were both at home in bowling green, my mom and dad came over. we wanted to grill out, but a
10:23 pm
squirrel had made a nest in our grill -- [laughter] we made pot roast instead which isn't very memorial day weekend-ish -- kennedy: it's better than roasted squirrel. [laughter] >> yeah. kennedy: the toughest thing for me if my husband were running for president, i would be super defensive about the criticism. who takes criticism harder, you or your husband? >> probably me. kennedy: yeah. >> i moon, rand's been in it enough now that it starts to roll off, and i'm certainly getting better. i'm better, actually, when i'm out in the thick of it, helping campaign, working on speeches, working with the media team and being part of things myself. i actually find it the most painful to be at home on the couch watching things happen and watching people describe him in a certain way, and i'm not really there. that's more stressful to me. kennedy: no, i can imagine. you know, you're trying to keep life normal at home, but there has to be a sense of helplessness. >> right. kennedy: but you're both really energetic. you obviously have a cause.
10:24 pm
people who watch this show share your cause, they share your passion for liberty. but i think there are a lot of people who think anyone who wants to run for president is crazy. it's not only a daunting task, but it seems like the odds are stacked against you once you're eleed. es tt wory u? ctualy, ur sbanctuly comng esidt? >>wow. younow, i han'thought tha far ahead. [laughter] you know, absolutely. i mean, i see all the things that the president goes through, his family. it's, it is daunting, and i do have some trepidation, but at the same time i don't want to be a person who runs my life based on fear. rand has great ideas, great energy. i think he could be an amazing president, so i'm all in. kennedy: i think that's one of best traits that he's got, is his fearlessness. and when you look at it, when you survey the landscape, who do you think he's a bigger threat to? republicans or democrats? >> i, i don't know. i hope he'll be the nominee, and i hope he'll be a powerful threat against democrats.
10:25 pm
kennedy: i like that he's a bee in their bonnet. those establishment guys are quaking in their boots, and i love that he drives people like chris christie crazy. [laughter] and i say keep going because that's what people obviously want because he's doing better in general election polls than pretty much any other republican, and i think he's got a better shot to take on hillary clinton with his message of liberty, freedom and privacy. and i know you have an incredible network of girlfriends, and your book, "true and constant friends," is about this amazing group of people you met in college. how important are these women to your life and to who you are? >> they are a real sustaining force for me. i think especially in this world n politics when life can be really hard. kennedy: yeah. >> it's wonderful to have friends that i've known since i was 18 years old, who know me for who i am as a person, long before politics, who know rand. and there's a lot of comfort in that for me. those are the friends that i turn to when i need to cry about something, when i need a good
10:26 pm
laugh, when i need someone to just remind me to have a sense of humor. they're very powerful -- kennedy: and people you can trust implicitly. you know, ronald and nancy reagan had the kitchen cabinet. they had their good friends, and they would sit around and strategize together. and i think you need that network of true friends in order to sustain you. i've had the same best friend since i was 11, and we always say love is only chatter, friends are all that matters. if of love -- if you have love, you have friends. and maybe a future president. >> i love it. that's wonderful. kennedy: thank you so much, kelly paul. >> thank you. kennedy: good luck on the trail, and we will keep our eye on the ultimate horse race because 2016 is a long way away, and we'll see what happens throughout. thanks again. >> thank you. thanks for having me. kennedy: indeed. all right. only the government can imagine so stupid as mother s'mores. minus chocolate and marshmallow.
10:27 pm
[laughter] the panel returns to chew on that. but first, a final jeopardy question about religion that gets a kinky answer from the returning champ who seems like the returning chump. can topical storm is next. can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪
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kennedy: memorial day has come and gone, and tuesday is here which can only mean one thing, it is time for the topical storm and for our friends -- [inaudible] top toic number one -- topic number one, we can all get a little territorial from time to time, we know that, and for this green reptilian friend in louisiana, he really took it to the extreme. >> son of a gun. [laughter] kennedy: oh, he got it -- son of a gun. i lo it so much. aye heard of a fender bender, but that is just ridiculous. the fool who took this video got
10:31 pm
exactly what he deserved as he was driving through a field. he was down south, came across this gator just minding his own business, and instead of driving on by, he inched up closer and closer and nearly got skinned alive by the creature defending his turf. the moral of the story, let sleeping gators lie. topic number two, that's right. my god, i love jeopardy so much, it actually hurts. i met alex trebek once, and i was, like, why aren't we friends? i love it! on that show when smart people fail spectacularly, like returning two-day champion. he was asked this toughy about broadway. >> a christian hymn and a jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 tony-nominated musical. [laughter] >> what is kinky boots!
10:32 pm
>> yes, indeed. kennedy: happy kinky boots, everyone. i love the christian hymn,. ♪ kinky boots, jesus loves me in kinky boots. ♪ when i get the big fat toots, jesus loves my kinky boots. sorry. i digress. the greatest jeopardy contestant of all time is not ken jennings, it is this man. >> this is the sound a doggy makes. [laughter] mr. connery. >> moo. [laughter] >> no. >> well, that's sound your mother made last night. [laughter] kennedy: never not funny. i love it so much. it was a toss-up between him and turd ferguson, just so you know. topic number three. admit it, you've done it. you shouldn't have, but maybe you had a few sake bombs and loaded up car for some fast food. of course, it is always a bad idea to drink and drive, but it's a really horrible idea when you're in the bag over limit,
10:33 pm
you load a couple of 12-year-olds in the backseat and take your friend's husband's car. it is a god awful idea when that friend's husband is a sheriff's deputy in maricopa county, arizona. you grab the keys to his cruiser and throw the old siren on just to show off for the guy at jack in the box. well, that's exactly what elizabeth moore allegedly did, and this is the best mug shot we've seen in weeks. [laughter] you can still feel her tears. oh, she's so sad. yeah, it was probably tons of fun until she was nabbed by some colleagues wondering why the company vessel was being used for such a nefarious outing. we've got some arrest video. this is how ms. moore reacted when they threw the cuffs on her. >> enjoy the special sauce. >> do not touch the tower deluxe burgers. kennedy: i'll take it all. topic number four. given the chance to get close enough to an elephant to snap a
10:34 pm
sell my, who wouldn't reach out for a quick snap? here's what you get when you run into the ansel adams of the animal kingdom. yes, as christian leblanc dubbed it, very clever. oh, my gosh, that looks downright like something from my honeymoon snaps. wow, and i wasn't in thailand. yeah, he's the one next to the big-eared shutterbug. the elephant snagged the gopro camera and the new best the cities met in thailand. no word on whether the girlfriend continued with them. [laughter] topic number five, chris pratt may be a marvel superstar, he's a guardian of the galaxy, after all, and he's also smart enough to know how his co-marvelites have all stepped in it lately on press junkets. chris pratt is not taking any chances. he's going on the offensive and
10:35 pm
apologizing in advance before his press tour even starts. he posted this on facebook, quote: i'm not in the business of making excuses, i'm just dumb, plain and simple. i try, i really try. when i do potentially commit the offensive act for which i am now pre-apologizing, you must understand i will likely have been tired and exhausted when i potentially said that thing, i will have had -- said that -- will have had -- crossed the line. i love it. he's already going the say something dumb which makes him pretty smart which is a very intelligent way of going about it. if you have any weird stories you want to see, please tweet me @kennedynation, use hashtag topical storm as kyle did today. thank you, my friend. coming up, we're going to take you behind the scenes of hbo's silicon valley with one of the minds behind hilarious show. but first, taco bell and pizza hut drop the artificial and go natural, are they really there?
10:36 pm
an existential question for the panel, next. the technology changes, the design evolves, the engineering advances.
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♪ ♪ kennedy: know your murphies. that's james. welcome back. how do you ruin s'mores? easy, take away the chocolate. and marshmallow. but why ruin s'mores? because you're a usda nanny-stater. the bureaucrats are recommending strawberries and yogurt. that makes a healthy substitute. [laughter] but that's not s'mores. that is punishment. our panel is back. it's kaley, it's charles, it is joe devito. so, joe, it's this whole government program called my plate, and they try and offer healthy alternatives to bad food. is it my plate or mine camp? [laughter] this reminds me when vegetarians
10:40 pm
make those weird substitutions and try the tell you it's just as good as meatballs, you can't even tell it's made from almond shells. [laughter] kennedy: it's scratching my throat. >> don't call it s'mores. there's nothing wrong with strawberries and yogurt, but if you -- kennedy: yeah, that's a preblended smoothie. if i told my kids, hey, girls, we're going to have s'mores and i gave them this, they'd cry and be psychologically damaged. >> that's identity theft. kennedy: that's exactly right. so, kaley, do you believe michelle obama? >> yes, i do. in this instance -- okay, the usda, the recommendation, that's fine. however, if this translates into michelle obama's soviet-style lunches, that's when i have a problem, or mayor bloomberg forcing the non-mother s'mores n us, that's when i have a problem, when a recommendation becomes a demand. kennedy: if the government has ownership in your health insurance and then they get to
10:41 pm
decide if they're paying for it, they get to decide how you use -- >> that was exactly what i was going to say. the question has to come up, well, why do they want to do this? they now want to save money. they have an interest in you being healthy which they didn't have before, at least not in the same way. i'm from are england, and the national health service does this all the time. for example, the dentists are run by the government, and you go in, and they say how much wine are you drinking? you say, does it matter to my teeth? they say, no, no, no, we just want to know because drinking is bad. well, they only have that question on the thorn because they're picking up the tab. this is exactly what you're seeing now. the more power you give to the government, the more you take from the government, the more they can control you. kennedy: the more they've got a say. when you buy a car, you want to choose the color and the model and everything else, and that's what the government is doing, and that's why they have to get out of health care and your life and your bedroom. taco bell and pizza hut, speaking of which, are the latest fast food giants to remove artificial ingredients
10:42 pm
from their food. black pepper flavor will be replaced with, wait for it, black pepper. and coloring like yellow number 6 will also get the boot. they're hoping will help them compete with rivals like chipotle. charles, removing corn syrup, why they gotta hate on corn? >> so i should say on the yacht set that i don't particularly care what any of these companies do. they're private companies, they can make their own decisions. chipotle example, though, was insidious pause they bowed -- because they bowed to pressure on junk science. they can do that if they want, but if we're going to see this sweep across the fast food world, we should at least insist they're not talking rubbish, and they were in chipotle's case. kennedy: it's just marketing, and it's stupid. joe, when you go to taco bell at two in the morning, respect you too drunk to care? >> you really are. it's frightening to think they're taking out coloring that that's the more palatable looking version --
10:43 pm
[laughter] yes, this is all nonsense because when they have those commercials that are open til two, what they're really saying is, hey, you're waisted, come scrape your car door against our drive through window, and enjoy. see if you get home alive. kennedy: we'll throw it at your head. >> hating on taco potential my good canness. this is my favorite restaurant. they're in a real marketing quagmire if they start changing what they are. you're not whole foods, you're taco bell, and i love you, and stay that way. kennedy: tonight kaley's talking points brought to you by conagra food. [laughter] >> i used to believe in you. >> i'm fed up. kennedy: you're fed up from the head up, man. i know exactly how that is. speaking of american, in japan karoshi means death from work. take some more vacations, bro. suicide is still major problem in that country.
10:44 pm
more than 2,000 people a year reportedly kill themselves for reasons linked to work. half a million people signed a petition last year calling for more government action. exactly what we need. kaley, don't they have too many days off already? >> yes. they have 16 days off, 18 holidays, i believe it is. i mean, come on, you have enough vacation. the real problem is in this country where 40% of people don't take vacation days they have. it's ridiculous. americans need to take a break, japan needs to work a little more. kennedy: but many this country, people don't kill themselves like -- it's a cultural cannily valid thing to do and insurance policy, you know, will pay your life insurance if you take your own life. and over here it's not as cut and dry as that. it depends on the plan. but there is a cultural value to ending your own life. it's honorable. >> yeah. i think there's something with the japanese where they don't do half measures well. they need a government program to tell them to go home early or they're throwing themselves out of windows in anticipation of a giant moth attack.
10:45 pm
[laughter] i wouldn't do that because i think if you're jalapeno these, when you come back from that vacation, there's a robot at your desk, and it's not -- kennedy: you just said probut. charles, another thing they do in japan which i think we should value in this country is you have to go out with your boss after work, and you have to get drunker than your boss. whoever gets drunkest wins. do you have that at national review? >> it's a lunchtime event. [laughter] that's why our afternoon coffee is so interesting. [laughter] kennedy: that's why i always read nrl after 3:30 p.m. >> those 7 p.m. columns -- [laughter] >> nrl after dark. >> walking to the white house. [laughter] that's how i write my afternoon column, a special tongue ink. kenmen ken you lick it, you buy it. [laughter] >> he can't read it because he's, you know, he's on floor. [laughter] kennedy: he's swim anything a
10:46 pm
puddle of his own sick k and that's why we love him. >> i don't want the government deciding when and how people should work. even if i agree with arguments in favor of time off, even if i do, i don't want the government making that decision. i want my lunchtime drink, i want my afternoon column, i want mytongue ink. kennedy: he's a man of the world, by gum. well, kaley, charles and joe, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. kennedy: i have enjoyed it more than the swing over the piano at tommy lee's house. it's absolutely true. coming up, the things 2016 candidates are hawking to make money. but first, one of the minds behind the hbo show "silicon valley" that pokes fun at world of start-ups and giants like google. he is here, he's on the way. stay tuned.
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>> silicon valley is a cradle of innovation. >> your impression blew our engineering team away. >> we have the resources to take what you've done to the global level. >> i'm going to give you $200,000. >> clash 10 million. kennedy: oh, god, i love that show so much. that is from the very smart, very popular, amazing show on hbo, "silicon valley." my friend clay tarver writes on the show, and while i love his work, he's also written for film and played the guitar in bands like bullet la volta and chavez. >> yes. kennedy: is that matt sweeney? >> no. that's me with the long hair though. kennedy: nice work, clay. >> shoeless, i believe. kennedy: wow. you also might remember the
10:51 pm
character clay created in the '90s, jimmy the cab driver. welcome, clay. >> nice to be here. kennedy: i marvel at your career. i mean, we're going to talk about the music in a little bit. >> sure. kennedy: how did you get involved with "silicon valley"? it's the only show other than survivor that i watch. >> really? you still watch survivor? kennedy: i do. >> that's amazing. i worked with mike judge for many years on the feature side, although can we reveal the conflict of interest, that i used to be your producer at mtv? kennedy: yes. and you were my conscience. you would keep me in line, and when i would say impulsive things -- >> like. can i pay you back? kennedy: go ahead. >> i got in a hell of a lot of trouble when you said "bite my [bleep] [laughter] if you get in trouble for this, good. you were 19 -- kennedy: 20. >> virginal. kennedy: exactly. a flower. >> you've changed.
10:52 pm
kennedy: well work i've had children. hopefully, something has changed. i knowingly brought them into world. and you helped bring silicon valley into the world -- >> nice segway. kennedy: how on earth to you get those references? >> well, i didn't know anything about it when we started. i don't think any of us did, and i didn't want care about it at all. kennedy: and hen the more we did research by reading books and going on trips, it's still getting sort of confused -- we have a very solid, excellent researcher named jonathan doughton and just the more you pick into that world and look into it, the more interesting it becomes because i think mike always wanted to do the show because it's like people having this crazy amount of success, and they're the very same people who are least prepared to deal with success. kennedy: yeah. >> which, you know, is, obviously, a good target for comedy. but then just the scale of it is insane. i mean, you look in the money that's being thrown around, and it's like -- it makes all of
10:53 pm
this it's, entertainment stuff -- kennedy: it is nothing. >> we are idiots for doing this. we should be coming up with apps. kennedy: it's like hollywood used to be that place, d.c. was that place for power, hollywood for fame, but now silicon valley is that for money. >> it's crazy. and i've found that it's a little bit -- they don't really know quite the language to make fun of it yet and so it feels really good to be able to really stick to the facts as we know it -- kennedy: yeah. >> you know, if you just kind of present them for the most part and tell the a good story and all that, but it's really illuminating. kennedy: well, i'm surprised that a show like this didn't exist already. i guess that's when you know a show is really good and destined for success. why didn't they think of this sooner? is. >> yeah, i know. kennedy: i love the characters on the show because you're either pulling for them because they're underdogs, but even the villains are hysterical. >> yes.
10:54 pm
it's all -- i mean, the world is, like almost everything we pulled where you look at it and like, oh, come on, that's not true -- kennedy: 100% true. >> almost. kennedy: even terms like unicorn and moonshot. we only have 30 more seconds. >> what? kennedy: i know, it's so rude. your first band, bullet la volta, your record came out the same day as never mind. is there anything about that that's a good thing? >> i think the career, i think it was a little bit better than ours. [laughter] kennedy: it was either them or you. >> yeah. that's binary choice everyone's faced with. a really bad run binary choices. kennedy: you are my friend. i'm so proud of you, clay, thank you. >> thank you for having me. [laughter] kennedy: coming up, ever wonder what hillary slips into to get more comfortable? of course, gross. might be that pantsuit t-shirt, 2016 swag, it's tonight's nightcap. stay right here. g formula.
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[ man #2 ] finally, i said enough's enough. [ woman ] i'm nourishing my body from the inside out. [ man #2 ] with things found in nature, not made in a lab. [ male announcer ] introducing the nutribullet rx. >>
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>> let me make co pay cocktail. there are plenty of things to buy in the 2016 political merchandise character -- territory not even halfway through 2014 olivetti there is the inundation of campaign crap but entire generation to into believing the politics that one candidate would be the savior now no one dares make us stay and with a flag hillary knows she is mocked endlessly trying to beat people to the punch and it falls flat. but she has clever items like the everyday pantsuit teacher.
10:59 pm
and another is the thrill palo a woman's place is in the white house. the you could not get me to vote for her regardless of gender. rand paul has some items like is i chart because he is in i dr. and celebrate -- so late deliveries hard drive at $99 the nsa knows i bought the rand paul t-shirt in the bumper sticker that says liberty not hillary but could be repurchased -- three purpose for any of the candidates and also so far all birdie sanders has with chris christie is this what.
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[laughter] follow me on twitter and facebook. i am your servant i will see you tomorrow night. night 6:00 . can't watch it. dvr it. now, lou dobbs. lou: goodv lou: good evening. i am lou dobbs the militia is watching a major military operation trying to drive the islamic state from the western and bar province to take the city of ramadi it comes today's after defense secretary carter said he military commitment of the iraqis that they had no will to fight we take up the islamic state advance to talk with retired general scales also a record-breaking month of violence in the poorly serv


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