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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 28, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks for watching "strange inheritance". and remember, you can't take it with you. kennedy: and happy friday eve. let the mudslinging began. a collegial pursuit for the gop until senator rand paul put the republican party and notice, got everyone on the defensive with this exchange >> isis exists and grew stronger because of the hearts of our party who gave arms indiscriminately. just a little bit to set off
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a firestorm of criticism. the "wall street journal" train their fury lasers. saying yesterday. kennedy: is the perfect example of why he is unsuited to be commander-in-chief. men and women in the military trying to fight isis and sen. paul is taking the wii we said to her weakest most liberal democratic position. no, loosen up. a little bit of analysis. the reason the establishment is up in arms is because he is right. the gop can only get defensive command that is pretty much why every republican candidate has admitted going into iraq was a bad idea. it has been a failure command you can argue all you want about the surgeon withdrawing troops and status of forces agreement,
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but regardless of how we got here the place is a mess. americans no it, and no one has a clear strategy clean it up. aggression has not created stability, and you can sergio garcia all you want, it won't make a lasting difference. it will get difference. it will get americans killed, and is too damn expensive to maintain. take syria.. take syria. if lindsey graham had his way we would have bombed the sod. it would have pressed the country in the chaos and the klein making their job that much easier. now we want to help's. that makes a ton of sense. so easy to so easy to draw clear conclusions. if john mccain had his way he would carry lindsey graham around. divisions have to be fleshed out. the choice but best the pop open a can of kentucky will pass.
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>> if you want to throwdown, fine. kennedy: hello. getting bloody this early. it beats the hell out of being polite and continuing down the same beaten path does a real bloodshed and costing american lives. tonight here to share his report on the corridor of pain. he will describe for depressed cities. plus,. plus, what keeps you up at night? fear of natural disasters or another outbreak of ebola. stay tuned for a panel segment that will keep you sleep is for weeks. and then the highlight of my week, your viewer mail. i'll share your messages. tonight might get a little nasty. ♪
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kennedy: another day another republican or six enter the race for the white house's. today it was former new york governor george pataki. yesterday rick santorum jumped in which brings the total count of republican candidates up to 896. somehow we will have to narrow the field. let's talk doubt panel. cohost of redeye and correspondent on the show the race sunday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. arthur of dear reader all about north korea. a licensed to ill and he writes about it everyday. comedian and host. hi, panel. welcome aboard. so how are we going to narrow this field down? >> good old-fashioned duel.
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i don't think you need to. i like the big field. as competition. [laughter] you want the competition. this is a big job. it's good to have a bunch of people in the mix pushing people to limit. limit. as the presidency of the united states. it is not a useless job like polly's eye professor. you need to be get this job. teesix there aren't that many people who are really get at it. seventy-five people or even a dozen. >> but you don't know until the process plays out. >> is just like when you're watching american idol, the 12 people versus the five people. i don't know who to vote for. zero wait. people don't really get jazzed about it until there are five really great contenders. kennedy: it can be overwhelming if there are too many choices. >> bernie sanders talking about deodorant.
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poor economic policy to say proliferation of choices is bad, but here i think too many presidential candidates makes hundred children. >> i think we should put him on an island like survivor and have them vote each other often cited off. don't you want to see rick perry doing puzzles? kennedy: the alliances would be interesting. i would like to see that. kennedy: can you imagine? it would be just like survivor. >> that's what i said. [laughter] >> i just i just think it's good all around. it is ironic. their mandate has to be only the strong survive. kennedy: that is actually not what evolution means at all. that social darwinism, and it is not an acceptable metaphor.
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the me get a better one. remember obama? >> yes. everybody. you know. he gave us a phone. >> so hot. makes those governments subsidized phones available to the poor. those that allow those that allow program participants to apply the discount a stand-alone high-speed internet service. in this program goes back a long way. it is not like obama invented it and said let's go to poor communities and give people free phones. this goes back to reagan and bush and everyone else. >> if you subsidize something you will get more of it. do we really need more people yapping on their cell phones? i think we should have some kind of program.
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have a nice peaceful a nice peaceful country where people keep there mouth shut. >> i think it's fine. i have a problem with this idea of digital the quality and expanding it. one thing that low income people need is the internet. what are they missing? reruns of dukes of hazard? i don't understand why is necessary. >> it's important. a lot of job interviews and applications. but if we do this obama will be responsible for the death of the public library's. free internet. kennedy: they have free internet at places like starbucks and mcdonald's. maybe we should just bypass and give everyone a free macbook 12-inch. given the extra billions and billions of aol cds.
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>> cd-rom. you think that they should go further. >> everyone should get an hbo go account. that will improve your life. >> or you could be disappointed. >> i learned so much from the show. studies show that the internet actually as to depression. we just adding to the person? >> look, the woman seemed perfectly happy. screaming about her cell phone. i just don't think that adds anything to your life. i
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understand on some level it may possibly help you get a job, but i think that's the small percentage of people. >> you sound like a condescending old man. what about dating? [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> that is something that you can #in use for later. we love our love our panel. they will return to tackle apocalyptic earthquakes and anything else that has to do with mass casualties. and then visiting for cities between washington dc and new york city. they share a little and common with the two centers of power and wealth. a very unique report in a moment.
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kennedy: that is my voice. hollywood's latest disaster movie. the big one hitting california. a 93 percent chance in the next 30 years. la mayor hopes this film will serve as a wake-up call to be prepared. our panel is back. so the best way to prepare being hysterical? >> of course. you want fear.
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i think that the mayor really just wanted to go to the film premiere. he one of the walked the red carpet. rub elbows with the celebs and write it off. he took his little autographed book. he had to make the platform out of it. doing some work advising. the the only way you can justify the expense. should he have gone further? >> i think it's great that he takes this harsh political stance being against earthquake's. this is the board leadership >> the pro- earthquake crowd >> the.that is funny. you you don't want to be high and dry. nowadays in los angeles you don't have a choice. to me it's like this movie
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allows you to be prepared. it is like mad max allows you to prepare for the importance of road safety. it's a complete disconnect and i would rather see him elected leader looking dollywood to lead and educate the public. he really should be talking about important things. that should be his focus. if this movie prepares you for one think it's really bad acting. a lot of people just yelling run. why are you running? as we are preparing for disaster, bill gates disaster, bill gates was asked what he sees as the greatest worldwide threat. >> i rate the i rate the chance of a nuclear war in my lifetime as being fairly low. i rate the chance of a widespread epidemic far worse than ebola in my lifetime as well over 50 percent. kennedy: he says about 33 million people could perish at the hands of one
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of those widespread epidemics worse than ebola. tens of millions of people, that's people, that's hardly a drop in the bucket, spanish flu killed 28 -- sorry, it killed 28 percent of the population. the killed about 25 million people. that was a 3rd of the population at the time. an epidemic killed 32 million people it will be sad, but it would only be half a percent. >> these things happen before we knew about hygiene the real big threat is the heart attacks you get when your computer goes down and you're wondering if your data is backed up. that's happened to me twice in my lifetime. kennedy: is that when you switch to mac? >> i haven't. he can afford to say this and not panic. when it hits he will be protected. will be rating his personal biodome. kennedy: he has a $60 million house.
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>> he could take care of the people but putting them in a sterilized bedroom and is mentioned. >> but you actually say the fact that we don't see each other much is what will save us. >> for sure. you you take care of a sick family members'. i don't war you. we try not to interact. i think that he just needs to spend some of that money on xanax and relax a little bit. he's a little bit. he's worrying. $70 billion. >> it dispenses whole day reminding us to update our off microsoft office. he needs to come up with a plan. to scare people. if it hits i get nothing. >> all he proves is that he is becoming the next howard hughes. >> only without the interest. kennedy: later in the show
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donald trump knows how to take care of isis, but there is a catch. tonight's topical storm. several cities that are all just a short train ride away i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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>> washington dc and wall street, the powers of american power's. the business train departing hourly the connection. two of the wealthiest centers in america the train makes for shortstops upward. these cities is to be rich. now they are among the most poorest and violent in the country, the corridor of pain. kennedy: who knew. it's what exactly is going on and what else we will see the americans. hello. >> have to come in there. just staring at this lens.
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teesix my. kennedy: my eyeliner looks good tonight. you would totally dig it. >> i can't see it. kennedy: burgundy with blackwell a cult to the black leather collar. >> strapless? so let me ask you, how bad is it? >> it's like all the rest. you know, is the east coast. we used to be rich and we are not. the reason i get on the train is because rand paul says his train didn't stop in baltimore. the city that needs a leader , he can't step in and be a leader for the fact that his train didn't stop there in wilmington and philly, one of the most poor and has one of the highest rates of people making 25,000 less in newark, he had to explain that. detroit is not alone. these cities are on the ropes. the schools are horrible.
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>> you are from detroit. you have seen that city in slow freefall. how do they fall apart? other suffering from the same thing? >> in many ways yes. i mean,, they used to make real things. they are gone. take delaware, the second-highest job growth is the banking industry, the credit card companies. the highest job growth is fast food. you're getting this thing going on. you look at the cities, maybe some of it has to do with race, maybe a lot of it does, a lot of it has to do with economics, nothing to do and nowhere to go. kennedy: was surprised you? >> what surprised me. what surprised me, i was in baltimore. three days after's the thing is burning. three cups come up.
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just the belligerence. get the f office corner. he tells media of the corner and he realizes what is going on. i'm just thinking, it's rough out there, but these guys are close but they're like a million miles apart. it was just a weird seeing. kennedy: more scared of a cop with the drug dealers? >> i i wasn't scared of anybody. it's my country. i'm not scared of anybody. what is is. on is. i'm not scared. i understand what everyone is doing what they are about kennedy: i i think that is only what keeps you safe. if he showed fear and you got into a pickle it would be a very bad ending, but the fact that you are fearless and just want to tell people's stories is why
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your show is so compelling. >> thank you. i will see you in person one day. >> i hope so. don't get off. men. well, coming up, a new romantic comedy with a seemingly innocent title that has come under fire. the panel will give their review. some exciting news if you're a college student. i'll tell you what that is in the topical storm next. automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting,
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♪ kennedy: add vodka, sugar command: limit cello. topic number one may be a deeply arousing freak of nature, but nature, but sometime's despite his inviting parker you can help but keep the crazy from falling out the slips. trump and his want have
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found a way to give isis the thump. let him tell you. >> i do know what to do, and i would know how to bring isis to the table are beyond that defeat them quickly, and i'm not going to tell you what it is. one of the problems. i don't want to. my way or the highway. it's a secret. and obviously we need to amend the constitution to allow for a special election so we can get him in office next week so we can tell us all about his secret double secret isis eradication plan as the only way. everything coming up roses for lindsay lohan and vodka binges and precancerous moles. finally off probation. it has been a seven-year odyssey odyssey for the once innocent disney star who now
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when when everyone is good and loaded. what a brilliant marketing idea. reach out to the kids who are too drunk. that will send them running south of the border to think outside the bun in no time. this, just imagine, you planned it for weeks but made to fatal mistakes. you left the gate open and but bakewell tarts for dessert. that is what this hungry guy is eating in this video. what is that? it is a badger. badgers love the sweet treats. a local delicacy. chapter by chapter by the resident after he awoke to the sound of a brazen badger very lucky that the creditor ran off. had it been had it been a honey badger things might not have been did so well. you know. >> watch this. honey badger don't care.
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it takes what it wants. [laughter] we don't need that stinking badger. number five, the story comes to us from a viewer. matt kirin, a couple of florida mugshots to make your night right. that is her last name for real. arrested and charged with aggravated battery. they got into a brotherly tiff and started lobbing bricks at each other. that gave him a nasty cut. he retaliated. like a modern-day romulus and remus, the 20 brothers found cycling office shewolf 's after they were abandoned. romulus beamed remus in the head and killed him. coincidence? also found drinking sweet
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note from a lady canis lupus >> believe it or not. kennedy: if you have any weird stories all you have to do is find me on twitter. use the #. coming up. we hope you made it out alive. distracted walking needs to real injuries and national scourge. they return. very upset about a new movie by the name hello ha ha. come on. chill out. don't go anywhere. ♪
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kennedy: your adidas. welcome back. you may remember the surveillance video of a woman texting while walking. there she goes. >> every time. >> one minute she is typing. the next she is taking a swim. it may seem like a strange occurrence. a new study says it is not. the national safety council said it has been a dramatic rise in the number of people entering themselves while walkg and talking on their cell phones, 11,000 injuries including broken bones, strains, and concussion -- concussions. kennedy: i like the way you say that. it's operatic. i will record it for you. you go. >> of course. i walk everywhere.
10:39 pm
i get bored as i'm walking. i want to see what's up on social media. takes a while. >> a homeless man. whenever i cross the street i don't. drivers and by creditors are really dangerous and sometimes they don't pay attention, and that's the issue. don't do it then. >> a lot of these injuries happen in the home. a be your phone is your biggest problem if you don't remember where you left the stairs. literally people, 80% of the entries were the result of falls and 9% suffered serious concussions and things like that. none of these people walking to the library to read. >> and i don't welcome it. i don't celebrate it, but the 5th leading cause of death in this country is
10:40 pm
unintentional injury. intentional injuries were the 6th leading cause. >> suicide. putting it high up there. we have always talked about how technology is making the difference between reality and virtual reality fall apart. thanks to these phones everyone has become a sitcom from the amusement's. you just sit there and laugh >> testing -- texting all the time i understand. no one wants to be around you. >> distracted walking. you know. i am so clumsy. it's true. no. no. i actually broke my femur. that's another story for another day. not this one. romantic comedy starring
10:41 pm
bradley cooper. it will hit theaters this week. watch. >> stomping ground. >> i want to introduce you to your air force liaison. >> good morning, sir. kennedy: some hawaiians are upset about the title saying is disrespectful and exploitative to use the island sacred word. don't you love it when people are preemptively offended? no one has seen the movie but all of a sudden everyone is up in arms. >> let's have a meeting to be offended. hello half. i mean,, there talking about our sacred word commander going to make a lot of money off of it. we we make money off sacred things. a trademark is nothing sacred's. it's put on t-shirts. kennedy: you are so racist.
10:42 pm
>> i don't i don't care for the skirts, the pay, the diabetes. kennedy: fan sections. but you actually like the idea. another minority being shown here. >> a lot of people are complaining. 30 percent of the population is caucasian. the film is showcasing a minority group command we should be applying them. kennedy: you love hawaii. >> i'll say it. if you are getting offended the movie is using white. you need to get laid. teesix well done, sir. >> , sir. >> is talking about a string of flowers around your neck. everyone has to go visit. i may have to reconnect with the earth and the spirit of aloha which overtakes you. a picture of a bride and groom. google that. your not going to be able to see it. a picture of the groom and the bride.
10:43 pm
can't viral. they appear happy. they. they looked on as a guest proposes to the maid of honor that happens to be the bride's sister. they are pretty close. the bride insists it was her idea. a debate has erupted about whether or not this is cute or completely unfair to the bride's. what do you think? >> hell no. you don't wear white. you don't interrupt is a joke. if you are a guest. you don't and dropped when the priest says does anyone object command you don't propose. i originally thought this was a hoax. you look at those. even i can't act that well. >> i mean, to spend all that money on a wedding and then be upstaged, i would get back at them.
10:44 pm
when they got married i would conceive at the head table the wedding. see what they are wearing? they don't need a wedding planner. they need a makeover. clearly this guy is giving her what she wants which is attention at all cost the matter what anyone else does that's what every woman dreams of. teesix to you believe the bride? this is my idea. i love my sister. >> absolutely not. literally thousands and thousands of dollars was spent. i would throw the bouquet through that bridesmaid. i would literally go nuts. [laughter] >> you like that. >> you would be like, it's so cute. he would be fire from your eyes. >> add so many people at my wedding. i was looking good. yeah. sexy sexy day.
10:45 pm
>> i would marry you so hard. was a strapless? >> are you asking about our wedding that? >> no. >> i didn't go to the wedding night. >> this is a family show. >> aloha. aloha. >> and that means goodbye. >> my new movie. no one is going to like that >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> lovely and perfect as always. >> strapless. >> i'm not. you might want to think about grabbing a cold one. first, ecstasy, the party drug. could be a surprising breakthrough for a number of serious conditions. clinical trials have been approved. one of the experts is here.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ kennedy: welcome back. there may be a new drug. i drug is ecstasy, the same one that became popular in the 70s and 80s. now a team of psychotherapists hopes that the psychedelic club drug could be a knew wonder drug and have permission and funding the start trials. executive director of the multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies. >> very good. thank you for having me. >> i encourage people to read about your story and the decades relentless pursuit that you have had trying to legitimize the research using psychedelics
10:50 pm
and therapeutic settings because it is important. it has been quite a struggle a huge part of it. tell me about the goals of this specific study. >> the study we're starting in san francisco is about people who have life-threatening illnesses and a anxious about dying. he can help people to face difficult emotions and we are doing work with autistic adults' and our main focus is on posttraumatic stress disorder. mdma assisted psychotherapy is the treatment. it can help a wide range of disorders. but we are also starting a new study with couples therapy. the 1st time that both members of the couple get mdma as well.
10:51 pm
kennedy: that is interesting because there is a bonding element. and i'm glad that you were clear. people have to realize it is not like you will just be able to go by handfuls of ecstasy at cvs and start downing them the junior high school students. this is in a therapeutic setting, and these are guided sessions. the work that you guys have done with veterans of ptsd has been profound. so how hopeful are you about a bar application? >> i am extremely helpful. i did my phd at harvard. i focused on i focused on the regulation of the medical use of psychedelics and marijuana. we have a terrific relationship we have built up with the fda. starting and 92 they change their policy and said that they would stop prohibiting research for schedule on drugs and start permitting it and they would evaluated with the same standards that they evaluate any drug from
10:52 pm
big pharma. through donations that we get from over 2,000 members and through our volunteers and then we have hired people that have worked for novartis, consultancy used to work for dea in fda. i am very hopeful that over timewe l e be toet mdmaappov a escrtionedine. r rren prectis are 2021. then we anticipate that over the next ten to 15 years we set up a network of psychedelic psychotherapy clinics and they would eventually be thousands of them. kennedy: one of the ways to treat ptsd that is far less expensive than the traditional therapies that have been used. it has such an incredmuch pushback? >> well, the pushback is declining. i think through richard rockefeller, chair of the
10:53 pm
board of advisors of doctors without borders and his cousin the recently retired senator worked to help us build our relationship with the military, the department of defense and the va's. now we have their support. there was an article in the sunday san francisco chronicle and the quote from head of the national institute for mental health endorsing research and from the director of the veterans administration national center for ptsd. we're not really getting regulatory pushback but some people are concerned that the education to young people about the dangers of these drugs would somehow be compromised if we talk about and permit the therapeutisee thh medical marijuana. forty years of suppression of research and the government monopoly on the supply in order to try to
10:54 pm
block therapy studies to keep this message. my basic view is that we have to have on us education which can be about both risk and benefit. i am careful to say it is not the mdma. mdma assisted psychotherapy. kennedy: i think it is time to have a sophisticated discussion and really find the benefit without the hysteria. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> hope you will come back. coming up. night. ♪
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increase choice because of lower cost. any idiot can see that except for my blinders on. okay. there is more. i am a libertarian. i resent when you accuse michelle obama of forcing the people to accept her nutrition plan's. that is a disgrace and you should be ashamed. i would like to give you some nutritional advice. i i invite you to eat a bag of dick's. i really like the light side of the very serious news of the day. keep it.
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jim thorton wrote here with is as dry as a butter been in the fall. vegetarians eat butter beans? you are a mess, but a really great one. this is a two-way camera. let me have it. he wrote dumbest show i have ever seen. waste of electricity. concerned about conserving energy. i will send this all off with some breaking news. it was me i let the dogs out you can always follow me on twitter. please don't forget, this very important programming note. remind yourself of our show
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is moving to a new time on monday. monday. we will now be seen at 8:00 p.m. eastern 5:00 o'clock pacific. i will certainly see you then. thank you for watching. good night. day. keep it here on fox business. lou: good evening, everyone, i am lou dobbs. the obama administration has begun another of its patented political policy reversals. these obama reversals are called flip-flops are pivots, it changes of heart or circumstance. this time the obama regime changes the changes in the islamic date are operative. the president and his administration are desperately trying to distance themselves from the war against the islamic state. the president's top spokesman insisted that the


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