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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  June 1, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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and join this conversation, so please reach out to me on twitter trish reggen as well as my facebook page, all right here we go one hour ill the close of trading liz claman is over all over it. >> watching big rally as has warren buffett funnelly had enough? ceo jordan has fell abruptly stepping down as he loses two year battle to come to a agreement with a fox business union. following both sides since involving buffett ownership company that celebrity and sports stars love to use. what is next for buffett's baby. just make america less safe or is he right on track? the national security agency suspending the controversial phone records surveillance program but did our government just trade or security for our freedom? just so that we can speak on the stone? we're going to dive deeply into this issue and five year ago some called this man crazy
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betting on what many consider the bad news bears of basketball. now peter and his business apartmenter in jay cons has the last laugh in decades. on plans to win it all. it is the last hour of trade, the folder on the charts so let's start the count down. here we go with breaking news witnesses major market turn arpd that started 12:17 p.m. eastern time but why indecisivenesses dow crossed unchanged line 36 times before breaking outs to upside. rights to the floor show. the group right off the bat joe, i need to know from you what happened to 12:17 and saw the
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shift. >> going on in the global economy. everybody this week has been focuses on europe and greece and lack of information we're getting there is adding good fuel to this fire that we're seeing here. yes there's been a lot of volatility on markets up 150 down 150. but in a week like this, where we've got a large economic calendar especially ending off with unemployment number at the end of the week investors waiting for something to give them a reason to get into this market. two cases that are here if they get that information they're going to come in and no information that is pretty good news. so we're seeing that right now. we're seeing those close to the market but not the too far ahead of ourselves market is 2100, 25 trading but this week should be an interesting week with a lot of catalysts here. >> a lot of cat list not much right now for crude oil. the reason we bring up crude is because it affects a lot of s&p 500 large cap stop and it is
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charging hade today. >> listen i was impressed by the move today down for a while. and market with the stock market came back nicely at the end of the day i'm waiting to show you truth that will come out later in the week. >> what do we need to see? >> we need gasoline. gas is leader now and finally reflect memorial day weekend and that gives us overall a tone for the driving season. a little early to bank on entire season, of course. but i have a feeling that is beginning to at least set the tone for next couple of weeks. >> john we have 20 seconds here when we have thin volume as we do today swings are a little bit wider but on top of that, we're lookings at a market that jumps ahead on a as you said no news is good news at the moment. >> right beginning of the month we spoke a month ago selling may go away. that didn't work. new month now waiting for new
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money to come in not until next week. >> john an our phone senator rand paul doing his best or worst to get the companies that run these firms, the telecom but jeopardize your privacy. paul is blocking patriot act from extended in hopes of ending and business and surprise citizens but general michael joined neil cavuto on the show "cavuto: coast to coast" and he said nothing senator paul does will derail from the customer. >> the companies will gather it anyway. they did is it before this program started. they're going to do it after this program ends if it ends some time in the future because they need these records for their own business purposes. >> what is not just blame government here. nation first director of national intelligence, and five time ambassador john joins us now. welcome ambassador thank you so much for being here.
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>> let's leave the argument over if government or businesses are diagnostic anything wrong. big question is right off the bat is our nation less safe without the patriot act that lacked overnight? >> i think we are, if it is just a few days who can -- you know who knows. but if it is suspended for a prolonged period of time, i think that would not be good for our national security. >> are we naked, unprotected did the terrorist watch c-span overnights or fox business and say okay now is our chance -- >> no. no, not completely. we're not completely naked by any means, and i know that some form of this law is likely to pass. important point is nobody's human rites or freedoms have been violated by this program and past years. i mean, that is sort of a myth. this is a metadata informs if you wish that appears on the outside of an envelope, and a
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that is not private confidential information where there are court cases that have supported that. so in my view what we're doing, though, is putting at risk what has been a very useful tool in the past for intelligence purposes, and i think we'll continue to be in the future. >> is it fair to demonize big business you know senator paul has said verizon, at&t, amazon they're part of well he makes it sound a little -- but i understand where he's coming from. ambassador we don't want to give up our privacy and our freedoms and let terrorists win, so to speak. but we also don't want to let the terrorists have freedom to reign. >> i mean, i think it is unfair. and i think again the important point to make is -- on the senate floor in the colloquy on saturday, some were saying well this program is never intercepted aplot when it was carried out or when the
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danger was eminent. but that is -- that's maybe just part of the story. it has been extremely useful in various investigations it is a tremendous analytic intelligence tool, and i don't think by any means we should give it up and i certainly wouldn't demonize phone companies. i think they're going to basically do whatever government asked them to do. >> you would not demonize phone companies. usa freedom act will end sort of bulk collection but it does allow agency to search a bunch of i would imagine all of the telephone number, senate voted for it. do you vote for it and think it is an acceptable opportunity here? >> wing we are to vote for what is at hand in the hand is worth two in fact bush but i wouldn't modify it any more than it has been modified. >> great to have you ambassador as ambassador to honduras to mexico, iraq a appreciate you being here. >> thank you. much more on the nsa on fox
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business david and melissa francis have former congressman rand paul father of rand paul to talk about his son's fight that after the bell immediately following our show 4 p.m. l eastern. closing bell we're 34 minutes away. why say that so excited about our next guest. 44 minutes -- 54 minutes anyway golden state warrior looking for their first nba title in 40 years. it is a story spraight out of hollywood with those guys as the producers. the oscar winner on the right with the mightiest touch. responsible so much for turning this team around. peter good-byer joining us live and exclusively. charlie gasparino today chasing down a story about lehman former assets. charlie break it is here next. don't go away.
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>> got a market check 48 minutes before the closing bell ring we want you to look at the mart all of this red on the screen we were down when markets opened earlier now take a look at pandora. music streaming service is falling about one and three quarters now it is more than that. one and three quarters to 2% here that will get you every time. apple announced a new music
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service to focus on here we go internet radio that, of course, is pandora expected to come at the developer's conference next week. watch pandora. breaking news now chairman and ceo jordan has resigned abruptly today. the company while refusing to comment on a reason for his departure you know saying they're going to put two new people in charge of the company at the beginning of may asking about him about why the company was dragging feet on getting the deal with the pirate's union. seemed optimistic at the time. >> we like to move as quickly as we can. but system is set up to be slow. so it is hard to say exactly when it is beginning to end. obviously, we want to reward, best in the industry best in the world but we have to have a
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competitive and agreement at the end. : my dad used to say and he was a doctor two people in your life you don't want to short are your surgery and pilot so you want happy pilots don't you? >> question of to make sure that they're within the competitive range. >> fox business have been leading coverage of this story and we did speak to the pilots union just last week. here on counts down and today union gave us this statement. shared aircraft pilot who is represent the 2,700 use the leadership transition announced earlier this morning as an opportunity for the company to restore the trust of all employees unionize it had in nonunion alike. so here's who is in charge. a guy named adam johnson and bill noe will be the new coo both have been at the company both recently but wowed back in the past couple days. yitd also reach out to warren buffett and brook shire hathaway. warren buffett unavailable but
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my sources are telling me that he and he said this too to fox business he never wanted to be viewed as antiunion this battle dragging on for two entire years not a lot of communication from the company. net jet to the pilots. pilots wanted to communicate, but it just dragged on for too long. we'll see how quickly they get a deal on that. fox report ited in serious talko buy wealth management union has the deal been sealed. charlie gasparino has exclusively. >> not sealed with sources close to the seal is that amid a bunch of snags you know, problems with getting the deal done, it is still -- still no deal between stifle and barclays may happen later this week. trying to get it done but lots of snags what could snags be signing up brokerage teams we hear has become more difficult to at first. a lot of people see barclays old
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lee command wealth management thought barclays would be people there returning to but they have some problems signing guys up getting them to stay at the prm. some people are balking out. >> pocket was trading teams and then broker -- >> when you -- a lot of viewers they have a few bucks they want to invest. what do they go to a broker that broker is part of a team and stays at a certain firm when they leave that firm, you know, they go for an upfront bonus and they want to stay. they try to get can be keep them retaining bonus that is what is beginning on right now. those brokeers may leave may not leave in the end i think it will get this. that is my opinion. >> dollar secure on how much they pay? >> we don't know until they can sign up brokerage teams and then figure it out. that is a pretty good issue to
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sign them up 250 brokers something like $50 billion and sign all of those up, that will be one number. and i don't know what that number is. but only sign u up half of those that will be a far different number that is what ron ceo is saying, stefle dropped the nicholas point out that ron who is a frequent guest of fox buzz is one of the more dynamic guys on wall street built into a fairly significant brokerage firm through acquisition he wants to do barclays. buts there's a bunch of snags that is what i heard of the wortd used a lot of bams up in the air. moving parts here. these moving parts are making it difficult to close the deal. so it is not a done deal yet. it probably will be. you can never say -- it is definitely going to be one. bauds these moving involve people and people walk out the door. if too many rest assured that
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ron is not going to buy it. >> feel energized today and brantd brand new day lineup on fox business. feel great? >> see me and gary today. >> former lehman cnbcer talking about how we actually break news while the other guys you know what do they do there across -- that was funny my tweet i heard they weren't happy about this at cnbc. last time i did with tv ugly guy named joe sitting entwine us. at fox business the power to process purr and gary got a bunch of -- >> he replied. >> is that necessary children? >> it is true. i love joe he's a good guy. friend of mine. but it is true. they obsess about the stupid thing we have been all in front of this story last month, and
3:19 pm
while they obsess with people's hair. it has been a fun day today. >> so glad that you're here and always breaking news on my show thank you so much. charlie gasparino 24 minutes before the closing bell rings just watch. surprise you smack dab in the middle of corn country. so i'm wearing in yellow in honor of him to talk us inside the battle of renewable energies and the star of the cme, executive chairman terry duffy trading futures for years and years. how will the world's large etion future trading operation prepare the fed and prepare for the fed to make its most move you're goo have millions and millions the second the feds move. harry will let you know, this is fox business exclusively.
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>> one foots on the brake, but millions and millions of fingers
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on trigger when the federal reserve finally tightens interest rates we don't know when that is going to be millions of traders and investors ready to make their own move. what will that move be? we can only guess with all of the unsernght how does world large fest trading operation prepare for that joining me right now in a position business exclusive is terry duffy president of the cme group great to see you terry, and right off the bat we asked because over the weekend we've heard a lot of fed heads making comments and they were coming out to say we're not there yet. we don't have confirmation of a better economy that is what we need. you know terry that the minute it is time, there will be lots of trades. what are you doing to prepare for that volume wave and tsunami of trade? >> so liz, well first of all thanks for having me. but what is really important to note -- important to note here is that our interest rate business in 2014 was up 20% in a zero
3:25 pm
interest rate environment so we still saw you know incredible volumes into our complex. so if and when the fed does move and we see some additional trades coming in, the cme we've built system over years to handle enormous volumes, we did one day last year 39.6 million contracts in a single day. that is more than we used to do in years around here, liz so we built the system. we have the system safeguards in place we have the wrist management tools, of course, the lick liquidity provider to make sure when it does or does not november. >> you need to give your tech guys a raise. 39 million but terry let's be honest. when the trade eventually comes to pass, is it many futures shorting s&p. what do you people think they'll be doing with treasury huge treasury business. >> yeah treasury business is up
3:26 pm
roughly 20% and and options are might have that inverted but up significantly, and people will continue to do that. liz, as you know it is critically important what we do here is we do manage this. so the wrist transfer is what we do. whether markets go up or down need to be there for different sides of the market that is what we need to do is provide that liquidity. >> what is pricing in near a june rate, september rate, a december rate when you look at the numbers what are you seeing? >> so if you look at the fed funds future contract, liz historically over last several years keeps pricing at a rate, you know, for three, six months down the road that has not come to pass. everybody is on wrong side of that trade. some on the right side of that trade but right now later part of this year is where that trade looks to be, you know, pricing in rate increase maybe sepght, october time period. >> sepght or october at least for now but that changes. but -- >> but the market liz, as i said
3:27 pm
you know it has been pricing that way for last couple of years and have been wrong we have to wait and see. : you have to wait and see how well the stock has been doing up 32% compare that to s&p up 9%. but it is a nice, nice split there to see how well you've been doing. i have to ask because political landscape is so interesting right now. you're a registered republican but supported hillary clinton in the past. will you continue to do so for this presidential election? >> liz, liz, liz -- oh, liz you know i think there's a lot of candidates that there are potentially running for president in 2016. what is really important is you know we support one that understands the benefits of this country derives around the world with the investment that cools in to here to create jobs that is important to me with a deep understanding when you look at our government it is stilt best place to be in the world. when you travel around and come
3:28 pm
home job thank god i'm here. so a good stable -- good, stable government is where other countries other people invest and that creates jobs we need a president that continues to understand that and follow along with that practice and has been going on for so many years. whoever that maybe. >> xeangt. exactly i agree. i would be remiss if i didn't ask because former speaker of the house had to resign because he's facing an indictment on all kienldz of hush money charges. have you spoken to him? what is your stand on is that >> you know, liz i'll be really frank with you. i did speak to denny on thursday he kaled me and told me that he was going to have a problem and have to resign from our board. he did not tell me what the problem was so i read it in the indictment luke everybody else but he did call and had the resignation on that day. that is the last i've spoken to speaker. >> terry i appreciate you coming in. thank you so much.
3:29 pm
>> thank you liz. >> >> -- good luck to black hawks huge hockey fan. closings bell 32 minutes away. apple pay i used it for the first timing i'm behind the but may be biggs name in electronic wellness payments. but coming up we're got the latest player hoping to disrupt apple pay and everybody else in that mobile payment space space. stanley cup to nba championship finals to beaumont stakes true wondering land with some of sports biggs prizes, and then there's fifa. what a mess. we've got the sports marketing legend who is dealt with fifa for 26 years. all kinds of stories here coming up next to tell us about it. you probably know xerox
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♪ liz: time for a "countdown" news flash. they say the show must go on. this saturday, that is not pop sensation enrique. that is warren buffett. the ceo of netjets is out. yes, he is. jordan. this after fox business and the new york post pushed hard on whether the problem with what was going on with their pilots union had stretched out for too long. now there are two new, but old bosses. they come from previously serving at netjets. we'll be following the story as the story develops. as we said, the show must go on. pop sensation enrique did exactly that. did you see this? well, we're going to show it to you. during a concert in tijuana, mexico, he cut his hand after attempting to grab a drone, thinking he was so cool, he wanted to grab the drone that was recording crowd shots.
3:35 pm
he began bleeding profusely. it started getting all over his shirt. ten minutes before he could get a bandage, you can see there, his hand is bleeding. he did get the bandage on. lucky he didn't lose a finger there. he's seeking treatment for his wound. how much would you pay to dine with the oracle of omaha? as he's done for the past 50 years. warren buffett will auction off a lunch to benefit the glide foundation. it's going much higher. $3,456,789 is the number to beat. that's what the lucky winner shelled out in 2012 for steak and advice. (?) it is the fallout from the massive corruption scandal within soccer's international body, fifa. this broke last week that they were paying and getting money and all kinds of bribes. just so unseemly. despite all the calls for change. fifa voted to keep the
3:36 pm
guy at the top on friday. sepp blatter for another few years. last night, he begged the only people he said are left with any problem to change fifa's court forward. >> the only people with the power to get rid of sepp blatter are fifa's sponsors. i would like to make a plea to them tonight. please, make sepp blatter to go away. adidas, i'll wear one of your ugly shoes. one of these shoes that make me look these greek gods. >> joining us now, a man once known as one of the most powerful men of sports. tony. you're still pretty powerful. of course, you have your global marketing title too. you were at anheuser-busch for 26 years. did anybody ever say,
3:37 pm
give us more money? >> no. one of the interesting things i say, for 26 years, no one said, do you want money or give us money? i must have been with the wrong crowd. >> did you ever deal with sep sepp blatter. >> i did. all the way up until 2008. >> this guy is eventually going, isn't he? come on. >> it's like a secret society club. been around since 1904, 111 years, if i do my arithmetic correctly. it's how they do business that needs to change. that's what the sponsors have to say. listen, it's become abusive. there are other parts of the world that favors or we call it briberies do happen and it's not illegal. i don't condone it. but it does happen. what has to come out in the next 60 days, which i'm not suggesting he's going to do -- he should do.
3:38 pm
liz: let me tell you what he has done. he has ripped the united states of america -- he has ripped our legal system. we're the only ones who did something to try and clean something up. now you have the balls in the hands of visa, adidas, coca-cola, will they make demands to get him out? >> the only demand they can make to get his attention is to say, we are out. i don't think they'll do that. liz: they need the eyeballs. >> 209 countries. don't forget these other committee members. not like the u.s. these other members are the government in all these other countries. as visa and coca-cola and anheuser which has business in these countries, these are powerful people they don't want to upset. >> we have the nhl finals. the nba championship. i would imagine that's huge for sponsors. you have the golden state warriors with the
3:39 pm
team. and the cavaliers with lebron. which team would you spend it on? >> i would spend it on the warriors. you have not only the team, but this great new young player as well. steph curry. his parents are there all the time. liz: he's a dad. he's a family man. >> nothing against lebron james. he's been great for the team. you hate to say that lebron is the old guard and the new guard coming in. and he won't want to give up that rank, oh, so quickly. >> listen, a billion each season for the rights. and a quick mention of rafael, because the french open is happening right now. he's getting a huge chunk of change to wear a 75,000-dollar watch that nobody has ever heard of. mliie. they must have said this is our way to get our name out.
3:40 pm
>> never disown or whatever -- the fact that these ceos and these companies want to be part of these big events and be part with these popular people. >> hey, why not? great to see you, tony. former anheuser vp. thank you so much. friday, the epa admitted that its goals on bio fuel were just too ambitious. things like ethanol. they realized less grain would lead to gasoline tanks. it's a tangled web of politics in the ethanol industry. jeff flock getting to the bottom of what's going on with ethanol. >> take a look at what will soon be the largest pure ethanol plant in the world. almost a million gallons a day will come out of marquis energy here in illinois. i put the epa numbers up.
3:41 pm
they asked for less ethanol to be blended in 2015 than was blended in 2013. that's not what congress ordered. >> no, congress ordered a step-up right into the 2020s. and now they're giving a waiver on that. we don't agree with that. >> is this killing you? you're doubling your capacity. this construction. >> we have positive margins. we're pleased wit about that. it's a great value to the consumer. it's a disservice that we're not continuing to expand -- >> talk to me about the value. what retail gasoline and retail e85. there's almost a 75% premium to regular gasoline. >> this is a bargain for the consumer. >> e85 is a great value. e10 is a great value. >> less energy though. >> you know, e85 gets less mileage. at that price
3:42 pm
differential, it's a great buy. >> i see the rail cars carrying your product to market. a lot of people say it's not a free market. the government mandates that we blend in ethanol. >> well, it hasn't been a free market for 100 years because the oil market had a monopoly on the fuel business. ethanol is 10% of the fuel supply and should be more. given that it's cleaner burning and cheaper. >> a lot of people would rather pay the american farmer than some folks half a world away, liz. i can tell you, you can see this plant out here will be the largest in the world here in the us. >> for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. you have the corn situation. look, you have good intentions of people trying to find an alternative. >> love the corn-colored dress, by the way. liz: worked perfectly, yeah. i did it for you and the gang and mark .
3:43 pm
closing bell in 28 minutes. hollywood's latest movie no disaster. the rock proves his appeal. (?) who knew the san andreas fault could be so fabulous. forget about google wallet, apple pay. one tiny company called circle plus payments could be the next big threat to apple. how it's helping to disrupt the mobile payment space. first on fox business, coming up.
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♪ >> hollywood's latest disaster film world tape is a huge hit. new lines earthquake hit san andreas taking in $53 million. look at that tsunami.
3:48 pm
dwayne the rock johnson saved everybody. highest weekend ever. beating the 36 million he made on the scor skorpian king. pitch perfect 2 and tomorrowland finished well behind. they've been out for a week or two. (?) the mystery surrounding bruce jenner's transformation crushed by vanity fair today. there it is. that is him. no fake body attached to a different head. the first picture of caitlin jenner. not with a k. but a c. this is the july cover. the former greatest athlete. and kardashian father figure is profiled by buzz. award-winning photographer took the photos. there is caitlin jenner. after apple unveiled
3:49 pm
apple pay, a mobile service to eliminate credit cards altogether, our next guest rolled out what appears to be a simpler payment technology that seeks to disrupt the mobile industry all together. it's called circle plus payment. it is an app. it let's small businesses accept payments with no additional hardware required. founder and ceo of circle plus payments is joining us now wh now. >> we want to empower anybody to accept credit cards. >> who are you trying to kill? >> apple, google, intuit. we're trying to destroy everybody out there. we're going to kill them. we launched our apps. circle plus payments. payable. available in all of europe. north america. it allows anybody in the world to be able to accept a credit card, bitcoin in their local
3:50 pm
currency, as well as apple pay, more seamlessly than apple has done it themselves. liz: this is why i like you already. you didn't try to soft pedal it. you said, we're trying to kill people with this. listen, you have to be in it to win it. >> absolutely. liz: now, is apple's app store letting you sell your app on this thing? >> absolutely. we have a wonderful app. on the apple store on the google store. it's a free app. we have a transaction fee. we make a small percentage. >> you're a bitcoin believer. are you the first to allow credit cards and bitcoin? >> yeah. we allow anybody in the countries that we operate right now to be able to accept bitcoin -- >> but how does it work? because this weekend, i went to whole foods and my little one -- i was going to whip out my credit card, mom, why don't you just use apple pay. because i had the phone. i don't love all things apple. i held it up. boom. it worked. i can't imagine how much
3:51 pm
simpler it could get. why are you simpler than that? >> forbes put out an article that says apple pay has been pretty much a big failure. the adoption isn't that great. people still have billions of credit cards out there. and there's 5 million out there with a bitcoin wallet. they have money in bitcoin. but nobody is accepting it. that's a huge problem. everybody where i go, i can't use my bitcoin wallet. our app payable allows anybody to accept bitcoin in the local currency. they can accept bitcoins with their smartphone. >> you don't need that thing that you attach to your phone. no extra hardware. >> absolutely. >> good luck to you. first on fox business. netish is founder of circle plus payments. you can find it on -- m. type in playable. >> we like anything that helps smaller businesses conduct commerce. come back and let us know how it's going.
3:52 pm
how many have been downloaded? >> we have a lot. >> when you get really, really big, come back. >> absolutely. liz: we told you earlier we were speaking with co-owner peter goober. he has a major board meeting right this second. (?) he's all business. he apologizes. he will be joining us, again, exclusively tomorrow on how his team went from the nba bad news bears to the nba finals. peter goober tomorrow. what a bet he took. and he is killing it now going to the finals after 40 years that time is finally there. the markets are coming back a little bit down to earth. the dow has come back by about 50 points since the top of the hour. falling now. we're now up 32. what's the most important thing you should be watching and trading as we head into the close? we're coming right back. don't miss these final eight minutes. ♪
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♪ >> we have four and a
3:56 pm
half minutes left before the closing bell rings. time for our "countdown" closer. mornings with maria. brian moynihan addressed the future of his country. >> when you look ahead of what we have for growth, we have great businesses. number one, two, three, positions whether it's wealthy americans or companies around the world. we are very excited about the platform and the franchise. so we've been investing heavily in that. even though we've come down in head count, we're investing in financial advisers, commercial bankers, people who sell at our branches. that investment, even though it shows up and it's substantial, it's overcome by some of the work process and improvements we're making. >> one man betting big on brian's story is here with me now. more than 850 billion in assets under management. david joy, chief market strategist in a fox business exclusive. you like vac. (?) this is a name that you
3:57 pm
feel is there. mr. moynihan has been fighting and flogging through. do you feel there's that much more upside to this stock? >> i think there is upside. it won't be a blockbuster. but things are starting to brighten a bit for them. they're putting their legacy positions behind them. the us economy is getting stronger. that will help them. and higher interest rates will also improve. so, you know, they're seeing slow down in their trading platform. that's kind of a feature of wall street these days. that's very volatile. but otherwise, you know, they're fighting their way back. and so i think there's upside there. maybe ten to 15% in the stock. >> is the us equity story getting a little overripe? is that the word? i don't want to say bubbly or frothy, but are there better opportunities on the globe? >> i like the eurozone. once we got beyond -- if we got beyond, i should
3:58 pm
say, the greece issue, which is coming to a head obviously in the next few days, i think that's an interesting story. and with the really powerful quantitative easing program, i think there's more upside there than in the u.s. but i still like the u.s. we're starting to see better second quarter economic data. not from the consumer. but on the production side. we had good numbers today. you're seeing it in transports. that's a good sign. liz: we had good construction spending. the construction spending for april looking better than expected. not to mention the may institute for supply management. that's manufacturing. let's get to the names you like. aside from bank of america. what part of starbucks says europe to you? >> well, i think starbucks is just one of those companies that's just very well-managed. the growth story is clearly international. it's not cheap. it sells at a pretty hefty multiple. nevertheless, they seem to be able to execute a very strong early
3:59 pm
technology adopter. they've maintained and freshened their menu. we think it's a good growth story. in the consumer space, a little less sexy. kroger is a name we like. very strong. quarter over quarter. same-store sales increases. liz: okay. >> they tend to do well in a slow inflationary environment which we have. and they have 25% of their store sales are private label. >> i used to shop there when i lived in ohio. thank you so much for being with us. live from boston. david joy. chief market strategist. and now, it's time, he left me for a blonde. >> well, blonde with a green dress. sorry. >> it was bound to happen, liz. sorry about that. liz: david and melissa, over to you. >> thank you. all right, as fbn has a news alert right now. a surveillance showdown
4:00 pm
one man is bringing the nsa's data collection program to a screeching halt. are americans better off? ron paul thinks so. he joins us exclusively on his son's efforts to foil the extension of the patriot act. a june swoon. investors say no way. stocks managing to close out one of the historically worst performing trading days of the month in the green. >> and then there were nine. another republican throws his hat into the ring for 2016. it looks like hillary clinton will be using her hat to take up a collection. the new york times on why she's desperate to reel in a money backer. >> because she's so poor. the closing bill sounding on wall street moments ago. usually this is a very bad day for the market. not today. trading up 20 points. there was a moment it was trading down. all the indices are in the green. as we


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