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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 4, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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remember you can't take it with you. jamie: do you have a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we would love to hear it, send me an e-mail or go tour webng maria bartiromo. i will be there. this is fox business. lou: good evening i'm lou dobbs. breaking news tonight, the fbi is now investigating what they are describing as a large-scale cyberattack against the u.s. government. authorities apparently initially believe the cyberattack to have been a minor breach and were until now utterly unaware of the actual devastating dimension and scale of the attack. that cyberattack was discovered in april, and it is what one official calls the largest theft of government data in history. the fbi says they believe the cyberattack and the data theft were carried out by chinese
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hackers who succeeded in stealing vast amounts of information including the names, addresses, and social security numbers of at least four million federal employees. again, the fbi tonight acknowledging that chinese hackers have carried out the largest scale cyberattack against the united states in history. those chinese hackers stealing millions of files, records kept by the office of personnel management. we're working the story, more details as they come in. other top story more americans have been killed in mexico over the past year than have been killed by the islamic state. our state department announcing 100 american citizens were killed in mexico last year a more than 20% increase over the previous year. yet no one in the obama administration is talking about the wave of drug cartel violence in mexico. despite the
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. lou: we begin tonight with a growing concerns about the safety of both american tourists and american diplomats in mexico. fox news correspondent william la jeunesse with our report. >> it may be the single
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. >> reporter: in a letter thursday urged secretary of state john kerry, quote to take all steps possible to reduce the level of violence and to protect the lives of americans working there. suggesting he consider closing
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our consulates in these cities. >> people are scared for their lives and people are dying every day in the streets. it is devastating. it is frightening how dangerous it is in mexico right now. >> reporter: robbery is common 100 u.s. citizens murdered. 130 kidnapped last year. experts blame rival gangs competing for control of drugs going north and stolen cars and cash flowing south. yet the media pressured by the ruling party stay quiet. >> there has been a concerted effort on the part of the mexican government to try to suppress certain areas when it comes to the public awareness of violence. >> reporter: bottom line, vast stretches of mexico are not safe for americans after sundown. and while it is doubtful the u.s. will close consulates the state department is on notice congress is watching. lou? lou: william thank you very much william la jeunesse. the islamic state trying to
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take advantage of our southern border, the radical islamist terrorists claim they have plans to buy a nuclear weapon from pakistan and they plan to smuggle it into this country using drug and human smuggling routes used by the mexican and south american drug cartels. also today, the islamic state tightened grip on ramadi outside baghdad, in fact cutting off water supplies to neighboring towns latest developments leading cia director and retired four-star general david petraeus to reassess the self-proclaimed winning strategy. >> these are fights where if you're not winning, you're probably losing because time is not on your side. >> and we are not winning? . >> well it's arguable now in iraq. we'll turn it around we will win again in iraq. i do think that iraq can definitely be handled. i think it can be kept intact.
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we've got to do a lot more in syria. lou: in an attempt to deflect criticism from the obama administration democratic leader nancy pelosi placed the blame squarely on general petraeus. >> petraeus had the responsibility to train troops in iraq, i remember going over there on a number of occasions and hearing from some of them that he trained 175,000 iraqi troops and personnel so that they can take over their own effort. so i would ask him about that. i think that the number was far smaller than was represented to us. lou: joining us former u.s. ambassador to the united nations fox news contributor john bolton. ambassador, what do you make of it? did petraeus say we're losing and will lose. what did he say? >> well it was a little bit of a mixed bag, but i think he's wrong in one critical respect. i do not think iraq can be put back together.
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the kurds are de facto independent not coming back in voluntarily. nobody is big enough to push them back in and i don't think the sunni arabs are willingly going to join into a government dominated by a population 3-1 shia. i think the post-world war i map of the middle east is being ripped up by isis not a happy outcome, but that's the direction it's moving in. lou: not a happy outcome, and about $35 billion worth of federal materiale, u.s. materiale and weapons tanks equipment all of it in the hands apparently of the islamic state or about to be. what in the world was the united states thinking in abandoning all that equipment that turns out to be weapons in use against our allies and our interests? >> well, we were following the ideology of nancy pelosi and barack obama who wanted to get out in 2011. i think that's a real cheap shot by representative pelosi
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to blame petraeus for not training the iraqis. i think he the general and all of our forces there did a good job and then we left. and the government was politicized. the iranians came in, and that's why they're collapsing. lou: you know ambassador, i have the greatest respect for you. i think good job in iraq and the united states are not words that go together in any sensible sequence. we have screwed it up. i think the sooner we acknowledge that we did, and by that, i mean our military, our civilian leadership and administration after administration in iraq, and somebody has to learn from it and i can't believe we'll learn much if we don't acknowledge the reality. we have failed in iraq. >> well there are a lot of reasons we failed. we were on the verge of success at the end of the surge but i think bad mistakes in the obama administration are the proximate cause for what you see now.
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lou: and ambassador the -- turning to something more proximate. great interest and focus on the islamic state. more americans get killed every month than have been killed by the islamic state. we have, in fact acknowledged that mexico could under some scenarios become a failed state because of the weight and the burden of the immense violence between the cartels and the violence they carry out against the citizens of mexico. when is any administration, republican or democratic going to acknowledge the danger represented? >> well, i think it's a very grave danger. i think the threat of violence has already crossed into america. it's not just violence in northern mexico, it's stretches of arizona and texas where the drug traffickers dominate at night and where american citizens fear to go on the road. just to say a kind word about hillary clinton in the fall of 2011, she said that what was going on in mexico, the
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disillusion of civil authority, the rise of the drug cartels reminded her of colombia 20 25 years ago. she was absolutely right. interestingly two days after she said that president obama said publicly that mexico did not remind him of colombia. so you can see the administration's desire to blame the problems of mexico on american gun control laws, something the government of mexico also agrees with, but not on the failure of the government of mexico to do what was necessary to defeat the cartels and the united states not doing enough to prevent the use of illegal narcoticses in this country which is the huge demand factor that brings that violence to our city streets. lou: mexico remains the principal source of methamphetamines marijuana, heroin and cocaine into this country. ambassador good to have you with us. >> thank you lou. lou: ambassador john bolton. much more on the obama administration's reluctance to get anything right, it seems.
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we'll be talking with another ambassador, former governor of the great state of new mexico former chief of the energy department bill richardson and much more. we're coming right back with him and much more in the way of news. stay with us. . baltimore's mayor likes to let rioters destroy property. now the mayor would like for you to pay the bill. this is not the smartest criminal in america. where on your person would you stuff an
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. lou: more on the lead story of the night. the fbi investigating that large scale cyberattack against the u.s. government. in fact, the fbi saying it's the largest attack against the united states ever. the hackers are believed to be the chinese government who stole the names, addresses social security numbers of at least four million federal employees. we'll be updating the story throughout the broadcast. we know who's doing it. we have no way in which to stop it. troubling as that is we'll try to better understand that tonight in the broadcast. turning to baltimore, that city's police commissioner is calling in the feds to stem violence sparked by local
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leaders. anthony batts, the police commissioner requesting more federal agents and prosecutors be sent to the city after the deadliest month of violence in more than 40 years in baltimore. the police commissioner blaming the recent spike in violence on stolen drugs. an estimated 175,000 drugs stolen from pharmacies and clinics during the april riots. new details in the case that sparked those riots. baltimore state's attorney trying to block the release of freddie gray's autopsy and other so-called sensitive documents. the prosecutor claims she will not be, quote, litigating this case through the media, end quote. six baltimore officers were charged in gray's death, and an attorney representing one of the officers claims mosby is trying to hide something in not releasing the results of the autopsy. joining us milwaukee county
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sheriff david clarke good to have you with us. first your reaction to the police commissioner again asking for more agents, more prosecutors from the federal government. >> thanks for having me look, commissioner batts is lost all right? he's out of ideas does not know what to do. he made key mistakes blaming baltimore's finest the baltimore police officer for the things going wrong in the city of baltimore. not only post riot but preriot. the baltimore police department quit on him he has thrown them overboard. job one, they're going to have to rebuild the morale of the baltimore police department i don't think that batts can do that, that's a decision that the mayor's going to have to make. the mayor's going to have to make a public claim she's going to back this police department turn them loose under the constitution with
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reasonableless to get the city back under control. the next thing she's going to have to do, this is a big one is to call attorney general loretta lynch and tell her she's changed her mind, she does not want the u.s. d.o.j. to investigate the baltimore police department. that she, along with others will solve the problems of baltimore police, if there are any, and finally end these in baltimore and across america and the rising crime, the failed social engineering experiments that tried to eliminate the use of jails and prisons as a crime control tool. these things have been masquerades as sentencing reform, prison reform these are nothing more than soft on crime policies failed that created a revolving door where the police go out and arrest the career criminals, get them charged to have the criminal justice system spit them out quickly into the cities to commit more crime. that's the model that has to be employed in baltimorement i don't think they have the
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leadership to get that done. >> you know, what do you make of the prosecutor i think rather arrogantly saying she's not going to litigate the case in the public arena. she's denying the public's right to know in not releasing the details of the autopsy results. what is your view as a law enforcement officer? >> well, i find it unusual. she's already litigated this thing in public. she's the one that politicized this thing and now that she's had her day she wants to cut everybody else off. that autopsy report is key, i think the public has, within reason, a right to be kept abreast of what's going on with this case, and i would agree with the defense attorney or whoever that was that said there must be something to hide here. i don't like that move and i don't like the gag order move she put as well. she got her say, calling for no justice no peace we hear you and now is our time, and now
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she wants to shut everybody else up. this whole thing has been a comedy of errors a mess from the beginning. i don't see this working out well for her though. . lou: i want to get a comment from you as we close out sheriff, now what the federal government is acknowledging that 100 americans were murdered last year in mexico. 130 kidnapped. the violence is raging. the mexican government is suppressing media in mexico from reporting on the level of violence which appears to be the same as it's been since 2006, roughly 15,000 people a year getting killed in mexico. what do you make of it? >> well, first of all, it's the white house and their responsibility to protect americans abroad and when i heard the numbers over 100 killed, 130 kidnappings, i was staggered by the figures. obvious it's being suppressed. i think this white house is afraid of offending the mexican
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government and trying to clamp down and protect american lives. doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency about the consulate. i agree with the others questioning whether or not we should keep the consulate open anymore. if you can't protect the personnel, they shouldn't be there. the american people who are employed there shouldn't be there if you can't keep them safe. we saw it in benghazi, there is no sense of urgency in mexico, it's deplorable. lou: sheriff david clarke good to have you with us. >> thank you lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote at, we'd like to hear from you on the issue. in florida i would-be thief in jail because of a quick-thinking gun store owner the thief tried to steal an
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ak-47. surveillance video in the store shows suspect marlin alvarez looking at the ak-47 before he decides to stuff it in his pants. he then made his way to the doors, as he did so, the owner followed him, took him down and wrestled back the ak-47. he knew where to look. the suspect fled shirtless through the parking lot before being caught by police. up next, desperate times for this president who is once again trodding out a secret weapon in fight for a trade deal that most americans don't want. my commentary next. and a 91-year-old checking off what may be one of the most bizarre bucket list items ever. his story and much more straight ahead. stay with us.
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. lou: a few thoughts tonight on a republican party that seems
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to me at least to be about to do what it's done for the past two presidential elections. and that is to offend working men and women, our small business owners and all who make out this country's dwindling middle class. the very people the republican party should be championing, whose families they should be supporting and whose businessess they should be defending instead of blindly aligning the republican party with billionaire corporatists and big business interests that are partly responsible for the economic and social challenges we face as a country. it gives me no pleasure to say to you i believe the republican party is preparing to destroy what could be a historically important opportunity to win back the white house. by take their talking points from the chamber of commerce the business roundtable instead of pursuing and assuring a free enterprise economy that creates jobs and small business opportunity that
11:28 pm
restores initiative and energy to this great capitalist economy of ours. instead some of the establishment party leaders seem to be pushing harder than even president obama for his secret trade agreement agenda. speaker john boehner holding pep rallies with lobbyists, almost 200 of them in the basement of the capitol trying to push through the expansion of the president's power over trade the so-called trade promotion authority that mr. obama says he desperately needs. boehner is more than on board. he's actually pushing the president. sounding in fact a lot like then-speaker of the house nancy pelosi who back in 2010 famously offered this assessment of the president's so very secretive obamacare legislation. >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of
11:29 pm
the controversy. lou: how thoughtful. the president's trade deal is like obamacare shrouded in secrecy. wikileaks for crying out loud, offering a bounty for any information what's in the trade deal. pelosi today dodged questions about how she plans to vote on trade promotion authority of course, with the choice of turning on the president or the progressives in her caucus by her decision but the minority leader did say it's speaker boehner's problem this time. >> every time we had a bill that came to the floor when i was speaker you said it was a test of my leadership. it's a test of his. i have confidence in him, i think he can deliver 200 of his members but it's not my responsibility. lou: not her responsibility. but politico reports that pelosi may be the white house's secret weapon on trade much as she was with obamacare, and
11:30 pm
just like obamacare, the majority of americans oppose the president's trade agenda. but it's also clear the republicans are about to help him jam it right down their throats. 55% of americans oppose granting the president trade promotion authority. only 42% favor it. now i know boehner pelosi and the president and the go alongs in the republican conference don't want to hear these facts but here they are anyway. what has been the effect of doing trade, the chamber and roundtable way? these are the historical facts. this country has run an annual trade deficit each and every year since 1976 shortly after congress gave the president that power and now the united states has an external trade debt of more than $17 trillion. what are the republicans thinking? do they want to be seen every bit as scornful of the
11:31 pm
constitution as our president? every bit as authoritarian? every bit as secretive? every bit dismissive of our desperate need to create jobs businesses and opportunity in this country? or will the republicans have the political courage to do the right thing for the nation for the economy for working men and women and small business? now our quotation of the evening, this one from one of my favorite americans, a terrific writer. he said this about such choices as a nation and the votes that congress will be taking. we're coming right back. up next public safety not
11:32 pm
one of the obama administration's top priorities and now on our streets some of the worst of the worst. a bus driver kicked a student off his bus. the catholic school board fired him. how much should a
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. lou: updating our top story tonight the fbi says china is behind the massive cyberattack against the federal government.
11:36 pm
that attack we now know was designed specifically to steal federal government information, not to knock out its computer systems. the chinese stole the names, addresses, social security numbers and i'm sure other information that is not being disclosed of at least four million federal employees at the office of personnel management. that agency is the human resources department for the federal government and the fbi tells us this chinese cyberattack against our federal government is the largest in history. we'll keep you updated as details become available. joining us former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, bill richardson, former energy secretary former governor of new mexico and ambassador, great to have you with us. let's first get your reaction to the chinese cyberattack. this is extraordinary that the government obviously is now finding out the dimensions of
11:37 pm
it and it is terrible. >> well, this is very disturbing. china engages in unfair trade practices and protectionism. the cyberattack, they're the main culprit with our federal agencies with our intelligence. it's very disturbing. you know that attack supposedly on sony by north korea there's some evidence of chinese involvement, too. so you know, we can't trust china when it comes to any kind of intelligence collection gathering cooperation, you know it's very disturbing. lou: it's disturbing also because this administration is not being straightforward, and let's be fair here. the foreign affairs committees of both the senate and the house are not being very direct or aggressive about these issues. what is the way in which to change that? >> well i saw a report that the chinese are interested in
11:38 pm
participating in this trade deal that you mentioned earlier in your editorial, and i don't think that's a very good idea, especially with china engaging in cyberattacks and unfair trade practices, protectionism. you know, the reason i think they want to join the trade deal is the 11 countries that were doing this trade deal this effort is made mainly against china, against their protectionism against their huge, huge efforts trying to manipulate currency. i don't think that's a good idea that we let them in. lou: i would concur with your assessment. secondly i would ask, why in the world given all that you say which is perfectly true, and if it is necessary to create an organization to contend with the chinese hegemonic ambitions, why in the world would we permit them such incredible access to the world's richest consumer market and economy? why would we do that?
11:39 pm
it's within our control. our purview. our volition to decide how much money they make next year. >> well, you know lou, this trade deal you're against, it i'm for it i want to see labor environmental worker right standards once it's negotiated. lou: which are never successfully attached to the agreements, never. >> well. but i do think that with china this trade deal is basically to contain china, and that's good because of the references you make. intellectual property unfair trade practices, protectionism, manipulating of currency, and unfortunately they control a lot of our debt. so the issue then, lou, is how do you deal with china? i don't want a hostile relationship with china. i want it to be competitive, strong, that we not give in on human rights, on many other aspects. on trade.
11:40 pm
they're a reality there. lou: absolutely, but meanwhile, north korea is a problem, despite the fact that china has dominion over them should it choose. secondly they have made it clear they're taking over the south china sea. they have also made it clear that the united states will be pushed back from the pacific. >> this is why it's important. our secretary of defense was out there. we have to upgrade our military, our navy in the south china sea in that region. upgrade our relationship with japan and south korea militarily and this is why with other countries, like vietnam, like myanmar, that we strengthen the cooperative military and security and economic relationship but at the same time lou, i don't think it makes sense to vey hostile negative relationship with china. let's engage him. let's push him. let's be tough on him. certainly let's not let them
11:41 pm
into the trans-pacific partnership. i wouldn't do that. my understanding is that hasn't been decided anyway, and there's no agreement yet anyway. lou: not yet. governor, we're so over time but i've got to ask you very quickly for a quick comment on the rising level of violence against americans and the suppression of the violence that is taking place in and throughout mexico, and the continual violence by these drug cartels without comment from this administration. >> well, look, lou, i do think that the administration in mexico they are doing the best they can. we have a very strong drug, military border relationship. it's tough. these cartels are strong, i think the mexican government has taken steps to try and control them. they've made a lot of arrests but it's an ongoing problem and part of our effort to reform our broken immigration system give our border people more
11:42 pm
resources, give our law enforcement more resources at the border. lou: i appreciate it thanks for being with us always good to talk with. >> you all right. lou: governor bill richardson. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is -- cast your vote at new video vindicating a school bus driver in canada fired for kicking a student off his bus ten blocks from home. watch as the dash cam video captures that student assault the bus driver for crying out loud. hit him with his duffel bag the student had been assaulting another student on the bus. the edmonton catholic school board has since apologized to the driver they fired before looking at as they say, the video evidence. up next, everything is bigger in texas so why not announce a
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. lou: the dow jones industrials plunging 171 points the s&p down 18. the nasdaq fell 40 points. volume on the big board up to 3.2 billion shares. and listen to my financial reports coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the international monetary fund mettling in this country's affairs again, warning the federal reserve not to raise interest rates until next year. the head of the imf, christine lagarde talking with our own maria bartiromo today. >> what we are seeing in the data particularly on inflation is that the pickup is very slow, and we believe that there is a good argument to actually defer until early 2016 any rate hike. lou: if only the imf were as smart as it acts. a maryland couple thought
11:48 pm
they bought a dream home they later realized it was their worst nightmare. they found out the home infested with black rat snakes suing the realtor for 2 million dollars. couple alleges the realtor knew about the infestation before selling them the home. black rat snakes are nonpoisonous, they can live for up to 25 years. just when you thought you've done everything you ever wanted to do in your life some people think again. take a look at this video of a 91-year-old great-grandfather from woodstock illinois as he rams an suv through the back of a garage door. don't worry! he did that on purpose. he's safe. strapped in with a seat belt a helmet. family and friends got together and helped him fulfill his bucket wish list of driving through a garage door. we don't know why he wanted to do that but he got the
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opportunity. the son provided the junkyard car, a friend offered his garage, and the rest just magic. up next, hillary clinton plans to raise $2.5 million. and guess what? we know how she intends to do that. national review's patrick brennan, and elizabeth harrington are here with us next. ♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression. love loud, live loud polident. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪
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lou: the clinton cash machine rolling along at full speed according to sun light foundation, hillary clinton is holding a fundraiser every 36 hours, she has done that since she announced her bird for president -- her bid for president on april 12. and on republic side. governor rick perry made is official today. perry announcing his bid at a rally in dallas. a c-130 prop plane behind him with the perry for president logo is like the one he flew when he was a captain in the u.s. air force. >> and chris christie taking center field last night at yankee stadium for a charity event in a baseball uniform
11:54 pm
commemorating baseball police department named unofficial mvp for his efforts, joining us now patrick brennan and elizabeth harrington. we hear people say this is a crowded field that the republicans have, does is that editorial and negative to say it is crowded? >> no, i mean, i would think it is a huge field. but, i think that is a good thing for g.o.p. overall, you are not used to having a not next in lynn candidate, a -- next in line candidate you have a diverse group of candidates with something to bring to table, you heard rick perry's announcement today it was impressive people dismissed him after last time, he is more prepared this time. he has an impressive roll out the more merrier for g.o.p.
11:55 pm
lou: that c-130 quite a prop. republican stand in contrast to democrats, like they are holding a coronation. this is refreshing. >> the concern from republican establishment is that have you to knows of candidates, it is a -- tons of candidates, they will say crazy things to stand out we have not seen anything like this so far it has been productive and exchanges of ideas so far so good. lou: chris christie, is -- we're about to see this field grow. meanwhile, the -- the former secretary of state, she seems to not be able to get out of the news for missteps, is it your view she is in trouble or is she going to remain teflon
11:56 pm
throughout this campaign? >> well, i think she is in a good deal of trouble really. looking at her fair or billty -- favor billty numbers now. don't take questions from the press. and kind of try to let the scandals that surround the clinton foundation go away. and try to make herself as a chimpion for -- champion for every day americans but she is not going out to talk with the every day americans you see her, she is shewing them away when they want her autograph. she is raising this money and doing a fundraiser every 36 hours she is more comfortable at a fundraising dinner than she is going out and campaigning and giving speeches and talking to the press. lou: your thoughts on her candidacy? is there any sign that she is slowing down. the money keeps rolling in.
11:57 pm
>> because she is not taking time out to talk about policy, she is sticking to fund-raising, but it has been a long time since she was on the campaign trail, she spent a lot of time around clinton foundation, and say the department her campaign skills might be rusty we have not seen them tested yet but they will be tested. lou: republicans right now it is hard to pick a frontrunner 3 of them or 5 of them, depends on when poll, and right now you are not hearing a lot of policy, discussion, they are not sep prettying themselves so -- separating themselves so much in terms of immigration expis lambicimand and is is islamic state.yet this administration there is no initiative to reveal what is happening in mexico or by
11:58 pm
mexican government itself, what do you make of it? >> i think that the republican feel will get to this issue. and there is some debate already, a surprising debate about levels of legal immigration that scott walker sparked and rick santorum suggested would like to see a slowdown in illegal immigration levels, it is early days, compared to democratic side of the aisle the conversation has been robust. lou: i think we have a great opportunity for it, let's that we realize that opportunity. "new york times" efinally weighing in against those who are abusing h-1b visa privileges. bringing in low-wage workers under the program violating its intent and purpose. i am stunned that "new york
11:59 pm
times" is actually taking on the administration on the issue. >> it is surprising, but this is important issue. if you are going to look at hb-1 visa that is right you need to you know not use them what the program is for. i think just going after the administration is a good sign they are doing that. lou: thank you elizabeth we appreciate it, and patrick good to have you here. >> time for a look at our on-line pole results do you believe that president obama would be a better leader if your national media were to quit pretending he actually is. 79% of you said no, no. that will not help. time for your comments, lynn, without leadership at national and local level we will not prevail against the islamic state, leadership does not exist at either level. jeff tweeted no american city
12:00 am
should be a lost cause baltimore needs leadership, anger management and economic recovery that is it for us, thank you. good night from new york! kennedy: world of the night is dobbs. thank you, lou. i am watching and already crowded presidential feel, exceeds capacity but it is not like the vip section you would like to see at a club with a bottle full of bub. lincoln chafee was a republican turned independent who is now an opportunist, what is his big idea for defeating isis? lincoln? >> here is a bold embracive international implement let's join the rest of the world and go metric. kennedy: that is it. that will get


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