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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 6, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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is our new time slot will be fridays on fbn at 8 p.m. see you then. ♪ ♪ true and so are you. until next week, good night. hello, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the obama administration claims they have a winning strategy to fight terrorists at home and abroad but at this point in the wlikt are they winning abroad? they're doing it with weapons the administration and pentagon chose to leave when u.s. forces withdrew from iraq. islamic states are overrunning, and the islamic state is beginning to stir within our own country. the islamic state is firing terrorists through radical acts and they allege two men
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conspired to behead a boston area police officer. police confronted one of those men tuesday night. they shot him dead. the other is in custody. we take up the rise of radical islamist terrorism with major general robert scales. also president obama once promised illegal immigrants wouldn't receive health care benefits under obama care but that is exactly what is about to happen in the most populous state in the country. we'll have the story. and the cost of obama care insurance for the rest of americans, skyrocketing. among our guests congressman diane black on the unaffordable disaster that is obama care. and hillary clinton may not be the very best retail politician we've ever seen in this country. in fact she seems to be more than a little grumpy. her poll numbers may be getting to her.
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she's finding all about 2016. >>. >> in iraq right now we have the right strategy a combination of coalition air strikes, training equipping, assisting, and effective local partners. that is the winning strategy. >> the state department also says 10,000 islamic state fighters have been killed by american air strikes in iraq and syria over the past nine months offering a body count for the first time over that period but that winning strategy m view of the white house certainly doesn't include disturbing new reports a major part of the u.s. effort to fight the islamic state now consisting of bombing
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the expensive military equipment that our own military provided the iraqis. equipment that is now fallen into the hands of the islamic state. this week iraqi prime minister dropped a bombshell admitting that his security forces have lost 2,300 armored humvees from the islamic state of iran. the islamic state is said to have 40 of our m1a1 battle tanks, 74,000 machine guns, 52 mobile howwitzer systems. we're joined by robert scales military analyst. good to have you here. >> hi lou. >> let's start before we turn to the strategy. this equipment we're talking
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about, top line battle tank mobile howwitzer systems. we're talking about hell-fire rockets. my god, how can the military the u.s. military have left behind this equipment? >> remember lou, when the military left in 2011 the perception was they were leaving this equipment behind to ewhip what at the time appeared to be a confident iraqi military. at the time the obama administration thought that the risk of leaving this stuff behind was worth taking and it would give an advantage to the iraqis should they ever be threatened. well as you know isis put pay
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to that organize umt. >> it is one thing -- it's general. but fail to win in iraq or win in afghanistan is one thing. if you fail and fail in its judgment again about how well it had trained iraqis is there anything that the swren and the u.s. military are doing right whether it comes to fighting in iraq and afghanistan? >> you and i have had this conversation before. this is what i guess almost the fourth ground of attempts by our military to train the iraqis. look the american military is very good at this.
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i think it is to take existing weapons into its -- >> let me interrupt you with all respect, general. if they're not very good at it why in the world haven't we done better at it? >> the fact of the matter is since 2003 we haven't gotten much done have we? >> i agree because we can't do it on our own. after we saw iraq and we saw the malik maliki operation that we left, we left a huge vacuum. 3,000 trainers and air soldiers today that we're trying to use as a strategy to bring us back into the fight? somehow, lou, i don't think that's happening. >> is this administration committing fraud on the american people straight forwardly?
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>> these amount to a thimble full with whom i've spoken would say it will take to be effective. technically we have rules of engagement. the pilots themselves telling us for all the world to hear including their bosses and the pentagon that the rules of engagement and limitations on them are absolutely preposterous and render them utterly ineffective, and then the list goes on here swren, and at the risk of having the conversation again, at what point does the u.s. military acknowledge that this civilian leadership is out of its mind or that they are not very good at what we're asking them to do. >> well i think -- >> they've got to be one or the other. >> i think they're trying to do limited resources.
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>> david petraeus are saying that ramadi will be retain in a matter of days, and now are you saying it ain't happening. >> even if we take ramadi there's no hope of ever taking mosul. at least until the administration is over. the iraqis just don't have the combat power or for that matter the will to do it right now. try as we might, you can train somebody to shoot a weapon but you can't give them the guts will courage to stand up in front of an enemy and fight. that's internal. that's driven from the soul of the soldier, and right now frankly, lou, the iraqi army does. >> you know general, there are some who might argue that america has the inverse problem. the bravest, best trained men and women in the field and with some of the most redicent and political leaders in our
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country's history. i don't think there's any question. >> thanks. general, good to have you. >> thanks lou. >> thanks. turning to president obama's secret trade talks, for crying out loud a free trade talk but no free expression. wiki-leaks is now offering $100,000 to anyone who will give up more details of those secret negotiations over a so-called free trade agreement. the wi-leaks website has already leaked some of the documents on-line. as every journalist in the country should the whole thing. by the way, as every senator and every congressman should desire. wiki-leaks founder julian asange put out that bounty calling them america's most wanted secrets. the white house says it wants those talks to remain under wraps, as it usually does this instance because the discussions with ae dozen or so nations are
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. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton plunging in the latest polls. a new cnn-orc poll shows she's the most unlikable she's been in 14 whole years. that's sort of an interesting sort of benchmark for her. 50% of those polled said they don't like her, period compared to 46% who do. a sharp drop from two months ago when 53% said they liked her. the number of people who say mrs. lynne is not honest or trustworthy, well that number is also rising. she's also taking heat for an incident in new hampshire where she was less than kind to a supporter who was asking for her autograph. take a look. >> go to the end of the line. why don't you go to the end of the line? >> now, that is an interesting scene there. you could interpret that a lot of ways but not too many are
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favorable to her. not the best news day for her. she had to open up a women's only fundraiser to men. oh my gosh. the horror of it all. after she couldn't get enough women to shell out $2,700 for a ticket because men, well there's a sucker born every minute. those men i'm talking about. joining us now co-host of outnumbered jedadiah and fred barnes. fred what do you make of that remark to the woman in the rope line there? >> well several things. hillary was in a bad mood. maybe she had seen her sinking poll numbers. two, she's not a very good candidate. she doesn't have the harm her husband does for instance as a candidate, and, three, she was going to have to get up and give a speech and she's not a very good speaker. lots of reasons for her to be grumpy and, i mean those poll
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numbers that you were mentioning lou, are absolutely devastating. she's under water on two particular things that are really harmful. one is she's looked at as more unfavorable than favorable by a majority of americans, and then on honest and trustworthiness, she's also under water. you know these things make it hard when you have these kind of negatives on your personal trait it makes it hard for you to grow and increase your standing as a candidate. >> you can imagine in the same rope line he would have been bugging the two women head of the one that wanted the autograph, and she just doesn't have those kind of retail instincts? >> he would have somehow left that scene, and we would have liked him more and that's what he was good at. she's not a charismatic likable person. she's not someone that voters are going to look at and say, you know let's go grab a beer or cup of coffee with hillary clinton. interesting numbers. we talked about honesty and trustworthiness
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trustworthiness. something that popped out at me. only 47% feel that she cares about people like them. that's a key trait. that's empathy, and that's what president obama was great at. he was great at getting the public to believe that he had their back that he understood their plight. if you are going to be talking about things like income inewalt and getting the middle lass to rise up you are going to need people to believe that you care and right now people just don't think she cares about them. >> washington post poll swreb bush said republicans aren't coming out of this unscathed either. in the most recent washington post-abc news poll jeb bush is clearly cut in half from the previous poll now standing at 10%. what's going on there? is it some sort of complimentary or you know related cycle to that of another political dynasty, the clintons? >> no, you know, that poll cmn poll say people don't think about hillary being part of a dynasty, even though bill was president for two terms, but
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they do think jeb as being a part of a dynasty. his brother and father of course being president, and, you know, i'm not sure whether it's something people vote on but they sure respond negatively in polls about that. still, it might have been a bad poll for bush but not nearly as bad as hillary's. you know the person who came out the best in polls in both abc post poll and the cnn poll? marco rubio. he is favorable 53 and unfavorable 16. that means that he has a huge potential for growing and increasing and moving ahead as a candidate. >> the top gop contenders if we can take a look at this. it's interesting. wisconsin governor scott walker kentucky senator r rand paul at 11% followed by marco rubio and jeb bush. 10% each. what do you make of that? >> i think rubio is really interesting, and i have been
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saying this for a long time because i think he disarms the left. i think that they for some reason -- he has a very academic -- the way that he portraits himself, it looks like he could be giving a speech at an i've where i league university all the time. that's something the left looks for. he disarms them. it's hard to attack him. he is good with presentation and something that hillary clinton is not. frankly, something that a lot of the gop candidates are not terribly good at. i think that walker is going to be the champion of conservatives. i see conservatives rallying around him. it's rand paul and marco rubio race. >> jeb bush has been very clear in a recent conversation saying he is not worried about these polls. he was in the lead. >> i think he should be worried about them. i would be if i were him. >> well, how about being worried about hillary clinton? fred i'm going to start with you very quickly. >> okay. >> how in the world could this woman have a women's only event? someone raised the issue, what
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if marco rubio was holding men only events? it's really bizarre. >> hey hellillary is a democrat. that's okay with the media. marco rubio is a republican. they just treat the two differently. what's worrying -- i'll tell you what's worrying hillary clinton and you mentioned it lou. she's only slightly ahead. three points ahead in head-to-head polls against marco rubio and scott walker and one point ahead of rand paul. if those numbers flip and the republicans are ahead of her in these polls, there's going to be panic in the democratic party. >> it still bothers me that she's ahead at all to be perfectly frank. the issues that are out right now with her emails, with trust trustworthyiness trustworthiness. that's telling me the american people can distrust a candidate and still vote for them. i say gop candidates don't sit back. she's going on put up a tough fight. the media is going to be behind
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her. you better have your act together. >> i see something healthy in it. if the same people are saying they could vote for her are so skeptical and don't trust her, you know i think we get that attitude across the entire electorate so we might have a chance. >> right. exactly. >> thanks. thank you very much. by the way, great article on the generational issues that the democrats face in this election. terrific. thank you. up next it's going to take a lot more than missing 95% of fake bombs and handguns for the president to lose confidence in his good old tsa. my commentary coming up next.
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a few thoughts on accountability in our federal government or the lack thereof. homeland security security swra johnson late last night announced that acting tsa straighter melvin carraway has
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been reassigned. an inspector swren report we told you about last night showed tsa screeners had only a 95% failure rate when they were trying to detect explosives and handguns on the persons of passengers but the white house today expressing great confidence in the tsa and the response by secretary johnson. they were just pleased as punch. >> the president has very high expectations for the kind of response that will be enacted by tsa and department of homeland security to address those concerns and that's why, you know the prompt action that was taken by secretary johnson just last night is consistent with that. >> you don't see josh ernest just bubbling over with enthusiasm and delight. this is the administration's idea of accountability to reassign officials to another department or job after they screw up where they can screw up
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in a brand new role and place. it's just about impossible to get fired in this administration. the obama administration's lack of accountability is pervasive in operation fast and furious. not a single person fired over the gun-running operation that led to the death of border patrol agent brian terry and 200 mexican citizens. the head of the atf was reassigned. following the 2012 benghazi attack four state department employees responsible for security were placed on administrative leave. by the way, that did not include the secretary of state at the time one hillary clinton. they were not fired. they were reassigned. the irs targeting scandal, one employee was reassigned while lois lerner was allowed to retire receiving her full government pension and avoiding the consequences all together of criminal contempt charges thanks to attorney general eric holder who was himself the first sitting cabinet officer to ever be cited for contempt.
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last we're during the scandal over wait times at v.a. hospitals, three employees did lose their jobs. i want to repeat three employees in the entire veterans affairs department. most recently this year two senior secret service agents were reassigned after they drunkenly crashed their car into a barrier at the white house. this president has dismissed altogether the concept of duty the notions of accountability. not even endangering the president or his family or jeopardizing our national security is sufficient cause for accountability under this president. our quotation of the evening, this one from one of mr. obama's predecessors said "to state the facts, frankly, is not to despair the future nor indict the past. the prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and
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gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust." john f. kennedy, 35th president of the united states. we're coming right back. president obama promised there would be no obama care for illegal immigrants. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those that are here illegally. >> turns out congressman joe wilson was right. mr. obama lied. we'll have that story. and every parent's worst nightmare as a 3-year-old is run over. we'll have video and some good news. next.
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president obama caught in another lie. this time about obama care. again, here is the president back in 2009. >> there are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. this too, is false. the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> six years later congressman joe wilson proven right. california is the first state to offer insurance to illegal immigrants. the california senate approved the legislation granting illegal immigrants access to the medicaid program seeking a
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waiver to sell insurance through obama care exchange. health care certainly not the only lie this administration has been perpetrated. pentagon officials today admitted the number of live anthrax samples sent to laboratories is double the previous statement. 51 labs in 17 states. three countries received shipments of that deadly bacteria. no one in the obama administration seems to be tracking anything apparently because as politico now reports, the government keeps no data on who is an american citizen and who is not. the census bureau tracks only the country's total population while voter registration lists are unreliable to say the least despite the very important upcoming presidential election. joining us now congressman diane black. member of both the house budget weighs and means committee. let me just start with this administration which is i can't
10:35 am
recall any administration including the nixon administration that just simply bald-face lied to the american people on so many issues can you? >> well lou, in your lead-in when you were talking about the president and you actually did the clip of him saying he is not going to cover illegal citizens health care i got to thinking about all the other lies that he told like if you like what you have you can keep it. american families are going to save an average of $2,500 per family on their health care costs. we see extraordinarily high increase in the costs of their premiums. i can just go on and on and on about the things that he has said that we know are not true. it is very very discouraging. it almost makes you feel like sometime you just want to put your hands up and say i don't know what else to do. we can't do that. we have got to keep on working. this country is a wonderful country, and we have got another year and a half and then
10:36 am
hopefully we'll have another leader in the white house that we can trust. >> hopefully we have a leader that can make a distinction and have the guts to talk honestly and look honestly at this country and keep count of things. even under george w. bush the federal government was tracking who is an illegal immigrants reporting those in our prison systems, those that are committing crimes or the number of illegal immigrant criminals that have been let loose. we're starting to get a sense of that now. this is a government that doesn't keep track of anything profound other than race ethnicity, and people in my opinion should be telling the government to go to hell. it's none of their business any of them. >> are you talking about the -- we were actually talking about that last night. when i was on the floor, there were amendments being offered on our appropriations bill. there was one amendment offered by congressman poe out of texas that no longer is required to
10:37 am
fill out this in between the ears of the census this survey that they do this 28-day -- >> it's community service. >> yeah. >> my question is why in the world should any citizen and good for congressman poe and good for you for bringing it up. we get the thing in our house, and we look at it. this is nuts. why should we have to put this out? i do this once every ten years, but the rest of the time the federal government can go to hell. no one tells this government to go to hell wraen more. everybody just rolls over and sucks their thumb and says yes, sir, yes, ma'am. i mean what's happening to this country? >> well i'll tell you what you would have to take me to jail if i said i am not going to fill that thing out 28 pages and the most intimate information that they can for there. it's none of their business. i could have put another word in there, but i won't on tv. it is none of their business and we have got to stand up to the government and say no. in particular this administration who is trying to take away all of our freedoms
10:38 am
and all of our rights to privacy, our first amendment, our second ammed amendment. just go down and name the kinds of things we deal with here in trying to stop this president. >> you know i am glad to hear you say that and i want to turn because this president is telling us that we should have our congress approve trade promotion authority. that is turn some of the power, both the right to amend bills just straight up and down votes on trade agreement, which is really in my judgment you know the authority of both the senate and the house under the constitution and now the republicans, you guys are coming up saying we demand more power for the same president that you are suing in court for abusing power. what is wrong with you people? >> lou, it is just the opposite of that and sitting on the weighs and means committee, i've had a lot of time to read this bill to go through it piece by piece and tell you that we are
10:39 am
empowering congress in this bill. would you like to have a bill where in this particular situation with the iranians negotiations that are going on where it's had to be public for 60 days where the public could read it the transparency was there, and after that period of time if we didn't like what the president was negotiating, we could just turn it off and say no you cannot do it. this is inserting congress into having the empowerment to say yes or no and giving guidance to this president and his negotiators to say you have to stay in this lane, and if you don't stay in this lane we are not going to approve the agreement once it's done. >> to answer your question, i would like to see it. i'm going have to see it though, to believe it. i am going to vote for it in order to find out what it is. it's always good to have you here. thanks so much. >> it's good to be with you too. thanks so much. sometimes walking the streets of brooklyn new york can prove to be dangerous and a
10:40 am
toddler found out firsthand. the 4-year-old was taking a walk outside with his grandmother when out of nowhere a car swerves to the right off the street on to the sidewalk knocking over a tree driving over the child. onlookers immediately rush to help the little boy and miraculously he suffered only minor vachz and bruises, if you can believe it. what happened to the driver in the car, why it crashed? still unclear. thank god the kid is all right. a startling crime wave across america. seven cities with shocking spikes in murders and violent crimes. those cities are all run by democrats.
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boimt strais's justice department investigating more than 20 police departments, yet ignoring what can only be described as a nationwide crime wave. murder rates are now skyrocketing in this country. up 13% in new york city. chicago up 17%. los angeles up 25% over a year ago. the troubling rise in violence also evident in baltimore. murders there up 40%. milwaukee up 180% by the way.
10:45 am
baltimore recorded 43 murders in the month of may, making it the deadliest month in more than four decades. joining us tonight neil franklin a former baltimore police officer. good to have you with us. former new york city police commissioner bernard harris. also the author of the new book "from jailer to jail." good to have you gentlemen here. let me start with you, neil. baltimore is i mean from all appearances right now the words of its principal leaders, its mayor, carolyn mosb bmosby, the prosecuting attorney. they sound completely out of touch with the reality that they're responsible for. >> well i think they understand that they are responsible. they have to be responsible. they're the ones leading this city along with the police commissioner. but i think that had he like many other cities like the
10:46 am
administrations of many other cities we're constantly dealing with the symptoms. we're always trying to solve the symptoms of a much deeper issue. as reporters here interview citizens from neighborhood to neighborhood across this great city there's something common. there's a common theme. it's the drug activity that we have had in these neighborhoods. it's the gangs that are controlling these drug operations and we've never done anything as a nation to properly deal with that which is taking the money out of this trade. i mean they're constantly recruiting our kids into these gangs and these crews and they're the ones right now running the neighborhoods. they're running the show here. they're running rampant in our city. >> bernie what do you make of it? this just goes on and on. it's happening in each one of these cities if i did not say it. i should have and will. each one of these cities with double digit increases in murder rates and violent crimes every
10:47 am
one of them is are an by the democratic party and has been for decades. >> well in new york city you have to look at the success from 1994 right up until last year. homicides doppler to 83%. we never had an increase over those years. never had an increase in violent crimes. never had an increase in shootings. this is the first time that we've seen an increase like this and i said it last year. if you reduce or eliminate stop and frisk, if you reduce the programs that have -- >> which brings us to -- >> which he did. if you reduce those programs or eliminate those programs you're going to see an increase in shootings and then you are going to see an increase in murder and that's what's happened. you know the mayor should have forced stop and frisk. if you didn't like it the way it was, it's sort of like the patriot act. if you don't like it the way it is then amend it. then have accountability. have an oversight. do something with stop and frisk so the cops had the tools they
10:48 am
need to do their jobs. >> you talk about -- go ahead. >> bernie you -- bernie just touched on something very important when he was referring to stop and frefk. i think the problem that we were having is it's not just new york dsz because we are ahead and gotten used to using it without the good first line without the sergeants making sure that the men and women are using that tool appropriately, there have been some officers that have gotten out of hand you know and now -- >> i think that's right. i've said this from time to time when they talked about eliminating it. you can have transparency. you need first line supervision. you need accountability. you can have that. just amend the program to fit our needs and stay within the constitutional guidelines. >> you know i want to go back to something. again, trying to get to the
10:49 am
bottom of what's going on here. we're looking at a city in baltimore that has been eviscerated. businesses have been pushed out. there's not a major corporation head quartered in baltimore right now. jobs have been killed. the community is being strangled by poverty. frankly, the black power structure is making a further mess of it. there doesn't seem to be a single leader stepping up and actually doing something for the community itself. the mayor, the president, the city council for crying out loud was afraid to call a gang member a thug. if you are dealing with that how do you resurrect a city? >> i think that many of our leaders across this country, many of our cities are in the same place, and again -- >> let's take -- >> wait a minute. >> let's take baltimore. >> i am talking about baltimore as well. what i'm saying here is you
10:50 am
touched on some things here. it's not just a responsibility of the police to drive violent crime down. you know it's about economics. it's about jobs. it's about how many people we arrest and disenfranchise. it's about housing. it's about health. it's about education and the lack thereof. we can't place all of this on our criminal justice shoulders. that being the police. it's going to take a very concentrated effort of all of these areas to get this job done and it's going to take a long-term plan. we have to get away from these short-term plans and develop something that's going to be ten ask 15 years in the running. >> do we also have to get away bernie from these left wing for the most part left wing -- not just liberals but left wing big city mayors who just keep following the same ineffective policies, many of the, destrublgtdestruct destructive policies?
10:51 am
>> the mayors have to look after what juliany did in 1994. no one is coming to work visit, or go to school in a place where you don't feel safe. the number one issue in new york city was crime. reduce crime for every percentage point we reduce crime, i can show you increases in economic development, real estate value, tourism, so forth and so on. the city rose in every element as crime dropped. >> thanks for being here. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> hopefully the people in hose american cities realize the american dream, a lot of people are disappointing them with al. north korea's dictator sparking new concern. this time it's not his launch for -- they're here to break it down for us. stay with us.
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andy levy -- both co-hosts oif red eye" good to see you guys. let's start with the story of the week so far. caitlyn jenner. it's amazing how easy it is now to say caitlyn jenner and not bruce. can we take a look at this cover just for a moment and then we would like to take a look if we can, at the e network with this
10:56 am
promo clip for the show that they're -- excuse me -- docuseries we should call it. this is all ready to roll out. this looks like a closely coordinated -- you know i'm not suggesting anything here. it looks like they're core fwrafed this thing. what do you say? >> you mean after a few drinks? look i am very happy for her. you know i also have absolutely no desire to watch this series. >> right. >> it's just not my thing. i'm sure all of this was completely coordinated, and she just today signed with caa, a big agency in hollywood. yeah absolutely this is all coordinated. i'm not sure that's not okay though. >> and they're coordinating it for people like me who love watching these e shows, who follow the jenners and the kardashians, and i think that the country is full of curious people. i think that there's going to be
10:57 am
a lot of people into watching this because they want to know more. >> you mean like what is hillary going to do with emails and that sort of thing? >> our priorities are where they should be lou. >> the transpacific partnership agreement, the free trade deal. that kind of curiosity, i'm sure. let's -- hillary clinton, i mean she has got it down. >> yeah. >> today joking about the white house wouldn't have been hacked had they been using her server. >> yeah. >> i like it actually better though, the whole thing yesterday where she told people to get to the end of the line. i honestly don't have a problem with if they were line cutters. >> that appeals to your authority tarn nature. >> i don't know how she swears that with being in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants. either you get to the end of the line or you wait your turn or you don't. you can't have it both ways. >> i think get to the end of the line for hillary may be the same thing as marie antoinettes let
10:58 am
them eat cake. >> i agree with hellillary there. lines are important. patience is a virtue. you need to wait your turn. if she were going to joke anywhere about e-mail servers or lines, maybe the waiting in line is the place to joke. to keep that soft and light so people will understand she's -- >> maybe have somebody else direct traffic. maybe let her just kind of -- >> the other -- >> be her jovial self. >> she is incredibly jovial. that's the word i think of most. halfway through the line have you to make a donation to the clinton foundation before you get an autograph. >> perfect sense. perfect sense. i bring this up spontaneously. kim jong un? do we have a picture of him? this is worrisome to all of the military leaders and political leaders in the asia pacific region. he has apparently put on a lot
10:59 am
of weight. how concerned should we be? >> we should be very concerned because oftentimes weight gain is a signal of a deeper root issue. possibly depression. eating some feelings. that said we think he is eating a lot of cheese which he picked up during his school days. he got a taste for cheese. if i were a dictator i would eat all the cheese i wanted. i love cheese. >> apparently he is in total agreement. >> i have never been less concerned that someone is in bad shape. i think it's possible -- i think maybe he just read all those pieces about how dad bod is the hot thing, and he is trying to get himself a dad bod. that might be what's going on here. >> political analysis i think it will stand the test of time. >> i also think the show is one of the great things about dictatorships dictatorships. he doesn't have to worry about
11:00 am
optics. >> that is a sigh of relief i hear across the hudson river. thanks so much. many thanks. always. good have you [ dynamic music plays ]


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