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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  June 14, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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against bonds. >> just watch out for that. we don't know what direction that's going to take. >> that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. keep it here. is there a new war on cops in america? this cop just resigned after a firestorm of finger-pointing. but others worry when you add it to this this and this we have to ask, if cops are worried about doing their jobs what happens next? i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week wayne rogers michelle fields. joining us our favorite liberal and libertarian. what does it say to cops and bad guys in the country when a cop like that has to resign? >> the video is very disturbing.
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but broadly speaking it doesn't mean much. a picture is not an argument. policework is incredibly vital. it's incredibly noble. these are the people who are protecting individual rights. you see a typical leftist, anti-police, anti-american neoism. the average policeman does not hate black people. the average black person does not hate black people. this is just a ruse. crime is down dramatically. and for that we should thank the police not the police protesters. >> i opened the show with is there a war on cops. bad guys are getting emboldened. cops are under pressure i'm going to step it up. >> cops are powerful. nobody will go against police. the fact that you hold bad cops accountable, that guy, sitting on a girl in a bikini his own lawyer said he had lost control. he was under stress. that's why he resigned.
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>> for me the biggest issue in that whole video wasn't the fact that he was rough with some of the kids. look if that happens -- that's policework. what shouldn't have happened in my opinion, was drawing that weapon. >> he could have handled it differently. he overreacted. the crowd was out of control. i don't think this should be an indictment of all police officers. that's what the left and the media is doing. they watch the minute-long videos and they think that they understand the entire situation, they understand what was going on what was going on in the minds of the police officer. and they try to apply that to all police officers. i think that's really unfair. these people put their lives on the line every, single day to do work that we don't want to do. they're dealing with the worst of the worst. and we should appreciate that, not continue to bring them down. >> you're grumbling. your thoughts? >> i'm concerned that we spend so much time on this stuff. the weekend in ferguson which took up all of the media for
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weeks, all of that stuff. and that same period of time there were over 30 people shot in the city of chicago. where was jesse jackson? he was in ferguson. where was the attorney general? he was in ferguson. they weren't in chicago. they weren't paying attention to what they should be doing. where was the reverend al sharpton? he was shooting his mouth off in ferguson. in other words, you don't have responsible black leaders doing what they should be doing at the same time that you have police doing what they should be doing. >> i'm not supposed to praise you, wayne. but god bless you. >> hold on for a second. let's get back to our topic. in baltimore the fingers are being pointed at those six cops. look what's going in baltimore. murders, homicides in baltimore. last month, broke a 40-year record. they may break another one in june. your thoughts? >> we're making people draw lines. you have to be black lives matter or blue lives matter. that's not true. all lives matter. the community needs to come together.
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i was looking at an interview. and the new york police officers they don't feel like they're respected anymore. giuliani was talking about this on "the o'reilly factor." we need community work. we need black leaders, police leaders, everyone to come together. we have to do it eventually. >> this is important. while that texas pool party was kids misbehaving, why are so many young people acting like this? at least in this video we're about to show you, clearly the parents are partly to a fault. look at this. two women beating the hell out of each other at a walmart in indiana. a 6-year-old one of the kids one of their kids not only watching but helping to beat one of the women up. why is american society on the decline? does this shock you? this video? >> yeah. i don't like that kind of violence. it's gross. it's kind of disturbing. i think a lot of this has to do with family breakdowns bad structure. you look at people in their lives, maybe they have these
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kids young. they don't have role models what parenting is about. a cop walks into that eric what is a cop -- a cop might feel threatened. chief bratton here in new york talked about it. breakdown of families. break june of authority. lack of consistent ethics and vols being taught to our young people. >> michelle if you continue to watch this video, we're going to continue to roll it you see people starting to gather. they're watching this fight happen. they watch this brawl happen. and they're laughing. they're watching a 6-year-old kid take a bottle of shampoo and whack one of the women with it. >> i actually agree with this. you think it is a breakdown of family. people no longer respect authority. i can't believe -- this video is disgusting. the woman is encouraging her son to punch a woman. and now, that's pretty much why we have people who grow up and do these things. they learn it in the home. and in that video we saw earlier at the pool party, it has a lot to do with personal
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responsibility too. we watched this video. and all we do is criticize the police officer. but no one talked about the role that the average americans play in this video. if a police officer is telling you to do something, you respect the police officer. you respect authority. we don't talk about that. we criticize the police officer and not individual actions. and we should. >> it's getting progressively worse. it's not just we're seeing more of it because of cell phone cameras and what not. i can't recall seeing a fight like this. >> but these are individual things. again, you're going to -- you can't make a statement about a culture when you look at one incident like this. and we in the media promote that one thing. it comes back to what i was just saying about ferguson. if you concentrate on that and say, this is what's wrong. and instead of taking in an entire country of what's going on you're making a big mistake. and i believe it -- >> they're actually related. what we're seeing here eric is
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taken by emotions. go with your gut and do whatever you want. that is not just a question with the family that's a question with the culture. i look at this video, two things come to mind. number one, everyone shouldn't be a parent. and number two, we shouldn't be incentivizeing parents that shouldn't be parents in the first place. >> agree. i want to add about the cell phone culture is really important here. we can hear a woman say, she would have gotten involved baa she was afraid of a lawsuit. and that's a really big problem here. walmart employees were told not to intervene. eight minutes until the police showed up with a little kid running wild like that. >> it's sad. i'm watching this video. i'm heartbroken. look people are going to have arguments. they're going to fight. but once that kid got involved someone should have stopped that. one of the two fighters. go ahead, michelle. >> i -- i mean i understand that people don't want to get involved because of lawsuits. but when you see a child -- this
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child's life is in danger. there's two crazy women fighting each other. and the people are sitting there laughing almost encouraging them to continue fighting. someone needs to step in and take the kid out of the situation. and i find it disappointing that no one did that. >> that's emotionally offensive. that's not wrestling, you know wwf. >> that's not normal. >> that's -- >> this fighting -- >> that's called being led by your emotions. >> yes. right. >> there's a way to deal with that situation without throwing punches. and women, i mean come on. >> we have to leave it there. unfortunately, very disturbing video. with the 2016 presidential election in play and since #wakeup #wakeupamerica we're going to ask you about the important issues facing america. who's the best presidential candidate to restore order to our crumbling culture in america? tweet your response with our hash tag. we're going to read the results
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next week in a tweet or two. coming up performing at college is no laughing matter. jerry seinfeld blasting millennials. are the teachers to blame? next.
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here's a joke for you. why did the comedian cross the
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road? to get away from the up-tight college kids. thank you. i'll be here all week. jerry seinfeld joining a growing list of comedians that say they won't and don't perform at universities. here's why. >> i don't play colleges. but people tell me, don't go near colleges. they're so p.c. they don't know what they're talking about. >> it's not just seinfeld. chris rock and colin quinn have shared similar feelings about political correctness. michelle your dad wrote for johnny carson. are funny like these on to something? >> he would laugh that hollywood liberals are upset about political correctness. this is the product of liberals. this is the monster they've created. i'm going to stand up for millennials and say this is because of liberals in my parents generation that have coddled children and told them to be offended. look at the colleges that
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millennials go to and the schools they go to. they are not free speech zones. they can't say anything without being disciplined. so i think that it's -- it's my parents' generation. >> let's go to one of those. the thoughts on the comedy michelle's parents' generation probably wouldn't go over very well in this generation. >> well i don't think that's necessarily true. i think part of it is just what you said the pervasive part of college professors and all that talking about oh we have to have equality. and we have to have versediversity and do all of these things. i was looking at a segment the other night that showed the '70s. they were talking about -- a section from "all in the family," where archie bunker says -- his son says to him, you got to understand that there's 13% of the people out there are black people. you couldn't put "sanford and son" on the air today. you couldn't put "the jeffersons" on the air today.
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redd foxx would be gone. you can't do that. why is that? >> why is that? >> because of liberals. >> okay. so people are saying -- and they say we're not going to stand for this. and they push back. and i understand it. they get their way. have we gone too far? producers, pull up the full screen on something that ucla faculty has been told to avoid and recognize, it's called microaggressions on campuses. when you hear things like this -- america is the land of opportunity or anyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough. jessica? these are academics being told if you see that say something about that. >> i think it's awful. we actually talked a few months ago on "cashin' in" there was a u.c. campus that wanted the american flag taken down because students who were not from america were offended by that and thought it represented conquest. it's completely ridiculous. america stands for these things.
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and it's what makes our nation great. going back to the comedians' point, louis c.k. says i'm going to say what i want. i saw him at the garden. really funny. i wonder how long he's going to be able to say this and whether he has to go the way of seinfeld. >> and he gets caught a lot of slack. pundits saying something that the comedians would say. go ahead, john. >> yeah. comedy is, eric, on some level, has to be destructive. that's the whole point. it pokes fun at some thing, someone. but i don't think it's just political correctness on campus. it's multiculturalism, propagated by soulall of the professors. we're all the same. no one can be judged. everyone is a victim. >> you've written books on education. have we gone too far? too p.c.? >> we are so politically divided in this country, in large part because of this kind of thing.
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everybody has their orthodoxys. and it's not only liberals. it'sal conservatives. some things you can't say. don't say anything about the cops around here. the thing that aggravates me -- >> come on. >> michelle i am old enough to be your daddy. therefore, when you defend millennials, don't attack my people. let me just say -- >> i talk about my parents' generation -- >> you're talking about me. you know. come on. >> be careful. you might be an agent. >> really. >> yeah. >> you have to -- >> let me just finish this thought. i think that you also have to deal with who is being mocked by comedy. and a lot of times, when you make fun of women, it's the powerful mocking the powerless. and on college campuses -- >> come on. >> all you can make fun of is white middle-aged men. you can't make fun of women. you can't make fun of anyone.
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>> when you don't make fun of rich men in america. you don't make fun of people who control the media. >> yes, you do. >> it's not that funny. >> didn't you hear that? >> we're going to have to leave it there. before we go we would like to apologize if we said anything to offend anyone during this segment. and anything we might say in the next two segments we apologize in advance. coming up, life imitateing art. "the shawshank redemption," becoming a reality. should we privatize prisons to prevent more prison breaks? that debate, coming up.
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privatetized to prevent more prison breaks killers hatching a plan to escape this week. a place they run out of a state-run maximum security facility. michelle i think you will agree with me on this one. privatetizing all prisons would shut the cell door on prison breaks. >> i'm in favor of it. i think it leads to accountability. it saves money for tax payers. and if someone happens at a private prison there's accountability. they go out of business. you can't say that for a government agency. if there's corruption maybe someone will be on paid leave. that's about all of the accountability you sometimes get. >> how about my libertarians? privatize the prisons, john? >> i'm not for higher walls. i'm just for less prisoners. i think this whole issue of
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prison privatization is a secondary point. 50% of the people are there for drugs. only 3% are there for homicides and crimes like these guys. we can get rid of half of the prison population by decriminalizing drugs. >> in response to michelle there's been no breakouts at that prison for 180 years or something. that's how old the prison is. it's not a matter of that. i understand you don't like government government. but this is a bad example. >> how about it wayne? >> we have to publicly held -- two publicly-held private companies that run prisons in this country. this is a financial show half of the time. you don't talk about those things. corrections corporation of america. and g.e.o. >> i have to go quickly. >> final thoughts? >> i'm going to go for my public/private partnerships. okay. and it saves taxpayers in the
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long run, if we have private consultants helping the government deal with prisons. >> have to go right now. coming up what do the nba finals and terror have in common? the only comparison you'll hear on "cashin' in," next.
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh.
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uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save go to ♪ feed the pig ♪ i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. head over to to see wayne and jonathan's stock picks. time to wake up america.
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the nba is in the middle of an amazing finals. lebron trying to break cleveland's 50-year championship drought. and a golden state warriors team looking for the first in 40 years. awesome basketball going on. that and the obama administration just decided to muddle the isis strategy even further by sending in 450 advisers to iraq. my good friend said sports seldom crosses over to real-life terror. but today, it was. duff you're spot-on. few things know about steve kerr may shock you. i grew up in chicago watching steve kerr drain three pointers helping michael jordan secure five of his six-straight wins. kerr's nickname is ice. he earned that while as a freshman at the university of arizona. on january 18th, 1984 the night before a big game, kerr's father was assassinated by hezbollah terrorists in lebanon. malcolm kerr was president of the university in beirut and
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considered one of the brightest academics in the middle east. now, he was dead. the next day, steve kerr played and crushed asu, earning him the nickname ice. but simultaneously the reagan administration was searching for the terrorists who detonated a series of bombs that killed 241 servicemen including 220 marines. islamic jihad was identified as the terror group responsible for the marine barracks bombing in beirut. 31 years later, the obama administration is negotiating with the same regime. and steve kerr is trying to earn another championship. makes it hard not to root for the guy tomorrow night. but i'm also rooting for president obama. you might take a cue. get a steely resolve, instead of
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the soft talk that's allowing isis to spread like cancer in the middle east. have a great weekend, everybody. hello, i'm lou dobbs. president obama beginning yet another of his reversals. the president finding no profit in his previous pivot to asia. he's now looking back over his shoulder giving serious thought to a possible return to iraq and joining in the fight against the islamic state that he once promised you remember to destroy. the white house this week announced an obama-sized surge for iraq. the president ordering 450 of our troops back to iraq. the president not yet ready to rejoin the fight against the islamic state. those troops will only take up the training of iraqi forces who of course have already been trained by our military.


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