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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  June 15, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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just staying there until they have to carry him out rupert has thought it through. he's had james and locke linn in a sense in train for 20 years preparing them for ultimately, you know, to derun this company, and now he is -- thank you so much. >> liz claman will walk into the final hour of tradeing. >> oh, we ran out of time. >> we'll take this out. [laughter] >> that we're bumping up against what we have as breaking news now you're looking live at miami dave college in miami, florida why at any moment jeb bush is expected to announce his candidacy for president of the united states. the former florida governor joins very crowded field of ten other republican candidates with more on the way. more expected to join in the coming days. this morning bush releasing campaign video that ends to differentiate him from the other candidates. but the candidates biggest campaign advantage and some believe disadvantage is name
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recognizings in but soflt 41st president and brother of the 33rd everybody is reading between lines and letters what he revealed yesterday. campaign official logo most is the dynasty family name simply jeb 2016 when jeb bush moved to make that podium we'll bring it to you live along with the vision per the economy. all live right here last hour of trade as dow jones industrial spikes back and s&p is washing road. let's start the count down. >> just about 20 minutes away from florida governor, former florida governor ready to be a candidate for the president of the united states. the market back drop for this, well it is a down day on wall street with fears greece will default to the payment tracking
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major indices into the reds. you can see it right here. we've gotten down about 150 and then we were down 19. comeback short, right now we see dow jones industrial down 111 points. s&p down a half a percent. but there is a bright spot for bush. according to the latest fox news poll, jeb bush and wisconsin governor scott walker who has yet to announce somehow they're the front run terse again they have not announce but front runners to be the republican candidate for president. what does jeb need to do, needs to say in now, 18 minutes to be the last man standing as we wait we bring in brad blake man a republican strategist and former senior advisor to president bush, and julie at fox news contributor and democratic strategist he may end up blakeman rather brad he may enldz up being your guy, the republican candidate what does he need to say in now 17 minutes that will grab that leadership role?
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>> well it is not enough to say how bad things are in america because america is thirsty to know how good things could be. and i think jeb bush is the perfect person to deliver that message. why? because of the chief executive of the state of florida. the only republicans to be elected twice as governor back to back. it is important for him to talk about his record as governor, and also talk about what is possible as president. i think you're going to hear that today. it is uplifting as his video was earlier today. that i think american people are going to see yeah he's a bush, but he's not like the other bushes. he's -- a different kind of leader. once he differentiates himself from the field of republicans and also from his family, i think that not only will republicans like him but america will like him as well. >> differentiating himself from the field but also spending heck of a lot of time to differentiate himself from his brother george w. bush.
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maybe he recollected be focuses on economy and business which we know will be a key component in this election. will he do that in this speech? >> i'm not sure if he'll do that in this speech sixth time we've had a bush on the ballot for president. >> interrupt you and say that barbra bub his mom has just taken the podium she's there and no doubt that will add energy. >> good will among republicans certainly but notable that neither his father or brother are there. that is because as we said and everybody has pointed out he's trying to differentiate himself. don't forget raise raising close to $100 million on the back of the bush name. and question he needs at which point jeb bush own the fact that the reason he's there and hibt is there because he's part of a dynasty and asset for him, and you know you can't have half a loaf and jeb with exclamation point to some people and then bush name to become a front runner that is what is going on. >> what is about that jeb bush
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that keeps far right about him. i have trouble understanding that. >> look jeb bush was a successful again, two term governor from florida. and in order to do that he had to appeal to a wide variety of republicans. we have a big tent, it is not just the far rights that drives our party but everybody that drives our parties, and remember america is just right eve center nation, and to be collectible is one thing. but why be selectable if you're unelectable. first thing is first selection process out of the way but bottom line is to be elected in this country at this time, you have to be just right of center, and i think that is just what doctor ordered with somebody like jeb bush. >> julie probably disagree but standing by. now 15 minutes away from jeb bush taking the podium to announce former candidacy here. brad and julie they'll react to the speech but in the mean tile while political world waiting for jeb bush road has been a rough one on wall street all day. here's what we're dealing with
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folks traders with a tense guessing game on whether greece will be tiebl repay the 1.6 billion it owns just in days. it owns on june 30th to international monetary fund and hence if they're able to make that payment, they can stay in the zone or if they can't and default cause all kinds of mayhem late chatter on trade force that we're getting right now. german press is reporting that zone leadsers have come to an agreement over emergency plan regarding greece, and have prepared capital control. that is not necessarily a good thing folks in the meantime, a stunning stat, today alone greek bank customers pulled some 400 million euros out of greek banks. stocks like national bank of greece looked a 1 pnt 16 stock that is a near run on banks that is not a good thing either. european shares overnight also tanks let's bring in our traders with the new york stocks exchange cm terms ande group ths
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so scott you would argue if we start to see a run on banks what should u.s. investor be doing today to break themselves for a rough ride of default? >> it depends on the investor's time frame. you know if that happens and market actually dips and we get a correction of 10% or so. i think people could get back involved and not feel like they're chasing the market if you're an active investor and my specialty you want to watch your level and peripheral yield spike, if we break 270 s&p we don't have any support down till about 245. >> 282 right now for the s&p 500. but scots are you telling me that this is a opportunity if there's laibts of con contagion? >> i think so. i think you have to know your time frame last week's flow we could see two, three% quick air pocket, and for traders they
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don't want to be caught in that. you need to know if that doesn't hold 2045 is next but investigator this is beginning to run its course and over time i do think that the market does win. >> we're awaiting jeb bush to make this announcement and ten, 13 minutes away from it. say all republican and democratic candidates if you would tell them why greece matters to our markets and fobs on what is going on there. what would you say? >> i would say biggs thing that sayings kind of keeping people from really feeling good about the economy is the labor participation numbers as well. i think that is the big thing even though the employment number is 5.whatever -- there's a feeling in the country that things aren't as good as they could be. market at record highs no other place to go with your money and you have to watch carefully what happens to our interest rates if we start getting the tenure above 2.5% market is telling you
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that you have to raise rates and that is the key. they're going to have to watch what happens with interest rates, and i think that that is biggest thing if i was able to talk to one of these guys i would say you have to do something about the feeling in the country that there's a general -- even though markets -- are telling you that things are good. >> right 5.5 unemployment rate isn't so grand but the job participation there. al it been harry as we look at oil it is falling in price today good for the consumer. what else do you get from that message? >> i think we have some more down in crude oil if we have problems over in greece and don't see things working out we're going a lot lower in crude oil. what i'm looking for right now is $55 in we break it, down we go. if we get there, we touch it, stay around there, then it is an opportunity so at the moment i'm trying to buy dips but if it breaks 55 i'm going to sell it. >> we're at -- not too far from 55 right now. see if you're right scott, kris
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allen nice to see you. closing bell we're about 50 and a half minutes away. a shocking admission from the governor of new york as man hunt for those escaped killers goes cold in the 10th day. yes i said cold, and while we're waiting for jeb bush to make final announcement for candidate city of president made major ruling on something his brother started in office. charlie gasparino break it is down and he joins us when count down to the closing bell continues. don't move. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing
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for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> and we have singer who is singing in spanish right now. they're on the stage at miami dave university and college and of course we're awaiting jeb bush, former florida governor who is widely expected to announce his candidateyy for the 2016 presidential race. interesting he has been left of his part when it comes to immigration. here he has hispanic singers involved in the hick community that makes up much of florida. so there's a underlying message here and as soon as we get more on this we'll bring it to you
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now five minutes as expected away. a prison worker lock up while killers run free. we said it was bigger than the babe. here she is wearing handcuffs in a striped prison uniform there she is joyce mitchell, prison worker appeared in court today. charged with really helping two convicted murders escape from the maximum security prison just 20 miles from the canadian border she gave them all kiengdz of tools, weapons, access to cell phones, but this is so much bigger than her former police commissioner of new york city bernie told us this last week, huge gaping holes in that prison meantime search for convicts in the tenth day go door to door sweeping upstate new york. but a stunling admission from governor cuomo he said the men could be anywhere. >> we don't know if they're still in the immediate area, or if they're in mexico by now. >> that is comforting.
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yeah. those two were supposedly going to get in the getaway car with joyce mitchell and then a cottage in vermont but now they have no clue she didn't show up with the getaway car reached freedom by drilling through prison walls and navigating through tunls with tools she had gave them. ands i caped planned for five weeks all it took. well escape you saw a lot of dinosaurs escaping from pens in jurassic worlds so exciting proving dinosaurs are anything but extinct at the post office p box fourth had the world's biggest opening weekend of all time. bigger than avengers to seat title from avengeers that brought in $750 million. gas uk blowout debut not enough to put comcast higher they're
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virtually flat. imax stock hitting new lifetime high today, nearly half of the revenue from "jurassic world" came from 3d tibt ticket sales i went i was fascinated i love dinosaur, blood, large teeth people's necks and i liked when nanny no i won't ruin it for you but assistant nanny. >> i hate vampire movies. dinosaurs were. charlie is coming up in a second. jeb bush moments away now from announcing his intention to run for president. but it was actually his brother george w. bush who green lit the tarp bailout during the financial crisis. and today a huge decision in court on one of the company's challenging the government's move, and charlie broke it. charlie is breaking it. fox business correspondent. >> the decision in the greenberg
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over parking lot legality of the aig bailout case could come as early as this week i thought monday orr later in the week. it came out later today an hank kind of won is the best way to put it. he didn't win monetary damages but government, lawyer, the federal thomas wheeler said the way hank fall son and treasury secretary ben bernanke and tim geithner handled bailout of aig was illegal. now -- >> hank wince on that level. >> on that level. but he loses on another level. >> he did you doesn't deserve ds that is where it came out. very -- it is a lengthy decision. i will say this, hank basically said it was a taking case. he said that government came in, gave the company no alternative but to take a drop dead bailout where the government would take over company and wipe out a lot of shareholder value including himself a net worth for the valley of the stock was in
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billions, and you know when he sold it. to 300 million not nothing. but not billions. right it went from many billions, he said that was illegal because they did it in such a way they could have done a private sector solution, and what he said was the method they did it was illegal. and so it was a taking of my net worth. >> they didn't hold aig to the same standards as they held -- >> other banks. they held them to a higher standard. >> wiped out shareholder. goldman or stanley relatedded to this. >> much of his argument resonated with thomas wheeler, the judge and i think this is where it is going to get very dicey for government officials going forward. can they do a massive government bailout the right on whims like with -- by fiat. they say they want to do. they need to do it. are they able to do that or will they have to be able to check the dot the i, cross t's give
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the company more than 24 hours to respond. it is very interesting. judge say what is they did, how they did it was illegal and part of the reason he couldn't get the money it said and this was, you have to read this complicated was because they brought a takings case. you can't bring a takings case with what the government did in the its action it was illegal. so it is veteran >> no money. no fun, verbal. >> future bailouts there will be future bailouts the crisis at one point. they could help fanny may sharing along similar grounds, this may give them some precedent because they have different circumstances than hank. but let's watch fannie mae shares went up by the way on this ruling. >> stay right here shifting the conversation to jeb bush in just minutes, sebs hopefully going to get on that podium and reveal that he's going to run for president.
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we bring in former fcc commissioner robert mcdowel anybody who wants to be pet in this day and age better be digitally savvy, in fact, they've got to be robert, digitally brilliant. >> absolutely a fast dynamic essential component of the american economy where we still leave the world. so anyone who is elected president or running for president needs to focus on this area of the economy. so important. >> don't they have to make it easier for the companies that provide these services whether it is the world or any of the tell comings because as a crowd starts to cheer, we want to hear what his business plans are, especially with the back drop of net neutrality that went into effect last week that prevents any company from charming more or slowing down i guess i can charge more. but not allowed to slow down or speed up certain access to certain companies on their broadband. >> well that is a term without a definition so it can be whatever elected bureaucrats determine it
3:22 pm
is to regulate my rival but not me. so we want a president that won't pick winners and losers in the tech company, that will allow for a free market, and not government industrial policy that is trying to put his thumb on scale here and there. so hopefully whoever the next president is will allow the markets to act because it has been bril i didn't and wonderful to the american people and american economy. >> again jeb bush has not taken that podium but a casual atmosphere you can see had a couple of singers crowd is kept here not at a distance but waightd on that. >> him for a minute. >> charlie thought that was jeb but you have bad eyesight. >> let's seg way to yet. charlie, can any candidate win without the financial backing of wall street? >> you know, it is where a lot of a money is, and jeb has been mining wall street threetion for promises. i know that for a fact.
3:23 pm
to know it and there's're places to get money. i will say this, wall street, jeb/hillary it is like big banks with a huge role in the money in this election. because they both have very big connections. we should point out hillary clinton very close to the banks. you know, 400,000 speeches at goldman sachs. jeb bush was an advisor to barclays bank and lehman brothers. >> there you are connections all the way around singing national anthem a quick comment hire because he'll come out after this. >> thankfully never had one -- but talking through the national anthem wall street is support of barack obama in 2008, and then regretted it in 2012. so they're persuadable because yeb is getting money from the wall street now doesn't mean he'll continue to do so. other candidates have a chance. >> sure i think marco rubio has
3:24 pm
a point and blackstone some of the partners at blackstone are close to marco rubio. wayne being one of them. ted cruz and jack behind him. so scott walker has our hedge fund, so you know, other candidates get it. but jeb is a wall street favorite. >> we have somebody who is won and lost elections in his life but governor -- and denl nice you're there standing by former ohio governor and a in democrat what do you aa centuryist to do if herpetwin your vote? >> i'm not voting in the republican primary because i'm a democrat. but i will say that jeb bush i think is well positioned. he's got the name recognition interesting to see his logo which really -- sends a message out about simplicity and at the same time high impact red, white, and blue. he's someone who i think is going to be the most formidable
3:25 pm
of the republican candidates but we have to keep in mind, it is one of the strongest republican fields, in recent memory, and we have to count on the fact that there will be a real contest for this nomination. >> jeb hasn't really run in a long time. listen, i would like him. i sat in speeches this guy is a policy brainiac. >> but he's going back to his logo from when he ran for governor in the 90s. >> when you go up against marquise robio walker had three wall and he's battled hard and ready to go. marco rubio is sighted senator. tag a leave of absence still senator, correct? as he runs right, so these guys are really -- thaifer been doing? and yeb is out of the game and some of his statements reflect that and sort of not being able to articulate his policy on the war -- on his brothers -- things his
3:26 pm
brother has done. it will be interesting. he's smart. but he's a little bit out of shape. >> governor, you know, will he burn crucial time trying i guess to outconservetive other republican candidates and get diverted from the economic issues which matter most to americans one might say, and get diverted to social issues which happen four years ago when they were talking a lot about birth com and abortion battles that have been fought and some people's eyes won. >> congressman i want to say that i think what jeb bush will do is focus on economic issues. he's given signals. and he wants to get the economy moving and he wants to find a place for everyone, that i think is going to be a very powerful message, even the fact that he sends a message out by using his background in connection with the america's latino community or this announcement expresses
3:27 pm
that. he's reaching out to a broader constituency than any other republican i've sign do in a long time. so it is going to be interesting. >> right off the bat too. right he didn't wait. he did it immediately. >> right off the bat. we're going to take a quick break my apologies because i knew you were back mayor of cleveland. everybody stand by, and a as soon as by get a quick commercial break in, we will come right back. dow jones industrial continuing to fall down 123 points. stay tuned. we're coming right back. ♪ it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase.
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>> we've got a stock alert 29 minutes before the closing bell rings and we're taking another ride down. dow jones industrial down about 113 points this started overnight, there appears to be start of real concern when it comes to what is going on with
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greece's banks not a run on the bank yet but greece has no plan as a of yet to make that nearly $2 billion payment to the ims that is scaring our majorities right now. tenure yield it is going down that means there is a fear trade in effect going into treasuries at the moment. goal is higher too but you can't count on gold as a clear vision. here's what you can. we have volatility index that is spiking up about nearly 12% at the moment so we're watching all of this. as we await jeb bush who is in now seconds going to announce his 2016 candidacy they're running the video. and as the video rolls we expected as soon as it is done, he will come to the stage. we're joined by julie, roger mcdowel and brad blakeman and charlie gasparino. julie tell me how he stakes that stage which part of the republican party you being
3:33 pm
democratic strategist does he need to win over? >> it is interesting because he govern as a conservative but ironically not known as conservative he had social conservative policy and yet anybody talks about common core and immigration it is in the american party. i think if i were jeb bush and i wanted to make a place in the republican party not just assume that my money is going to get me other the edge i would reminding people of the very, very conservative values that he stood for as governor. but now sounds to me like he's doubling down on thinkings that get him through general election. >> a crowded field already close to a dozen already in. awaiting scott walker wisconsin governor. how does he -- take that sort of american pharaoh leave off the bat? >> jeb has to just talk about his record. he was a successful governor left with a $9 billion surplus. no income tax in the state of florida and every year he cut taxes. america is the need for an
3:34 pm
economic fix, and that i believe his lies in economics and he's -- he is a conservative but with a vision for all americans. not only does we have to appeal to a party but america. that is what he's going to do today. >> biggest competitor, dennis? >> i would say that he has an advantage in a very -- well qualified field. but in a sense his biggest competitor is bush legacy. if he's able to redefine it, he will certainly be on his way to the nomination. but if not hekdz run into trouble. >> charlie. >> i agree. i think he recollected redefine it as one of the guests said through the economics. florida -- who was an economic success story the country right now has not had a lot of economic success. people see 5.7% people know that wages of declining there's a real problem here.
3:35 pm
i think he can capitalize that hillary clinton has run such a bland campaign. it is a lot of high hyperbole and elizabeth warren statements without a lot of substance, he might be able to beat her on the substance. >> charlie what you just said for bush is the fact what his last name is bush and fact of the matter no matter how much he was in charge. >> never won more than 49% of the vote ever. and economy was going through the roof. remember that. >> hillary with that. >> clinton name as a stigma to it as well. >> why is it a bad thing to been related to rming former president and been successful at one of the most important things in the world becoming a leader of america. >> you have bush's elected five to national office five times. george bush won with a large majority in 2004 bigger than bill clinton has.
3:36 pm
he has a strong story tell to tell. i'm supporting marco rubio but ejected here. he's in the party and biggest competitor. marco rubio able to knock off the establishment candidate in 2010. all of the money, and also appeals to that broader base that charlie was referring to in earlier segment but as a fresher face and doesn't have that willing city. but bush has a lot of advantages here he has his record in florida chftion very, very positive. he knows what he's doing got a lot of great minds around him so he's formidable but risky being a front runner beware of front runners. >> let the record show he's late to the first big appearance. >> so announcing dennis supposed to announce 20 minutes past the hour these things tend to go on but keeping score and some do on either side that is what you do. but how -- how are other candidates feeling right now. are they watching very closely including hillary clinton? >> candidate are paying attendance. everyone running for president
3:37 pm
is watching this moment. they're watching the crowd. they're watching the nuances, so you're looking at the image which jeb bush is trying to project whether it correspondents to substance or not is really a matter of politics. this is a very important moment. because here's someone who is declaring, his father was president. brother was president. it is a big moment for the bush family an also big moment for american politics. >> american politics and people want to know about their money and what is beginning on especially on a day where markets are down and we have a whole bunch of mergers and acquisition deals to talk about it on top of it all where is hillary? we're on the case here and following her as well. shoos the one big candidate on the other side that a lot of people are chattering about to. our supersmart panel continues as we await that jeb bush is running for president.
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>> with the s&p down, here's what's up. shares of cigna surging to a new lifetime high after the wrote journal reported that health insurer rejected approximately 175 dollar a share takeover from rival anthem. stock is at 155 somewhat decent premium here. but cigna says forget it pep stock is jumping 13 and a quarter percent. >> stock up when they said spaghetti? >> so confident in the market field they deserve it -- >> what was the last day of the intel deal. i can't remember the last deal that was a tech deal they said that wall street journal and reported that was done a month later. market says this thing is going happen. pmpg as you can see health net they're also mooing higher as we watch that story. we're also waiting for jeb bush we said late he's expected to i
3:43 pm
a knowns the 2016 candidacy any moment at miami dave college as we keep an eye on that podium we keep our ears open to charlie gasparino. trchght point i was makings in the break is if you ask hillary clinton supporters like i have lately on wall street who is she fearing the most of this very confident, republican field she said it is jeb bush. now maybe she's wrong. but she clearly thinks he's the strongest guy in general election for what you're seeing there. he does appeal to -- appeal to wider audience and it is hard to say he's not conservety. look at what he did in florida. that is pretty conservative. >> that is going to work against him charlie going to end up happening, it will come up again, this whole scarlet letter, you know look if he's the nominee he takes it off for the table her of a generational
3:44 pm
difference to marco rubio to pose and the fact that she's part of a dynasty and he's part of a dynasty that a lot of problems for them as a republican. >> let's say that hillary has been out and about in iowa yesterday. in concord, new hampshire today giving 6:30 p.m. speech as a flag day celebration. so as she is out and about, we got a talk, and i'll bring in robert mcdowel on this one being at the fcc about this digital presidency an the twitter world, the twitter race. and if you look at who has got how many twitter followers hillary by a long shot 3.6 million. then you have marco rubio. and then you've got rand paul following. we haven't hearted much from rand paul but jeb bush has 197,000. but bernie sanders has a hashtag feel the burn spelled be-r-n. how many followers do you have?
3:45 pm
>> if he were a penny stock i would have a birating for him. he's going to go up. i would buy him right now. but you know what, it is important republicans have lagged behind democrats historically over new media and how they use it for a campaign. some that have is also generational. is the candidate appealing to the younger generation? three kids who were watching right now ages 15, 13, and eight, and you know they are very digitally oriented people my oij or less focused on twitter although i am. also it is an indication of what kind of demographic you're attracting the fact that you see, you know, rubio up there i think it is telling when you look at his poll numbers with younger voters. >> a percentage all of these candidates are interested in but do they get out the vote? >> they could. if they're inspired to do that. ting that big question here -- is going to be if themen people are given a dienastic choice
3:46 pm
let's get real about this. what is the difference between bush on issues of war and secretary of state clinton on issues of war what is difference on patriot act? what is the difference on traitd? what is the -- difference on economics, though. >> i don't know that. i don't know you might say that really, really come on. the clinton it was bill clinton who passed nafta and hillary clinton has been remarkably quiet about this particular trade bill. >> jeb bush will -- try to resend, you know, the taxes that barack obama imposed. he'll call for tax reform in a massive way which lowers the tax -- the tax brackets you think hillary clinton will do that? >> we don't know where jeb bush stndz on tax -- >> we don't know where hillary clinton stands she's the one -- he has to articulate. >> with all of this candidates who have not arcticulated family
3:47 pm
matters over everything. okay captain oven we know that. both hillary and jeb have said that. we know that. give me something that will change my pocket book. my 401(k) and my 529. >> hillary came out with running more line obama than bill. >> she needs to do that more often needs to "meet the press" and talk about what she's going to do and a you're not donald trump anymore you have to grab it. pnches jeb bush -- articulate hard policy on this speech or is it more of a getting to know me? >> differentiating himself between the pack that he's running, and also being of a visionary. look, hillary clinton on saturday was debbie down or talking about give away programs if elected same speech in 2008.
3:48 pm
america doesn't want that. america wants a fiscal, responsibility leader, who is going to fix things in a broken town. and that i think is what you're going to hear from jeb bush he's more reagan than bush in the sense that there's a shining city on the hill. let'ses to take us there. >> bill clinton was always late now jeb bush is late for the first big announcement. >> big issue for you. >> i wanted to happen in my show on 3 p.m. eastern hour. now a quick break nobody move i'm betting he's going to come out on that podium in moments. students we have markets lower. down 93 points have been down triple digits for the dow jones industrial we're watching your money for you and your politics.
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>> and as we await jeb bush expected to i a -- announce his 2016 candidacy at miami dave college back with our
3:52 pm
panel. charlie what he has to say about economics and people's wallets? >> he has to underscore that, you know, despite the headline numbers this is still is a pretty rough economy for average americans. that rich actually have gotten a lot richer on the president obama. poor have gotten poorer. middle-class is squeezed and you'll hear about that in this speech. >> dennis what do you think? >> i don't think so it is a shining city on the hill moment when you have trillions wasted on unnecessary wars. trillions given to banks and millions of americans have lost their home when is the detroit act eliminated a lot of individual rites in this country and millions of jours shift overseas. we need an economic program. and we need to quit wasting money and giving away money. >> robert mcdowel your thoughts? >> has to be forward looking and inspirational a borders eloquent speaker at his best today i'm sure and inspiring and he'll get
3:53 pm
positive messaging out of this. >> what happens after today julie? >> after today it is a very good question. because, you know, the whole income equality very happy to hear charlie and hillary clinton equality message, that he thinks jeb bush take up today. but look i think whoever actually talks about that message and charlie is right rich have been getting richer and if he wants to go back to days of brother to cut taxes back to marginal -- >> and bill clinton -- >> i'm all for the clinton economy, unfortunately jeb bush's last name is bush and compare him to what his brother wanted to and ran the economy into the paint. >> blakeman. >> he'll be a leader who doesn't kick thing down the rooted. washington is broken we don't solve problems but jeb does. jeb as the legacy in florida was he's a problem solver. yeah he's a policy but doesn't get in weeds but he gets things done. >> 7 minutes to go -- that is what he's got seven
3:54 pm
minutes before he's about 40 minutes late. charlie robert mcdowel dennis brad blakeman our thanks to you as we helicopter to await for the big announcement from bush let us simply say lest bring in traders on the day guys where it is not easy especially considering a gigantic question mark hovering over europe about greece there's no movement teddy and that lack of movement, ability to come to any kind of deal on behalf of greece paying back what it owes june 30th scares this market. doesn't it? >> it absolutely does. but we've been scared for last six years liz. you would think market would build all of that in, but it happened but interest rates and bottom line is market internals continue, to defear and we're walking in the soft sand. >> you're at the cme we can see futures there and how markets
3:55 pm
may open but waiting on headlines. but nothing really comes out about grecian if there is a market thrust. is that a buying opportunity? what are flows seeing on that trading floor? >> i think right now definitely today it was up. basically because bad news was good news when we got factory or orders going down today. if we get a pan pick what is the fed going to do? they have to punt. they have to acknowledge greece if it is a crisis and acknowledge if they're put in interest for a longer period of time. >> markets love that. >> yeah. they do absolutely. that fear is in the market right now when i'm looking at today. really, i mean, we came into the day totally concerned about later in the day. we could be concerned about the fed in economic data. but we have a lot on tap this week, and that is going to keep us jumping around. >> teddy it is important you're first to say that.
3:56 pm
dow is down only half a percent. you were right to simply say six years we've been having a lot of angst about greece. >> not only greece but it is the same dynamic it is interest rates, greece, it is the politics and a lot of dysfunction, yet market hangs pretty good but that won't last forever and market internal is a negative message. >> isn't it interesting to see that we have nearly half a dozen deals announced today or rejections of deals we talked about the deal. you have starngd pacific and group in early trading both jumping because they were a merger of equal and then health says it is beginning to buy target pharmacies. united technology out of the helicopter business shedding support of black hawk and stallion choppers that is fascinating. what appears to be the later stage of a bowl market. >> you know a lot of that could be a product of maybe the end of
3:57 pm
the zero interest rate environment, liz because these companies have plenty of cash. balance sheets have never been in better shape. they're not hiring new people or factories and doing deal an buyback and increasing their dividends and fact is that that is all going to come to a screeching halt if interest rates start to move higher. >> it is down about 2.5% and makes that announcement. but some of these names are king thely moving higher. volatility index is spiking up about 11 and a third percent. so there is a little bit of angst here in markets. and can you as an investor make that for or against you, phil? >> it can work for you again but you have to be nimble, quick and realize that you have headline rest. but we have a perfect example of this morning. we came in today, i don't think anybody really thought we were beginning to get a great deal and not it get done in such dramatic fashion with, you know,
3:58 pm
the greek negotiators rocking out in 45 minutes. but then, of course, later on, you have some comments from mario basically saying we're going to stay the course and going to qont with the quantitative easy so it is this balance of headline, you know, headline or fear of disaster and so far none of those disasters have come true yet. and as long as they don't, you're in the situation when you gets a big selloff to be looking to boy a trader but a trader not a position person. >> two more minutes to make some money. we'll treats you thank you so much gentleman that is it for count down of the closing bell. david and melissa we xchted jeb bush to make announcement i'm going to hand it to you. >> we'll talk it. thank you a lot to talk about as jeb bush is getting ready as we know he's been running for a while but now making it official. there's been a lot of preliminary stuff happening before that announce that time is why we expected to be at this in half an hour. >> absolutely.
3:59 pm
more folks coming on up but we're waiting. >> waiting and let's listen in just a little bit to what this guy is saying just to give you a flavor of what is going on there right now. >> more jobs, less debt. the high fest bond rating, the lowest unemployment rates. the lowest crime rate. the the biggest tax cuts and the greatest prosperity in history that is the jeb burr starring. and that can be america's story. david: the big logo on that man's shirt says jeb. no reference to bush at all. we saw a picture earlier of jeb bush talking on the phone to his dad while watching the proceedings. they are staying away from the bush label as long as they can. go to peter barnes on details what we'll hear from miami-dade. go ahead, peter. >> governor bush will make the economy and jobs a priority
4:00 pm
according to his campaign. over the weekend he will announce his proposed policies helped to create 19 million new jobs. he is hoping to leverage his washington outsider status and his record as governor of california with republican voters. he is running against 10 other candidates already declared including several senators. including one from his home state of florida, senator and friend marco rubio. but also against some other governors with records that appeal to republicans. bush is essentially tied for the lead in the national polls right now but he is running behind in polls in that first key caucus state of iowa. hopes that today's announcement will help him to jump ahead of his competitors, david. david: peter barnes, thank you very much. >> you bet. melissa: talking about the economic record there, that is one way he differentiates himself from the rest of his family. you were saying it is logo there. trying to get away from the bush, just


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