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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 22, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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you're nothing but good news to report. the world markets in rally mode on hopes the greek debt deal gets done over in asia. three across the screen. in europe, more than 3% gain on the dax. and u.s. futures, nothing but upside. 146-point gain on the dow futures. right now, sandra smith is in for maria bartiromo. sandra: good morning, dagen. i am sandra smith and for maria bartiromo. monday, june 22nd in with me this hour, jack out of her bearings and around listening to arnold. the stories of 6:00 a.m. on the eastern coast. thousands rally in front of parliament urging great prime minister alexis tsipras to resist pressure to accept more austerity. greek needs billions of euros in bailout funds to satisfy debtors are the demonstration was the second anti-euro rallied in the week as a vital summit in brussels is going on right now in an effort to break the
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godlike. european markets hopefully deal with it down. rising sharply in advance of these talks gain across the board. some more than 3% on messier's e. and dax and germany. u.s. futures also up to a open on wall street. not 3% gains the sharp gains to report. >> is a huge political advantage and basically called the stupidity of the american voter. sandra: at m.i.t. said obamacare preyed on the stupidity of the american voter apparently playing a bigger role in constructing the loss. "the wall street journal" says 20,000 pages of e-mails were exchanged between gruber, white house and department of health and human services about the bill. far more than previously reported. rake in overnight, the taliban attacking the parliament as lawmakers are meeting in situ confirmed point that the defense
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minister. the government tried to storm the building following a car bomb that they were pushed back in six gunmen killed. none of the lawmakers were hurt that 18 civilians were wounded. focus of the manhunt for two escaped prisoners turned back to upstate new york. a man reportedly seen running from a hunting camp last night. david swank and richard matt wrote that at the prison more than two weeks ago. dustin johnson had a melt down, and that they could not down opening the door to capture a second major title this year. the only majors he's played so far. a par in the final hole missing a shortcut that could've sent him to the 18 hole playoff today. this happened and instead spieth left him five under for the tournament. ♪
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sandra: taylor putting her foot down. protesting apple's decision not to pay artists for a three-month trial about the music. apple responded a change in its policy. the company will now pay artists. time warner shareholders dominate headlines at the annual meeting. peppering the ceo with questions about actor george clooney's pay and whether the money was going to his lebanese life for anti-american causes. we will discuss. european stocks this morning are up their guns signs that greece will strike a last-minute idea that the international creditor as an emergency summit in brussels today. after months of wrangling,
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alexis tsipras made a new offer to foreign creditors. this comes as protesters took to the streets of athens for a pro-government rally urging the prime minister to resist pressure from european leaders. jack, we've got you on sight. a good guy to have here, from barons. the grief that come every day as a deadline, but today is the day that all investors need to care the most. markets around the globe rallying big. sandra: i saw jurassic world yesterday. that moment when you on the cliff, dinosaurs behind you and if you don't jump in the water you will get eaten. for so long, greece is trying to push it and give us more. now it is either they come back, default increases out of the euro for that, but the plan. the question i have is okay, this kicks the can down the road, but will it solve the
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problem. greece is in a depression. can they find a way to actually have the money to pay this one back over how long. 30 years. i don't think the story is over. but it's good news. sandra: the prime minister has been so positive that a deal with it done. he's told the people i got this. it's going to happen. here we are today. >> we've got greece officials say things like the e.u. is trying to do things like fiscal waterboarding. they are trying to humiliate greece. greece has been restructuring at dad to fall 51% of the time. so this is a day late and other scenario where the markets were surprised. people no greece has been in trouble. gdp equals the detroit metro area according to analysts. the name of the game is safety
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out of greece because the deposits have been fleeing the country. $145 billion in deposits. sandra: the response in the stock market is indicated in the markets were pricing in a decent chance of default by the country. liz: that is right. britain also threatening to leave any dealings of the e.u. as well. sandra: the search for former white house chef walter scheib has ended tragically. sure up the stone has the latest on the story and discovery. >> good morning, everyone. mexico police say the body was recovered late yesterday. he went on a solo not hike on june 13th and never returned. recovery workers looking into the cause of his death. funeral services held this week for the nine victims of the charleston church shooting. hundreds of people gather for memorial services honoring the sake ends.
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suspected shooter was arrested thursday. he is charged with nine counts of murder. cigna rejecting a takeover offer from rival and done. the terms of the dead are inadequate. as you reported at the top of the hour, m.i.t. economist jonathan gruber is in the news again. "the wall street journal" citing 20,000 pages of e-mail sent to the white house between january 2009 and march 2010 show that gruber played a much bigger role in the construction of the obamacare law than what was originally thought are portrayed by the obama administration. he was at the center of the firestorm. the famous line he came up with that we keep saying the americans were too to read into the lot and understand impasse. and now we're stuck with something we can afford and no one understands to this day. sandra: now we learn he was at the center of the design.
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>> supreme court case, jonathan gruber said something so central to the case the lot was in britain have posited that the state exchanges are the only exchanges i can get tax credits. jonathan gruber said yes, you have to incentivize their own exchanges. the federal government should avoid having them build it and the weak assays to incentivize to do that, give only the states that tax credit to build health exchanges, not federally built them. part of the issue the supreme court case they may hear about tomorrow. sandra: by the way, gruber said the obama administration that the bill in a tortured way to make sure the cbo did not score the mandate. >> boppers found that they could collect a fee -- a tax and therefore was in the government's power to do it as opposed to a fee. this has been a tortured
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discussion. sandra: president obama came out and said he's an adviser. he was very involved with lawmakers on capitol hill with the white house, with reporters. he was monitoring media reports on all of this. it's incredible. he was telling the white house how to portray him. sandra: as chairman of the white house committee put it, his proximity to hhs and the white house was a whole lot tighter than they admit it. thank you very much for that. the bad blood between taylor swift and apple might be over. swift prompting a policy change at apple with a tweet. after publicly complained about the decision not to k. during the three-month trial period, swift wrote a letter sunday on her tumbler page called to apple, love, taylor, dressed in
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a situation of her 1989 album getting everyone's attention saying it is not too late to change the policy in the minds of those in the music industry who will be deeply and greatly affected by this. we don't ask you for free iphones. as damascus to provide you with their music for no compensation. apple responded to swift less than 24 hours later in a series of tweets from make the tentative ceos tend to say in the company will now pay artists. i believe the letter was signed love, apple. sandra: first of all, you've got to praise taylor smith on transplant. she stands up for people in her business making less money. i find it interesting. steve jobs. steve jobs comic i love the guy, i don't think he would turn around as quickly. tim cook made a decision she is preferable and that apple was wrong.
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he didn't see steve jobs admitted he was wrong after. sandra: i'll play devil's advocate saying that the streaming services, potentially exposing music to people who would never otherwise have access to a after the three-month trial. is that the artists will get paid. they pay nearly 71.5% of apple music subscription revenue after the trial period ended, which is three percentage points higher. taylor swift plays hardball. you are were 742 billion bucks. you can afford to pay and also lessen poverty. sandra: good for trailers good for trailers good for traylor said. a good for trailers that. a lot of respect from other musicians. >> anyone producing content should see somebody stand up and say you want to solve this come you got to pay this ballot. that is great.
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asian stocks rise on science as greek debt talks about the chinese state television reporter tracey chad live from beijing where we see a very good game for the upside. tracey. reporter: that's right, sandra. asian markets mostly in the green. in china is the dragon boat holiday so trading will resume tomorrow after the composite with the worst trading week in nearly a decade last week. the hang seng up 1.2% now for the city's chief executive. more reforms after last week's political boat. japanese shares on the roads. a 1.3% for greek that problems also led by exporters and in south korea the in south korea because we registered a four-day winning streak in four tenths of
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1% lead led by airline companies that the worst outbreak was off. sandra: tracey chad, thank you. rick parry said he didn't prepare enough for his white house run in 2012 than this time it will be different. comments he made suggest otherwise. more on that next. continued conversation on facebook, gext. continued conversation on facebook, go to our page and tell us what you think or what you want to see. we will be listening. click the light button to get the updates on the show. ♪ you probably know xerox
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>> i highly recommend anyone writing for the presidency have your help in order.
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the real issue a site that being governor of the state of texas for 12 years was enough preparation to run for the presidency. sandra: former texas governor rick perry asked me my first attempt to run for the white house fell flat after he couldn't remember which agencies he wanted to eliminate during the gop debate. perry already in hot water for referring to the trusting shooting as an accident. it is no surprise. send among the front runners at this very moment. "wall street journal" nbc poll has jeb bush and marco rubio leading the pack with perry a distant faith. a showdown could all center around the stage of florida with marco rubio. bush now favored. marco rubio, and it should seem dynamic building on the chad bush. >> to me, rubio is one who will bring something different, which is not a fight on his qualities
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and abilities or anything else. we've seen the name before. he and hillary clinton have a big problem in terms of saying we will bring a fresh new view. he's a whole new generation. a different biography than any president we've w view. he's a whole new generation. a different biography than any president we've had. that is his advantage. bush clearly can say you bought quiet confidence and the guy. sandra: what about jeb bush's ability to tout his performance on the economy of florida which does thrive under his time. liz: they did a lot of spending in florida. that may rank the diehard tea party conservatives. the real surprise is how far rand paul has dropped. down 10 percentage points. he was the one in the collection of phone data. you can't discount carly. she promises to throw punches as she gets on the debate stage which is literally what she has been doing so far with hillary clinton. sandra: broadly speaking when you look at the race, tribal
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trump last week not only that is announced that the daily news referring to them as a clown on the cover. it's a really online with the american people actually like so far the addition of donald trump into the race. shaking things up right now. >> i would like to see grandpa saying he'll throw anything out there. he's not a politician. he just forces other people to react and be more honest in what they're going to honest it they're going to do. rand paul also plays the role because of his libertarian outlook really exposed the stuff we went to tiptoe around. i would like to see more rand paul, less of donald because sometimes he says it doesn't make sense. sandra: the criticism of donald trump is he will distract from getting to the issue and is throwing a lot of crazy to what
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is at issue is economic policy in the united state is at issue is economic policy in the united states. trump is the main hard on those issues. the left wing continues to be intolerant of other points of view. >> to be the greatest jobs president never created. when shareholders attack. turns out none of one that's george clooney. by one time warner shareholder took them to test. the a-list couple were talked about at the shareholder meeting and away you may not imagine. we will be discussing that right after the break. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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announcer: when they test you, stand firm and move only when you hear the seatbelt click that says they're buckled in for the drive. never give up till they buckle up.
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sandra: more roadblocks in the
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plan to slow down iran's nuclear program ahead of the june 30th deadline. cheryl casone has best to read more. >> iran's parliament voted to impose any section of military sites as part of a pending multilateral agreement to curb its nuclear program. u.s. officials tell fox news said in a final deal must include adequate access to advanced nuclear related facilities adding the team is focused on what is happening in the negotiating room or may not parliament. back on wall street, ensign making a key change that could affect thousands of consumers. the e-commerce introducing a new computer system will analyze millions of reviews on the site and clean them out, deletes all the relevant ones. the new system is different because he uses the software that teaches itself book reviews are helpful and which reviews need to go. george clooney back in the spotlight today. this time in the time warner shareholder meeting with one disgruntled investor called up the actor and its lebanese
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allies. i would like to know how much mr. clinton has received. how much money is going to lebanon and his wife. she has been portrayed in the press as a civil rights lawyer. she is not. she's a criminal lawyer. a defense attorney who put the worst terrorist back onto the streets. they had to cut the woman off mid-rant. basically fan this is not -- let's move on. this isn't about the opinions of his wife and he works for us. sandra: in terms of winning at her, direct or his rights as the u.s., they are free to spend their money where they choose and it's not something the company has any influence over. liz: and he is right. they are bringing israel into this debate. it's really not about actor worker ratio pays. i think that was an issue. shareholders get a more noisy and meetings. is the fcc moving toward
6:26 am
supporting noisier or more actively shareholders? yes. sandra: the shareholder went as far to call a journalist for the way they covered the relationship money they spent and how they spent it and the wedding. do you believe that time warner has a responsibility to look into how george clooney is spending the money they paid him? >> item off a credit for letting her go when a song she did. if anything, the hollywood reporter was hard up for an angle and that is why they led with it. anyone discovered a board meeting with the public is allowed to speak, you hear all kinds. whatever the hangup is, they drive it. but two people in the room and they will fight over israel. >> she does represent gadhafi had a the international court. that is what she does for a living. if i was a shareholder i'd be like george clooney, how are his
6:27 am
movies doing recently? let's discuss that. >> are we going to say the person's spouse should not be paid? sandra: he did give a lot of rope in her statement. if i interrupted her and said this is a place for personal and political views for many of us are expressed. >> was not his personal views came in from other shareholders saying stop advertising smoking and this is to have better nutritional standards. indiana's climate risk. sandra: as journalists we been in our share of shareholder meetings. thank you very much. potential deals among the largest health insurers could have a big impact on you the consumer. more on that straightahead. don't go anywhere.
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>> look at u.s. stocks index futures. higher across the board. dow futures up 141 points. s&p up 17. nasdaq up 40 points. nasdaq futures the leader. there is a lot of hope and optimism that greece will reach the deal by end of day with its lenders. that is leading to optimism across the globe. european markets up even more. the cac and dax up 3%. german stocks market up seeing more than 3% gain. watching the bond market. the yield on the 10-year has been a major focus. it is at 2.33% right now. up seven basis points. huge market movers this morning. we're on it. will a deal get done. the anticipation that will get done by end of the day. that is a big focus.
6:32 am
nation's biggest health insurers are discussing several megamergers that could make big waves across the industry. nicole petallides has the story. good morning, nicole. >> cigna rejecting a multibillion dollar deal proposed by rival anthem. anthem offering to pay $184 a share. an 18% premium from the company's closing price on friday. anthem says it is far less than the company is worth and the current offer is not in the shareholder's best interest. another possible health deal in the works. aetna looking to take over its rival humana. humana is valued at $30 billion. this comes ahead of a highly anticipated supreme court ruling on the affordable care act. the ruling could come down as soon as this morning. could completely unravel the affordable care act affecting millions of americans. we're talking about subsidies.
6:33 am
over 6 million americans. there is so much going on. consolidation interestingly enough in this whole health insurance industry you could see the big five turn into the big three. in fact they're all jockeying for position. that is why you're seeing so many companies trying to get offers and sweetening bid. a story on "wall street journal" saying it could cut consumer options. that a interesting read. sandra: the concern how this will affect the consumer. will this lead to less choices. >> for those in company plans you're generally only given one choice these days. i'm stuck. using my wife's plan of the mistake. just had a big fight with guardian. we'll leave them at the end of the year. that is only company her company offers. my company offers another one. what i find interesting, if all the bids are coming in now, seems the industry expects the
6:34 am
supreme court will rule these exchanges are okay. i much better buy health care company after negative ruling. the stock will go down if 29 states don't have an exchange. >> wording laws on the fly ad hoc. do after the fact rewriting laws, congress voted in and president signed. sandra: you say that would be amazing. what do you anticipate? >> i think strict constitutionalists stick the way law was written. the law said the tax credits were meant only for states for health exchanges. not federally-built ones that was incentive for the states. to nicole's point "the wall street journal" analysis is amazing for senior citizens. if there is humana-aetna hookup, 3/4 of the medicare advantage customers would be in those two companies. wow, that is son r consolidation. that is price risk. they could easily raise prices
6:35 am
if they have a monopoly. sandra: that is a big concern, when you look at stocks of these companies the market is is fromming more consolidation in the industry? >> those stocks in particular are doing exceptionally well. anthem 31%. aetna also a winner. the group overall is doing very well. we'll see how the consolidation could affect people using each one of these. 272 by the way is the dollars per month that the costs could go up. >> that's right. i want to be clear what the journal found. 3/4 of the medicare advantage customers in 180 counties in the midwest and the south would be in one insurer. that is a lot of people with one insurer. >> it would raise antitrust issues. we'll have to see what happens. sandra: what is the reading, jack, as we await the decision coming down from the supreme court? what is your reading on the market and what is its tolerance as we await the decision. >> i don't think you would see a
6:36 am
bid before the decision at an 18% premium if the bidder thought those stocks were going to fall. i can't see any other scenario than the stocks having a temporary fall, if you said 29 states may no longer have these exchanges. therefore fewer customers. >> this also opens, we talk about 2010. this also opens up when if they will repeal most or part of this whole act overall, this whole health care act. >> right. sandra: thank you very much. nicole petallides, for bringing that story to us. turns out jonathan gruber was more involved in the shaping of this obamacare law than everybody initially thought. according to "the wall street journal" he was in frequent contact with the white house over the design of that law. blake burman has the story out of washington for us. >> sandra, good morning to you. one top obama administration health care advisor described jonathan gruber as quote, our irehero. "the wall street journal" looked at 20,000 previously unreleased
6:37 am
pages of email. that gruber worked closely with the white house officials than previously thought. he was caught on tape in 2013 mocking the electorate. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. basically call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, basically that was really, really critical to get the thing to pass. >> afterwards the obama administration tried to separate itself from gruber. the journal reports at times there was not much distance at all. the emails show larry summers, top economic advisor to the president asked gruber 2009 what he would do if he were president. gruber predicted elsewhere there would be winners and losers health care reform and kept administration apprised interviews he did with reporters. sandra. sandra: blake, thank you. over 1000 passengers stranded in warsaw after hackers breached an entire airline. that is next. continue the conversation on
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sandra: global markets in rally mode on hopes of an 11th hour deal with greece to avoid default. cheryl casone with the latest. >> greek prime minister alexis tsipras with a last minute proposal to the country's creditors hoping to avoid default and exit from the eurozone. it has latest concessions on taxes and benefits. concessions may unlock funding and allow greece to make the $1.2 billion debt payment. taylor swift putting her foot down and apple blinked. lashkar e-tayyaba, proes posed. -- tay-tay, with the artist tumbler. not too late to change the policy and change minds in those of music industry. they will be deeply and gravely
6:43 am
affected. apple responded by changing the policy. one win for taylor swift. hackers ground ad polish airline over the weekend. leaving over 1400 passengers stranded in warsaw's airport. those computer systems, sandra, issues the flight plans. basically they couldn't create flight plans for any outbound flights out of warsaw. they had to cancel all of them. >> it was a bit of a mess. they had flight cancellations, flight delays. airlines say we might not be only ones affected t can happen to us, it can happen to other. >> this is not about hacking cockpit. different system. stranded i think travelers going to munich, hamburg and copenhagen. >> sure. but the paris airshow wrapped up, a lot of talk, boeing, airbus officials they're trying to quell concerns that these
6:44 am
systems in air could be hacked but they are saying it is, there is potential for it. there is potential. not there yet but could happen. sandra: this is polish state-owned airline and a spokesperson for the company basically putting it out there, not at any point as liz mentioned are were the flights themselves in jeopardy. more about the planning and scheduling of these planes. we're taking about the airline industry talking about open to mackers. -- hackers. >> this is brought up the german airline pilot crash. that raised issue of hackers. what if hackers cake over the airplane. that is one of the big obstacles to that solution. >> sandra, the discussion at least is happening. we don't know. there was a security expert out of, chris roberts out of colorado said he hacked into the system of a united plane i believe, but it wasn't true. his claims were disputed. but he is saying it could
6:45 am
happen. i know i could get through that entertainment system in the airplane and get through to the plane. sandra: by the way, jack, the cover of "barron's" over the weekend, climb aboard now the paper says. airline stocks could soar 50% in the next year as profits surge. why american is our top pick. explain, sir. >> i would say one word, valuation. the airline stocks were extremely cheap coming out. financial crisis. they rallied pretty nicely. this year they're down 22% before the story came out. they're selling half the market's valuation, if you look at price-to-earnings ratio it's very low. we use something called enterprise value to ebitda which is better measure. sandra: now, now, if stuart varney were here he would ring the buzzer on you. explain. >> looks at the valuation of the company in a way that doesn't let debt make it more confusing. price to earnings ratio might
6:46 am
look great but if the company is in debt it may not look so great. we strip that out. crucially the airlines appear to have found discipline. this is the problem in the industry. everyone loves to fly ever since the wright brothers invented airplane. the problem is the companies are badly run. >> airlines make it more annoying by the day. >> horrible. >> real irritating experience. >> that word discipline, guys, that comes from the ceos. that is a word that many airline ceos used to reporters to say there is discipline in the industry. they're disciplining the passengers. we'll get used to paying for the bag and being herded like a piece of cattle. sandra: i think it is working. spirit airlines model. they see spirit airlines can provide a ticket 40% cheaper than the competitors. and they're going to have to pay for bottled water on board, they're willing to do that. >> i i know people had flights
6:47 am
canceled last-minute by spirit and couldn't get another outbound flight. sandra: they're not a business carrier. >> the airlines are in a sweet spot with oil prices going down, jet fuel going down and can buy back their stock and "barron's" noting refitting plane. oil prices go back up to continue to annoy their customers base. people will say i will do a staycation. >> share travel. who knew uber would destroy the new york city taxi industry, not destroy but a big competitor. they will go to the ride-sharing apps for smaller planes. they had it. sandra: that will be a tough business model. to liz's point about cheap fuel the "barron's" article is basing valuations of these stocks calling them a buy based on cheap fuel prices. that could change in a heartbeat. >> i wouldn't say it is based on cheap fuel prices. sandra: cheap fuel, plus less
6:48 am
competition equals attractive stock. >> point, we actually did the math. if fuel prices were to go up, it would cut into their profit margins but valuations would be still much lower. sandra: how high would they have to get, oil prices for you not call the airlines attractive. >> that would depend how high they raise their ticket prices in response. what they have not done is lower ticket prices as lower oil prices come down which means they're keeping money. if oil prices go up the question would they leave ticket prices where they are which would be okay or would they raise them. frankly with all the consolidation, i think they have, delta announced last week raising ticket prices by just two bucks but importantly southwest followed. what you're seeing is, they do have the ability to raise prices. that is why we have confidence -- sandra: why i told jack at 6:00, i hope you had your coffee. thank you, everyone. michael jordan brought the nba to another stratosphere.
6:49 am
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>> jordan speith, has won the u.s. open! sandra: oh, my gosh. epic melt down, in case you missed it. 22-year-old jordan speith took home the second major championship in a row. injecting youth and excitement into the sport of golf. dagen mcdowell has all the details on this one everyone is talking about on this monday morning, particularly out on the west coast, dagen, in washington state.
6:53 am
a lot of people didn't see the end of it. >> i didn't see the end of it. sandra: i'm embraer askerred to say i did. >> don't be embarrassed. that is most excellent that you stayed up to watch it. i did not get a chance to see it except in the highlights. jordan speith is not even 22 years of age. by the way, just won the masters. now he is poised potentially to win the grand slam. he has the british open and pga championship to get it done. his age and mental toughness through all of this is amazing. youngest player to have both a u.s. open and masters title. only six players in history that have won the first two legs of grand slam, last one tiger woods, true. d2002. excited for him. heartbroken for dustin johnson. making biggest choke in golf history. sandra: 12 feet from the hole. took three shots. that is what lot it for dustin. it was more about him losing
6:54 am
than justin winning. >> that was my take. this was dustin johnson losing, not jordan speith winning. as you pointed out we should give jordan some credit. sandra: big question, jack and liz, is this enough, a jordan speith, a 21-year-old, going to be 22 in july, is this enough to rejuvenate the game of golf? with tiger woods on the decline and out, golf courses are not seeing membership rates like in the past. you don't have to look far to see an empty golf course. is justin speith the answer? >> i agree with dagen. i think yes, he is is right now. i just, jordan speith. he is just the tonic right now that golf needs in the aftermath of the tiger woods, quote, meltdown. we're talking about it at the break, gary player said the u.s. open course is the worst golf course i might have ever seen. players basically missing the green just 50 yards out. guys trying to putt from 20 feet
6:55 am
away, missing it by 20 yards. bubba watson. sandra: the caddies, wa, wa. caddies came out day one. caddies, saying we can't work n this course. to their defense, some were rolling their ankles. it was really rolling course. tough, thick grasses they were complaining about. >> tiger woods fell friday, in the rough. sandra: he is looking for any excuse. >> it was really sad. sandra: had fourth or fifth worst round ever on day one. >> i find hater breaking to play that badly, whether you like him as person or not, what he did. i do think because jordan is so young, that there is potential he continues to win. if he can add to these two victories and isn't kind after fluke in the golfing world he could revitalize golf.verybody y
6:56 am
mcilroy, as compelling he was, he didn't do it for viewership. >> he is not american. jordan speith, texas boy, 21. sandra: good point. thank you very much, dagen. thanks to jack otter and elizabeth macdonald. thanks to have you guys this early. we're 6.56 a.m. on the west coast. look where we are. dow futures up 122 points. nasdaq up 36. good market gains across the board. there is anticipation that a greek debt deal will be done by the end of the day. u.s. futures showing gains as we saw, markets in europe rally and rally hard. the cac and dax up 2 1/2%. asian markets as well seeing gains. green arrows across the board guys, as we kick off this morning. next hour, cigna brushes off anthem's huge offer. more gruber outrage on the role of infamous mit economist constructing obamacare.
6:57 am
manhunt for the two escaped convicts heating up in upstate new york. taylor swift takes on apple. how the pop artist made the media giant blink. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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7:00 am
treating to new evidence that jonathan group or worked much harder than president obama will admit. e.u. leaders gather for a critical summit in taylor swift taking on apple and she wednesday. -- she wins big. good monday morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith and for maria bartiromo. today is monday, june 22nd. mike murphy and our very own dagen mcdowell. your top story 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. thousands rally in front of
7:01 am
parliament urging great prime minister alexis tsipras to resist pressure from creditors to accept more austerity. grace needs billions of euros to satisfy debtors. the demonstration was the second anti-year of vital meeting in brussels is going on as we speak in an effort to break the deadlock. we will bring you the latest. european markets hopeful that a delegate down. here in the u.s., stock market futures are up pointed to a much higher open on wall street. dow futures up triple digits. 118-point game there. and he's back. jonathan gruber said obama cared and stupidity of the american voters played a much bigger role in construct in the loss than originally expected. "the wall street journal" says 20,000 pages of e-mails were exchanged between gruber, the white house and department of health and human services about the bill.
7:02 am
breaking overnight, the taliban attack in the afghan parliament as lawmakers inside to confirm the appointment of a defense minister appeared a gunman tried to storm the building following a car bomb but they were pushed back and fix taliban gunmen were killed. none of the lawmakers were heard that 18 civilians were wounded. the focus of the manhunt for the escape prisoners turns back to upstate new york thanks to a hunting camp, a man reportedly seen running from a camera last night in franklin county. davis led and which are not wrote out of the prison and were found more than two weeks ago today. and the kamal down in the u.s. open last night opening the door. capturing the second major title this year. missing a shortcut packet is could have sent him to a playoff. instead finishing with a one under 69 that left him five under for the tournament.
7:03 am
taylor puts her foot down and apple blinks. taylor swift protesting apple's decision not to pay for a three-month trial of apple music and apple responds by changing its policy. the company will now be paying artists. will a time warner shareholder dominates the annual meeting peppery macias questions about actor george clooney's pay in whether that money was going to a lebanese wife for anti-american causes. it turns out jonathan gruber was more involved in shaping the obama cared than originally thought. he was in three-point contact with the white house. blake irvin has the latest on that story. >> good morning. one health adviser described jonathan gruber is our zero.
7:04 am
according to "the wall street journal" is a look through 20,000 pages of previously unreleased e-mails. those e-mail show gruber had worked closer what the white house and top officials. the m.i.t. economist has caught on tape in 2013, mocking the elect are it. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and basically the stupidity of the american voter. that was really critical to get the six-pack. >> they try to separate itself. there wasn't much distance at all. the top economic adviser asked gruber in 2009 what he would do if he were the president. gruber also predicted elsewhere winners and losers from health care reform and kept the administration apprised of interviews with reporters.
7:05 am
sandra: thank you, blake. turning the supreme court come a decision before the end of the month on whether obamacare subsidies for 34 states will stand. for more on this, dr. debbie, assistant professor at the nyu school of medicine. thank you for being here on this early morning. what are you prepared for? >> and thinking about the six to 9 million americans affected by this. with this decision they could lose their subsidies in the states that don't have -- that don't have marketplaces. for us, health care providers, will they be able to plan their care? if you lose those folks, the insurance companies might start raising the premium to be able to manage their health care with fewer people paying in. it could also affect their decisions on health care, too. sandra: broadly speaking, what
7:06 am
is your take? >> generally speaking we should cover a lot of people to offer health care. i'm concerned about patient health but that doesn't mean the law that fits the place right now. there's a lot of room to change things. if the supreme court rules in favor of the plaintiff, if they decide they should be eliminated, that gives politicians like republicans rooms to move or negotiate certain topics. sandra: dr. debbie is known for being so polite. there are some republicans in congress that would hate to differ. >> when this law started, when upon a kerry sign into law, we know at the time it was not perfect. now i think when you look at the insurance companies, you see a lot of them trying to buy each other. i wonder how that plays into the individual consumer.
7:07 am
i am in the camp that it will be more affordable for people of health care in this country but i don't think obama carries the way way to do it. >> went to look at not just insurance but technology and research development. insurance only makes their certain things accessible but it doesn't improve only have out there in terms of treating diseases and all of that. a lot of the focus should be placed on not as well in advancing health care. dagen: politically it could hurt the republicans as well because the republican party has not stepped up and put in motion something to take care of the people who the subsidies. the backlash is because they could hit so many americans could be broad and people who aren't directly involved with losing subsidies could be health insurance costs go up because the costs will get passed on to people and who don't give
7:08 am
subsidies. a few even by a compliant plan through the individual market. >> some of the proposals have to do with that of course. should they continue a subsidies until the elections have passed at least to both parties might be a little safer. these are the things out there so it could be a backlash for both parties. sandra: thank you for coming in on that. the that. the golfers and bigger rejections. the latest on that. reject dean entre subfloor rejecting an offer by interpol spirit and 18% markup on the closing price on friday. the $47 billion takeover bid is far less than the company is worth. health insurer at not looking to take over humana. humana is valued at around
7:09 am
$30 billion. back on wall street, amazon making a key change that could affect thousands of consumers in stock races. introducing a new system double analyzed millions of reviews and delete all development funds. it is different because it uses a learning software. which are helpful in which need to go. alexis tsipras with the european creditors hoping to avoid default and possible exit from the eurozone. the latest plan includes new concessions on taxes and benefits for the great people. these could unlock funding and make that $1.8 billion payment to the imf. if merkel going to blink? she wants them to be the year is done. many say enough is enough.
7:10 am
trying to market their lawyers anticipate any idea what it done by the end of the day. stock stock futures here, dow futures up triple digits. markets are up more than 3%. they search in anticipation of something getting done. >> way of kind of flattened the markets in the last few. this reminds me of the debt ceiling. i had the feeling that they would have been until the final minute. no one would blink until the absolute last second. now greece is going to blink. some sort of resolution from the e.u. i don't increase is going anywhere. the nasdaq on thursday hit a 15 year high and a lot of that is anticipation of no major fallout from greece. sandra: they want to move higher. they come in and something else is kicking the can down the road. even though every day we are
7:11 am
told. dagen dagen: greece means the last dose of money to make debt payments. that's the absurdity to begin with. no more bailouts. the bank bailout is different. the fact this has dragged on literally for years and even this resolution doesn't put nine. sandra: there wasn't a complete run on the banks. people were driving out of the banking system but even the finance or set the baking system is stable here. >> remember draghi has been buying bonds. i think the timing of that supported the market. what is going on in europe, people look at what happened in the providing of assets really inflated the prices of our
7:12 am
markets. although the greek drama has been great for headlines come at the end of the day it will really be a whole lot of nothing. >> i am going to give biased, but basically that isn't so good and for u.s. a lot of guys have those in the portfolio and i'll take that as they are moving. you were mentioning the fact we had the debt ceiling talks. tax cuts on the lower and cuts will push their middle-class tax increases. it seems they are serious about reforming the financial system finally. sandra: we shall see. cheryl, thank you very much. we will talk about taylor swift east but the tech giant straight ahead and continue the conversation on face the. butterworth facebook page and tell us what you think and what you want to see. click the link button to see the
7:13 am
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sandra: taylor swift to many big changes after publicly complained about the decision not to pay musicians during the three-month trial period for the streaming service. chilling cans has more on that story. taylor really speaking out for musicians. >> that is all it took for apple to reverse course and pay recording artist or in its upcoming three-month trial of apple music and streaming service at the end of the month.
7:17 am
posted an open letter entitled to apple, love taylor for not paid for not paying the artist or the free trial and pulled her best-selling 1989 from the service. as damascus to provide you with their music for no compensation. the internet software services reported that caused slave out onto her and announced apple music will pay artists for streaming during customers free trial period. he also added we hear you, love, apple. i am elated in rebates. thank you thank you for your support today. two reporters decided to make a change in close consultation with apple ceo tim cook and apple music launches june 30th no word right now if she is going to let 19:89 p.m. the surveys.
7:18 am
sandra: she is becoming somewhat known for this. she previously removed her albums from spot if i in a dispute over compensation. this is her making money and she's trying to represent the community. >> in her potions that this is not about me. i can support producers and managers. i need to do this because everyone in my social circle is saying we are scared to say anything because apple was the one line so. sandra: i think the issue is the fact these musicians and songs and albums wouldn't get the access to people at the work for apple and the streaming service. and is trying to show the other side of the story. >> and back a few years are artists make an album and sell it in the store. now it is all straight or a set.
7:19 am
i could not get my head around how apple could artists wouldn't be upset. >> exactly. apple couldn't handle it. i have something to share with you. last update talked about the humanoid robot, peppered that women suffer $1600 in japan. all 1000 units of the robot sold out in 60 seconds. it's not a cute little robot? $1600 each. if an iphone retail store at the $500, $600, maybe that's a good deal. sandra: are we going robot? >> we might.
7:20 am
artificial intelligence is a big area. for me, my money would go elsewhere for a robot. sandra: it's an interesting test of the public's tolerance to make decisions for them. overwhelming demand. sandra: last week one of the users as reported at eldercare, taking care of people who have dementia, medication management. communicating with family members far away. the robots are selling. >> tiger's dominance is a distant memory. golf is the next big thing. why is the sport still in trouble? it's one of the most amazing
7:21 am
things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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>> jordan spieth has won the u.s. open. [applause] sandra: at k., what that is a happy moment. dustin johnson, what you saw initially was hiding from 12 feet on the 18th green at last night u.s. open. the young jordan spieth 200 himself is now one of the first and major events of the year, setting himself up for a chance at the calendar year grand slam.
7:25 am
even with a brand-new fresh race of golf emerging, statistics show the sport may be in trouble. the number of rounds played last year was 8% below levels seen before the recession and spending on golf equipment was down $400 million in the same time. joining us now is daily finance editor dan kaplan. first of all, the epic meltdown. i can have fun without talking about this. everyone watching last night, i could hear other houses in the neighborhood. it was in her and this makes for a guy who has struggled with the shortcutting for quite some time. >> clearly a classic moment in the history of golf. fox has got to be very not happy with his meltdown, but clearly a sports moment in the tv ratings and sure will be quite good that come out.
7:26 am
sandra: you think that i would've spent time in the grade practicing those two, three-foot putt. dagen: so bad you can still hear the jokes today. >> at never had a four-foot putt for a winning the u.s. open. that is a par five. he had a drive, great approach shot. all he needed to do was plug. he was putting to win the tournament and he drove past the hole. coming back for feet, the whole world watching. that is tough. sandra:.enough is that leading to the clyde of golf. a longer story. just joking by the way. everyone is blaming tiger woods at this moment in time. everybody assumes that is why golf is not as possible. >> it is not just about tiger.
7:27 am
⌞ it is not just about tiger. clearly they will get people into the recreational game and tiger is a big part of the reason tv ratings are down. millennial still like to spend a lot of time. golf takes a lot of time. more and more people spend a lot of time with families. dagen: why can't you play golf with your family? >> i took my six euro to a baseball game and if that is the most forward and he ever saw. >> i couldn't fit all of my kids and a golf cart. i think it is different. last generation you in on a play golf or business. a lot more things are done over your cell phone or e-mail or attacks. fewer people are out there. i played twice this weekend and the course wasn't very crowded. sandra: there is the cost of it,
7:28 am
too. i interviewed donald trump. his new york city public golf course, how much does it cost to play? on a weekday, $225. i don't know if there's tolerance from the u.s. consumer right now. >> is a country club counterpart which tenures go you would've never thought thought wasn't overtaken golf recreationally. the organization, the u.s. tennis association put a lot of money into creating a new kind called 10 and under tennis. it is people involved. i'm not trying to say its back like it was seven. but it has come back and maybe that is what golf needs. trade to all your points are taken and i like your point that dad mouse and more time with their children. when they are young they can't go out on the course.
7:29 am
at the end of the day it's a compelling story. the most compelling story ever seen. brian mcelroy not american. they want to see maybe jordan spieth will be the guy. you're laughing at me. >> i was laughing at dagen. tiger was kind of bigger than the game. it could be someone else that golf will go through ups and downs. >> nobody's speculating tiger will combat. dagen: not after this past week. grand slam spieth, yes or no. >> there's a bigger chance sabrina williams women's tennis. do not dislike kids are playing tennis. designing clothes. thank you to dan kaplan.
7:30 am
evidence prompted my enforcement to focus on a wooded area in upstate new york as the manhunt continues for two escaped killers. they are searching the web cam hunters had in the woods to track deer and other animals. we'll have the latest on that. update you after the break. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done
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7:33 am
alexis tsipras. >> we're running down every lead we have over 300 leads it has been a busy weekend but we're going to run them down, a business get actors back quickly, god forbid they hurt someone emphasis find out exactly what happened. maria: new york governor andrew cuomo, just do as after the prison break of david sweat and diminishard matter authorities turned attention to upstate new york 20 miles from the prosecutes, as law enforcement officers confirmed
7:34 am
dna evidence removed from a hunting camp, links it had two murderers to that location, just 24 hours earlier. joining us is former u.s. marshall chief inspector john, thank you for being here this morning. >> good morning. >> that is the latest. >> the latest dna in the cabin that is a game-changer this is significant i mean closes the gap two week manhunt my experience in my opinion arrest is going to be imminent. >> what did they find dna on? >> that -- that is being explored in the cabin numerous items, had the questions are going to arise had they been in the cabin whole time just stubble in that cabin possibly change appearance in the cabin. >> with help of a hunting trail cam that led them to this cabin? >> my understanding is that came from someone someone that saw at least one of these individuals there. >> what are they going to do
7:35 am
with the information they have. >> now, they are going to process the cabin for any and all leads for example, did they change their appearances or maybe they altered appearance clothing, new you know, run down the owner of the cabin find out what was in the cabin what might be missing dead they have weapons o o could guys be armed that is a game-changer for law enforcement, now it could factually say probably armed or not armed. >> we don't know where dna evidence was found in the cabin one could assume there was probably food in the cabin so they could have replenished themselves got -- sleep speculation probably hungry they might be recharging after spending time in there obviously mere speculation. >> you got to figure if there was -- meeting in there media might have been looking at television reports out there
7:36 am
questions going to be asked the significant thing dna, you are going to have a fresh sense for the dogs -- for bloodhounds, aviation support so that perimeter is going to close in, up in that area. dealing with a denseliwood area, o no nothing charngs terms of investigation in that regard you still have the investigation going on, the focus, my experience arrest is going to be costing a million dollars a day money powered into the search. >> smooe john sociobe help if he could go up there -- >> i am available. >> it is i mean really crazy though that this has gone on in any in wildest dreams thought this would drag on as long as it has. >> it happened in other cases you look at cases for example the texas -- that drags on caught up to them in colorado, you know they were together in this particular case i am looking at two of them still
7:37 am
together, interdependent to get the goal when they get to the goal probably split. >> you think where are they going to go, what are they going to do what is the end goal. >> do they become a greater threat to the general population because if they become more and desperate how much danger to people in the area still? . >>. >> i know they are murderers but like do they would they -- react and act dramatically because of where they are right now. >> without a doubt i mean the public needs to remain i'm veryinglant violent guys out don't want to go back another issue if arms you never know the way this thing could end up could end up suicide by police hatened awareness is tantamount. >> we started out rolling that clip of governor cuomo on this show, you have to think that he is eating his words a
7:38 am
little bit, in that same interview, he had said that he would be shocked if this was an inside job here we are today with search continuing, it was an inside job. >> well, again, that is part of the internal investigation and as we all know there was one staff member arrested already, were others involved. >> outstanding. >> still outstanding, there's questions that arise how was that pipe cut for example? was pipeout from outside, for example, where they exited the pipe on the other side of the wool. >> how could o nobody hear. >> lab can determine if that saw blade cut inwards or outwards. >> former u.s. marshal chief inspector thanks for joining us this early in the morning on that, a big weekend of box office, pixar streak of taking top spot opening weekend comes to an end we've got more on that next. wallaby.
7:39 am
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gentleman he isis not only threat in the middle east taliban launching a new and complex attack in afghanistan,
7:43 am
cheryl casone has the latest. >> good morning, breaking overnight the taliban attacking the afghof a afghan a parliament, government tried to storm the building following a car bomb, but they were pushed back, and taliban, killed none of the lawmakers hurt 18 you civilians wounded in that attack take a look at this video from weekend, 66 surfers climbing aboard a giant 42 foot, 1300 pound surfboard, a california huntington beach guys right? this is a very extreme sport i guess guys trying to break guinness world records for most people that ride a wave on a board how do they paddle out that is my question, all right. >> there you go, exactly -- finally jurassic parking huge bite out of the weekend box office two weeks number one but not the only things
7:44 am
drawing in crowd pixar movie inside out an impress 91 million bucks over the weekend came in number two, for the box office the best for original pixar movie second highest opening behind toy story 3 was not very buzz abouted did really well little girl's emotions become the characteristics in the movie kids loved it i guess i didn't see it i was watching golf. >> that is -- you a few things; right? >> any big movies. >> no, they inside out when you read about it sounds like an animated about 60s about schizophrenic but civil. >> a new franchise because so many movies the big mooefrz that are out are second, third, fourth, sequels of
7:45 am
other he removes a new franchise for disney i will see is it movie i think will be great. >> seal coming out ted 2 imagine mike -- magic mike xxl. >> amazing that a appetite for going to movies is still there i mean i think that is it shows that they make right movies people are willing to pay for the ticket go to theatre. >> absolutely i think that goes to the whole economy we are in people will spend if it is something they want, like they have new movie theatres you go in, you reserve your seat you can recline your seat costs a little bit more but people are willing to pay up for that. >> want to see something like a jury assic world on a big screen don't want to wait and then have to watch it on tv. >> what happened to ento your knowledge -- entourage i think one of the best i have seen. >> say out loud -- on tv --
7:46 am
>> this belmont was that saturday, and i think people -- stayed at home. >> you were big i loved the series the motive i would say had some of the best extras i have ever seen. >> women? >> movie -- >> 15 dollars for the extras. >> tom brady was in -- extra -- >> a lot of great people in the movie. >> all right, coming up uber becoming the latest to jump into the gun debate, wait till you hear the latest proposal. .
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
. > . maria: uber the latest head rofile company to thrust into the gun control debate, in
7:50 am
what compass is uber getting involved in the gun debate. >> prohibiting drivers and prohibiting passengers from carrying gains, even if your licenseed to do that, it is a big issue, because gun rights advocacy will surely snap back at this company, and rebel, but starbucks got into it remember that, it was about two years ago starbucks asked the customers to refrain from carrying weapons into a store, the ceo saying it will was he had seen an increasingly uncivil brand of. >> it is a debate plashl with shooting, it is not directly related obvious but particular with shooting in charleston after the new town shooting a lot of companies are using their might and saying we do not support people carrying guns, and using our service, it begs the question of like where does the law where do you fall within the law right?
7:51 am
but i must say big organization i will admit it big gwynne rights advocacy, however, when you see someone carrying -- like wearing a weapon, around on a holster, perfectly legal in a lot of states if you are licenseed to carry it is throws you off if you are not used to seeing it, and certain areas southland, as we say much more common. >> that is what i was going to say geographically where uber enters the gun debate going to matterism right it is a lot different trying to impose this rule in new york, here it doesn't have any -- >> doesn't have any affect. >> uber so big now whatever they say really does matter but i just wondered if they are overstepping boundaries, i guess they -- they don't own the car you know i think this opens up a can of worms for them the drivers are independently contractors, so they are not employees which is -- >> carry a weapon in the car, if he feels like he is not safe, depending on hours he works. >> right. >> but also does uber alienate
7:52 am
customer by doing this? i would argue no. >> i agree, no because when you we all know when you need a car you take your phone out go to uber, you know i don't know how they prevent people from carrying guns. >> how effective is when it a company comes out says, you know no guns allowed in our cars, how many people actually you know -- >> the driver now reserves the right to say if you see somebody carrying a weapon, but -- >> i remember sitting on the beach in a bathing suiting virginia beach virginia a man walking down the beach wearing a glock strapped to him the middle of the day why i have no idea, going to steal coins he picked up using metal detector but it throws you off perfectly legal. >> well take a look at dow futures, as we head towards the opening bell this morning, green are a roz dow up 134 points, the futures on the dow that is, s&p nasdaq futures also up, remember this is
7:53 am
after two separate weeks of gains for u.s. stocks, friday ending on a down note but still, the positive tone continues for the markets and in europe, gainlz across the board, the dax germany bouncing back nearly 3% asian markets finishing to the downside lots of optimism a greek diet del will get done by at the end of the day. are we going to talk about markets? i think we are going to toss to break we are going to be right back more on mornings. >> are you there save me? okay, standing by at cme group looking at oil prices moving right now we want to get to them stay right there we will be back with more.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
. sandra: more evidence that jonathan gruber played a key
7:57 am
role drafting obamacare greece meets with international creditors at emergency summit in brussels this afternoon taylor swift takes on appl sandra: good morning, everybody. i am sandra smith for maria bartiromo, this morning it is monday, june 22, and with me this hour mike murphy and dagen mcdowell first your top stories at 8:00 a.m. on east coast, thousands rally in front of parliament in athens urging greek pm alexis tsipras to resist pressure from creditors to accept more austerity greece miedz billions in euros to satisfy debtors the demonstration second antieurope rally in a week a violent summit meeting in brussels going on right now in effort to break deadlock european markets he hopeful a deal will get done rising in
7:58 am
advance of talks the dax in germany up 3% in u.s. u.s. stock index futures about an hour and a half to the opening bell, on wall street, lots of green arrows there dow futures following up on last week's gains 135 points. and he is back in the news. xhist jonathan gruber said obamacare preyed on stupidity of american voters apparently played a bigger role in the health care law the "the wall street journal" says 20,000 pages of e-mails were xanld between gruber white house and department of health and human services about the bill, breaking overnight taliban attacking the afghan parliament as law enforcement up meeting inside to confirm the appointment ofturned back six taliban gunmen killed none of the lawmakers hurt 18 civilians wounded the focus of the manhunt for two escaped prrs turned back to upstate new york, a man was reportedly
7:59 am
seen running from a hunting camp last night, in a franklin county, david sweet and relinquish ad matter broke out of the prosecutes more than two weeks ago -- dustyn johnson meltdown on last hole u.s. open last night letting jordan spieth capture his second major tournament title this year, jonathan 3 putted for par missing apple short putt could have send him to playoffs 1 under 69, 5 under for the tournament. ♪ taylor swift putting her foot down and apple caved protesting apple decision not to pay artists royalties for trial of it apple music apple changed its policy hours later. the company will now pay its artists, and time warner
8:00 am
shareholder dominates did held alines questions about actor george cloon ay's pay whether going to lebanese wife for anti-american causes european stocks rallied in early trade on sign z greece could stliefkt minute debt deal at emergency summit taking place in brussels this afternoon after months of wrangling greek prime minister alexis tsipras made a new offer on reforms packages to foreign creditors as thousands took to the streets of athens for a pro governmental rally urging the greek prime minister to resist pressure from european leaders, dagen make-or-break time for greece as we all know but the markets right now, surging across the globe, are we expecting something to get done it looks like by this afternoon. >> absolutely markets pricing in some soft ordeal out of greece i think interesting germany is up their markets the dax up 3% today, so that
8:01 am
tells you germany the markets had most to lose, so they have the most to benefit from this deal, this getting putting greece behind us, is a positive for the eurozone fort u.s. markets pao for everyone we move further away from 2008. sandra: dagen not just stock market futures asia predicting a deal look at bond market as well this morning, yield on 10 year is up, and also indicating a deal will get done. dagen: we some ways we don't want to see longer term interest rates continue to go back up particularly as they -- move up, keep going up, basically don't stabilize thank you how big numbers later four -- percent on the 30 year fixed rate mortgage, but mark pointing out last week, that the banking system in europe is so much better prepared to deal with anything not happening with greece. than it was three years ago, because the banks owned a lot
8:02 am
of greek debt three years ago, they have were not as well capitalized europe was in a better position to hold the greece's feet to the fire or tsipras' feet to the fire. >> as far as meetings going on rights now around 10 a.m. londontime greek prime minister alexis tsipras entered a meeting with lagarde, mario draghi president european commission, all getting together, here, the big event, the time we're going to watch 1:00 pm eastern time today ownedall be-all the emergency summit that takes place all eyes really on i feel like the problem for the markets is every day has been the day to watch greece, is today the day mike. >> the markets telling you it is but that is one thing for people at home if you are investing you can't make investments decisions individual investors based on what is going to come out of greece come out of this meeting we really don't know, day by day dagen made a great point in greece happened to exit the eurozone i don't
8:03 am
think happens, the markets are prepared for that, the eurozone is much better prepared for that, than years ago, so -- at you, greeks come in monday mornings see futures up but, tough to trade off this news if you are an individual investor. >> maybe this average investor is looking forward and maybe this rally we are seeing in the stock market particularly this morning, past couple weeks, is about something else? maybe they are just in general more optimism out there, better news on economy like jobs situation. >> yep so we need better news then we need i think, janet yellen doing great job of telling the markets what they want to hear. kind of giving us a playbook. >> is that great, though? >> well -- >> i've got a big pimple on my face tell me i look hot. >> socialwhat do you say to tha what i mean by that she is giving the playbook to the markets, hey we are going to raise rates we don't need we don't want rates to stay at
8:04 am
this artificially low price, for that much longer so it is rates move back to normalized area 3 1/2 per cent on 1010 i think a pof. >> some argue this are reports janet yellen is terrified to raise interest rates because fear of what is going to happen to our stock market. >> she could be -- i don't agree but schee could be terrified, but the markets are such that rates are going you are going do start seeing rates move up without janet yellen, in answering of rates are. >> stabilized a little bit, longer term interest rates stabilized but early february they moved up, they were at the 10 year 3% the end of what 2013, after the tapeer tantrum we have seen higher than come right back down, 3%, on 10 year buying opportunity, for treasuries in the past. >> it has been tells you market can handle rates being higher if the economic data supports a 3%, so year that is
8:05 am
the both of the position for the markets to be in. >> i'm watching volume, to if u.s. stock market continues to go up make record highs, it really doesn't mean much to the average investor, to the average u.s. investor they are not even involved in the stock market. when we have seen, they have been sidelined been saving money, putting into the bank, and not really earning -- >> income -- >> billions upon billions, still go into until recent weeks billions upon billions still going into bond funds, this year. >> a lot of money going into european etf's bond funds also. >> jonathan gruber was more involved shaping okay care than originally thought according to "the wall street journal" he was in frequent contact with the white house, the latest on this out of washington blake. >> high good morning again jonathan you been gruber told one top obama administration advisor there would be winners and losers, from taffordable care aukt asked what he would do if he were the president according to the "the wall
8:06 am
street journal," about says it looks through 20,000 pages of previously unreleased e-mails, the e-mails journal says shows the economist who was caught on tape one point talking about the quote stupidity of the american voter, was closer to the administration than previously thought. after those comments, the president tried to push back his administration's ties to gruber. >> the fact that some advisor who never worked on her staff expressed an opinion that i completely disagree with, in terms of the voters, is no reflection on the actual process that was run. >> however, the journal says the e-mails show that one health advisory called gruber quote our hero, journal also reports the e-mail showed gruber kept administration apprised of interviews he did with reporters. sandra: mike, dagen appears mr. gruber wasn't just some advisory that lightly
8:07 am
contributes to the will. >> envelope involved -- >> e-mail also videos too bad we were in the situation it is tough to trust the administration you like to be able to think when president comes on says something you can take i'm not at face value but apparently not. >> at least we have another synomym for jerk, you are a gruber. >> there was that -- >> that is what the american people have gotten out of it synomym for you know. sandra: all right. >> unlikable person. sandra: gruber to clooney, medium, actor george clooney back in the spotlight this time at a timetime shareholder meeting one disgruntled investor called out actor and lebanese wife telling journalling i would like to know how much mr. clooney received how much money is going to lebanon,and to his wife, she has been portrayed as this in the process of sexy international civil rights lawyer. she is not she is a criminal lawyer a defense attorney puts
8:08 am
the worst back on the streets -- left the shareholder speech but said it is not up to his company to tell clooney how to spend his money and that meeting was not a place for political opinions. mike, dagen who is right here did shareholder overstep the line or is this the place for shareholders to share their opinions. >> i think -- he handled it where swell a place for shareholders to share their opinions, but not on how the ce-- of time warner can't speak to how george clooney spends money from he movies that he makes if making movies, it is where that money goes, from -- not the rights forum. >> he did let her go on said all right -- this isn't the place for this, political opinions, pviewpoints. >> apparently doesn't have a twitter account that is usually whether you seek ideas and theories, feelings, about things like this, it is it is a stretch, is it not.
8:09 am
>> a little bit of a stretch yeah. sandra: arguably none of the business of the shareholder to begin with how george clooney spends money george. dagen: george cloon. sandra: 's movies stink, terribly at the boxing office should be happy year talking about him i think. maria: there we go george clooney the search for former white house walter schiebe has ended tragically cheryl casone has the headlines the latest on this breaking story for us. >> good morning sandra, everyone, a tragic story out of new mexico walter's biorecovered yesterday went on solo mountain hike on june 13th and never returned. recovery workers are looking into the kiss a cause of death. >> recalling bodies water over portable contamination telling customers check for water best
8:10 am
buy between skrooun 1020, 16 and june 18, 2016, it was bolted by niagara bottling, sandra apple is diving deeper into the news business, the company is releasing apple nice, part of its upcoming software update the goal to be the primary source for news on all mobile devices likely, a big -- facebook google. >> thank you very much, cheryl coming up next we have the latest details on the breaking news overnight taliban fighters attacking afghan parliament, tomorrow don't miss maria bartiromo with walmart chief doug mcmillan it will be a first on fox interview with the ceo of the nation's largest retailer. et. >> ♪
8:11 am
8:12 am
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8:14 am
. >> breaking news from a afghanistan the taliban launching a brazen attack on parliament 6 month gwen storage the billed after a sue subsided car bomber struck outside. afghan forces fought back killing all the attackers, joining us now former deputy undersecretary of defense jed babin thank you for joining us this morning. on the phone: good morning. >> your take on latest developments here? on the phone: well it is unfortunately predictable but before that we have to understand that this is apparently a temptation failure afghanis did not know about attack we apparently didn't know about attack something is falling out of place over there, about as far as intelligent goes this is a coordinated pack not very complicated it will goes right to the heart of the afghanistan government. so, if that is vulnerable as it apparently is, you have to look at the entire situation
8:15 am
in afghanistan, quite frankly, as i've been predicting for about 10 years now, this is going to go the way that iraq went. both very foreseeable going to take little time for taliban to retake away country. >> i starting out saying this is -- this could be an intelligence failure, likely is one. what would you what would you base that information on that you are seeing that as a coordinated planned attack? >> well, more than that, the fact is that the attack actually went on. and was not interdicted by afghan foers if they didn't know this was a coming at hart of government a very serious intelligence failure obvious at this point. >> what does it indicate for the future of our fight over there, as far as -- as far as afghanistan is concerned? >> well afghanistan is going doing the way that ira k is going probably going to take less time to do it. going to see the afghan government prime minister trying as hard as he can but
8:16 am
not good enough, taliban is very deeply entrenched there successful ideology over there not as opposed very substantially the minute we pull troops out finally, the afghan government will tall taliban will retake the country. >> secretary babin what can be made just from the simple fact that these he soldiers there stood up and fought we got a lot in the press about how in iraq the soldiers turned and ran away a few weeks ago, can you at least make a positive out of that? on the phone: well, yeah, we got we got to dig pretty hard for positives in this whole thing, guys. but yeah, that is a -- small positive. i think that certainly they were pretty much cornered so they had to stand up and fight. and, you know, it is -- little things go a long way sometimes, but at that point i don't think you can extrapolate from that small fight, to a larger fight to save the country. >> when you talk about the intelligence failure here sh, i
8:17 am
you were to start to point fingers or lay blame somewhere where do you, secretary? on the phone: well, [laughter] -- you can go back to the entire policies of nation will billed a lot of blame to go around with this i am not sure anyone can be blamed significantly for the failure of afghan intelligence, because i don't know that has ever been a very strong force to begin with. but i think if you are looking at the entire policy here, the policy of nation building, is at the heart of this failure we have been doing that in aviation for what almost 14 years now? and we did it in iraq for more than a dozen years, that is the kind of thing that -- we have to understand, that nation buildings is never going to work, outside of a nation. where defeated kinetically and maybe logically in this case taliban have never been defeated either way the same thing goes for iraq we just
8:18 am
have to revisit the idea that nation building is an utter failure and find a better way to do what we need to do. sandra: thank you for joining us thank you to former dep under second of defense jeb babin thank you. on the phone: my pleasure. >> looks like weather isn't the only thing that can ground your flight anymore you won't believe what hundreds of passengers flying over the weekend that is up next.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
♪ ♪ ♪ get excited for the 1989 world tour with exclusive behind the scenes footage, all of taylor swift's music videos, interviews, and more. xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. this morning triple digit gains on dow futures up 123 s&p up, nasdaq up, gains last couple weeks buying in the
8:22 am
stock market agency we start this week, i want to point out your attention, to this stock, williams the company rejecting 48-billion-dollar offer from energy, one of the biggest energy deals ever, in history. we see the stock right now, surging 20 bucks if if premarket session. >> this would be if went through 64 dollar price that energy transfer was offered would be second largest merge in the energy space ever, so i think interesting oil around 60 dollars we have talked for a long time about m&a coming in, that it is stocks depressed enough you would see a lot of consolidation fl this space i think this is the beginning of what i think will be continued consolidation but i think it is also interesting to point out williams rejected the offer also hired barclays lazard to look at other options for them i think a deal does get done. >> shopping. >> i think so. >> all right, thank you for that.
8:23 am
big offers even biggrejection i those health care over weekend cheryl casone has the latest. cheryl: good morning sandra that is right cigna rejecting the multibillion-dollar detail by anthem offering to pay 184 dollars per share that is 18% markue markup on closing price friday saying 47-billion-dollar takeover bid far recess than company is worth, another mobile deal in the works aetna looking to take over rival humana key player in medicaid, humana valued 30 billion dollars, amazon, making a change could affect thousands of consumers and stock price e-commerce joint drg a new system that will analyze millions of reviews on the site and clean them to out delete old irrelevant ones different uses a learn software this is basically a software that is helpful when ones actually need to go, hackers, in polish
8:24 am
airline in warsaw over the weekend this breach hitting computer system of the state run airline leaving over 1400 passengers stranded, in war saur's airport sandra the system, by the way, was hacked it is a flight plans out of the airport not actually in flight, you know we talked about before, but they couldn't you know put together a flightplan, anything the whole system. >> airlines say the flights were never in jeopardy, of course, due to the attack obviously this displaced passengers caused cancellations, all of us wondering particularly people who fly are we going to experience something like this with you are a airlines. >> seals hackers out there so far ahead of the curve the answer has to be yes, you are seeing i mean you come in you can tell right now come in monday morning going to see some sort of big m&a deal more news out of china about hacking over the weekend, so i don't know how they fix this this is there lot of cybersecurity companies focused on getting this fixed
8:25 am
you have to say right now, the hackers have the upper hand. >> hmm. >> scary thought especially considering giving access to people on the ground. to fly planes somebody could take them over part of the discussion. >> i don't think that is -- that there is such a huge hurdle in terms of letting people on the ground operate, after that plane crash, after that basically suicide crash. >> yes, that germanwings flight earlier that is long way away i think. >>, by the way, these completeness even though they are pilots in them the planes almost fly themselves they can except for takeoff and landing. >> all new technology that is coming into aircraft so different from when i was a flight atendant amazing how planes he operate, and new airbuses, paris air show some architect beautiful, so they actual debuted, but there is so high in technology, got to be that concern coming out. that we are going to have issues with systems.
8:26 am
>> there was a u.s. report back in april, that warned that hackers could exploit in-flight entertainment systems to cockpit electronics this -- very scary, what could potentially happen thank goodness only with planning part of this airline in poland. >> we have to do manager quickly to get ahead of hackers right now we are clearing playing catchup allow we do it i don't have the answer. >> we can't even hire train tsa agents to detect bomb on people in that -- so forth -- 95%, i mean of devices, on people going through. >> exactly. >> coming up a new pol out revealing front returners in 2016 race fort white house who is in the lead on this monday morning we are going to have more on that. it's one of the most amazing
8:27 am
things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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sandra: jeb bush and marco rubio are solidifying their positions at the front of the republican presidential campaign. according to a new "wall street journal" poll 3/4 of gop primary voters could see themselves supporting either candidate. let's bring in former hillary clinton strategic advisor, edelmen berlin, ceo, michael berlin. i'm sorry i botched that a little bit. i'm excited to talk about this. i talked to both candidates past couple weeks. i have done a sit-down with donald trump. to me appears very serious about what he is doing but you will tell me otherwise and too, marco rubio, sat down for an houren our show "outnumbered" on fox news channel. he has compelling case, a lot of support behind him. who is the frontrunner at this very moment in time. >> right now this is very food news for jeb bush. he had a very rough start.
8:31 am
his numbers are coming up. his launch last week worked. he is happy. the person that is really happy, marco rubio, first time senator in florida, about the same age brahm obama was. he is now in the game. this could be real issue for jeb bush. sandra: what is the strongest point for marco rubio? where is his strength coming from? where are his supporters coming from? >> he is a new voice. he is talking about issues that matters to americans. he gives some life to the republican party that doesn't want the same old thing. sandra: donald trump, i sort of joked about you're saying he has not filed to run, paperwork for president and you think this is publicity stunt for him. >> be clear, only thing donald trump has had a press conference. not clear they were his supporters. they might have been fill-ins for a production shop. i worked for a real businessman, mike bloomberg. sandra: are you saying that donald trump is not a real
8:32 am
businessman? >> we know he is a good promoter. sandra: i have to open this up for discussion. sandra: i think you're giving one side. mike murphy may have a different side. he is real estate mogul is he not? >> he is a real estate mogul, agree comparing donald trump to mike bloomberg not a fair comparison. donald trump much better at self-promotion we've seen but businesses are very different. >> what has loom berg built in terms of the bloomberg business empire i would say more impressive, any building that donald put his name on. if you're looking strictly from financial perspective. sandra: but donald trump has thrown his hat in the ring. he has changed the conversation. quite frankly, people that were discounting him were very impressed when he did speak and way he spoke. he is changing the conversation. >> i think donald trump nailed the issues. i think talking about job creation, talking about isis, donald trump is on message and
8:33 am
he has a very good, strong, provocative message. sandra: but? >> this guy is talking about birther rights with obama before. goes, you have to be one or the other. have to be serious candidate who will have real impact or a publicity hound. >> he insults woman, if he doesn't like women he refers to them unattractive. people have not begun to what he has said to and about -- sandra: that subpoena a very good point. who wants to wade into that goulash what he said. sandra: other presidential candidates losers. >> it is good tv. if mike bloomberg jumped in we would see serious businessman. sandra: is this serious conversation? mike bloomberg will not run for president. >> he came close to 2008. >> let's put odds on it. what are odds bloomberg weighs in as democratic presidential candidate. people are waiting around. >> mike bloomberg stands on
8:34 am
sidelines with prove vern history of public service. what impact does rump have? trump will make it so republicans have to respond to him. if he gets into a republican primary debate that will be good tv and will have to watch. >> only 30 days when he declares his candidacy to file full personal disclosure. you can file an extension or two, 45 day-extensions. does he, does he take that next step and file the full financial disclosure. >> he has put the trial balance up. he has gotten a warm rereception. i think he does. this is good for trump where he is right now. i don't think he has real impact on the election. is he electable? i don't think so. with 6.3 million viewers he has a base. >> a lot of peep told me inside politicians, what will hold trump back his actual financials. he doesn't want to show those. sandra: didn't we learn he has
8:35 am
$9 billion in assets. >> that is the problem. >> he has, we haven't gotten the real dirt on his finances. how you value, how you value is he putting on his assets. >> he is extremely successful business person. i also think he will help the republican party in that he is willing to say some things to attack the democratic party that other, more established politicians wouldn't say. >> this is republican primary. so republican primary is different than a general election. he will have to speak to republican voters about republican issues. i think it will be great tv. if i were the democrats i would be very happy to have trump in, go at it. sandra: what about scott walker what about the other candidates? you're just talking about a couple here. >> they're increasingly relevant. sandra: okay. >> seeing rubio and bush pull away. huckabee stay into it because he has got a base. if they separate i think the
8:36 am
field will narrow quickly. sandra: it is early, sir. >> maybe. may be early. sides are recall toking. we're five months away. >> you point out about rubio that he is a first-term senator, very similar to barack obama when he was elected as if that's a good thing? >> it's a thing. whether it is a good thing, look, i was on hillary's campaign at this point. what happens with a young, charismatic candidate a voice of change they can get momentum. politics is all about momentum. if you have momentum into the first few primaries you can be a force to reckon with. sandra: we have to go. what about bernie sanders and his rice on the left? >> bernie sanders is having a nice dialogue with himself. sandra: i didn't know you would be that quick. thank you. thank you for all of your comments this morning. >> that is funny. sandra: if you missed it, the u.s. open had it all last night, young star, heartbreaking defeat
8:37 am
and rare health care. our own stuart varney reacts with the personal side of the u.s. open next. continue this conversation on facebook, about leading political presidential candidates. what do you think? did you disagree with us, agree with us? to our page, morningsmaria. get all the latest updates on the show. ♪ you probably know xerox
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yeast prescribing news. sandra: breaking news. federal regulators looking into braking systems of popular compact car. cheryl casone has details. >> we're getting details, sandra. updates you on the polish airline hack attack. ceo of that company. this is coming in as well. saying, i expect it can happen to anyone at anytime. that flight by the way keeping 1400 travelers grounded for five hours. so a couple of breaking details on breaking stories we're bringing to you. back to the cars. u.s. safety regulators are investigating complaints of braking problems with dodge dart compact cars. this is a brand new probe.
8:42 am
it is covering about 121,000 darts made by fiat chrysler from the 2013 model year. no reports of crashes or injuries there. but that investigation could lead to yet another car recall. so another breaking story we're keeping you updated this morning. we'll show you fun video. 66 surfers climbing aboard a 42-foot, 1300-pound sure burr ad at california's huntington beach. breaking the guinness world's record of most people riding a surfboard. they got out. that is impressive. weekend box office, "jurassic park" taking a huge bite out of the weekend box office, two weeks at number one. but cgi dinosaurs are not only thing drawing in crowds. pixar's new movie, "inside out," bringing in impressive
8:43 am
$91 million. for a movie nobody really hurd much about. a big weekend or movies. >> i can't wait any longer. tweeting out about i'm about to challenge stuart varney hashtag u.s. open and #jordan speith. meltdown at the wire. new star of jordan speith. cool new camera angles. it wasn't without controversy. our own stuart varney. i hear you're a huge fan of golfing. not an actual golfer. >> oh. >> rename the show? going to challenge me? let me lay out my story. yeah, i don't play golf but i love to watch it on saturday and sunday afternoons. six hours, put it on in the background, do all kinds of other stuff while golf is on the in the background. yesterday the game had absolutely everything. right down to the last putt. there was drama right down to
8:44 am
the 7th or 8th hour of this thing. a new savior of golf emerges, jordan speith. loaded with under armour logos all other place. there is a financial story for you. it had human interest. jason day suffers from vertigo. made it through the final round. dustin johnson loses open. wasn't so much that speith won it. dustin johnson he lost it. >> choke, choke, choke. >> he did, yeah. don't you feel for the guy? >> i don't feel for him. >> compelling tv. sandra: what do you mean? i'm telling you it is compelling tv, what i wanted to challenge you on -- >> that was a read in modern vernacular where she says, stuart is a fan of game of golf but not a golfer. that is a read. sandra: i will challenge you on, dear sir. you said that jordan speith is going to, going to bring back the game of golf. i said not so much. you said, well, young lady, like
8:45 am
yourself, i guess assuming that i think he is attractive so i will watch him play positively. dagen and i said, he is attractive. he is a nice guy. he is a young guy. but he is lacking that compelling edge i think that golf needs. tiger woods, oh, my gosh he melted do totally missed the po. sandra: okay. >> every woman that i know who watches golf looks for a golfer who is hot. do you think jordan speith is hot? my daughters do. >> jordan speith is not hot. dustin johnson is hot. he is made hotter by his partner paulina gretsky, daughter of wayne grat ski. >> the fact that we're talking about this is good for the game of golf. sandra: exactly. hold on. we have to look what people are thinking about the chances of a grand slam for jordan speith. english bookmakers have him now, these are fresh odds, at 7-1 winning next month's british open. this was the second major of the
8:46 am
year. he has won both. grand slam if he wins the next one. >> isn't the grand slam he wins all four,. sandra: stand corrected. he won both majors far in 2015. has to win the rest. will it happen? >> i don't have a clue, i don't know. british it will bet on anything. sandra: you guys watch stuart varney's show, you all do, he does this to you on his show, dagen. will he win? >> yes or no answer. if you answer a question you have to say yes. >> looking for an answer now. >> yes, sir. >> not going to do it. >> speith missed the 17th hole where he double bogeyed. he could have easily folded up tent and gone home. he blew up before dustin johnson did. he recovered. came back and put himself in position to win. >> for 21-year-old that is extraordinary performance. it really is. my point, that was compelling television. fox had it. it was terrific golf.
8:47 am
we could all watch it. sandra: they were all whining about the course. >> rightly some the greens were described as broccoli. rory mcilroy said, not broccoli, cauliflower. billy herschel live on fox, dissing the pga. this had everything. personal interest, drama and money. what else do you want? sandra: can the scots recreate it? >> the scots? >> british open. >> they did invent it, that's true. we'll give them that, we'll give them that. sandra: stuart varney, thank you very much. >> i have a show to do. sandra: do not miss the show, stuart on "varney & company." >> thank you in about 15 minutes. >> number 12 1/2. sandra: my gosh. >> can't you do the math? sandra: 12 1/2. >> this is sit come right here in the making. sandra: i'm sure he will be talking about taylor swift as
8:48 am
well on his show. >> and politics. sandra: when taylor swift speaks everyone listens. the most powerful -- let me get through this the most powerful company in the world is listen tock everything she has to say apparent limit. we'll have latest on the princess of pop's bad blood with the tech giant straight ahead. we're talking apple. ♪ here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. sup jj? working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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>> all right. welcome back, everybody. we're now on roughly 40 minutes away from the opening bell and somewhere stuart varney is listening, 38 1/2 minutes. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. what is it looking like. nicole: we have gains across the board and here at home as
8:52 am
somebody looks to some sort of greek deal and watching the airlines moving higher in the pre-market. on the cover of barron's we had a story on airlines and they are undervalue and could rise between 15 and 50% these stocks. so we're talking about american, delta, northwest. and they are in fact, undervalued. sandra: nicole, thank you. taylor swift promoting a policy change the an apple. our jo ling kent has the latest. >> apple caved to taylor swift, and decided to reverse course and paying the artists during the three-month trial of apple screaming service. she posted an open letter to apple, love taylor, criticizing apple for not paying artists
8:53 am
during the trial. she says we don't ask you for free iphones, please don't ask us to provide music for no compensation. and later, the software services called swift and announced they will pay artists for screaming even during customer's free trial period and added that we hear you, taylor swift and indy artists, love apple. and says i'm elated and relieved and they listened to us. and she reportedly decided to make the change in close consultation with tim cook. and apple launches june 30th. and that album will actually be on apple and we expect to hear more. sandra: i didn't want to be rude, but i was looking up and i want to remind you, taylor swift is 25 years old.
8:54 am
powerful enough to get the company to reverse course. dagen: apple had heard from other artists and getting slack and backlash from the artists. it was just taylor swift went out publicly. >> using her platform. dagen: she did the same thing with spotify. >> it's interesting that people like elvis costello said it's cool she had taken it and run with it. >> she did it so sweet and signed love taylor. >> and said this is a generous company and she knows she's made a ton of money from itunes and helped to revolutionize the way that music was sold and she wasn't going after them in an impatient way.
8:55 am
here, this is what i hear in my social circles and bam. sandra: futures pointing to a higher open, and following up on the past records and gains, dow futures up 112. keep is right here on fox business.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> all right. we're just over 30 minutes away from the opening bell, dagen and mike. what are you looking at today? >> greece, and that's why we have the ramp up in the futures and barron's bounce in the airline and fading those, and time to run out and buy the airlines in my opinion. dagen: reports that the finance minister on the greek deal, trying to throw cold water on it and tamp down because the deal as they see it doesn't make sense.
8:59 am
it will be interesting as the leaders gather later in 0 your day and maybe a supreme court decision. sandra: of course, that could happen this afternoon and could happen at any minute now. everybody is waiting on that to come down. you look at the broader markets and europe rallying and asia rallying, and the global markets continues to want to go higher. any catalyst that you see, mike, for the markets to stop the rally mode? to stop? no, as long as the markets keep climbing this wall of worry. plenty of negative news and naysayers, that the market can't keep going. as long as that's out there i think the market will climb the proverbial wall of worry and we have an m and a swoon. and that's not going to end soon. sandra: they deal in the energy. mike mcmurphy and dagen mcdowell. join us tomorrow, mcmillan will
9:00 am
talk with maria tomorrow about the favorite and largest super store. lands' end fred marchionne is going to join them and you'll want to see that. and i'm tossing to stuart varney. you've gotten me shaken up. it's a live toss to you. you caught me, and it's all yours, sir. stuart: you sound all shook up. summer has officially begun, hey, california you can still only take a short shower. good morning on this monday morning, a great way to start the week, a solid win for your money. the dow is set to open with a triple digit gain. why would that be? investors are hopeful that today greece will blink and give up concessions for a short-term deal.


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