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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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record close on several of the indices that we follow very closely here. look at the russell 2000. that is very close, 1293 was the last record. looks like we might be just shy of that. clearly looks like we have a record going on nasdaq. [closing bell ringing]. melissa: that's right. while the markets wait for tomorrow here is everything you need to know now. more data out that shows housing is the best it has been since 2009. mortgage applications on a tear as more people get off the fence in the face of rising rates. homebuilder stocks seeing a nice gain in light of the news. our own dagen mcdowell has been following the story closely for us. >> home sales finally looking hot last month. sales of previously-owned homes in may running at the strongest pace since november of 2009. up 5.1% from the month of april, hitting seasonally adjusted rate of 5.35 million homes. that was more than economists were looking for. this despite a move up in
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mortgage rates that started earlier this year. the rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is averaging higher than 4%. but maybe the move up in rates has gotten buyers to move off the sidelines. and quickly trying to get ahead of even higher interest rates down the road. their willingness to buy also helped along by improving job market. first-time homebuyers making up nearly 1/3 of all buyers. that is up from 27% from one year ago. home prices also leading to some optimism, moving higher as well. median home price climbed almost 8% over the last 12 months. now $228,700. that is only $700 of the july 2006 peak. can you believe it almost has been nine years of this housing decline? but this news today, lifting shares of the homebuilders. homebuilders themselves getting busy. last week we found out permits
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for new home construction in the u.s. surged to nearly eight-year high in may. so, more optimism ahead. melissa: there you go. thanks, dagen. david? david: despite the bullish housing data greece seems to be the major catalyst driving today's stock market gains. nasdaq ending the day at a fresh record, very healthy record at that. wall street is hopeful a last-ditch proposal from the greek government may be enough to secure a bailout and avoid a default. darius dale, a senior analyst at hegi risk management. darius, seems like somebody did? >> everyone did. financial media, analysts following story. this is joke, soap a. we know they won't go anywhere to set a precedent for countries exiting the euro. we knew they would blink. let's get on with our lives. david: my old boss at "the wall street journal" used to say the imf is a collection
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agency for the banks. if that is so, most of the greek debt is held by imf and european governments as well. they must look at two billion dollar payment to come up if i have to choose eating that $2 billion and seeing bond market collapse i will eat the 2 billion. >> totally that. also you have to think about the political ramifications in western europe. chancellor merkel is losing some of the support in her party, conceding on a lot of these expectations. they want to keep this political gong show together. the europeans agreed 12 years ago, 13 years ago, euro is better for europe than not having euro. this greek soap opera is hopefully coming to an end. david: even though the imf will eat the payment that is due, greeks didn't make any kind of concession, did they. >> to some degree they did. they're backing away -- david: retire at 36 or instead of 35, what? >> i might qualify for
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retirement in greece. david: i'm sure you would. >> they did make some real concessions in the sense they're changing the vat on some of the different services and parts of the economy. the red tape where they drew the line on pension reform and public sector wages, they haven't cut that yet. they have to go back to the wood to figure out to meet the surplus targets. targeting surplus at 3% of national income two years from now. how will they get there without material cuts? david: will the game be overs until they say you have to pay you have to pay, at last minute imf pays? >> no. this game is ongoing. frankly this june 30th deadline is a big deal in a sense you have so many capital outflows out of the greek economy in advance of this. getting this situated and punting it to a catalyst of some other date we can play with -- david: we should mention you should know who pays? the taxpayers, pony up money for the imf and government. eventually the taxpayer.
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european and u.s. taxpayers will pay. >> u.s. taxpayer. david: that's right. we're part of it too. darius dale, good to see you my friend. thank you very much. melissa? melissa: a look at major movers on wall street. huge spike for shares of williams company. investors diving in after the natural gas giant reject ad unsolicitedded offer of $48 billion. no word of the company that made the bid. health insurer anthem is committed to buying cigna, saying it found two billion dollars in synergies in two years. cigna rejecting the deal. they said they were deeply disappointed. so there. no stopping the shares of fitbit, the fitness tracking company. shares of the ipo were priced at just $20. there you go, david. david: wow. melissa: you don't have a fitbit? david: i don't exercise enough to use one. who can forget the obamacare architect that called americans
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stupid? new information coming out on jonathan gruber and the role he played in the health law. our own blake burman has been following the story for us outside of washington. he joins us now. blake? >> one advisor to the white house and health and human services not only called jonathan gruber an integral part of the affordable care act but also quote, our hero. that is according to "the wall street journal" which reports it reviewed roughly 20,000 pages of emails between gruber, the white house and hhs. gruber is the mit economist who worked on the affordable care act and was caught on tape in 2013 mocking quote, the stupidity of the american voter. after those comments, president obama tried to separate himself from gruber, however the journal reports at times there wasn't much distance between gruber and the administration at all. the frequent communication between gruber and administration officials they say, shows gruber had a bigger role in creating obamacare than previously known. the white house press secretary josh earnest said there was nothing surprising about the
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report and questioned the motive of republicans for, as he said, leaking the story now? >> i don't think there is anything that is revealed by these emails that is all surprising to anybody that works here. again there may be some republicans in congress who think that releasing these emails gives them some kind of political advantage of one sort or another. but i'm not really sure what that is. >> hhs also release ad state to us which they said gruber is a widely respected economist and questioned the timing as well, calling this, old news. back to you in new york. david: all right. we'll have more on the story coming up. turning to another big story out of the washington where the supreme court ruled in favor of disney's marvel entertainment earlier today. the 6-3 ruling in the patent case was kimble versus marvel. it heard inventor steve kimble's copyright claim against the comics entertainment giant royalties for a popular spider-man web shooter toy. kimble was arguing he was still
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owed royalties after the patent expired. he lost that argument. disney shares hitting a new high on the news. melissa. melissa: breaking news right now. takata fighting back on concerning findings of a u.s. senate committee today. the committee saying just in the last hour, takata likely prioritized profit over safety and it should have been aware of serious safety issues with its airbags as early as 2001. now takata says the report contains a number of inaccuracies. it also says it conducts regular safety checks at its plants and never stopped hose at anytime. exploding airbags are known to have caused at least six deaths in the u.s. >> new developments in the manhunt for two escaped prisoners from new york. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal joins us from owls head new york, with more. rick? >> melissa, a very heavy police presence here and heightened sense of urgency in franklin county after the first major break in this case since david sweat and richard matt broke out
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of prison some 17 days ago. we've seen a number of corrections officers, local police, state troopers across rural and winding roads with roadblocks set up at owls head, duane and mountainview. trucks are being inspected. heavily armed police are going door-to-door along with k-9s and aviation units. a tip led both escaped convicts, both escaped killers spent time in a cabin in the thick woods in the adirondacks. they found boots, bloody socks, prison-issued underwear and made a dna match. a local man armed with a handgun checked on his hunting cam. he saw a jug of water and a jar peanut butter and asked someone to step out and some one ran out of the back door. clear from the activity they believe they're very close to catching these men. melissa: wow. i know this community, it has
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been very rough on them all this time. how is it affecting them now with this new information? >> well, there is a lot of fear here now in franklin county because of the when word spread these men might be in town, we met a woman last night she was scared to go home until her fiance got there because she didn't want to be in the house by herself. she saw a man on one of the rural roads, walking in full camouflage, carrying a shotgun trying to protect his property. >> trying to protect myself, my wife and my property. >> what are you carrying? >> a 12 gauge shotgun with double ought buck? if you see them what do you do? >> i give them a chance to give up and i will start shooting. >> if he shoots them he earns $150,000. $100,000 from the state and 50,000 for the u.s. marshal's service on each of the men's heads. calling them extremely violent and dangerous criminals. they're urging nip who sees them
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try not to take the law in their own hands but call 911. melissa: wow, rick leventhal, thank you for that. david: what a story. doesn't go away. owls head, seems like a fitting name for that place. the danger of lone wolf attacks here in the united states are growing with another arrest today for an isis sympathizer. next we'll hear from former cia deputy director how he says isis could win. john mcglocklin is our exclusive guest. melissa: taylor swift's rant has apple singing a different tune. david: yeah, they really turned tail. jordan speith making history, not to mention his sponsor being pretty happy about it. melissa: i bet. i bet. david: details ahead. ♪
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expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at automotive innoright here.ts... with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. the 2015 c-class. at the very touchpoint of performance and innovation. melissa: so charlie gasparino predicted it earlier today and now it has happened. looking more like donald trump's run for presidency is the real thing. he just officially filed. gasparino told us earlier that the trump campaign manager had
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told him that trump was going to file an official notice of presidential run today or tomorrow. he has now done so. charlie gasparino also reported that he said the filing can be made by 5:00 p.m. that in fact has happened. now they have 30 days to file personal financial disclosures detailing the net worth. 30 days to do that. david: worth a little over $9 billion. so much of it depends how you value property which goes up and down. so who knows. he may still win by fudging it. melissa: he, is allowed to apply for an extension he told charlie gasparino's sources say he won't file the extension. david: very interesting to read. the taliban launching a brazen attack in afghan capital, largely stopped by afghan forces. six gunmen tried to storm the parliament in kabul after a suicide bomber struck outside but afghan forces fought back killing all six gunman. two civilians were killed in the
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bombing, dozens more were injured. the attack happened just as the parliament considered nomination of a new defense minister. all the lawmakers were evacuated to safety. melissa? melissa: new warning on the dangers of isis here in the u.s. a 19-year-old north carolina man is arrested, is under arrest for planning to quote, gun down a large number of citizens in attacks to support isis. that is the 10th arrest of an isis supporter here at home just this past month, 10 in this past month. our next guest warns that isis could be winning the war. joining me with his perspective, john mcglothlin, former cia deputy director. let me start with the latest reports. seems to me we've seen some come under arrest now for suspicion of working with isis online but we haven't seen attacks to the homeland of the does that mean at least in that sense, in the detection of threats here at home we're winning? >> well i think we're getting much better at this, because we've had a lost practice since
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9/11 and all of our agencies are tuned up to do this. what i would say though is, that the volume of threats is increasing dramatically, and could really tax our ability to keep up with them. you just mentioned that we've had 10 of these in the last, 10 attempted attacks in the last month. if you went back a couple of years we used to tally these up, typically we would say we had 40, 45 of those over a period of a decade. so the pace of these threats is accelerating. >> how do we know the pace is really accelerating, that we're just getting better detecting it? we could have missed those people? >> we can't know that, but we have to assume it is accelerating. both those two things are happening, we're getting better at it but we have to realize isis a very different kind of threat than al qaeda ever posed. in that sense the prudent thing is to assume that we will increasingly be under threat
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like this. melissa: why is it that you see, and it is frightening coming from a deputy director of the cia. why do you think it is that they would win this war? >> i'm trying what i have written about this to draw attention to the realities that we face. when you look at what we're doing, let me specify first, this is a very hard problem for anyone to deal with. so i'm not just criticizing our government to say, we're not doing anything. but this is a very hard problem. and, a couple of things that have to occur for to us win and defeat this group. we have to take back territory on the ground. we haven't done that in substantial measure. there are great appeal comes from their success. and, now they have been occupying iraq's second largest city for close to a year. the second thing we have to do is to in addition to taking back territory, we have to find some way diplomatically or otherwise
4:19 pm
to satisfy grievances of the large sunni population that comprises about 70% of syria and about 25, 30% of iraq. that is the underlying engine that drives the recruitment of people, about a thousand a month we hear into isis. so we're not really making a lot of progress on those two things despite the effort. melissa: what do you think tactically we're doing wrong? i was talking to another general who is saying this enemy is so decentralized and so good adapting to a changing scenario we don't have the right approach to get them? what do you think tactically we're doing wrong? >> i don't think we're doing anything wrong tactically, precisely the way we're going about this i suppose one could argue we ought to be doing more in terms of strategic communications to combat what they are so successful at doing on social media. and probably the best way to do that is to market a lot of videos and such by people who
4:20 pm
have come back from isis disenchanted so they can speak directly to recruits. it doesn't do a lot of good for people like me to discourage people going into isis. melissa: that is an interesting idea. john mclocklin, thanks for coming on. appreciate your time. >> you bet. david: moments ago in columbia, south carolina, governor nikki haley called for the removal of the confederate flag from statehouse grounds. she says she thinks south carolina's decision will be made soon. we're just learning president obama and vice president biden will travel to charleston on friday to deliver the eulogy for the reverend and state senator clementa pinckney who decide in the massacre in charleston last week. by the way, she says i see no reason to continue flying -- well, actually there is still, still trying to decide whether or not the flag stay or go. we'll get more details about that and present it to you as soon as we get it. melissa: meanwhile add list to the list of problems that can
4:21 pm
delay your flight, a massive hack attack. we'll tell you how cyber criminals managed to ground hundreds of passengers. could it happen again? a mill dollar mess at the luxury waldorf astoria in the hotel. who should pay the price for a wedding shattered by gunfire? this is crazy story. don't go anywhere. ♪ we all feel the calling to build something great. ♪
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call and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: new developments right now in the waldorf wedding fiasco, that is what we're calling it. a couple's big-money reception was canceled after one of their guest, wait for this, accidentally fired a gun. they want their money back. joining us for more, fox news legal analyst lis wiehl and attorney robert bianchi. this is a crazy story. the cocktail reception is going on where the bride and groom were not there.
4:25 pm
someone had a registered handgun. >> brought it in. melissa: accidentally it went off. the bullet grazed someone else. >> exactly. melissa: what happened from there? the wedding went on, though? >> the wedding went on, waldorf said the reception after the wedding, right, thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars in food. melissa: a million dollars. >> food and caviar and flowers and singers. all of this stuff. the waldorf said no, to any of that, because we are closing down this reception. safety and security. we don't know where the gun was at the beginning. they had to close it down at that point for safety reasons. melissa: did they end up getting any money back, do you know? they got married but the reception didn't happen, right? >> as former prosecutor and law enforcement officer that place was locked down. there is a shooting. the cops don't know what the shooting is about. they don't have a weapon. the waldorf would being eggs extraordinarily negligent allowing wedding to continue knowing what it was about.
4:26 pm
waldorf fulfilled their obligations under contract. they had bartenders, waiters, food, everything ready to go. because of this incident, rightfully shutting it down they said no way. melissa: hang on. i'm the bride though. i paid for all this. i paid to the end. didn't get your reception. wasn't your fault. >> somebody needs to pay for this. melissa: someone is responsible. >> waldorf required all services they provide. melissa: i'm the bride. i don't care about that my wedding didn't happen. i paid for it. >> there is safety exclusion or clause in the contract with wall ever do, if waldorf deems for safety reasons they have to shut the thing down because -- melissa: what about the guy who shot the gun. can i see him for my money. >> absolutely. i found a hold harmless agreement. the waldorf is protected like many facilities for acts of third parties. here is the bottom line, you have to make sure your friends don't shoot anyone. melissa: i think lesson is on the wedding invitation, please do not bring your firearm.
4:27 pm
>> amen, absolutely. melissa: we've got to go. thanks, guys. david, over to you. david: no firearms at weddings. just a clarification on south carolina, i want to make it clear, governor nikki haley says south carolina, the confederate flag should be removed on south carolina's capitol but should be a state decision, not a federal decision. a few other stories on our radar, meanwhile general mills is the latest company to jump on the health bandwagon, announcing it will remove artificial flavors and colors from its cereal by 27 teen. no more brad booed between taylor swift and apple music. she penned an open letter for a three-month trial service for customers which would not get paid. apple will pay up during that trial period. >> a quick programing note. walmart ceo and doug macmillan will join us in "first on fox" interview right
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. >> obamacare architect said the law passed thanks in part
4:32 pm
to quote the stupidity of the american voter, the administration said they hardly knew the guy. but thousands of pages of annual uncovered e-mails approved that jonathan gruber was, in fact, a key player in the obamacare design. does it all matter? joining me now adjunct, judy miller, she also a fox business contributor, and john and democratic strategist and former senior aid chuck schumer, first to you, judy, let's play what the president said, and let's play the side. >> the fact that some advisory who never worked on our staff who expressed an opinion that i completely don't agree with makes no reflection on the actual process that was run. >> now, clearly he was given the wrong impression. does it matter. >> i don't think it does matter. i mean the guy was paid
4:33 pm
$400,000 whether he was technically on their staff or not. he was clearly, david, inner circle. >> yeah. >> he was their hero as gene, the health advisor of the time. he was one of them, he gave them advice, that, by the way, ultimately they didn't take. which was let's hold out for universal health care. >> well, hold on a second. they did take a key bit of advice, and that was to score the mandate as a penalty rather than a tax he said the american public was too stupid to know the difference. >> well, to quote the next president of the united states, what difference does it make at this point, david? i mean honestly is it a tax? is it a penalty? the supreme court was ruled on it, they're both the same thing. the american people would not have accepted a tax at the point, congress needed something to fall back on. >> so you're saying the american people are that stupid.
4:34 pm
>> i don't think they're that stupid. >> well, that's what jonathan said and apparently he fooled the american people. >> i don't agree with jonathan that he fooled. >> but wait. you do agree with jonathan that it didn't matter, the republicans couldn't figure out if it was a tax or penalty. >> no. -- >> because he said they were too stupid to figure that out. >> oh, i think the american people he were talking about is the 435 members of the house of representatives. >> there is one about things all of this that bothers me a lot, and that's the way obamacare has sort of changed business, health business in this country, made it much more government intensive than it used to be. we had the ceo of aetna speaking out a white guy ago at a conference where he talked about obamacare and he said we can all take our own political point of view of whether it's right or wrong, but in the end analysis, they're paying us a lot of money -- and he's talking about the government here, and they give us some insight in how they think we should run our business.
4:35 pm
so the government is running business. >> yeah. the. has to grow their revenues and make some profit. . >> is it private or part of government now. >> it's quasiprivate you might say. >> does that bother you. >> it should -- yeah, it does because when you step up regulation above any type of activity, the government makes further -- >> quick last point. >> absolutely. look, the concentration now of health care, and the concentration o of -- >> the government's the customer, the customer's always right. >> how about policy holders. >> yeah. you guys solved it. hackers lot airlines to a near stop at a airport yesterday. after the company's computer system was compromised. ultimately grounding nearly a dozen flights. adam joins us. this is a frightening story. >> it is frightening because the hackers got into the ground computer terminals, and
4:36 pm
they're used state-of-the-art systems, and they're the same systems that airlines worldwide use. they say this could happen anywhere in the industry. in fact, listen to what the lot ceo had to say go at about. >> of course this is an industry problem, on a much wired scale and for sure we have to give it more attention if it can be given more attention because the attention is very high and this is why i think we manage pretty quickly within a few hours to reestablish the functioning. but, yes, i expect it can happen to anyone at any time. . >> and the hackers were able to temporarily paralyze lots operations at the airport in warsaw as you said it grounded 14 flights, and passengers stranded, they got into the flight did the as well the transport and the traveler transportation processing data. back to you. >> wow. adam, thank you so much.
4:37 pm
>> well, bad news for 2016 hopeful rand paul and donald trump. find out where the candidates are moving some steam in the race for president. and what's wrong with the following picture? the controversial photo that somehow slipped past editors over at the ap. we'll tell you the back story there. it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can an whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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>> less than a week after donald trump stole the show with his campaign kickoff, he is digging in his heels. this hour he said he would file his papers to make his 2016 campaign official, he said i am pleased to submit this to the commission form identifying my campaign for the president of the united states. i can rebuild the american dream so that it it is stronger, bigger, and better than ever before. but polls show that he isn't winning over many voters, judy miller from the manhattan institute, she's a fox news contributor, and we also have
4:41 pm
todd of fox news radio, and thanks to all three i have for joining us. let's start with donald trump as we were talking about that. the whole list of voters in this campaign, he has all of us -- you know, he's been out there, everyone's had him on the air, what's his problem. >> i think people watch him and they said what he said about mexicans. >> yeah. >> they said about what he says about other republicans, and the republican party doesn't want to go through this again. do not speak ill of fellow republicans. >> do you think that's what it is. >> yeah. i think there's a lot to do with that, and i'm really interested for him coming down to my neck of the woods in the south, going to arkansas, kind of curious what he does helps them the wort chitlin'. >> i think a lot of people do not think he's running for president. >> yeah. he's a boy who cried wolf, and i still thank.
4:42 pm
>> really? >> he's going to give up his presidential thing and go back to his life. >> we saw that rand paul is really sinking at the top of this list, there are ranking can'ts by republican voters first choice. you're only allowed to pick one, which is sort telling. jeb bush at the top, scott walker close second, marco rubio in third. mike huckabee and ben carson above rand paul. does that make sense to you. >> it does. on two things, the mainstream media seems to discount all the chenevert, the tens of millions who stayed home in the last election. those folks are looking for someone to back, and that's why i think ben carson and mike huckabee doing well. and, again, our sister network, mike had a show on that network, and i suspect that he's got a lot of fans and some name recognition. >> you checked when i said it makes sense to you, and he
4:43 pm
says it does. why were you chuckling. >> well, when you look at the field, one of these things is not like the other situations, and rand paul is not like the others, he's got a different message, it is a message that will appeal to younger republicans, i think this is a flawed sample, i think he's going to rise. >> real quake, judy. >> i think republican voters national security oriented, and i think when rand paul went out in a big way against both collections of surveillance data, that really offended. >> let me ask you. and i don't want to go in on without checking how the hillary clinton is going, she's got a list of 20 fundraisers that she's holding between now and july 3rd, which is that's a very busy schedule, and there's an event in lady gaga in new york city, and there's one with him or her relevant hillary and jon
4:44 pm
bon jovi. >> yes. >> and these names, is she struggling. >> i'm invited to a lot of them, and you're welcome to come if you want to pay the fee. >> no. >> and here's the thing. you've got to raise money if you want to be elected to president. she doesn't have a billionaire backingler like some of the republican candidate -- >> poor hillary. >> poor hillary, she's just a working folk like us. she's only got, like, $200 million in the bank, to do. . >> do you have 200,000 million in the bank? >> i have a couple. i can treat you to a value meal at burger king. >> does it tell you something this spot in the race. >> maybe something. bernie sanders is pulling in some big crowds, and people are excited about him. so i think that maybe her campaign is realizing, hey, we may have -- this may not necessarily be in the bank just yet. >> okay. >> so we've got to take care of business. >> we'll leave it there. david, over to you. >> i'm worried about hillary, she just doesn't have enough
4:45 pm
money, does she? >> meanwhile a photo taken of a republican can' candidate stirring up some controversy. ted cruz was photographed in front of an image of a gun that appears to be pointed at his head, now, it was in a gun control event in a statement the ap said the images were not supposed to portray senator cruz in a negative light, the images have since been taken down. they claim it was a convince, but i don't know. it had to go through several editors. >> i don't know the picture is pretty startling the first time you look at it. >> yeah. >> and new u.s. open champion jordan spieth is making history before our eyes, his thrilling final round -- it was actually thrilling. i've got to tell you. and why no one is more excited than under armour. and saying "no" to joe. why americans putting down their coffee cups and drinking less coffee for the first time
4:46 pm
in years. not me. after the break it's a highly thercontagious it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date.
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>> whether it's on wall street or main street, here's who is making money today. martha stewart, consequential brand acquiring the divas empire in the deal valued at $353 million, although that's the clearance thin price tag for a company once valued at 2 billion when it went public at the height of the dot com boom, and engineer artistic roaring to yet another win, raking in another $102 million. but newcomer inside out was no small, making $91 million. pixar's second biggest opening ever behind toy story 3. i'm going to have to check that out. and consuming more but
4:50 pm
spending less, for the first time in six years, coffee consumption is down. how is that possible? analysts blamed the decline on single serve options, that just means two or three. >> you did stay up for the whole game; right? >> i did. >> until about 10:30 last night, history was made in the world of pro golf, 21-year-old jordan spieth became the youngest player since 1923 to win the u.s. open, no one's ever pleased than his number one family outside of his family under armour, the group that sponsored him, spieth joined us back in april following his win in the masters on just how much the company support has meant to him. take a look at. >> we resigned for a ten-year extension earlier this year. i came out of school, i didn't have any status anywhere, so they took a chance -- i wasn't even on the pga tour, and they took a chance in signing me, really just a gamble. it was a very easy decision
4:51 pm
for both of us for them to extend, it was something we had expectations for a long time ago, and, yeah, i just couldn't be more excited about the partnership. it's great for both of us, it's a team win. >> what a great guy he is. >> joining us now is our very own scratch golfer, charles payne, the host of making money on fox business, and forbes media executive editor, so, charles, under armour, we're calling the spieth bounce when he won the masters right after that, a huge bounce in under armour, is it style stihl time to buy. >> i think you can still buy this stock. you know, ironically this is the very first stock i recommended on my show. >> i didn't that know. >> did you know that they were backing spieth at the time. >> yeah. i think steph curry is going to be a bigger deal for them. >> really? >> yeah. the sneaker market is the deal for them, when curry debuted at foot locker,
4:52 pm
it went out like this. >> let us not under estimate -- >> i'm not trying to put him down. >> i understand but golf had been reseating because of the tiger woods controversy, et cetera. spieth has really turned that around, hasn't he? >> the ratings on fox were up about 22% from last year, which is very good. they still were not good overall, but for a west coast performance, they were pretty good. i think the thing -- >> but with golf -- >> the thing you have to see as you are going to have to see how his career continues from here. because david, he was a young superstar, injuries can be a big factor. his awareness, though, spieth's awareness has doubled since -- >> and you guys are such downers. let me tell you. this was an amazing event. >> it was. >> i'm a golfer, i love golf, i was at last year's u.s. open, and what was so much better about that, you could actually get close to the players and you can see the
4:53 pm
action, you can stand on top of them, see their drives, see how it is they do what they do. it wasn't just spieth that was fascinating. >> jason day, the guy who collapsed on friday in the game. >> that's right. >> he has been vertigo i guess is what it is, but he carried on like a champ. >> he carried on like a champ. and you look at him, ricky fouler, all these guys are super young. >> rory mcilroy. >> i think mcilroy and spieth will be a huge rivalry now. >> and i understand it's not basketball. >> no. -- >> but it's a huge -- >> no, i know. >> i'm just saying, though, from an investors point of view, under armour be the bigger story will be the basketball sneakers. >> but for boomers, 10,000 of us retiring every single year. >> right. >> you think they're going to play basketball. >> no. -- >> it's good about the contract. >> millions of people who are knocking on the best stock in the world in the last 20 years. i'm not disagreeing with you,
4:54 pm
when if you're going to see is going to what moves a athletic company more, golf or basketball? you just have to and michael jordan, i like spieth, i like curry, i'm not dumb. basketball will move it. >> we know. >> i'm going to go to former player and pete rose did gamble as a player, and he says espn obtained a personal notebook that was ceased from his home back in 1989 that confirms the gambling, mike, this is big news. does this keep him out of the hall of fame. >> i think it does. he was going to meet with the commissioner of baseball after the all-star game, and they were going to make him eligible for the hall of fame, to me this kills that. >> you're shaking your head no. >> i watched all these guys play, and of course pete roads
4:55 pm
is loved no sinc cincinnati, this is too much. >> it's too much. you're right. we're talking about celebrity endorsements, he endorses sketchers, i'm sure sketchers will stick with him, but it's heartbreaking. everyone was rooting for pete roads to get in there. >> why he didn't come out with this long ago. >> it's hard, though. just to say, you know -- >> i know. i know. but it always comes out. gang, thank you very much. we're going to -- by the way, there's going to be more of the gang coming up. meanwhile seeing into the future while you're stuck behind the wheel. samsung aiming to keep you safer on the roads. the cool new technology that is coming down the row but some people say it might actually cause more harm than good.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
>> take a look at this. this is a concept samsung is
4:59 pm
currently working on. the prototype tractor-trailer is equipped with wireless camera on the front and four giant screens which displays front view to cars behind it. the hope is to help cars make better decisions of trying to pass or following too closely. right now the truck is only in the early testing stages. charles, i don't know, i'd be freaked out by this. >> i would on the open road. bumper-to-bumper traffic, i'm wondering what the heck is out there. maybe i can make my move. >> that's true, gerri. from the perspective of the tractor-trailer. >> i'm going to see it and drive right now the back of it. it's wide open. >> that will be a lawsuit. >> i think i would love to be up as high as those guys sit and this gives that you view. >> i have tunnel vision, it's another distraction, i want to see to my left, my right, i want to keep it simple.
5:00 pm
>> the problem is the first people who get behind this who are not going to know what's happening. that is going to freak them out. >> like the self-driving cars. >> that does it for us, deirdre bolton takes us through the next hour of fox business with "risk & reward." deirdre? deirdre: thank you so much, david. a hack attack on an airline leaves more than 1,000 passengers stranded for hours. all carriers may be at risk. a former cia chief says the u.s. is easy pray for hackers. he's going to show you where he sees a number one weak spot. and tech giant apple changes its tune on royalties after superstar taylor swift delivers a quick smackdown. "risk & reward" starts now. . deirdre: welcome to "risk & reward." i'm d


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