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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 24, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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t he's a bright guy and could be a dark horse in the race. maria: we'll talk with him tomorrow. and thank you for being here. coming up i'll talk with louisiana governor bobby jindal about his plans to run in 2016 and one of the top political donors on wall street and adam goldstein with us on the show mornings with maria tomorrow morning. thanks for being with us. "varney & company" is next, stuart, have a great show. stuart: the obama team hoping for a rebound. the start of the economy is not not. the economy's performance is good a little better, but disappointing. we are still shrinking, that means we have to rebound strongly to salvage of year and avoid recession. a lot of people are left behind here, 70 million have no emergency cash. all right, enough with the negatives. this one you're going to love. gmail introduces an undo send.
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send a message and get it back before it's read. how many of you are saying oh yeah, i could have used that. me included. i think you'll like this too, netflix stock, stock of the near year splitting and make you can afford it. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> fresh out of the box, look at this france not happy with us. reports of u.s. spying on the last three french presidents. so france is angry and now summoning our ambassador to a meeting and francois hollande gathering his defense team. he's a former cia guy that joins us in a few minutes on spying on the french. we also have this and it's with
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anger and outrage that we bring you this story about isis. an extremely graphic and disturbing new video caming to show religious purity prisoners being car bombed and some drown in cages. we will not show you the video. and ralph joins us at 9:45. watch out. >> the state of the economy, we're contracting. now you couple that contraction with this. according to the bank rate-- that's it bank rate. 37% people don't have not emergency savings. ashley: 29%, one in three americans the highest number that bank has seen since they surveyed five years ago. only 22% of americans have six month's worth of emergency savings, which is what every
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financial advisor will tell you you should have. so you know let's face it 80% of people don't have the necessary savings. 29% have none. stuart: when you say non, no emergency cash that means-- >> they're living paycheck to paycheck. by the end of the month there's nothing left over. stuart: it's a shocking number. deirdre, what do you make of it? >> it's indeed why we're seeing at least from a political standpoint, all the lobby to raise that men mum wage and a lot of people saying listen i'm working two jobs three jobs, can't pay my monthly bills. stuart: that's not going to work is it? i don't think it will work. >> well, i think it's a step in the right direction, i mean. stuart: i don't think you legislate wages. if you legislate wages you will bring in technology to get rid of more expensive labor, that's what happens. ashley: i don't think a raise in the minimum wage will enable people to have six months of savings. stuart: so there, deirdre. >> smackdown early in the morning. stuart: i've got a story you'll
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love, netflix, what a stock and more affordable. here is the story, if you have one share now, you will have seven after it splits that's what it's going to do it's going to split and a move like this for a dynamic company often gives the stock a boost. already it's going to open up more than 4% 18 $19 higher close to 700, i think, deirdre. >> close to 700 indeed and carl icahn looks like a genius and buying in when it was $58 a share selling around 340. if you wanted to be mean you could say he left half on the table as you just alluded to there, but-- >> carl icahn buys at 58 and sells at 340 and he's left from near 340 to near 700 on the table. >> a seven for one stock split.
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it doesn't change anything to the way that netflix is run, it makes it more attractive for an extra person or average person i can buy at 100 a share. >> at one point you could buy eight facebook shares to one netflix and now that changes. stuart: certainly does. a bit later i want you to compare what happened with apple. i think you've got some numbers. ashley: i do. stuart: we've all been there, including me. ever wish you could take an e-mail back? now you can if you have gmail. all right, deirdre. >> i love it. i don't know if you remember this billboard, stuart and ashley, from microsoft office and it said warning this has a reply to all function. and it was just a very simple billboard and i remember it it seems as if gmail, you have between five and 30 seconds. stuart: that's not bad, pretty good. ashley: you go into settings and look under general, you go down you click the box for, you know undo send and then
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gives you a choice from five to 30 seconds how long you get to change your mind. >> it's fantastic. is that enough time? that's enough to take away the knee jerk-- >> at least a minute. stuart: what this is all about is not you fire off something in anger and want to take it back. we've all done that. it's that you fire off something perhaps intimacy to someone it's not supposed to go to. ashley: that explains that stuart. stuart: and that is and you know it. >> and explain, you've been speaking with the co-founders there page and-- >> a great way to start the show. move on. check dow futures, please. the latest proposal from greece has reportedly been rejected by greece's creditors. not much reaction to that. we're down 70 points and now the futures we shall see. the u.s. did indeed spy on
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france, three french presidents to be precise. france is not happy. and come in councilman. i believe that everybody spies on everybody else. if they can. this allows the french president hollande to beat up on us wicked americans, that's the top and bottom of it? >> you're right. the french are notorious for keeping track of american officials in paris and so this is an opportunity for french politicians to bang on americans, to get political points at home. stuart: i suppose we have to bow down and apologize and say, we'll never do it again and that's rubbish, isn't it? >> yeah well i'm sure i'm sure the ambassador-- our ambassador in france had a very interesting conversation with their folks on their foreign ministry.
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>> i want to get to something more substantive and that's this catastrophic hacking. we understand that maybe 30 million people have had their personal information exposed to china essentially. what are we going to do about this? we can't get the information back, but do you think we should retaliate, go after the people who did this too, retaliation, do you think we should do that? >> it's a very good question and these are the kind of conversations that we should be having here in the government. you know i always say if north korea launches a missile into san francisco we know how we're going to respond and they know how we're going to respond, but when it comes to the digital world what is a digital act of war and what is an appropriate counter measure. these are conversations we're having in small areas, but as a whole we need that coming from the white house. stuart: you're a former cia guy. >> yes, nine years as an undercover officer. stuart: you know all about
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retaliation on the dark side of things, don't you? [laughter] [laughter]. >> i do a little bit. i can't tell you, i don't want to have to come up to new york and have to grab you. stuart: oh. it was a pleasure. you can come on the show anytime you like. thank you very much indeed. all right, three more big name companies we've followed them closely and then making headlines. lauren do you have them? >> guess what you can watch seinfeld on hulu all 180 episodes are available at a cost of $150 million for hulu. this is a generational move. it's hulu's way of introducing the younger audience to seinfeld and introducing seinfeld fans to hulu. hulu has 9 million subscribers, owned by our parent company, 21st century fox and comcast. for an additional $9 a month you can get show time too.
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and showcasing their newest line of toys these are wearable, connected, interactive toys that are very expensive. we're going to give you a preview before they hit store shelves coming up in the next hour, 10:20 eastern. and does whole food cost your whole paycheck? they're being investigated by new york city overcharging customers. they will report any items that have been incorrectly weighed or priced. why it explains it. >> you just have to have the receipt. >> this goes back to 2010 and good luck finding that receipt. >> i keep all of my chicken wrappers and receipts and sandwich wrappers in a drawer. stuart: come on get real. this is the people's republic of new york city by mayor deblasio going after the people's republic of whole
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foods which is jam packed pull of obama-- full obama stories. >> the department of consumer affairs and they say other super markets are guilty as well. not to vilify whole foods, but most egregious by far. especially the one in columbus circle. stuart: and they've got a libertarian leader. and the head of the epa say that critics of climate change are not normal human beings. look at me. and the white house easing restrictions on paying ransom. the judge joins me on this next. >> you start paying ransom you're going to have more kidnappings. we had kidnappings in the u.s. before lindbergh because we paid random. we've had very few after lindbergh because we don't pay
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ransom. you can't pay ransom. it's terrible. it's heartbreaking. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> the obama administration is expected to announce today that it will allow hostages families to communicate and even pay ransom to terrorists. all rise judge andrew napitano is here. judge i would expect you to say that the government has no right to step in and stop you from negotiating with kidnappers to get your child back or to get your relative back. you would say that? >> your expectation is correct, there is no law, there is no statute prohibiting the victim of a kidnapping to negotiate with a kidnapper. when i say victim i mean the family of the victim. it is the president exercising his domain over foreign policy by which he prevents that from happening. so when you negotiate with a kidnapper and the government doesn't want you to they charge you with something that they can find in the statutes because the actual negotiation
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is not a crime. stuart: now they're not going to do that. >> apparently not. he's going to make some announcement at 12:20 this afternoon. the intimation according to our friends at wall street journal that he's going to let the families negotiate on their own. stuart: that's your libertarian position, government get out of it. >> i would argue it's the constitution's position but we go through this every day and i'm going against the tide here. stuart: and mayor guiliani said on this network, you allow negotiations, you pay ransoms and you'll get more kidnapping and you say? >> he might be right, but i think if it's one of his children, or one of yours or a dear relative of mine were we would do everything humanly possible to try and save them. i think he's talking more policy than a personal relationship. stuart: if someone close to you was kidnapped and you're-- you've got to pay the ransom
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of course you're emotionally involved in the situation, but politicians and leadership is not involved in that personal relationship. >> wait a minute, is the president going to announce today that the government is going to pay ransom or the government will not prevent the family of a victim to pay ransom. stuart: the latter. >> the latter is a natural and constitutionally protected right to engage in a voluntary commercial transaction with somebody else. you have my son, you want a million dollars. i give you the million dollars, you release my son. none of the government's business. stuart: what happens if the president, as he did, released bowe bergdahl out, a desserter and gave them five taliban generals? >> in my view a terrible and reprehensible trade. i can only assume that the president knows more about it than i do and we do because on its face value on the little that we know he gave away far more than we got. stuart: now we've referred so far to overseas kidnapping and the payment of ransom.
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what about domestic? my relatives are kidnapped, am i allowed to negotiate with the kidnappers? >> the fbi might not want you to because they might believe you're interfering in their effort to save the kidnap victim. however it's often a far more controlled environment when it's domestic. stuart: you know what rudy guiliani told neil the other day, look before the lindbergh kidnapping in the 1930's there were a lot of kidnappings because ransom was paid after lindbergh there was a rule you don't pay that ransom and the number of kidnappings dropped very very sharply and for the long time the only capital punishment in the united states was for spying and treason and kidnapping. >> capital punishment was
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imposed tore kidnapping even if the victim survived. capital punishment was imposed and nobody died. he's correct about that. kidnapping has a very very unhappy ending. the baby dies and they prosecuted and executed the wrong man. it's a disaster. stuart: you don't know it's the wrong man? >> history tells us it's the wrong man, that it's a conspiracy and-- >> history tells us there was a real trial not long ago-- >> this was a reprehensible trial in which the government listened to everything said and they had a german translator and it would never pass muster today. stuart: i bow to your historic knowledge. >> it's a new jersey case and-- >> i'll back right off. thank you, judge. up next water restrictions in california, don't you water your lawn. golf courses brown fairways get this?
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it's affecting personal hygiene. don't take showers and use dry shampoo. full story next.
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this is a great place to work. not because they have yoga meetings and a juice bar. because they're getting comcast business internet. comcast business offers convenient installation appointments that work around your schedule. and it takes- done. - about an hour. get reliable internet that's up to five times faster than dsl from the phone company. call 800-501-6000 to switch today. perks are nice. but the best thing you can give your business is comcast business. comcast business. built for business. >> i don't know why we're laughing at this. forget the brown lawns and california's historic drought
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made californians less clean of their bodies. products like dry shampoo, a big boost in sales. deirdre, what else are they doing? >> here is a tip, do not ride public transportation in california, but really, the scandal is all of these helicopter shots of lawns that are very green, swimming pools that are full. so, maybe the average person-- >> belonging to the celebrities? >> yes, perhaps. ashley: have you ever tried dry shampoo. >> i have. i'm glad you asked ashley. yes, it works. you can cheat for a day on it. stuart: you don't get into a water shower. >> true it's like hair spray. it's a spray almost like a spray powder. stuart: really. >> it gets you by 24. ashley: it works? >> how could a powder with no water work. >> some people use it because they should preserve the hair's
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national oil. >> and i like ashley scooping both of us. stuart: are we now to believe in hollywood california the greasy look will be in. ashley: no. stuart: are they into taking fewer showers? >> it seems they are. and california that silicon valley crowd are committed to causes even if it means suffering for the common man and sitting apart. stuart: a reservoir or two. >> turkish bath bring them back. stuart: we are calling netflix the stock of the year. it's troubled. watch it open even higher moments from now. it's doubled.
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>> where they're limited in between innings. in the right side gonzalez leans in and over and hang on. >> oh did you see that? sports highlight of the night from a cubs fan. he caught a fall ball while holding his baby son. i've got twin baby girls.
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>> granddaughters. stuart: i could not have done that. okay. here is an update for you before the market opens, more anger from france. france's prime minister says the u.s. must act fast to repair the damage from nsa spying revelation. act fast he says. the opening bell has rung and they've started to trade. we are down not much, but 14 15 points in the early going. the real story is netflix. can we take a look right now, that thing is up and i mean way up. it just got even hotter actually. it broke 700 a moment ago. and that's a new all-time high for netflix. here is what we've got to be offering a commentary on the market, ashley webster, deirdre boulton and shah. apple got a huge pop when it had its split. could we have the same for
9:31 am
netflix? >> i think we can. apple rose and i think we could see the same thing with netflix. i'm not a huge fan of it, but it's worth the ride. it's getting a nice pop and i don't know if it will go 35% higher, but a ways to go. stuart: ken, you're not exactly a stock guy, but you're watching netflix. is it going to get a nice pop with the stock split? >> you'll probably get a pop, a $100 stock instead of 700. this thing has a p.e. of 177 and decent revenue projections, but it's high wait for it to fall back after the rally from the headline here. stuart: dan, you're such a downer. come on-- >> buy it buy it buy it. that's a great buzzer. i say go for it. listen, you're going to get the stock split if you're on record as of july 2nd.
9:32 am
granted probably part of what the company wants to do. people understand this company and more than 50 million in 20 countries and growing every day. why not? >> i've been waiting for it to come down and it hasn't. ashley: it hasn't. there's lots of competition coming on, small fries, but one could ultimately challenge. apple 35% before the split and 7 70% after the split and. >> back a little from where it happened. it hit 700 and backed off a tiny bit. look at it go, 698. i don't like particularly showing charts, but look at this one netflix doubled the past six months. look at the chart-- we showed you moments ago. take a look at an apple chart from post the split, look at that. that's a straight up movement if ever i saw one.
9:33 am
not bad at all. the big board meanwhile, this is wednesday morning, we're two and a half three minutes into the session and we're down 67 points. now 70 million people do not have any emergency savings at all nothing. this is paycheck to paycheck living, okay? shah galani is that an economic indicator? >> it is an economic indicator and a national disgrace and this is the richest place and people have no savings. it's what the administration has not done. we've touted new jobs, but the back story is the jobs that are being created are part-time jobs and don't pay the wages and are not career oriented jobs. stuart: dan, come in we shrank at .2% in the first quarter of the year. what do you make of that? >> a little better revision than before. and it looks like the consumer was coming through more so than
9:34 am
expected. if you break everything down it does appear that the first quarter was seasonal. weather factors and west coast ports and since then we've seen better numbers, but on the second quarter, i want to see a solid number. i want to see a rebound, otherwise we might have difficulty going forward. i'm confident we will, but i'll look close. stuart: how about greece they reportedly had their latest proposals rejected by the europeans. i'm tired of the back and forth in or out? what is that decision going to be, dan? >> i'm surprised this didn't come down further when they announced they were further apart. whatever decision we get, stuart, this isn't a final stigs stigs-- decision it's one part played for years. stuart: what do you have to say? >> this is a dog chasing its tail and a matter of time
9:35 am
before they default and-- >> no way, they're broke and never will pay the money back. >> 351 billion they owe and they're asking to pay 1.7 billion and-- >> it's extreme in between the average citizen and corporations in the past ten days alone, 4 1/2 billion have been withdrawn, so even average people are saying let me get to the bank let me get something. we have no idea where it's going. stuart: i'm going to move on there's something called meet me. it makes games and apps. and it's a big winner today. nicole, i can see it's up 22%. that's not
9:36 am
bad. nicole: right? anybody would love that on their investment in one day. up about 23% at the moment. meet me shgs, m-e-e-t, small market cap, you mention social chat much like facebook and the like and that's basically what's behind the company. 80% of the users of using on mobile. you can be friendly a go on meet me. >> got it, thanks, nicole. look at whole foods. would you believe they're being investigated by new york city for overcharging customers. ashley, they're not exactly known for low prices to start with. ashley: the joke is whole paycheck instead of whole foods. the reason is we're paying extra money for, you know, items that have been misweighed so consumers pay more. stuart: that's the allegation. ashley: that's the allegation. what upsets me they settled in california last year paid $800,000 for the the same thing and cited since 2010 for the same offense. they can't claim i don't know what you're talking about. they've been violated repeatedly. stuart: i was making light of it. >> no it was a sting operation, as ashley said there's track record in california. 80 items they tested eight different locations in new york
9:37 am
and found the same thing. basically people are being ripped off not quite enough to notice and the funiest line to me in the response is of course, if you think something happened come back and we'll give you a refund. and are you saving every chicken wrapper and receipt from whole foods? >> probably not. all right, i want to move on to what's called the amazon echo and talk about gee-whiz. amazon has had a speaker, it plays the music you want and answer your questions. it's wireless and sits in your house. you can ask it questions. deirdre, this sounds really neat. >> it sounds neat and stuart it knows how to handle english accents by the way, just as a caveat here. they won't just take off, but specifically that line, i read it and quoted for you. >> very funny. stuart: by the way, it's called the amazon echo. we've got it here and i'm going to talk to it for a whole
9:38 am
segment asking it questions and conversing with the speaker. ashley: in english. [laughter] don't talk on top of me or the thing won't answer. it will be 10:15. amazon echo. i've got to leave time for my favorite story of the day. take a look at google stock, it's not affected by the story, but it's about google. now you can unsend e-mail from your gmail account. shaw, lots of them would have liked to have taken it back. >> i wish they had it years ago ago would have taken it back. stuart: what about google? >> it's a little rich for me i think it's a little overpriced right here. stuart: come in dan, i want to know on a personal basis, have you ever had senders remorse? >> oh stuart i can't count the amount of times in the last week, i pressed that buttton,
9:39 am
oh, no wrong one! this is a good service. how much money is makes for the company i don't know. stuart: good point. ashley, his point is this we've fired off e-mails in anger. ashley: yes. stuart: but what this little thing will do is to stop you from sending it to the wrong person. >> yes. oh it went to the boss. you've go the five to 30 seconds. go in the settings under general check a box for unsend. five to 30 seconds. if you can do it in five seconds i would suggest 30 seconds. >> i'd probably need more than 30 seconds. but reminds me of google goggles. and they made you make sure you didn't have one too many at the pub and made you do a
9:40 am
mathematical problem. maybe you're not up at night sending e-mails. there you go. stuart: look at the share price of staples and office depot. new reports of a deal that may not go through. really, there's a deal to get them together. regulators get you every time. they might get this one, but they're both down. now the french drug maker, a french drug maker developed something similar to a nicotine patch to fight peanut allergies. deirdre you've got little ones, i'm not sure if they're sensitive-- >> i'm glad they're not. they have to sit at their own tables and they're sort of put in isolation. >> the stock run-up was late yesterday when the news came out. small drug makers aren't for you? >> they're speculative. you catch the right ones you
9:41 am
can go to the moon, but too touch tough to take when they go down. stuart: and some loss is because of boeing and it effects the overall average. chilling new images from isis what they call religious purity. we call it flat-out barbaric murder. colonel ralph peters next on that. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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>> the u.s. has been caught spying on france and the french are not happy about it. they are scolding us publicly. all right, ashley what are they say? >> sacre bleu. >> they're listening to secret communications why francois hollande and others and summoned the u.s. ambassador to
9:45 am
france to have her explain what's going on. and they'll explain what's going on between the president and francois hollande. stuart: what are they saying? >> it's outrageous and what are you doing? and the u.s. saying we're not listening to mr. hollande's conversations, but not saying that we didn't do it. stuart: now, something very very serious indeed. isis. they've released a new seven minute video, it's too graphic disgusting and gruesome we're not going to show it to you. it's about the execution of almost 20 prisoners some of them blown up in a drone style attack and others being drown in cages. all of this for religious purity. lt. colonel ralph peters is with us. frankly ralph, i'm beyond outrage. i don't think we in america just let this go with no response whatsoever, but i think that's exactly what we're going to do. what say you? >> that's exactly what we're going to do. it's astonishing to me at a
9:46 am
time when you have the islamic state destroying beginning to destroy one of the oldest ancient sites, palmyra where rome met the east. what is the american elite concerned about, they don't want a guy to put a confederate flag on his pickup truck. what the islamic state is doing to human beings and ruins and when you add that's their culture stuart this morning something sdruktruck me, something hit me how can they just look at this and palmyra and the light went off. the commonalty between the slmic state and global left they want to erase the past to build their amnesiac utopias.
9:47 am
better look out. if somebody wants to build a utopia, islamic or socialist, someone has to pay the price. stuart: the caliphate has introduced a gold coin one gold dinar and they're going to establish a state with a currency and with an armed force. this is the state and they've created it it's there. >> yeah, the state, caliphate state exists right now and it's putting down deep roots and there are a number of things that we refuse to understand certainly the obama administration refuses to understand about them. one is you cannot have the kind of success islamic state has had without real popular support. that doesn't mean that many or-- that doesn't mean that most people in the region support them. of course not. but two kinds of people do
9:48 am
support islamic state and their numbers are substantial. first there are those in the region who believe that islam needs to be purified. but the people we miss the more passive supporters who just want security we tell ourselves that every human being wants freedom above all. no, they don't. they want their sons and daughters and families to be safe. they want the streets to be orderly and that's what islamic state does give them. if you play by the monstrous rules-- monstrous to us you get the-- the look at the latest video, drowning people in cages and beheadings and blowing people up in cars with ied's. this is their brand. you've got to think of it not as monstrous videos this is the latest installment of spider-man or ironman or "star
9:49 am
wars," got to keep the fan base going. stuart: i don't like showing this on our air. i don't, i find it disgusting and outrageous. what are we going to do about this? >> well, obviously, it starts with the commander-in-chief and you've got to relook not only at the islamic state and base of support. you've got to unhook disconnect. war making from behind everything can be done humanely and-- >> president obama because he wants to be a humanitarian doesn't want any casualties on the air strikes or-- because he doesn't want casualties we condemn millions of people more every day to live under the islamic state and a lot of them don't like islamic state. as long as you state the kurds are making progress against
9:50 am
them while we ignore the curd except for little air support. they grow with more foreign fighters and we're not taking this grotesque thing seriously. stuart: thank you, sir. i've got to move on and look at the big board. we're now down 67 points. the economy did shrink in the first quarter of in year so that's what's taking the market down a little. plus, more worries about greece. how many times have i said that in the past years. the latest poll in the 2016 field. trump surging in new hampshire. hillary among the democrats in very firm control. we have another story in just a moment.
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9:55 am
door here. and what happens is you have this collaboration, six cities and london as if london is not city. and ford motor credit if you want to buy a car they'll go-- >> you go to the ford motor company the credit arm, you buy a car and if you want to share it with somebody or rent it out overnight, ford will help you book up. >> that's exactly it. stuart: a time share for vehicles. ashley: exactly right. ford is going to come out with an electric bicycle and i think this will be a winner. have you been to asia recently shall the place is flooded with electric bicycles. >> i'm waiting to see you zooming down the avenue of the americas. hear that ford? donate one for stuart varney. i want to get to the polls. donald trump surging in new hampshire second behind jeb bush this is a suffolk university poll only three
9:56 am
points behind jeb bush. the wall street journal nbc polls 92% of democrats say they could see themselves supporting hillary clinton. ashley: well they could-- they're not committing, but they could see themselves. by the way, the same poll showed 40%, yes, i could see myself voting for the bernie sanders. could you see yourself whatever. yeah i could. the reality is hillary clinton has support. and bernie sanders, that's his home turf. he's from vermont. the clinton campaign says even if sanders takes new hampshire, that's not a big deal to them e oh, i'd like to see that. ashley: really? >> okay we lost new hampshire not a big deal. ashley: setting themselves up for failure. stuart: i'm not going to suggest she'll lose new hampshire.
9:57 am
ashley: but sanders is popular in this part of the country. stuart: "varney & company" hour two of the program. head of the epa says climate change skeptics are not human beings, in fact she says they're not normal. and hillary clinton says you're a racist if you fly the confederate flag. jason riley joins us on that subject. second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones
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or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> welcome, everyone here is the big story. france publicly scolding the united states for spying on their last three presidents. guess who is here to talk about that? ed henry fresh from the white house. the u.s. economy is shrinking, the final read shrinking 2 points a year as we learn 70 million americans have no emergency savings. big headline and new polls. trump surging in new hampshire. jeb bush hanging on and hillary cruising.
10:00 am
netflix up again, it hit $700 last hour. it is indeed the stock of the year and it's going to split. amazon's latest product is for sale. it's the echo. it's a little speaker. ask it anything it gives you the answer. we're going to have one onset and i'll test it with a british accent. hour two of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ let's get to the markets this wednesday morning, the economy contracted in the first quarter. 70 million americans don't have emergency savings and greece not doing a deal yet. the result is we're down 60 points and the dow is holding well above 18,000. let's get to netflix, stock of the year and of the day and hit 100 a share earlier today. it's going to split 7 for 1 next month. i've got another big tech
10:01 am
winner, it's box. they're the big cloud company, dana storage teaming up with ibm. box is surging 7% higher and ibm is flat. the u.s. and allies rg to offer state of the art nuclear equipment to iran if tehran agrees to scale down its atomic weapons program as part of a final nuclear deal. ashley webster, an important question here. what kind of nuclear equipment are we going to let them have? >> that's the point. it gets in the we understand on the way it's put together. it's a controversy paper governed by the associated press and i don't want to get in the weeds because it's very technical. as you say they're willing to offer state of the art nuclear equipment. what is it? salt water opposed to hard water. and it's part of the biggest
10:02 am
deal to curb iran's nuclear intentions. stuart: the gist of it is we will allow them to have nuclear equipment that produces electric power without a danger to make the material to make the bomb. >> it would take plutonium that's enriched to missile quality and use that for other equipment. and that will equipment will be from the west. >> giving them nuclear equipment, but it's directed toward peaceful purposes. >> correct. >> got it. look who is here ed henry. he's a glutton for punishment. >> we cover a lot of stuff. france's prime minister is publicly chastising america because we spied on them spied on the last three. we got caught and what's interesting, the white house put out a statement about
10:03 am
president hollande separate from the prime minister. a key leader the white house says we're not targeting the communications of president hollande. the key word target. that didn't say we're not listening or spaying, there's a hundred different announce, verbs adjectives would say we're not targeting president hollande. we're list nneninglistening, but you're not targeting. in all seriousness. think about what happened. the problem is that this is a key ally obviously, france in the nuclear talks. big issues fighting isis. we almost got caught before angela merkel was not happy about it and president obama at the g7 went over to germany and spent time with angela americaing and the united
10:04 am
states has to do some key makeup work. stuart: it's not that we caught you spying on us and you're not doing the deal with iran. >> the i think the bottom line is that france is probably spying on the u.s. germany is probably-- it's when people get caught. it doesn't mean that we're nefariously targeting or attacking france, but you're checking out and seeing what's going on. what are they picking up? what are they doing with us? this happens among friends. stuart: the word spying. >> you don't want to get caught. stuart: the word is perjorative. i mean, with technology now, you know all of it-- >> you're eavesdropping. stuart: listening in a little bit. >> i'm not targeting, stuart. stuart: target away. but it gives france an opportunity for domestic political consumption to say, look at those wicked americans doing it all over again.
10:05 am
>> yes. stuart: and they do that anyway. >> and the wicked germans, because they say angela merkel is about fiscal discipline for greece and fraps's holland is apparently complaining about so it's embarrassing to france. >> are we in america going to do the same thing to china who reportedly-- they got security clearances and background information here in north america. that could enable china to spy on and target specific people and say i know you know this about the american nuclear program. i'm going to follow you. stuart: and secretary of state kerry said by the way the premier is coming to washington and you're going to be covering that. all that secretary of state kerry said was we're going to talk to the chinese. >> know the a lot of teeth behind that?
10:06 am
president obama, step back for a moment. why are we talking about the iran nuclear deal or-- these are some of president obama's legacy and he'll do whatever he can even to get cop sessions to iran to get a deal. and the whole pivot to the asia and pivot to the east and while the u.s. is obviously upset about the chinese he is knee package ecan't blow up that relationship because of the ties. we'll miss you tomorrow. >> thank you very much,sir i'll miss you. and mccarthy is suggesting that climate deniers are not normal people. >> you can have fun if you want. i've banged my head against the
10:07 am
wall too much times if you haven't accept the science. it's normal human beings that haven't taken politics and science and want to do the normal thing. stuart: i guess i'm abnormal because i'm a skeptic on climate change. >> and normal human beings have to pay for the proposals in terms of fees and taxing. after is after shelly cleanup power emission plant. that would -- could raise energy prices for us across the country. she's got three-co-sponsors and moving apace. there could be legislation that would stop the epa in cracking dawn power--
10:08 am
>> and that's why mccarthy goes to extremes labeling skeptics as normal or abnormal. >> using the bullty pulpit. stuart: the bottom line this line could keep from raising energy across the country. >> we've got more breaking news, governor mike pence announcing he was dot inted to comply with new ecpa clean air regulations. the first gosh. >> he sent a letter to president obama outlining that i'm not doing that. stuart: i'm not doing it. and what's his legal position? >> we'll get back to you as soon as we look at the letter. stuart: i'm sure the administration the feds would deny funds for areas of the state.
10:09 am
ashley: that's how they do these things. >> we'll see the story, stu. stuart: next up bob dean a staunch environmentalists. he'll be on the show for what we call the big green boondoggle. it seems that all the items that you make your home more efficient don't at all. and headlines, go laushren. >> google is going to let you keep your friends, taking back the e-mail. sent it to the wrong person ben there, done that. and it's within 30 seconds of hitting hitting. and tom brady arrived for the appeals hearing at the nfl headquarters. he was suspended over the
10:10 am
deflated footballs before the nfc championship game. and governoruess what? leggo goes green. the company investing a billion dollars to take the plastic out of the icon building blocks over the next 15 years. since lego made 60 billion pieces last year that's a lot of plastic, 6,000 tons. i have the solution a piece that doesn't hurt a parent's foot when they step on it. can we come up with an earth friendly material for your foot? >> probably not. [laughter] thank you, lauren. >> thank you. stuart: it's maybe the personal assistant of the future called the amazon echo. it goes on sale today. it's a small speaker, you can ask it anything apparently and it gives you the answer. i'm going to test it in a moment. and seinfeld is making their streaming debut on hulu and
10:11 am
they're excited about this. >> smell it. >> with all due respect, i don't think so. >> smells good. what is that? >> the beach. >> the beach? >> i just joined the polar bear club. there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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10:14 am
>> seinfeld fans i was going to say both of you. >> oh! >> seinfeld fans rejoice, it's streaming on hulu. is this for a millennials? >> yes, a whole new generation discovering sin field. 1998, 17 years since it went off the year. and hulu is paying for 800,000 an episode. they believe it's a huge market. i'm watching again and rediscovering it.
10:15 am
i've seen them all. stuart: how much did hulu pay for it. ashley: 150 million for right. >> '90's sit-com's are great tore binge watching the show about nothing. stuart: i know seinfeld and of the age to remember those things. and amazon nothing to do with the stock, but they have a speaker that answers questions if you've got one. we've got one on the set with me now, as well as the vice-president of content at first of all, welcome to the show okay? i'm going to use this thing. first of all, i'll ask the speaker and demonstrate how this thing works. alexa what time is it? >> the time is 10:15.
10:16 am
stuart: alexa, who is stuart varney? >> stuart varney is a british economic journalist who works for the fox news channel and the fox business network. stuart: alexa, play the beatles. >> shuffling music by the beatles. ♪ you'll never know how much i really love you ♪. alexa stop. that is fantastic. >> pretty good. stuart: yeah. i could just plug it into a wall socket in my apartment or my house and plug it through wi-fi and it does all of that? >> pretty much, yeah. it connects to the internet and to your sort of personal music library and learns your voice, once you start giving it commands, it will do exactly what you tell it to. stuart: it's fantastic $180. >> something around that. stuart: anybody can just buy it, install it relatively
10:17 am
quickly and what you do walk around the house and have this on all the time? >> you'd put it in the room in the house where you spend a lot of time. for a while, it was not available to the general public. there was, you know some out there with tech journalists playing with them and things like that. now anyone can buy it although i believe there's a waiting list. you set it up and then you basically just go. you can ask it any kind of stuff. stuart: it's basically an siri for use in your home all the time. you don't have to pick this thing up. >> it's what people are calling the internet of things. smart devices. ashley: i'm interested on the music. so you can access your music library on amazon prime, is that right? what about services pandora, spotify things you subscribe to. can you get it through this? >> i think that amazon is working on it i believe it's just prime and your own personal library liz: can it give you sport scores and lead headlines and
10:18 am
tell bad jokes, stuff like that? >> it can do everything and can't do everything well. but once you ask it more complex questions it doesn't quite-- >> let's see if i can fool it with your question. alexa play pandora. >> getting the last pandora station you listened to shuffle. ♪ that's awesome, that's the last one. stuart: alexa, stop. >> yeah red-hot chili peppers? >> no that's not mine. come on everybody. hold on a second. alexa what is the capital of mauritania? >> mauritania's capital city is nawakshat. >> she's right, isn't that cool? [laughter]. i think this thing is a break
10:19 am
through. i love it. do you? it's your job to make judgment on these things. >> it's great for use in the home and fun things for playing music and asking trivia. it doesn't work as well when i say what meetings do i have and what do i have to know about them. stuart: you're a techie. ashley: you can hook this into your connected appliances, if you hooked up to your lights you could say alexa turn off the lights. stuart: it would do that? >> yeah. stuart: i'm not going to try that liz: it would get dark in here. stuart: i think it's a hit with every man. it's a hit with the general consuming public. maybe not for technology guys you're a sophisticated guy, but for everyday ordinary people that thing worksment one more question, what can we ask it? liz: who will be the next president of the united states totally kidding. stuart: alexa, who was the last president of the united states?
10:20 am
>> the last u.s. president is barack obama liz: he still is. stuart: a trick question. okay. dan thank you for being with us. >> thank you. stuart: we'll keep this on the set with us. we appreciate you being here. thank you, be quiet. a new line of toys from disney. your children they could become their favorite model super hero. we're going to show them to you after this.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
>> lennar sold more homes at higher prices and investors just love it. that stock is up 4% now and it's the best performer in the s&p 500 as of right now. and then we have disney once we get the kids off the couch
10:24 am
and get outside and use their imaginations and think think might have found the toy to do it. it's coming out in time for the holidays, lauren simonetti is here and playmation. >> it's called playmation and these are things you can buy your grandkids for christmas and hanukkah alreadiment -- already. we'll show you the piece already. >> this is it, it's playmation it's a system of connected andwarable devices and this is the first one to marvel's avengers. >> disney has a way to get your kids off the couch away from the computer and actually being active. yes so this is the playmation, so we're using the latest technology in disney storing telling and it inspires the generation. through the imagination and being active and it's a system
10:25 am
of wearable devices. >> this is ryan. >> hi ryan. >> hi one of our first recruits. so he's going to help the avengers defeat ultron. and there's a trigger. and he's got missiles loaded here and of course ironman's signature move the palm and it has an abbingccelerometer and sometimes run fast jump dodge dodge. dodge. >> it's a workout. >> no kidding. >> it's a workout and get your kids away from the computer. >> whew. >> all right, stop tape hold on a second. i want to know more about that. the thing, how does it get the
10:26 am
kid outside and play in the woods? >> about before you set it up. you pick the universe you want to go. you pick that and wherever it is they sync up your glove or your arm band to a connector and then it will tell you the gear speaks to you, it tells you what to do in your environment. >> so. >> hide behind that tree go behind that rock and duck and fight with each other and there's different things that you can do. stuart: how much? >> expensive. starts at $120. took disney three years to come up with the technology. stuart: starts at 120. >> and when they come out with a frozen one and a "star wars" one and might use a different system means you need another $120 starter kit. stuart: got you, we heard it. we've been consistent at this level for an hour now and not quite an hour. look at fitbit shares done first time we're seen this
10:27 am
since the ipo, dropping nearly 6% today, okay? and show you the stock in a moment. down 6% there you go. 35, down $2. that's 5 1/2%. in the wake of a tragic and outrageous church shootings in carolina, south carolina, liberals say nothing has changed in terms of race relations in the united states. manhattan institute jason riley will disagree with that. he makes his case in one minute. you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges. can you spot the difference?
10:28 am
no? you can't see that? alrigh let'saka lo. thone theightju use1% ls fu tha e onon t lef no to airne a 1%iffence uld ve enou fueto per hundds ofligs oundhe wld. hey,ook tha pymids youee, o thgs at a exaly t sam ha nev beemoreiffent. ge stwar get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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10:30 am
stuart: indiana governor mike penn said his state will not comply with president obama's clean air regulations. i think he sent a letter to the
10:31 am
president. what did he say? >> he calls this ill-conceived bid we have a quote for you from the letter to the president. he goes onto say in part are stable also reserve the right to use every legal means available to block the role for being implemented. i believe the clean power plan is approved as a vast overreach of federal power that exceeds epa's proper legal authority and fails to strike the proper balance between the health of the environment and the health of the economy. he goes on to say the job creators, poor and elderly will and have to pay more. stuart: the governor of a major state says we're not doing that. >> we are getting nuclear power from michigan already. stuart: moving on. in the wake of last michigan and south carolina many people is that nothing has changed in terms of race relations in the united states. "the wall street journal" says yes, things have changed and he
10:32 am
joins us now. make your case. >> it is obvious things have changed. that is evident in the nation's reaction to this horrific event condemned by black, white, northerners, southerners, republicans, democrats and we have only to look back at what used to take place in the wake of such events to see how much things have changed. for instance if you go by bombing in birmingham alabama in 1963, you have southerner legislators reluctant to statement this in a day. you had city officials who knew ho is responsible for the bombing trying to cover their tracks, making it uses for them, spreading rumors and so forth. today we have a twice elected what president dispatch in his black attorney general, the second in u.s. history to the deep south date with a black
10:33 am
senator with the nation american governor to get to the bottom of this. >> 20,000 people turned out blacks than white and we had the fine pastor from the pulpit. saying look at us. that was a wonderful moment he had >> these individuals deserve to be more than props in some political agenda of pushing a certain narrative out there. that is what concerns me and why i wrote the piece. the less narrative is to say nothing has really changed. racism is an explanation for bad outcomes it is a hurdle or barrier and instances like this prove it. they don't because the problems black america faces today are
10:34 am
not about racism primarily and haven't been for a long, long time. i get worried events will be used to push the line. >> if you look at middle america, we talked about this last week. i don't think middle america is racist. i'll go further. any kind of racist behavior or language is not acceptable and that is a huge change from when i first came here 40 years ago. >> certainly. the debate of the confederate flag has been prompted because of this instant is things have just changed. i think of it as a provocative symbol. >> on the northerner. both of my parents were from the
10:35 am
deep south to the confederate flag. growing up when they were still alive. it was a symbol of resistance to the civil rights movement. they both love the south as youngsters and have never returned. part of it had to do with attitudes associated with the flag and that is the reaction i had to it. stuart: i think it is not acceptable and will fade away for people no longer feel one way or the other. >> this is a real third rail in politics and not stayed to watch the group stand up there and announce it. >> several black americans, white americans, the whole panoply of people sane there is a truly fine thing.
10:36 am
thanks for being with us today. appreciate it. several of us who lived through crash never thought the nasdaq would get back to 5000. 15 years later, 5161. netflix making the stock more affordable. if you have one share now you will have seven after a stock split. 705. it's got a beat. >> the idea here is make it more affordable and history shows that apple is any indicator of the stock will continue to go up. since the stock split the price of the stock has gone up 35%. stuart: a lot of people say it's got momentum now. cut the price down to $100 a share that is what will happen.
10:37 am
there is momentum because some will bring into it. >> is spent a lot more now on original content. if launched in 50 countries. 62 million users. the strong dollar hurting the company. there is question of how much they spend on oranges new black but that original content seems to be resonating out there. stuart: uganda appeared quickly a look at google. the stock price is not affected by the story. you can now understand and e-mail if you have a gmail account. >> have you always wished for this. stuart: you don't want to know. how long do you have to get its combat? >> you have up to 30 seconds. if you wake up the next morning you are still screwed.
10:38 am
they won't cancel a thing out the about your life. stuart: i go to settings and then what. >> you can choose between five, 10 20 or dirty seconds. why would you not choose 30 seconds? stuart: because your e-mail is not sent. >> i guess it depends what you want. technically it is still being held. stuart: taking the 302nd option. >> google can still read your e-mails. stuart: stop it. the sector report. everyday at this time, alexa what time is that? >> the time is 10:38. stuart: time for the sector report. >> bnc stuart varney.
10:39 am
if you regret it can you take it back? here we go. obviously the bigger report coming about with strong profits of 33%. one of the things the ceo said was rents are going up across the country. he said that is pushing people to buy homes. hopefully there's a millennial generation of what was the more the homebuilders. up 5% of century communities, user redmond meritage every single stock. the home building sector is higher today. stuart: thank you. he just called me alexa who is stew varney? stuart: 24 hours of the supreme
10:40 am
court decision could shake up obamacare. is there a backup plan? diane black from the house of representatives joins us next.
10:41 am
the nasdaq pointing out again.
10:42 am
some of your dow movers seen apple as a winner today up 1.5%. the downside with those are the two names that actually contributed the most to the dow jones industrial average this year. banning the confederate flag. google, amazon, ebay, that certainly has been a big one at that. space-bar kid in another new high today with facial should not be a period it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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it's part adrenaline and part adventure. it's part geek and part chic. it's part relaxation and part exhilaration. it's part sports car and part suv. and the best part? the 2015 gla. it's 100% mercedes-benz.
10:44 am
trained to nearly every major bank is using sector rate securities to guide its website. capital one, jpmorgan chase, suntrust wells fargo. the worst offenders are hsbc mtv bank. some exactly what's going on here. >> if you see in the browser in your online die that means nobody can spy on your online 18. agrees archers are finding. the other thing is hackers are
10:45 am
doing what is called sitting on the online banking site to basically steal your account information and break into your account. that is not good at all. stuart: there is a level of fun safety. >> there is a level of it. if the hackers on your online banking site say to you do this new security training exercise on the side. it will ask you to log your information. that is a hacker. don't do it. stuart: i would love to put netflix up if i can. carl icon has sold the last of his netflix stock. he just did that. maybe he was selling the 700. he got rid of the last of the stock. still up 13 bucks.
10:46 am
we are having a lot of fun with amazon's new go basically i've been trying to stump the thing. this is a speaker you ask it questions than it usually responds. listen to this. alexa what is the weather forecast for new york city. >> currently a new door new york it is 73 degrees with clear skies and sun. you can expect more of the same today with a high of 84 and a low of 66. stuart: alexa, plate cream. >> choosing music by cream. ♪ stuart: alexa stop. not bad at all, is it? what i'll shall we ask it? >> play led zeppelin. stuart: alexa, tell me a joke. >> a jumper cable walks into a
10:47 am
bar and asks for a. the bartender says okay, but don't start anything. stuart: i've got to move on. back to alexa later. 24 hours from a possible supreme court decision on obamacare. if the subsidies are shut down, is there a plan b? diane black joins us republican from tennessee, a bold fan of the program. >> rates with you. stuart: the plan b i understand is no more subsidies. republicans have a plan b which is block grants from the fads go into the states to avoid absolute chaos. is that the plan? >> part of the plan -- we've been role to play and we believe there should be no more employer
10:48 am
mandates. there should be no more individual mandates, which really are a big part of this program. we also understand people that are currently on the program we want to be sure there's a safety net for them. finding a way to give states the opportunity to do that through tax credits. this will not be a subsidy program. stuart: you would have to have legislation go through to do what you are proposing. i would suggest president obama would veto the legislation wouldn't he? >> dataset to the president. on a number of occasions he's been asking which you work with us depending on what decision is made. if king prevails will you work with us and secretary burwell will not answer the question. she goes all around the barn but she doesn't answer the question directly. we don't know at this point in time with the administration would do.
10:49 am
stuart: you want to avoid republicans getting the blame. the strike down subsidies and a degree of chaos and insurgency in the state. you don't want to get the blame for this so you have to come up with a plan pretty fast. >> i don't even think about it. i have been through this back in the state of tennessee. i don't want people giving care for things like cancer and heart transplants to fall through the safety net. we've got to find a way to make sure people are taken care of. this is about people who want to make sure it is done in a way where we have a patient centered market-based solution as they talked about so many times before. stuart: i have five seconds with this. you are an emergency room nurse. now you are a politician. which is the most difficult job? >> been an emergency room nurse is the most fulfilling.
10:50 am
stuart: thanks for coming back on the show. we always like to see you. >> are welcome. look forward to seeing you again. stuart: the big green boondoggle. $5000 to make your home greener. we will hear my take on that in just a moment. you've all seen this iconic poster for world war i. uncle sam wants you the original up for sale. we will have it right here in the studio. 11:45 eastern. watch out. you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: welcome back everybody. federal subsidies actually costing more money than they save. blake berman joins us live with the details. reporter: a government backed weatherization program has fallen short of expectations according to researchers from the university of chicago and california berkeley. according to a survey of low income homes that receive weatherization assistance in michigan researchers found that $5100 worth of improvement to a halt only provided a savings of
10:55 am
$2400. the study concludes the annual average rate of return is negative 9.5%. simply put the money homeowners say it fell short of the grant money attack to put the home improvements in place. "the wall street journal" says it received a statement from the department of energy which disputed the findings. we've reached out and are still awaiting a response. stuart: what does the government say. i guess they say that's not true. >> we are waiting it. stuart: blake burman, thanks so much. >> a jampacked full two hours of "varney & company" on the books. we have got more just to manage the way. stay with us. >> the commonality as they both want to erase the past so they can build their amnesiac utopias. we better look out because then
10:56 am
some people build utopia whether islamists are socialists, the rest of us will pay the price. stuart: alexa, play pandora. >> get in the last pandora station you listen to. shuffle. ♪ stuart: alexa, stop. alexa what is the capital of mauritania? >> mauritania's capital is the one shot. >> she's right. cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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10:59 am
. stuart: in the new york times an article critical of the pope's on climate change. top editorial writer behaved brooks. he says the pope is doom.
11:00 am
you would never think we're living in the biggest reduction in human history you would never know our desires are getting greener and that fracking has produced enormous games. isn't that something? in the new york times. and now in the wall street journal, yet another green project is a waste of money. whether eyes your house with $5,000 of taxpayer money, and you only save 2,400 dollars' worth of energy. come on. let's get real. green energy programs from the government don't work. but that's got an stop this administration. watch out. in december president obama teams up with pope france for the un climate summit. they will give away your money, and they'll tell you how to live. as mr. brooks in the times says how disappointing. ♪ ♪
11:01 am
stuart: oh, yes, we will have more from my take in a minute. but this, a stock netflix it's $705 a share moments ago now it's 695 and carl icon announcing he has sold all of his netflix stock because it hit $700 a share. >> he got a 450% return on his investment of 9% that he bought 14 months ago. he's going to make somewhere between 7- $800 million. and he tweeted this. he says apple representing some opportunity that netflix offered several years ago on that tweet apple up nearly 2%. . stuart: can we go back to netflix? because i believe that was a spike down, and i believe that
11:02 am
was the tweet,. >> that's correct . stuart: the thing went down, partially recovering now at 693. and apple because of what he said about apple apple is now up 2%. >> icon's firm acquired netflix for an average of $58 a share. that's a nice profit. . stuart: good for him. he took the risk. nothing wrong with that. what would bernie sanders say about this? >> tax him. . stuart: there you go. i've got breaking news for you. the governor of alabama organized the flag removed from state grands. follows the same action as the governor of south carolina, again, no more confederate flag on the state grounds in alabama. that just in. let's get back to my take about the big green. nrc instructor bob deans joins us right now.
11:03 am
let me give you a little details on this one. a study from an economist in chicago and berkeley california say that thunder weatherization assistants program, you know, you insulate your house, the government gives you $5,000, but you only save $2,400 worth of energy. i know you disagree with me, but make your case on the other side. >> well, thanks, stuart, i mean, first of all government or nongovernment,an we all know that one of the best investments we can make in a older home is energy efficiency, and the benefits outweigh the costs . stuart: hold on it happen come on. you can't just blindly ignore this study. >> let's get to the -- stuart: $5,000 in taxpayer money, $2,400 out in savings. you can't just ignore this. >> that study looks at this good program, which is designed to help low-income families save energy cost and
11:04 am
make their homes safer and more comfortable. and so some of the costs that they're looking at are for things like, fixing old wiring or getting as bestose out, or despite those costs the energy savings has taken halfway to paying for the entire cost of the home improvements those are good savings, that just shows you how much energy there is through this program. it's a good program. no question. stuart: no question about it. okay. indiana's governor says he will not comply with president obama's epa regulations on clean air now he says, look. indiana, we're not going to do it. get away from us. what's your response? >> well, i don't want the people of indiana or anywhere in this country to be suffering from air pollution that's going to ago and these elevate asthma attacks respiratory problems, and the big picture on the president's
11:05 am
plan is to do precisely what you were saying the pope for all of us to do. and that's to assume the responsibility and cut that dangerous carbon pollution that's driving climate change. we can do it, the president's plan is there that will let the power companies the most cost effective way to hit the target . stuart: our environmentalist prepared to go to these states like indiana and say you're going to have to pay more for electricity across the board. you've got to pay more, and by doing that, you will reduce the temperature by what is it? .0002%? are you willing to make that argument against the governor? >> we're certainly people how important it is to fight climate change. but our analysis shows our families are going to save $100 a year on their electricity bills because this plan will help me hep to promote energy efficiency, helping our families do more with less waste. that's important and we are
11:06 am
talking to states. . stuart: i do hope you get out there to indiana, and you're sure of them that these cleaner air regulations are going to save them money on the electricity bills, and the price of electricity will not go up. go on. tell them that. >> save them money and save them lives. . stuart: thank you, bob we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you steward. >> a little bit of sarcasm in the air . stuart: and a low form of it. and let me get to the markets for you because we're now into our 11:00 hour. if you don't know what we do, this is our third hour. we're not just stock -- >> it is? . stuart: excuse me. we're not just stopping the show that's the old days. now we start at 9:00. >> 9:00 a.m. stuart: stay say it again with a british accent. >> 9:00 a.m. steward . stuart: who is ashley webster? >> a business news channel he joined in 2007 as its oversees
11:07 am
market . stuart: webster is ashley webster british or american. >> hmm. [laughter] . stuart: what are you anyway? >> i'm both. born in bryn, but i'm an american citizen. . stuart: excellent. that was a tough one. >> it really was. . stuart: anyway she's okay with my british accent. >> yeah. absolutely . stuart: yeah. >> i'm wok with your british accent . stuart: no, that wouldn't work, would it? let's not do that. let's go to the market. the economy shrinking in the first quarter by .2% for the year. still no deal for the greeks and the germans and we're down 46 points. i'm going to -- again, this is a go nor market. gas down a penny overnight. i like the sound of that. now, that's wrong on the screen, it is not 2.79, it is
11:08 am
2.77. i want my two cents back. the report of being behind in the housing market. why is that. >> this is the front page, by the way, of the wall street journal and the poor had been left out of the housing recovery if you look at cities like atlanta and those 50% of homeowners are under water they own more money on the house than it is worth, and that's only 15% of homes. few are things going on here. these owners have not seen wage growth, they're not getting toast mortgage recredit, they've got shaky credit and something happening right now you're not going to like this in washington. should the the government amend taxpayers pay down some of these under water mortgages that are backed by freddie mac and frannie may? he and he's caution about the idea, he says if it goes through, it would be limbed. but they're talking about because of these poor
11:09 am
neighbors that are . stuart: okay. so the deal would be we the taxpayer go into his poor neighbors subsidy the mortgage so the people can stay in their homes. >> so they don't go in foreclosure . stuart: it's a bailout of certain parts of the economy. that's the propose. >> that's the propose. they have to already be in the foreclosure process though. but we would rescue them. it's a bailout . stuart: it's a supposed bailout. >> yes. stuart: of tough real estate market. >> right. because these poor neighborhoods -- it's looking pretty bad and trenton new jersey is in trouble parts of ohio, parts of wisconsin. . stuart: flat out bailout. >> no. it's like tax money . stuart: so we haven't done it yet. >> no. it would happen next year if it happens . stuart: all right. now, this tennessee is the most tax friendly state for retirees. that's according to market
11:10 am
watch. wyoming second. >> wyoming not a -- most of those states almost except wyoming don't have personal income taxes. so that right off the bad is good you're talk about florida, nevada, texas washington, these states obviously a friend because there's no income tax. some of them do tax you on your dividend income or retirement income. but overall what happens in these states is their sales taxes tend to be rather high in response to having no income tax. not the case in these particular states. so if you're looking to go and retire somewhere tennessee is a pretty good place to start. . stuart: would you spend some time -- >> i just spent ten years in nashville, tennessee. i love it . stuart: i have been told it is the retirement capital of america, more so than florida. >> yeah. it is a very cheap cost of living, no taxes on your income.
11:11 am
weather's decent. it's all of those things puts together. >> yeah. prices in florida have been -- an issue on home. >> they have. >> and that's the whole gamble. stuart: especially price for housing. >> yeah. housing is very affordable in tennessee . stuart: do you know the answer to this question inspect in tennessee is there a state tax. >> i don't know. i know there is in florida. . stuart: is there an estate tax in the state of tennessee? excuse me. alexa, is there an estate tax in the state of tennessee? >> i can't find the answer to the question i heard. >> that's interesting. >> okay. google, stand by. . stuart: all right everybody we have the dow industrial now down 57 points, 18,086 is where we are. very serious subject next.
11:12 am
isis. brutal executions. so-called religious purification, what will the obama administration do about it? ♪ ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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11:15 am
stuart: look at netflix go. yes another all-time high. however, we have to tell you billionaire carl sold all of his shares when that news hit netflix took a blip down. icon says apple is the new netflix. here's a look at apple stock now on the strength of icon's statement, up it went 1.5 maybe 2%. look at fitbit, please. shares down the first time since the ipo down 6% today. that's a pull back. now isis, the terror group releasing three different videos depicting graphic executions. we're not going to show you the videos. drowning prisoners in a cage, blowing up a car with grenades and using explosives tied around the necks of
11:16 am
hostages. captain, this cries out for a response a sharp edged response, i mean that's what i feel emotionally. do you think this administration is going to do anything? this is one in a long series of outrages like this. >> yeah. no, i don't think the administration is going to do anything differently than what we have been pursuing for some time now, which is to try to get the sunni put some emphasis on the sunni. the only demographic that can change the course of events on the ground are the sunni tribes and there's only one tribe, the major tribe, and that's the only tribe left. and if isis can co-op them through this kind of violence, to intimidate them to do what has happened to some of the weakening tribes, if they can get them to do that, then this
11:17 am
is over and they will have run western eric and control eastern syria parked . stuart: we do? >> at this point there is very little we can do. we flipped over the first domino when we pulled out of there in 2012. that cast indicated the dominoes and now they're just getting bigger and bigger. you know, the effort to try to get the tribes trained in syria. that's falling on its face. everything we're trying to do now is holding back bigger and bigger dominoes that are falling. this is squarely centered in the middle east, and what we may be seeing now is complete redrawing of the maps, post picopsyches world war i . stuart: you're a military man. i know you've seen action. >> uh-huh. stuart: what should we do? should our troops be on the ground firing guns in angry going after them? should we do that. >> no. and here's why. because if we get involved in that with regular infantry,
11:18 am
not only in the middle of a civil war in islam but we're on the middle of the war on the sunni side, which is with the isis psycho paths, and the other folks who are the moderates but confined to saudi arabia. so you've got that group, and that's the real target here. let's not make any mistake about this. the real target is to intimidate the west, but the real target is to co-op the sunni in saudi arabia, the mojave, because they they want -- then they can control the religion . stuart: you're not a boots on the ground guy. so what do you want to do? just send our weapons to this particular sunni tribe? or go with air strikes and drones? if it's not boots on the ground, what is it. >> what it is is we have to
11:19 am
co-op the baghdad government to work with us . stuart: do you think we've got the time for that? try to co-op the iraqi government? >> have you seen the ad where the dominoes are falling and then the last big huge domino falls and it shakes the camera when it hits the ground? . stuart: yes, i have. >> we should start preparing what we were trying to do all along, which is facing down the iranians. . stuart: at the moment it does not look like we're facing down the iranians with these nuclear talks. it just doesn't look like it. >> and that's when the big domino falls and when the big domino falls is when they set off their test nuclear device, and the saudis, the egyptians everyone is going to go nuclear . stuart: we hear you. and thank you very much for being with us today. >> i wish i had a better picture . stuart: okay. yeah well, actor johnny depp, he's lifting his french
11:20 am
estate -- it is, by the way an entire village, and it comes with all of johnny depp's personal effects. back in a moment
11:21 am
the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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11:24 am
stuart: we would like to bring you up to date with the price of gasoline, and here it is. the price of gas is down two cents overnight actually not bad. 2.77 is your average. we have good news for hillary clinton. according to a recent poll, wall street journal 92% of democrats say yes, they can see themselves supporting the former secretary of state. that's how the question was worded. >> this after the stumble of the blocks of her second presidential bid, she hasn't exactly set the world on fire, but 92% said, yeah, i could say see myself voting for her. stuart: it's a vague question, isn't it? >> it is vague. . stuart: can you see yourself voting. >> of course you would say "yes" to that . stuart: if you're a democrat, of course you're going to say -- >> yeah. i don't want much story on that. . stuart: i've got to get to this story. the johnny depp story. he's listing his french estate for $26 million.
11:25 am
the movie starz property is being sold with his art his dvds and a load of other personal effects, i think his bed. is that accurate? >> yeah. story of the day. yes, johnny depp, he bought this village in france, he bought this village and made it his home. he's selling it for $26 million, kind of a deal i think, 37 acres, he bought it back in 2001, he married a frenchwoman, had some children, they divorced, he only spent 10 million on the investment, so he gained $16 million, and . stuart: yeah, that's the point, isn't it? selling his chairs, his carpets, his bed. >> i guess he doesn't want to ship it from france . stuart: is he selling everything? >> not everything, but there's a lot of his personal items in there. . stuart: that's unusual. >> any oscarers or golden
11:26 am
globes i'm sure he'll take back to los angeles but a lot of the personal effects in his home -- if you think about it, do you want to ship your stuff from the south of france back to l.a.? . stuart: i'm thanking maybe that raises the price because who wants to sit in johnny depp's chair or sleep in johnny depp's bed? >> some people are weird about celebrity stuff, i mean they would want that, i assume so. but whatever. >> make sure it's fumigated. . stuart: you're terrible. >> i bought a village. . stuart: rich guy. how about this one? indiana's governor mike pent says the state indiana, will not comply with the epa's clean air regulations. judge napolitano is here again for a second appearance of the day after the break
11:27 am
two streetlights. the only difference: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed. in a night it saves a little energy. but, in a year it saves a lot. and the other street? it's been burning energy all night. for frank. frank's a cat. now, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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stuart: i was just asking for quiet on the set. i don't think i got it. democrats at a local level are for standard leisure with president obama's proposed ozone smog approvals. join us for the national review julian belcher. which democrats which states in how powerful are they?
11:31 am
>> to chicago councilman from a representative from new york and union leaders are all upset because the ozone regulation could eat the most expensive regulation in history that is going to devastate manufacturing jobs, take a real toll on utility bills of minorities that democrats are revolting. stuart: does reach the level where you get a rollback of these roles? city members and council, a guy in new york is not exactly a powerful force for rollback. >> i think is around 40 grassroots democrat, state and local level. it represents pushback within the democratic party. it is nowhere near as united as the obama mr. should want some environmental proposals and considering something a bomb and said he wants to take on right now, that is bad news. >> gina mccarthy come epa administrators that climate skeptics are not normal people.
11:32 am
>> that is dogma. and secondly treat this as something you can't question his crossover, not science anymore. stuart: religion would be my opinion. that's the way it looks to me. i'm glad you agree with it. let's see if somebody else can agree with me. >> this religion according to the holy father. stuart: let me introduce you. you will not comply with president obama's epa clean air regulations. here's his letter to the president. it states are stable also reserve the right to use any legal means available to block the role from being implemented. george, this is a legal question. he's the governor of the state. he says we will not obey your regulation. what is this legal standing? epa does not regulate the state of indiana unless it owns power
11:33 am
plants. the epa regulates the plans. if their son from indiana and as far as i know, none are. he's offering to pay the legal bills of the power plant to challenge the rules and when he does that come in the course in the course was a governor you have no standing here. you have no ax to grind. stuart: simply taking a political position. >> especially in light of the disastrous political position he took involving whether the public accommodation can discriminate said he went through a couple months ago. i know him. i like him. he has the best interest of indiana at heart. the epa rules archer: en. but i don't think he can do anything about it. the owners of the power plant, the people regulated made a deep long flawed epa. they have to challenge this.
11:34 am
what is it now that i don't know. stuart: aleksei, who was judge andrew napolitano? >> sorry i didn't understand it. [laughter] stuart: that they tried it again. alexa who was judge andrew napolitano? >> i admit that i question. stuart: aleksei who is stewart ernie? >> stuart varney is a british economic who works for the fox business channel on the fox business network. stuart: brilliant. >> why am i blocked out of that? stuart: data like libertarians. this is called the amazon echo.
11:35 am
it is a speaker. you can plug it into your wall. even on all the time. >> my grandfather would've said, just like we had in the old country. stuart: aleksei what is the capital of papua new guinea? >> the capital city is port moresby. stuart: can you not. she is right. reviews so much time. completely different topic. "seinfeld" streaming on who lose tarts today. one of the most famous characters this soup nazi. >> being after hulu does this big deal but he feel about the deal? >> i love the deal because i really feel like although it has touched a new generation, as you
11:36 am
meet 13-year-old two love the show at if it is pure hulu as their generation's medium. stuart: i think it is time we brought alexa back into this. alexa, who is the soup nazi? >> sorry, i can't find it. >> you have to ask real people that question. stuart: i do know the answer. >> he was in the actual season and he was in the finale. >> this is big. this is a whole generation that never had "seinfeld," never watched it and they are going to start from the beginning just as all of us were 20 years ago. treated for a one off the air 17
11:37 am
years ago. it may be dated but the comedy is great. stuart: you are millennial. do you like "seinfeld"? >> i've seen them, but not chronologically. it's a chance to watch it at the internet from the beginning. >> i think you will really be a hit with the kids. >> the only time i thought was for an open mri for the back. to entertain the people they played "seinfeld." it's the only time i ever saw it. it is hilarious and they were yelling at me that i wasn't late still enough. >> my second home in new york city was a lance apartment. in the show. i swear to god. it was chinese food delivery. that's how i found out. stuart: lupe's sign up $150 million of the rights to run all of them for eternity. they were using her apartment.
11:38 am
you should have royalties. >> what is he going to get? the actor that played the soup nazi. stuart: let me try this one. big day for general motors cynthia kreisler. new vehicles including ms. camaro convertible. we will get a first look at another one. jeff flock in detroit with gm. >> i've got one for you. take a look at what i'm looking. this is the whole team that did the car for general motors the chevy crews as you point out the north american president allan beatty. i've never seen him more excited. >> i do get a bit excited. >> exclusively live on the fox business network. this is the crews right here. you've got five new reveals this
11:39 am
year. that is the camaro. what is that over there? >> that is the new bolts. >> we want to see -- show me some. >> let me show you. sold over 3.5 million vehicles around the world. the best-selling chevrolet. about 150 countries. this one is bigger and better. here we go. one more. one more inch. >> there you go. a very big car for you because this is the world car. >> we are going to reveal this tonight to the world. this is a very important and exciting time for chevrolet. >> he said clearly look at toyota. corolla we are coming for you. >> we are here to win. we are not here to compete. i'm very confident we will do
11:40 am
that. >> that a whole new attitude i get here. the faces of the people who develop the vehicle, chevy's attitude has changed. we are a big company. we will do okay. that is not good enough anymore. >> this team is awesome and they are here to win. the passion and skills they have we are back. this is an exciting time. >> you've got uaw contract negotiations coming up. are you going to build inventory in case there is an s. t. r. i k. e.? >> i'm not here to talk about negotiations. >> we tried. stewart, there you go. nice to see the faces from behind the scenes. just a little. the >> that do not. stuart: thanks very much everybody. i will show you something real
11:41 am
now. the iconic uncle sam uncle sam i want you. we have the original in the studio. trivia for you. what was the profession of the real-life uncle sam. baker, soldier, meatpacker, dr.? answers after the break. ♪ you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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>> i am nicole petallides with their fox business brief. down over 15 points at 18090. just over one quarter of 1%. the s&p 500 down. the nasdaq hitting an all-time record high currently down over eight points. keeping a keen eye on the financial goldman sachs has one of the names we watch. which big kiting both citigroup and goldman sachs over the last year as people subside the second half. looking at ford and gm those two names overall seed volume mix and pricing. benefits from the new f1 safety while general motors named its china outlook. lennar, prices rise stocks up 4.6%. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels,
11:44 am
then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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stuart: we don't often do this on "varney & company." check out this intraday chart of netflix gave $700 a share the first hour of trading. carl icon cities are a shoulder rest of the shares. he made the announcement and down it went. charlie gasper reynaud is here for more on this. did icons they apple is the new
11:46 am
netflix. >> you play nokia may $2 billion on the street. he started in 2013 so it's not like he didn't profit from it. they did a split. there is really no corporate news other than a split. it is not like netflix did anything great. carl is saying i am out of this. i think the stock has had its run. and yes he believes apple is a trillion dollars company. at its current valuation of stock price, -- about 730, $720 billion. stuart: my calculation is one fixed it goes to a trillion dollars. >> very controversial. half the people say it's going to happen. the other half say it's not. apple may be the most widely held stock in america right now. you know in an era of 0%
11:47 am
interest rates anything is possible. stuart: put that one up against now. a great reputation as a fine investor. >> you realize stock traders trade headlines that mean nothing. the fact that they literally -- [inaudible conversations] that doesn't mean the fundamentals of the company screwed up. we should point out the stock split doesn't mean the fundamentals are any better. >> i.e. they are morons. stuart: the little guy 705. icahn goes down to 695, you get caught holding the bag. >> i will go to the new york stock exchange. stuart: before we went to the break we have several of the
11:48 am
question. we said what was the real-life uncle sam. here's the answer. the meatpacker. samuel wilson from troy new york is said to a supplied me to the army and he was on the original uncle sam wants to poster from world war i. by the way, one of the originals is going up for auction and we have it here on the set. the action novices here with it. welcome back. >> thank you, stuart. worldwide, this became the symbol of world war i and america had been the most beloved poster. there were 4 million made originally, believed to be 50 survivors. stuart: 50 survivors. this is one of them. an original, this is the poster. >> this is done by one of the most famous originally for the cover of the magazine but it became a symbol of america in
11:49 am
world war i. stuart: that gentleman was the meatpacker. >> it is him but also the artist as well. stuart: how much will this go for? >> $7,008,000. stuart: that is not bad for such an iconic person. these are all being sold with no minimum, no reserve. >> june 20th and july 1st online only at live an it is all one collection which in the 1920s and 1930s was the most famous collection in the world now warned by the granddaughter of colonel legrand whose collection it was in a sadly battling health issues. >> from every perspective. it is not just american posters. the first images of the german submarine posters or italy france and canada.
11:50 am
all over the place. stuart: it is historical value. it has collectors value. when i look at that, the colors are spectacular and everybody knows it. everybody knows that poster has been used thousands of times, duplicated many ways in different situations and you are going to auction this thing. congratulations. the action takes place online. >> you can go to live stuart: thank you for image. we appreciate it. >> i made a mistake. karl's stake was 2 billion. he made over 3 billion on it. that's a big mistake. i raised my right hand. stuart: well done, charlie. stuart: 18 million government workers hacked in their personal information got out. don't worry, the irs is going to
11:51 am
come to the rescue. we will have the next nation in a moment. ♪ new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs.
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stuart: a little irony doesn't
11:55 am
hurt. virginia senator mark warner wants the irs to help the office of personnel management to protect against it. what is the irs -- i don't get this. >> mike warner, a democrat from virginia. here is what he says to says to john prost could and that the irs. please, please, please please protected lands of current and former federal employees to send their personal information exposed by the opm database. he is asking the irs the agency that just left 10,000 social security numbers of people who are paying their taxes, give it out to hackers from china indiscriminately, didn't even think about it. they will come in and think it's the biggest hack one that would make edwards noted blush. it is unbelievable. he has paid numbers for paper roll filing taxes might be in the situation assisted.
11:56 am
even the are general to investigate the irs all the time says there are big problems that the irs is safety. they have cited numbers of times and i know you told the stories. siamese passers like 123456. they have an updated assistance in john f. kennedy was president. the list goes on and on. the very idea that the irs is the institution that should fix this, even what i think. stuart: thank you on the jury. homerun again. big day tomorrow. two important supreme court decisions may come down. the fate of obama karen subsidies on the line. same-sex marriage may be decided for the decision made public tomorrow. we've got all the angles covered for you. "varney & company" by the way starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. more "varney & company" after this.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
>> ashley webster is a journalist for the fox business network. a channel he joined in september 2007 as its overseas market editor. . neil: alexa, is ashley webster british or american? >> hmm. [laughter] . neil: we're not done. this is our new favorite toy okay? this machine, it's an amazon echo, it's the kind of thing you put in your living room and it can answer questions day and night it new ashley and telephone me. we're going to try one more. alexa, who is neil cavuto. >> sorry i didn't understand the question. [laughter] . neil: sorry, neil. guess what? it's all yours. [laughter] . neil: i so hate you. i would love to ask.
12:00 pm
where does stuart varney come from? if she answers the wrongs bronx, go ahead. and it right now. >> stuart varney's birth date is 1949. >> wrong. wrong. wrong. although i'll take that because that makes me one year younger than i actually am. . neil: thank you stuart. thank you alexa and thank you, america. welcome, everybody i'm neil cavuto and we are heating to hear from the president of the united states who is going to out line a new policy on negotiating with terrorists, not on the part of the government, but on the part of private families and friends of those who are held hostage abroad, and it used to be that if -- let's say isis demanded ransom, and you were negotiating directly with isis or any outside group any terrorist group, you were technically breaking the law. and besides dealing w


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