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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 24, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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on investing. we appreciate it. make sure you watch us every night at 6:00 p.m. take action, we're in a rough spot. we'll get you through it, though. right now we leave with you lou dobbs and keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. obama administration has many problems and very few problem solvers. and now it is clear the administration has been neither vigilant nor effective in protecting federal, digital information and data, nor has it been forthcoming what our enemies carry out successful cyberattacks stealing that information. the obama administration keeping the truth from the american people about those cyberattacks on what may be tens of millions of us. the head of the office personnel management today back on capitol hill. she refused to tell lawmakers the depth, the frequency and
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the damage done by suspected chinese hackers who carried out successful cyberattacks against her agency. the attacks according to the chairman of the house oversight committee may have affected as many as 32 million current, former and prospective federal employees, including potential military enlistees. turns out the first major chinese breach was november 2013, and it was not discovered until four months later in march of 2014. yet opm director archuleta reassured congress in july of last year that there had been no security breach, that no data had been stolen. she was wrong. terribly wrong. in fact, it appears that at the same time she was reassuring congress that the second breach by the chinese had been under way since june of last year, and, of course, not discovered
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until april of this year. the white house withheld that information from the public and congress. that's how bad it is. that's how badly our federal government is being led. no one in the federal government is taking blame for this largest and most serious cyberattack against our government ever. and on capitol hill today, there were few answers and no one took responsibility. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> this is as big as it gets, and they're going to have to be a new team brought in. >> reporter: during four hours of testimony, the head of the office of personnel management the federal government's human resources department was reprimanded by republicans and democrats. >> you appear to come across as petulant, evasive and defensive. >> i do not want to convey i'm angry or petulant about it. i feel passionate about the employees.
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i am a champion and have worked very hard throughout my entire career. >> reporter: the hackers penetrated penetrated opm in 2013, and archuleta's statements are in question. >> it was misleading, a lie and wasn't true. >> reporter: today on one side of washington, treasury secretary jack lew, the white house will need beijing's support for a nuclear deal with iran. on capitol hill, china was accused of collecting personnel files. >> was it chinese? do we know for sure? do you know for sure? >> that's classified information, sir. >> reporter: government contractor key point which handles background checks denied they were the weak link their employee's stolen credentials got hackers into opm. another outside contractor was rewarded. >> you are back from vacation in italy. did you get a bonus?
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>> it was in the neighborhood of $95,000. >> reporter: there was a problem. >> were you notified? >> i was not. >> were you notified immediately? >> no. >> reporter: but opm did move quickly in less than 48 hours to approve a $21 million contract to monitor the credit of affected employees. there was no commitment to extend that minimal protection to family members whose data was compromised in the security clearance breach. lou? lou: catherine herridge. as you saw congressman trey gowdy at the hearing, he joins us to talk about the cyberattack and his committee's investigation into the benghazi terrorist attack and much more. on capitol hill today, a victory for president obama and his so-called free trade agenda. the senate voted 60-38 to grant the president fast track power to negotiate international trade deals. 13 democrats had to join with the republicans in voting for
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the measure. it took two brushes with fail, and you are a good amount of back room dealing. the bill goes to the president's desk for his signature. five republicans voted no, senator susan collins, ted cruz, rand paul, jeff sessions and richard shelby. the senate also approved a related bill that gives assistance to american workers who lose their jobs because of such trade deals. that bill heads to the house for a vote tomorrow. president obama today ordered changes in our longstanding hostage policies as expected. president issued an executive order stating that families of american hostages can now pay ransoms to terrorists without fear of criminal prosecution. the federal government is still not allowed to pay ransoms but government officials can help
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facilitate communications on behalf of families. critics say this empowers, emboldens and incentivizes radical islamist terrorists to capture and hold more americans against their will. 6.5 million americans living overseas. turning to the controversy over official displays of the confederate flag in the wake of the south carolina church massacre. alabama governor robert bentley today ordered the removal of four confederate flags from a memorial at the alabama state capitol where they've been more than two decades. the flag removal done without fanfarement the governor's spokeswoman saying bentley did not want the flags to be a distraction. his move comes a day after the south carolina house voted to allow debate on the battle flag from their capitol grounds. any changes to the flag itself in south carolina will require a two-thirds vote in both the
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house and the senate. and breaking news tonight in politics. louisiana governor bobby jindal hopes he's lucky number 13. jindal moments ago announcing he will run for president, making him the 13th republican to get into the race. governor jindal laying out how he'll be different from all the rest? >> the united states of america was made great by people who get things done. not lots of talk or entertaining speeches. i want to be sure, there are a lot of great talkers running for president already, but none of them, not one can match our record of shrinking the size of government. if great speeches helped our country, we'd be on easy street right now. the guy in the white house today, he's a great talker. we have a bunch of great talkers running for president. we've had enough of talkers. it is time for a doer.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> i'm not running for president to be somebody. i'm running for president to do something. lou: what an idea. to actually do something. bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, now in the race. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. . the u.s. building up troops and weapons in eastern europe. russia counters with a buildup of its own. will these maneuvers lead to conflict? and widespread damage after a night of turbulent violent weather in the northeast. all of that and more straight ahead. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo. looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglas. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. . lou: iran putting impossible conditions on any nuclear deal with world powers today. the iranian guardian council voted to ban council to military scientists. the move comes after iran's ayatollah khomeini demanded the lifting of sanctions as soon as any deal is reached. those are significant obstacles given negotiators are working toward a deadline of next tuesday. the associated press reported this, the united states and its
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allies are willing to offer iran state of the art nuclear equipment if tehran were to agree to limit its nuclear weapons program. limit not end it. russia flexing its military muscle and new video shows the russian army training to shoot down helicopters, using shoulder-mounted rockets. these during military drills in the country's south close to the ukrainian border. soldiers standing atop armored vehicles launching the surface-to-air missiles in military exercises meant to check and, of course, display combat readiness. joining us former nato supreme allied commander dean of the fletcher school at tufts university, admiral james stavridis. good to have you with us. let me start with the amount of force that we are now moving to eastern europe. two questions, one, is it
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sufficient. and two, are we watching what will be a tit-for-tat contest between the united states, nato and russia in weaponry and forces? >> lou, it's a significant move by the united states, we're going to put about 250 tanks and about 1,000 additional combat vehicles into six nato allies in the eastern part of the alliance. the idea would be that this armada of weapons would be available if russia made a move on a nato nation, u.s. troops would fall on it, the nato allies would fight with us. it's a very significant move. but is it enough? probably not. as i look at what's gone on with vladimir putin, what's happening in ukraine, looking at his plans. i think we're going to have to eventually move u.s. troops and nato troops in the eastern part of the alliance.
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we're not in the cold war yet, lou, but i can see it from here. lou: as you look at it, obviously envisioning american troops returning in significant force to europe. is it not time given the distance between a world war ii and the 21st century, for the europeans to stand up significant forces rather than rely on u.s. forces? >> that's absolutely right, lou, and we have to point out here that the nato allies have set a goal of spending 2% of their gross domestic product on defense. they're not meeting that goal. they're lucky if they hit 1.3, 1.4%. the united states, by comparison, spends about 3%, which is about prudent for a large global nation like ourselves. i am truly surprised that as the europeans look at the threat that putin places on
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them, that they don't up their spending more significantly. they need to do more. lou: the russians made it clear that they are going to be very provocative, not only with their air force, the navy and the ground exercises that are going on, but made a point they're adding 40 icbm's to the arsenal, to the russian rocket forces. if we could, let's take a look at the warheads. i'd like to look at it full screen, if we may. russia has 1582 warheads on 515 icbm's, as well as cruise missiles, strategic bombers, the united states has 1597 warheads on 75. the reality is these are arsenals neither side wants to use, yet russia is sending some
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interesting signals, don't you think? >> i think it's shocking, lou, that russian president putin would rattle that nuclear saber. it's extremely destabilizing. he knows that. 40 nuclear weapons on top of the 1500 they have and the 1500 we have is not significant. what's significant is that a russian head of state and government would pull out that nuclear card and kind of rattle it in front of us. it speaks to his mentality of aggression, and that is worrisome, but i don't foresee a nuclear exchange any time soon. lou: well, with that comforting thought, admiral james stavridis, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> pleasure, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote at we'd like to hear from you on this. folks in the northeastern part of the country cleaning up after a wild night of thunderstorms, half a million people lost electricity in the
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new york, new jersey and philadelphia region. some folks may not have power returned until the weekend, coincidentally it is national lightning safety week. wouldn't you know it? and there are plenty of lightning bolts making their presence known. these lightning strikes in new york last night. take a look at this parking lot at a mall in southern new jersey. a car upended. that mall near philadelphia. national weather service tonight saying the damage was not caused by a tornado, no matter what we all might be thinking. but those winds were 85 miles an hour, but they were, apparently, all straight line. up next, my thoughts on the republican party gifting the president with more trade power. and solar storms causing a lot of damage, but within that there is some positive, and i don't mean just a positive charge. we're coming right back.
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. lou: our economy shrank .2% in the first quarter of this year. these latest gdp numbers, less severe significantly less severe than the previous estimate of .7% contraction. a pickup of consumer spending which represents two-thirds of economic activity. a big part of the reason why the number was better than expected. companies also spending more on inventories, stocking warehouses, store shelves as well. a few quick thoughts now, if i may on the president's enlargement of his executive power and trade policy and negotiations. republicans handed president obama that power in a vote this afternoon. coming ironically on the same day that the commerce department issued its final report on our economy, showing on the first quarter it shrank by .2%. what none of the republicans
7:24 pm
who voted for mr. obama's expanded trade authority nor the president himself mentioned were the significant reasons for our weak economic performance; namely, that trade deficit with the rest of the world cut into our gdp. today's revised numbers show worsening u.s. trade deficits took the biggest relatively quarter bite out of economic growth ever. alan tommelson calculating trade deficits have cut into economic growth by 9% during this recovery which is the weakest in 70 years, so the evidence is clear, the biggest losers in the trade deals that congress has passed and presidents have signed over the years are our working men and women, our small business folks and our middle class. millions of jobs have been outsourced overseas, fewer job opportunities have resulted for americans here at home.
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in short, this president is presiding over the worst economic recovery since world war ii. what makes it even more remarkable is despite the terrible record, the president and congressional republicans are calling for more trade deals, even as they insist on passing the trade adjustment assistance bill, which its sole purpose is to compensate and support workers who lose their jobs and wages as a result of the free trade deal that is being negotiated. if you have any doubt about what is being done to our country, to our working people and small business, our middle class, let me tell you in one simple sentence. president obama is successfully transforming the world's only superpower into a second rate world power. and the richest country on earth into a third world economy, one that is now dependent on foreign creditors effectively assuring that
7:26 pm
america will be a debtor nation in perpetuity. our quotation of the evening, this one from the english writer and philosopher who said -- were it not so in washington, d.c. we're coming right back, stay with us. president obama meeting with an organization not many people have ever heard of, and meets with the chinese to talk about who knows what? the white house isn't saying. and a california biker learns the hard way the meaning of the sign that says two-way traffic.
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. lou: stories we're following tonight, president obama performing some damage control today over allegations the national security agency spied on the last three french presidents. president obama speaking with his french counterpart francois hollande and reaffirming commitment to end spying that hollande called, quote, unacceptable. the republican presidential field expanding again. louisiana governor bobby jindal announcing candidacy today and governor chris christie reportedly could make a formal announcement about his candidacy as early as next week. we'll be taking all of this up with our political panel tonight. and greece still no closer
7:31 pm
to avoiding a debt default next week. talks with international creditors ended in deadlock. talking with legendary investor and billionaire wilbur ross, who is betting there will be an agreement and he has bet big. he joins us later. the house oversight committee members grill government officials today about the massive cyberattack of the federal government. my next guest talk about the attacks. >> when did you bring that breach to the attention of either mr. hess or mr. jeanetta. >> i would have to get that information back to you. perhaps ms. seymour would know. >> reporter: do you know if it was immediately? >> i would expect that it was immediate. >> let's find out. ms. seymour do you know? >> no, sir, i don't. i certainly don't think we immediately notified our contractors of a breach to our network.
7:32 pm
lou: joining us now, the man you just saw in the clip, congressman trey gowdy, the chairman of the benghazi select committee. a member of the house oversight and judiciary committees. thank you for joining us. >> yes, sir. lou: secondly, there is a decided impression given off by those who represent this administration that they don't know much and they don't want to speak substantively about very many things. is that a fair observation? >> well, it certainly narrows your witness list if you can only bring witnesses who answer your questions. i was disappointed. jason chaffetz finds witnesses who can add to our deliberations and inquiry, and he missed out on a couple today. that's not his fault. if you can't ask the head of the agency what happened, you can't ask someone else in a position of leadership why you didn't comply with regulatory
7:33 pm
and contract provisions that i don't know who jason was supposed to invite. >> the chairman doing his best as you say and yet what we have is apparently a cyberattack, successful, and two instances by the chinese in which as many as 32 million people's personal data and data gathered by the federal government had been compromised and in fact stolen, is that correct? >> well, i don't think anyone said definitively who the perpetrator was. i have certainly heard the country you mentioned mentioned, and the number we don't know it's as little as four million and you hate to use little in the same word as million. it could be as small as four million or upwards of 30 million. and the thing we don't know, my state went through a data
7:34 pm
breach. certainly somebody who has no business having your information. it's a really important issue, and we've had more than one hearing on it, and i think your viewers deserve more answers than the administration officials were able to give them to date. lou: and the administration held the information about when the breaches did occur, and the extent of them, the dimension of them, the number of people involved and still, to this day, insist they don't know the number, and can't definitively say who did carry out that cyberattack, yet we feel very comfortable with our sources who tell us it was definitively china. i understand the retiscence and reluctance and perhaps the reasons behind the retiscence of the administration and officials such as yourself, but this administration has not been forthcoming on anything, and seems to not recognize the
7:35 pm
congress' right to know and the right of the american people to know. >> tell me about it. i've been living it for over a year now. most transparent administration since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and we can't get them to tell us whether they had potegz of secretary clinton's e-mails. i feel the pain, i feel the pain of your viewers. they deserve better from an executive branch. we serve at the pleasure of the people who consent to be governed, and if you collect their information, the least you could do is make sure it is kept safe and secure, and then level with people if there is an assault. people understand how bad things happen. what they don't understand is being misled or obfuscation or failure to be transparent. but we've seen this movie time and time again with this administration. lou: and the state department missed, i guess we could say as
7:36 pm
neutrally as one can, missed the monday deadline to produce copies of the 60 e-mails between hillary clinton and blumenthal. where do we go from here? where do you lead us from here? >> well, i have to get over my initial shock that an agency with 70,000 employees that we know has a searchable database can't answer a pretty simple question. did you have these e-mails to or from secretary clinton? and if you did have them, why didn't you turn them over to our committee? it's not a complicated question, it's not a multipronged question. it's simple. did you have them? if you have them, why didn't you give them through us. here we're sitting on wednesday. we'll get it late friday like we typically get information from the administration. we're gott not going away until we get it. it's important, lou, if secretary clinton did not turn this information over to the state department, then this
7:37 pm
whole notion of her wanting everyone to see everything and be in the public domain, we know that to be false. if the state department did have it and selectively decided what the people's house is entitled to or not entitled to we have a serious problem with the state department which i promise we will get rectified. lou: mr. chairman, thank you for joining us. >> yes, sir. lou: congressman trey gowdy. we know he's a smart fellow and effective investigator. we didn't realize frankly how high your frustration threshold was. we compliment you. >> thank you, lou. lou: thanks, so much. and a reminder to be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote at stunning imagery that you have to see to believe, and if you will, look at this spectacular video of the northern lights.
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these images taken near minneapolis. a member of the minnesota astronomical society captured it all on his camera. though not normally seen as far south as minnesota, the lights were a result of a severe solar storm. incredible. up next, time running out for greece to avoid a disastrous default next week. investing legend billionaire wilbur ross betting greece will eventually forge a deal with international creditors, and he joins us here next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪
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. lou: breaking news tonight, greece no closer apparently to a bailout deal tonight. talks with creditors are continuing through the night as the two sides remain at odds over what steps greece will take in exchange for support. greece at risk of defaulting if no deal is reached by next tuesday, a billion and a half dollars in the imf due then, the ecb raising emergency funds for greek banks which it's done daily over the past week. no one knows more about what today rattled markets globally than my next guest. he's made large bets on greece as part of a group that
7:43 pm
invested more than a billion euros and greece's third largest bank last year. joining me billionaire wilbur ross, one of the leading equity firms, great to have you here. >> good to be on, lou. lou: as we watched for weeks this market is reacting to what is happening in greece, a small, small economy, but with an outsized apparent influence on markets. what's going to happen? >> i think they'll make a deal. i felt that right along. i'm a little disappointed it's been such a tort use path toward making a deal. i think they'll make a deal. both sides need a deal, both sides want a deal. i think it's more kabuki theater than a tragedy. lou: as between the triad, the
7:44 pm
ecb, the international monetary fund, the european central bank and the european union, do you really think that we're just watching a play roll out here? >> only in the sense that kabuki theater, you are never sure who's what? who's where? lou: a lot of heavy face paint and the mystery gets a lot more. >> this one we know the players. you're one of them. you're not just saying what you think will happen. you put your money where your information takes you? >> that's true, but at the end of the day, countries really commit suicide deliberately, so my only fear is they might do it inadvertently but overplaying their hand. what we're seeing is game theory meets the realities of the eu. lou: and, of course, one of the principal impediments here, the
7:45 pm
greeks averse to shall i say heavy work, averse to paying their bills. they're averse to paying their debts. >> right. lou: can they make a transformation here in time to avoid default and making a serious miscalculation that investors all around the world ultimately pay for? >> i think the issue probably comes down to the pension reforms and the labor rules. those are the two most sensitive things with the left wing. the idea of the eu giving monetary relief, giving them more checks and all, that's really never been the issue. the issue is making societal reforms. lou: is it your judgment, then because you are optimistic that tsipras will -- the prime minister will come up with a way in which to move parliament to making those kinds of adjustments. this is a cultural thing with greece. i mean, the greeks prize highly
7:46 pm
that public support. >> that's true. and you have a country with 17% of the whole population is on pensions. so it's a very, very big economic issue to lots of folks. but i think the real danger is that within syriza, there are several different factions, it's not just one party, and the extreme left, some of them would rather blow everything up. that's been the amo right along. lou: the prime minister was the leader of that group. >> he was the leader around whom they coalesced. i think what really happened is sammaris, because he had put in constraints on behavior, he lost the election more than it was syriza won it. lou: are you confident in the u.s. and european markets?
7:47 pm
or as you put all of this in context. >> well, i think part of the reason the markets are reacting so much to the greek situation is that everybody knows we're near to the end of the bull market than the beginning, and everybody is a little nervous. will this be what touches it off, on the decline. so people are hypersensitive. greece is 2% of the eu economy. it's not a big deal from that point of view, but psychologically it's become very, very important. lou: wilbur ross, laying it out as it is, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, lou. lou: and good luck. to us all. on wall street stocks falling sharply on concerns principally about greece. dow jones industrials down almost 180 points, the s&p lost 16 points. the nasdaq down 38. volume on the big board, a steady 3 billion shares.
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. lou: breaking news now, president obama just moments ago, if we can go to this video, he was in the white house, and he faced off with a pro amnesty heckler during a reception celebrating lgbt pride month at the white house. here you go. >> i told thought civil rights
7:53 pm
of lgbt americans is -- hold on a second. okay. you know what? no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no, no, no, no, no no. hey! listen, you're in my house -- [ laughter ]. lou: well! the people's house too, you know, good stuff. indiana governor mike pence saying his state will not comply with the epa effort to curb carbon dioxide by closing down existing power plants unless the administration overhauls the relevant regulations, pence sent a letter to the president saying the plan currently written would make indiana electricity more expensive, less reliable and hurt his state's economic growth and kill jobs. end of story for governor pence. good work.
7:54 pm
we've got brand new fox polls to share with you about 2016. on the republican side, former florida governor jeb bush topping the list 15% support among republican primary voters up from 12% last month. support for donald trump, get ready, here he come, more than doubling since his announcement. rich lowry, i wish you could see his face! he comes in second 11%. retired neurosurgeon ben carson third, 10%. he doesn't even have a campaign staff, he's doing great. no one else receiving double digit backing. on the democratic side hillary clinton blowing away the field she has 61% support among democrats. lord, it's something to see true believers, isn't it? senator bernie sanders netting 15%, he's doing well. vice president joe biden a respectable 11% support among democratic primary voters. joining us tonight, co-host of outnumbered on fox news
7:55 pm
jedidiah bila, editor of the national view and fox news contributor, rich lowry. jedidiah, impressive poll result for bush. people giving him a lot of grief about not dominating. he's not dominating but he's in the lead. >> he's in the lead, but look at donald trump. what does that say about the voting public? honestly. people are listening to him because they can't stand typical politicians. and they're looking left and right for maybe we can switch it up. lou: that seems rational to me. >> maybe have someone outside the circle. >> maybe they can have someone outside of the circle. you have heard that donald trump, regardless of what you think he will shake up the system. and you know, he thinks maybe i need to spice my campaign up a little bit. >> what do you think? those folks that were running against him? >> i don't know what a mashup would look like of donald trump and jeb bush.
7:56 pm
separating one to 10 of them. >> i would not make that much of it. you know do they like i'm? no. will they consider voting for him? 's you know, he has a tough road ahead. and i wouldn't be surprised. that's when the new season of celebrity apprentice starts he will find some way to get behind it. [laughter] >> you know he is still cynical. the ids that hillary clinton is getting 51%. they had hit her with just about everything that she has had as far as integrity shows, if that is the correct word. you know across the entire horizon, how could she have that much support. >> there's no solace. who are they going to vote for? america is not quite ready,
7:57 pm
saying that 60% of the country is not ready to vote for a socialist and you know, 47% are more willing. >> i think that bernie sanders makes sense. >> i was with a serious left person the other day who really believes that bernie sanders is not just going to win new hampshire but when iowa as well. and you look at it and he is chomping at the bit. i think that those states are more important to focus on. >> look at the campaign rallies. if you contrast the enthusiasm and emotion that people are attending bernie sanders has people excited about him. those people are going to go out and they will stand there for
7:58 pm
hours. if it's a rainy day, they might sleep in. >> rick perry 2%. bobby general stepping in today, there are some terrific people who are nascent in their campaign on also in their response to the public. >> you can take the bottom field in any of those number of people could've won the last time around. >> i happen to agree with you, absolutely. >> i think that the more that you hear of him, the more the public is going to get behind them. i think that what is interesting is that people keep saying that the republican bench is too deep. i would rather have that problem and have all of my eggs in the
7:59 pm
basket. hillary clinton is boring and not charismatic she is just not an inspiring candidate. at least we have options this time around and most of them are pretty decent. >> i could not agree with you more. you know talking with brad a little bit he is so enthusiastic about rick perry right now. and it's nice to see people and what i'm pointing to. >> you know, i like rick perry a lot. he can walk into a room and you actually like him, which is nice. but he's going to have to go into iowa and do a lot of work on the ground. >> it is interesting. and i think all of these folks are going to have to play hard.
8:00 pm
lou: it's time for a look at our online poll results. we asked if you believe the nfl should lift the four-game suspension of tom brady. 54% said they are pulling for another team 54% said no. ♪ ♪ kennedy: a week of debate over the power of words and symbols this presidential longshot carly fiorina wants to bastardize the feminine form for political game. >> i am tired of women who are conservative like me being dismissed by others because we do not agree with them. and i think it's time to take that back for all women. not just for those


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