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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  July 16, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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terrorism. i know no one likes to speculate, and i don't want to speculate either. trish: right. >> but stated -- uncomfortably that's the reality we all face nowadays. daniel, thank you very much for joining us. liz is going to walk you off to the close. >> trish, thank you very much as you have been reporting this shooting in chattanooga, tennessee that started with very little detail is becoming more horrific as we speak. here's what we now know at the moment. the associate press is reporting four marines have been shot and killed. the soul gunman also dead. gunshots around 11:00 a.m. rapped fire at a military recruiting center and a navy reserve center late this morning. , yes, correct. two different military locations in chattanooga. officials tell fox news that after the shooter was dead, they were able to go in and figure out all that was happening. here on your screen, the two locations. one, a naval reserve center. two a u.s. naval recruiting
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center. we also have reports that up to four other members of the military were injured. we have a officer shot, a local officer shot. witnesses say that a man shot up the recruiting center. and that was at a strip mall okay? the other disbenefit at the naval reserve center, that was actually eight miles away. you're looking at a news conference right now. we're waiting real comment from the mayor. is that the mayor, brad? okay. that's mayor andy burke, let's listen to what he has to say right now. >> worked at our medical facility who prowled deserve our thanks and praise to the way they responded. they were amazing in what they did, and we know of no active issues right now. we do know that we have four individuals who were killed who are victims. we know that the shooter was killed at the scene as well.
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also one chattanooga police officer was shot in the ankle and is being treated very well as well as there were some other individuals who were shot and have also been treated. i want to say, again, it is incomprehensivable to see what happened and the way that individuals who prowled serve our country were treated. two different locations this individual went to. and as a city, we will respond to this with every available resource that we have. i have behind me individuals from the fbi, the atf, hamilton county, chattanooga police department, the u.s. attorney. every single resource that we can summon. this is as i said a nightmare for the city of chattanooga.
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one that one to which we will respond. with that, i'll give -- >> so very quick, excluding the shooter or is that a 5th person? >> that's a fifth person. >> chief. >> thank you, mr. mayor. the mayor shared all the details in the incident and the investigation that we're prepared to share right now. i would like to echo his apology to take a while to get to you all. our primary concern was the welfare of our community. checking on our officers and making sure that we coordinated with our partners from the county, the state, and the federal government. what we do know is that somebody brutally attacked members of our armed services and officers of the chattanooga police department and the hamilton county sheriffs office responded immediately, and they were able to make sure that no further loss of life happened. i'm extremely proud of them and the community of chattanooga for making sure that we responded at timely and in a courageous manner. thank you.
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>> i'm bill, the united states attorney for the eastern district of tennessee. this is a sad day -- >> the mayor of chattanooga, tennessee saying five dead including the shooter. four marines by a man in a silver mustang who too is now dead. we want to bring in bernie, he of course is the former commissioner head of the new york pd. bernie, right off the bat there were two different locations. i found it really interesting the faa immediately held all outgoing planes in case somebody involved was trying to hop on a place and get out. do you still believe that this was just one single shooter? two locations. >> you know what, liz, i think it's premature to call it. but i think based on what we know right now, i think it looks like just one shooter. , you know, these are extremely soft targets. they're not secured. you know, for the most part in any real way. and it's unfortunate, you know, my heart goes out to the
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families or those lost. and you have to give thanks to the chattanooga police, the police department there, their response and their ability to take this guy out and stop the damage. >> we are not sure that the marines were armed, but it sounds pretty clear that it's hamilton county police, hamilton county sheriffs or possibly chattanooga local police who took this guy down as soon as they responded, they were able to end this situation. but this brings this the question, are we going to put more measures into all military measures even in an office where people can sign up. >> well, isis, al-qaeda, these radical extremist groups have consistently said that our military is one of which their primary targets. that being said, i think this has to be looked at.
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now, we don't know who this guy was. we don't know if he was some radical extremist or some cook. but at the end of the day these should be secured, there's traffic there, not to mention recruits. you know, people coming in to join the military and in this case one of them was actually shot, you know, who was on scene. >> we do need to stress that we don't know who did it. it could have been some did i say corruptioned person from the national guard, but if you're taking a they're pulling up police departments in afghanistan and in iraq, and this is what they do. >> well, we have to take lessons learns from what they do abroad. >> exactly. >> and basically what they -- liz, what they say they're going to do. they continue to tell us that they're going to do this stuff. so like i said we don't know at this point who it was. >> uh-huh. >> but we should at least
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listen to what they're saying. make sure these locations are secure. >> two attacks in the same area. we can put up the map again of chattanooga. this, again, just for people joining us. hamilton county 11:00 a.m. a man in a silver mustang never got out of the car. he did not get out of the vehicle. he launched a barrage of gunfire. apparently it was rapped gunfire attacking both a naval reserves center and it was just a horrific nightmare and at the end of all of it -- things could change, but at the and the gun man also killed. what's the next step in an investigation like this? and here we have the markers of bullet will go to has been first and foremost they're going to identify the gunman, and then they're going to into his past, look at his associates, look at where he came from, look at where he got the weapon. any other weapons he may have in his possession or may have purchased.
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have had contact with. they'll be looking at -- this guy inside and out to make sure there were no associates on the outside, inside. and that's the primary beginning at this point. >> bernard, thank you so much. we really appreciate your expertise. so sorry it is at a time like this where four marines have been fell. we're going to be on top of this story, folks. we want to make sure that all of the information that we get to you is accurate and late breaking the second we get anything new on this, we will definitely bring it to you. we're going to take a quick break. we need to mention that our markets -- we don't want to be callous here. we are a business network. they are holding some decent gains here with the s&p 500 up 14. welch right back. much more ahead. >> not a lot of information at this point we're trying to process, so we want to make sure that we get it right before we release any type of
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a 15 year high for the nasdaq. and it's at the gain by percentage it is the nasdaq. it is up a full percent. and we've gottianet on her second day of the hill. she's saying once again expect it. an interest rate hike is likely coming this year. this is part of her semiannual testimony to congress. remember yesterday she said quote the economy doesn't stink. she's testifying before the senate financial committee right now. we're keeping an eye on this. the economy of course front and center but the sense pretty much is that the economy from where she stands is good enough that it could withstand teeny tiny interest rate. we haven't seen one in nine years. just to give you, guys, some perspective. the markets are also getting a helping hand from european central bank president mario, who promised central bank will expand aid to troubled greek banks. remember at this exact time yesterday, we had riots in the
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streets as it appeared the greek parliament was definitely go on vote "yes," and it did. on of course a bailout package that wouldn't require more extremely forms of austerity. so you have renewed optimism on wall street. and that means the vicks is going down. the volatility index has plummeted 14% just since last thursday, that's the steepest drop ever. it's dropping more now by about nine and two-thirds percent, and speaker john, you could argue that gold is really the telltale of behavior here because it's now getting to some serious levels of lower numbers here with gold. i believe it's the lowest in eight months. five straight sessions of losses. doesn't appear there's a lot of fear in this market right now. >> the fear has left this market very quickly. and it seems like everyone has forgotten about greece and what's happening in europe. when we spoke three weeks ago.
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i talked about the 2,100 level to 2,150, we did break below that and all of a sudden you come back from vacation and we're back right here in the mix there. we're getting into the summer, i think investors are feeling a little bit more comfortable that greece is lind us. not saying anything quite different that's going to spook or rattle this market. >> uh-huh. >> they're saying of course he didn't season is going to continue to drive this market. google after the bell today. big one ge tomorrow morning. and if you look at the calendar next week, very, very light economic data. so they're going to be focusing on earning season and unknown headlines. >> we've got two names. jp morgan and disney hitting lifetime highs today. so when you see a financial and another dow component like disney once again hitting time and time again. disney has been on a unbelievable roll. but, alan, tell us what we're missing here. we don't want to be -- yeah, the bulls are on the run. what's that side window worry
3:16 pm
or trade that you start to see some traders putting in any options you bring? >> well, you talked about the vicks, and that's a big move. we saw the vicks decline there, and you've mentioned it's down 40% in just a week. so that's amazing. but look at the low there. the low is at about 10.28. so that's 15% below where we are now. still upside in the market. slow and steady. earnings is what's going to drive this. we will get some psychological jars once in a while like we've gotten out of greece and so fourth. but those have turned out to be opportunities each and every time. and if you look at selloff, once we make new highs in the s&p, which mostly likely we will, that will move up to 22, 25, so 5% where we are. >> 22.25, we're at 21.22 for those driving on the west side highway or route 66 and listening to xm113. we welcome you now. and oil plummeting -- plummeting.
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it's down a couple of pennies. but if you look at what it has been done over the past couple of months. i'm just wondering bank of america is correct it came out earlier this week saying $45 a barrel. >> well, today we had a divergence. right now fundamentally-wise it should be crude oil. but it wasn't. and there was a huge technical number. and so i do think had a report is going to be right. i think we're about to see some downside, and i do think we're going to get to the 45 level. after that, i think we're going to see the support, stay there for a little bit, and then from there create a bottom and head back up. but for now, crude oil anything below 51, i'm selling. >> how much of individuality, hillary clinton wants to stop drilling on federal land.
3:18 pm
>> well, that would be very affordable of crude oil. markets not reacting to it. i think that information would take a long time to see it happen, see it come into play. so right now the market has discounted. >> great to have all of you. john, alan, alan. two alans. thank you so much you can't recollect has been anywhere because we're getting more details on the shooting in chattanooga, tennessee. the press conference just wrapped up. the mayor saying it was a loan gunman who took the lives of four marines. the gunman also dead. the fbi, the faa -- yes, the faa just stopped all out going flights for a time out of chattanooga in case somebody was trying to escape. all kinds of agencies are investigating it as a possible act of domestic terrorism. domestic terrorism. we're going to get some clarity on that as soon as it becomes available. in the meantime we're going to take you to greece, and we've got much more ahead on all of the news. stay tuned
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. >> how must israel feel? well, president obama trying to make amens with its primary ally in the middle east, and benjamin netanyahu increasing the awake of israel and the agreement which netanyahu calls a quote historic mistake. is this a consolation prize? is it being welcomed saul by the israelis? well, we're bringing in a man who has been very critical of the iran agreement. and he is ambassador dan. he served as israelis ambassador from 2003 to 2008, and we welcome you, sir. thank you for joining us live from tel aviv. also the united nations is expected to vote next week. but first president obama offering more military aid. how do you see that? does it smooth any of the rough edges for the past couple of weeks?
3:24 pm
>> well, liz, it's good to be with you. and, yes, i am very critical. but also very worried. and i think that one thing that president obama and the american people have to understand is that prime minister netanyahu does not enjoy being the bad boy of the western world. he does not enjoy standing up against the whole world and being the canary in the coal mine. he is truly very, very anxiously worried about iran becoming nuclear and honestly believes that the deal that was struck is a deal that will not only not prevent iran from doing so, but encourage iran to become nuclear. and therefore -- i'm sure that secretary carter will be very welcomed to israel. he's a friend -- america is a friend, the american people are friends. and i believe the president means well. but i don't think prime minister netanyahu at the
3:25 pm
moment will settle for anything less than a revoking this very bad and dangerous agreement. and therefore i -- my assumption that he will listen very carefully to what he will have to say and the on going relationship and the military and the intelligence fields and security fields between israel and the u.s. but first and foremost, will try to make sure that this agreement does not go through because he truly believes it is danger to israel and to civilization as we know it. >> in my hands, sir, i have the document that the united nations security counsel will vote upon. and we pulled out some of the things within it. fox was able to obtain this. in it on the first page it says welcoming iran's reaffir reaffirmation of the jpoa, that it will under no circumstances ever seek
3:26 pm
develop or acquire any nuclear weapons. that seems pretty clear. what is it that you see where there's an opportunity for real wiggle room on behalf of iran? >> well, first what i see is the same -- nearly the same words being said just 15 years ago about north korea. and, by the way, ms. wendy sherman who i respect very much, negotiated that deal with north korea and president clinton was a very good friend assuring us that north korea would never go nuclear, and they did. and synvery more dangerous because north korea created them out of desperation while iran is seeking them out of aspiration. so we have history, a
3:27 pm
precedent of rowing regime of weapons. and there's another between north korea and iran. north korea has a sponsor, which is china, which we may disagree with. but what i think wants north korea to be under control. iran has no sponsor. it is itself. the sponsor, the main sponsor of terrorism around the world, it still cares out terrorism all around the world. not just in our region. >> yeah. >> and therefore -- you know, we believe the iranians. we believe them when they say they want to wipe israel off the map. when they say death to america. so, you know, why should we -- if we believe these things, why should we believe those empty words in the un resolution document? >> former israeli ambassador to the united nations. we'll see what happens both with the un vote and of course after the 60-day review period what happens with u.s. congress. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> well, you heard what ambassador guilter man said.
3:28 pm
this isn't just an arms race, though. we need to talk about the fact that there are some organizations and companies here in the u.s. who are actually excited about iran getting its sanctions dropped because its a business race. just yesterday we found out that apple is in talks to sell products in iran as companies head to this untapped market. so which companies stand a benefit and does it just seem like fed up. and we're joined now he, folks, precisely on emerging markets and emerging technology, along with chris, a disparages radio talk show host. chris, i can see companies salivating over an open door. it's more than 400 billion-dollar economy in iran. who's going to jump in firsts? >> well, didn't i it's going to be people who are selling capital equipment. if i were an investor, i wouldn't be want to be putting hard assets i own into that nation. i would want to be selling into it. so that could be apple selling
3:29 pm
phones. there could be a good side effect to it. do they take to facebook? do they take to twitter? did they does it cause some disruption socially. however, the other opportunities had a we're looking at is defense companies. i think the area becomes more militarized, it will not be safer ten years from now. so i would be looking at defense companies -- >> chris i highly doubt defense companies will be allowed to sell to them. >> in the areas to their neighbors. not iran. >> again, but why opportunities. >> this is country that won't living in the stone age for the last 15, 20 years. so there's a lot that can be built there, infrastructure, wi-fi networks here that we take for granted here that they don't have there. and that would lead to a more democratized iran. we saw what it could has been in the arab spring. and westerners are coming there to trade, what could happen the next time they decide to revolt there? >> if you look at a map, i'm always looking at bodies of water.
3:30 pm
the gulf, the persian gulf, there's a sea of -- a waterfront stretch just north there to iran. i can see hotel companies, very -- >> carnival cruise line. >> oh, gosh. can you imagine? >> yeah. we're talking about what's going to happen between ten years from now. a pope will be born, and things are going to change in that region, and i think american companies are going to have a lot of opportunities there. i think international companies as well. >> what do you think of what dan just said in that we thought that would happen with north korea, and that's a nest of vipers. >> you know, i think the leadership in north korea is a little bit morin sane than the leadership of iran. we don't agree with them. they say some very hateful things, but they're a group of people. not a single person that are making although you decisions there. to the point of ayatollah, they have an election where they have several candidates competing against things, and there's a real system of government there. we don't always like what they say.
3:31 pm
but there's not just one crazy person. >> let's not annoying oil; right? the ambassador made a calibrate point. they're in it by themselves, but th've got oil money. >> yes. >> the north korean's are starving, but the oil could be the deal that promotes. >> and, again, the investment of some of the capital equipment from our great companies down in houston that would be selling to improve their systems. the problem is -- >> right. >> exactly. >> however, with oil at the price that it's at, it's certainly not as lucrative as it was two years ago at 100. and with more oil coming on. i have a feeling that oil is set in this area or down. >> i think it's going down. and also that they haven't been able to sell their oil at all. so whether it's at 100 or 30 or whatever where does whole thing started, i think they're going to see some serious profess. >> by the way, as recently sarr couple of years ago, there was a maserati dealership right in the heart
3:32 pm
of iran. little known fact. mayor who is a public advocate at the time, not the mayor, he forced maserati to shut that down, even it wasn't a u.s. company. but he said you can't be doing business with a terrorist organization like that. very interesting. see? stick around. you'll learn a lot of useless trivia from me. >> i need a maserati. >> thank you, all, very much. chris. and closing bell. 28 minutes away. we have some more breaking news we need to tell you a verdict has been reached in the colorado theater shooting trial of james homes. do you remember that a couple years ago? we have more details as they come on that. also an international cyber crime broken up by the fbi in and 19 other nations. dark code. we talk to the cyber security company that just got a massive amount of backing from google about how it would stop future dark code nemesises in the tracks.
3:33 pm
and we'll have an update on the four marines killed in chattanooga, tennessee by a loan gunman. all that and much more when we come back ♪ we all feel the calling to build something great. ♪
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♪ liz: 23 minutes before the closing bell rings. look at markets here. i need you to turn your attention to the nasdaq up 62 points. nasdaq 100 hit 15-year high. when weeing took over at top of the hour we see a gain of 16 points. must be a lot more clarity that greece voted to stay in the eurozone by approving the austerity plan but overnight a huge situation developed, a virtual hornet's nest for criminal hackers was taken down
3:38 pm
in a massive international operation. did you hear about this? once an impenetrable hotbed of cybercrime was a site called "darkode." it now redirects to a notice from the fbi, euro poll and other agencies. what happened? they went into this "darkode" operation. they arrested 60 people. 18 different countries in connection with the site. which is an english-speaking site where criminals get in there. they're able to buy and sell illegal malware. all kind of issues, trade all kinds of horrifying secrets. you see news conference where they shut the bad boys down. as soon as one closes down another one pops up. that is why google's investment arm took into a 100 million-dollar investment in company called cloud strike. they are fighting some of the most sophisticated hacks today. we're joined in "first on fox business" interview by cloud
3:39 pm
strike ceo and man who said give them the money, google capital partner's gene francis. in front of a camera in silicon valley. thank you so much for joining us. george, i will start with you. you've been doing this for quite some time, you wrote this book, hacking exposed. best-selling security book ever. you know no what you talk. what would your company have done with the "darkode" site? >> that is one of the very many dark web operations really allow operators to create malware, distribute malware, steal passwords, sell credit card information. basically deliver destruction to corporations around the globe. what we really focus on the ability to prevent those sort of attacks. most prevalent malware, sophisticated cyber attacks not just being picked up by traditional technologies. that is where cloud strike comes in. liz: the word sophisticated, these guys are all sophisticated but they tend to have the great
3:40 pm
ability to morph, into as soon as they're busted something pops up. hydra is not, i think description because they really do change their genetics and dan very quickly. so how is it that your flagship software has to the a name, correct? talk about what it does. >> falcon host is really a platform designed to, really recreate nextgen end point technology. unfortunately the rest of the industry is focused on signatures. we think about signatures we focus on knowing the malware. knowing malware is actually bad. we look at attack patterns that don't rely on signatures. we find signatures where others can't. liz: gene, $100 million is no small chunk of change. this was your first foray into cybersecurity? what about cloud strike that -- crowd strike attracted your attention? >> crowd strike is the first
3:41 pm
investment in the security space. we were excited about the company's mission and its ability to really help enterprises protect end points and their security perimeter that is differentiated to most companies we see out there in the security space. out investment comes on heels of very extensive review leveraging what google knows about security to identify the most promising companies. we think crowdstrike is among those. liz: google smartest guy this room no matter who you look at. it is a crowded space. it is crowded. there is an etf, hack. it has some of the biggest names in there. so, gene, what will differentiate it? how do you feel certain clients will look at the entire field and say we're going with cloudstrike? >> that's a great question. that we spent a lot of time thinking about. i would point to three specifics aspects of crowdstrike we think make quite compelling as an
3:42 pm
investment opportunity. the first is its focus on really being able to pool learnings from all of its different customers. to be able to better serve its existing and new customers. and so the cloud element to the architecture, that crowdstrike uses is quite differentiated. it provides significant advantages, and as the company continues to scale and grow its footprint. most of the other companies that serve end point market really focus on just securing individual end point by end point as opposed to trying to leverage that across the customer base. i think the second point, and this is something that i think crowdstrike gets less recognition for, it has a very, very strategic and differentiated capability in threat remediation. and this is a very, very compelling compliment to what the company provides in its stock and host platform.
3:43 pm
and again not many companies dan do that. the last point i would make it is a management team that is unique and differentiated and has a history of being very capable in this space. we're highly confident of his ability to grow the company. liz: george likes that you just said that. george, what are you going to do with the money? how do you use it appropriately? >> we continue to buildout our sales and marketing. we continue to buildout our platform. there is a lot more platform to be built and capabilities to be added. we expand to asia, europe, australia. we want to be present in the local markets. >> come back again. a ongoing growing problem and "darkode" shut down. you guys are on the case. >> thank you for having me. >> george kurtz, crowdstrike founder and ceo. gene frantz spending money at google cap pal partners. justin speith is near the top of the leaderboard after
3:44 pm
shooting a 5 under 67 on the old course at st. andrews. speith looking just to become the second person ever to win the masters, u.s. open and british open in the same year. the first since ben hogan did it back in 1953. let you know, dustin johnson is first at 7 under. a win at st. andrews would go a long way to healing the dramatic loss to speith in the u.s. open. four others are tied one stroke back. i'm doing competing of my own this weekend. yes. team fox business competing in the new york city triathlon sunday. i'm joined by my partner chris hahn just on set with us. our new winner here, james freeman of "the wall street journal" he will dot 1500-meter swim in the hudson because neither chris nor i wanted to jump in the horrifying hud an son again. james will do that for us. there is cheryl casone. team fox business.
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compete, 40-kilometer run. 10-k run. 40-kilometer bike. i do the bike part. james do the swim. chris is doing the run. fox business is one of the sponsors of race. i'm doing it to raise money for these guys. building homes for heroes a organization very dear to my heart. we buildout tricked out custom homes for most severely wounded and disabled veterans coming back from iraq and afghanistan. even if you have a dollar, five dollars, $500, whatever we will take it. go to my facebook page. claman. the link is right there. you make a donation. every penny counts. we won't bug you. we already raised 100,000 over the past couple triathelons. please help our heroes. thank you so much. sunday's the day, team fox business, cheer us on. closing bell 15 minutes away.
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♪ >> what we do know is that somebody brutally and brazenly attacked members of our armed services and officers of the chattanooga police department and hamilton county sheriff's office responded immediately and they were able to make sure that no further loss of life happened. i'm extremely proud of them and the community of chattanooga for making sure that we responded in a timely and courageous manner. liz: four marines murdered. the gunman dead. listen, we still, at this point
3:51 pm
are not knowing the identity or the motive behind this attack. but that was of course the police chief the chattanooga, tennessee. again, with four marines down, at two different locations, both military in chattanooga, including a national guard reservist area, makes you wonder exactly the motive what was going on here. the term domestic terror has been then around although again we're not sure. we just simply can not confirm anything. it began just before 11 a.m., two locations seven miles apart. as soon as we get more information, we or "after the bell" will bring it to you. after the bell, we have real action. lori rothman down on new york stock exchange with what is coming up. earnings numbers are here. >> liz, very strong market and strong performers ahead of their earnings reports. google up year-to-date 12%. all eyes focused on the tech giant because of some fading revenue. this is trouble spot. search ads are the dollars coming down in that category?
3:52 pm
investor key to watch that. first quarter, 12% gain of revenue for google, first quarter of 2014 revenue was up 19%. we're seeing a trend moving in the wrong direction on that front. investors wondering what google has plans for $60 billion of free cash on hand. so we'll be listening perhaps for announcement of dividend or share buyback. looking for specific breakout numbers in some of google's business. youtube for example. kind of interesting trend too from google that their costs are basically overcoming their revenues. so we'll be watching for headcounts as well. liz, send it back to you. liz: lori, thank you. quick mention about amazon. hitting all-time high today just one day after the big amazon prime today create ad whole holiday. the stock is on a tear. it is up 13%. actually, no, sorry, $13, or up nearly 3%. greece, fighting austerity as the euro loses even more ground to the dollar but which
3:53 pm
companies are set to benefit from the currency wars? this video yesterday. all calm on the greek front at the moment. what about companies who have not been smart enough to hedge the dollar? stay tuned. ♪
3:54 pm
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3:56 pm
♪ liz: the unknown. there is always something with earnings season right? how will companies be impacted by not just strong dollar which was problem last two quarters but all currencies. not just euro versus dollar movements. we have the guy who knows what you should watch. he joins us in a fox business exclusive. tell us what the investor needs to watch for. you give us three names of companies basically just be ready, folks, they did not hedge correctly. that's what you're saying? >> absolutely. watch out.
3:57 pm
some companies do really will, example of somebody does it right, google. companies quarter after quarter like mattel. mattel will get hit hard. they're coming out after earnings. watch what happens. they're not getting as you rightfully so because of dollar-euro. they have russian ruble exposure. they're expanding in russia. mattel they're expanding in brazil and look in china getting hit at revenue and expense line, net-net. serious impact. liz: the stock has had a little bit of a struggle past three months. fascinated to hear. they're selling a lot there. what else? you have hp and tiffany's as two names that have not hedged properly and may get hit. >> get hit, same thing. not really changing their processes up. they have some efficiencies but they're not good enough. they could be doing better job. liz: now the ones that do it well. and the top name is one thaw consistently mentioned each time we ask you to come in and reveal what will happen. >> it is google.
3:58 pm
you have other guys like yahoo!. yahoo! doing a great job. doing it for year. they understand their currency exposures. nuance a different name we haven't talked about very much. liz: nuance is apple halo play, correct. >> absolutely correct. international. need to understand their exposures. manage it well. do you corning, same thing. really understand it -- dow corning. big business and need to look at cash flow and forecasts well as their balance sheet. they do a good job understanding it, managing it. no surprises there. liz: will there be fewer currency exposures mentioned? in a lot of reports two quarters ago, sorry we got hit by currency fluctuations. will there be less reports as people figure it out? >> people will still look at it and not understand currencies. analysts are trying to answer tougher and tougher questions. we're trying to help people with technologies so there will be fewer eventually. as we get more customers we'll
3:59 pm
have fewer mentioned. liz: we'll help you folks out, everyone that wolfgang mentioned ones that will win and lose. liz and facebook. good to see you. with fireapps. calling it right just about every time. that does it for "countdown to the closing bell." david, melissa. hand it to you. david: thank you very much on very busy news day. melissa: that's right. google's earnings report minutes away. we'll have numbers as they cross. we'll break it all down. this is the biggs one. david: the big story of the today, domestic terrorism to describe deadly attacks on military in chattanooga? colonel oliver north is here. melissa: jury reaches a verdict from the shootings in aurora, colorado, the latest on fate of james holmes as well. david: it is. traders working nonetheless. it is a positive day on the dow. particularly, spectacular day on
4:00 pm
certain stocks like netflix where the ceo himself says can't figure out, actually dumfounded as to price of the stock but the markets are in plus category as bells ring. [closing bell ringing]. only thing pointing down is oil and gold right now. again, a great day for the markets. but while markets wait for tomorrow here is everything you need to know right now. some breaking news. we've been reporting it for the past several hours. it is now being called an act of domestic terrorism. a gunman going on a rampage in two separate locations including a naval reserve center in chattanooga, tennessee, that left four marines dead. one police officer is wounded along with two others. fox news also learned the lone gunman was shot and killed. >> as a city, we will respond to this with every available resource that we have. david: we have late-breaking


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