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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 22, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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are we to inflammatory? what is your feeling? >> first of all, the media is a bunch of different medias. some get on my nurse more than others. maria: president obama making his final appearance on "the daily show." the president took a moment to put the blame on congress for the pirates targeting scandal. the federal communications commission improving the detail for $48.5 billion. sec wants something out of it for customers. they told the two companies to build a network 10 times the size of at&t's current network of fiber-optic cable. executives at theater and chrysler after two researchers hacked into the software they cheap suv and and controlled its feet. researchers, one of which is an nsa analysts say this is an industrywide problem they are trying to bring attention. bowing to release current
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earnings for the year-over-year increase in overall revenue but a decrease for the aircraft manufacturer. dow component stock up nearly 4.5% for the month of july. coca-cola releasing its second quarter this morning at 5% for the month of july stand a strong dollar will hurt the dow component is coca-cola has the majority of the sales overseas making of vulnerable to currency swings abroad. and a lower open this morning extending yesterday's big selloff on apple news and weakness in technology this morning. dow, s&p and nasdaq expected to open lower this morning. golf's newest star fell short of winning the british open that he saw the chance to to drink from the judge, the british open strophe. winner zach johnson posted this picture. after a top story. the same expectations to start getting hits a day. take a look at the stock down
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7%. no apple watch sales numbers. on the company would say of the sales exceeded in turn will expect nations since the april launch. the company's forecast for the next quarter day of low expectations. joining me right now is s&p capital analyst angela zeno. good to have you on the program. you have a hold on apple. were you surprised by the numbers? >> we were not surprised however overall the numbers came in fairly well. top line about 49.6 billion. we were looking at 50 billion, slightly below expectation. the earnings front came in fairly okay. maria: would you recommend clients. new work in the stock today? >> no, we wouldn't. we see significant risk as we head into the december quarter. we are looking at more along the
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lines of low single-digit growth where you see growth now north of 30%. significant deceleration. >> 121 a change. right now 123, 124. a lot of guys playing at 130 straight in the options land. if it goes below 120, guys will have to start hedging seriously to get it moved down to 110. right now we were in the range after it is included in the dow. we've been kind of pay in this 12130. once we get really port numbers, would he think about back-to-school sales, that kind of thing. they usually ramp up as we start to see people get funds for their kids going back to school, better. >> the big question now turns into what is the fall lineup look like going into the holiday
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season. we are really close on that because there's not much in our view that is going to come out here whether it be of larger screen ipad, whether it be an iphone six as it doesn't have much embedded with it. overall, going into this holiday season and there's a lot to be concerned about. i just saw it moving forward into calendar year 2016. you see some catalysts on the horizon and that is why we see some softness. maria: the problem is apple needs to diversify products. you mentioned a different ipad. people are turning their backs on this tablet and others. you didn't get enough information about the watch as they launched in april the stock hasn't touched since then and they said if you broke up the numbers, even the numbers in the category were not as strong as people were being. >> going back to a week ago
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thursday, down to 119. we had a big rally with new now we are selling off. the market expected a 67-point move. exactly what they got. apple is going to one of five. a great company but it will go back to one of size. i don't see a great deal here. the watches are bigger than they ever thought about. maria: the expectations are up here. the stock has been a phenomenal performer. nowhere to go but down. >> it really takes big news to move extremely away from the big strikes. if you listen to the call last night he was very positive in terms of worldwide metrics. i think -- >> if you actually look at apple, more than half of the growth is coming from china.
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china is going to be key. revenue more than doubled within china year-over-year, however fell more on a sequential basis. if you actually look at iphone sales here, we saw much less than expected. we were looking north of 50 million. that is a big plus. the consumers are really shifting down to the devices. that is to say the quarter here. maria: thanks so much. president obama making a final appearance on "the daily show" last night. what are men with the latest in washington. reporter: president obama pushback against accusations of "the daily show" the government is not working as well as it should supervise services to americans. the irs was not targeting the
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tea party and instead pointed to what he called the crummy law passed by congress and said the real scandal is how poorly the irs has been funded. >> there was nothing there was not some bacon seriously they are. they were trying to sort out conflict demands. you don't want all this money pouring through non-per process but he also won to make everyone is being true. reporter: the irs inspector general two years ago said the irs developed inappropriate criteria when focusing on conservative groups incited an effective management. the scandal has prompted capitol hill hearings and scrutiny from the justice department. what can't be disputed is the iris is busy collecting taxpayer money. so far taken in $2.4 trillion in the first nine months of the fiscal year. that is the record. maria: it is a record, unbelievaunbelieva ble. thank you very much. talking about this at the table. latest data shows the irs has
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never collected more money in history from u.s. taxpayers. dagen: at nefarious, questionable, sleazy behavior and agency and the root of it is lack of funding makes zero sense. it's lack of management, bureaucracy, no chain of command. there is nothing to do with the funding and the irs. maria: i just thought to take a shot at the real scandal at the irs is a complete tenure to what is really gone on at the irs in terms of the targeting of conservatives. just ignoring what actually took place. >> you also have the obama database story over the weekend that there is a secret database. maria: concentrated on race. >> and the redistribution of wealth according to various geographic areas. it is pretty astounding what is swept under the car. not to mention we didn't even talk about the flags aired by
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disney put the flags. >> they continue to find excuses and blame everybody else. he never once looked in the mirror and said i have control of days. he loves to antagonize the blame everybody else in the world. sandra: it will be a wild and woolly next year and a half until the new president takes office because he is going to increasingly say whatever. maria: said jon stewart just let him go on and on about what the real scandal at the irs and didn't push them on that? >> no. i expecting to meet there. there's a lovefest there. >> is not going to give up anything there. they are going to retire together. maria: this next bit push abate global warming.
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meanwhile, were open-ended and we're expecting the stock markets across asia mostly down. the nikkei average in japan. china's state television reporter rachel ruble as it does. good morning to you. reporter: good morning. keeping a close eye on what is happening with apple's dock overnight. definitely an impact on the market today. nikkei composite was the only major market to close in positive territory although not by much. earlier in the day with the rest of the lower. analysts say the market shows signs of recovery. good news for investors here. their glasses for china construction bank after the federal reserve said it needed to do more to fight money laundering. the hang seng door by 1%. japan's nikkei for the six-day losing streak as investors sent out the related shares lower today. also big losses among the banking sector and toshiba
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sending the nikkei lower than the cost be lower as well as we strengthen against the dollar in big losses among heavily weighted blue chips. maria: rachel ruble led in beijing this morning. and she seemed to know you just mentioned china was up overnight. you think that's a positive given all the volatility? >> right out 4000 is a big job. we had a correction top to bottom in the shanghai composite. obviously a huge amount of government intervention. >> really, they stepped in again. it's amazing how worldwide we just keep more money. maria: trading has stopped. >> the 4000 level is a pretty big headed and would like to watch the pages.
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>> what is the difference between stopping stocks trading in banning short sales at the data in europe? >> i think it's better to stop buying and selling trading. i don't see any difference. just in general. >> it's a communist country. of course -- >> they can buy it in the back door. >> the economy is trying to emulate. >> we're all waiting for the fed to lift off. that's being pushed into december. >> maybe 2017 december. >> we've got breaking news right now. unbelievable pictures out of new
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jersey. a warehouse fire at a toyota plant happening. we will bring you any updates as they happen. just coming into the newsroom here. north brunswick new jersey and the fact durians fire. we will follow that developing story this morning. coming up on "mornings with maria." will your daily daily caffeine fix cost you less? because i had. headlines in "the wall street journal." tax regimes for u.s. firms overseas looking to change how attacks are multinationals. probably a good idea. apple reports $200 billion in cash on the balance sheet, much of it overseas. and you port uses questionable addresses and rushing to get ahead of overtime proposals. companies working to track how many hours employees really work. back in a minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back to go collapse of fabulous dominating headlines. not even close to being the biggest loser among commodities. coffee down better than 20% this year. what is your take on this move? >> you know, this is the markets had a lot of promise. a lot of concern about a coffee disease, drought in brazil. those concerns have gone away and a big way. the profit will be bigger than expected. not only that, harvest conditions are absolutely fabulous. couple that with the fact of the problem of the falling commodity prices has crushed the brazilian economic problems even added to the downward pressure not looking good. if you look at the other side, coco was pretty strong.
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concerns about a draft in the ivory coast and the lack of fertilizer keeping america strong. the baycol of the the day, everybody wants to know about a thousand dollars an ounce. basically they called the top and they've consistently been embarrassed, doubling down. back to you. >> so you agree in terms of gold going lower? >> in the short-term we have a lot of downward pressure right now. commodities crashed across the board. a stronger dollar, less of a concern about inflation. deflationary fears. a test of $1000 is probably in the cars. whether we stay there or not depends on what the fed does later in the year. maria: thank you. >> i think they are trying to push the dollar when they said oil was going to 20. all of a sudden it came back. i'm not a believer in gold.
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i think most likely sunday night might've been a good love because we saw 27,000 trades at 735 eastern time after the markets opened sunday night which pushed it down to 1080. >> you saw that on my twitter, right? but i think china is kind of manipulating gold right now trying to push it down but they are buying it. an old trader trick. show one thing in common the other side. very manipulated in my personal opinion. sandra: if you are an individual in trying to trade against the likes of china and oldman sacks. -- goldman sachs. >> they haven't been on top of their game at their fancy calls lately. we'll talk about that later.
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maria: a connecticut team on the radar after regaining drawn with a handgun. president obama have instant on with jon stewart last night. listen to this. >> i can't believe you are leaving before me. i am issuing a new executive order. jon stewart cannot leave that show. it's being challenged in the courts.
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maria: welcome back to you breaking news. unbelievable pictures out of new jersey this morning. a fire breaking out a turn at a dlership officials have evacuated one apartment complex at the facility. a new jersey transit station with officials warning it could affect service had we will bring
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you any updates as they come into the mr. men become available. cheryl casone looking at that another's stories. new developments into the chattanooga shooting as well. >> good morning. and i called up mohammed yousef abdulazeez has been detained in jordan since friday. authorities learn more about the link to the country. he spent several months with his uncle last year in an effort to get away from drugs and alcohol. another test for great prime minister alexis at 10 later today on reforms that will need the country to secure another bailout. take a look at the video. unbelievable. a drone with a handgun attached to a firing in the video. video hosted on youtube has been viewed more than 2 billion times. the gun was built an 18-year-old who said 18-year-old who said it was built for his college class because the gun drawn was firing on private lands. it appears to be a legal issue.
6:25 am
the fsa is investigating because overall but they are saying that this could be copycats out there. the faa and authorities are nervous they will take the structure of what this kid made and repeat it and use it for harm across the u.s. maria: or regulations around using drugs for commercial purposes. if you are a hobbyist. can you put this under the category of hobbyists when there's a gun attached to it? >> the faa has fallen down at every turn in terms of regulating drugs. great restriction they've only just begun moving this year i'm passing rules where amazon and other businesses use the for commercial use. it is the wild west in terms of the recreational drug user. they are a cold quite frankly. you say anything nasty faq criticized "star trek."
6:26 am
>> we have terrorism everywhere. would you be more concerned if they would start using these things. >> that is the entire issue here. you have criminals that want to use drugs for all kind of the committees. this kid is a engineering student working at this profession are. he's been in trouble before. it was attacked by a woman upstate because he was using a drought and and she thought he stalking her. one flew up my head on a base in florida. >> i always worry about injury as well. that the other concern i have. these kids will get out there anything out there or they think they are toys but they are very dangerous.
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>> good morning, i'm maria bartiroma, it is july 22nd, with me is dagen mcdowell. average joy options, top stories at 6:00 on the east coast. apple shares falling 6% after first quarter revenue guidance missed expectations, there quarter earnings beat profit and revenue, part of the sell-off has to do with i phone sales, of the company reporting 47 million units of its flag shop products but that still was not enough
6:31 am
for analysts. >> you got this back office and they are going after the tea party. congress passed the crummy lot it didn't give people guidance in terms of what they trying to do. they did poorly and stupidly but that becomes -- >> you only have a year left. throwing it out there. maria: president obama making his final appearance on a daily joy with john stuart putting the blame on congress for the irs targeting scandal. executives at chrysler after researchers hacked into the software of the jeep suv and control its speed. researchers, foreign nsa analyst says this is an industrywide problem bringing attention to it. the markets opened lower this morning continuing yesterday's sell-off on weaker than expected earnings news coming out of the technology sector.
6:32 am
that is weighing on markets this morning. golf's newest star jordan spieth fell short of winning the british open buddy drink from the british open's drove the going home with winners zach johnson and zach johnson's caddy posted this picture to facebook. top story in the wall street journal addressing time limit to work requirements on tenants who move into public housing. benefits are open-ended. welfare recipients with five year limits. joining us with more on this is economist, good to see you, thanks for joining us. your thoughts on these proposals? >> any proposal that encourages people to go back to work is going to be positive. currently, 13% of section 8 housing programs that do this have time limits. various work requirements, expanding that would be positive. maria: how do you characterize the overall housing market?
6:33 am
it was a long time coming. do we finally have traction? >> we have more traction than we had. in 2013 looking at mortgage rates, they came down pretty quickly. a big drop-off in housing and we saw existing home sales fall 12% during that time through 2014 and they have recovered at, 1%, the underlying trends are better. all cash buyers, down 24%, investor purchases down 14% down from one.5% of the market, distress sales are down 10%. we see these underlying statistics that make it look like housing might be more stable it might be able to weather a small increase in interest rates which i expect we will see with the hike in september. >> don't you see the people that
6:34 am
are buying houses, they are getting all these new programs. in nevada that they have 4% mortgage and at 4% grant from the governments of getting back into the no money down type of housing. is a real legitimate buying or is it more manipulated or pushed for room by the philosophy we run into to keep throwing money and sitting on the carpet because there will be no rates. >> i agree with your point. they learned the lesson from 2006-2007 and make money cheap again in trying to stimulate the housing. and to reinstate housing, how durable will the housing be if rates do rise, rates can rise and reasons is with the fact
6:35 am
housing market. >> the biggest thing is all the starts are in multifamily and that kind of thing. what i describe as rental nation everyone is renting. what is going to drive those millennials into a home buyership, the ownership rate is the lowest ever. that will have to be some type of change or some type of way to get the money for these. >> can't borrow any money. maria: what about the consumer retail sales last month? is not just housing. >> this economy has been incredibly weak, weaker than headlines into the. will get the earnings period, expect a lower opening because of technology, you see with technology, their guidance stinks' and earnings are a okay, if you look at the s and p 5 did capital iq numbers they expect earnings to be down better than
6:36 am
4%. not such a great economy. >> one thing you are hitting on is the rental market in this economy today, that is the hottest space of all the sectors in the economy but maybe we had too many people don't homes in 2006, maybe we needed a higher rental rate but it is down 7%. when you look at inflation numbers this is interesting. of the 120% core cpi we got last month 1.3% came from rents and they look at that. >> the only thing having to do with inflation. >> where does growth come from the second half of the year? dagen mcdowell mentioned the consumer and that is mentioned cap-ex and corporates. do you think those two items grow stagnation? >> we are stuck in stagnation we have been stuck in the last six years, we are averaging, we average 2.3% gdp on a quarter
6:37 am
over quarter basis. the end of this year plays out the way people expect with 2 fine for% gdp in the second quarter and maybe 28 or 3 in the second half of the year, we will be back at 2.1% gdp. another year of wheat groups. we see a stronger second half because the tail winds to the consumer, gasoline savings it setter, better labor market, more people are avoiding etc. they are not great jobs. >> is this enough to get the fed to move? >> employment. it is all about financial conditions or financial conditions stagnant. >> increasing watching washington and people so they are concerned about doing something before the election year. anybody who says different. >> they raise rates, is a need to get off of zero.
6:38 am
>> that is important but it is true. >> you said last monday december, she said in his speech, thinking about december, they didn't mention anything about the sender. >> greater than 50% he told peter barnes that or move in september and. >> until something else happens. >> the only way the fed is going to movies if the stock market has a big rally. if the stock market rallies -- >> they are not moving. >> thank you for your insights, thank you for joining us, at&t and directv close to finalizing their $49 billion deal when it gets formal approval by regulators in will be the largest media deal of the last year and create one of the largest pay television providers in the country, nicole petallides with this angle. nicole: tom wheeler says the agency is ready to approve the merger with certain conditions, one of those requirements at&t will have to expand its fiber-optic broadband service, at&t says the deal gives more
6:39 am
scale and television and could help them in online video and the review process has taken more than a year. the justice department has signed off on the transactions so there has been a lot of focus on the telecom space. verizon and a lot, one analyst getting this approval almost getting his approval to the $49 billion deal saying this is a positive sign for charter and also time warner communications with their $56 billion possible deal. media when you put this together the largest media deals so far we have seen over the year and speaking of cap-ex these accompanies that spending on cap-ex, at&t the largest corporate investor in america. >> have to compete with netflix. >> anybody else consolidate in this case? what does this mean for comcast, more consolidation? >> you'll see more mergers across media and telecommunications. >> in general because that is
6:40 am
the way everything is pushed out whether it is youtube or twitter or whatever it is, so many different original content things can be posted anywhere like video on a drone at 2 million hits. and obama last night. what john stewart's rating/cuecue >> not as big as the growth. maria: mention netflix, those other companies that stepped in and wanted limitations of the question when you talk about this overall merger. >> harbinger capital is suing dish for $4.5 billion saying there was malfeasance on the part of the ceo. maria: you think it is not shocking? >> you will see more and more in this case as we consolidate, not even talking right now, netflix, the biggest reason people are
6:41 am
buying that stock is not because of the original content in the united states but would they do across the globe talking about what you start to get with the emerging markets, china, we see 2 million hits on a drone classmate that has a hand them dimension -- >> the interface of 1999. >> i wasn't born yet. >> are we not, 203 times p e ratio nobody else can never get? >> you should get into fiction, you should write fiction. this is about -- >> this interface -- >> $200 a share, $50. >> the deep throat of chicago. >> anybody who can create content for all the media companies that are gobbling it up, wildly overpaid for garbage.
6:42 am
>> donald trump been senator lindsey graham escalating the real-estate mogul, giving a direct line to the senator. did trump take a too far? back in a moment. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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>> incredible pictures out of new jersey. cheryl: we are following breaking news, this is a four alarm fire, and it is a huge warehouse, trying to find out what the carmaker has, the company using it for storage and repairs, also seeing reports by local media that basically this warehouse was full of vehicles. this is compacting train service and highway is coming into the manhattan area that will affect business in manhattan today. four people also under arrest in israel in florida, questioned about the computer hacking at jpmorgan, which happened last year. justice officials have yet to tie these guys to the 2014 massive data breach at jpmorgan
6:47 am
but once the sector remains a large they're looking for him this morning. american pharaoh on his way to monmouth park new jersey, he will attempt to win what is called the grand slam of course racing and finally ebay under scrutiny today after a seller's information was requesting information. and asking the seller the stories being detailed in the consumers. this is a common practice, helpful to the customers, there's not a way to opt out because ebay considers itself a venue, not responsible for anything that happens outside of the site. basically ferris same this is the's response, nothing to see here, we have done nothing wrong and best of luck to you. if some that shows up at your house call the police. good luck with that. in the age of acting like we
6:48 am
were talking with jpmorgan, safety, this is personal safety. >> that is why this person contacted consumers to complain. >> they give the list, to pay for, ebay is not taking responsibility for it. we are talking donald trump giving out lindsey graham's, ebay is giving out information all the time. >> you get that, part of the male world. i am not saying i agree with this but it is part of the male role, you can goes to a service and by 100,000 names of different people. >> you think they would be held responsible if something happened to them. the guilt of the person was attacked in their home, and if a person comes back and sues them. >> lawsuit always changes corporate behavior, punitive
6:49 am
damages, not encouraging people to sue. >> coming up next frightening demonstration clouds the future of so-called wired cars, jeeps could have the industry thinking about internet connected vehicles, we will tell you about it next, stay with us. everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy.? and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path
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maria: welcome back. wired magazine hiring two hackers to hack into the software of the jeep as you see and control its speed legitimate talents is the game at this should make everybody shake in and boots, anybody with a fairly new automobile, these new computer security researchers:of amused to work with the national security agency currently works
6:53 am
for twitter, they took control of this jeep cherokee using the vehicle's wireless communications system, and did the software, acting joy and when they were able to did they blast while the importers driving a car blasted the air-conditioning, changed the radio to put on hip-hop music, also turned down a bit of chill white dress become wider food sprayed across the windshield and cut the transmission, hit the brakes and eventually the, well dug-in a ditch. it illustrates what you could do. they kept some of the flaws in the car system under wraps, people would not be able to hack into these automobiles, senators edward marky and senator blumenthal introduced yesterday in legislation putting pressure on the national highway traffic safety administration and the ftc to develop standards for securing vehicles and protecting
6:54 am
people's privacy. >> united airlines had shutdown two weeks ago, the stock exchange, the new what was going on and the wall street journal, joy and bigger concern be when you get in an airplane? and -- >> somebody taking over your automobile is the big concern. >> anything with a chip can be hacked and taken over. that is the world we live in and that could be for nefarious purposes or good purposes. i don't know, before the jeeps there was a car that was travelling backwards at 70 miles an hour. and taking over e car, the gps kept the car on the road to keep it going in reverse. they make these self driving cars, autonomous cars, these are
6:55 am
companies have to prove to be lynn months and years ahead that they are secure and can't be hacked. >> like use anything with the chip in it. >> they will have to figure out a way to safeguard these cars. >> technology advancement, we talk about figuring out how it happens before it happens. >> we are the smartest people live for. we can figure out the technology. >> smartest people on both sides. >> nefarious guys are always smarter, always faster come loughs why can't we do that type of work before the release and do this stuff ahead of time? we have to wait until problems come. >> to raise it to because you have all this technology innovation going on. apple big part of the market
6:56 am
story today weighing on the averages but other companies that actually are a disappointment ibm, microsoft, the earnings period. >> what about google? >> google is on the other side. i'm talking about disappointment waiting on the market. >> google, i think we have to watch interest rates, no way we will go up in 2015. that is my state. the fed will continue to hide from the problem, no idea what is going on. they are so painted in the corner and hiding under the corner. >> earnings were right in the middle so we will have good earnings, google was good, apple was bad, overall we are going to be up and down and get their earnings rallied towards it. maria: in terms of the interest rates and economic story expect a rate hike? >> 25 basis points weather is tomorrow or september or march doesn't matter.
6:57 am
>> why don't they raise the rates like they are supposed to? >> that is not their mandate. maria: they have to get back to neutral. good to see you both. we will be right back, stay with us. ♪ if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us.
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maria: apple does a blend, shareholders reacting swiftly, president obama tells tall tales on the daily joy, donald trump gets personal with one of his republican rivals. >> from fox business headquarters in new york city here is maria bartiroma. maria: good morning, i am maria bartiroma. it is july 22nd. with me, sandra smith and rachel on the libra initiative. first top stories at 7:00 on the
7:01 am
east coast, apple shares down this morning about 6% after fourth quarter revenue guidance missed expectations the third quarter warnings the estimates on the profit and revenue line. part of the sell-off on apple, an iphone sales, the company reporting 47 million units with the flagship product were sold that that wasn't enough for some analysts who had her expectations. tim cook said they sold more units than they thought they would end the iphone did, quote, exceptionally well but apple shares are off 40% year over year but down this morning. >> got his back-office going after the tea party. congress passed a crummy law that didn't give people guidance in terms of what they were trying to do. they did it poorly and stupidly, that that becomes -- >> you have only a year and left.
7:02 am
throwing out there. maria: president obama making his final appearance on a daily show with john stuart, the president to the moment to blame congress for the irs scandal. blake berman will tell us about that coming up. carly fiorina looking for her chance to take the white house in 2016, we will talk with her in a few minutes. the federal communications commission approving direct tv, $48.5 billion that the fcc wants something out of it for customers, telling the companies to build a network ten times the size of at&t at current network of fiber-optic cables which executives and free of chrysler hot under the collar after two researchers were able to hack into the software of the jeep suv, the researchers, one of which is a former nsa analyst say this in industrywide problem and trying to bring attention to it. boeing said twenty-second quarter earnings, looking for a year over year increase on
7:03 am
overall revenue but a decrease in earnings for the aircraft manufacturer. dow component stock up 4.5% justin the month of june live. coca-cola also out with second quarter earnings. stock is up 5% in the month of july many savings as strong dollar will hurt the dow components as coca-cola does a majority of its revenue overseas making it vulnerable to currency swings abroad, we are waiting for and those numbers to come out, futures and kidder broader outlook, further selling of top of yesterday's sell-off on the heels of weaker than expected earnings out of the tech sector in per together apple and ibm. golf that the newest star jordan spieth fell short of winning the british open but still has a chance, the british open at strophe took it on with zach johnson, and close to this picture. that is our top story of the day. apple selling 47 million iphones missing expectations.
7:04 am
investor sentiment on apple, no apple watch sales, all the company said was quote makes sales exceeded internal expectations since the april launch. company's forecast for the next quarter below expectations. could this be the beginning of a weak trend for apple? sandra smith looking at what you are hearing out of wall street. sandra: 9 is looking closely, one of the major problems for apple was china. if you are looking for the bright spot, and tim cook definitely was saying the china story has been exaggerated and the slowdown in the economy and they were actually quite confident chinese sales of products will do very well. the apple watch, we don't know how well that is doing. do you like it? >> it was more important to forget the earnings. my kids love it. they obviously are not adding
7:05 am
that this thing is not doing very well. >> i would never get it against apple, and with their kids. >> one thing they did say, the watch sales, and the iphone and the ipad. and the great assault is apple. and break out the apple watch from other products. at some point they will. >> this is the test as far as tim cook, steve jobs, can the company continues to innovate as it once was. that is the question. i got to tell you as far as wall street analysts still calling for the stock to continue to go higher despite valuations, despite being arguably expensive
7:06 am
and whether or not -- people -- analysts don't like it and investors like it. to buy what they know like rachel is saying. >> the cash on the balance sheet wasn't $200 billion in cash, much of it overseas but what will they do in terms of acquisition, filling in growth? >> didn't give a lot of color on the conference call as far as that but that is the question with technology companies we know are sitting on boards of cash. how are they going to put this to work over the next couple years? no clear indication from apple, very tight-lipped on that sort of thing. >> they an end up sending e-mails from your watch? >> it is so funny. my kids are trying to figured that out. >> i can check, have my phone next to me.
7:07 am
there's a learning curve. >> sounds like you are not using it. >> that is the problem. >> it lanes on the counter agents and get snatched up and it does this or that. it looks good. >> president obama making his appearance on a daily joy with john stuart making interesting claims about the irs targeting scandal. blake berman with the latest. >> president obama asserted to jon stewart on the daily show last night that the real scandal, how poorly it has been funded. very choice words for congress. take a listen here. >> this back-office going after the tea party. it turned out congress passed a crummy law that didn't give people guidance in terms of what they were trying to do.
7:08 am
they did poorly and stupidly. >> as you know the irs inspector general said the irs developed one make inappropriate criteria when focusing on conservative groups and cited ineffective management. the scandal prompted capitol hill hearings and scrutiny from the justice department. what can't be disputed is the irs has been busy collecting taxpayer money, it has taken in $2.4 trillion in the first nine months of this fiscal year. that is a record. maria: insurers a record. thank you so much. the president denying the irs did anything wrong. is so unbelievable. even lois lerner didn't say they didn't do anything wrong. this is complete revisionist history. as he said a cut in record numbers of dollars in tax dollars and he is saying the irs needs more money.
7:09 am
i think this is for the tee is doing this in his last few months trying to rewrite history on this and is very clear, what i found interesting about the interview is jon stewart referred to himself as the media. lookout comfortable he looks on that show. jon stewart had the president on seven times on a show more times than most journalists, more times than congress. it is unbelievable. >> executive order, comedic timing was very good. i give the president, it -- he was comfortable. >> interesting that john stuart would leave it be on the irs thing. and jon stewart doesn't come back, and the server crashed and these e-mail, there was no follow-up. >> they destroyed -- a friend of obama's.
7:10 am
he doesn't have the same journalistic integrity. that is why he likes to go there. and jon stewart, checking scouts questions from me and -- >> handed him a fund-raising check. >> when you talk about what the president has to do next he has 18 months and could probably be more dangerous in the next 18 months. he just did it deal with iran and this is getting lots of criticism. now he says he wants to target global warming. jon stewart joked about having seen youritis which is exactly what we fear he has, that he is going to do fop and this will be an important next few months. this should write the campaign
7:11 am
speeches in the coming month for the presidential candidate on the gop side. they should be taught in a transparent administration after what you saw about the irs, transparency, truthfulness of the american people, hillary clinton is not a rating strongly, she is not trustworthy. the campaign should be targeting. >> he is kind of an hit. a pass of aggressiveness. and in chattanooga, raised it right away. he didn't do it here. this is an election and he can do these kinds of things that make people scratch their head. as far as global warming, right now he has been getting a lot of interesting moral authority from pope francis and a lot of the international community so i think beware.
7:12 am
that is a touchy subject. >> next on mornings the latest on the race for the white house hewlett-packard ceo gop hopeful carly fiorina is here next. look at the end of the headlines topping the wall street journal. u.s. firms overseas, the change in how we tax multinationals, medicare screening, a new report says thousands of doctors, use questionable addresses and they are rushing to get ahead of overtime proposals, tracking how many hours their employees really worked. later this hour looking at investing for the long term with merrill lynch wealth management head joining us coming get in a moment. >> i can't believe you are leaving before me. i am issuing a new executive order. jon stewart cannot leave the show. is being challenged in the corks. no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people,
7:13 am
whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business.
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7:15 am
maria: the question of driverless car safety in front of us today, jo lin kent, good
7:16 am
morning. >> in front of the systems is being questioned after two security experts demonstrated they did not only take control of a connected, but crashed in an article published in wired magazine. the two researchers took control of the jeep cherokee from their living room while a reporter waited inside the car. they commandeered the car for the entertainment system and planted a coat plaster had pop music and math out the air-conditioning and kill the transmission and breaks. the reporter was unharmed. the main reason was a possible flaw in the wireless service called you connect, to the spring cellphone network. it makes the jeep, responded to fox business, released a software update to eliminate this loophole, customers can download this either themselves and update it or take their cars, the local dealership and get it done for free.
7:17 am
from 2013 through 2014, and full navigation displays. and with the jeep hack, it is going to be presenting their full findings and security conference in las vegas on august 1st. we expect a better sense of the security flaw. maria: they said they wanted to bring attention to it so people understand what is possible here. what troubled using folks for the industry stand? what we are talking about for a connected vehicles. >> gee does more resources to protect this from happening, imagine the other car companies will follow suit if they learn this is a possibility so deep is saying they will try to build something that will prevent this as a jeep owner you would have to download this or bring it into the jeep dealership to implement that upgrade to prevent the system's from being attacked. this is exposing col vulnerable
7:18 am
this industry is as we continue to talk about innovation, driverless cars, all computers anymore. that is what we are dealing with. >> it is not terribly new. the new chapter of this entire story is all about sophisticated programmers and hackers being able to access or wanting to access. they have got more advanced and require more update. >> thank you. we will be watching, looking to be the first woman in the white house carly fiorina gives her blueprint for a victory. back in a moment.
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
maria: hillary clinton looking to capitalize on the female vote in the 2016 election but president clinton -- hillary clinton is not the only one running. joining me is a candidate for president carly fiorina. great to have you back on the program. do you think that the issues of the day are run as a mating with people? talk about what your campaign is. how do you stand apart in the 16 person field of the gop presidential election? >> 80% of the american people think we have a professional political class that is more focused on its own power, position and privilege and getting anything done. people are sick of the status quo of politics and politics as usual and they are right because we have festering problems with how long has supported in insecure? 25 years. how long have there been sanctuary city's? 15 years with how long as the va been a scandal? 20 years. it goes on and on. they look to someone from the
7:23 am
outside who is qualified to challenge the status quo. secondly need to get this nation's economy going and growing again and that means we need somebody who understands how actually works and the engine of economic growth in this nation has always been new businesses, small businesses, a family-owned businesses agreed two thirds of the new jobs and employ half the people and finally people are afraid of what is happening in the world. world is a more dangerous and more tragic place when we are not meeting and we are not meeting and i know more foreign leaders than anyone else running with the possible exception of hillary clinton only i didn't do photo ops with vladimir putin or the royal family of saudi or the chinese leadership. i had substantive meetings and when we don't stand by our allies or confront our adversaries which is not what we are doing right now than the world becomes a dangerous place. people know that. maria: this is front and center but also we have been having a debate about the economy,
7:24 am
talking and 2% growth, corporate earnings are not great, that is pressuring markets. how do you create jobs? do you focus on a small business sector or is it just big government and lower taxes? >> we have an economy now that is characterized in industry after industry by crony capitalism. crony capitalism happens when you have big government and business bulks up to deal with this big complicated government so whether it is banking, community banks getting destroyed, wall street banks are getting bigger, health care, insurance companies are merging, drug companies are merging, hospitals aregoing out of business. we need to go back to where does growth come from? where growth has always come from, the engine of job creation, innovation and growth has always been small business, family-owned business, i started as a secretary in a 9% real-estate firm. these companies can't make it now so we are now for the first time in u.s. history destroying
7:25 am
more businesses that we are creating. not the big businesses that are destroyed although they are putting along because this economy is not very robust. i also think we need to acknowledge that we are hanging people's lives up in webs of dependence. we don't have enough people in courage to move forward in their lives, they're laying back in their lives and that doesn't help any of us. maria: that is any issue. thank you for coming in and answering our questions. that differentiate yourself as a candidate right now. you walk in the studio and sat down and answer our questions. a huge thing really making you a different candidate out there right now. you have been very critical of the president's new leap into iran nuclear deal with iran. you have inked many details of yourself in the business world, you have been critical of the iran deal. what would you have done differently? >> first he broke every rule of negotiation.
7:26 am
i have negotiated a lot of deals and there are some carl rules. one, know what your goals are. and stick to them. he didn't. gave up on every goal. 2, walkaway. sometimes you have to walk away from the table to demonstrate your serious about achieving your goals. not only did we ever walk away but kept talking and talking and talking. number 3 never celebrated deal until you have the deal you want so when he walked into the rose garden two months ago and declared victory guess with the iranians did the joy they kept negotiating. what we have now unfortunately is a very dangerous deal and whether or not congress manages to stop and i hope they will rest of the world has moved on so what i have said publicly and i will say again this morning is on day one in the oval office i will make a phone call to the supreme leader of iran. he may not take a phone call but he would get the message and the message is this. until and unless you open every military facility, every nuclear facility to real, full and unfettered any time inspections we will cut off your access to the swift system to make it as
7:27 am
hard as possible for them to move money around the global financial system because right now money is flowing in and that makes, far more dangerous adversary. one last thing. know whose side of the table your partners are negotiating on. china and russia never been on our side of the table. they have been on their side of the table and their side of the table is they want iran's economy opened and they now succeeded in doing that. maria: the possibility to roll this back, the -- he keeps saying adamantly any challenges will be vetoed. >> will be very tough and that is why i think whatever the deal gets done, the u.n. approved it, e.u. approved it, the world moved on, that is why drastic unilateral action has to be taken by the next commander-in-chief which i would be prepared to do which get their money flow but we now know already what are our arab allies doing? they are arming to the teeth. the other phone call i would
7:28 am
make the same days to reassure benjamin netanyahu we will stand with the state of israel and is important to know that even our arab allies who don't always agree with israel but watch how we are treating is real and conclude our friendship with the united states doesn't mean anything anymore so they are going their own way and that makes the region very dangerous. maria: foreign policy is the one area we are making mistake after mistake and wondering if these air strikes against isis is actually helping. >> i suppose it is better than doing nothing but here is what our arab allies have asked us for. our arab allies are fighting isis as we speak, egypt is fighting the aground, saudi arabia is fighting an, jordan is fighting, the kurds are fighting the mantle of those allies asked for specific things, bombs, material, sharing intelligence, we haven't done any of that data are would hold the camp david summit immediately with those arab allies and say what do you need from us to defeat this evil because they know it is their fight? we forget they lost more people
7:29 am
to isis than anyone else, more muslims are being killed by isis and christians or jews. maria: a quick question, hillary is playing the gender card. was one of head to head with hillary and you look like? >> wouldn't that be fun? if hillary clinton debate me she can't talk about being a mother and grandmother, she can't talk about being a woman, what she is going to have to talk about is her lack of trustworthiness, her lack of a track record of leadership, with her policies will do to this nation and guess what? on that ground we can win. maria: great to have you. thanks for joining us today. presidential candidate carly fiorina joining us this morning, tune in to "cavuto coast to coast" at noon when ernie els sits down with former presidential senator rick santorum. we will hear from mr. santorum today at noon. ohio governor john kasich meanwhile running for president
7:30 am
launched a campaign for the white house this week, will he be republican contender to watch? president obama joked about donald trump's 5 hillary during his final appearance as president on the daily show with john stuart last night. watch this. >> i guess what you would say is after seven years, is that the advice that use an bequeath to future president from? >> i am sure the republicans are enjoying mr. trump's current dominance. anything that makes them look less crazy. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
7:31 am
can a business be...alive?
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> i am here to ask you for your prayers, for your support, for your efforts, because i have decided to run for president of the united states! [applaus
7:34 am
[applause]. maria: ohio gez becausic 16th republican to announce candidatecy some say his experience popularity key swing state make him one to watch the next guest a democrat worked with governor kasich for years in the buckeye state good to have you on the program we'll. >> thanks so much for having me on this morning. >> tell us what you know about john kasich how you worked with him in the past. >> well, i've been working with governor case i've beening last four years he came into the governor's mansion, at the beginning of 2011 at the time i was sitting senate minority leader, and we have beenona o opposing sides and same side during that year for example, we worked together on a very innovative program called jobs ohio, i took a lot of flack for that working with governor kasich on new economic development
7:35 am
program from my democratic colleagues, conversely, at the same time, i was citing governor cakes on collective bargaining rights what i found is that he is fair genuine, and he really is somebody to watch because i do think he is able to stand out from this crowd. >> rachel. >> what is the reaction to his speech yesterday i tell you i have a lot of -- women catholic women upper midwest texting me saying it recess inmatesed with them. >> i can see why i was not there i did have opportunity to listen to it on drive to columbus yesterday i think one of the reasons it is resonating first of all, he is authentic, what you see is what you get, that governor kasich that you saw, yesterday in that announcement is who he is. he really believes what he says and he cares about people. we may disagree on several different policy issues but when you heard him yesterday talk about the folks that were vulnerable the shadows that
7:36 am
might not be able to aford medications a man lost the job stories of american heartland he knows them. >> there is also a record, there, invite, you look at the economy of ohio, and you can see the unemployment situation doing better than the national average, you look at recovery it seems stronger in ohio than the national average. >> it is they were -- taxes a couple times led to stronger economy he definitely has a track record worth touth. >> i will disagree a little bit on that because yes, there has been success, but i believe that success built upon some of the things that were put in place prior to him coming into office it was an incredibly difficult time audible nationally prior to him coming in, with the economic crisis, but i think that he also is benefiting from some democratic policies that preceded him. >> some view points align with
7:37 am
left business on wall street a harsh hypocrite on wall street, his views there sort of in line with hillary clinton, elizabeth warren, attacking wall street for grode, et cetera, but in the speech very eloquent speech that he made yesterday, he made it very clear that he is in this for the small business, for -- for to better the business environment of america right now he says has been under attack, he his message was very strong when it came to economy gunpoint contend% had a hard time with. >> and i will say to that end you know, one of the things that people have said as well, he is not going to be able to make it out of primary because of stance for example on medicaid expansion but is it resonating with republican bass, currently i think that obviously governor cakes has very strong track record when it comes to being a fiscal conservative as former chair of the house budget committee someone traveled country up to this point promoting budget amendment to the united states constitution, some of it lower
7:38 am
taxes as you indicated in the states of ohio, and some won worked on regulator reforms i have worked with republicans on as well, and that does speak to small business. maria: good to have you on the show today thanks so much. >> thanks so much having. >>. maria: we will see you soon, coming up on mornings a look how you should invest long term merrill lynch wealth management head special goet later this hours continue conversation on facebook how much do you have saved in retirement let us know"mornings with maria" wheel us with a you would like on the program we can get latest updates to you from the program, back in a moment. .
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maria: welcome back scary situation in new jersey, this morning, a massive fire has been burning for hours, cheryl casone. >> we continue to follow the developments in new jersey this morning, the 4015 breaking out 2:30 a.m. eastern time in a toyota warehouse north brunswick new jersey used by a dealership to store cars we are told it will was full. and that is only helping fuel flames at this point the latest as it develops, but begin looked at at these pictures coming out of new jersey. here in new york as well new
7:43 am
york city airport workers have to go on strike tonight security deposit workers bag gage handlers la guardia jfk are voting unanimously to walk off the job, this after employer threatened to fire them for organizing for higher wages and benefits. altogether more than 1,000 plan to participate hitting travelers with delta united british airways others we keep you posted, at&t 49 billionaired buy of at&t has to get green light wants at&t to expand fiber-optic service to make at&t largest paid television provider in the country regulators taking a review of this deal companies can move forward a game changer at this point. >> a big deal, the consolidation in telecom has been really, moving quickly, sandra. >> tough to stay on top of really.
7:44 am
>> in reaction, that is why you know comcast is going after time warner cable didn't happen at&t directv goes through. >> what are they saying about 24 how it will effectuate the consumer environment, i mean because you know you got all consolidation, less competition, bad for the consumer usually, also the speed of date that was one of the big concerns from regulators when you've got a system so clogged up with date we are wanting it faster and faster, you've got mobile devices networks cab neither handle all this new heavy traffic, but you know at&t they have been rated as one of the best systems digitally in the nation that test for consumers for all of us. >> thank you, final thoughts rachel what do you think is most important today we need to be watching. >> i think kasich announcement was important, and -- i think we ought to wash two governors scott walker we've got kasich, two very smart -- smart men with a lot of experience,
7:45 am
governor experiencing, balancing budgets facing tough opposition surviving the governor spencer so critical, you know when people talk about marco rubio one criticism or discrepancyism no experience we have seen what a one term senator can do. >> you are in touch with fema demographic you heard from women in fact twest liking kasich announcement what are you hearing as far as elections campaigning they have seen what do they like. >> i think they want somebody who can get things done, somebody going to make them feel safer abroad i think there is something that is kaic tapped into which was he -- reclaimed conservative compassionate thing not sort of rejecting free markets entrepreneurships thing we know make america stronger said we have to take care of that little guy i think a lot of people are scissoring a lot of children in poverty, that
7:46 am
child pover rates higher looking for somebody can make economy grow but still have the heart. >> great point, rachel, great to have you this morning, so much we will see you soon merrill lynch wealth management head whether or not this market is right for long term investors how do you create a long-term plan, later i will chat with one of the namesakes of the banking regulation law former senator chris dod is with us this morning. back in a moment. .
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
maria: welcome back. welcome back. >> the mainly mover of the day apple stock is down after fourth quarter revenue iphone sales missed expectancies this
7:50 am
is a stock that has held has been held broadly among investors, it is weighing on dow industrials this morning investors rewarded stock up nearly 40% last year good looking chart that long term thinking is what my next guest says is most important for investors joining me merrill lynch wealth management head john thiel, great to have you on the program. >> thank you maria. maria: overall wealth management 2.2 trillion dollars in assets under math just in wealth management is what 600 million. >> have just in our assets under management we have 2.1 trillion dollars of clients assets we care for but in 600 billion of that is managed. >> how do you communicate that story when you have all of that money that you are overseeing for clients how do you communicate a long term story for those folks to ensure you are is not just trading activity day in, day out like knee-jerk reactions. >> role par start with this they want to accomplish with their money the we start with
7:51 am
the idea that apple sold 47-million-dollar phones down 6%, are that is probably a difficult conversation but if we talk about what it is they are trying to accomplish, retirement, college education whatever it might be, then tie their investment results back to that long-term plan, recognizing the apple that company is doing very well over the long term, so we've got to connect long term results with the fact that their goal for their money is longer term, it is not short term they are not going to need money the end of today, so a you've got to have that conversation with them to connect it back to what it is they are trying to accomplish with their money. maria: i want to ask you about a that how you really compromise being that i know you have a new ad campaign i see you tweet out a lot, and speak to clients, you know, asking them are you ready for retirement, you know, how do you look at things over long term i am going to get to that in a moment give me your sense of the backdrop for the economy, and the backdrop for investing because here we are looking at some earnings this morning, you know, i know it is a joke to say 47 1/2
7:52 am
million iphones sold wasn't enough i know it the is mixed you have technology under pressure, boeing coca-cola beat analysts expectations, what we are seeing. >> we think economy is moving along not growing fast but growing importantly growing we think a sustainable way this you look at coke and boeing you see an example of that when we think about constructive nature of the economy value long term built in stocks in this country, that as an investor, that is a positive environment. look valuations say higher than they have been but relevant to everything else we still think u.s. equities are a good place to be, europe and japan as well. but, again, in the connection of a long-term plan those are places should you spend most time as an investor. maria: what is long term? >> it is usually 5 or 10 years, again that is going to depend is retirement goal 45 or 60. by the way, if you are 06
7:53 am
retirement is probably 30 years long, 28 years long not five. >> right, whole idea longevity planning we are living longer getting ahead of disease will you have money as you get older, and perhaps change jobs? >> so that is interesting you alzheimer's disease association having conventional right now that is a big risk of longevity good news living longer that is great challenge we may not have provide for that financially, exacerbate that situation that is if we're going to have medical conditions, that are going to require a lot of a lot of -- health care costs, that even makes the problem worse, so today in the -- in the papers, we had a study women are actually doing much worse with alzheimer's disease progressing the disease much faster, but the key was that the health care costs of current 5.3 million is 226
7:54 am
billion dollars. that wasn't contemplated 10 years ago when he doing retirement longevity planning for clients. maria: really good point what do you do in terms of putting a plan together you say 45, 60. if you were 60, have you missed it if you don't have the right number right number in terms of how much you have saved for retirement, how do you get starting now? >> well it is absolutely understanding if you don't understand where you are, i think that that is a pretty dangerous situation so it is sitting down with advisor understanding what you have, what you would like to do and then really work out the math to see how that is then there are things you can do, you can work longer, you can save more, you can think about a second act in retirement maybe part-time jobs there's openings ways to go about that if you don't have that real conversation with someone, then i think you are setting yourself up for some hard times. >> if you don't know where you are going, you are, of course, are not going to know how to get there. >>. >> why is it that people are
7:55 am
so under invested when it comes to retirement was this just not a priority for so many years for so many people. >> if you think about it, you know we changing slowly, as people, you know, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, corporations corporate america was taking care of retired population through defined benefit pension plan. in 80s, 90s even today that is become less of a situation we shifted from defined benefit to a dwievend contribution 401(k) plan so we are responsible for saving for ourselves. that is a that is a new habitat that many have to start they haven't starting that, so that is really what we try tro promote. >> i know it depends where you are in terms of how much will risk you want to take on, or you know, your age, but give me your sense of allocating capital u.s. europe and japan you said we've got greece sort of confusing some headlines there you still think european region is a good place for people's money long term. >> we think we favor u.s., but from valuation standpoint our
7:56 am
research team thinks that europe gold markets and japan have opportunities as well. based on valuations, and the their constructive long term emerging markets important long term right now a lot of things going on there that perhaps people wouldn't want to allocate as much to now. >> give me your most important theme that you are communicating with investors today, when new ad campaign the way communicating differently. >> yeah, it is a different world out there. the way that we've thought about financial assets and planning, is different it isn't just about beating benchmarks, it is about working with someone to try to take the money you have invest prudently to accomplish your goals, or mitigate conrns so when that is retirement funding lifestyle for a long period of time that is the fundamental difference yes important to perform but important to perform in the context what you need to do for you. >> good to have you on the program this you so much for joining us john thiel made of
7:57 am
melbourne asset management 2.1 trillion dollars under math 600 billion in that division next hour one of the architects banking regulation law chris dod will join us, also monica crowley back in a moment. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business. new york state is reinventing by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start,
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weak values president orange county visits "the daily show" with jon stuart one last time a jeep hacking stunt this is "mornings with maria". from the fox business about headquarters in new york city, here is maria bartiromo. >> hi good wednesday morning i am maria bartiromo it is wednesday, july 22, with me this hour host sandra smith, keith mechanic cullo monica crowley dagen mcdowell coming
8:01 am
up top stories on east coast, apple shares down this morning, better than 6% after the company fourth quarter revenue guidance missed expectations, third quarter earnings did beat expectations on profit and revenue lines, also part of the he o sell-off has to do with iphone sales company reporting 47.5 million units of the flagship produced sold wasn't enough for some analysts ceo tim cook said they sold more than they thought they would iphone gave quote exceptionally well. snoo .. >> you've got to back off, they are going after the tea party. >> turned out no. >> congress passed -- a -- a -- crummy law that didn't give people guidance. in terms of what was trying to do did it poorly and stupidly, but -- that becomes -- [laughter]. >> but, but but -- >> really do have only a year left unbelievable. >> throwing it out there.
8:02 am
>> president obama, making his final appearance on "the daily show" last night with jon stuart took to moment to put blame on congress for the irs targeting concern and coming up in a few minutes will spending a with former connecticut senator chris do could authorize attractively dodds frank financial reform bill we will ask if he thinks it created more problems that about it solved president candidate carly fiorina weighs in on what can you please needs to do to stimulate the economy here is what she told us last hour. >> we need to get the nation economy growing and growing again we need somebody who understands how it actually works, that the engine of economic growth in this nation has always been, small businesses, family owned businesses who create two-thirds of the new jobs and employ half the people. >> fcc approving the directv at&t deal for 48.5 billion dollars, are the fcc wants something for customers told companies to build a network, 10 times size of at&t current
8:03 am
network of fiberoptic cable compulsive chrysler hot under collar two rrnzable able to hack into software of jeep suv and control speed researchers one a former nsa analyst says this is an industry wide problem they are trying to bring attention to it boeing shares up second quarter earnings much better-than-expected, jet maker reporting earnings 1.62 better than the expectation called for a profit of 1.37, another dow component reporting last hour coca-cola stock higher as well after the he beverage giant beat the top and bottom line rising dollar not having too much impact, meanwhile, futures this morning showing the market is still expected to open lower, technology, really pressuring the markets after apple microsoft ibm all had something negative in their reports, as a result looking at pressure, golf's newest star jordan spieth fell short of winning the british open had a chance to drink from the
8:04 am
claret jug. >> zach johnson winner his caddie posted this picture to facebook coming up first in to apple giant reporting earnings per share 1.85 revenue 49.6 billion dollars, after the bell yesterday, slightly beating analysts expectations, however, the company outlook for next three months and concerns about the iphone ability to continue delivering robust sales is weighing on the stock this morning take a look where we are expecting apple to open, also, on the earnings call apple ceo tim cook highlighted growth in chierp saying apple is going to pedal to metal despite volatility in equities markets, not only apple but ibm microsoft others reporting weaker than expected stories in the last three months that certainly in technology, the mystery keith is around the apple watch we don't have numbers did not disclose number of shipments what is your take. >> i don't have one i can tell you that, you -- >> that is not an apple watch. >> this is a --
8:05 am
>> i generally consider it a problem you go to sleep if it dies on you that would be functional problem. >> charge is an issue. >> even people almost like the messiahs of apple don't really buy into the watch i don't know if a watch the story i think an expectations story you look at the stock straight up, into the number really, after the google number that was really my takeaway, are apple not google on that quarter for sure, and microsoft neither a ramp in technology stocks that have to deliver on what i say are very high expectations. so again that is the only thing kept the market up, you obviously a lot of other subsectors have been imploding not least of wi metals mining energy stocks again this is going to be an interesting horse race into facebook. >> i am glad you mentioned charging i am sitting with iphone this is 6th and i am only at 22% charges, it has been plugged in since we started the show two hours ago. >> awful. >> like the charge really is an issue, that is an apple story but you were going into
8:06 am
broad technology story is this indicative of what is going on in the current economy right now the fact that we are looking at disappointment. >> generally speaks if you look at any broad indicator semiconductor stocks like hello cokospi south korea looks like hell taiwan any kind of what people would consider a macroread threw on demand. >> metals mining macrolook at china. >> all that stuff so unless you have something that is really powerful from a product perspective you are not going to get a multiple on your stock again, global if a demand inflation falling that is the story behind the story here i think that is what you really need to watch for. >> have what is it going to take something huge for people to turn on apple, as i mentioned earlier, the analysts community is still overwhelmingly bullish on apple despite, the company putting out fairly weak forecast i did notice one downgrade cowan downgrade to 130 dollar price target means they are saying not going really anywhere from where it is radio it now loader so bucks from 140.
8:07 am
but wall street is just continues to be bullish to see trading as the i see contrarian, i don't know if i want to own something that everybody says is good keep going high. >> all it means fiercest chart to break people are chasing charts in technology, period, so the chart breaking on apple i think catalyst that is it. >> "the wall street journal" points out apple right now trading at 20% discount, to the s&p based on forward earnings multiples going back a year is it 13% discount, so is it a steeper discount than it has been a year ago, maybe at least a little bit of bad news factored in this point. >> all i say about that cycle they are on product cycle should look cheap at peak of the cycle. >> presidential obama making final spaernz on the daley show with jon stuart put the blame on congress for irs targeting concern and former connecticut senator christopher dodd good to have you on the program thanks so
8:08 am
municipal for joining us. >> mys to be with you again. >> what was your analysis of that interview last night do you think it is congress's fault irs was targeting conservatives? >> i would beg off i didn't see that i happened to celebrating last night with staff from the banking committees house and senate on five years, advisory of the dodd-frank bill i missed jon stuart forgive me. >> i am glad you were celebrating i want to talk about that now a number of businesspeople have come on this program senator, and basically said part of the reason that we are sitting on cash, part of the reason we are not hiring new people is because we are sitting on all of this cash because we are trying to figure out the regulatory environment has become tougher and more he onerous for business is this standing in the way of zproeth sir. >> not at all, i mean look, we didn't like 10 commandments here, crunch views bern benkie terminology prekauously close to meltdown in this kwun and
8:09 am
elsewhere around the world, issue and fall of 2008, and just to tarp legacy may be most unpopular piece perfect legislation in my career in congress i believe one of the most important things we did to stabilize financial institutions in fact country paid back substantially as a result of that investment we couldn't leave architecture for financial services condition it was in with bill we've done three or four niengs that occurred i regret it has tang this long i understand that certainty an essentially for people in financial services area we have greater stability day greeter capital requirements in other liquid assets, we have greater transparency in derivatives market critical, we have consumer protection bureau provided a place where consumers can get redress when mistreated or fraud -- have been -- denied -- access to capital and the like and we've had an ability frankly to just
8:10 am
-- establish too big to fail you don't have that any linger we believe that is going to work major achievements of the bill a 30% increase in lending unemployment rates 5.3%, we -- forgotten maria how bad this was iconic institutions no longer exist, 10 million people lost jobs 5 million homes for closures 750 jobs a month hemorrhaging people have for got nan. >> it was a you have to time i know my colleagues at the desk want to jumper in jum one jaime dime very vocal says i know this is partly federal reserve but he says the fact that he and other banks are forced to hold capital is getting them no wiggle room to -- to have liquidity in a time that the markets could sell off, so do you worry that we are seeing a lack of clitdz particularly fixed income market as a result of
8:11 am
dodd-frank then yesterday was comment period, for the fiduciary duty rule all of wall street trying to get in line with that regulation, but i guess at the end of the day you are seeing this law dictate balance sheets look at ge selling all ge capital because they don't want to be called systemically -- it is truly dictating balance sheets what is your take first on liquidity issue. >> some cases was necessary making those decisions if we only did one thing with this bill drop everything else we did, i recall everyone saying one thing you have to do is get capital up, you can't have a situation you look at london situation what that would have done in absence of adequate capital might have lost another institution collapse so capital you could argue with numbers so fort 600 billion dollars increase over the last four years could you tell me that number could be less than that i would listen to that about it overall reducing leverage increasing
8:12 am
capital invited stability essentially i don't know anyone greece with pine being that today voices were weren't saying that two or they aries ago everyone arcing you had to do that more than i go else again as i said there will be changes, of course, there will be anything of that magnitude is going to require some modifications down the road fundically this has taken longer than it should the fact we have stability reduced unemployment percentages, of deficit to gdp way down half of what they were a few years ago, we are doing better, now there are issues obviously in terms of -- of the compensation people are getting, whether or not there is enough pensions health care those issues but on the issue of financial institutions, i think we are a stronger place today than we certainly were, in better shape not european not rest of the world i think as a result of this law over all, it has been a contribution to our economy maria: are senator good to have you on the show thanks so
8:13 am
much. >> thank you marie. >> we appreciate your time senator chris dodd joining us faa investigates a flying drone cable of hovering in the area shooting off four refund of ammunition, we've got the story take a look at big headlines topping the "the wall street journal" this morning lawmakers for u.s. firms overseas looking at ways to change the way we tax mul multiin articles. >> thousands of doctors build medicare used questionable addresses, to get ahead of overtime proposals companies working to track how many hours employees really work back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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8:16 am
. maria: welcome back we heard from senator chris dodd on dodd-frank legislation, basically he told us that things were so bad, back in 2007 a harsh strictest regulatory environment was needed your thoughts on that.
8:17 am
>> that is just like a raging apologist, you know, i know if he is angry hung overor what that guy looked like he had some kind of a problem with being asked about socializing the system you can faremonger say we need to stabilize things i-couldic blandz news for about a this is no icon of mine there is a lot of problems associated with what he did totally entrenched with who got paid on wall street, there is no guy in connecticut that was paid in political points as much as he was by wall street banks so again, understand who you are listening to free market capitalists with myself would be a little o fenceded a bariflte minute. >> he said a severe law was required he is basically saying, that it -- he made things tougher for banks. >> i should hope so i mean he basically -- created a situation where other than -- some banks were allowed to still exist kind of in middle of all this at the end of the
8:18 am
day i think he absosocial lived system. >> dodd-frank front page "the wall street journal" above the fold federal reserve requiring additional layer of capital. >> pushed further to change their business model they are going to have to figure out either we accept the capital additional capital requirements or start shedding -- >> the same sentence he said i don't know anybody disagrees with this he said, he referenced all the people whining about the bill so i don't understand how not listening to that the unintended consequences of this financial overhaul have been massive the list very long one of which severely affected the jobs environment, this -- the financial sector as we once knew it has completely drastically changed no longer what it once was, as a result of this regulation almost like he is ignoring that fact saying it is just it is something we had to do, and we're better off because of
8:19 am
it, there are a lot of unintended consequences he needs to be continue to be challenged by. >> points that i made look at ge mighty ge selling half because they don't want to be -- >> unintended consequences there are a lot of intended consequences in this bill as well. i mean look he didn't address any issues you raised very real world consequences to what he put in place here when you take a step back go back remember when he talked about well, the financial world was in crisis economy failing apart we had no choice, they did have a choice, this administration came in, barack obama talked about fundamental transformation of the nation that went attacking the biggest stoeshths of the economy, health care, energy, yes financial sector, this was all about remaking the financial sector as kevin points pouts basically absoa bi alize them a bigger view what this is all about, wasn't unless stop hemorrhaging in
8:20 am
financial sector this was remaking the financial sector. >> real test will be when not if there is a sell-off if lack of liquidity case of this law. what happens when average individuals start try to sell bond funds, will there be liquidity there, and impact and maybe the downward spiral. >> we talked about this before keith, basically what we've said in a situation of distress or stress you have to sell something you sell what you can sell. >> yeah. maria: if you don't have liquidity fixed income you sell maybe equities, and that causes -- >> that is what is happening under the hood you are tying this back to the market well you are actually seeing people have sold what they can, not what they should there is a variety of players out there long leveraged small cap e&p mining stocks, junk bonds a ton of capacity of illiquidity in those markets that is not chris dodd's fault that is the fault of the payment who bottle all those things too let's make it comfortable if a
8:21 am
capitalist strap pants on play the market. >> more trouble for the faa, adam shapiro breaks down the story next, back in a minute. technology empowers us to achieve more.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
. >> faa questionable hiring practices that could put you at risk we broke the story more right now good morning. >> good morning, maria last week we saw resignation of joseph at center of part of the scandal uncovered at fox business monday a man brought in sixs months ago to clean up contract problems and alleged mismanagement, and misappropriation of funds with these contracts at faa he quit, because he can't get anything done at the faa even
8:25 am
alleges that management at faa knows it is breaking the law i want to read you, a quote from the e-mail that david fetter sent to faa comegs after 27 years prosecuting federal agencies unionization for violateing the statute and after 13 years of reviving federal agencies how to comply i was not going to be complicit in intentionly act th inconsistent in english not the taking part intentionly breaking the law allegations in the e-mail faa management is doing and this has to do with the contract with the national i have a traffic controlers association the way some air traffic controllers are abusing the system cheating taxpayers, out of what could be adding up to millions and millions of dollars. maria: unbelievable story, as you have been reporting you are getting new angles more and more and more. >> here is what is going on with this story you should know day 72 keeping a day
8:26 am
count day 72 of faa refusing to respond yesterday press office i actually got them on the phone they hung up on me they know where we are going up the food chain at faa goes higher and higher,we have a picture, the supervisor, terry bristol refuses to talk to us management coo of the faa they knew that the contracts they have might be violates them intentionally inviting them would be the respond us. >> can you tul us endangering the public. >> yes. >> tell me. >> first training and hiring of air traffic controllers lowered standards by which you become an air traffic controller that is first issue people going through the program, in about two or three years as if he get certification if you get certification technically your qualified but they have lowered the standards, so that is one issue the other issue is what is going on with the
8:27 am
already certified air traffic controllers this is an audit from inspector general in 2014, talks about -- the mismanagement of the contract, and these men and women who are abusing the system if asleep on the job, are you safe in the air if they are bilking you for millions of dollars are you safe. >> -- proven that you can hunt people down, and you are saying call us, right, faa has not spoken directly to you -- >> okay last communication with faa on may 7, they responded to a series of questions i sent them, then i sent follow-up questions before any of our reports aired, they never responded. so as of may 11 no response on may 20 our first report a shock wave, demanded investigations they are investigating, the faa department of transportation inspector general investigating. >> day 72 faa has not responded when i call take a message i get sandra in the
8:28 am
press office says hello mr. shapiro i will pass message on terry bristol on phone said she would get back to me never got back i believe phone kill a e-mail every day they don't respond day 72 i love you waiting for the phone call. >> wow, we will be waiting, too,ed a a.m. shapiro the latest three major companies to go public one ecf manager kathleen smith to tell us what the expect you to to capitalize on new deals coming to wall street. back in a minute. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
8:29 am
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8:31 am
maria: wealth come back. right in the middle of earnings season three major companies hitting markets next three weeks. billions of dollars in annual
8:32 am
sales and you can be investor. first one is pet food maker blue buffalo. kathleen smith is ipo etf manager good to see you, kathleen. >> nice to see you. maria: this one we're talking about an ipo for dog lovers? >> very interesting. symbol is buff. proceeds raised were bumped up about 30%. there is a lot of investor interest in this. mainly because pets become part of our families. we want to feed them like our family with healthy food. this company is about healthy dog and cat food. the industry as a whole, has only 6% share. in the natural part which is growing much faster than overall it is dominant player. there is a lot of interest in this blue buffalo pet ipo opening for trading. maria: you think it will do well? >> we do, we think investors
8:33 am
looking for especially in the consumer packaged goods area growth companies. the sector, investors are looking for growth anyway in a slow-growth economy and this company sells a billion annually of natural pet food. pretty good with very strong cash flow margins. >> that last part is interesting one. i'm hearing that more often. any slowing growth economy i'm looking for the growth i can find. that is giving a bid to a lot of growth stocks or stocks that could be growth stocks. do you see that pipeline building or decelerating in terms of the growth stocks coming down the pike? >> no doubt the overall market is looking for growth and in the ipo market we see these. the fitbit ipo, real growth. maria: that did well. >> very strong performing ipo. however with the market the way it is it has been fairly receptive. a little bit of a pullback recently. we're seeing lbo leveraged
8:34 am
companies trying to tap the market. growth will be where investors are looking at that. no premium for a company that doesn't show top-line growth. >> private equity guys, i call them wet kleenex ipos, give me old thing i used want to have but didn't have and they ipo out. i don't care what the buff does, better than former thing went bad. >> i think they call it putting lipstick on a pig. maria: we read about first data filing. that has gone public. could be a 5 billion-dollar ipo? largest processor of debit card processing. >> a dominant player but the growth is meager for the company. there is only 3% topp line growth. great cash flow but the top-line growth is at risk mainly because the processing industry is shifting. there is a lot of changes happening. i think paypal is example. willingness of consumers to go
8:35 am
online to use a processor where they don't rely on their bank. >> talk to me about buff. i'm a new dog owner. have a nine-month-old puppy. i'm amazed when i walk into the dog food stores or pet stores i never owned my own dog. this is something new to me. i walk in the pet stores, people will spend anything on their dogs. i would imagine with this company, this natural dog food company, cat food as well it is all about distribution and getting into these big pet stores. getting in front of people, they buy anything that says or fannic or natural and pay whatever they're asking -- organic. >> this company is interesting. run by real experts in the consumer branding industry. the family that founded the company developed the beverage sobe brand which was sold to pepsi for about 400 million there. just geniuses at brand, consumer brand marketing. they took the company and focused on not the just overall walmart kind of distribution.
8:36 am
they're in specialty pet stores. so they're in petco and pet smart. they built their share that way. >> increasingly these people are buying pet food and pet supplies on-line at companies like that could potentially increase the sales. if you want to be good for your pet you cook for them. maria: come on. she eats as her treats steamed green beans. steamed string beans. >> you have the time for that, maria. maria: yeah. >> you make the time. of course i do. real quickly univision and albertson's safeway going public. you're worried about the strong dollar and impact on earnings, got all the deals coming. i'm wondering if now the markets are receptive to things. will we see issue and problems markets slow down and see a big selloff the ipo market slows down? >> we don't mind that. the ipo market will find a price
8:37 am
for a product coming through. in a way ipo investors that have been at it a long time like the market when there is a lot of fear because they get the price they want. it is better to be on the buy side, the buyer in control rather than the seller. for these ones coming out the albertsons is interesting. it owns safeway. has 50 some billion in annual revenue, number two rose grocer after kroger. they will look for growth. they will find low values to cash flow. maria: kathleen, good to have you on the show. kathleen smith. jeep hacks attack, what that means for the future of driverless cars. back in a minute. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
maria: welcome back. a new pole in key states could spell trouble for hillary clinton. cheryl casone with the headlines right now. hey, cheryl. >> this new "quinnepiac poll" shows hillary clinton is behind three gop candidates in three critical battleground states, colorado, virginia, and iowa. 46-38 in colorado and by similar in virginia and iowa. wisconsin governor scott walker topping hillary in all three states as well. former governor bush is ahead by five percentage points in
8:42 am
colorado. outrage in arkansas. after an air traffic controller was arrested for allegedly being drunk on the job. the trouble started when a pilot tried to reach the tower in spring dale, arkansas. didn't get an answer. police say the controller was found passed out in his chair with his shirt off. yeah, i know. they are posting this video on youtube. flying gun was built by an 18-year-old in connecticut, maria. maria: unbelievable. cheryl, thank you so much. so much to talk about with all that cheryl reported. driverless car safety being inspected. after two security experts not only take control of a connected car but crash it. jo ling kent in the newsroom with that angle. >> this is alarming story. a article published in "wired" magazine, the two white hat hackers took control of jeep cherokee 10 miles away from the living room while a reporter
8:43 am
waited inside of the car. the two white hat hackers were able to take over the car's operation through infotainment system. they maxed out air-conditioning and killed the transmission and the brakes. the reporter was thankfully unharmed during the test but stranded in a ditch. the main reason was, was possible is a flaw in the wireless service u connect that connects cars to the sprint cell phone network. fiat chrysler which makes the jeep, release ad software update to close the loophole. customers can download and install the update or go to local dealership that will do it for free. this affects chrysler vehicles 8:30 30, all 2014 and early this year that have the u connect system and full navigational displays. this could affect some more cars with wireless capabilities. even personal wi-fi hot spots. maria: really true. thanks so much, jo. does this spell trouble for internext-connected vehicles?
8:44 am
there are some implications whether operating a drone remotely or operating a driverless car. >> this is something clearly by this hack they're trying to expose that the u.s. automakers are behind on. they have not been proactive when it comes to this. now they're having to be reactive to say, all right, we can implement some technology. we give you some upgrades to the technology in your car to prevent this from happening. but they weren't ahead of it. you wonder how else you're exposed. >> what happens? you will have lawmakers get ahead of it. you have already seen that yesterday, introduce legislation, senators markky and blumenthal, to force the national highway traffic safety administration and other authorities in federal government to essentially write standards and rules governing the safety of the software. maria: real quick on the other story that cheryl brought us and that is on hillary and the polls. do you believe these numbers? >> all these poll numbers are very fluid this early.
8:45 am
i don't necessarily put a lot of stock in those but what they indicate the trend is moving in the opposite direction for hillary. she has very serious weaknesses primarily on honesty and trustworthy issue and within her own party. the fact that bernie sanders an avowed socialist scoring 40, 45% vote in the party that is protest vote against her. from the far left we don't accept her. she has serious issues hire. i'm not entirely convinced she will end up as the nominee. maria: wow, as the nominee. you could think it could be bernie sanders. >> i'm making prediction that joe biden enter the race. given very bad blood between the obamas and clintons, barack obama will back his vice president, giving full weight of white house, all infrastructure they used in 08 and '12 to get barack obama elected which he has been withholding for her around begging last four years. he will turn that over to biden and biden will end up with the nomination. i could be wrong.
8:46 am
maria: i would not be surprised. get to what you're thinking about today. strong dollar earnings. we'll get back to it after a short break. coming up the cultural phenomenon complete with a scientific study revealing its origin. back in a moment. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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8:50 am
stock closed at 130.75 and in the 121 range. after the bell lost more than 60 billion in blink of an eye in a couple minutes of value. microsoft, record loss for microsoft for this dow component. biggest ever net loss. loss of $3.2 billion. you can see that is looking to the downside. bid ask at 45 dal range. watch yahoo!. any of the suppliers, maria, going on the apple story. maria: nicole, thank you very much. keith, in terms of don't forget to start your day every day, nicole, sandra smith, lauren simonetti on "fbn:am." catch it here on the fox business network 5:00 a.m. before mornings. we're getting our first look at the markets from fbaam every day. -- "fbn:am." you're thoughts on polled and dollar and macro picture. >> 30 minutes apple will be
8:51 am
yesterday's news. tomorrow's news will be deflation. we have gold on the lows. oil on the lows. really only five companies in energy on s&p 500 reported earnings. none of these companies guided to the appropriate levels on commodity prices. i think deflation by far is the biggest risk in macro markets. it is finding its way into the industrials. industrials is a sector we don't like at all. if you have no pricing power on flow-through which a lot of companies have long-term perspective including weak dollar. now they have neither. they have weak selling prices and strong dollar. industrials on earnings season to date, 4% down revenues and 8% earnings and all the stocks look like hell. maria: industrial area is also subject to the strong dollar. that is an issue. >> huge issue. don't misunderstand the strong dollar risk when it comes to innation expectations or earnings. maria: listen to this story. increasingly popular dad-bod trend, this is more than just a viral sensation.
8:52 am
finding having children does impact men's waistlines. dagen mcdowell is on this not just women which is good. >> talking about the dad bod. we'll take a shot of pete, your producer here. maria: ah. >> dad bod is somebody who looks fit but has a little bit of a belly. it is a hot trend. supposedly turn on for many women, pete. i know you're married. maria: light him up. >> there is major payback coming my way. maria: definitely. >> there is study done by researcher, associate professor at northwestern university that shows that this does exist. that when, young men, as they transition, into fatherhood, their body mass index goes up. it demonstrate ad 2.6% larger bmi increase on average over non-fathers. these are fathers who live in the dense with their children. maria: they live in the hizzy.
8:53 am
>> there is no time for exercise. they feel secure in the relationship with their wife or their partner. and they let it all go because they don't think we care about it. get that visceral fat, that hard belly. >> i used to have like a i don't know half big six-pack. we're easily down to half pack on one ab may be remaining. that is what you got. i have going on four kids. called gravity. called stress. maria: i'm sorry, this is not the dad bod we were looking at on the screen. i don't want to embarass you or anything like that. >> like a little soft around the belly. >> they say they gained five pounds for every child? like five, 10, 15? >> i haven't hit that number. my bmi is definitely, whatever that number. that is not a dad bod. dad bods are, i think a girl at clemson, sexually aroused by dad bods. this guy is pretty hot.
8:54 am
maria: that is not a dad bod. >> you know what? with a dad bod you are fit -- >> that is not a dad bod. maria: give me a break with these pictures. this is not a dad bod. >> overall fitness so you're built for speed if you will and also bit for comfort because you're soft around the middle. best of both worlds. >> when your wife calls hot to when you're dating you to handsome something. that is a dad bod. >> still good though. maria: she moves on to dad. >> the only reason we took a shot of that you look good, you look good. maria: backpedaling out of it. dagen mcdowell. >> i'm in so up trouble. >> we'll be right back. we're in trouble. keep it right here. wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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>> welcome back. we're 30 minutes away from "opening bell" for a wednesday. and the stock will shave 60 points from the dow
8:58 am
industrials. final thoughts ahead of the trading day. we talked about the macro environmentments i can't believe i didn't mention it. with the growth and inflation slowing what do you buy, a long-term investor buys what, the 10-year pond, whole world looking for 2.75 to 3%. one of the best planses to put your money. >> particularly in an environment we could see a selloff. >> these things go up. >> and last night the president on the jon stewart show. >> the president has an interesting tell when he lies, he tends to stutter a little bit. when you look at his answer. >> you've studied this. >> he stuttered his way through that answer. i've said-- >> about the irs not targeting conservatives. i have said that that is the most dangerous scandal in u.s. history, and not only did the president laugh through the answer, but he denied it happened, which is outrageous. maria: and jon stewart didn't push back, the final few shows?
8:59 am
>> i think that they should have embraced warmly for the bulk of the show. it was the same results. >> she is aren't two raging libertarians, i don't think they're having discussions about conservativism in the background either. thanks, everybody, great show. don't miss mornings with maria tomorrow. i have an exclusive interview with raymond james chairman, and dick grasso, and ken langone. tomorrow 6 a.m. eastern right here on mornings with maria. we're expecting a weaker opening, and let's not forget, boeing and coca-cola reported better than expected numbers and those may be on the upside while commodities comes under selling pressure. "varney & company" is next, stuart have a great show.
9:00 am
stuart: i will take it from you, maria. what is going on? apple profit goes p by a third, the stock drops and i repeat profit up 38%. good morning, everyone, it's those expectations again. the analysts thought they should have sold more iphones. should you buy apple on the analyst dip? we'll answer for you. bad news for hillary. in swing states like iowa and colorado, polls show her losing to bush, walker, and rubio. it wasn't supposed to be like this. look carefully. a car's entire computer system hacked from window , and you would see that go into the ditch. a developing story, the democrats absolute


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