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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 5, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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take it with you. jamie: do you have a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we would love to hear it, send me an e-mail or go tour web can't see the show? dvr it. you don't want to miss a moment. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. president obama today outdid himself. ramping up his rhetoric to insulting offensive levels by equating republicans to iranian extremists who chant death to america. president obama talking at american university, campaigning for his iranian nuclear deal and there he urged voters to contact their representatives in government and pressure them to accept the deal. we'll take all of that up with house foreign affairs committee member congressman ted yoho who says the president's iranian deal is a bad deal for america and for the world.
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also here tonight, the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, it's deepening. it took long enough but at long last, the fbi has begun investigating the security of mrs. clinton's private e-mail server and its purported classified contents. the fbi investigation comes only days after government watchdogs for the state department and intelligence community ask the justice department to explore whether classified material was improperly shared and/or stored on clinton's private account? we'll have the full report for you and whether it may mean the end of the clinton presidential candidacy. in cleveland tonight, lots of presidential candidates in attendance. the republican kind. seek their party's nomination in preparing for their first debate from cleveland tomorrow ews channel. the first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle. so tonight, we'll have everything you need to know ahead of tomorrow's debate
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which will be anchored by megyn kelly, bret baier and chris wallace, 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. president obama using some of the ugliest partisan rhetoric trying to sell his nuclear deal with iran, mr. obama declared if congress were to block the agreement next month it would quote result in some form of war, and mr. obama compared republicans opposed to deal with iran to extremists, iranians, the hard-liners who chant death to america. the president's offensive hyperbolic language two days after a "wall street journal"-nbc poll shows opposition to the deal doubling since june. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war. >> reporter: with that, president obama drew the starkest contrast possible
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between his vision of a nuclear weapon-free iran and one in which an embolden tehran pushes the world toward military conflict. >> i've had to make a lot of tough calls as president, but whether or not this deal is good for american security is not one of those calls. it's not even close. >> reporter: the president's speech at american university was meant to debunk arguments against the iran nuclear deal, and in many ways mirrored president john f. kennedy's famed strategy of peace speech delivered in 1963 on the same campus. >> a pursuit of piece is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war. but it's so very important. >> reporter: important and definitely political for the president, who today likened opponents of the deal on capitol hill to rabble-rousers in iran. >> it's those hard-liners chanting death to america who have been most opposed to the deal. they're making common cause with the republican caucus. [ applause ] >> reporter: that republican
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caucus in the senate is 54 votes strong with 44 democrats and 2 independents in the minority, needing 67 vote toefrs ride a presidential veto, gop leaders need to flip 15 senators by september to defeat the agreement. >> i won't let party, pressure politics interfere with doing what i think is right. >> reporter: meanwhile three house democrats including steve israel in a party leadership position joined the gop majority in issue onning posing the deal. new york's nita lowey saying, quote -- inspection transparency remains a major issue, during his visit to capitol hill, the international atomic energy agency director general said though portions of the deal reached between the iaea and iran can't be studied by u.s. lawmakers, that shouldn't be a cause for concern. >> i'm confident we have the expertise and experience to do the job.
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>> reporter: of course the hard sell has continued throughout the day, lou. in fact, the president went online on twitter to try to defend the iran nuclear deal. in fact at one point he tweeted this is a strongest nuclear agreement ever negotiated. he did not however, i should point out, mention the incendiary language he used to describe opponents on capitol hill. lou: incendiary and offensive. is there a strong blowback to a president of the united states calling his republican opposition akin to extremists in iran? >> you have to admit, the second you heard it lou, in watching the speech, even here at white house, you heard a gasp, an audible deep breath collectively. it's that language that won't make you friends on the hill, but worse, it's not terribly presidential, and as i pointed out in the piece we're only talking about 13 senators that have to be flipped for the senators to be able to stop
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this deal and again, this is not the language that will help the president not far from here. lou: kevin, thank you so much, we appreciate it. kevin corke from the white house. and as kevin suggested more extreme language today on the part of the iranian leadership. a senior iranian official warned of an impending third world war that will be sparked he said, by terrorists. iran blamed the united states and nato for fostering the conditions that would lead to world war ii i even as this president is pushing, trying push through conditions, a deal that has not thoroughly vetted by his own national security officials. a federal appellate court today struck down texas's voter id law. the fifth circuit court of appeals in new orleans ruled that the republican-backed measure violates a voting rights act and has as it termed it, a discriminatory effect on minorities. the ruling is a victory for
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president obama whose justice department has argued for years that the texas law would prevent as many as 600,000 voters from casting a ballot. other republican-controlled states including wisconsin, north carolina, have all passed similar voter id measures but the texas law signed by then governor rick perry is considered one of the nation's toughest. more, more judicial process certainly under way including the prospect of appeal to the supreme court. throwing the clinton campaign into high dungeon and high anxiety whether her presidential ambitions can be fulfilled, the fbi is investigating her private e-mail system to determine whether the former secretary of state compromised classified information, jeopardizing national security. two inspector generals state and the intelligence community ask for the probe of her conduct. federal investigators have
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reportedly contacted now the i.t. company that helps maintain her private server and contacted mrs. clinton's personal attorney who has a copy of her e-mails including those with classified information on a thumb driver, a thumb drive again in his possession. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: when your team has to again stress technically you're not under criminal investigation, as hillary clinton's allies did for the second time in three weeks, it's a sign your campaign hit major turbulence. clinton's self-inflicted wounds are helping bernie sanders. he vaulted to within six points of clinton in new hampshire. in a new wmur survey. and since the margin of error is 5.9 points the pollster declared it's a statistical tie. >> they want a movement that stands up and says enough is enough. >> reporter: sanders made clear
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he has no plans to attack clinton and may not need to stoke the flames, which were already burning. as fox confirmed, the fbi lunched an investigation into the security of her personal e-mail server, and the fbi asked clinton's personal attorney david kendall about the security of a thumb drive he has with copies of her e-mail. kendall telling fox in a statement, quote, we are actively cooperating. advisers to clinton stress she's not the target of a criminal investigation, similar to last month when it was revealed two inspectors general determined there may be hundreds of classified e-mails in the server. with clinton's chief supporter will say. >> that's the pastime of republicans. >> reporter: except republicans are not driving the fbi review. and while it is starting as an investigation of the server, that server was set up by clinton and she could ultimately become the target. at the least, clinton will face
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political fallout from promises she made at her march news conference that turned out not to be true. >> the system we used was set up for president clinton's office, and it had numerous safeguards. it was on property, guarded by the secret service, and there were no security breaches. >> reporter: the "washington post" reported the fbi learned she moved her e-mail to a different server and it was not always reliable. allies of clinton say that new hampshire poll shows that sanders support is leveling off and clinton in the end will win the nomination. as for the republicans, aides say clinton will be on a plane she will not be watching, at least not live. lou? lou: all have the forecast for a distant election. ed henry as always, great reporting, thank you. up next, president obama making an urgent appeal to congress to save his nuclear deal with iran. but our commander in chief is
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. lou: john kerry warning congress against rejecting the iranian nuclear deal. the secretary of state says it risks, quote screwing iran's supreme leader. the secretary of state telling the atlantic magazine, quote, the ayatollah constantly believed that we are untrustworthy, that you can't negotiate with us, that we'll screw them. congressional rejection, as he put it, will be the ultimate screwing. end quote. our top diplomat apparently worried about the feelings of the ayatollah. a man who calls america the great satan and has long vowed to annihilate israel. an interesting perspective. joining us tonight fox news national security analyst, k.t. mcfarland and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, also fox news
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contributor. thank you, both for being here. let me start k.t., with you. the president comparing republicans to iranian hard-liners who chant death to america. has the president gone simply off the rails, over the top and become ultimately offensive in his rhetoric? >> not only offensive but irspovenlt he's saying it's either this deal or it's war. and implying it's nuclear war. and when he says well, the republicans in congress are like the hard-liners in iran chanting death to america talking about war. guess who the hard-liner is in iran saying. that that's the supreme leader. just last week, after this deal was inked and agreed to. the supreme leader issued a pamphlet and had a number of ways he was planning to annihilate israel, trick america and destroy the great satan. so if this is the partner we have, it's very unlikely they're going to keep this
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agreement. they're probably going to cheat. the president and secretary kerry think they have all this snapback provisions, that's not going to happen. once the contractors let. that's the end of it. the thing that makes me the most upset is in the president's remarks today and throughout the justification of this by the secretary of state and the president, they don't talk about the most important thing. the most important thing is not what they think or the republicans think or the pundits think, it's what the other countries in the region think, they're look at this deal and saying we don't believe it, we think iran is going to be a threshold nuclear state. we're getting nukes of our own and you have the most dangerous thing of all which is a nuclear arms race in the most unstable part of the world. lou: and john, one of my greater concerns here, if you will, is this is an administration that doesn't understand. each one of the elements that he decides to attach to great hyperbole and insult all could
11:18 pm
have been constructed in a good faith bargain with any nation had it been a treaty, had it been above board, had it been transparent. had it been verifiable, had the facilities been inspected by u.s. as well as global, other global interests. what in the world? i have to tell you, i'm more concerned about an administration that doesn't have the capacity to understand that basic fundamental truth. what do you think? >> well, i think the administration headed down the wrong path from moments after the president took the oath of office on january the 20th, 2009. and he conceded as early as a few months after that, that iran could keep uranium enrichment facilities active. that's the beginning of the mistake that simply led down hill from there. you know what secretary kerry and president obama are really suffering from, the state department has a word for it, it's called going native. and it means that a diplomat
11:19 pm
accredited to represent the united states vis-a-vis a country like iran actually ends up sounding like an iranian diplomat. that's what we have here. that's what explains the president's speech and john kerry's remark. lou: k.t., i think john's exactly right. >> yeah. lou: the reality is the secretary of state of this -- of the united states of america is taking the perspective of the people across the bargaining table from him over the course of some -- i don't know what the number of meetings has been. it's required more than 70 trips across the atlantic to come up with a document they haven't even read, much of it, and a document they insist is absolutely credible, which they took to the united nations before congress. why shouldn't the congress of the united states, democrat and republican, in a bipartisan fashion tell this administration to go to hell? that this is no way in which to conduct foreign policy.
11:20 pm
>> this is the most significant foreign policy initiative and agreement of a generation. it will affect our children, it will affect our grandchildren's generation if nuclear weapons proliferate around the middle east. this is not a treaty. this is not submitted to the united states congress for ratification. this is an agreement between not the united states of america and the government of iran, it's between president obama and the government iran. fact that he has end run the united states congress boy sending it to the united nations and giving it to congress not as a treaty but opportunity they get on chat about but not really to disagree with, the fact he's done that and now the fact they've revealed there are secret agreements, secret protocols nobody is allowed to look at. congress isn't allowed to look at. it doesn't pass the smell test lou. lou: john bolton, you get the last word, a quick one, if you will. >> congress, if they want to have a say in this needs to step up and threaten the
11:21 pm
administration with cutting off state department appropriations, cutting off funding to the iaea, not confirming administration nominees. you can't remonstraight and say this is terrible. i see no evidence they want to do that. lou: i promised you the last word, i got to say this. this republican congress has not delivered on a single, a single promise of action, not a single threat that it has made it connection with foreign policy, so i don't envision and want to hear quickly from you, i don't see the possibility they would do anything. do you really? >> i think they've given up. maybe we'll hear from the republican would-be presidential candidates tomorrow night. that would be interesting. lou: perhaps their children, a generation hence. john bolton, thank you so much. k.t. mcfarland. thank you so much. breaking news out of tennessee, authorities have shot and killed a man armed with a gun and hatchet who attacked moviegoers in a theater in the nashville area.
11:22 pm
one man was injured by the hatchet, two others needed treatment after being blasted by pepper spray by the attacker. the suspected attacker is believed to have been a 51-year-old white man from the area. his identity hasn't been confirmed but he is dead. vote in our poll tonight with the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail -- we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote at a volcano on reunion island in the indian ocean erupting with a spectacular display. that's right. this is the same island on which the part of the wing from mh370 was found just days ago. this stunning new video shows fiery rivers of lava running down the slopes of the volcano which is one of the most active in all the world. so far it has erupted three times. we're coming right back, and
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when we do, a few thoughts on the president's desperate tactics to save his nuclear deal and insult every republican he can find and weather is siding with firefighters in california. a full report and much more coming straight ahead. stay with us. we're ri this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the president who's desperate for the approval of the same institution he's ignored and insulted by going first to the united nations for its approval of his iranian nuclear deal. the president at no loss for superlatives in his own behalf of course, nor of insults when talking about the republican opposition to his deal. president obama proclaimed that it is the most consequential congressional decision since
11:28 pm
the invasion of iraq. >> if congress kills this deal we will lose more than just constraints on iran's nuclear program or the sanctions we have painstakingly built. we will have lost something more precious. america's credibility, as the leader of diplomacy. lou: there is no credibility, however, domestically, the american public overwhelmingly against the deal. the white house lobbying machine is work overtime over recent weeks with vice president biden, secretary's kerry and moniz all on capitol hill doing their best to bulldoze lawmakers of both parties into supporting the deal. president obama met with dozens of democrats from the house and the senate as well as jewish leaders. the president who basically told congress to go to hell throughout his entire term in office now needs their support and it is done unexpectedly in short supply. republicans are angry this
11:29 pm
president has circumvented congress with his executive actions, veto threats, his decision to go to the united nations first for approval. even liberal "washington post" columnist has said the president doesn't have good relationships with anybody on the hill, including his own party, and that isn't helping him. mr. obama has already lost the support of steve israel, the highest-ranking jewish democrat in the house, and the party's top appropriator. congresswoman nita lowey also along with other democrat, five of them, in addition to nearly 220 republicans say no. in the senate, leading democrat chuck schumer says he's undecided whether to support the nuclear deal. i personally think he's just undecided on how long he could get media attention with his so-called hamlet indecision. i don't believe there is any doubt whatsoever he will oppose
11:30 pm
the iran deal, he's lots of things but he's no fool, and the president put a fool's bargain before him and all of the rest on capitol hill. senate republicans need 13 democrats to oppose successfully a veto. in recent years, the president failed to avoid a government shutdown, failed to pass legislation on gun control that he promised in his so-called comprehensive immigration proposals, which frustrated. he then took unilateral action and on iran, he's left congress out of process from the very beginning. his unilateralism, a bad deal on the merits and undisguised disdain for capitol hill and our constitution may well result in further rejection of the obama agenda, and world view, if you can call it that, even facetiously. now our quote of the evening, one of my favorite quotes on selling, which obviously the president is trying to do sort of late in
11:31 pm
the game. the quote -- the quote by zig ziglar, salesman, author and good guy. up next, donald trump set to take center stage at the gop debate, i suspect to do selling of his own. will any of the other candidates dare to take him on? and it's back to the future for a very pretty neat little ride. look at this. guess what? it's not a bmw. it's not a ford. we'll tell you what it is here next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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. lou: top news this hour, president obama urging lawmakers to support his nuclear deal with iran. he also said it was the most important foreign policy decision since the invasion of iraq in 2003. hillary clinton's campaign today insisting the former secretary of state did not send or receive any classified e-mails from her personal computer. however, the fbi has now officially opened an investigation. republican candidates arriving in cleveland for tomorrow's debate! donald trump says he's not rehearsing. he says that's what politicians do. we'll be live tomorrow at 7:00
11:36 pm
p.m. eastern and again at 11:00 p.m. eastern with full debate coverage and analysis. that debate begins 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. and guess who's with us? democratic strategist robert zimmerman, good to have you with us, weekly standard senior writer, fox news contributor stephen hayes in wonder city, cleveland. how you doing, stephen. what's the atmosphere? is there -- are people pretty excited? a little excited? give us the excitometer. >> yeah, i think people are excited. in the downtown area, there are a lot of people from cleveland out and about trying to catch a glimpse of the excitement, the environment here, and then you have the presidential campaigns and all the staff and the media joining here coming in today mostly, and it's starting to get packed. i think it's exciting. people don't know what to expect tomorrow, and any time you don't know what to expect, that adds a level of excitement. >> i'm a democrat and i'm thrilled and excited about this.
11:37 pm
this is the biggest thing since the movie "train wreck" premiered. like summer replacement series for the wwe. lou: you seem to be -- >> too happy? lou: implying and intimating that you see this as a pejorative when you use the expression train wreck, whatever do you mean? >> actually, what's going to be interesting to see is if the candidates can introduce themselves and redefine themselves can. donald trump come off as sober and mature. lou: why would hell would he want to? >> so far it's working for him he needs to look like he has a policy program. if there's a policy to be had, fox will get it out of him. lou: there you have it, stephen hayes, robert zimmerman the way this suggests is for donald trump to look as stayed and dull and passive as many of his rivals. what do you think? is that a clever idea for donald trump.
11:38 pm
>> two points, i'm not sure donald trump could do that if you wanted to. and two, pains me to agree with robert. i've got to be wrong if i think he's right. but i think that's what trump has to do. he has to -- he can't not be himself, he's got to be irreverent in the way we've seen and the way that's led him to accumulate support. it's a serious thing, and being in that debate hall and looking up at the podiums. i think he will have the moment where he says this is a serious thing. i'm in the middle of this. and he has to answer questions in a serious way. lou: do you say this as if it's icky and confining as all the other debates have been. i shouldn't be so prejudicial. one thing that trump is teaching everyone, democrats and republicans alike, there's no god given right to be the most boring sob in the world,
11:39 pm
when you step up before the voters and ask for votes. >> you're right. not a credential for higher office to be boring and unimaginative. but there's a difference between being creative and thoughtful and interesting and being donald trump. lou: you're right, you're describing hillary clinton, creative and thoughtful and energetic and ebullient, and that explains the big crowds, i got her confused with bernie sanders. bernie sanders. >> she's running double digits ahead of donald trump. >> i was just looking at the crowds he gathers versus the ones she tries to round up. >> i'm proud of the fact the poll numbers have never been as strong as they are. lou: they are. the fbi finds them interesting too. implications with the fbi investigating her role in breaching national security. >> not investigating her, that's the point. they made it clear she's not the folk us and the inspectors general. lou: what are they
11:40 pm
investigateing? >> they are investigating the security protocols. lou: whose security protocol? >> the inspectors general who we refer to as the department of justice. then the department of justice goes to the fbi. lou: i'm trying follow along as best i can. >> but the fbi was very clear, she is not the subject of a probe and the inspectors general said there was no wrongdoing on her part. i'm here to be the voice of reason, steve. lou: steve? he was talking to you, thank god. i was going to eviscerate his line of reasoning. steve, the reality is this is a grand, grand experiment, carly fiorina, ben carson, donald trump, all of whom have never held elective office, and they're all doing pretty darn well. if you're jeb bush, if you're rick perry, if you're scott walker, if you're anyone, chris christy, any one of these candidates, aren't you a little nervous to think that the
11:41 pm
american public to this point and the expression it's advanced so far finds nonpoliticians a lot more galvanizing than politicians? >> yeah, absolutely. and you and i have talked about this before. i'm a huge sucker for authenticity, and i think that's because the american people like authenticity. they're sick of the focus group answers, sick of the tested poll policy positions. i think donald trump has to be careful and critical of him in the past is it's one thing to be authentic, it's another to be buffoonish. you can't say build a wall on the mexican border and make mexico pay for it without actually coming up with a plan. and i think now we've reached the point he's leading, he's earned it, he's got to give us some kind of a plan. lou: let me ask you this, did you read chris salies's column admitted he was wrong about donald trump.
11:42 pm
i'm going to perform a quick experiment as we close out here. i'm going to ask both stephen and robert, if i may, folks, get ready, to very quickly right off the top, name the three smartest people in this republican field. go, stephen, the very brightest. >> the three smartest people in the field. lou: highest iq. >> that's a good question. ben carson would be in the group. lou: absolutely. >> probably include carly fiorina, and third i would say marco rubio. lou: marco rubio? okay, and your turn. >> you have time for me? i'm grateful. lou: top three. >> i would say john kasich, i would say scott walker. this is among the group here we're talking about, and i could say carly fiorina. lou: good.
11:43 pm
and not one of you would include, hmm, donald trump. >> that's correct. lou: i'm just noting that for the audience, and not trying engage in a debate or anything i just took nost your construction, and gentlemen, i thank you, both for it. stephen hayes, have fun, it will be quite an evening. and robert zimmerman, always good to see you. i'll even buy you lunch. >> i'm tuning in tomorrow, i can't wait. lou: i think you ought to be here. join us! president obama linking republicans to iranian hard-liners, extremists. i'll be talking with republican can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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. lou: breaking news now, iran refusing to permit u.n. inspectors to interview key iranian scientists and iranian military officers to investigate allegations that iran maintained a covert maeps program for years. this according to the iaea director general himself. joining us now congressman ted yoho, a member of the house foreign affairs committee and the agriculture committee as well, congressman, good to have you with us. your reaction to the development tonight?
11:48 pm
>> appreciate you having me on. i think what you said about the iaea inspector, tell me why this is a good deal again? iran is operating from a position of strength with this deal and, of course they should because they got a big win in this deal, and that's the attitude that they're going project throughout this, and this is not a good deal. lou: is there a sense of resentment on capitol hill among the democrats in the house, that the president of the united states would go to the united nations before seeking the approval of the u.s. congress? >> i don't know if you call it resentment more than disbelief. as you said, they went to the u.n. first, got approval from the u.n. and then came to us and i was sitting on foreign affairs with john kerry last week and john kerry says you go ahead and vote against this. you, the american congress, vote against this, and we'll be walking away from the table alone. nobody with us. all sanctions are off iran and
11:49 pm
they can start enriching tomorrow. that's the deal they brought us after they got approval from the u.n. it's very disingenuous and a disservice to the american people, the national security and the security of the middle east. lou: effectively, what you're saying is the president turned over u.s. national security to the united nations for the purpose of this deal? >> i think that's a great way to put that. he did. and you look at who we're dealing with. president obama today mentioned president kennedy dealing with russia. we had a common enemy. we knew where each other stood. with iran, they're the number one state sponsor of terrorism. they've got more blood on their hands pretty much than any other country, you think what they did two to three years ago, they orchestrated an assassination attempt on a saudi arabian ambassador on u.s. soil. and this is why they had the sanctions in place --
11:50 pm
>> to me, it's even more compelling they're responsible for an estimated one-third of our casualties in iraq. we're out of time. congressman. let me ask you this. do you believe there is sufficient democratic disaffection with which the way the president has handled himself and this deal, and is there sufficient opposition on the part of the republicans to turn down the deal? >> certainly on the republican side. i believe there is. and on the democratic with what you just mentioned the iranian, the iranians won't allow the iaea to come in and inspect and interview those scientists. i think you're going to see more resentment develop on the democratic side, and the best thing we can do is walk away and renegotiate him. get him back to the negotiating table with partners and put the sanctions in place and negotiate from a position much strength and not one from weakness. lou: congressman ted yoho, good to have you with us.
11:51 pm
>> lou, always good to be on, you got it. lou: lexus unveiling version of the hoverboard, nitrogen superconductors, that's a lot of stuff on the little board to defy gravity. it works on a specially designed track, lexus building this and has no plans to bring it to market. looks like they got a product there. might think about seeing about the demand. up next, hillary clinton shows off her southern accent. yet again, how about that, y'all? we'll take up her painful pandering with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky, right up, right here,
11:52 pm
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>> >> joining us now is our panel thank you for being here. start with the president of united states to call people names. and kelly osborn attacking trump over his immigration policies by insulting illegal immigrants? >> when i was younger i was taught to be don't have anything nice to say don't say anything nice at all. lou: the business model of every news organization. >> in behalf to regret and apologize. >> i think i understand it
11:56 pm
better any reaction? >> kelly osborn would be better off if she was like her dad because then nobody would understand what she said and nobody would have noticed. lou: and hillary is showing flexibility. this is terrific to adopt a southern accent? >> i have to say sometimes i am guilty of that but i am more of the persuasion so i take that voice when i speak like a character but what is really terrifying that she watches hgtv that i have something in common with her i may have to change my viewing habits. lou: if she drops in today's
11:57 pm
chips acquire access. >> i congratulate you for coming up with is to give your viewers a little behind the scenes understanding. >> the little guy from arkansas. [laughter] i am not running for my husband's third term or but for my first term. lou: i don't think it is that bad. >> is the worst since the devil's advocate but i am kind of a local community and i will pick that up from people unconsciously. but in her case it is just more phoniness. lou: my wife accuses me to drop back when i talk to friends or relatives that i
11:58 pm
start to sound like a texan again for girl that i resent deeply. >> i do the same thing. but that is a no-no. >> it shows to be the top candidate in 49 states in vermont or new hampshire where bernie sanders is kicking tail. what does that tell us? >> with the google search for every candidate that is what we need to focus on which is very revealing. >> trump takes his private plane to every state ben will google himself over and over i am positive. lou: anyway you could imagine donald trump
11:59 pm
dropping out of their race out of disinterest? or is that by acclamation? >> if he stops to drop in the polls i don't think he can handle that. that is when he will drop out to make it seem like that was his choice. >> i want eight more months of this. >> the thought your process i have never seen you more excited other when working their results. it is just the excitement of the political process. should illegal immigrants be allowed to practice law?
12:00 am
just 99%? no way. that could have been but we missed an opportunity. kennedy: day you know, what i am watching to kernite? the most anticipated dates of campaign season and there are two debates one is the substance and ideas the other is fight night with donald trump acting as me whether. but in the later debates let's talk about jeb bush you have to seem presidential here but also revolutionary end exciting but the rest


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