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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 7, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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that's it for us tonight, we thanks for being with us, we hope you enjoyed the debate and the analysis every bit as much as we did. ed rollins returning here along with ann coulter, fred barnes and caitlyn burns with us. good night from new york. . >> obviously he can't blame himself for inability to get voters to remember his name, let alone embrace his run of the mill leftism. so now hillary and the debate schedule. o'malley on a tear spilling to the hill that the democratic party was guilty of trying to preordain the outcome, circle
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the wagons and close off debate. he called that a grave mistake limiting the democratic debates to just six. that's hardly half a dozen. my goodness. he brought up debbie wasserman schultes and blamed the clintons, and he is absolutely right, americans are as -- if a group of democratic candidates goes rogue, they could be frozen out of the proper debates, but what if they i don't know lincoln chafee, jim web and martin o'malley got together to highlight strengths in nondebates. have you heard of the web show called drunk history, where celebrities and historians get lathered and sauced and talk about history. watch this. >> right after the distractors, he's yelling at them and saying what's he saying? washington is like, oh, boy. >> you can imagine the lincoln, webb and o'malley hammered
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together in iowa? they can call it drunk campaigning, if they're going to be drunk on power rung the place, we might as well take tolerance for a test run with fireball shots. have you tried to give a coherent policy speech after blowing a .17? look! somebody tried to do that in 2004. >> we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house. ah! >> i can smell the everclear from here. clearly martin o'malley is desperate for a song and dance element which is a great idea. the man is a natural song bird and the campaign needs to inject an "american idol" element into the contest. here's footage of o'malley from his time as maryland governor when he actually auditioned for the big show, watch. ♪ she bangs, she bangs, oh, baby ♪ ♪ when she moves, she moves, i go crazy. >> there are so many rich
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possibilities for the democrats, the donkey show is so much more than debating. we all know that. plus debates are for logical people. that's a little too smart and stuffy for someone like party marty o'malley. for now he can turn green as the hulk as he watches the others debate from afar drowning sorrows until he realizes those body shots might be the thing that get people drunk with excitement. go marty. on the show, starbucks ceo howard schultz wants a serving leader to be president. he should stick to serving $5 coffee. judge andrew napolitano breaks down hillary clinton's e-mail server. and she will tell me if the men on her boat are more dangerous than the elements. i'm kennedy.
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hey there. martin o'malley accused of dnc of tilting the race in hillary's favor. talk about it with our all-star panel. miss america 2008, she is a anchor. comedian sam morell is a great person, a great friend and fine american and he's joined by brian kilmeade who co-hosts a show on very early in the mornings, fox and friends. you are a human dynamo. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. >> and thank you for being here, i love when you make time to clear out schedule and play ball with us. >> it's my honor and as you know, kirsten and i have a secret about sam that we won't reveal. >> i love the big reveals. >> i think you know what it is. >> i don't know what it is. i wonder if it's a diane sawyer interview debates are great, you love them, i love them.
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how else can we pick a president, especially for the democrats? >> i am all for the debates. the democrats in particular are running campaigns. you have one real campaign, then have you governor, mayor o'malley running a pro tem campaign. senator webb could be a fireball. military background, he's not saying anything, doing anything, not taking anybody on. lincoln chafee says i'd like to run for president and go home for a while. >> he's counting everything in the metric system and takes so much longer. >> announced in canada i want to be president of the united states. >> you just brought something up that spurred something in my brain. are all of these people running for vp? is that what jim webb is doing? not attacking hillary. >> great point. in the past you take the runner-up like george bush and reagan, joe biden helped barack obama. they are not even in contention. the democrats are mocking the
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republicans by the number they have, but it's ridiculous how shallow their bench is right now. >> that's what everyone said and i think the polls bear that out. bernie sanders is exciting. you know what i think would be exciting is group therapy. instead of debates on stage. have the people sit around an oval plexiglas and get in each other's faces. >> bernie sanders seems like an upper westside therapist. >> hillary, tell me about your mother dorothy, why was she abandoned? are you going to abandon voters? >> hillary is clearly the pick. she's the safe pick. like the subway sandwiches. >> sanders is within 6 points of her in new hampshire right now. >> he's like the quiz nos, he's better and o'malley is like blimpie, you are still around? >> that's amazing, i like the pickles and condiments but the rest of it --
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>> i broke it down with food. >> a proper metaphor. what will it take for martin o'malley to get your vote? >> you know, martin o'malley does need to be in the voter bay, the reason they're not is the democratic national committee, they want hillary to be their nominee, that is good strategy, because the more they can look put together and she's the inevitable candidate, the better they are going to the general election, the more they can contrast themselves with republicans and say they are disorganized and the only front runner is donald trump. >> another imperial presidency, no one wants that. >> that will be something they haven't realized could hurt them because you're seeing all this energy behind people like donald trump and howard schultz. people that are not political lifeers. >> speak of howard schultz, she said the s-word.
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the starbucks cfo encouraged to enter the race because they need a crazy white guy on the other side. schultz said, no, thanks but added that america deserves a servant leader. what? i just couldn't stand this. i mean it was so without teeth. i don't want to serve as leader, i want someone who's going to talk about the economy, someone who has an understanding of the way the world works, not lay down be and the nation's doormat. >> the example is he was inspired when pope francis on day one of being a pope dressed down immediately, let go of the big car and washed two people's feet. we need that attitude. my attitude is i have a country to lead, wear shoes, i need a leader, you can have the attitude of serving, that's fine. >> we don't need a nut in the blender. >> he was inspired because he said i'm not worthy.
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okay, let's have wayne and garth run for president and vice president. >> who is he talking about the servant leader? >> interesting, the tone of the article was sanctimonious and oozed 2008 barack obama. all the things people have heard before which sounds good on paper, and appeal to people's emotions. once you get into the room with people on the total end of the spectrum with you, you get people yelling at each other again. that's what democracy is about, alternative viewpoints and heated debate to get to the best solution. >> not about leading from the heart, it's not. i want a rational president. i would them to lead from the brain. >> and for some reason rationality has been devalued to the point where i don't think you need an emotional president. >> yeah, does this guy care about unity. every block at a starbucks, should own every mom and pop
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shop in town. he's sick of cheap shots, sell a latte for under $6. >> this is why hipsters hate starbucks. >> it is a welcome place, they have yet to sign the drink. i went with the chai tea latte and found out how much milk was in it, and i said why don't i make my own and save myself six bucks. i was told the show would not have sarcasm. and i'm ready to storm out of here. if howard schultz is serious, he talks about a rags to riches story without graduating college. we need that attitude. life isn't fair, find a way, that's where i thought the story was going. in the end we're washing people's heat. >> go ahead and here's a whip, beat me for i'm your humble servant. the panel is returning in moments. we're going to talk about tom brady's e-mails as he takes a
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jab at a football rival and acts like a total diva. and judge andrew napolitano is going to explain how hillary clinton's e-mail server could lead to criminal proceedings. the judge coming in a moment, stay here. rubut then i got ap domain and built my website all at godaddy. now i look so professional, i just got my first customer who isn't related to me.
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get a domain, website and email starting at $1/month all at godaddy.
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. kennedy: it's part of the deflategate disclosure. some of tom brady's e-mails
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have been made public, not all have to do with boil's law and footballs. he tries to justify why he thinks he's better than peyton manning, saying quote, i've got another seven or eight years, he has two. that's the final chapter. despite making millions, he talk about the pool cover -- at least peyton didn't have his e-mails through a remote server. back with me is the panel. why can't he have the yeararound cover that doesn't hide the jacuzzi. the man is playing long, hard games and wants to soak in hot bubbles. >> yeah, this is reasonable. that's a reasonable request. i like that his wife undercut him and chose a different color. kennedy: the gray cover. he wanted white and he got
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gray. >> is he going to put on off to france and cover himself in a burka. kennedy: apparently. brian? >> i need to be called on? i apologize. it's amazing the highest paid player in the league and not be the bread winner in the house. the supermodel makes more and retired. kennedy: she's a total pain in the keister. she makes so much money, i would marry her. she made 50 million dollars last year. i was surprised how emotionally disturbed he was about peyton manning. >> what has he got like two years left. >> i wouldn't say he's disturbed. he's competitive. kennedy: how could you dis peyton manning. he makes a lot more in endorsements than brady does. >> two years left, because you got a neck injury or something. that guys got two years left. his career is over. kennedy: he is. he's stephen hawking.
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he is staring down black holes. or throwing a football. >> and here's the thing, he's a confident guy, that's why so many people in the sports world have the animosity toward tom brady because he is so good, and he knows it, he talks about it. kennedy: you know who's really good? andrew luck? >> no, jimmy garoppolo. >> we'll find out. the backup. kennedy: the backup. >> he moved to the forefront. kennedy: have you ever googled jimmy garoppolo. thank me later. i'm going to have a hard time standing up. go ahead, brian. >> i forgot what i was going stay. >> the dreamy dimples. >> a moment of candor, i'm going to google backup quarterbacks in the league. >> why is it okay, we are looking at his e-mails. kennedy: because the nfl players' association decided to turn it into an issue for the courts and the judge wouldn't
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seal the evidence. >> here's the thing with tom brady, you don't hate the patriots and hate tom brady. kennedy: it's not a child molestation case, if you want to take stuff to court, that's what's going to happen. >> e-mail the intention about people. either we all cursory nobody. kennedy: i say we all curse by god. the panel returns a little later. a new rule that requires bosses to disclose salary gap with employees. first andrew napolitano the judge is going to break down the fbi's investigation as hillary clinton and potentially criminal e-mail server. how deep is the yogurt? find out next.
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. kennedy: they're the three letters that hillary clinton does not want to hear.
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fbi, the agency has reportedly contacted her attorney about his possession of a thumb drive that contains those e-mails, and they're checking in with the tech firm that helped manage clinton server he. was more on the investigation, as fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. so the fbi is investigating. this is now a criminal matter. what's the status. >> it is probably a criminal matter. the fbi does investigate civil wrongdoing, but in very narrow areas when they want to sue police departments to change their programs. the fbi does not look at ethical lapses and generally is not concerned with civil matters. it's concerned with whether federal crimes were broken or breaches to the national security. now the genesis of this investigation is a random sampling of her e-mails by inspector general of the state department that used to work for her. kennedy: were they working separately?
12:22 am
>> yes, they looked at separate e-mails independent of each other and came to the same conclusion, there is heavy duty stuff that is probably classified and we got it in a nonclassified way. under the law we have to send it to the fbi. they made a referral to the fbi. kennedy: that's where we spoke last. the fbi has taken up the referral. they will not comment on it further. her lawyer has a thumb drive with all of the e-mails presumably including the classified information that the ig's found, is he breaking the law? >> unless david kendall has a classified security clearance, i think we would know if he did, i would know if he did, yes, she not authorized to keep that, and the fbi ought to ask him for it or seize it. and the same with whoever else has hard copies of her e-mails or digital copies of her e-mails. the $64,000 question is where is the server? kennedy: why haven't we seen that subpoenaed?
12:23 am
and why hasn't there been a raid? >> i don't know, i do know general david petraeus, shortly after resigning from the cia was the victim of a raid. kennedy: yes. >> a raid is a search by a team of fbi agents pursuant to a search warrant issued by a federal judge. the federal judge can only issue the search warrant when he or she finds probable causement probable cause means the fbi or lawyers on their behalf have shown the federal judge enough evidence to persuade him or her to believe that the raid will be fruitful, that there is more evidence of a crime there. they raid general petraeus's house and found notebooks with confidential material in a desk drawer that was unlocked. kennedy: unlocked desk drawer, not e-mail server. she has classified documents in her possession. is the politics holding them back from the raid? >> i can tell you fox news has
12:24 am
learned there is pressure from life long law enforcement people in the fbi as well as life long intelligence community people for the fbi to treat mrs. clinton the way they treated general petraeus. now, i have not seen the e-mails that the two inspector's general referred to the fbi but i've seen the public e-mails. kennedy: so there was a foya request made that was finally fulfilled and you saw the e-mails, what did they tell you? >> i will tell you what i saw mrs. clinton sending and receiving e-mails about -- is this classified or confidential? the location of french fighter jets in their maneuvers to support nato when they were bombing colonel gadhafi's government in libya. the location of no-fly zones in libya. which would be enforced and not enforced? kennedy: if you find a hacker who sifts through that information and finds that
12:25 am
interesting and sells it to a nefarious state actor, yeah, that is absolutely classified. >> another example, this is a little emotional. the location of ambassador stevens in libya. now ambassador stevens was assassinated by al qaeda operatives using american military equipment that mrs. clinton facilitated the sale of that ended up in the hands of the bad guys. the government has three classifications of classified material. top secret means information if revealed would gravely harm national security. secret information that if revealed would seriously harm national security. confidential, information that if revealed would somehow harm national security. general petraeus's calendar, which is what they found in the desk drawer. kennedy: calendar. not talking about french fighter jets or the location of a u.s. ambassador. >> his calendar is considered confidential. mrs. clinton's calendar is considered confidential.
12:26 am
kennedy: she should know that and know all the classifications and reclassifications. thank you so much for your time. it is ongoing and we're hanging on every word. coming up, a california zoo, a guy on meth thinks he's tarzan and breaks into a monkey cage. what happens when they get into an argument. i'll show you next on "topical storm." cleerp and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. . kennedy: swinging through your dreams with disconcerting ease, breaking down the weird stories as if your lady lumps depended on them. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. the nice thing about meth is apparently it let's you get touch with who you really are. take john william roddenborn, apparently wore brown pants and had a nose full of the bathtub trailer park candy, so did what any blue blooded vagrant would do. he scaled the wall of the santa
12:30 am
ana zoo, here's the 911 call. >> we have a gentleman who is -- appears to be under the influence of something and is climbing in our trees and jumping into animal exhibits. he's shouting at people that he's tarzan. kennedy: that's right. because that's who he really is. he's tarzan, man, unfortunately like the sudafed binge what goes up must come down and down he came into the loving arms of the santa ana pd. there, there, tarzan, don't you worry about a thing, little fella. have some milk. great mug shot. topic number two, the long arm of justice catches up with the best of them. he may not be seated as a defendant like she will be, president george w. bush couldn't pardon himself out of a jury. he got jury duty and didn't
12:31 am
make the cut. but sat with folks and took a bunch of pictures. people are saying such nice things about 43. how did he get out of serving in the same way you will, use this george carlin line, i can spot guilty people just like that. it works. >> tell the judge the truth, tell them you'll make a terrific juror because you can spot guilty people just like that. kennedy: you see? god rest his soul. topic number 3. country star luke bryan's album comes out friday. yankee candles created a luke bryan scented candle in his honor. bryan's candle doesn't smell like old boots and stale bourbon. it smells like vanilla and bourbon. i'm hoping they will make more celebrity scented wax lights like the gary busey votive candle that smells crazy, like
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thumb tacks and swiss cheese or hillary clinton candle that is fake and battery powered and doubles as an air conditioning unit. topic number 4, a middle school in dallas, georgia that that is, a billboard spelling error, reading welcome back, students, we are glad you are hear, spells h-e-a-r. improvement over last year's attempt to spell it entirely in emote cons and the only time they can vandalize the sign without getting corrected for it. a giant red pen. they are such good kids in georgia. topic number 5. epic animal battle where the dog is obviously really hungry and the bird is either possessed by the devil or trying to bark back at the starving dog who sees a super
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annoying meal squawking before its very eyes.. >> shush! >> guess what? the dog lost that round, eventually the parrot seized making the mocking noises once it was surrounded by juices. use hashtag "topical storm" and tweet me at kennedy nation, you can party with me on instagram. coming up, the panel returns, a new sec regulation requires bosses to disclose the pay gap with employees, i predict some bosses make double what interns make. and a journalist argues that these officemen should wear shorts in the hot summer months instead of hot suits. why stop there? i've been advocating pantless
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♪. kennedy: amen, that's the band, and welcome back to you, join in on our punch party. have you ever wondered how much money your boss is makeing? now you're going to know for sure, the securities and exchange commission approved a rule that would require most public companies to reveal the ratio of the ceo's pay to the average employee. our panel is back, kirsten hagland, sam morell and brian kilmeade. brian, i'm going to start with you, you have so many good points. >> right, i haven't made one in a while. kennedy: should ceo's be shamed into making less money? >> no, i have no problem of the idea of the ceo salary being made public. we should force ourselves to do the math, though, you know how much you make and the boss
12:38 am
makes, you should be able to do the word problem. if you are not happy. move to another happy. kennedy: what if we're on separate trains and his is going 55 miles per hour. >> it's going to cost you time, and teachers get paid whether you stay or not. i will say this, about the question, i have no problem with knowing what's happening. for a public you should know, we were talking about tom brady, we know what he makes, we know what the offensive line makes. in the nfl, stars we know how much you are making per movie. you want to be the ceo of hewlett-packard? i want to decide whether i invest or work with you. i will find another job. if it bothers the board that much, they will give less pay. kennedy: the question is if ceos are making should much money does it naturally mean there is a zero-sum game within corporations that the other people that make up the median salary that they naturally make less, is it out of control?
12:39 am
>> this is a misplaced solution over wage stagnation, which is totally legitimate. this is reactionary, we think some ceos make way too much after the financial crisis, now we're going to show people what they make. gdp growth, the global market, there's a lot more things than this. wages aren't necessarily going to go up and you might have an averse effect, you can see the wage ratio and you get the us versus them mentality which isn't good for office morale. kennedy: if you're a comic and you book bigger clubs, shouldn't you be paid more? >> of course, i also think -- kennedy: and if the ceo makes the company a lot of money, shouldn't they be awarded stock options? >> sure, for the people that demand to know it who work lower at the company, they're not going to leave anyway, you make that much more and now i'm going work here and be that much more upset.
12:40 am
as for comics making more, carlos mensia is hanging around the table. i wonder what a comic makes first week at gotham? he says it's 70,000. we didn't like him more. you are not $70,000s funnier than me. kennedy: it is summer and sweltering and men are sweating through full suits at the office like a bunch of lunatics. we have to deal with the air conditioning by using blankets or bourbon. chris ingraham at the "washington post" tried a new office garment called shorts. sort of like pants only apparently they're cut off at the knee. will this garment innovation catch on at other offices? kirsten, i start with you, the writer says no board shorts, no running shorts and no cargo shorts. >> unless you are literally
12:41 am
working with cargo or you're a painter. >> if you're a longshoreman, that's okay. >> but i think it is brilliant. i mean i long felt very sorry for men who have to wear three piece suits, they have to be really hot in new york city or d.c., they have to take public transportation. you ought to be able to wear your shorts. i think shorts are fine. kennedy: as long as you commit to the full angus young, you can wear short dress shirts but you have to wear a tie and a proper coat and a news boy cap. >> i think you will be surprised when i say this. on behalf of all men, we don't mind sweating. we want to wear suits, if this is a rule, i need a 10-year notice. i wasted a lot of money. >> i love that you say that, it is so much coming down to the fact i own, this i already spent the money, i don't want to spend the money on new outfits. kennedy: i disagree completely,
12:42 am
i think men should wear skirts. why stop at kilt? >> i do have rules. kennedy: i'm fine with skirts with the kilts, with some sort of a long maxi dress, no flip-flops, no sandals, no open toe footwear, no shower shoes. i agree with gavin on that. >> ceo's don't wear shorts. you can be a lifeguard or mail carrier. >> mark zuckerberg probably wears shorts. >> out of respect for people paying a cover charge. i don't think they should pay for my chicken hairy legs, have a little respect for people you work with. kennedy: i don't think there is anything wrong with dress codes. i don't think we're up in arms at the woman at j.c. penney who wore inappropriate business casual that she bought at j.c. penney. tough tetons. >> i know in the tech world and hipster companies, if you go in
12:43 am
wearing a suit, you are not liked, go away. kennedy: like brian kilmeade. >> right, you would be cool. kennedy: too cool for school. >> i was told by a professional football player recently, you will hear this story everywhere. he walked up to me and says hey, nice suit, terrible shoes, change your shoes. kennedy: very good. you won't have to wear shoes at all if you're kevin baik -- bacon who said male actors free the bacon. bacon calls out "game of thrones" and "fifty shades of grey" for lack of male nudity. watch. >> in so many shows and tv shows we see female nudity. that's not okay. it's not fair to male actors, we want to be naked, too. free the bacon.
12:44 am
"game of thrones," three sex scenes how hard would it be to show one or two wieners every couple of minutes. "fifty shades of grey," i hear you never even see it. kennedy: yeah, i heard, like you didn't see the film. at least he's utilizing his last name as a force for good. i'm impressed by, this he wants you to free your bacon. is he right? >> did you see wild things where he shows his penis on the end. >> language, language! >> i can't say penis. kennedy: language! >> it's like the end of the movie, comes out of the shower, doesn't make sense. kennedy: maybe bacon is a nickname, maybe it's not his real last name. >> you ever see kentzy? he showed his penis and i was disappointed. kennedy: oh. >> everybody has a body double, so many times in the nude scene, sure, there could be a movement to show more bacon in
12:45 am
movies. kennedy: if we're not wearing shorts, get rid of the shorts and the pants and the pretense. >> i believe we as human beings we're meant to be clothed. i know we're born naked, we have to start with a onesies. kennedy: that is the first step. >> step onesies. to be an adult and continue to be nude would be saying i don't want to grow up. >> okay, sheikh mohammed. jesus! >> he wants to put us all into sharia law. >> the mock music, he is totally inappropriate. he's off the script. he wants to go into other films he's not in nude. kennedy: absolutely right, and with the blessing of his higher power, he'll be able to do that. brian kilmeade, sam moril, kirsten hagland. i don't say that every night.
12:46 am
>> yeah, you do. kennedy: it's special. >> can i say one thing, kennedy? kennedy: no. >> okay. kennedy: are you performing somewhere? >> i was going to say joe mackie is not a man. kennedy: there is the final word on that. coming up the captain and the first female of the deck hand, here to tell me what it's like having a girl on board. ew! ♪
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woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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. >> green ones are green one, you are going to have to train them. obviously not bringing a girl out here who's never fished. is she capable? see how it goes. >> scary, i'm not going to lie. >> you have to love it or you
12:50 am
hate it, and it's hell on earth. kennedy: fun! that was a clip from "deadliest catch" which is now in its 11th season on discovery channel. the show follows the crew aboard the wizard. among many other boats in the barren sea during crab season and things get very heated because captain keith cole burn hired his first female deck hand. let me introduce to you captain keith and amy major. welcome, i've been watching you for years. the wizard has so much belly, you can fit so many crabs. >> the wizard is bigger than the other boats on the fleet. we've got an advantage. they don't want to say that. kennedy: they don't want to admit that, they think their skills outshine yours. >> that doesn't happen either. kennedy: who is your biggest competitor on the show? >> on th show, it's a toss-up between jonathan and zig.
12:51 am
kennedy: jonathan is amazing but i love zig. >> zig is norwegian, you are never going to trust him on the radio. kennedy: what's your background, you grew up a fisherman but never crabbing. >> i've been on a fishing boat since i was 10 hours old. kennedy: you grew up, never had sea sickness, made sense to you. >> i always get sea sick. kennedy: why would do you this if you are miserable? >> it's in my blood. kennedy: is the money great? >> the money is good too, but it's a drive to achieve something. i couldn't see myself doing anything else but this. kennedy: i've watched the show for years and i'm a huge fan of tom beard, i watch these and wonder as everyone else does, could i do that? could i test my medal. i like to think i'm a tough
12:52 am
person because i had natural childbirth. hooks and eyes and death and insanity. >> childbirth for 20 hours straight. it's prolonged labor is what it is. [ laughter ] >> speaking of which, did you fall in love and make sailor babies out there. >> no! [ laughter ]. >> definitely didn't. kennedy: i would celebrate you, the odds madam are in your favor. >> i will say this. >> it was a target rich environment for you. >> very target rich. it's kind of difficult to focus when you have these young hot topless guys wandering around the boat in their underwear. kennedy: have you heard of tally wackers, that restaurant that looks like hooters but it's man service. i imagine it's like that, running around the sea in the middle of winter. >> i'm not going to talk. you gals just run with this, all right. i'm going to tap out. kennedy: i'm making a movie.
12:53 am
so many different meanings. you were superstition that you didn't want to have a female deck hand because of your superstition. >> i am superstitious but passed on the females on the boat. my brother is superstitious about having females on the boat. kennedy: does he like musicals? >> probably not. kennedy: i wasn't sure what kind of superstition. no judgment at all whatever. but you broke that and you brought amy on board. what did you first think of her? >> well, when i first met her, i thought hey here is somebody who might do the job. kennedy: biggest difference between crabbing and fishing? >> so many different types of fisheries, gill neth, fishing for hooks, all kinds of things, they're all different. the one thing that sets crabbing apart is we do it in the dead of winter in the worst conditions in the worst place possible and it's a brute force
12:54 am
fishery, it's all about being strong enough to lift the weight repetitively. kennedy: when the pots are stacked and they can fall over and smoosh someone in an instant, there are so many ways can you die on your boat. >> you make it sound like -- kennedy: well. >> you need to make sure you have a good crew that makes sure you aren't going screw up. kennedy: i'm happy you are here, you made it through the season, the season finale is august 18th. i'm glad to meet you in the flesh, you are a bad ars. >> you are a bad ass too. kennedy: compliment. i know she is. check out "deadliest catch," it's tuesday's 9:00 p.m. on the discovery channel. the two hour season finale august 18th. coming up next, the very, very best and the very, very worst of you're viewer mail.
12:55 am
thanks, guys. stay tuned.
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. kennedy: signed, sealed, delivered and always fresh from an overnight delivery. this is your viewer mail. coming out of the gate, michael says kennedy is getting weirder and more irrelevant every day. at least my name is not mccraney, grandpa. steve chimes in with -- john is bringing up my mtv days, he writes -- thanks, man! gary has an idea --
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good point. so appropriate. i love the amalgamation. marv writes -- yes. jason says -- delicious. buster brown, he's going to send us out with, quote -- i'm going to pretend that's a really nice thing to say, because they warmed up your entire night. follow me on twitter, facebook, and e-mail, after tonight's gop debate on fox news, i will be part of an online panel for the fox news facebook debate,
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