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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  August 9, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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that includes at least to $100. also, you probably know the -- it's infotainment. >> ben, thoughts? >> a like buffett. >> okay. that will do it. >>. defunded planned parenthood four years ago long before any of this came out. >> prosecute planned parenthood for any criminal violations. >> absolutely, we need to defund planned parenthood. >> as governor of the state of florida i defunded planned parenthood. >> gop presidential candidates making it clear at the debates they would defund planned parenthood as another disturbing video is released, and hillary clinton, meanwhile, launching a new ad defending the group and accusing republicans of waging war on women. >> republicans like scott walker and jeb bush are calling to defund planned parenthood. if this feels like a full-on
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assault on women's health, that's because it is. >> two very different views. which message resonates with voters and taxpayers? hi, everybody. welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in focus to find out with steve forbes, elizabeth mcdonald, sabrina shafer, john, and bruce jackson. imac, defund it? >> yes, defund it. this is a disgrace. they dishonor themselves. it's not fetal tissue. these are babies. i am for women's health. i am for over-the-counter birth control without a doctor's prescription, but what planned parenthood did here is abhorrent. there are other women's community health centers that can handle mammograms, cervical cancer, you know, screenings and the like. i think that planned parenthood has hit the end of the road right now. >> bruce, defunded or keep the funding coming? >> i think you need to keep the funding going. now, listen, when we had the obama care debate and a few people lost their health plans,
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people were saying the president lied because he said you couldn't keep your doctor. now what you are saying is you have 700 health centers, and you have women and men going to these centers for cancer screenings and what not, and you are saying if they like their health center, they can't keep it. >> well, sabrina, what you had is a change in language from planned parenthood itself and these sting videos. we had a new video out where instead of using this word tissue for describing what they're taking from the fetuses, they used another word. let's just play the tape and get your reaction. >> so if we alter our process and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget then any d disections is this. it's all just a matter of line
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item. >> sabrina, when voters listen to that language, it kind of changes the conversation, doesn't it? >> absolutely. i think anyone who has had a child can't imagine it being talked about as a line item. it's disgusting. i think imac makes a really important point is if we really care about women's health, then we should be focused on, a, defunding planned parenthood because there are plenty of other women's health organizations out there that can address real issues and especially for low income women, and we talked about repeeling and replacing boem care so we have a market for health care and we can provide affordable treatments and procedures for women. >> steve, people's reaction to this new video that came out this week is strong, so dramatic, but there are occasions where taxpayers are forced to pay out of their taxes for things they don't believe in, like war, for example. another case of taking human life. >> well, in the case of a planned parenthood, it's been the policy of the federal government sense the 1970s. the federal government does not fund abortions. it may allow it, but it can't
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fund it. planned parenthood is a round about way of doing it. money is funningible. this just goes to the spirit of the 1970s law. no funding for abortion. >> okay. >> and shafer and lizzie are right here. they have -- sabrina are right. you have health centers that can use this money for things like cancer, not abortions. >> so according to steve, john tammany, the situation is pretty simple. they violated the rules they were supposed to operate by. >> even if they didn't violate the rules, they should defund it because government should have no opinion or another about abortion. planned parenthood wouldn't disappear if it were defunded. it would still be a vibrant private organization. that's the point. those who support planned parenthood should not want the federal government funding it simply because it discredits it in the eyes of voters. this should be private. >> i don't know whether it would survive if the federal government. federal government funding, by the way, $528 million last year.
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$540 million the year before. >> it would be an interesting test. let barbara boxer go out and fundraise for something she believes in. i think the majority of americans find and a growing majority find absolutely disgusting. to hillary clinton's point about war on women, i am assuming that half the aborted fetuses are probably baby girls. we know that the majority of fetuses aborted around the world are baby girls. >> yeah, that's a great point, but imac, you know, we're always talking about how the states are kind of the testing grounds for what the feds do. in this case it looks like the states are already starting to move to do the defunding themselves. they have three states doing that, right? >> that's indicated.
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alabama, louisiana, and new hampshire. battleground states certainly with new hampshire. president dwight eisenhower said birth control is not the government's business. then the vap vatican said in the mid 1960s that birth control was okay by the gospel. then turned around in 1968. i'm for basically making abortion obsolete via over-the-counter birth control without a doctor's prescription. >> intrusion of federal government into our lives when we sometimes -- i think there's also an access issue. if you have low income people going to a center to get education about whether to have a child or not or whether to get a pap smear and they get outpatient services that private
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az hospitalization down the road, isn't that a good thing? >> we're not -- we're talking about picking apart human bodies, sabrina, and whether or not that's a total violation of the intention of the law, as steve said. >> right. to john's point, no one is saying that planned parenthood is going to have to be shut down. we're just saying you can't necessarily rely on the american people to support it. you have to remember the united states is a very large and diverse and varied country with different trigs and cultural background and religious backgrounds. there's no reason that government should be involved when are you funding an organization like this whose main focus is abortion and from a political perspective, that's absolutely no problem raising money when it comes to women. >> planned parenthood claims that about 3% of their budget goes to abortion you see the financial report of planned parenthood and the overal finaialuppo andow mh
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neyheyet fm thfeds aboua hf a blion dolrs a year don'thin thecoul surve witht tteder mone we ouldind out. planned parenthood wants federal money, then it should drop their abortion activities. again, the federal government since the 1970s has said no to federal funding of intoergs. planned parenthood is a way around that. fwot to st. patrick's it. >> john, my point is if it couldn't survive without federal government, maybe there's a reason it couldn't survive. maybe the services they provide do not need the federal taxpayer support. >> you may well be right. i would just add, whether planned apparenthood is involved with abortion or not, even if it gets rid -- stops aborting altogether, it should still not be funded by the federalas limited powers. it should have no role in what peop people. there are things the taxpayers have to fund that they don't agree with. it's happened before. the defense is the most -- is the easiest example.
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that involves taking human life on occasion. isn't this another example of this? if you defund planned parenthood, you would have to defund taxes going to the military. >> that's a completely false argument, and you know it. you are raise it just to get my reaction. >> that's exactly true. >> it's a completely false argument. >> protection of the united states taking fetal lives is not constitutionally required to the taxpayers to fund it. >> that's got to be the last word. thank you very much. coming up, the soundbytes from the debate that some here say remind them of what ronald reagan said and did to bring back the american dream. >> for those of abandoned hope, we'll restore hope and we'll welcome them into a great ♪ it's a calling.
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fox." i believe that we can't just
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save the american dream. we can expand it to reach more people and change nor lives than ever before. >> america is a miracle country, and we have to restore the sense that the amiracle will apply to you. each and every one of the people in this country who is watching tonight. >> gop candidates selling the idea that the american miracle can be restored. sounds a lot like ronald reagan in 1980. but 60% of americans fearing their kids are going to be worse off than their parents. steve, can we bring it back again? >> absolutely. i'm old enough to remember the 1970s, the malaised decade in decline, and in the 1980s thank to ronald reagan we came roaring back and leading the world, inspiring the world. we can do it again. one of the things even though governor kasic gave tham wonderful thing, the candidates in the debate on thursday night passioned up the opportunity to hammer home how will we revive the american economy the way ronald reagan hammered it home in the 1980s and criticizing president obama for trashing the
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american economy. reagan hit carter hard in the 1980s. they have to make that issue foremost, and i don't think they really did it on thursday night. >> interesting. do you think they did it on thursday night? >> i agree with steve. they didn't put much specifics to it. if we had just grown 1% per year since the end of world war ii, the economy today would be twice as large as it is. it would be $34 trillion economy. you know, the average per capita wealth would be twice as much. it's just amazing what growth does, and we wouldn't be at each other's throat as we are today as the 1970s. >> it's a sense of despair, and we're never going to get back the growth we had right before the explosion of the technology revolution that in large part came through what ronald reagan did. can we get back to that or have we gone too far down the dark
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hole? >> no. i think we absolutely can. i think that poll numbers suggests that americans are actually ready for a different narrative. i think it's terrible for the white house to paint america as a land of income inequality, a place where women are mistreated, where racism is sort of persists in a terrible way. i think that the country is very much ready for something, but it needs to be more than political plat tud. it needs to be policy restorm, as steve suggests. i think that republicans especially need to get out in the trenches and especially on an emotional level. they need to talk about what this means to people. >> john, that's the point. have you to really get an emotional energy moving in the public, in the voting public saying, yeah, we can do that. i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore. >> this reminds me of groundhog day. i can find you polls from the late 1970s saying kids were going tounder perform their parents. i graduated from college in the early 1990s.
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they said that about my generation. thee saying it by the millenials. we've heard this all before. it always happens after an economic downturn. of course, we're going to turn this thing around. what the politicians missed in the debates is with economics and prosperity, the answers are easy. if you simplify a few basic policies, you get abundant growth. i don't think the clown show the other night understand it. >> bruce, the democrats surprisingly are coming out with a very similar message. you hear it from hillary saying we've got to get back to the days of growth and opportunity. the problems with the democrats, they had everything for two years of the past six years and they've had their presidency for the past six and a half years. how can they countriedably get away with saying we want to go back to something that they're responsible for getting rid of? >> well, one way when they did have the congress and the white house was when they expanded medicaid with obama care and kasich and rubio, what i liked about kasich and rubio was that
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they were forward looking. kasich said we're giving the prisoners medication to get clean of drugs and get back the work. rubio, i was stunned to see a republican actually know that amazon say big retailer, and i'm sure mike huckabee thinks it's wal-mart. >> i did not think that the words coming out of kasich's mouth or rubio's mouth were clownivish in any way. i think they were really hitting something that would strike a cord with the american people. >> i agree. you know, under the obama administration, hillary would do the same. it's about redistributing before, you know, in the way to get to economic growth, and they're not getting either of that. watch who was saying this. 5% economic growth. we can't tax and spend our way to prosperity. basically we should perhaps have smaller government. tax policies are ruining human beings. >> i think i know. >> these are the democratic platforms dating from 1960 through the 1990s. that was the narrative. by the way, jeb bush was right. half the time we had 4% growth
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from world war ii through 2007. >> last word from imac. cashing in. getting ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. what do you have? >> from the beg debate to the big show, scott walker is right here. think the smackdown chris cries christie and rand paul over surveillance was epic. wait until you hear what scott walker has to say about it. we say good-bye to our biggest fren my, john stewart. don't miss it. see you at 11:30. >> we will see you. thank you very much. up here first, another epa ah oh. the white house saying its new clean power rules are going to lower your energy bills, but will it zap your energy bills? this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip
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cleaner air and lower bills? that's what the white house is promising with its new clean power rules. take a look. >> this plan, the analysis shows lshgs ultimately save the average american nearly $85 a year on their energy bills. >> but you say this will mean higher prices not lower price. >> like obama care was going to lower health care costs and you can keep your doctor. germany has gone the obama route and it's been a disaster. a german magazine talks about energy now being a luxury good. energy poverty because electricity rates are three times what they are in the u.s. germany went whole hog on wind power and the like, and then they found out they had to have coal power to back up since wind power and solar energy is not reliable so they had to have redid you understand answery. they had to have backup. >> it is a tough sell what the administration is doing, trying to convince us that raising the
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costs of producing energy to energy producers will end up -- sfwlo we are reducing zi think it's a tough sell on the numbers sides, but there's also the jobs side, john. robert murray, an old coal producer from way back, here's what he said about what the e.p.a. rules are going to do to his industry. take a look. >> obama said in 2008 when he was elected i will bankrupt you. he is making good on that. only two coal companies are going to survive the way they are by the end of 1916. he is -- or 2016. he is accomplishing his goal,
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and, john, if you are destroying an industry, you are destroying jobs. >> absolutely. artificially higher prices are going to destroy the jobs, and as steve points out, germany tried a modified version of it, and it tripled the cost of electricity. >> rich, what do you think? >> you know, coal is 30% of electricity generation today, and natural gas is . ifouant tipe outearl two-irdsf t soue o eltricy, youreoing to get a tripling in electricity costs. >> sabrina very quickly, go ahead. >> it will hurt american businesses and it's not going to have an impact on the environment. we have to remember that the united states only puts out about 5% of carbon emissions across -- around the world. even if we eliminate our carbon emission entirely, we could have a minuscule impact on the environment. this is just absurd. >> imac. >> even bill gates said these it except cost would be beyond coming from the white house.
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sfwloobt just the show but the whole network. meanwhile, stocks to help your income grow. imac, real estate? >> iqu. real estate small cap. it's had a dhop where i ride. a solid dividend yield, and when it's doing well in a go ahead year, wow. double digit return. >> john, you like it? >> i like it. rather is getting -- >> american express, why do you like american express now? >> i like the predictability of it and a 29% per share dividend.
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>> wow. that's a lot. >> john, it's right. i also like visa in this space as well. >> we like credit cards. i know that. my family does, unfortunately. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. thanks for watching. see it right number one business block with aaron and cashin in. >> i built up a network of more than $10 billion. i have a great, great company. i employ thousands of people, and i'm very proud of the job i did. >> that was donald trump touting his business record during the big gop debate. is that what america needs? hi, everyone. i'm eric. welcome to "cashin in." america overwhelmingly believes job and the economy is the most important issues selecting the next president. trump says it must be a businessman. governor scott walker, who stood next to trump may have another idea. i sat down with the gop presidential hopeful a short time ago. >> governor walker, poll after poll shows


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