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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 12, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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china now going to export deflation to the rest of the world. maria: that's the story, dagen, where we're seeing global selloffs. dagen: exactly, how week does the world look at this. it's shocking and if you're a jets fan, i'm sorry for you, the quarterback with a broken jaw. maria: thank you, dagen and john bussey for joining us today. have a great day, stuart over to you. stuart: thank you, maria. china at it again. has the big stock slide started? hillary in trouble, has her slide started? good morning, everyone, 30 minutes from now, stocks will come down again big time. it's about a second china devaluation, we're close to 16,000 on the the fbi will have hillary clinton's private e-mail server. if there is a smoking gun, it's on that server. she's got a big legal problem. and a political problem, too. bernie sanders is beating her now in new hampshire.
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and we're fortunate to have a rising star on the republican side two minutes from now, dr. ben carson is here and hillary clinton tithing as tax policies. we'll have it all. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ . >> oh, dear, will you look at this please? we're going down again and looking at yet another triple digit loss at least when the market opens. china cuts the value of its currency again and that's very troubling and so is what it tells us about the world economy. it's not in good shape. we could challenge 16,000 on the dow industrials today. watch for new low on alibaba shares. growth slowing, alibaba is the chinese version of of amazon it's going to open down 4 bucks at a new low. apple poised to be down again. they have lots of exposure in china. they're going to be down to 112
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per share. china affecting individual stocks and the overall markets. gas, oh,dear, it went up overnight. up, i repeat up, $2.58 is your national average, up about a penny overnight. that means that 27-day streak of downside gas prices has come to an end. the streak has been broken. and be not down cast, i'm predicting it will be back short shortly. that's a prediction. and two e-mails in hillary clinton's account have been classified top secret. remember when she said this. >> first, let me say i'm confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received and what i think you're seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion to some extent, disagreement
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among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released. >> what she said then doesn't quite square with what we are seeing now. and look at this, talk about a political problem, bernie sanders now leads hillary in new hampshire, 44-37. do remember that new hampshire is right next to sander's home state of vermont, where he is popular, that's neighborliness is a factor in those numbers and by the way, judge napitano joins us in a few minutes. could this really spell the end of hillary clinton's campaign, as he, the judge, has predicted? . right now, look who is here. republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson. welcome back to the program. >> good to be back. stuart: let's get at it, what is your take on hillary's server going to the fbi. >> i'm glad it's actually getting there. now, here is the big issue, she was secretary of state, a very
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responsible position. and that she does not have the judgment to know that having an outside server might put at risk information that jeopardizes the united states of america. and now you're going to turn the keys of the whole country over to someone with that lack of judgment? you know, people say to me, well, you've never been elected to anything, she's a united states senator, secretary of state, obviously, public service doesn't necessarily conifer wisdom or judgment. stuart: you say she does not have the judgment to sit in the oval office. >> based on this, absolutely. stuart: tell me about your tax plan because you talked about tithing. tithing to me is a flat tax, 10% of whatever you make and 10% in the government. >> it's a flat tax plan, a proportional tax, that's what tithing is.
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you make 10 billion, you pay a billion. en i would get rid of the deductions and the loophole. they look at the guy who put in a billion dollars. they say he's still got 9 billion left. that's not fair we need to take more of his money, that's called socialism. what made america into a great nation, we had a very different attitude. we would say he just put in a billion dollars. let's create an environment that's even better for him so that next year, he can make 20 billion and put in 2 billion dollars. that's how we went from nowhere to the pinnacle of the world in record time. and it's growth, it's not taking what's there, and dividing it up and making it smaller. stuart: have you decided on 10% as a kind of tithe flat tax rate? >> in terms of remaining revenue neutral it would have to be between 10 and 15%. earlier on higher and as time
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goes on lower. stuart: tithe is voluntary, taxes are not. >> i'm looking at a model. god didn't say if your crops fail you don't owe me anything, if you have a bumper crop you owe me triple. which is the way-- christianity is at the center of your campaign. is it the center of your life? >> let me put it this way, my beliefs certainly inform the way that i do things. you know, when i look at the bible and you know, from the beginning to the end, you know, there is a lot in there about our responsibility to others. our responsibility to the poor. so, even though the left look at what i'm saying and they say, oh, he hates poor people, he's only for rich people. you know, when you actually stop and listen to what i'm saying, you will recognize that when we go in and we put
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reading rooms into areas, particularly title 1 schools where kids come from homes with no books they go to school with no library, poorly funding lie librariries, and the reading rooms change the trajectory of their lives. it's not patting people on the head and handing them stuff? we've been doing that since the '60s, and where has that gotten us? . we've spent on eradicating poverty. we have more people on food stamps, crime, out of wedlock births, everything that is supposed to get better is worse, and much worse. if you're intelligent, you say this is not working. let's look at things that do work. we do know that works is when people take an interest in other people and they invest in them and personal relationships develop.
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that's what brings people out of poverty. stuart: you're very soft-spoken, i'm not going to say you're laid back, your a clearly passionate. you're softspoken like this as opposed to like this. [laughter] >> and some people think-- >> you can't change it though. >> some people think that that denotes weakness, but i would simply temp them, go back and look at my life and look at the things that have been overcome and look at the problems that have been solved and tell me, is that real weakness? >> good question, i know your life story and have known you for many, many years. i want to run a quick sound bite in the debate i think you used humor as a way of breaking through and you did break through in that debate. let me run a quick click. >> okay. stuart: the very funny. doctor carson, roll tape. >> i haven't said anything about me being the only one to do anything, so, let me try that. i'm the only one that separates siamese twins.
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[laughte [laughter]. the only one to operate on babies while they were still in the mother's womb. the only one to take out half of a brain although you would think if you go to washington someone had beat me to it. stuart: that was good. did you practice that? >> no, i didn't. stuart: i think a lot of candidates have one-liners they have in their back pocket. and was that your back pocket card? >> no, i didn't know what my final statement was going to be and i was sitting there thinking and boy, i need a good statement and i started to listening to everybody and everybody was sayi saying many the only one to do this. stuart: it worked. can i have your fast reaction to the issues of the day. the iran nuke deal. >> i think it was a terrible deal. you know, it doesn't have all the things that a good negotiation would have. you know accountability. stuart: if you were-- enforcement. >> can you sweep the pen and say we abrogate this not taking
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part in that, it's gone. can you do that? >> with some appropriate preliminaries, absolutely. there's no reason that you're tied to that. stuart: obamacare? >> i want to see people have very good care and i have proposed a different system, which actually will give people much better care for less money, and 80% of cases take the middleman out of the way. stuart: are you raising a lot of money? because you were one of the break through candidates in the election. >> in the last three days we've had 17,000 contributions in the last ten days, $2 million. stuart: is that the basis of your campaign, individual, relatively small contributions? >> absolutely. that's why i'm not going after the billionaires and licking their boots and i'm not going after the special interest groups and i never will, i will never sell myself to those people. i only want to be beholden to the american people. stuart: our last one. >> it says in the bible we
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should be stewards of the planet, stewards. >> like you, like stuart varney. stuart: very, very good. what do you make of us being stewards of the earth? that's our biblical responsibility? >> i totally agree with that and that's why i say, for instance, to the green movement, i say, of course, we have a responsibility to take care of our environment. of course we have responsibility to give it to the people coming behind us and better conditioned. whether the earth is getting colder or warmer doesn't matter. we have to be intelligent in the way that we do things, but that doesn't mean that we use that to do inappropriate things. the environmental protection agency as far as i'm concerned should be used to work with business, industry, academia to find the cleanest, most environmentally friendly ways
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to use it particularly with economic problems and we have the responsibility not to spend the money of the next generation. thomas jefferson said it's immoral to pass debt on. if we could bring him back today, he would me understandly stroke out. stuart: sir, it was a pleasure having you on the program. i do remember right after you smoke at the presidential prayer breakfast where you sort of chastised the president publicly the next day you were on and said why don't you run for the presidency? you wouldn't have anything to do with it. dr. ben carson, by the way, if our viewers want more of dr. karr son, join charles payne tonight, 6 p.m. eastern. they're going to be talking about race relations in america, 6:00 tonight and then at 7:00, can't get enough of this guy, donald trump joins lou dobbs. a can't-miss lineup tonight on the fox business network. doctor, thank you very much for being with us. >> a pleasure always. stuart: up next, another bombshell in the hillary
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clinton e-mail scandal. the fbi will get her private server. and top secret e-mails were found on her private account. remember, you heard it here first from judge napitano who is up next. listen to this. >> when families are strong, america is strong. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> i want them out as soon as they can get out. will you demand it? >> well, they're not mine. what difference at this point does it make?
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>> police in hong kong raid uber's offices there, arresting five employees, and charging them with operating without proper permits. they've been released. police say they have not ruled out the possibility of more arrests, it is more trouble for uberthis time in hong kong. hillary clinton's personal e-mail server to be handed over to the fbi and two e-mails on her private account have been classified as top secret.
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all right, judge napitano is here. judge, you've got news to break, go. >> the e-mail server is not to be handed over, it is already been in the possession of the fbi for a week. she announced last night she was going to hand it over to the fbi at a time that she knew they already had it. they got it at the same time as they got the thumb drive version from her lawyer. stuart: so they've gone into it. >> yes, we don't know what they found. that's news number one, and news number two, this is generic, but it's news. stuart: that they've had it for a week. the second item. >> if she's deleted those e-mails, unless she took a blow torch or a sledgehammer to that server, the fbi can extract the 33,000 e-mails that she deleted. stuart: so all will be and will be revealed. >> yes. stuart: all can be revealed. >> can be revealed, correct. the fbi investigates for
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federal crimes and for breaches of national security. they're not interested in gossip, not interested in her efforts to rewrite history and make herself look better, smarter, brighter than she was as secretary of state. if there are evidence of crimes or breaches of national security, that's what they're looking for. stuart: could you politically cover it up? >> i don't think so. i think this is so grave that it's beyond the president appointed all prosecutors and they're all democrats argument. this is now in the hands of serious fbi professionals and serious prosecutorial professionals who will do their duty and follow the evidence no matter where it leads them. i do not think we're in a phase any longer where she can expect to be protected because the u.s. attorneys are an i-- appointees by a democratic president. stuart: if they have two top secret e-mails on the
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accou accou account. >> not out of 88,000, 40. they found 40 and two of which were top secret. stuart: if she said i didn't know they were classified or i didn't know they should have been classified. is that a defense? >> no, that's not a defense under national security law. everybody, from the president to a file clerk, who receives a national security clearance, has a 30 to 60 minutes tutorial interview with a fbi agent at the end of which they swear under penalty of perjury, a phrase with which mrs. clinton we know is regrettably familiar. stuart: right. >> that they understand if there's any doubt whatsoever, it must be construed in favor of it being classified so that it could be declassified later. stuart: so what is she guilty of? >> she is potentially guilty of failure to secure top secret information.
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stuart: which would imply that her judgment is just not what it should be to occupy the oval office? >> criminally impaired her judgment. criminally impaired. general petraeus was convicted of failing to secure confidential information, that's the lowest level of classified. the inspector general has found top secret information, which is the highest level of classified. stuart: you know, judge, you really have lead on this story and clarified the story like nobody else through the entire fox news and fox business, and we thank you very much indeed. please come back later on the show, i want to repeat this and the severity of what you've just said. >> absolutely. stuart: thank you, judge. something really different, okay? new york gets quarterback, geno smith punched in the locker room by a teammate, breaks his jaw, he's out six to ten weeks. have you ever heard of such a thing? full story after this.
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>> and seeing the way and it was stupid and i have to live with the results. stuart: wow, that was new york jets head coach todd bowles after one of his players punched his starting
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quarterback and forcing geno smith to be out six to ten weeks. we have foreign accents and we know about football. ashley: you're going to have fights and fights on the pre-season generally on the practice field. you don't get this in the locker room over a $600 plane ticket. enemkpali set up for the quarterback to make an appearance and he had to back out because of the death of someone close to him and the linebacker says i want the $600 plane ticket and he said okay. and hadn't. and it cleared up in the locker room and sucker punched him and broke his jaw out six to ten weeks. beyond explanation, i can't imagine. of course, enemkpali has been immediately released by the team. stuart: you do know what you're talking about, despite that.
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>> all right, the music is playing, and any moment now, the bell is going to ring, there you go, and in a few seconds, they will start trading and we're-- we're looking for another triple digit drop for the opening bell and the dow closed at 17-4 yesterday. we're going to be down 150 points by the time we get rolling here, and that should carry it down to 17-2. and where to from there is anybody's guess. here is the reason why the market is selling off. china cut the value of its currency yet again twice, i should say. and stocks are selling off close to bear market territory. let's bring in former reagan economic advisor who is bringing in an economist, just as the market gets good. this is unusual for us, bear with us here, i've got a political question and relates to the market and the economy. if we're in a bear market, is that bad news for democrats? >> it's terrible news for democrats and for republicans, and for independents. it's really bad news, i mean, a
9:31 am
bear market is never good. politically, you know, we've got to change the policies of the last 14 years and you know, it's just leading onto the same stuff as we've talked about many times and we need those changes and after seeing your interview with ben carson, i think he'd be a great one to change one. he's spectacular. stuart: so the train of thought is, get the bear market, the stock market goes down, implies weakness in the economy and which means we've got to change things, we can't go on like that, same old, same old, same old. so that's bad for democrats. >> it is-- you're right. stuart: is it that simple of an equation, art? >> yes. stuart: getting one word answers, got to keep it going. >> it's hard to reelect incumbents when they've done a bad job and this administration has done a very bad job. we need a change and we've got the change in the senate and the house and we've got the
9:32 am
change in the governorships and the state legislators and we have one little tiny office left to change, the presidency, and that will happen. stuart: okay, we hear you. stay there, please. i want to move on to the opening of the market, and discuss that at some length because now we're down 136 points as we suggested, we're at 17-2. now, look some wall street types, they say we're near a critical, technical level and if we break below it, it's downhill from there. let's discuss this with ashley webster and hillary crimer and joying us from chicago, first to you, hillary, what's going on? i don't get the thing about a technical level if we go below. what is the technical level and are we below it? >> it looks like we may cross over. this gives signals to technical traders and it's time to start selling so i focus on the s&p 500 and i'm looking for 2040. if we go below 2040, that might be a problem for our markets, but here is the thing, i think the bigger problem, stuart are
9:33 am
that the retail stocks aren't doing well. yes, we've got technicals and we're looking at retail and we have kohl's and macy's today and-- >> do you think that we're entering a slippery slope slide? >> i think we are. i think we are and it could be a rough august for the market, and investors need to phrase themselves. >> can i bring you into this, please, you're a commodity kind of guy, you follow charts and trends and the rest of it. does it loose as if we're entering into the slippery slope bear market? >> you're getting at very close levels right now and with the uncertainty out there, it could very well punch down, keep in mind, even if we do break the law, these technical levels and use that at 2042 level. you've got to go down to the s&p to get the s&p 10% correction and we're not even in that 5% level yet. we've got to see more of it and see what the fundamentals of the market of the economy do, and that will drive the market, uncertainty ruling the roose
9:34 am
right now. >> okay, we're down 175 points and the china devaluation is the primary reason. so look at a couple of individual stocks which are moving because of that china move. first of all, apple. they've got huge exposure in china and they are down a bit more this morning. 111 dollars per share as we speak. hillary, 111 on apple. a lot of people like the stock at that level. would you buy it? >> not here, i think we're going to see some more institutional-- >> that's since january. >> apple may find a bottom. they're having a pr event around apple tv and money will try to hide in apple because it's a cheap stock. stuart: alibaba we call that the amazon of china. where are we, 7% down, would you buy that? >> alibaba is the best way, if
9:35 am
you want to play china and everyone should have some small exposure, revenues, we're up 28%. ashley: isn't the shopping market oversaturated in china? the growth is slowing down and we're seeing the yuan value so much because china knows it so what does it do for a company like alibaba? >> like alibaba it's similar in the sense that it's about scale and alibaba has a benefit that way, the only other competitor is maybe ashley: you'd buy it? >> i would. above the $68 ipo and of cours course-- >>. >> look at yahoo! and its stake at alibaba and it does own a chunk of alibaba. well, that stake, that chunk has lost 11 billion dollar worth of value because of what's happening with alibaba. yahoo! at the moment is down 5% at 34. i've got a big name, everybody knows it, and the sales have
9:36 am
fallen flat and that would be macy's, down $3, 4 1/2%, 64 on macy's, i've got to go back to china. we always talk about china and gambling and macao, that means we talk a lot about wynn. nicole, come in, wynn stock, please. nicole: wynn is down this week, just three days, 6 1/2%. when you talk about china, you're talking about win and macao and that factors in. and also with this devaluation for a second day. do you know how many u.s. companies now will be affected because the revenue and sales come from abroad? kwaqualcom qualcomm, intel, apple. they make so much money in china and with this now, the devaluation of the currency because this is the currency ahead of the fed lift-off, this hurts our names here at home. stuart: best start to the day
9:37 am
is with nicole and the rest of the team at 5:00 in the morning. and that will be lauren, sandra and nicole, and it's a great st. look at the price of oil, please, it's up today. 60 cents, 43.69 right now. gas, oh,dear. ashley: oh. stuart: went up overnight, up about a penny, 2.58. that means the streak is over. it went on for 27 days, we were down every day, 27 days, but it's over. all right, dan, come in. we've been saying on this program for a long time that the real decline in gas prices comes in september. are you going to say yes, stuart, you're always right, it's going to come down in september? i'm going to say you're right this time. and here is oil, and i think a long-term friend of gas prices is still down. and as for the rest of the country, i don't know if you've
9:38 am
heard it, but in chicago we have a major price spike because there's one that has an issue. but the ultimate thing is that we have plenty of oil out there. demand may be okay, but there's too much supply in it, if iran comes back into the market there's going to be even more supply so gas prices should go down. you get beyond the labor day season, it should be close to $2 if not below. >> there you have it, the it's the guys in chicago who messed up the average. hold on, we'll get back to you in a second. the lower the day for the dowel industrials, we're now 8 minutes into the trading session and we're off 200 shares as we speak, i'm sorry, 200 points on the dow industrials. all right, art laffer still with us. as you know, you were listening, dr. ben carson talked about his flat tax proposal. he calls it a tithe, what it really is is a flat tax. listen to what he says. >> it's a proportional tax, that's what tithing is.
9:39 am
you make $10 billion, you pay a billion. you make $10, you pay one. of course i would get rid of all deductions and the loopholes, but here is the key, people, they look at the guy who put in a billion dollars, and they say he's still got 9 billion dollars left. >> exactly. >> that's not fair. we need to take more of his money. that's called socialism. >> you know, he is right. if you've got something with $10 billion and you take 1 billion off him, he's still got $9 billion left and that's not fair,'s he got 9 billion dollars, how do you get over that argument? >> i don't think you get over that argument. i mean, jealousy is a powerful motivator, but let me just tell you ben carson was in my office for two to three hours, he he and his wife candy, and his proposal is dead on. it sounds very much like jerry brown's proposal in 1992 when i worked with jerry on a flow rate flat tax and ben says it
9:40 am
maybe has to be higher than 10% to begin with to make it revenue neutral which he's correct on. as time goes on we bring government spending under control and then bring it down to 10%. this is the best thing. this man is amazing. you know, he's just incredibly good, smart. stuart: it's just-- >> and healing besides. stuart: and the policy as opposed to the person is reaganesque. you advised ronald reagan in the late 1970's, you said bring individual tax rates, bring them all the way down and he did, he was demagogued to death of course, but he did it and it worked. >> not only did he do it, but, stuart, he dropped the highest rates way down from 58% to 28%. and corporate rate and raised the lowest rate from 12 1/2 to 15 and got rid of all of these deductions and exemptions and exclusions and loopholes that pen is talking about and made it revenue neutral and we won
9:41 am
the vote in the senate by 97-3. so, you know, it is really politically good stuff, too, it's not just good economics, it's good politics. stuart: what do you say to the argument that this is a different economy, i mean, we're 30 years on from what ronald reagan did, it's a different economically. it's technology based. >> it's in the changed since adam smith. economics isn't like physics, it's not like medicine, we're a flat position. and by the way, it's exactly what good economics is all about. if you tax people who work and you pay people who don't work, don't be surprised if a lot of people stop working. and ben carson gets it. and the other part about ben carson, you said he's laid back. i mean, the last thing you want is a hyperactive brain surgeon or a hyperactive president. i mean, this guy is just
9:42 am
magnificent. and as i said, he's a yaly to boot and so is his wife a yaley. i thought i'd mention that. [laughter] okay >> you had to get that in. >> i did have to get that in. there's blood brothers in this stuff, you know? >> all right laffer, always a pleasure. thank you very much indeed. >> wonderful, thank you, stuart. stuart: so look at the dow, we were down 200 and now we're down 168. that's still a sharp loss. we have verizon working on a super fast internet connection, download a full high def movie in under 10 seconds and this as more than half a million people cut the cord in just three months, cable streaming and turning into the winner.
9:43 am
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but it is not the device mobithat is mobile, it is you.
9:45 am
>> oh, we're going back down again and now we're off 191. and 17-2, that's where we are.
9:46 am
look at alibaba. they hit a new low. growth slowing, and that's the worst news you can possibly get to for the equipment for amazon growth slowing. goes down 6%, apple. look at the lowest level since january of this year. and a big exposure in china, of course, and they're at 110 as of right now. look at verizon, an internet connection that's 1,000 times faster than what you got now. ashley, is that technically feasible? >> well, they say it is, but they've only conducted tests in labs and the reality of it being available next week is not really, you know, there yet, but what can you do with this speed. 10 giga bits per second, means absolutely nothing to me. but what it does me, you can take the two hour hd movie and eight seconds to download it. stuart: how long does it take? >> i don't know. a lot longer than that. a hundred students at the same
9:47 am
time could download a book in two seconds. and download a thousand photos in about two seconds. i want it, i want it. okay, hillary, what about this? i mean, verizon. >> it's very important because the tell com companies are are in trouble, a lot of debt and brought back a lot of stock, but fundamentally it doesn't necessarily mean that netflix is the winner and verizon is the reason they're coming out. stuart: i've got to tell the viewer, one item of news here and that is that-- i've got good news for netflix maybe, but very bad news for cable and satellite tv because they lost 566,000 subscribers just in the spring. that, and i think netflix took them away. ashley: absolutely. >> and netflix did do that, but if you look at the valuation, netflix is a 54 billion dollar company. time warner cable, 52 billion
9:48 am
and that stock price is building in every person in the world becoming a subscribers to netflixment and so much of netflix's value has been based on content. content is king. ashley: and $10 a month and has no commercials. massively popular because of that. rather than going to the cable, where it's channels, 680 i don't know exist and never watch them. stuart: you don't think there's room to go up for netflix at the moment? >> and spending $5 billion on capital expenditures on programming, it's expensive for them. ashley: they've got markets to get into around the world? >> i'm watching the competitors and watching the competition and a lot of companies emerge and cv's and seeing the companies on mobile and they're kind of hijacking a lot of programming and leap-frogging, so let's see what happens with netflix, i think for investors there are better opportunities.
9:49 am
there are 30 stocks in the dow industrials and 29 of them are down. look at ford motor company, they're moving their commercial truck production to ohio from mexico. what would donald trump say about that? >> he'd love that. >> and now it's the first time they've moved back from mexico back to the u.s. >> and the credit. why not? >> and i bought it up. why don't you listen to me. now, it's only a thousand employees now, in many ways this is symbolic and what's interesting here is that some of the starting workers are going to make $15 an hour which shows you that there's a lot of wage pressure in the competition that we're dealing with from countries like mexico and on top of that-- >> it's going it appease the union and auto workers because they're shutting down a plant in michigan that makes the smaller ford focus.
9:50 am
that's going somewhere else, and they won't say where and the union says it's going to mexico. symbolic gesture. stuart: 1,000 jobs back to ohio, but they're $15. >> yeah. stuart: and the fda warned kim kardashian over her social media post. what's the problem? her promotion of a morning sickness drug. you may or may not want to know more about the kardashians, but you'll want to know about this. ashley: are you going to walk out, stuart? >> no, never. you totalled your brand new car.
9:51 am
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switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> i've got this coming up. and 2500 jobs, 5% of all workers around the world and that follows an earnings miss. the stock is down 70 cents. the fda warns kim kardashian about her intragram drug endorsement. the fda says she didn't mention the risks. all right, ashley, come into this one on the kardashian, what's the details? >> kim kardashian, you can see from there holding up this bottle, this morning sickness drug on instagram and she's
9:55 am
massively followed, a ridiculous number of followers. and this is a drug, and the fda says wait a minute, you can't do that. talking how great a drug is, but not putting up the risks ma that he be involved. it's an inappropriate place, using social media to hawk a drug. she was paid to promote this drug and they sent a warning lett the drug company saying, wait a minute, this does not follow the rules. stuart: this has got a ways to go. ashley: it does. stuart: now look at alibaba, growth slowing and the stock has taken a hit. jo ling kent spoke to aliba alibaba's-- >> alibaba has a clear long-term strategy and we will continue our long-term growth and we-- this short-term market movement won't affect our long-term goal strategy. stuart: won't affect the long-term growth strategy and you say what?
9:56 am
>> the fundamentals. chinese economy are weakening right now so it's difficult for him to say that, and investors have any comments. the stock is just tanking and hitting the lowest level since the ipo and so i asked him, what about the stock price and the consumer and investors confidence and this is what he said. >> oh, as we always said, we manage our business, know the by share price. we manage our business for the long-term growth and we feel comfortable for the long-term growth and we will continue to try to create value for customers and merchants. >> he's not saying much. >> he's not budging from that line and they are confident. and the reason, they said they're not. the biggest e-commerce company in the world and that would have an impact and i asked him, does the share lockup expiring on the 9th. jack ma could sell a lot of shares, but the ceo tells me they have no plans to sell
9:57 am
except for a small charitable bit. we'll see if they hold onto that statement. >> the ceo of any publicly traded company can't answer the questions, they can't do it, there would be a lawsuit. stuart: if he said our long-term growth strategy is up the creek, that stock would be down 20%. >> and they don't give a forecast and that's an issue as well. i'll have more from the interview throughout the day. stuart: he was cool, calm and collected. >> saying a lot of the same things over again. stuart: presidential candidate ben carson just appeared on this program talking about a flat tax, a tithe, he called it. you'll get more on that. and a development in the hillary clinton investigation, and the fbi already has her private server and it's disclosed that she didn't accepted two top secret e-mails from her private account. the second hour of "varney &
9:58 am
company" is just raring to go. ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
. stuart: look at this. big stories to top this hour. problems in china hurting us here. it's currency daw valued again and down comes our stock market. the dow closing in on bear market territory. and hillary's e-mail headache is much, much wore. she was surrendered her private e-mail servers and among her e-mails, two top secret e-mails. could you imagine the controversy if she were a republican. and verizon offering internet 1,000 times faster than anything now. and jetliners to interfere with our rescue teams. it's making a lot of people very anxious. the second hour of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪
10:01 am
♪ . stuart: and look at it now. triple digit loss. we're down 200 points. china cuts the value of its currency again and down goes wall street. 17.2 is where we are. price of gas went up overnight. problems with the refineries in the midwest, that's messing up the national average. that's why its gone up. i'm sticking to my claim that it's going to go down more. the streak is over. we had 27 down gasoline prices in a row. that's now broken. and let's go to the story in china, devaluation is hurting our markets. >> getting information goldman sachs, other players on wall street, stocks have had big sales exposure to china of course getting hit. we report that on your show on monday it's not just young brands, now it's spreading to other stocks like gm and
10:02 am
caterpillar. the flip side of this is you may see $2 gas quickly and it may break below $40 because a price deflation happening in china. china will basically export lower prices aren't the world. china demands slowing. so when the commodity demands are slowing, that means not a lot of oil and gas is consumed so those prices go down. >> lost about 4% now over the last two days. i think it can go down 10%. i think there's a long way to go. >> we're only talking about a 2% cut; right? >> right. >> that's not a lot. >> yeah. >> so that's tiny. so we're expecting even -- the it to go down even more. so watch this. gurus possibly mortgage rates go down as well as that u.s. dollar and the treasury again becomes the safe haven. stuart: the net result of the china devaluation is our stocks down and our interest rates down. the yield on that ten-year
10:03 am
treasury is barrel up 2% right now. >> right. stuart: and that's why you're saying mortgage rates go-go down more. >> yeah. and streets telling us oil could break down below $40 a barrel. stuart: chime in on this because we've got down 215. >> i think the bigger story here is that china's economy has really slowed and that the official numbers don't affect that. year over year that's an extraordinary drop. you're seeing that in all kinds of shipments, that things people use to monitor what's going on in the chinese economy. that has been going on for a couple of months but a story that's ignored. stuart: it's happening right now. down 211. real fast. slide of down bear market. what do you think? >> it depends on what our government does in response, if the fed looks like they're putting off a rate increase because of this, that will take away some of the damage.
10:04 am
but people are going to have to go to the drawing board and saying what does the growth look like here? . stuart: the markets down 200, price of oil around $43 a barrel and interest rates are down. got it all. let's get -- and wait a second. am i seeing the right? -- no, i thought we were about to see the quarterback brady. >> tom brady. stuart: there it is. >> there he is. stuart: just arriving. at court in lower manhattan right now. hearing aimed at settling tom brady's four-game suspension. there he is. the man himself. the judge in the case requested that the nfl and the union begin to negotiate, that was yesterday, the judge will get an update from both sides in just a few minutes. there he goes. the man himself. are you tired of this story? >> tom brady should take his medicine and end of game. let's have this over with. he did something wrong, he's been punished, move on. stuart: but for a story you don't care about, you're
10:05 am
awfully -- [laughter] >> that is true. stuart: i think we're done with brady. he's in the courtroom, we've shown you the video, live action news here. now let's get to hillary clinton. >> bring up tom brady. stuart: two major develops in the e-mail investigation. number one. she has handed over her server. and two among her e-mails, two messages containing classified top secret information. just listen to what judge andrew napolitano said about this earlier today on this program. >> this is now in the hands of serious fbi professionals and serious prosecutorial professionals who will do their duty and follow the evidence no matter where it leads them. i do not think we're in a phase any longer where she can expect to be protected because the u.s. attorneys are appointees by a democratic president. stuart: now, the judge think so that hillary clinton is in serious legal and certainly political trouble at this point.
10:06 am
liz peek here. now, look. you're a financial analyst. you deal in the markets, you deal in stocks and all the rest of it. but politics plays a role in our stock market and here you have the lead democratic candidate in serious trouble. does that make any difference to your investment perspective at all? >> the markets? i think it's an interesting question. i mean what's the fallout from this? in mew hamp bernie sanders has soared ahead of hillary clinton. that's a shocking development in a state that hillary clinton certainly needs to and expected to win. stuart: shocking for us investors. >> exactly. i mean let's think about what that says about economic policy under bernie sanders white house? i can't even imagine. i mean put elizabeth warren and bernie sanders in the same boat, and they're basically antibusiness. if it becomes a probability that bernie sanders is there or refute him, hillary clinton has to move even farther left on economic policy, which she
10:07 am
hasn't done yet then i think it will have an impact. stuart: as you said, liz, bernie sanders does lead initially new hampshire. here's the numbers. 44 to 37. i think we should always remember, though, that new hampshire is adjacent to vermont. she's got regional popularity. >> vermont single pair system has been in trouble. stuart: it's failed. >> what's troubling about the bernie sanders story is that continuing to mislead the american people about everything can be free when the government pays for it. >> that's not true? . stuart: the rich to pay. >> bottom line. stuart: take everything off the rich. >> nothing is free. stuart: look at donald trump. i've got a new poll there. trump is leading in iowa. by a little less. he's in the lead a little bit more shallow it was.
10:08 am
he's got 17% scott walker 12% and marco rubio 10%. what do you think? >> despite all of his protestations, he came across as a bully and bullish toward women, so thankfully people are beginning to look behind the curtain and what do they see? . stuart: are you implying that his momentum has stalled. >> i think so, yes. stuart: the numbers show that's the case. he has not dropped, but he's not going straight up anymore. >> i think people are now saying okay wait. we know he wants to make america great, how is he going to do that? he's had numerous media encounters in the last 48 hours and he hasn't expanded on it and he doesn't have policy, and he doesn't have the plan to get you from a to b. so a lot of people are saying i love the fact that he's standing up to transitional politicians, but really does he have a plan? . stuart: okay. last hour we had doctor ben carson on this program sitting right here
10:09 am
next to me on the set. here's what he had to say about obamacare. >> i want to see people have very good care, and i have proposed a different system which actually will give people much better care for less money. and 80% of cases take the middle man out of the way. stuart: now, he's assuming that you can just repeal and get rid of obamacare. i'm not sure you can. either the two? >> i don't think you can. i think you can adjust it but not remove the system. >> it's long gone as they say, but you you've got to tweak it. >> i think you can restructure it. there can be more than tweaks, you can begin to change some of the mandates and going back to donald trump's, you know, cross border sort of analogy, i think that's what he was talking about. there are things that can actually happen to change the way this thing functions, and i think it should happen. >> it's hard to get the medicat medicare back .
10:10 am
stuart: and he's the. >> and the advocating the flat tax. >> i love the flat tax. >> not at 10%. stuart: he said between 10 and 15%. >> it will come closer to 15. stuart: yeah. >> but what it does is get rid of all the lobbying. stuart: is it possible? it's such a radical development. >> we would like to think it is, stuart,. stuart: can you imagine the lobbying against getting rid of my deduction here, my deduction there? >> gigantic but that's why we have a 70,000 page tax code and severn screaming about the unnecessary complications. >> the irs is really america's museum of mass confusion thanks to obamacare. but gucci won't disappear. stuart: what was the one? >> the irs is really about
10:11 am
america's museum of mass confusion. >> that's pretty good. stuart: i'm steeling both of them. you will hear more from dr. ben carson tonight. he'll be on with charles payne, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. and right after that, donald trump. he's back, and he's joining lieu dobbs tonight. don't miss that on the fox business network. and we're also following the environmental disaster in colorado. that's where it started moved on from there. created by the epa. the orange tied making its way down the animas river residents in colorado and new mexico hit the hardest. and apologizing for the mess saying that the agency is deeply sorry and she does not have a complete understanding as to how the spill occurred. today she heads to colorado to monitor the situation personally. got it. apple's chief has a brand-new investment.
10:12 am
lauren is here to tell us about it in case you missed it. lauren. >> good morning. well, apple ceo tim cook has personally invested in a showerhead. the startup that makes it is call nebia, its device is to make the showering experience more pleasant while also reducing the amount of water needed by 70%. get this. $25,000, that's what a woman in san diego was fined for renting out a room in her huge home on airbnb without a permit. the city said she operated a bed and breakfast even though she didn't serve food. other residents at risk for also being fined as much as a quarter million dollars if they also do not seek a permit from the city. and the cost of bacon spiking 174% from april. and no one is to blame but you and me. we love bacon in everything. on everything to omelets. it has created this overwhelming demand pushing up
10:13 am
the wholesale prices of bacon. eventually that will spill over to the retail store. and young brand, that's the owner of kfc, desperate to win back consumers of china. so it's putting this bizarre menu item on the menu there. when is the black diamond spicy chicken burger. and the one on the right is the pink one, the rose cheese. i put this out on social media, i haven't found one person to try them. stuart: oh, i would. >> you would eat that? . stuart: abso. yes. >> all right. we'll see if we can get them there. stuart: verizon has tested a new internet connection. it's 1,000 times faster than anything we use now. we'll be dealing with it in a minute. verizon stock not bundle. plus this drone. no match for a eagle. the full story behind this video. it doesn't end there
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
10:17 am
stuart: not good low of the day. down way more than 200 points now. down 238. 17.1 is the number. and blame china, they have cut the value of their currency down. and look at the s&p 500, it is down on the calendar year. all of these companies i'm about to show you, all of them have exposure to china and all of them are taking a hit. tiffany, wynn, down, and boeing, exporter, sky works, apple, all of them down, they've got china exposure in the red. look at this. this is good. it's a drone brought crashing to the ground by an australiaian eagle. take that. the eagle is said to have used the talons to punch the drone. it was left mangled on the
10:18 am
floor and we heard the eagle overhead. is the drone dead? >> don't mess with the eagles . stuart: i put the american eagle over the australia eagle any day. and verizon wants to make the internet 1,000 times faster. you can download a high deaf two-hour movie in 8 seconds. shana tech guru is here. is this for real? i mean i don't know what downloading -- i don't know what that's all about, but i would like 1,000 times fasters faster. can i get it soon? >> the key is they're just testing the technology right now in a lab and a three-mile stretch in massachusetts. so unless you move to that three mile stretch, it's going to be a little while until you get the technology at your house. stuart: is it revolutionary technology? could it be implemented relatively easily? if it works, will verizon it have it on my doorstep in a year or so?
10:19 am
what are we looking here? >> i certainly thank verizon wants to push this to market as soon as they can because it's revolutionary. it's ten times faster than google fiber, which is seemed to being the leader in the market right now in this case. but what they're doing is genius. they're adding different column spectrums to their current fiber optic lines and that new color spectrum is allowing them to delivery this 1,000 times faster. but it benefits verizon to get it into your hands as soon as they can. stuart: so they don't have to have a whole new fiber optic cable going around the country, they can utilize the one they've got and make it faster, is that accurate? >> that's what they're working on right now and what they're orchids with the different colors in the fiberoptic cables that currently exist. stuart: i would want that. wouldn't you? >> very much so. stuart: yes on that one. i want to talk to you about drones. it's kind of a technology product and you know all about this stuff. lately they've been running
10:20 am
rogue as i'm sure you know. the latest example is they're flying around airports, getting dangerously close to commercial airlines. i think you've got an example -- the example of the most dangerous situation around airports. will you tell us about it. >> really two that come to mind. one is from may have 2014 and it was a small u.s. airways flight that was headed from charlotte to tallahassee. and the pilot saw the drone as they were about to land and actually thought that they had collided with it. later proved not to be true. they landed okay. about 50 people on that flight. but that was a really close call and then more recently july of this year in poland, a flight that was caring about 122 people was coming from munich and they were within 300 feet of a drone able to, you know, not collide with that. but a very, very close call for those passengers as well. stuart: i mean there are two
10:21 am
threats here. an ammetean amateur loses control of the drone and hits the commercial airline. that's the obvious threat. or a terrorist has a go at a jetliner with a drone. there's two threats here and that threat level seems to be rising all the time. i'm just not sure what you can do about it. any ideas? >> and i think even a third which is the uninformed drone user that doesn't know what they're doing. they get up in the air and they're not sure where the different airplanes are flying in from. they don't have anything that gis them an indication of that. so even though there are regulations, there are fines if you fly by an airport or by that wildfire last month in california, there are fines as high of $25,000. you're right. there's not much that can be done. these people have yet to be identified in these incidents stuart: yeah, really. we appreciate you being with us. >> appreciate it.
10:22 am
stuart: bernie sanders drawing rockstar crowds and beating hillary in at least one poll. my take on that just a moment from now. and the epa says it's sorry for the massive spill that caused this orange river. that's it. they're sorry. how come there's no outrage from the president like when bp dumped all that oil in the gulf of mexico. do you remember this? >> this is want to bed at night thinking about. the spill. when i week woke up this morning, and i'm shaven and malia knocks on my bathroom door and she peeks her head in and says did you plug the hole yet, daddy? ♪
10:23 am
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than dsl from the phone company. call 800-501-6000 to switch today. perks are nice. but the best thing you can give your business is comcast business. comcast business. built for business. stuart: look at this, please. the nasdaq composite index below 5,000, and it is now turned negative for this calendar year. it's china that sending our
10:26 am
markets sharply lower. we're down 267 on the dow. looking like we might challenge the 16,000 level. coming up next the man who has been predicting china's fall for years. here's the question. is this it? and look at this. another death defying stunt from daredevil nick. it's his longest walk on a tightrope to date. 1,600 feet. we'll have the video shortly. if donald trump is giving republicans a headache, bernie sanders is surely doing the sacrificing democrats. today comes news that in a new new hampshire poll, he leads hillary clinton. trouble is he's a socialist. after two terms of president obama, that might not be such a shift. but for middle america, it's probably a step too far. guess what? activist democrats don't care. for years, the party has marched to the left.
10:27 am
bernie sanders simply pushes them even further, and he's popular. he's drawn the largest crowds for any candidate for either party. and look at those crowds. when he bashes the billionaires, the true believers are in raptor. they don't care that president obama is in failure. they don't think he went far enough. tax the rich more. sees the billionaires money, they've got it, let's just take it. bernie is our guy. raw, naked, anger is the order of the day. think this through. bernie sanders is now setting the tone and direction of the democrats entire campaign, regardless of who is the eventual democratic nominee, they will go far left on the platform. they've moved so far that twice could not tell the difference between a socialist and a democrat because there is no difference these days. and that's why the president
10:28 am
election will be the most ideological in a generation. government versus private enterprise. where does middle america vote for a choice like that? i'm just saying america is still a center right kind of country. everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy.? and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become.
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc.
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the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. stuart: and expect dean to see the price of oil move because we are about to receive the latest report on how much oil we got in storage. if we've got less oil in storage demand is strong. more oil means the demand is weak. i'll make a difference. a draw down of 1.7 million barrels. demand is pretty strong. not huge, pretty strong and has made that much difference to the price of oil.
10:32 am
4330. stuart: we took out 1.7 million barrels from doris, 43 bucks a barrel. at that half-hour just about. doc sound really big. 241-point. china close the value of current tea again and that is where the market is down. earlier this hour tom brady arrived in court in manhattan. a hearing on the way. a judge wants brady in the nfl to work out the deflate gate session. the suspension will stand. i know you've heard a lot about this and no hero bob moore. the results of all of this in a couple hours. tense up, everybody. more football. this one even more bizarre. new york jets quarterback out six to 10 weeks.
10:33 am
he was punched by a former teammate in the lock over a $600 deal in little talk about both the stories and what they had to say about it. the market lower the view on again. dow growth stocks. the collapse of china now in its 12th edition right now. hasn't happened yet. >> it's going to happen. >> and making fun of your nation. the coming collapse of china. is this the start? >> it could very well be. i think the chinese government doesn't have the ability to deal with problems. the monetary stimulus that somewhere. interest rate cuts, reserve requirement ratio, fiscal spending if they fiscal spending mistake not to create more debt
10:34 am
that is an even bigger problem. fundamental reform is off the table in beijing. that is the one solution they can't implement in a certain they can't do that in time and evaluation. maybe a week or two but that's about it and it causes problems like money leaving china which is a big issue. stuart: i will get in to bat in the second. the fight has begun with their economy. if you are right, but his bat is for market. our market comes down even more. >> sure. look at the q2 earnings and more data s&p 500 in china for poor results. this is an across-the-board fly. the economy is not growing at the 7.0% they claimed. it is growing like one or two. we were just in hong kong a few days ago and people there are saying 2.2% growth in china.
10:35 am
>> at the third of their growth. is there a political issue because china would've played it in the presidential election. a few months ago people were saying china will be the biggest in the world. did you agree with that reported at the time? >> of course not. you are right about the political connotations because with the devaluation, people now see currency war. this brings up the whole issue that is so controversial and this will not go away. this plays into transpacific partnership negotiations. >> i know you were several years ago. this is the start of it. >> we see a lot that isn't consistent with what beijing is the period they just don't know how to deal with it. stuart: when did they really crash?
10:36 am
>> we are talking months. you have, for instance, haven't they capital research firm same this year will be the final end of the chinese economy. i don't know if it's the end of this year but what we are seeing is a drama where beijing doesn't have the tools anymore. >> they try to let market forces come in. they act like the elevator operator who will find the floor for you. >> the devaluation of getting companies to put it into dollars because they've been unhinged. >> you are telling the money is flowing out of china. somewhere between 520 billion to $800 billion. if you look at the last four quarters they've dropped $299.4 billion amount is that they are willing to tell us. hundreds of billions of dollars
10:37 am
amount of the economy. stuart: gordon chang, you have a small nervous. we appreciate it. thank you very much indeed. hillary clinton e-mail scandal continues to unfold. she was sending top-secret e-mails from her private server. listen to what dr. ben carson had to say earlier. >> you know, people say to me you've never been elected to anything. she was united states senator, secretary of state. obviously, public service doesn't really come for wisdom or judgment. stuart: spoken with a soft voice, but so pony in here blake burman has the latest on the e-mail investigation. >> hillary clinton's private server in thumb drive will be in the hands of the fbi. the change in course comes as the fbi investigate security of the system.
10:38 am
clinton and her attorney have refused to hand over the server to a third-party which is exactly what the chairman of the house select committee on benghazi trey gaudi had been calling for. he spoke to still have very few moments ago. >> my concern is getting access to every document i need to do the job the house fascinated do. i'll let other folks figure out potential combat and other folks like chuck grassley figure out the classified information. >> we are also learning the inspector general told lawmakers that to renounce the past of the server indeed top-secret. the highest classification for intelligence, a source familiar tells fox the information in the e-mails contain cia intelligence. clinton continues to defend her e-mail use. this is what she told reporters a couple weeks ago. >> let me say i am confident
10:39 am
that i've never sent or received any information classified at the time it was sent and was teased. reporter: on the political front, this is a first or hillary clinton and all the polls on the selection cycle. this comes from the "boston herald" this morning. she trails ernie sanders by seven-point according to the poll in new hampshire. she had a 39-point need. i was taken at the end of march after the e-mail controversy first started getting out there. the headline was that i appoint those who live in new hampshire were unfazed by what they heard about her e-mails. you can clearly see a turn their several months down the line. stuart: good stuff. lake berman, thank you indeed. let's get back to the toxics rivers spill in colorado. it has turned orange because of ways ended the fault of the epa
10:40 am
released this by accident. epa chief gina mccarthy is heading there today not before she apologized profusely. >> it pains me to no end to see this happening but we are working tirelessly to respond and we've committed to a full review of exactly what happened to ensure it can never happen again. stuart: joining me on the phone this congress and the mars met from taxpayers. you have demanded investigation is that correct? >> that is correct. i frankly have never seen anything this bad. stuart: if this was a private enterprise, oil company, they would be demands for accountability and billions of dollars in fines. why are we seeing that this time around when it's clearly a tragedy? >> you have a situation where
10:41 am
the epa itself has released a toxic glue coursing down the rivers have the states and they're not held accountable. it's been one week since we did this and we don't know the effects on the health care and health raised and we still don't know the extent of the damage. it took 24 hours for the epa to the knowledge there had been a problem if this were a private company been feared they they would pay fines. in instead all we have is we are sorry from the epa. that is not enough and they need to be level with the american people and we've not seen that after one week. stuart: congressmen lamar smith, demanding an investigation. liz, you are shaking your head. >> you haven't been honest. what president obama visit this bill like he did the gulf of mexico in the bp oil spill.
10:42 am
likely not. he's on vacation, but he could leave that visit this bill. by the way, and epa workers are immune from any lawsuits under federal law. stuart: it could make its way to california eventually. >> at its lake mead that is really bad. stuart: it is time now for the sector report. cheryl casone me, what are you watching today. >> you were talking to gordon chang about china. this is one of the big details down about 4%, almost three bugs. macy's paid quite a day to announce the joint venturing china and they will be on alibaba believe it or not. i said domestic sales down. people are by michael kors bags, a lot of the things made these authors. they have a lot of discounts. i was watching not up well.
10:43 am
>> yeah, that is true. coming up, another crackdown on uber. drivers arrested in hong kong. jack king joining us in the next hour. he is a general. he will react to the e-mail server scandal. ...that sound go? ...that sound go? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future.
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reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
10:45 am
>> china steps in for a second day devaluing currency again in the stocks here take a hit. the dow was down 283-point in 10 trading days. the nasdaq down 79 and the index gaining 30% in two days. showing nervousness here on wall street. i'll doubt components have down errors. oldman sacks the 30 dow points and apple under pressure. all 30 or lower. with this move from china we see alibaba, apple to the downside. financials, telecom, consumer discretionary to the downside 2%. the only arrow is utility with 2.09% as money goes there. utilities paid dividends doing well. start your day on fox business,
10:46 am
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10:47 am
stuart: legionnaire defeats more trouble. this time not in new york. the drugmaker closed the factory in north carolina. officials discovered bacteria that could cause the legion errors disease. factory workers there have been sent home. down 1%. look at this.
10:48 am
another crack down on uber. this time in hong kong. five drivers arrested. police say they don't have the right permits. three staff members were detained. looks to me like this is a worldwide pressure on uber as uber emerges. >> uber has uber problems right now. these drivers didn't require permits in the process. by the way, they are letting silence. some of these guys have been known to whistle women in the past. talking about other drivers in dallas, for example, one has been known to be accused of sexual assault. he didn't have a permit but he got to an uber driver. stuart: i hear these stories around the world. take them down to size. it doesn't seem like it at the
10:49 am
moment because the valuation is $51 billion. that is not gone down. ashley: exactly. you can't stop them, but these folks in paris they shut down highways and burned tires. we will see this consistently, but they continue to pick a business and people like them. stuart: a million rights in china today. >> baby there's pushback in the valuation which is bigger than railroads. stuart: how about this. other e-mails. maybe joe biden. hillary is in real trouble with the e-mails. as we see bernie sanders come up in the polls, we say he is regionally popular. if the nationally popular? i don't think so. democrats we say hillary is staggering, with god bernie sanders. we need someone else. this opens the door for joe biden. the door for that is widening.
10:50 am
>> what about al gore to the rescue? clinton's numbers among democrats have dramatically dropped since march. bernie sanders could not win the majority of the states. you are right. joe biden to the rescue could be coming seen in coming days. stuart: we don't know of any move taken by joe biden. the speculation is now back because of hillary's trouble. california's newest way to beat the drought pouring tens of millions of these into lakes and reservoirs. we have an explanation for you. the mainstream media covering hillary's e-mail scandal. could it be that tide is turning against her? our media watchdog, the rebbe buzzell next hour.
10:51 am
10:52 am
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stuart: check out this video. famous high wire walker and make what land of breaking his personal record last night when he completed his father's tight rope walk ever. walking across the wire more than 10 stories above the milwaukee speedway.
10:55 am
1576 feet. yikes. california's new fix are called shared files. this date is boring like sin reservoirs. they shield the water. they save 300 million gallons of water a year. officials say customs are dirty sycophant beach. now on to football. quarterback tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell caught over the deflate a suspension. adam shapiro joins us outside the courthouse with the latest. >> tom brady arrived 35, 40 minutes ago and said the federal court in the live in manhattan. not much ruckus when he entered to take a listen to what happened when roger goodell entered.
10:56 am
[inaudible conversations] reporter: they called him a liar. roger goodell was called a liar. there is a behind closed doors meeting taking place at the judge. trying to see if they can reach a settlement at 11:00 there will be essentially a meeting in the hearing chambers to determine whether they've reached a settlement if they don't come they will be back in court. this kind of stuff outside the courthouse to $35. donate their brady lovers nor deniers but they saw chance to make a buck. this could go on for the next hour or so. if they don't have some kind of settlement island man was wanted we could be very well back in court. stuart: i'm assuming a lot of patriots fans outside with the doing of goodell. we will check in with you.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
. stuart: what was she thinking? hillary clinton ran america's policy through her private e-mail receiver stored in her home. it was not secure. america's secrets were there for all to hack into. now, that's given her all kinds of legal and political problems and that's what you're hearing about right now. i want to raise the issue of judgment. what was she thinking? the second most powerful official chose to bypass secure communication. she chose to put our security at risk. perhaps she wanted privacy. well, nothing's private on a standard unsecured server these days. perhaps she wanted convenience, stay with her husband's established system because it's easier. that is a lame excuse. she is the secretary of state.
11:01 am
it comes back to judgment or, in my opinion, lack of it. and this may be the hashest criticism of all. how could someone with decades of experience at the highest level of government expose our country to such a huge security risk? and now she wants to sit in the oval office. what was she thinks? and what do we think about her judgment? ♪ ♪ stuart: all right. let's get right at it. what do we think of hillary clinton's judgment? former army vice chief of staff general jack is joining us now. general, you're a senior guy in the military. if one of the generals on your staff used a private server from their own home, what would you do with him or her? >> yeah. it really is unfathomable. and the concern i have right now, and i'll leave the political implications of this
11:02 am
to others who know more about that than i, but i'm concerned literally from a security aspect. i mean i think the server should have been ceased a long time ago by the justice department and then examined by the fbi to make certain, you know, by our counterintelligence folks to make certain what classified information wen is on that server would have to be if you're doing all the state's business on that particular server and e-mail account that that secrets have been protected and garnished by somebody else. and we need to secure that information first and foremost as job one and then what accounting must take place because of the judgment as ur suggesting is the second order of business certainly. stuart: what would you have done? i mean if you got somebody on your staff, if you're a senior guy, what would you have done if you do you understand a general doing that kind of thing on your watch? >> well, we would have held them accountable for it. i just can't fathom it. stuart: right. >> because i don't have any frame of reference to
11:03 am
something like that. where a government official chose to do all their government business on a personal e-mail account and a personal server. it could not happen in the united states military, at least in terms of senior people doing it. because there's no means for them to do something like tha. stuart: as a senior general, what system did you use? i mean a totally secure -- >> we had two. we had two systems. one was totally classified system and when we refer to it in the government as a siper net and to the best of my knowledge that net has only been intruded twice in its history. both times by the russians. but we were able to detect it. secondly we used another net for government business for nonsecure information. it was secure but not as protected as our military classified net. and then if you had a personal
11:04 am
e-mail account, which certainly some people did, you could certainly use that for personal business but not for government business. and no one would send to a personal account government business. you just wouldn't do it. you would say it's a personal account and not a government account, so we're all pretty astute to what you're dealing with while protecting classified information. stuart: will you make the judgment as to whether or not hillary clinton with that judgment is fit to occupy the oval office. >> no. i'm not going to get into that. i don't comment on this political stuff and just spare me that, would you, please? . stuart: yes, sir. i must certainly will, general. i must certainly will. i want your thoughts if i may on the iran nuke deal. some of us are saying it's a done deal. what happens with the next president? can he or she reverse it? >> all right. remains to be seen. i mean this deal certainly is -- as you get into the details of it is far worse
11:05 am
than i think many of us recognize because so many concessions were made at the last minute. just think of this. i mean am they're going to get most of their money back even if the congress is able to override the president's veto because they'll get all the un sanctions and european money back too. in five years, stuart, they can buy weapons on the open market. in eight years they can buy ballistic missiles. and in ten plus years they're going to be spinning centrifuges in rich uranium again to develop a nuclear weapon. what a staggering concession we have made to the iranians and it supports their number one strategic objective, which is to dominate the region because they're going to have the money to do it and the weapons to enforce it. stuart: i think his name is general sudman, the leader of the force, spending time with vladimir putin in russia.
11:06 am
this general was responsible for attacks on american troops in iraq whilst you were at the pentagon as a senior definitely. you must be angry that this guy is out there doing business with the russians. >> yeah. certainly. the truth is we know -- he travels at will. and yet he's on our terrorist list, and we have sanctions against him. this is the most powerful person in iran except for the supreme leader. this is -- the supreme leader relies on him. forecasts nobody else except the supreme leader, and he's been executing now for 20 plus years now the objective to dominate the region. 2006 lebanon, he was on the ground there organizing the effort against the valley ease and the israelis went through as a result of their embarrassment all the senior generals were fired. when it was about to be toppled, he comes into syria and brings in 20,000 militia
11:07 am
out of iraq, and he props up asad and saves him from being the top. now he's organizing in iraq. and as you suggest from 2004 to 2009 they targeted americans using the ieds that his engineers and scientists developed, the money that he provided to the iraqi militia is trained at two training bases inside of iran. sorry has an opponent of ours for years, and it is absolutely shameful that this activity is going on. and nobody in our government is actually speaking out as you suggest about making an arms deal against the current embargo. stuart: got it. general jack, thank you very much for being with us. much appreciate it. >> good talking to you, stuart, as always. stuart: check the big board. let's get back to the market because we have a 211 point loss. blame china cut the value of their currency again. their stuff cheaper here, our stuff more expensive there. not good. look at the s& s&p s&p 500 now down for this calendar
11:08 am
year. and it's the same story for the nasdaq. hope a lot of the technology stocks. it is also now negative for 2015. look at alibaba. calling that the chinese version of amazon new low today earlier 71 now back to 72. that's it. the democrats have an identity problem. bernie sanders playing the huge crowds across the country. hhe is a socialist. meanwhile the head if you remember putin say twice what the difference is between a socialist a democrat. in my opinion, not that much difference anyway why she couldn't tell you. joining me now guy bents. let's go right at it. are the democrats the new socialist party of america? i think it's a loaded question and bias but answer it. >> more or less, yes, because when you confront debbie she'll answer this question, she can't come up with an
11:09 am
argument differentiating the difference between socialist and democratic party. so i think what we're looking at right now that has shifted dramatically to the left. i know there's a lot of naval gazing and how far and radical to the right the republicans have gone. very little attention paid on the other side where now the animal of the democratic party is elizabeth warren and since she's not running for president, bernie sanders is her stand in and look at the crowds he's drawing. stuart: do you think this is going to open the door for another question about joe biden? after all hillary clinton's got real problems with the e-mail scandal. bernie sanders way out there on the left. that opens the door for more pressure on vice president biden. i don't know whether there's anything going on, but surely this sets up the opportunity for him to start making a move. >> i do think if you're someone who wants joe biden to
11:10 am
run for president, more than ever there might be a path for him to win. or at least win the nomination. so why not take a crack at it? i think what's interesting, stuart, if you look at what's going on right now in the democratic primary, bernie sanders been talking this morning about a new poll out of new hampshire where he has taken the lead over mrs. clinton in that state, a crucial early state. what's interesting is when you watch his rallies with these magnificent gatherings of people and he's interrupted by the black lives matter crowd and he sort of lets them do it. he is treated hillary clinton with kid gloves every step of the way. he won't criticize her in speeches, in any sort of harsh or significant way. he ducks questions in interviews, and there are easy points for him to make if he wanted to make them about her record for voting for the iraq war, bottom for one minute her corporatism, her wall street ties, and he could say, look, i'm the only major candidate in this race who is not under federal investigation. he could ramp up his rhetoric if he wanted to.
11:11 am
he hasn't so far, which suggestions to me that at this point he's still a stocking horse. he doesn't seem serious about actually winning the race. stuart: got it. i think you're right. guy benson, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. stuart: i want to go to missouri. let's get into that story. a peaceful night in ferguson after two days of protests and some gunfire. i'm going to call this a war on the police. now, am i going too far if i say around the country -- not just ferguson, but around the country there is almost open warfare about some groups targeting police officers? >> i mean absolutely. if you look at the video from sunday night when you had a friend of the young man that was killed by the officer, you could see him pulling his gun out, shooting, the groups firing 50 shots back and forth now all of a sudden the police fire back and they suspend two cops. it's just on and on.
11:12 am
the facts of the case with brown, the united states attorney holder investigated it. the facts, he had dna on the officer on the car, brown's dna was there. it showed that, in fact, brown came back to the car with the officer. that is the facts. when they put this hands up thing that never happened, all we talk about is the facts of the case and the facts are the cop was acquitted of doing anything wrong. but every time there's a shooting, now we have the shooting back in carolina, look, these anomalies happen. there's tens of millions of interactions with cops ask people. stuart: but what are the cops going to do now? >> right here in new york we have the lowest rate of firearms being recovered on the street. why? cops are not getting involved. they don't want to get involved with this because they're afraid of getting in trouble and that's the atmosphere. and all these little -- and i'm going to use the words punks over there in ferguson. if you see who they are, it's the same ones waiting to burn things down. why aren't they arresting the ones from baltimore and
11:13 am
ferguson that looted everything? . stuart: but you've got to have the politicians come in to back up the police force. >> otherwise we're going to have anarchy, stuart. i talk to cops every day. they don't want to get involved. this is a perfect example this garbage what's going on in ferguson. they want you to changer history. history is what it is. the cop did not assassinate that guy. he was justified with what he did and that's the facts. . stuart: do you think that mayor in new york will come out and say enough is enough, we're supporting the cops. >> well, first of all, big bird, which i call mayor big bird. he controls the police commission. what you see on these streets with all the homeless people, that's being controlled and the police commissioner is a great one but he's only getting his orders from big bird. stuart: is he close to resigning? >> i don't know. stuart: yes, you do. >> but bill is a great police commissioner but big bird controls this city and that's what you see.
11:14 am
the deterioration of this city thanks to mayor. stuart: thank you, sir. a new player in the coffee business. hoping to get a leg up on green mountain by going green with recyclable coffee pods. that's niche marketing. next ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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stuart: china has a version of youtube. it's called uco, and it is down 6% after china cuts the value of its currency one more time. it's a victim i will like of the currency devaluation. and then we have kfc brands, its parent is young brands. it's one of the biggest losers on the s&p. it has big china exposure. down she's 4.5%. look at netflix, please. that stock at the moment is down $2 at 120. i've got a news background story on netflix.
11:18 am
566,000 paid tv subscribers, cable subscribers, satellite subscribers, they cut the cord last quarter. >> well, here's the thing. they're going to see this more and more. and if you add up the first six months of 2015, 875,000 people cut the cord. you can pay $10 for netflix or amazon or gee $100 for cable. stuart: yeah, but you don't get sports. >> well, it depends. you can go the apple tv route. if you have an apple tv, you can bring in espn and some other things. stuart: your bottom line is the cord cutters show the strength of the netflix. >> the jig is up for cable television and satellite providers. and, yes, netflix, amazon, original programming, yes,. stuart: careful, cheryl. we are on cable. >> oh. never mind. what was i saying?
11:19 am
. stuart: down she goes the dow industrial average down 208 points now. very rough day for stocks and the reason is china has, again, cut the value of its currency. joining me now jason from investors. jason everyone asking the same question. we're down 200, at 17.1. is this the start of the big slide? >> you know, it's really not. i think my main point if i can sum it up, it's not the start of a bear market, which is to remind viewers it's any given market, the dow, whatever goes down 20%. this u.s. stock market is not going to go down 20%. will it go down more? 5%, 10%, maybe. but i think my main point here is that the u.s. growth engine is still alive and this is a period of adjustment. so one other point. the u.s. dollar is down over one full point today.
11:20 am
the u.s. dollar strength has been a major concern of all the major big ceos. now that the dollar's coming down, that could actually be a positive for the market. stuart: okay. now, with all of these market across the board way, way down, do you have any group of stocks or any individual stocks which you think have been beaten down so much it's time to jump in there and buy? >> sure. i mean i love the question. energy. crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, all of these -- and obviously follow the future. so i follow these prices directly. these are severely, severely over sold. where will these prices be 20 years from now if the whole world is solar? who knows. but right now over the next several years, i think major energy companies, their share prices are beaten down, which means their dividends are incredible. i'm talking about 10 to 15% dividend yields. that's the place to be. stuart: 10 to 15% dividend yield, i'll take it.
11:21 am
sold there. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. stuart: a new option in the single serve coffee market. molly coffee roast founded by the son of reagan a legend bob marley. it's new taking on the big guys. marley coffee executive returns to "varney & company" right here on the set with a coffee cup in front of him. your niche marketing. what you've got is a recyclable or green friendly coffee pod unlike the plastic thing that kurig puts out. you're in each marketing. >> yeah. we are. we're small but we have great aspirations? . stuart: do you think there's demand? >> yeah. there's demand. stuart: approve it. >> we can approve it by sales.
11:22 am
we know our sales keep increasing 17 consecutive quarters of growth. stuart: sales of the green coffee pod? >> well, we just introduced it july 31st. stuart: okay. can you tell me what your sales look like up -- from that point on. >> certainly. we have really, really big goals. our -- stuart: what your goals are. >> well, on orders are in the pipeline. i can say that. we have some big retailers that are going to be focusing on our ecocup. you're going to see them on the she feels soon. stuart: have you staked the sales on the ecocup. >> it's one of our invasions. we have a great cup of coffee. whether it's the cup or bags. we know ecocup is a big part of that. stuart: have you got distribution across the united states. >> we do. north america. stuart: mostly online or. >> no. mostly in grocery. stuart: and you just launched this thing july 31st? >> july 31st.
11:23 am
stuart: good niche market and it's a private company? >> public company. . stuart: and the symbol is? >> jamn. stuart: welch looking at it. >> thank you. stuart: i'm going to taste that coffee when the show's over okay? >> thank you. stuart: the epa's chief is heading to colorado. she says she's sorry for the toxic spill that turned the river orange. a live report from denver is coming up next.
11:24 am
11:25 am
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11:27 am
stuart: to the toxic river disaster caused by the epa last week. fox's alicia has the latest from denver. alicia. >> hi, stuart, yes, and this morning the attorney general from colorado, utah and new mexico the three impacted states are touring the site about also meeting to go over their options. none of them pleased with the lag time it took for the epa to get on the ground, which is happening today. the big question for them, how to make the federal government fully accountable for the disaster it has created. they say they are taking responsibility. >> it pains me to no end to see this is happening. but we're working tirelessly to respond and we're committed to full review of exactly what happened to ensure that it can
11:28 am
never happen again. >> that massive toxic pertain to me of 3 million gallons of contaminated mine water is flowing through new mexico and utah now. the epa clocks it at three or four miles per hour. residents areas are given bottled water and told to stay away from the river. colorado governor toured the region saying the breach of the mine was unacceptable but he stopped short of criticizing the epa. the water cannot be used yet, but it is improving. >> i think we are getting close with regard to crossing off those first couple of things on the list as it relates to human health and use of the river as it relates to recreational services and recommendation. >> and local epa administrators say the water even in colorado is looking clear. that sediment is hitting the riverbottom as well as some of
11:29 am
those metals and all it will take is a big water event, like, a huge storm or flood to get all of that junk moving again and being pushed downstream. stuart. stuart: tragic story. alicia, thank you very much indeed. >> sure. stuart: and then we have the mainstream media just perhaps starting to turn against hillary clinton. our media watch dog is next. surprising findings about the coverage of this latest e-mail scandal you will want to hear this. later tonight, dr. ben carson joins making money with charles payne 6:00 p.m. eastern. hillary race relations and china will be discussed. and on lou dobbs tonight, the current front runner donald trump, 7:00 p.m. eastern with lou and what a night on fox buss
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
11:33 am
stuart: we're stabilizing with a loss of 200 point for the dow industrials. china making its currency cheaper all over again. their stuff cheaper here, our stuff more expensive there. down goes the dow. got it? the price of gasoline actually went up overnight. i'm sorry about that. i thought it was going to keep going down but, no, there's a midwest refinery problem, that's messing up the national average, it went up a penny, the streak is over.
11:34 am
it went on for 27 days, gas was down now it's gone up. and how is the media handling this latest e-mail? media research president joins us now. the morning show is today. i understand covered the latest developments of the e-mail scandal almost aggressively. is that a turning point? >> well, yes and no. yes, you're absolutely right they covered it -- we're going to have this conversation -- but today you've got some on me. nbc had a report saying the problems are not going away and that the intelligence communities inspector general says that she's holding onto classified material. cbs talked about the fact that
11:35 am
55% of americans think she's untrustworthy. on nbc, they did a story about how it's possibly a legal, an important legal peril. so, no, question that they covered it. but here's the question. does this have legs? will they cover it beyond today? if history's a guide, then they're not going to. we look at some numbers just for you, stuart. in march when the e-mail story broke, there were 40 -- and it's good. 48.5 minutes were devoted by the broadcast network's to this. in april, and then she said, well, she did a press conference she said there's nothing to it. apparently the media believed her because in april coverage dropped to one minute. in may, the benghazi e-mails came up and only went up to nine minutes for the entire month. in june, it went down to three seconds. last month, we started learning about this e-mail server. it was nine minutes. so if history's a guide, it has -- it will be a blip, and it will disappear.
11:36 am
now, will this happen this time? especially, especially when you have the bernie sanders development where they're getting excited about him. will they throw her to the walls? they did in 2008 so we've got to see. stuart: i'll make the forecast that, yes, they will. i think this is a turning point in their support for hillary clinton, and i think they start to switch, maybe quite dramatically their coverage to in favor of bernie sanders? do you agree? >> so you're going to have me on in a month to laugh at me. stuart: no, i would not. i would never do such a thing. certainly not. not going to do it. but you you and i have been talking to two or three years now, and i've always thought that at some point the establishment media would maybe change course a little bit. i was right. but in the wrong way because they're changing course away from hillary clinton towards more leftest candidate bernie
11:37 am
sanders. >> yeah. especially -- you know, here's the interesting thing. i go back to nixon and the watergate tape is 17.5 minutes log long. his entire presidency was destroyed because of this. now, compare that to what we're learning about hillary clinton. which is 100 times more serious. and yet it was fixation on nixon and no coverage of this woman and the great irony of course is that she was on the watergate judiciary committee . stuart: thank you for doing that special study for us about the coverage of the story. thank you very much indeed. i'm glad you had those figures ready, but i'm glad you produced them for us. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: thank you, sir. now the judge is back at the 11:00 hour. he always comes back for more punishment, but in this case he's come back to do a victory lap because you broke news. serious news at 9:00. you told the world that that server had been in the
11:38 am
possession of the fbi for a week and the thumb drives. >> yes. stuart: tell us the significance of that development. >> that she used the revelation last night of the existence of two top secret e-mails from among the samples that the inspectors general looked at to perfect pech wait a lie yet again. by the time she said that, they had already been turned over. and when the fbi comes calling for evidence, they don't ask. it's pretty aggressive. they could serve a warrant, that would be a public document and that would be had yohumiliating to her, her lawyers are smart enough that the fbi is coming, she's not going to resist it and there's no basis to resist it. so her lawyer had the thumb drives, i'm not certain, i believe in a safe.
11:39 am
and the state department said finites secured in a safe. the fbi said what are you crazy? neither the lawyer nor the ca security guard of the safe has a security cleans. send agents to pick up the thumb drive right away and to secure the server. because whoever had custody and possession of that server at her estate did not have a security clearance yet there were top secret documents contained diligently in the server. stuart: so this is the moment of truth because we'll find what they were and who they're from. >> i don't know if we'll find that out because the fbi will be will determine if they're made public. they're not interested about a
11:40 am
wedding but they're interested in. stuart: what did she everything. >> and sources have said that uncle the server is damaged, the fbi experts will be able to extract the 33,000 e-mails that mrs. clinton said she deleted. stuart: that will be trouble, wouldn't it? >> it would probably be trouble for her. stuart: if any of them are not personal but business, she lied. >> yes. stuart: and she destroyed -- she thought she destroyed evidence. >> yes. and al gore's going back to the gym. [laughter] . stuart: i know what you're talking about. we raised the speculation that he really serious trouble for hillary clinton means another opening for vice president biden. >> vice president biden, potentially secretary of state kerry, potentially vice president gore. stuart: i just want to tell everyone the seriousness of what you said. the server and those three thumb drives contain the whole story. >> her legal situation is
11:41 am
beyond precarious. >> should this be an independent party as opposed to a obama justice department. >> at this point i think the materials are so serious that it's beyond the issue of a democratic president appoint a democratic prosecutors. there's a code of professional fbi agents who are not republicans or democrats and professional justice department lawyers who are not republicans or democrats who are devoted to the rule of la. stuart: and america -- what's at stake here is america's secrets. the conduct of our foreign affairs while hillary clinton was secretary of state is on that server. >> yes. stuart: that's what we're talking about. >> yes. stuart: that's what we're talking about here. all of our secrets. >> do you see how the fbi was able to accomplish in a couple of minutes what congressman gowdy's committee has not been able to accomplish in a year. stuart: watch out for the fbi. the feds, here they come.
11:42 am
supper stuff, you've led the story from top to bottom. >> thank you. stuart: the new york jets -- here's something really different. the new york jets quarterback now former teammate in a locker room brawl. his jaw broken. he's out of the game for ten weeks. we have a former nfl player saying locker room fights happen more often than you think can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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11:44 am
business brief. we are seeing selling across the board. the dow jones industrial average down 223 points right now. the s&p, the nasdaq, all to the downside, all major avenues down more than 1% each. and also watching the s&p closely, it closed at 2058.90 last trading day of 2014 and you can see it crossed over that level one point away from positive and negative territory for this year. we'll see who the s&p lacquers watching yahoo wynn, what's the theme of these names? well, they all have calibrate exposure to china. china devaluing its currency two days in a row. stock selloffs, particularly those with exposure and the u.s. treasury for safety. 2.08 and over 80% of the sales come from china. that's been down all day long and also looking at -- look at this one. wayfare that's up new high. watch fbn a.m. 5:00 a.m. you do all this research on the perfect car.
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11:46 am
stuart: if you really want it, i've got news on the tom brady saga. the u.s. district court judge says he sees strength weaknesses to both sides in the argument of the deflate gate lawsuit. he will now hear from both sides of the hearing. what did you say, producer? that's breaking and crossing. >> the hearing is on going
11:47 am
right now. stuart: that you get, everybody? more football, jets starting quarterback hit by a sucker punch from a now former teammate. he's out six to ten weeks broken jaw. former nfl player is here. been on the show before. he's back. have you ever seen anything like this ridiculous fight over a $600 plane ticket. have you seen this before? >> absolutely. not necessarily over a $600 plane ticket, stuart, but these things happen. you get grown men in a confined space, especially in training camp where it's hot and you get sore and tired and a little ticked off, and you feel disrespected. stuart: that's lousy management. where is the coach, the management coming down on this? the guy's got a broken jaw. isn't he the starting quarterback out for six maybe ten weeks? >> absolutely. now, that's something that makes this story different. you don't usually see the franchise quarterback involved. usually they have enough cash in the locker room and they
11:48 am
can navigate around things like this. so that means that smith doesn't really have the respect that you want to see from your top tier quarterback, at least the best quarterback on the roster to have. and that's unfortunate, and it also tells me that this young man didn't make a good business decision. when you're on the bottom of the totem pole and you knock out the starting quarterback, you're the not making a good decision. stuart: aren't these guys millionaires, i'm sure they're earning million dollars sa salaries, what's wrong with the locker room if those kind of thing will happen. >> well, i don't think most linebackers are millionaires, certainly smith is, and he's making millions for sure, but that's not the point. i think what happens is knotting situation where you feel did i say repented, and i'm not condoning it by any means. i've been in that situation where i got in a fight with a great player on the team and it was on the field, and i
11:49 am
wasn't done because it got broken up pretty quickly and i wanted more, and i had to make a business decision, stuart. i started thinking if i go in and rough this guy up in the locker room, i probably won't be here or anywhere else after that. so that's where you have to make a decision. stuart: that's a real story? you got in a duty on the field, went in the locker room, you had the chance to slug the guy, how big was he? >> listen. we you use the word dispute, we don't call them disputes, that's a sanitized way of looking at it. we got in a disagreement on the football field and it was physical and it didn't last long because the ones on the field get broken up quickly. that's the way it is. stuart: i don't know much about football. but i can tell there is real shock in the football community of this guy having his jaw broken in the locker room. it's a sensational story in many ways, isn't it? >> no. question.
11:50 am
and, again, because it's a quarterback, i think it's making a bigger deal and obviously the injury. the injury is horrific for that franchise and for smith personally and, you know, he of all people at that position at his age, he needs all the reps he can get. so it has ripples effects not with just this young man losing his career maybe, but also it affects this guy's career it affects the entire franchise, the new york jets, i mean it's just a huge deal, and you hate to see it happen. you've just got to make smarter decisions and realize it's not all about you and your $600, you've got to look at the big picture. stuart: very interested in that story how you made a good business decision not to slug the star player, that was a good story, and i want i'm going to get names after the show's over. >> you've got it. stuart: he's a good man. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: now this. way wait for it. an airline will start weighing passengers. and if they're too heavy, they don't fly. what a story.
11:51 am
that's next. plus hillary clinton's greatest hits. what she said about the e-mail scandal and when she said it. after this behold, these are two wind turbines. can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was created using digital models and real world location-based specs that taught it how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting, the ones on the right are pulling power out of thin air. pretty impressive, huh? now, two things that are exactly the same have have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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. stuart: one thing we always try for in this program is clarity. we want you to know exactly what we're talking about. so here's the latest on tom
11:55 am
brady. judge berman says there is a question in my mind related to the independence of nfl investigator and the nfl attorney daniel gnash tells the judge that the collective bargaining agreement was in regards to tom brady. is that clear, everyone? do we really need to know anything more about this story? i think not and i'm fed up with it. >> i feel i have clarity now. stuart: you do? >> explain it to us. [laughter] . stuart: i don't think our audience cares. >> i don't think so. just get it over with. stuart: everyone hates the patriots, don't they? >> yeah. stuart: and airways announcing they will be weighing passengers before they board. and if you're too fat, you don't fly. cheryl, you didn't tell me it was ubekistan airways. >> yes. first it was samoa airlines, joke there, they're going to weigh you and your
11:56 am
bag before you get on the flight and then if they have a weight and balance problem as they call it in the business, if you're one of the heavier people be you're off. stuart: you mean they kick off the heaviest guy no matter what they weigh. >> yeah. if you're too fat, you do not fly. stuart: that's jeopardy. we're done with that one. we've got clarity right there. >> we believe of. stuart: we've got to take a break i'm afraid. more varney after this .
11:57 am
11:58 am
>> hillary clinton said there were no confidential e-mails on the server she used as secretary of state. now we find there were. she said she was not turning the server over to the fbi. now she has. jeff flock in chicago. what do you got for us? >> reporter: a bit of a pattern of saying one thing and perhaps another thing being so. important, fair and balanced to say, mrs. clinton is at this point not a target of the fbi
11:59 am
probe of security breaches at the state department, but important, stuart, to examine what mrs. clinton has to say about the subject. back in march at the u.n. conference why she had personal e-mail at the state department. give it a listen. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account, which was allowed by the state department, because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> reporter: it is important to note that, yes it was permitted by the state department, but that, in fact, she didn't have one device, she had at least two, if not perhaps more. it is this sort of thing, stuart, that bedeviled her, she said one thing and someone else has come out to be so. that's not a great thing when you're running for president. >> well said jeff flock. and now we find out from judge napolitano that the fbi already has the server and three thumb
12:00 pm
drives as well. this is rapedly developing and very serious story for hillary rodham clinton's campaign. my time is up. neil cavuto, it is yours now. neil: stuart, i think far more of a big deal uzbekistan airlines canceled my flight. i will never fly them again. just saying. welcome i'm neil cavuto, you're watching "coast-to-coast." and the sell-off at corner and broad. it is escalating it is all china, big chunk of it, connell mcshane on the sell-off that won't give up. >> here we go again, neil, same thing yesterday and throughout the day yesterday, money moving out of stocks into the traditional safe havens, treasuries and gold. if you're looking to the stock market for strength at all, hard to find, utility stocks safe havens because of high yields and you're right. this is all about chinas at market gives up gains for the year. we are blaming the chinese as they


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