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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 20, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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thank you for watching. >> send me an e-mail or go to our web siteou love what you feel? the answer today is heck no! lou dobbs is next, keep it right here. fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the obama administration tonight is desperately trying to downplay rising concerns about his iranian nuclear deal. those concerns being expressed by members of both parties after explosive reports that president obama and secretary kerry have agreed to allow iran to prohibit the united states and the united nations from inspections of their nuclear facilities. the state department insists they're confident in the united nations' plans to investigate iran's nuclear program, but that is an inexplicable position, given the revelations that iran will be inspecting
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its own nuclear sites, not the united nations. congressional critics in increasing numbers are saying the iranian deal is foolishly built on trust, pure trust, but there seems to be less trust on the white house as well as iran, the world's most significant state sponsor of terrorism. we'll be talking with republican congressman lee zeldin in moments. he's just returned from israel and will tell us how the israelis are contending with the prospect that the obama nuclear deal will ultimately render iran a nuclear state. also here tonight, it's looking more likely that hillary clinton will face legal consequences for her e-mail scandal. a federal judge has said that mrs. clinton's e-mail arrangement broke u.s. government policy. that judge also ordering the state department to communicate with the fbi about which documents may be available on her server and flash drives.
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we're also learning clinton's blackberry was not issued by the state department, and may have been vulnerable to cyberattack and surveillance. and on the republican side, donald trump once again shaking up the gop primary race for the white house, by railing against political correctness. trump taking on the language police at a new hampshire news conference. watch trump in action. >> reporter: you said that you have a big heart, are you aware of the term anchor baby, that's an offensive term. >> you mean, it's not politically correct, and yet everybody uses it. give me a different term, what else would you like to say? >> the american born child. >> i'll use the word anchor baby. lou: win or lose, trump has successfully injected some, some common sense and straight talk into the republican presidential campaign. he seemed to be single handedly
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rolling back political correctness in politics. we'll ask the national review's rich lowry and washington examiner susan crabtree whether the left and his gop rivals can stop trump seemingly boundless energy and momentum. our top story tonight, the shocking reports that the united nations has ceded control of nuclear inspections to iran. the international atomic energy agency pushing back against that suggestion, but not denying it, nor explaining their methods of, say, quote, i am disturbed by statements surging that the iaea has given responsibility for nuclear inspections to iran. such statements represent the way in which we will undertake this important verification work. the state department would not confirm nor deny the arrangement between the united nations and iran, nor explain why iran would be allowed to self-inspect. nor explain the statement that they released. here is state department
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spokesman john kirby insisting the deal won't let the united states or the u.n. inspectors into iran, but we will be able to use our remote sense are technology to detect any iranian violations. >> not all of it is human inspections. there's other monitoring capabilities that are going to be at play, all the way from the mines to centrifuge activity. and again, i would just say we're very confident that in the intrusiveness of this regiment. lou: the intrusiveness of the regimen. after all, that maybe we're fortunate that the iranians didn't insist on turning out all the lights on surveillance satellites as well. our next guest says congress should not be voting on this deal until all of the side deals by law are given over to congress. the 60 day clock still ticking for lawmakers who must endorse or reject the agreement by the
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17th of september, that is 28 days away. joining us congressman lee zeldin, member of the house foreign affairs and veteran affairs committees, and chairman of the republican israel caucus, and he has just returned from israel with a congressional delegation. and we've just learned that israel today launched artillery fire at 14 targets in syria after four rockets were fired from syria deep into northern israel. two of the rockets struck open areas in the golan heights, two others in the upper galilee with syria. congressman, welcome back, your reaction to the iranian deal. the revelations keep compounding and the administration with a straight face says this inspection regime is the most transparent and rigorous ever. >> as of the last house foreign affairs committee hearing, secretary kerry, secretary
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moniz, secretary lew admitted they hadn't read it. i am a member of the house foreign affairs committee, i haven't seen the side deals. the president said it's not built on trust, it's built on verification, yet even the administration, the people entrusted with the power to negotiate this deal have not seen the side deals. so we see the reports come out. lou: could have you imagined any president ever in history presenting -- actually didn't present congress, you have sort of a -- at the rear of the parade position, after having taken it already to the united nations and won approval. have you ever seen a president present a document in such form? >> no, and this president thinks he's a monarch. he is both the president of the united states and congress. he will go to the united nations before the american people have an opportunity and through the representatives in congress to read the deal. to be able to decide for themselves whether it's good or
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not. lou: and i've got to get to this, because on its face, everyone, nearly everyone watching and listening tonight understands on its face this is abjectly absurd. the framework of this agreement. it's enforceability, which is none existent. the capacity for inspection which has to be remote and not, no human inspectors within iran. the very idea that we have not heard from mitch mcconnell, from john boehner, the leaders of the republican party on capitol hill who are the leaders of the loyal opposition, they are mute. is this what we're to expect of republican leadership? >> no, i actually expect that we're going to see a unanimous vote of all of the republicans in congress against this iran nuclear deal. see, the leverage that brought the iranians to the table is the sanction relief. giving them the sanction relief and doing nothing to tackle the fact that we have all the americans being unjustly
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imprisoned. iran is developing icbm's not just for israel but it wasn't part of the deal. lou: how could a single democrat, you talk about unanimity among republicans, i hope that's the case. but how could a single democrat vote and support this deal? >> prioritizing party loyalty over national security, and no member of congress, none of these congressional democrats who vote for the field should be re-elected. lou: i haven't seen a single ad from the national republican committee. i haven't seen a single ad from any republican group. this is the potential is for fire on earth. this is not politics as usual. yet the -- boehner and mcconnell yawn and say they don't think they can stop it. if this leadership continues, the republican party is being badly served. >> you know, again. lou: let alone the american people. >> i would expect the entirety
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of all of the house republicans and all of the senate republicans to be voting the right way on this, and even house democrats and senate democrats voting the right way on it. but there are people who look to nancy pelosi for her advice, but obamacare they said we have to pass it to find out what's in it. here, after we pass it, we won't know what's in it. that's the problem with the side deals, iran is responsible for inspecting their own nuclear sites, that's not verification and the inspection that we need. lou: it's farce, in the simplest, most absolutely illuminating presentation. >> we got played. america got played at negotiating table. lou: tonight, reconstruct your sentence, obama got played. america is alive with intelligence and wisdom and judgment and courage. that i cannot say of this administration. >> the president, he capitulated. he was on board with this.
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he was signing off on america getting played. i don't think it's a result of naivete, he's a horrible negotiator and not playing for the same team i'm playing for. i just got back from israel, in israel, egypt, saudi arabia, uae, they have problems with the deal. they're concerned about year 13 and iran having a nuclear arsenal. hamas, hezbollah? assad in syria? they think it's a great idea. lou: and have been there for sometime. congressman lee zeldin, good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: on wall street, a freefall, a massive sell-off in the market. the dow plummeted 358 points today. s&p dropping 44 points. the nasdaq plunged 142 points. volume on the big board approaching 4 billion shares. today's sell-off following days of instability and volatility reflecting concerns about slowing global growth and
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recent prospects for economic strength in this country. there's no one better to give us insight into why this global sell-off is gaining momentum, here is legendary investor wilbur ross, we talked moments ago, and he's not concerned just about stocks. >> oil plummeting, copper plummeting, everything plummeting scares people because it belies any kind of economic growth. and second, i think people are finally starting to recognize things that happen outside the u.s. affect us too. lou: and most specifically in this instance, china that mammoth economy slowing. he mentioned commodity prices, the impact there is tremendous. >> well, it has, and i don't think it's over with. i think the real growth in china is something less than 5%. i look at physical consumption, electricity, natural gas, automobiles, steel, cement,
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exports, things like that, that are physical, you can measure. none is consistent with 7%. lou: all right, this country, right now this evening, everyone trying to adjust to the 357-point drop in the dow. we're going to be talking more with wilbur ross later in the broadcast. wilbur, thanks for the quick assessment of the markets. st. louis police shoot an 18-year-old african-american man after he points his weapon at them. protests and demonstrations result, the routine is together all too familiar. what can we do to end the cycle? that's the question we take up with sheriff david clarke next. a friend in need is a friend indeed, especially in his circumstance. we'll show you what we're we'll show you what we're talking about next.
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. lou: rising tensions against on the streets of st. louis. demonstrators and protesters last night clash with police officers hours after the shooting of an armed black man. police arrested nine people. they deployed tear gas to break up violent protesters. some 150 people were demonstrating against the police killing of an armed
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18-year-old, who authorities say pointed his gun at them as they tried to serve a search warrant. our next guest says st. louis has collapsed. there is a lesson to be learned from the latest police shooting. when you point a gun at a police officer, expect to be fired upon in self-defense. joining us tonight is milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, sheriff, good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: this seems to be a routine that just keeps replaying itself. and in st. louis, that state, missouri, it's getting worse, urban centers across the country are getting worse. what is going on? >> all across america, in the major urban centers, the social order has collapsed. what i mean is there aren't the formal social controls that keep the behavior in check. look these riot starters, almost tribal behavior. a guy shoots or points a firearm at a police officer.
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sooner or later they're going to get the point, and in the united states of america, you cannot, you shall not point a gun at an american law enforcement officer or i expect the result to be what we saw last night, unfortunately. this is the state we're in right now. and 150 people get together and get behind, without knowing the facts. that's why i said it's tribal in nature. they don't know the facts, they come to the aid and the rally of some criminal who points a firearm at a police officer, and then we had a 9-year-old girl shot inside a home, and you did not see that outrage. nobody went to visit the grandmother who held that dying baby in her arms. >> how do you explain that? how do you explain that? >> that's why i said the social order has collapsed. and you don't have the informal social controls like functioning families, like functioning neighborhoods. people are just reacting to circumstances. lou: and, you know, and the question is automatic.
11:19 pm
where in the world is this president? why is he talking about de-escalating police tactics, rather than talking about trying to lead those communities out of the wilderness in which they find themselves. >> think about it, lou. you're right, that's contributed to it as well. you're not seeing self-initiated policing, they were sent to serve a search warrant. you need assertive law enforcement to keep good law-abiding black people alive, but cops are hesitating because of the constant bashing of the american law enforcement officer. for no reason at all, by anti-cop forces. the president chimed in on. former attorney general chime in on it as well, eric holder. the american ghetto needs policing more than ever right now, and until the constant bashing stops, you're going to see the crime rates rise. i predicted this last april, lou.
11:20 pm
lou: we also discussed the polling numbers, the members of these communities that so desperately need policing, want more policing or want the same level, not less, and we're hearing from activists, from the obama administration to actually suggest, and a number of the protesters were saying we need a different kind of policing for our community. how do you respond to that? >> what he should have said is we need the police to get back to becoming more assertive in what they do. look, there are processes and people are having problems with certain police agency and a certain community, and you have to believe in the processes and you have to allow the processes to work and help you work through the problems, but to ask for the police to back off, these are mindless, and the thing that bothers me the most is the overwhelming majority of good law-abiding black people in the communities are going to suffer the most.
11:21 pm
there's a manhunt for a guy that fired a handgun into an occupied house. i mean, that is unthinkable. who's leading that manhunt? probably mainly white police officers. i don't see the whole black -- i call it black lies, l-i-e-s, matter movement to rally. they call to rally an armed criminal. lou: incredible. sheriff, appreciate you being here. >> my pleasure, lou. lou: sheriff david clarke, milwaukee sheriff. reminder to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- we'd like to hear from you on that. cast your vote at breaking news now, reality star caitlyn jenner could face prison following a car crash in malibu earlier this year. one person was killed in the
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collision. the case will be submitted to the district attorney for possible prosecution next week. the evidence could lead to misdemeanor manslaughter charges for jenner, that usually carries a one-year prison sentence. a daredevil filming a stomach turning video that will have you hanging off the edge of your seat. watch as the russian free climber effortlessly moves around the edge of a 40 story bchl building. watch if you can. and swinging back and forth without a safety harness is enough. he proceeded to hop between the gaps on the rooftop. the stuntman claims he wasn't in fear of his life and had complete faith in his friend. courage and faith, tough to overcome. a few thoughts on donald trump's plain speaking style. and having a swimming pool
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. lou: oh, boy, donald trump is going to hear about. this mexico beating him to the punch. mexico has announced it will start charging americans $20 to cross the border into mexico. anyone going from san diego to tijuana has to show a passport, fill out a form, and if staying more than a week pay 322 pesos or roughly 20 bucks for a six month permit. mexico says it wants to keep better track who's entering their country. what do you think about that? and the border patrol funded a tunnel from mexico to california most of it underwater and arrested a drug smuggler in full scuba gear with just 55 pounds of cocaine. and no charges, financial
11:28 pm
charges, legal charges will result. arizona sheriff paul babeu telling breitbart news that the united states does not have operational control of the border. the sheriff said mexican cartels run the arizona desert. a few thoughts now on language. political correctness and mind control in the 2016 presidential race. donald trump was challenged by abc reporter tom llamas over his use of the term anchor baby during his press conference in new hampshire yesterday. you've got to see and hear this to believe it. >> reporter: you said you have a big bark, and that you're not mean-spirited. are you aware of the term anchor baby, people find it offensive. >> you mean it's not politically correct, and yet everybody uses it. give me a different term. what else would you like to see. >> reporter: the american born child is undocumented. >> you want me to say, that i'll use the word anchor baby,
11:29 pm
excuse me, i'll use the word anchor baby. lou: by the way, the national liberal media is and activist groups tried to shut down descriptive language by saying it's deemed offensive. google does it with the term anchor baby, when did google become the arbiter of what is offensive and inoffensive? since they have vast power, that's when. and the effort to control our minds by controlling our language is more effective each passing year, until the year of trump. trump is almost single handedly burying political correctness and tearing up the playbook. in an interview yesterday trump claimed he wouldn't be where he is by being politically correct, and trump has a new and unlikely ally, none other than governor jeb bush, the governor used the term during a radio interview this morning, later defending his use of anchor babies. >> do you think the term anchor
11:30 pm
baby is offensive? >> no, no, if there's another term i can come up with, i'd be happy to hear it. do you have a better term? lou: that was somewhat trumpesque and reversal for the ghor cheered the hispanic leadership network who issued a memo not to use the term anchor babies, illegals or aliens, instead telling lawmakers to use the words undocumented immigrants. when it comes to the tough issues, language matters and it matters greatly. it's important to face these issues head-on, and that's why trump is the republican front-runner. he is speak plainly, clearly, and without fear about the issues that affect our country and the lives of americans, including illegal immigration, and as you just saw and heard with governor jeb bush, and i want to commend him for coming to terms, if you will, with the language, trump is even inspiring his rivals. >> i mean i just got to ask,
11:31 pm
how great is that? now our quotation of the evening, this one from aristophenes -- we're coming right back, stay with us. your tax dollars being used to low rent housing to one percenters. we'll take it up with congressman david jolly next. what went long in this motel to cause an enormous explosion? that story and v ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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. lou: the main news at this hour, uproar in congress over the obama nuclear deal, and allowing the self-inspection of nuclear facilities in iran. congressman lee zeldin just a moment ago said any lawmaker who votes, yes on this deal shouldn't be re-elected. don't look at your 401(k), if i may suggest, this is the worst day for stocks in a year and a half. where do we go from here? we'll hear from one of the smartest minds on the markets, global markets as well, wilbur ross joins us shortly. and the department of housing and urban development will evict tenants who earn too much money to qualify for government assistance, some people earning as much as half a million dollars a year are living in taxpayer subsidized
11:36 pm
housing. we'll be talking with congressman jolly about that. our next guest says the waste, fraud and abuse at hud must be eliminated. leading the effort to conduct a congressional investigation. joining us is congressman david jolly, member of the house appropriations committee. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou, good to be with you. lou: the hud report. i mean, 25,000 so-called overincome, too rich people taking advantage of low-income housing, so everybody is defraud here, the government, the taxpayer, i mean it's stunning stuff. >> that's true, when we say government housing, we mean taxpayer housing. the question we face as i country is why are taxpayers on the hook next year alone for $104 million to pay for housing for 25,000 families that should be financially disqualified. as you mentioned families like one who made almost half a
11:37 pm
million dollars last year. another individual, a single person with $1.6 million in personal assets living in taxpayer supported housing. it is waste, fraud and abuse and exactly why the american people are frustrated with the administration and government. it's why i called for a congressional investigation. lou: and that investigation, first it seems to me to be why in the world hud didn't have some threshold, means of checking income, assets and need here, given the money that's invested in low-income housing. >> right, there are a couple of different programs. a voucher program that does assess annually the family's income and makes adjustments. this one is once you qualify you're in for good. family who last year made $200,000, first received taxpayer supported housing in 1974 and able to live in it ever since. my investigation intends to get to the bottom of why. this administration and their
11:38 pm
policy on how they look, there are two schools of thought. one is provide a roof over the head and housing. the other is more social engineering. they have suggested by keeping some of the people in public housing, they are creating economic role models and diversification. listen, if that is the case, if you want to keep the people there, make them pay their own way. taxpayers shouldn't pay 100 million for a social engineering experiment by the administration. lou: sort of a perversion of the president's desire to put poor people in wealthy neighborhoods. this is about as screw ball as it gets. >> it's exactly right, and it's at the cost of taxpayers. also understand this, what we're seeing out of hud is a failure that reflects this administration generally. their inability to run a government. consider the va scandal. a va department that acknowledged negligence contributed to the deaths of veterans and look at obamacare, the promise you can keep your health plan and it turns out to
11:39 pm
be the lie of the year. the irs targeting organizations out of political vendetta, and hud using taxpayer dollars on the social experiment and it is wrong. it's why i called for the investigation, i believe we should end the program now. lou: congressman david jolly, thanks for being with us, and we wish you luck. >> thank you, lou, appreciate it. lou: police releasing surveillance video of a dramatic explosion in bremerton washington. a gas leak led to the explosion that, and there you've -- that's extraordinary. it ripped off a 16-room section of a motel 6 tuesday. a gas company worker was critically injured suffering second- and third-degree burns, no one else reported injured. up next, a bad day in the market. we take up what's behind the sell-off talking with legendary investor wilbur ross here next. stay with us. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good?
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. lou: slowing global economic growth, a sell-off in global markets, the result, it all started in asia. the shanghai tumbling 3%, the hang seng and nikkei closing sharply lower. indexes in germany and france
11:44 pm
closing down 2%. britain's ftsy and the dow closing below 17,000. the s&p dropping 44 points, the nasdaq plunged 142 points. volume 3.9 billion shares. year to date, the dow lost more than 4%. the s&p turned negative as well. down 1%. the reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. and now back with us as i promised, billionaire investor wilbur ross, chairman and ceo of w.l. ross, one of the leading private equity firms and one of the great americans. wilbur, great to have you with us this evening. >> thank you, lou. lou: let's turn to the markets, you said earlier in the broadcast that you believe it's not over. how severe is this likely to be and over what period of time, as best you can judge?
11:45 pm
>> well, it's hard to get both parameters right, you get one of the two right. i think we're in a period people have to re-evaluate the fundamentals. the most recent in the u.s. are on the soft side again. china certainly has its problems and in china they're trying to do too many things at once, somewhere which are contradictory. like they're trying convert to a consumer based economy, and at the same time, the much-needed crackdown on corruption. the problem is everybody is scared to death to spend any money. the trade of stories, waitresses and restaurants are taking e-mail photographs of people wearing expensive jewelry, e-mailing it to the police, they come and arrest the people on the spot. doesn't take much of that to choke consumer spending. lou: consumer spending there chilled, there seems to be a different attitude on the part
11:46 pm
of many of the business people that we talk with about china. the concerns are obviously mounting as you're describing. other concerns. ceos who have investments in china are backing away, it seems to me, they're not as quick to applaud xi's regime, not as quick to get excited about prospects for china? >> china is no longer the world's cheapest place to manufacture, and could be had heading to difficulties if the trans-pacific partnership gets approved. they'll remain behind the 50% trade barrier to the u.s., whereas others will all be inside. same thing vis-a-vis japan. lou: devaluation by the chinese over now days and now week, are
11:47 pm
we now in a currency war globally? >> i think china needed to devalue, and the reason i think they needed to is having been pegged to the dollar, their currency has been too strong relative to the other emerging markets. for example, against the mexican peso, the yuan is up 50% in the last ten years. lou: right and, of course, against the dollar, we continue to be facing a mercantile trading partner in beijing and the devaluation on helping us in any way. >> no. lou: let me turn to quickly as we're short on time, your outlook for the markets for the u.s. economy, if i can, over the course of the remainder of this year into next? >> well, i first of all believe that the fed will raise the rates a quarter and whether they do it in september or december is hair-splitting, and i think they'll probably raise
11:48 pm
it by another 100 basis points over the next 12 to 15 months. personally, i don't think that's the end of the earth, rates will still be pretty low. but it can send such a symbol and such a feared event they think it will have an impact. lou: and nonetheless, you think chairman yellen will go ahead with it? >> i think she will, she doesn't want no bullets if and when the next crisis comes around. lou: good to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: wilbur ross with deeply disturbing views for investors. the earthquake that shook san francisco this week raising some concerns and raising fears that a much bigger earthquake could be on the way in the region. the 4.0 quake may not have caused much damage, but seismologists are warning that the bay area is due for a major rupture, and now a potential natural disaster building in the caribbean.
11:49 pm
tropical storm danny has strengthened into hurricane danny. winds of 75 miles an hour. this is the first named hurricane of the season. it should reach the lesser antilles by monday morning, expected to bring drenching rain to puerto rico by tuesday. an uninvited guest making himself right at home in a canadian man's backyard. home owner discovered this black bear cooling off in the family's pool in north vancouver. the bear got into the yard by breaking down part of a wooden fence, then the bear decided to take a dip in the hot tub before, he decided to do whatever he wanted and thought that was all right, and he did the right thing there. a little, little dip, a warm-up and away he goes. clinton's scandal
11:50 pm
threatening to undo her campaign. and why is donald trump hanging out with a bald eagle? that looks impressive. would you say presidential? we'll tell you next. stay with us. can a business have a mind?
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a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> >> bad news for democratic front runner clinton. a new poll suggests an opening for the vice president. joe biden meets donald trump
11:54 pm
head to head in the three swing states. florida he leads, and in pennsylvania bided leads eight points and trump explains his popularity in an interview with "time" magazine and there you see him posing with a bald eagle the republican front runner saying just like every other candidate he is not a puppet the bald eagle is a 27 year-old bald eagle appropriately named uncle saddam. -- see him. so now let's start that with the head to head with now -- without him even in the race >> the most sickening events this week to turn washington
11:55 pm
on its head the democratic strategists are rattled i talked to several if they said this is giving them a reason to take a hard will get leaving the hillary clinton supporter campaign. lou: now he is the second planned? >> yes. they are seriously considering it with obama and all the grass roots organization with 103 campaign offices their ground game was serious he is now supporting his job to support joe biden. this could be a game changer i will say they're not ready to denounce her yet because it is too short of a tie she doesn't -- she doesn't have
11:56 pm
a super pak or their ground game set up a people are taking a second look. seriously. lou: people are taking a strong look at hillary clinton included the fbi as
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>> and the fact that independents and democrats and liberals and conservatives and journalist first and foremost, don't go against that orthodoxy of political correctness and it takes trump. >> you can rebel and you can survive. i am looking at the anchor baby term is offensive but he is dragging though whole republican field in a populist direction with immigration. lou: it will be one heck of a run. it will be of a base. -- a race looking at the poll results, deal bombing administration says it can
12:00 am
detect what i reagan is doing so do we need and agreement that all? eighty-two% absolutely not. to bornite we hope you'll join us. goodnight. kennedy: hello. i am watching to storms swarm in the political distance and it looks like bernie sanders and donald trump are combining to make the perfect storm have first it seems that these bedfellows have never shared the there is a number of similarities. anti-establishment new yorkers with crazy ideas. the one thing that ties them together they are sick of the american nightmare. >> the american people are prepared to


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