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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 27, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> you know, i think the correction that we've been
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through, those down days that you just showed, i would call it a technical correction. it's just what markets do. they shift money from weak hands to strong hands. but because people have been so nervous about everything, they keep thinking that when you have a correction, it's some kind of fundamental problem and thank goodness we got this data today to kind of prove to everybody that there is no real fundamental problem with the united states economy. so i think that the market goes up from here >> how much by the end of the year do you think? even -- even after the gains yesterday and today. >> yeah. now, this is -- so earlier this year, the very beginning of the year, we expected about a 15, 16% gain, which would have taken us to 23.75 on the s&p 500. it's about 2,000 right now. maybe 1970 right now. i still think we can get over 22.50. i think we will close this year at a all time tape record high. i think -- i mean it's hard to say exactly, but we could gain
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20, to 25% the rest of this year from here out. i think people get overly scared. the stock came out of the weak hands and now it's going to be bit up >> any caveat though? what is your biggest worry? >> yeah. you know, the four things i watch are monetary policy; right? >> uh-huh. >> so south dakota fed going to get tight? and, by the way, even if they were to raise the rates to 50 basis points or 75 basis points this year. does anybody actually think apple won't bring out the iphone 6 if the federal fund rates is at .75? i mean i don't think so. i worry about that. and so right now i don't think that the fed is going to tighten too far. they'll raise rates this year, but just a little >> uh-huh. >> taxes aren't going to go up. government spending and regulation, they're already pretty bad but they're not going to get worse. we have a divided government. so there's nothing on my radar screen that's really a threat
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to the economy. china, i'm not worried about at all. china is japan 25 years ago. >> uh-huh. >> in 1989, japan was the second largest economy in the world. it collapsed. the u.s. did fine. today, china basically is built on the same model; right? build stuff to sell to u.s. consumers. if it collapses, we'll do fine as well. i don't think it's any different than japan. china's rented spaces in everybody's brain, you know? we think of it -- we make it bigger than it really is >> i said that a while ago before we even found out really how much slower the chinese economy was growing because the language and the talk about china on the campaign trail and just among individuals. sounded like how we talked about japan in the late '80s where japan was going to come >> right. >> and buy everything we owned. they were going to buy every building in new york city and slap japanese names on them and you started to see the same rhetoric, and you started
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to see the same fear >> yeah. >> about china. that being said, though, is there any sector that you stay away from here based on weakness there or potential weakness here? that i don't like? >> you know, what? it's not -- wouldn't be because of japan or anything else. but one of the things that people have done is they've -- they bought safety, you know? so they want to buy utilities and telecoms and consumer staples and they bid the prices of those stocks up. those supposedly safe stocks to levels that now make them kind of dangerous. you're paying a lot for that so-called safety. i actually like -- i mean i actually like technology, i love financials right now. the federal reserve >> uh-huh. >> is making 90 billion in profits, and they're giving it to the treasury every year. if they actually raise rates and start baig banks more for their excess reserves, that $90 billion can come away from
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the fed and the treasury and go to the banks. i think bank profits are going to go through the roof >> brian, 22.50 on the s&p you say? >> yeah. exactly >> okay. i did my math because i'm a dork and i have a calculator >> good >> about 13.5, 14% in here >> yeah. that's actually conservative >> all right. double thumbs up for me. brian, good to you you thank you so much >> all right. >> wall street with its biggest gain in four years yesterday and take a look at the big board. stocks up again. we are on track to have the biggest two-day point gain ever. nicole is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with some of today's big movers >> indeed. brian, a lot of people lost money over the last six trading days prior to yesterday's big move to the upside and now we're seeing the dow to the 300 points and as i watch the s&p features, they're giving it a go. they try and pull back and then they make a little bit
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higher and trying to bust through the highs. in the meantime energy is the number one performer of the day. we picked out real winners. console, energy, all gaining more than 10%. consoles up almost 15%. as oils $3.05. 42.05. yeah, i said 42. so just as brian said, he likes the financials, on earlier this morning on mornings with maria, and he loved the financials. he said buy them aggressively. i picked a few random ones. regionals and the big banks. you can see jp morgan up 3%. so plenty of these as well. >> thank you, nicole. and oil, take a look at the crude is doing right now. that's a 9% gain we've got on crude. up $3.42 per barrel. scott with the cme the very latest. why such a big move to the upside here? >> well, i think that -- we've got some short covering obviously going on >> uh-huh. >> but i also thank a lot of folks are missing the vote
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here. oil has been the driver. i think oil is really what's giving everything else the boost. obviously what the chinese did with their stock market overnight gave the quits boost but oil is really giving the juice behind it. so going forward, i don't think anyone has changed overnight. i think the u.s. economy is strong, it's on the bottom here, so i'm not very bullish on the u.s. economy, it's very dangerous as far as getting sucked into a stock rally that everything's okay. so as you can tell by my tone, i'm very, very cautious, i'm not piling in here. i want to wait this one out because we had a quick recovery in october of last year >> uh-huh. >> but i think things are different. number one china is weaker. now, because they came in a boast of their stock market, is that a sign of strength or weakness because they devalued their currency twice two weeks ago? a strength or weakness? they're all signs of weakness. it's not getting better any time soon. we still have to keep an eye on that and that's why you see all of these commodities roll over because we're all worried
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about a global rate recession and that's still the big worr >> and i'll end with this, though, scott in terms of federal reserve and what it does at the end of the day year. a sign of strength would be a rate hike. that's why i stand >> well, -- okay. i've been doing it for 28 years and i think the last time i remember we would always raise rates to cool off an overheating economy >> right. >> just because we print 3.7 on gdp with record inventory builds with the atlanta fed forecasting qe at 1.4%, that doesn't make me feel we're very strong and i'll end with this. with emergency levels of the last six years, how come we can't get inflation? >> well, said. you've got to talk to people in new york city and how much they're paying in rent >> i understand. >> thank you, scott, see you next hour. and pushing gears to the latest development in that horrific shooting in virginia yesterday that took the lives of two journalists during a
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live television report. connell james has the biggest. >> it is a big story that takes us away from our market coverage at least momentarily and an emotional scene at the station earlier today as they came on the air enforcement morning broadcast workers' compensation and the anger who was on the air yesterday was back this morning saying she ask her colleagues were working as heavy hearts as they remember those who were killed yesterday and killed as you said a moment ago on live television during the morning broadcast. now, the station did a series of news pieces about the shooting, about the investigation. and the area outside of the station. look at this. turned into a vigil of sorts for allison parker and adam ward. so with that, there is more coming out about this disgruntled former reporter. now, he killed himself yesterday and had a long history of erratic behavior in the workplace. he had claimed racism, for example, was behind a less
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than complementary evaluation at work and he left a couple of years ago and at the time he refused to leave. they had to call police and the police escorted him out of the station. now, his family issued a apology, they put a statement giving their condolences to the ones dead. now, allison parker's boyfriend, you may have seen him on the news shows, chris hurst, he is a news anchor himself at the station and he said he and allison had a magical nine months together and the photographer was engaged to be married at a producer at the station and she was working in the control room at the time of yesterday's shooting. >> i mean this shooting was horrific with everyone. it shocked everyone. but that was my hometown news station growing up. so, yeah, prayers for everybody in that community, particularly the families of the victims. connell, thank you so much. and next.
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univision anchor george firing back at donald trump. he looked like a pit bull reporter, didn't he? we talked to another pit bull reporter to get his reaction. plus you're looking live at the donald trump rally in greenville, south carolina. he's expected to give a qa following the event, and we will bring you that live when it happens. dt coming up
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xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. >> now, onto 2016 the presidential race that is. campaigns heating up with a new poll out today. blake berman is in washington with some surprising numbers. hey, blake >> hi, there, the talk surrounding around joe biden presidential run lightly won't quiet down any time soon after
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this university poll. now receives support from 18% of democrats. that's his highest marks yet. it puts the sitting vice president in third in a call yesterday with democrats, biden said the decision on if he'll run hasn't yet been made. he says he's not sure if he quote emotional fuel at this time. either way, biden's numbers continue to creep up while hillary clinton's keep trickling lower. clinton does get an overwhelming 45% but those on a downward trend and here's potentially why. in that poll when voters across the country were asked to describe clinton in one won the top three were liar, dishonest, and untrustworthy. a long time clinton supporter lanny davis, you probably saw this a little while ago, told stuart varney this morning, though, he's not concerned. take a listen
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>> the poll just published shows that hillary clinton has over 70% favorables among democrats and nothing has changed over the last two months >> on the republican side, more good news for donald trump in this university poll. he remains cheater republican front runner with 28%. as you see there, that is well ahead of his next two challengers behind. also an eight-point bump in the last four weeks >> really quickly, though, blake, if you put biden up against the top republican contenders, he does better than clinton >> yeah. he fairs better when against them and last week they alsoid s lvndth ohind ttll cntsfed well. so that also continues that trend >> in the words of scooby-doo,
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uh-oh. and donald trump, again, making big strides in these polls. blake just showed you the university poll, the latest 28%. dr. ben carson in second with 1%. jeb bush in third -- tied in third with ted cruz and ls?ator marco rubio. good to see you. >> good to see you too >> nothing touches him. can it last? >> you know, something? you know, he keeps being -- the keeps embedding read. i think it can last. if you look at this poll or a number of polls, it's not that just trump surge is outstanding, but you combine his numbers with ben carson, ted cruz, carly fiorina, and what you have is a clear majority of republicans that are saying they want an outsider, they do not want
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anybody that is defined by or has any relation to the so-called establishment >> insult opponents, insult whom ever he likes, knock them off, move on, even more people like him. the only thing is, niger, he wreaks of authenticity. but as you move further along in the process, won't he have to tone it down? and if he tones it down, then that's not the authentic trump? >> well, i think it is the authentic trump. he's a businessman and there are times in negotiations where you want to show your brash arrogant aggressive side and times you have to tone it down. and as he has done making multimillion dollars deals in the last 30 years, he can do it in politics. i find it really interesting one of your reporters talks about the one word answer for hillary being untreasuries worthy or liar and the report
12:20 pm
on trump was air got an. and i think after seven years of obama presidency at least the images that is apologizing to the world and apologizing to our enemies or being apologetic tone with our adversaries and not being embracing to our allies such as israel, americans are looking for a bit more brash, arrogant, pro american anniversary >> he's down in greenville, south carolina, where i come fill, and he's at a rally down there. he's going to do a qa at the end of the rally. hopefully there's a live shot down in. niger, have you watched him on the campaign trail? because he increasingly, he's always a comfortable speaker and speaks his mind but he's gotten even better at it >> he has gotten better at it, and i think he's going to just
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improve. keep in mind, getting into the political arena and such a direct way running for political office, this is the first time for him. so i think he is actually going to get better, he's building up a real campaign team all across the country, particularly in battleground states, in ohio, south carolina, new hampshire, he just grabbed rick perry's guy and made him his political director -- or political chairman. he is really building up, and he is fine-tuning some -- what i think the american people see, which is a critical mass of energy >> uh-huh. >> which is the donald >> you're talking about sam who used to work on rick perry's campaign and guess who is on this program in about an hour? sam >> you see that? i did a nice segue for you guys. >> i appreciate it, and you schooled me on how to say nevada because i always mispronounce it. so thank you. >> my pleasure. take care >> you as well. and speaking of donald trump,
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univision anchor george responded to him. george ramos, charlie gasparino, reporter, an even bigger one, up ahead on that. and donald trump holding a live rally in south carolina. we'll bring it to you when it happens coming up
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>> he tried to silence me and in this country you cannot do that. he's dangerous and his ideas are extreme when it comes to immigration and freedom of the press. i've been a journalist for 30 years, and i've never been ejected from any press conference anywhere in the world. those are the things that you see in dictatorships. >> tough words. a feud between univision and donald trump just heating up. that was george ramos to charlie gasparino, a very, very tough reporter, you won't find a tougher one certainly
12:26 pm
covering the financial markets and the wall street. but what's your reaction to how he behaved -- >> well, i don't think mr. ramos -- well, he is a journalist, but, you know, he's an activist on immigration, and he's for, you know, open borders and let's be clear. he has no constitutional right in this country to ask donald a question. excuse me. >> this is live tv. >> sorry about that. it was already -- i think it was the makeup they put on. that -- i'm never taking makeup again. never, never >> it can always be worse. actually i just. did it reflect that donald kicked him out and have him back. >> but then he kicked him out again; right? i'm just going to say this to the viewers out there, there's no constitutional right to ask the question, to asking a pain
12:27 pm
in the rear end question to harassing the guy up on the podium. most real -- most reporters i know, including myself, we don't break stories at press conferences. if you want to act, like, be a crazy at a press conference, the only reason why the reporter is doing that to have the camera and have -- >> he made himself a story >> the impression. focus on yourself, you become the story and that's what he's trying to do. i don't begrudge him for that, he's looking for ratings as we all are. when i break stories, you don't know who my sources are. you know, i put together facts and follow paper trails and, you know, things and i break stories. and that's real reporting. that's not reporting. that's sort of -- >> he didn't kick him out twice >> he didn't. it was funny how he kicked him out. go back to univision. go back. no. no. no. you don't get to speak here >> you really need to work on the donald trump impression >> by the way, donald trump, i want everybody to know who watches cavuto >> yeah. >> donald trump says the word
12:28 pm
china just like the way steve, our contributor who does bitter boomers. steve lee says china [laughter] donald says china. it's almost the same cadence. do you notice that? >> yeah. and steve lee will be here -- >> tomorrow. are you hosting? >> no. connell is. so good luck to him >> connell -- he can't. he's a millennial, isn't he? >> no. connell's a lot older than you think. connell has a great plastic surgeon. i'm going to visit him as soon as i possibly can when i have a month off. >> you know, i may have some breaking news on donald today -- >> no. no. no. what is it? >> i can't say just yet >> no. you've got to give me a hint >> no. it has to do with a friendship. a reunited friendship >> with who? >> i can't say anything >> when are you going to break it? what hour? >> don't assume when. >> you're here next hour >> i'm just saying love is in the air >> just one last thing.
12:29 pm
>> i'll tell you this. it's not josé or george ramos >> one last thing. he's targeted in the media -- >> he's nice to me, though, that you know >> yes. >> how long is that going to last? >> yes. until you hear him say -- >> or until he hears me do the imitation of his voice >> he won't know that's an imitation. >> stuart varney, you're next up. cavuto, you're done. that wig, it's not real hair. cavuto, that's a wig >> charlie will make an encore next hour >> i used to like you, i don't like you anymore >> no. you love me. back next hour. take a quick look at oil. up more than 8% this day on this 9%. 41.93 is your price right now and the dow continuing its two-day rally. take a look at the industrial. 320 point gain. best two-day gain in points ever. the energy sector leading the way and apple just announcing
12:30 pm
an event wednesday, september the 9th in san francisco. it's good to know apple is typically unveiled a new iphone in the fall. but it will -- how new will it really be? coming up we move on to iran. talks of iran filibuster grow. as president obama iran nuclear deal, he's -- what happens to it in congress? he doesn't want to veto it. he does not want to veto this. a filibuster would make him feel better. we'll debate this issue next
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>> talk of an filibuster on the iran nuclear deal rose. that this deal will be passed, and it will look better to a veto coming out of the senate. gentlemen, good to see you both. craig, explain why a filibuster by the democrats on this -- we should remind people this is a resolution to disapprove. so a filibuster by the democrats would look better by the president than having to veto something that was voted on; right? >> well, i mean i think what we're looking at is the fact that politics in washington is broken. ly the president clearly think so that this is a good deal and he's using -- or prepared to use legislative tools in order to advance what he thinks is a good deal. and i think the other thing that the administration is confronting is that a lot of republicans on the hill are
12:35 pm
going to oppose what he did. they would oppose sunshine if he came out in favor of it. so this isn't a great situation for us to be in, but i think it's systematic of how broken our politics is >> but before we move on to mark. this deal is done. it will be -- it will be passed in one way, shape, or form, and it will go into effect, yes? >> yes. this resolution is a disapproval, and if they don't get a veto proof majority, you know, it will -- you know, it will move forward >> but to that point, mark, do you think -- looks increasingly like there won't be a veto proof majority and that even -- it's why the ship -- because, again, the tie among the democrats has shifted enough that now we're talking about there might be enough democrats you need 41 senators. i think the president needs 12 more >> he needs 12 >> right. but the tied is shifting that you have a lot more democrats falling in line with what the president wants
12:36 pm
>> well, here's what's going on. the bar is so low for the president on this because of the ridiculous deal that the republicans cut in the spring. this should be a treaty that requires senate approval okay? it's not. it's just -- the bar's so low. he only needs 12 democrats so he's in the clear. but let me tell you. the pressure in the states for those democrats is enormous. tens of millions of dollars are being poured into tv ads against them for this ridiculous deal -- this is not sunshine okay? this is a deal that will destabilize the middle east, this is a deal where those 41 democrats are turning their back on israel okay with this vote? this is a vote like the 2003 iraq invasion vote okay? five years from now, ten years from now, we will be talking about the people who supported this measure >> uh-huh. >> the 41 votes because it will be a disaster for israel and the middle east >> five years from now when the arms embargo and or iran
12:37 pm
is lifted and speaking of the jewish voters here in the northeast, you had chuck schumer's decision not to support it. a critical senator will be cory booker in new jersey. will he be pressured to join people in the region? what do you say, craig? they should be thankful it's not an election year >> in my opinion, we just heard a lot of hype and hig i'm not here to defend this bill, i'm here to say that there's a rational discussion for what's good for national security. the republicans should have an open mind but the president should be talking about national security and talking about why this would be good for america and his opinion not just in the -- >> we were snookered. the republican leadership, they fell for this ridiculous deal, and they didn't even know the details when they agreed to it in the spring. we were sold a bill of goods, and it is bad for israel and let me tell you. these democrats will rude the
12:38 pm
day that they supported this thing. it's 200 generals and admirals. 200 retired generals and admirals sent a letter to congress opposing this deal because it will destabilize the region. this policy is going to damage relationships across the world and israel >> mark, we've got to say. craig, i'm sorry we've got to go but i invite you back >> thank you there's a lot to discuss >> most certainly. >> thank you >> thank you so much, gentlemen. take a look at the dow. we are about the markets here. 320 point gain on the dow. oh, what a couple of days it has been. we go to nicole at the new york stock exchange with more. nicole >> well, i told you a short time ago watching those down a little bit and then a new high and we're seeing that and hovering around these session highs and they're trying to push through. a couple of winners here for it watching both amazon and netflix because amazon is expanding in japan and they're
12:39 pm
both in the streaming area and the video surface for japanese and u.s. dramas. 3.5% for amazon, netflix up 6.6%. and i know the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p, the transports all down for the month okay? down about 6%. but here's serious winners. sprint and also series holding. those are some steril stellar performers, seers up, and as i to say it back, coal and talked about arch coal and those are serious winners. up 282% and up 86% up for august >> thank you, nicole. so think about a drone flying around town with a taser on it. how about one that can spew tier gas? that is what has happened in the state of north dakota. the first state to legalize weaponnized drones for its
12:40 pm
police force. they don't shoot bullets, but they can shoot almost everything else. we've got details coming up. and you're looking live. donald trump at a rally in greenville, south carolina. he's expected to give a qa following the event, and we will bring you that when it happens live. donald trump, make the sell when we come back what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. hi mi'm raph. tom. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up,
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we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good. >> this is an alert for you actually. i can tell you and we will try to show you the video that donald trump just allowed some woman to pull his hair. so it went from kissing babies on the campaign trail to you know what? it is a different world. there you go. see? >> yes. i believe it is. >> thank you [laughter] >> is his hair real? >> have i ever met you before? >> it never gets old, and it never gets boring, but we do want to move on to this.
12:44 pm
using nonlethal weapons on drones. it is now legal to fight crime with a weaponnized drone in the state of north dakota. the use of armed drones now, these are not guns, it's tasers or tier gas, does it give law enforcement the edge or too much power? former helicopter pilot amber smith is joining us now. amber, it sounds like maybe not a great idea but do you want these in the hands of every police force across the country? >> look, i am all for the use of drones in a responsible and ethical manor. these people who will be operating the drones are highly trained, it's not just someone in the street who wants to throw a drone in the air or spying on people or firing rubber bullets from the air. if used properly, they can mitigate risk for both people on the ground and police officers and they can potentially save police officers and other citizen's lives
12:45 pm
>> they are used in a very powerful way among, say, even fire departments and crowd control. you can look at the size of a crowd, a police department. but, again, with the militarization of police forces across the country and the outrage over that, doesn't this take it even a step further? >> no. i think it's a lot of hype, and i think if you look at this from essentially a lot of people aren't educated on drones. so naturally there's a fear associated with it. the same way if you look at people being scared of guns. a lot of those people are just nearly not educated on what it takes to operate those and use them properly. and the same with drones. i have worked with drones, i've flown helicopters around drones, they can be incredibly effective in terms of working with the team to accomplish something on the ground. and i think when people start looking at this, they might be weaponnized and then, you know, it's the militarization of a police force. i don't see that happening. i think it's going to be used
12:46 pm
for a good purposes that can produce some positive results >> i do want to ask you then, though, about the hob easts and hobby drones and noncommercial drones and those used outside of the public sector. because they're becoming a problem for the police forces because you have people flying their drones onto the yards and public property of others. you have people shooting drones out of the sky, people getting arrested for hitting people who get close to them with drones. don't you think -- i'm talking about regulation and laws. but do you think you think there needs to be more enforcement of what people can do with these things? and i'm talking about hobbyests >> yeah. there needs to be regulation and oversight into the users as well. the faa needs to make sure that competent people are using the drones for recreational use.
12:47 pm
a lot of them there's very minimal restrictions if you keep those drones under 200 feet, more than four miles away from an airport. situations like that. but it does -- technology is going there where it's that easy for, you know, everyday civilians to operate these drones, and we need to make sure that they're doing it safely so other people don't get hurt >> thank you, i've got arte owe dial's number on speed dial because i know ai'm going to run over one in rage. >> thank you >> drones in north dakota. let's take a look, again, north dakota so critical in the movement and oil spiking this day some short covering. that's when people have sold oil short and sold it in the market after cover those shorts and go in and buy it. but, again, also a sign of optimism that this economy certainly here in the u.s. is not going off a cliff, and you see that optimism also in the stock markets. 314-point gain on the dow right now. that would make yesterday and today the biggest two-day
12:48 pm
point gain in the history of the dow industrials. and energy, the energy sector leading the way. no surprise there with oil being up this day. and next, talk about aggressive. walmart is kicking off 2015 holiday shopping season early. the reason behind the move? coming up can a business have a mind?
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>> donald trump holding a rally right now in greenville, south carolina, that's a live look at mr. trump at the podium. the usual but this happened just a moment ago.
12:52 pm
he had a woman come on stage and pull his hair >> real quick. i don't want to mess it up too much because i do use hair spray. is it real? >> it is. >> say it. please >> yes. i believe it is >> thank you and have i ever met you before? , no. >> so that's his own hair. again, he's getting even more mont campaign trail. let's move on to this. he's going to have to talk about this. and he has. investors are hoping to hear from the federal reserve about an interest rate hike is eminent, whether it happened next year, this all happened in wyoming. this could be a disappoint. and other notable members, absent from the summit. you're going to get stanley fisher; right? peter >> yeah. he's kind of up
12:53 pm
there and he could give us more hints on direction of interest rates and the timing of lift off. we got the opinion of esther george, the host of the event this morning. she's the president of the kansas city fed and has been a big hawk on raising rates sooner rather than later. called for raising them in july but now this problems in china and the financial markets have got her thinking twice, even about september echoing comments from the head of the federal reserve bank of new york bill dudly yesterday >> any time that you get new information in between meetings, it can complicate decision-making. so certainly you have to look at the changes, the volatility we saw in the market, what new information we may have about china and take that in. the question is whether it fundamentally changes the outlook of the u.s. economy >> and does it? and does it for you? and if it does, what does that mean for your views on when
12:54 pm
to -- because you were in favor of acting sooner rather than later >> right. and because i thought the economy was strong enough, i thought the data was moving in the right direction some months ago, i felt like the economy could begin -- could take the process of normalizing. given what we've seen recently, i think ve we just have to wait and see, i don't want to take anything out of what might be noise. i don't want to overreact to short-term data that may turn out to be significant for that kind of decision >> and another fed speaker here start to coalesce about this idea to raise rates later rather than sooner about the turmoil >> thank you so much, peter varns >> and walmart starting its
12:55 pm
holiday lay away so to talk about christmas, we brought the biggest grinch in the building. >> what are you talking about? i love christmas >> my real hair too, by the way >> did you hear me say you're a lot older than you look >> i know somebody tweeting at me. i didn't know you had plastic surgery. i didn't have plastic surgery. what are you talking about? what's wrong with you? walmart lay away speaking of which. two weeks earlier? yeah, and they're lowering the price that you can do with it as well. $10 from $15. i guess the idea is do it a little bit -- whatever the idea is, it might have give us a better idea of how valid shopping season is going. maybe. >> does it make you think walmart is nervous? >> i was about to say that actually. yeah, a little bit that they want to get out of this. other companies, you have to remember that target did that thing in july a bunch of sales >> one-day sale >> amazon, target. >> and amazon was the prime day thing that they did >> right.
12:56 pm
>> didn't do that great for them. but, yeah, walmart's trying this a little bit earlier. obviously the demographic in walmart, a lot of people month to month to economic so they're trying to get out of it, get out ahead of the holiday shopping season early and get a gauge of how things are going to go. but from our point of view watching business, it may give us a gauge >> and they had a small rebound in sales >> yeah. >> in recent quarters. i think four quarters in a row. but nevertheless still pretty weak throat >> yes, it is. and that's where the analyst come in and they're thinking that, you know, there are some concerns ahead for walmart >> by the way, i get to host bitter boomers tomorrow >> i know i'll be standing on the sidelines observing because i'm not old enough to be in it >> are there hair, brady doesn't have much >> she has great hair. >> that's a good point. >> connell, the best hair in the building and the biggest skudge
12:57 pm
>> what? >> and macdonnell all over that story? and then of course donald trump we'll go to him live coming up next hour
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
. dagen: take a look at those dow industrials go. 367-point gain. talk about a comeback, on top of the 612-point gain yesterday. the markets having their best back to back-point gain in history. talking about the dow. you can see what people have been through in the last week, but optimism comes roaring back. we hope it lasts, certainly lasting today, but it's certainly been a wild one for everybre of investing, right? is it time for millennials to jump in and start buying? to millennial -- we're waiting, charlie gasparino is supposed to be here, we'll see, maybe he's fixing his face.
1:01 pm
maybe he had a sneezing attack. you know who is here? millennials are on time. christie kunzig is here. people your age, are they interested in the market, have they been and will this make it interesting? i can hear charlie. >> been hearing a lot of that today. we've seen the market crash, we've seen what it's done to our parents, grandparents and it's nice to see it kind of go lower so we can think about investing. what are we investing with? all of our money is going to pay back student loans and student housing. dagen: you live at home, you live at home? >> i am, i am fortunate they live me there. gasparino loves that fact. it's nice i can save. >> how old are you? >> i'm 26. >> so you're with a -- >> you remember those days, right? let's say you're with a male
1:02 pm
friend, you're kind of an adult -- >> charlie, this is about investing. >> how does that work. dagen: stop hitting on this poor girl. >> i'm not hitting on her! how does that work? my parents died when i was in my 20s. i never had a chance to live at home and bring women home and being at home with my significant other. dagen: did they want to come home? >> most of them did. but i had my own apartment. dagen: let's talk about the stock market, please. this segment is about -- this is a business show. i want to know how does that work? >> i'm focusing on my career, i'm not worried about the guy friends. dagen: just by being here, just being in the presence of this. >> what presence? dagen: the discussion. i'm serious about the market, because she says millennials around investing. you need millennials to get in the market to give it legs. >> they don't live for tomorrow, they live for the moment, millennials.
1:03 pm
and quite frankly, millennial stockbrokers are probably the worst stockbroker you can get. i tell people all the time, do not give your money to a millennial because they don't have -- first of all, a lot of them don't read about financial history, they don't understand when the market goes up and down. some of them were born when long-term capital was going under. you need to give your money to someone, don't trust anybody with your money under 38. no. that's good, really good advice, they're not schooled in the issues. they don't read enough about financial history. so i would just make sure, if you're going to give your money to a millennial, you might as well -- dagen: take them out to dinner. >> go in the backyard and throw gasoline on it and burn it, you're going to lose all your money. dagen: you said people your age are saving for houses. >> right. dagen: that's surprising, is it not? a lot of the parents got burned in the housing market but willing to make that bet but
1:04 pm
not put it in the stock market. >> right, i think the stock market is so volatile right now, we're not willing to risk any of our money. we have so much going to student debt, we want to save money so we can live without our parents, we can move out you. >> will get out of it. >> never give your money to somebody living with mommy and daddy. never! how can you do that? dagen: coming from someone who is italian-american. >> my mommy used to do my laundry. dagen: see? see? >> she used to cook, clean, she did everything for me. that didn't mean i lived with her. dagen: that's worse, actually, charlie. that is worse. >> i used to bring my laundry over and give it to her, and leave. is that a problem? >> yes. >> and i come back, pick it up, she'd make me dinner, and i leave, go partying. if i had to sleep over, i had the couch. >> i think it's time for you to stop. >> the nicest thing you've done
1:05 pm
for millennials. how can you give your money to somebody who lives with their mommy and daddy. dagen: what's worse is if you're take your laundry over to mama's house and she's doing it for you. >> and cooking, too. . dagen: i think this was civil enough, charlie, big heart. >> china! >> trump imitation. speaking of which, trump is coming up at a rally in greenville, south carolina, we will take you once his q&a starts. what is topic number one for mr. trump? china. >> china! >> what is china doing he's been warning about? kid you not, china is selling off u.s. treasuries in order to revive yuan after recent devaluation to. market watchers craig smith and dave mainy how this will impact us. craig, to you first, should we be worried? will it send interest rates higher? >> i don't think so initially. the fed is so confused, they
1:06 pm
don't know what to do right now. look, it was designed to strengthen the yuan, bring their stock market back, it's done that. up 5.3% last night. i'm no big apologist dagen. ben bernanke wrote an op-ed about it, he did qe2, $600 billion. only difference is china is using reserves. we went out and printed the money. i don't think we can be too abusive to china right that the particular moment because they've restored a lot of faith in the market. dagen: dave, hard to know exactly what china is doing, and based on reports, china sold 106 billion dollars in reserve assets in two weeks, including treasuries, and you do see, and maybe this is optimism showing up in stocks. you see people selling treasuries today, because you have the yield on the ten year made a huge bounceback, trading at roughly 2.2% at the moment. is china some of that?
1:07 pm
>> i don't know, because as you said, dagen, it's very hard to know what they're doing. as i was trying to parse through what they are doing. i'm a motorcyclist, what you see with inexperienced motorcyclists, go too fast and desperately have a screwy thing when they slow down or hit the gas way too hard and have a problem that way. you have a government that's not used to the free market system and doesn't have a free market system. they were very good at hitting the gas, and having this runaway growth, and now that they've got it and now that the resources are misallocated across the economy, they're desperately trying to get control of that bike. and it's like a five-year-old on top of it. they don't know what to do. i don't know where they're going to go, i don't think they know where they're going to go. dagen: and craig -- go ahead, craig. >> well, you know, it's funny, dagen, i was thinking about, it
1:08 pm
seems the dragon's tail is wagging in the american dog versus the other way around, and i love dave's analogy about a motorcyclist being out of control, because everybody can relate to that. but let's keep in mind that the chinese, and look, i'm no apologist for t apologist for the chinese. when times are good, they put money away in a reserve. now times are bad, they're using the money to try and fix the markets. what's interesting is we better be careful, let me tell you why. we have out-of-control spending in washington, d.c. we borrowed a lot of money, now all of a sudden people want little bits and pieces of that money back, and if we're not very careful, we're going to finally see once and for all what's carrying 18 trillion dollars worth of debt is all about. dagen: dave, final word on this. i tell you because china is such a big holder of
1:09 pm
treasuries, depends on the month, the largest foreign owner, they won't do too much selling because it would drive down one of their biggest investments, drive down the value of it. >> yeah, i think that's right. but let's remember, they're the biggest buyer and biggest player in a very, very large and very, very liquid market. so you know, do i think they'll have a -- an effect? yes, and you've seen it here it and there, do i think that that will put the u.s. economy at risk or materially see our interest rates hike or change the patterns of homebuyers or something like that? i don't think so. i just don't see that. dagen: and by the way, on your motorcycle analogy, the biggest mistake a novice makes is pulling up to a stop sign and dropping the bike on its side and they can't get it up because it's too heavy. and my neighbor did that and i laughed and pointed and walked away. gentlemen, thank you.
1:10 pm
dave, let's hope china doesn't end up a bike flat on its side that nobody can prop up. >> exactly. dagen: thank you so much. and we want to bring you the latest developments in the horrific shooting yesterday in southern virginia that cost two journalists their lives. connell mcshane has more. >> couple things from this morning. i don't know how they did it, they had to hold themselves together and put a morning broadcast together on the station, wdbj, you see them doing that in virginia. kim mcbroom was on the air yesterday, back this morning talking about heavy hearts, their two colleagues were killed. an area outside the station, people lighting up candles, setting up memorial for alison parker and adam ward, the balloons and american flags there. as for vester lee flanagan, the former reporter who killed parker and ward and killed himself, long history, erratic behavior in the workplace, clashes with his colleagues.
1:11 pm
it's all coming out now, these types of things, allegation of racism. the two journalists killed are remembered by their own loved ones, we had alison parker's boyfriend, how it was magical, they just moved in together, and adam ward was engaged to be married. his fiancee is a producer at wdbj, yesterday was her last day, she was working in the control room at the time of the shooting. that's it. they did pull themselves together nicely, dagen, put together a morning broadcast after the horrible events of yesterday. dagen: unthinkable, thank you so much. still ahead, look at oil, majorly up today, finally cracking through the $40 a barrel mark. barely higher. gas prices are falling thankfully, where you can fill up your tank for under $2 a gallon? and mr. trump at a rally in greenville, south carolina.
1:12 pm
we'll bring you his question-and-answer session when it starts. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . dagen: you are looking at a live shot of louis armstrong international airport. that is air force one in new orleans. president obama there ahead of hurricane katrina's ten-year anniversary, that is on august 29th. the president is heading to meet with residents and young people of the city. there you are. ten years since katrina. unbelievable. but unbelievable also how that city has come back. and talk about a comeback, let's talk about the markets. 379-point gain on the dow industrials, on top of that 619-point gain yesterday. what a week it's been? especially for oil.
1:16 pm
up around 9% this day. a bounceback short covering sis scott shellady, but is it more than that? optimistic buying? to scott at the cme. hey, scott. >> there is a little optimistic buying and driven by the feel good factor. we saw china bolstering their stock market. you have to let it play itself out. what i can't stress more to the viewers, this isn't over. we don't go from one day to the next thinking this is over and we're going to blow everything under the table. we still have the october 15 problem from last year that we recovered so quickly, from but we've got a lot more news especially with china and downgraded our gdp two or three times since then. still things to worry about there and the great gdp driving some of this, however, record levels of inventory in the number. the atlanta fed has pegged the
1:17 pm
third quarter gdp at 3.4%. dagen: scott shellady at cme in chicago. oil up today, in a tumble, gas prices have taken an awful long time to come down. adam shapiro is in ramsey, new jersey, we like these prices. hey, adam. >> reporter: there's a reason people in new york cross the border to fill up in new jersey. here in ramsey, $1.89 a gallon. new jersey has very low gas taxes. if you're in california get them to lower taxes in california. let's talk about where this is headed. as oil is going up in price, the expectation is gas prices come down, cowan and company expects $2.15 nationwide at the end of the fourth quarter. 2014, $3 a gallon. right now averaging $2.53 nationwide. 2014 averaging $2.43 a gallon
1:18 pm
nationwide. i got to show you video that we shot earlier this morning. this guy filling up here in the station in ramsey was thrilled at the cheap prices he was getting, cheap gas jig which i think a lot of people will be doing, but according to cowan and company, consumers expect to save 60 to 80 billion dollars as gas prices come down over the next four months. that's how much will go back into the pockets of american consumers who can then go and spend that money, and expect to see an uptick in people going to restaurants, doing leisure activities, buying tech kinds of things especially with christmas coming, and finally target and walmart, they expect a big increase of shoppers at target and walmart because of the lower gas prices, dagen? dagen: thank you, adam. the headline of the guy jumping up and down rejoicing, despite the fact he's standing in the middle of new jersey. thank you, adam. still ahead, playing down the threat of isis. a new report says that is what
1:19 pm
officials in the obama camp are doing. what's not being revealed to the public? and take a live look at donald trump holding a rally in greenville, south carolina. we'll bring you his question-and-answer session when it begins.
1:20 pm
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1:22 pm
. dagen: the threat of isis may be getting downplayed under the obama administration. terrorism analyst on what is happening behind the scenes. eric, there are reports out of u.s. intelligence analysts they say and senior military say they're being inappropriately pressured on their reports on isis to make it look like we're doing a better job fighting the terror group. >> yeah, dagen, look, this is what president obama is. he didn't want to get involved in this in the first place, his fight against isis, hand was forced when american journalists started being beheaded in the sands of syria,
1:23 pm
president obama at the end of the day does not see isis as an existential threat to the west. he sees terrorism and the rise of jihad as more of a criminal action that we can decide in federal courts and not on the battlefield. that's who he is. not a big surprise here that the intel community is basically trying to please their boss with the reports on isis. dagen: the "new york times" reported earlier this week the inspector general at defense department is investigating allegations the military officials skewed intelligence assessments about the campaign against isis. but it leaves the american people not really knowing what is happening over there, and it leaves potentially the isis terror group to continue to grow and thrive and strengthen between essentially sdmout inauguration of another president. >> yeah, dagen, president obama is going to look to manage this crisis until he leaves office. do just enough to make it look he's doing something with
1:24 pm
limited airstrikes which are not enough, not arming the kurds like we should be. isis remains a monster in the middle east. they still control mosul and ramadi. mosul is iraq's second largest city, i don't see them getting displaced soon. they're running sex slave markets, beheading people left and right, seizing antiquities in syria. and key for our supporters, isis supporters are growing in the united states, we've had dozens of arrests on on american soil of u.s. citizens pledging allegiance to isis and looking to carry out attacks right here. so this ideology that isis is pushing continues to grow and continue to spread their tentacles not only in the middle east and africa but here in the west. dagen: eric, good to talk with you. come back soon. with us on the isis threat being downplayed. still ahead, the man who jumped from perry to trump. why sam clovis switched
1:25 pm
campaigns and what he sees in donald in his bid for the white house? and mr. trump holding a rally live in greenville, south carolina. we will bring you the question-and-answer session when it gins.
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
. dagen: it is no secret that former governor rick perry is one of donald trump's biggest critics. here is what mr. perry said about mr. trump last month --
1:29 pm
governor perry is now losing ground, and members of his staff to trump. sam clovis is here, he was perry's former iowa campaign chairman, and left the perry campaign to join trump. right, sam? >> that's correct, dagen, how are you today? dagen: i'm terrific. why trump? >> well, i think of all of the candidates running for office, it was a long process of taking a look at everybody. i had a great friendship with governor perry and things didn't work out there, and a lot of the campaigns came asking me for help and support. the trump campaign was provided the most compelling arguments for me and, decided in having talked to mr. trump, i felt like this was an appropriate move for me and i'm very proud to be part of this campaign. i think of all of the people
1:30 pm
running, he is the only one that will go to washington, d.c., and truly change the politics of washington, d.c. i doubt that any of the rest of the candidates running will be able to effect that because i think one of the big issues we face is the influence of special interest and mr. trump has made that very clear that no special interest will influence him. i know from my own political campaigns, how much special interest affect things and i think this is one of the most compelling reasons that americans are following behind donald trump is because he's speak truth to power and i think he truly will do what's best for america. dagen: and i wanted to point out, sam, we're looking at live pictures right now of donald trump in greenville, south carolina. he was at a rally there. he's giving a speech. he finished his speech. we're expecting him to step up and do a q&a which he has in the past at similar rallies. he might do it shortly. i think he might be walking off to take some photos with the
1:31 pm
fine folks of greenville, south carolina. sam, to your point, you're talking glowingly about donald trump, you're part of his campaign in iowa but he's been criticized for not getting into the nitty-gritty beyond immigration, he's made comments about china, but more broadly about various issues do matter to the american people. give us some insight of things we haven't heard from him? >> i think this is one of the reasons that i've been brought on because my title is co-chair of the national campaign but i'm also senior policy adviser. my responsibilities will be to take care of the clearing house for development of the policies, putting that meat on the bones, rolling these out of the appropriate times. we know the american people have asked for and they deserve the specificity that we're going to be able to provide, and i think that's exactly one of the reasons i was brought on is because of my background, my education, my experience to help facilitate that activity for this campaign.
1:32 pm
dagen: he likes to go after opponents whether they're running against him for the republican nomination, or just random members of the media. have you told him -- has anybody told him you want to chill out? or is that just mr. trump? >> i haven't been there long enough. you have to understand, i'm finishing the 36th hour of my official employment here. i've been on a lot of media outlets. i haven't had a chance to sit down and talk about the specific issues. i think that mr. trump is a dynamic person. he's an individual very strong personality. and i think because of his success, it tends to breed that kind of incredible confidence in people, and i think this is one of the reasons that he is out there and appealing to americans the way he is. dagen: willingness to say anything, pretty much. thank you, sam. sam clovis, good luck to you, take care of yourself. >> well donald trump is a lot
1:33 pm
better looking than i am, dagen. i don't take any offense of you cutting to him. dagen: hey, sam, thank you so much. take care now. hillary clinton, meantime, having this to say at an event in cleveland, ohio last hour. you better listen to this. it will knock your socks off. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world, but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. dagen: yep, republicans are terrorists. to political commentator ashley pratt on this commentary from hillary clinton will get her anywhere. ashley? >> she's hardly going anywhere already, dagen and this is just, man, it's getting worse, and i can't honestly understand why she thinks that something like this is going to help her
1:34 pm
campaign when she compares americans to terrorists. especially those that are pro-life or for, you know, when it comes to women's health care for providing options other than planned parenthood. but she comes out there and acts as though this is something that most americans agree with when they don't. and it's sickening to me she would dare to compare republicans or people who disagree with her to terrorists. dagen: well, have you joe biden moving up in the polls, according to the latest quinnipiac poll. >> uncle joe. dagen: whether he's going to run, looks increasingly likely he will, he's been blessed by president obama to make a go at it. if you put him head-to-head with the leading republican contenders, joe biden, 18%, 22% for bernie sanders. hillary clinton falling in the polls. 45% there. if you put biden head-to-head with the likes of trump, bush, he performs better than hillary clinton does in a head-to-head matchup. dagen: yeah, and there's no doubt --
1:35 pm
>> that are high-profile democrats right now are running around scrambling trying to figure out what to do because hillary clinton has tanked so badly. but uncle joe comes into this and look how he's polling, polling very well among democrats, he has some democrats leaving the clinton campaign who were donating to her because they see a failing campaign and don't see how they can win. and you have bernie sanders leading her in some states as well and he's a proclaimed socialist. the democrats are in serious disarray, and i think the dnc numbers are actually released for fund-raising and they've only fund raised 36 million going into an election year. it shows they need someone to be the front-runner that they're supposed to be, and that front-runner is not hillary clinton. dagen: popularity is a magnet for the money. >> and he's got the ray bans. dagen: the quinnipiac poll, and when asked what words you would use to describe her?
1:36 pm
liar, dishonest and untrustworthy. >> yep, six out of ten americans don't trust her. must be the american terrorists she's referring to. dagen: so republicans are terrorists. there you go. thank you very much, ashley. killing the confidence of small business owners, we talked to a restaurant chief who says everything from obamacare to minimum wage hikes are hurting. and take a look, donald trump ending his rally in greenville, south carolina. he's expected to give a question-and-answer session shortly. we'll bring you that when it happens.
1:37 pm
1:38 pm
. >> i'm ashley webster with your fox business brief from the floor of the new york stock exchange. take a look at major markets all continuing in rally mode. dow up 334 points. the s&p up 2.25%. same story on the nasdaq, gains of more than 2%. take a look at the price of oil which has risen nicely, sharply, up more than 8%. $41 that in turn has racked up the energy sector leading the way in today's gains, as you can see, chevron up 6%, exxonmobil up 2.5%. schlumberger and conoco phillips showing nice gains. among the losers williams-sonoma down on mixed second quarter results, tiffany, lackluster results in the u.s. that's the latest from the new york stock exchange. more "coast-to-coast" with
1:39 pm
dagen mcdowell after this.
1:40 pm
. dagen: this should knowing live right now in greenville, south carolina. following a donald trump rally. there were more than a thousand people there. estimates were 1300, 1400 people there to hear mr. trump speak, he'll be coming out and answering questions from the
1:41 pm
crowd shortly, we hope. we will take you there live when it happens. this man, not only does he sound like a politician, he increasingly looks like one, still with energy and loss of being around people. he used to not enjoy shaking hands with people, kind of a germophobe. business owners seeing strength in operations but confidence in the overall economy fading. small business owner says because of rising costs, andy, i don't think your business is small anymore, you're the ceo of fatburger, a fast growing fast food chain. >> hi, dagen. dagen: hey, what is the confidence like right now? >> i think small business owners are nervous, nervous because it's like the one, two, three punch happening. rising food costs pretty much at all-time highs. obamacare about to kick in and the minimum wage creep that's going to wipe out all of the margin that small business operators have in the restaurant industry.
1:42 pm
questions are going up. dagen: talk about your business, though, is business booming for you right now? are you seeing increasing -- because, again, if you want to feel better about your life, you eat a hamburger, right? right? that certainly helps. >> for sure. dagen: do you see weakness in the economy, andy oo i'm sorry, i need to go down to greenville, south carolina. i apologize for this, but here is mr. trump answering some questions. >> well, i believe very strongly in the second amendment. we have people with mental disabilities, mental problems. too bad somebody can't figure that out. but we have a serious mental problem, and i tell you what, we better start figuring it out fast. yes, go ahead. reporter: [inaudible] >> i don't know, i just did so well with the evangelicals in the poll. i love them, they love me, i am
1:43 pm
protestant, i am presbyterian, i love the evangelicals. why do they love me? you have to ask them. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> they do love me, thank you. >> ben carson, is he your first choice? >> he's a fine man, a friend of mine, he's doing well also, i like ben carson. >> reporter: would you pick him as vp? >> i'm not thinking about that. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> if you look at jeb bush where, he said he wouldn't fund women's health care issues, okay, and women's health issues, i thought that was a terrible thing for him to say, and nobody will take care of women. i cherish women, and i say it all the time. i cherish women, i will take care of women, and won't be going around saying i'm not going to fund a certain program. women, under my administration will be taken care of. not like jeb bush. what he said was a disgrace. >> reporter: [inaudible]
1:44 pm
>> i'll i do is meet and greets. people ask me when i come in, when i say hello, i do meet and greets. other than the little donations the $7 and $20 and some cases hundreds of dollars, all i do is i will do on occasion a meet-and-greet, yes, sir? >> reporter: is there a requirement in the south carolina republican party that candidates sign a pledge they will support the eventual nominee. will you sign that pledge? >> we have plenty of time to think about it, i think that's september 30th. there's a lot of time. we'll be making announcements on different things in the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: you seem to be getting a lot of growing support for right wing groups and white supremacist groups, does this concern you? >> you are telling me something i didn't know about that. somebody else is said that, i don't know about that. yes, go ahead. >> reporter: [inaudible].
1:45 pm
>> i haven't heard about it. he was on the other side, so he's saying things. you have to ask him. he's a wonderful guy. sam clovis? he's a wonderful guy, a terrific guy, and i'm leading the polls by a lot before sam joined, and we love to have sam, and obviously, the fact that he joined i think says so much. but we love having sam clovis. reporter: [inaudible]. >> you are going to have to do something, you can't allow this to happen, and what happened in virginia is absolutely terrible. so sad to see this magnificent, these magnificent, and the woman that was hurt, the magnificent two people, so sad. so something has to happen. at the same time, it's not about the guns, it's about mental instability. have you people with great mental instability, and it's a shame, because if you look at
1:46 pm
this man that did this horrible act, people knew he was mentally unstable for years, and it's a shame he couldn't have been in a hospital or something. go ahead, yes? >> reporter: hillary clinton talking about women's issues [inaudible] >> she can speak to jeb bush, she was negative on women's health issues, i've been positive, my daughter ivanka and my wife were very, very strong on -- they said, they know how i feel about women and women's health issues, and said you should really talk about it more, but for me it's going to be a very major thing. i know jeb bush said bad things and said bad on asian, all of a sudden he's talking about anchor babies and steered it over to the asians and the asians are upset with jeb bush. so you're going to have to ask him about those. but i will take care of women's health and women's health issues better than anybody, and far better than hillary clinton
1:47 pm
who doesn't have a clue, and i don't think, maybe she won't even be in the race. we'll have to see. maybe she won't. >> reporter: the african-american community [inaudible] >> i've had great friendships in the african-american community. as you know they're suffering. never had bad job numbers like they have right now, especially african-american youth. it's terrible what's happening. as you see, i have great relationships, you see the poll numbers. one of the things that was so nice in south carolina and other places where they do the polls and break the polls down, i do great in the african-american community. and you know one of the reasons is they know i'm going to create jobs. but i've had a great relationship with the african-american community. i appreciate the question. >> reporter: the auto industry for exporting into the united states. creating jobs, how do you --
1:48 pm
[inaudible] >> many, many jobs are taken from the united states because our trade negotiators are the worst. and by the way, you can go back to the iran deal. you can go back to trade deals. we don't have anybody in this country thanes what they're doing in terms of negotiation. we have a president that doesn't have a clue, and that's got to all change of the our country will be great again, that i can tell you. >> reporter: the senior senator -- [inaudible] >> i'm at 30, he's at 4, and i think he's lucky to be at 4, to be honest. i would not want to be him and running for office in south carolina. he's a terrible representative for south carolina. and all he does is attack me. his whole line is to attack donald trump. the beauty is he went down to 0 in the national polls. 0! that means a thousand of people that are polled, he got nobody. i don't know how you can get 0. it's almost laughable, but his primary mode of getting elected is to attack trump, and he went
1:49 pm
from 4% to 2% to0. he's 0 right now. he made a very big mistake when he ran because the people of south carolina are watching this farce, and i think they're very upset by it. he's not been a good representative for south carolina. with that being said, i lead the poll in south carolina, and i lead with almost -- with every group, including, as we said, the african-american groups. they just came out, and i have tremendous support, i'm coming down here soon and making a speech in front of small business, african-american small business and i look forward to that. yes, sir, go ahead. >> reporter: how do you fix the race relations problem in this country? >> great question. race relations problems are almost at an all-time worst, and two things, we need jobs, and we need spirit, and you know president obama, i really thought he would be a unifier, he's not experienced, i don't know how he's going to do, he won the election, but i thought
1:50 pm
that one thing he'd do is be a unifier certainly between african-american and white. and i will tell you that's turned out not to be so. he's not been a unifier, he's been a divider. we need spirit in the country and cohesiveness and we need jobs. the poor people want jobs so badly. african-american youth, there's 60, 70% unemployment. we'll get it fixed. we'll take them back from china. we'll take them back from japan. we'll take them back from mexico. we'll take jobs back, and we're going to have jobs in this country. okay. >> reporter: there was a report out that you were going to begin outreach to leaders, talk about that and what church do you attend in new york city and how often do you go? >> i am presbyterian-protestant. i go to marvel collegiate church.
1:51 pm
the church i was originally with is presbyterian church in jamaica. i have great experiences, whether it be sunday school or whatever it may be. right now marvel collegiate church. because i travel a lot, i go around the country. at some point i'm meeting with ministers and pastors. one of the sad things, in the iran deal, we have a pastor over there as a prisoner because he's a minister, because he's a pastor, a christian, and four other people. you tell me, why aren't the negotiators that made the horrible deal with iran, 24 days, they do their own inspections. they get $150 billion and more? why aren't they releasing our prisoners? why didn't kerry say, by the way, before we begin, release our prisoners? you have a journalist, you have four great people, one is there because he's a christian.
1:52 pm
why didn't they say release our prisoners? and that should have happened two years ago. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> we are talking to ted cruz, a friend of mine, and a good guy about doing something very big over the next two weeks in washington. it's essentially a protest against the totally incompetent deal that we're making with iran. and by the way, even if you break it up, they're going to get $150 billion. they're going to get hundreds of billions of dollars even if you break it up. i wouldn't give them the money. i don't care what the deal. i would not give them the membership. that deal will be announced, that location will be announced. >> reporter: you mentioned on your station [inaudible] can you expand on that? >> you have a silent majority in this country that feels abused, that feels forgotten, that feels mistreated and it's a term that hasn't been brought up in years as you know, people
1:53 pm
haven't heard that term in many years and interesting as to why, there are all different reasons, it's a descriptive term, every time i speak i have sold-out crowds, every time i speak i have standing ovations, every single time, it's the silent majority. they want to see wins, victory. we're not having victory anymore in this country, whether it's trade, whether it's military, whether it's even the building of our military. you see what's going on? every day i get listings for bases that are for sale. our military is virtually for sale. i'm in the real estate business, i'm always getting listings, and the listings are for an army base, military base, for a naval base, and our vets are being treated horribly. we have vets that are the best people. our wounded warriors are treated terribly, and these are the best people we have in this country, and if i win, believe me, they're going to be not
1:54 pm
fourth class citizens or third, they're going to be number one. our vets, our wounded warriors. we are going to treat them the way they should have been treated. but they're being treated horribly, okay? i'm not worried about it it's a descriptive term, i'm bringing it to modern day. there is no better expression for what's happening. this is a movement. there's no better expression for what's happening than the expression silent majority. that's what's happening. people are coming out. in alabama we had more than 30,000 people on a very, very warm day with rain, getting ready to pour down in a stadium, it was unbelievable. you saw 4,000 people the other night in iowa. you saw what happened in new hampshire, you saw what happened today for a luncheon where it broke every record. we have a silent majority that wants this country to have victories again, and we're going to do it. thank you all very much.
1:55 pm
thank you.. dagen: donald trump in greenville, south carolina, answering question after question, rapid fire answers. you know what? that's why people like him, because you don't hear that from a politician normally. boom, boom, boom, he covered everything from the shooting in virginia yesterday. what to do about gun control? nothing, it's not problem with guns, it is the problem of mental illness in this country. he talked about ben carson. evangelicals, i love evangelicals and they love me. short and sweet, he covered it all. donald trump on the campaign trail. you saw the crowds, you saw the enthusiasm, and you saw him once again firing off answers. donald trump. we'll have right now, this is another story that we have been all over, elizabeth mcdonald can weigh in on donald trump first.
1:56 pm
but we've been all over lee mac about the exchange traded funds and collapses in prices monday morning during the market downdraft. if you want to weigh in on trump go right ahead. >> quickly about trump, whether or not voters are engaged right now, what they are engaged with, with mr. trump is frustrated and tired of the smothering shat status quo, he wants to blow that all up. that's why voters are connecting to that right now. whether or not they connect to his policies, that remains to be seen, voters are disengaged right now, but that -- i think give it a few six more months, they'll start listening to his policies and see whether his temperament and electability will be in play and whether he's a contender. dagen: i want to bring in liz claman down at the new york stock exchange. what you are seeing and hearing is the formation and the rapid formation of a real, very deep presidential campaign and
1:57 pm
campaign organization, he was talking about sam clovis who left rick perry's campaign in iowa to go trump's. he was on with me earlier in the show. he's a magnet for people, he's a magnet for power players in the republican party. >> as you see with the latest polls he is at the top of the republican troop there, and remember everybody keeps bring up this, neil cavuto is one to say, watch out last time herman cain was the leader, we saw where that went, away. it is such early stages, what the traders find more riveting is the market action as its juxtapose against a very fascinating move in a news conference with donald trump, and they're like, this back and forth, back and forth, to see a gain of 352 points for the dow. they're very anxious, they want to see this day close up to the upside before they can stamp it in the books as a real win.
1:58 pm
what we need to say dagen is any gain more than 272 point will be the best two day gain. yesterday and today, in the history for the dow jones industrials. we're going to have a fascinating final hour of trade here. dagen: always, liz, and to emac, to liz mcdonald. and you hear this in talking to people who are grassroots workers in the republican party, they want to get behind a winner, they want to get behind somebody who they think will beat the democratic nominee, and more and more you start to hear that kind of talk. >> yeah, you do. dagen: that's why you see trump's numbers continue to go up in the polls. up 8 percentage points in the quinnipiac poll. >> it shows hillary clinton beating all of them still. dagen: and biden by more. >> that's the truth of the quinnipiac poll. here's the thing with donald
1:59 pm
trump. he's the only candidate out there, who is fire in his belly. passionate about it, i think you had a marco rubio and a john kasich in the last gop debates showing passion, that's what viewers or voters are possibly connecting to that he is excited about the issues and he's voicing the things on people's minds. they want legal immigration, people legally here. people are not opposed to immigrat i think that is fair to the immigrants that do it the right way. dagen: listen to sam clovis that left the perry campaign to work for trump in iowa. he was on earlier. let's listen to this. >> of all the people who are running will only one to go to washington, d.c. to truly change the politics of washington, d.c. i doubt any rest of candidates running will be able to effect that. dagen: that was sam clovis. you heard donald trump, elizabeth macdonald is here.
2:00 pm
liz claman, watch here 3:00 this afternoon. emac all over the etf story. read it on we love emac. we'll talk about it tomorrow, right here, right now, trish regan. trish: dagen, thank you so much. welcome to "the intelligence report." we have a big rally underway, we're near final 120 minutes of trading. dow is up 363 points. s&p up 46. nasdaq, 109. within the next 120 minutes things could change a lot to the upside or the downside. we have another rally underway. this one happening in south carolina for donald trump. he just answered questions with the press there in greenville. we have all the analysis. he spoke to a group of about 1400 people that had come in through the chamber of commerce. they paid money to come in and see him. he sold tickets. he spoke really off-the-cuff


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