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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 30, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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race baiting and we let this community mourn the loss of allison parker and adam. right now their families would appreciate it. good night.. tom: good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. donald trump's candidacy, it just keeps on getting steam. the billionaire populist leaving his rivals in the dust now with the new national poll showing trump leading next closest competitor by 16 points. trump's straight talk and refusal to back down from confrontations apparently is resonating with voters fed up with typical washington politicians, and the same poll showing vice president biden's performing better against republicans in a general election matchup than hillary clinton despite the fact that biden says he is deciding whether he has the emotional
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fuel for a 2016 bid for the white house. we'll have a full report coming up. also tonight, the obama administration kicking its campaign to sell the president's nuclear deal into high gear, but more democratic defections are starting to pile up. and a new report from the united nations agency tasked with inspecting iran's nuclear facilities indicates that the country may have, in recent months, built an extension to most controversial nuclear site. i'll take all of that up with former u.n. ambassador john bolton among my guests tonight. our top story, donald trump once again, extending his lead into the republican presidential field. so much so that polling experts are reportedly dumbfounded and now questioning whether everything that they know about winning the white house is wrong. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron has our report. >> reporter: billionaire front running republican presidential candidate donald trump has led
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the polls for more than two months and addressing a chamber of commerce lunch crowd in south carolina today proclaimed his candidacy bigger than himself. >> what we've done has been amazing, it's not me, there's a movement going on. when you see bush at 300 people and they're happy, and we have 1700 or 1800 people, and it's just something happening. there's something happening. >> reporter: a new quinnipiac poll shows trump surging will points to 28% nationally. the rest of the pac in single digits. trump is tapped into the, quote, silent majority and tops the q poll's survey with 26% of republicans saying they will never vote for him. 18% of republicans say there is no way they'll vote for bush. more than any other candidate including clinton, bush gets hammered the most by trump. >> he's not going to work too well, we had a lot of problems with that last name. a lot of problems.
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there was an article that jeb's funding is drying up. no, it's drying up. you know why? because he's losing so badly to me. >> reporter: trump touted national campaign chairman sam clovis who quit as rick perry's chair this week. six weeks ago clovis in a leaked memo said trump left me with questions about moral center and foundational beliefs. trump shrugged it off. >> i haven't heard about it, he was on the other side. the fact he joined says so much. >> reporter: in promoting 20-year-old book, trump routinely jokes the only book he likes more is the bible. when asked his favorite verse, he balked. >> the bible means a lot to me, i don't want to get into specifics. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich knocked bush out of second place. the super pac plan toss up current ad campaign with a $5
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million blitz in september and october, far more than any other campaign so far. >> the coziest candidate is ted cruz who invited the billionaire to capitol hill demonstration against the iran nuclear deal. cruz makes no bones about courting what trump called the silent majority. a phrase richard nixon made popular in 1969, tom? tom: thank you, carl cameron, thank you very much. another great moment in the event in south carolina to tell you about. the donald getting independent confirmation he doesn't wear a toupee. >> the man of the toupee is on the front page of the "new york times." i don't wear a toupee. it's my hair. i swear! come here. come here. come here. come here. we're going to settle this. say it, please. >> yes, i believe it is. >> thank you. >> and have i ever met you before? no.
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you are very nice, thank you. tom: this is what america wants to know. more bad news for hillary's campaign, a new quinnipiac poll out today shows that clinton's once staggering lead over bernie sanders has been cut now by another 10 points, and when voters were asked to describe mrs. clinton the most common response, whoa, was liar. followed by dishonest. you see the rest of them there, pretty staggering. clinton's support dwindling at campaign events in cleveland today. hillary drew just 2500 people. a much smaller crowd than the 20,000 person rally of rival bernie sanders, and desperation starting to set in with clinton attacking republicans using what the rnc called inflammatory rhetoric. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the
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modern world, but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans, who want to be the president of the united states. tom: whoa. terrorist and republicans in the same sentence. clinton knows she's also changing how she's responding. it's obvious. now responding to ever growing e-mail scandal. just days ago, hillary laughed off questions about her e-mail server. >> you were the official in charge, did you wipe the server. >> what, like with a cloth? >> reporter: i don't know, you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. tom: listen to how it's subtle, but listen to how she talked about it yesterday. >> my use of personal e-mail is allowed by the state department it. clearly wasn't the best choice, i should have used two e-mails, one personal, one for work, and
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i take responsibility for that decision. tom: starting to say that it wasn't the best idea. hillary's rough week feeding speculation that vice president joe biden will run for president. biden met with the head of the nation's largest unit afl-cio and in the quinnipiac poll, joe biden leads top republicans in head-to-head matchups performing better than hillary. biden tops trump 48 to 40, and the vice president leading former florida governor jeb bush, 45-30 and that's got to weigh on his mind. turning to iran, the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog saying iran may have built an extension at parchin, the controversial facility where tehran will be allowed to self-inspect their own site as part of the ideal. john kirby claiming that the disputed site is not a nuclear site. >> i think it's important to remember when talking about a
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site like parchin, a conventional military site, not a nuclear site, so there wouldn't be any iaea or other restrictions on new construction. tom: how would we know if we can't go there? the latest revelation comes as the administration intensifies efforts to sell the iranian deal to congress. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has the report. >> reporter: behind the white house veneer, one brimming with confidence that it has the votes to secure the iran nuclear deal, there's high anxiety about whether the president gets there by filibuster or sustained veto. >> congress is weighing in on it, we've got to make sure congress supports it. >> reporter: what the support looks like is the difference between side step or congressional drama or settling in for embarrassing and bruising override fight. call it a race to 41. it needs 12 of the remaining
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undecided democrats to reach the necessary filibuster. it could affect america's diplomatic standing, samantha power told politico, quote -- . >> we've been able to organize the entire world community to force iran to the negotiating table and now have a deal that ensures that they don't get a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: but the devil is in the details. american negotiators haven't seen the so-called side agreements between iran and the iaea, that's the nuclear watchdog group that will carry out inspections and questions whether they get access to suspected nuclear sites like the disputed military facility at parchin. democratic support for the deal continued to erode in the house with carolyn maloney joining the growing list from the
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president's own party supporting the agreement -- meanwhile, a group of nearly 200 bipartisan retired generals and admirals sent a letter to congress urging lawmakers to reject the deal they say threatens national security. of the signatteries of the letter just about all worked for the white house in one capacity or the other. for both democrats and republicans, and for those of you calendar watchers, keep in mind september 17th, barring a filibuster a date which congressional lawmakers have to weigh in on the deal. tom? tom: less than a month, thank you, kevin corke at the white house. emotional day for the grieving staff of tv station wdbj who tried to regain normalcy after the shocking on-air killings of a reporter and cameraman. hosts went on-air today and talked about the horrific
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double murder of alison parker and adam ward, that stunned the country. >> our continued thanks and support for all of you at home. you've been our rock, our strength during this time. this hurts all of us so much as you can see. we will with time and the blessings of our many friends out there, all of you, we will heal from this. thank you. tom: outside the station, there is now a growing memorial to the victims filled with flowers and balloons and other mementos. good news in this tragic story. shooting survivor vicki gardner has been upgraded to good condition. gardner, a regional chamber of commerce executive was being interviewed when the shooter opened fire. we'll have more details on the shooter's possible motive coming up. stay with us. we're coming right back. the white house ramps up efforts to get congressional approval for nuclear deal but will democratic defections derail the administration?
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i'll take it up with former ambassador john bolton here next. and florida keeping an eye on tropical storm erika, which could approach as a category 3 could approach as a category 3 hurricane. you do all this research on the perfect car. could approach as a category 3 hurricane. gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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. tom: president obama to meet
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with saudi king salman at the white house a week ahead of the iranian nuclear deal. the trip cams after saulman skipped a summit of gulf leaders back in may. saudi arabia previously expressed concerns at the very least about the deal which experts say could spark a nuclear arms race in the region. meanwhile, a new support warns another nation is rapidly expanding its nuclear capabilities. pakistan reportedly building 20 nuclear warheads a year, could become the world's third biggest nuclear power within a decade. joining me in former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton, also a box news contributor. good to see you, mr. ambassador. >> glad to be with you. tom: this whole business about the iaea is reporting that there may be some other extension at parchin. how would we know? can we, a, trust their reporting. how would we confirm this?
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>> it may be, it's important to understand what parchin is compared to other military aspects of iran's nuclear weapons program. it is true, parchin for decades has been an armor and artillery base where they conduct research and development on explosives and shells and artillery and armor pieces. i think if the iaea went in tomorrow, they would find no evidence of fissile tomorrow. there was high explosives and electronic bridge work to do what's necessary in a real atomic weapon to compress the uranium or plutonium. but you don't put the fissile material next to the explosives unless you want the bang. what would be is evidence of the other work they're doing on that part of weaponization. that stuff departed years ago. tom: would we know that?
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how would we find out? >> no, i don't think we can than now, but i tell you, fear the day when iran, in a gesture of magnimity allows the iaea in, they won't find a thing. it's in another location we don't know about. tom: looking for the wrong thing at the wrong place. the saudi king is heading into meet with the president. how is that meeting going to go? a little chilly? >> i bet that's not going to be the happiest meeting they've had. look, the obama administration has done what many considered impossible, brought saudi arabia and israel closer than they've ever been after the state of israel was -- i think the saudis believe this deal does pave the way for iran to get nuclear weapons, they are desperately worried and they've got options on some of those additional weapons that pakistan is making, the saudis
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are now going to have their own quote, unquote peaceful nuclear program as will egypt, as will turkey, as will others. we're in a nuclear arms race already because of the deal. tom: susan power, she said this is going alienate us with all the other countries at the table. are we pulling the rug out from underneath them on the deal? are we double crossing them? >> look, they're very happy, whatever we do. if the senate and the house can override the president's veto, everybody else is going to go ahead with this deal. that's part of the allusion of thinking that you can resolve the iranian nuclear program through negotiation. the president got what he wanted, the iranians don't fear us known, so the deal is going to benefit them and the europeans economically, not going to benefit the united states that much. tom: are you keeping track of who's for this? carolyn maloney, a democrat, new york, said she's not for it
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today. is that more along the lines of chuck schumer, they have a large constituency of jewish voters? is that all this is? >> i think the president can sustain his veto. i think the site now is in the senate where only two democrats have declared their opposition to the deal. the real issue is where harry reid can muster not 34 votes to sustain the veto but 41 to keep a filibuster going. i think he's very close to that. tom: bottom line, you think he's going to be able to rock it? >> i think obama has this deal baked in the cake, absolutely. tom: all right, ambassador john bolton, thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you, tom you. >> bet. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you think that congress ultimately will pass or reject the iranian nuclear deal. you heard john bolton. cast your vote at meantime, florida bracing for a possible hurricane as tropical storm erika approaches. right now erika is heading
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toward puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands with winds of 50 miles per hour. storm triggering deadly flooding in the island of dominica where four were killed. potential impact on the u.s. mainland still unclear but florida residents are not take chances, they are stocking up on essential supplies. forecast models suggest that erika could make direct landfall in florida or the carolinas as a hurricane come monday or tuesday. up next, why on earth would nasa be spending the summer crashing things into the ground? i'll have that story and much more coming up.
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. tom: the virginia gunman who killed the two workers during a live broadcast was told by his bosses to seek medical help after exhibiting aggressive behavior with co-workers.
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wdbj-tv's general manager revealing when vester lee flanagan was fired two years ago he vowed he would make headlines. police had to be called to remove flanagan from the office, and on the way out, he headed across to the news director and said, quote, you'll need this. also today we learned that police who searched flanagan's car found a glock pistol with multiple magazines, three license plates, a wig, shawl, and a black hat. joining me bishop e.w. jackson, president of the group staying true to america's national destiny and senior fellow with the family research council. bishop, there's another part of this report i want to start with, which is the fact that he, in his manifesto that he sent to abc news, in there he was talking about the fact that jehovah told him to do this. he was apparently raised jehovah's witness, this gets into the whole area of allah
4:27 am
akbar and mohammed and pick your religion, is this a religious war this man had? >> well, first of all, let's be clear, god is not telling people to kill other people, and those who say he is are serving something other than the god of the bible and the god of this universe. i think this man was suffering frankly from a kind of racial psychosis that tells people some people white, black, various backgrounds that everybody who is not of their race is out to get them, and i think that's what he allowed to take him to the darkest place in his soul. it had nothing to do with god. tom: true. and i think you hit the nail there with the idea about it being the psychosis. people do sometimes, as they say, god gave me the message to do something, which is absolutely opposite of what you and i believe as far as a good
4:28 am
god. not a bad god out there. >> exactly. tom: the other part of this is when you get into the charleston shooting, that that was one of the reasons that sparked him. but it sounds like this anger that he's had, and the problems he's had, go way, way, way back past that. do you believe that that was the incident that made this happen? >> look, i think there are a multiplicity of factors that go into this, but we should never discount this, that there are people in our society who are constantly promoting the idea of racial injustice and racial oppression, and i think frankly that weak minds or people who tend toward a kind of mental illness, neurosis, psychosis of some kind, latch onto that and that becomes the basis for all of their complaints and anger and we saw that in charleston and unfortunately seen it in my own home state here of virginia. tom: the much deeper question,
4:29 am
we can't cover here in a couple of minutes. this business about are we becoming -- do we value life less now? is social media, hollywood, you know, xbox games, what is it? is our culture changing to the point we don't value life as we used to? >> i think our culture is rejecting absolutes in general. most americans, i'd like to believe, believe there is such a thing as truth and absolutes and that life is sacred, from the womb to the tomb as we say. but i think there are a lot of people who are rejecting that notion that everything is up for grabs, and that includes life itself, and maybe being famous is more important than doing what is right toward one fellow human beings. it's a sad direction which we're going and frankly a dangerous direction that in other cultures led to mass genocide, and some people think america could be poised to face the same problems if we don't
4:30 am
rein it in and come back to truth of the founding father, truths are unchanging because they are given us to by our creator. tom: he's reaching out and saying god made me do this, but then it is more of a secular society that turns their back on god. interesting discussion, got to leave it there. thank you, bishop e.w. jackson. >> thanks for having me. tom: you bet. nasa showing off a remarkable image of space. the hubble space telescope. these things are amazing. look at this beautiful picture of a cosmic butterfly known as the twin jet nebula, the glowing colors and expanding gas are the vital gasps of life for an old star going away, and nasa engineers are sending a small cessna-172 plane crashing from 100 feet.
4:31 am
ooh! why would they ruin a perfectly good airplane? not to worry, it was with the purpose of improving emergency transmitter location systems in the event of an actual plane crash. we're coming back much with more, stick with us. joe biden gaining an edge over hillary clinton in national polls, but does the vice president have the emotional fuel for a 2016 bid? we take it up with chris plante and elizabeth harrington next. and you won't believe who was busted behind the wheel of it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. ♪ if you want beautiful results, you know where to go. angie's list. everyone can shop for services from highly rated companies, even without a membership. but as a member, you can save more. and you get exclusive access to ratings and reviews. angie's list is there... for all your projects - big and small.
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pretty! come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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. tom: i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. the main news this hour, stocks are charging higher for a second straight session today. the dow up 370 points wiping out all of the declines from earlier this week. what crash? where was it? it's all gone. a new quinnipiac national poll shows donald trump trouncing the rest of the republican field. he's at 28% support. his closest competitor, ben carson, pulling in 12%, jeb bush at a record low 7%. and the same poll showing vice president joe biden running stronger against gop candidates than hillary clinton. and the top three words voter think of to describe clinton, this is quinnipiac now, liar, dishonest and untrustworthy. wow.
4:36 am
joining me host of the chris plante show on wmal radio in washington, chris plante, and staff writer for free beacon, elizabeth harrington, i don't know, you talk about calling people names. the people responded with liar and untrustworthy. chris, pretty mean stuff? >> well, apparently the american people can't be fooled all the time, as they say. i think it's really kind of great news for america. people in spite of the mainstream news media is feeding us, people saying hillary clinton has been telling a series of untruths that she comes off as being untrustworthy, everything she says is suspect, depends what the meaning of the word "is" is. congratulations to the american people for coming to reality. tom: elizabeth, it was so subtle it hit like a brick, she's all of a sudden sounding
4:37 am
like well, okay, a bad idea for me to do the separate e-mail thing, so come on, let bygones be bygones, is she going to get away with that? >> i don't think so, this scandal is not going away, more and more stuff comes out by the day, and she's changing her tone a little bit here because last week was such a disaster of a press conference for her, she came off as very defensive and dismissive, voters don't care about this, only the media does. she now says i understand this is a serious issue but i followed all the rules. she's trying to have it both ways because she's seen the polling this voters care about the scandal and they want more answers. tom: she must see the business about lying, i'll be honest, i made a bad decision, but chris, look at this. she's down 10 points. bernie sanders is doing better, but it seems like the pundits in your town are saying bernie
4:38 am
sanders is not going to beat her. >> the pundits have been wrong before, they're going to be wrong again. i think they're going to be wrong a lot in this election cycle. a point of clarification what hillary clinton said, she's getting credit in the fake news media for taking responsibility for the e-mail scandal, and she's not. she said yesterday the state department allowed it. she was the state department. she was the secretary of state. that's like bill gates saying microsoft allowed it, completely absurd. having the private e-mail violated white house policy, therefore administration possible, and that's not even getting to the private server which was squirrelled away in a loft apartment in denver, colorado in the closet of a bathroom, completely unsecure. and tom, honestly, i've been in the town a long time. if we found a mole inside the state department that accessed for four years hillary clinton's e-mails coming and going and sent them to an unsecure servener denver, colorado. we would put that person in jail for decades. tom: that's true, there have
4:39 am
been cases of exactly that. >> yeah. tom: elizabeth, joe biden, i know that he's going meet after labor day with a bunch of the big money raisers. he's meeting with richard crumkin now, it looks like everything is lined wrup he's going to do it, do you being he's going to go? >> i think he's leaning towards that way. and the poll numbers so bad for hillary, it's going to make it more likely he's giving it a closer look, and this meeting with richard trumka is similar to the elizabeth warren meeting. meeting with different groups, the wing of the democratic party and trying to see if he can shore up support to make a credible challenge to hillary. and i think that's what he's doing and sure does look like he's leaning closer by the day to a run. tom: and chris, that's got to boost your ego a little bit when they show the polls, hey, you can beat the republican of any of those republicans.
4:40 am
that's got to help him make his decision. >> him and the party also, because the party right now is behind hillary. but they see she is fading, a week horse, and look, their bench stinks, when they go to the bull pen, they've got joe biden, 73 years old, the party of youth, the party of the future. looking to al gore. the party has no bench. they have no bull pen when. they're going to joe biden who is a punchline to a joke and he's their fallback for hillary clinton, for my own selfish purposes and for comedic reasons i hope he jumps into the race because nobody is more of a buffoon than him in this entire city. everybody loves him in the news media. he's a nice guy. he probably is. he's a perfectly nice guy. that's entirely beside the point. he's a joke, he's wrong about everything for 40 years. tom: but for you and me and radio, we love the gaffes, gives us material. chris plante, elizabeth
4:41 am
harrington, thank you, both. >> thanks. >> a wild joyride caught on police dash cam. an 8-year-old, an 8-year-old boy actually got behind the wheel of a car in minnesota. authorities were notified of a car swerving on the interstate and found out that the boys' younger siblings were also in the car. he took them for a ride. police caught up with the children and returned them home. none of the children or anyone else on the road was hurt. luckily. up next, stocks extend their rally, but is this turmoil over? we take it up and we located the one man who can slow down usain bolt. really? somebody can slow him down? [music]
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♪ and i can't change, even if i tried even if i wanted to. my love my love my love she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm, ♪ we are neighbors and best friends. i love my sister. my heart doesn't see race. love is love. our family is no less than any other family.
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. tom: on wall street, stocks rallying for the second straight day. dow gaining 369 points. s&p up 47. nasdaq, wow! 115 points higher. volume on the big board, crude oil, whoops, it went up more than 10% today.
4:46 am
the biggest gain since 2009 settling above $42 a barrel. joining me prudential financial strategist quincy krosby. what crash? what plunge? if you were rip van winkle for only two days, you wouldn't know what happened? >> i would think everything is great. the stocks must be underpinning the market. tom: which is the volatility over, then? let's get right to it? >> no, no, you can see that, this isn't scientific. you can see the volatility index, the vix on the screen all the time, that is above 2020, is the line of demarcation tipally, under 20, things are copacetic. it's elevated meaning that traders, investors aren't spending money for downside risk on the s&p 500. >> you've been through a number of these things, and they never settle down right away, the roller coaster isn't as steep, but the hills and valleys are still there, and it seems like
4:47 am
for at least a couple of weeks, and then it still gets shaky for a couple of months, do you agree? >> yeah, absolutely. that's when things were normal, right? because we haven't had this since 2011. tom: yes. >> we've all gotten complacent. the market only goes one way, up. the volatility index is just very, very nice and easy, and suddenly all of a sudden, people were getting nervous, the market was tighter, only four stocks, five stocks pushing the market higher and saying to clients be careful, and they're looking at us, what are you talking about? and i hate to say, it thank goodness the market actually did pull back because it was getting expensive, tom, it was getting expensive. tom: are we getting too bright for our own britches. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, i'll just buy into the dips. >> this is really a wonderful point because the fed has
4:48 am
conditioned us to buy on the dip because if you didn't, you lost money, buy on the dip, buy on the dip. this time around, however, buyers said you better make that dip a lot deeper. and that is a difference. say, from years, since 2009, 2010, 2011. tom: another longtime rule is don't fight the fed. we don't know what the fed is going to do. we get a nice report out for the second quarter, much stronger than what we originally reported. what's your reaction does. this give the fed the green light to start raising rates next month? >> i believe that they are truly data dependent. that they will go into the meeting watching every bit of data like a mosaic and walk in there and make a decision and see if global markets have calmed down, whether or not there's any systemic rest this seems to be a third mandate to the set.
4:49 am
they don't say, it it's not official. financial, global markets, systemic and so on. if we have a strong report for the august employment numbers which come out in early september, then i think it's back on the table. tom: the employment reports, the raw numbers are getting better, the problem is the quality of jobs that make up the numbers i've been very suspicious of. >> no doubt, people are taking part-time jobs, they want full-time jobs, what we look at is, we look at, again, the types of jobs are the better paying jobs, more people getting that and looking at hours worked, we're looking to see whether wages are moving higher. this is not a great recovery. this is not your recovery and my recovery where everybody on main street across america said, whoa, this isn't it. tom: i got the message, stay on your toes, don't go to sleep on this one. quincy krosby, thank you very
4:50 am
much. listen to lou's financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. and tune into liz claman for interview with the minneapolis fed president. >> speaking of usain bolt, there is one thing he can't outrun. the jamaican gold medalist beat out justin gatlin in the 200-meters to win 10th career gold medal at the championship games in beijing. celebrating his win when all of a sudden, the cameraman lost control of the segway, slammed into the back of bolt's legs. he suffered minor scrapes and joked he paid the camera man to do it. wow. legs have to be worth a lot of money. new gun laws but are gun laws the issue? we take it up with some of the best attorneys in the business,
4:51 am
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♪ conflicting accounts in court about the bullet that killed the san francisco woman who touched off a nationwide debate. criminologist testified that the bullet fired ricocheted about 90 feet off the pavement before striking stanley in the back.
4:55 am
another witness kemal police inspector testified that the bullet traveled in a straight line suggesting he was pointing the gun in the direction of steinle. defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. who do you believe in this case? is the criminologist absolutely gold? >> it is hard. should i believe the witness is paid for their testimony or a law enforcement officer who puts his life on the line for public safety. it won't be a stretch. frankly, and such a compelling case is still depraved indifference. you have a gun, pull out your gun, and somehow the bullet comes out -- neil: the trigger was loose
4:56 am
and i accidentally -- does it make a difference if it is an accident? >> that is for the trial. trial. he should be indicted on murder charges. let him defend himself. let his defense be it was an accident. you are still guilty. you shall someone and killed them, so your guilty. you stole again from arranges car, but this is a preliminary hearing. well, it ricocheted. it does not matter. he needs to go on trial in lecturers decide. neil: and to keep changing his. went off accidentally. the guy is a habitual criminal. don't rule out, a lot of individuals. >> are talking san francisco >> going to focus just like rebecca said the mayor
4:57 am
doesn't reallymake doesn't really matter. he killed her, whether it's accident, intentional. the bullet came out to my killed someone, your guilty. neil: let's talk about the shooting of the news crew down in virginia. his soul is crushed. the father of the victim said that's it. i am now on a crusade for gun control. everybody says i want more gun control. congress is irresponsible. i want them to do something. everybody says something, ideas, commonsense solutions, no one has been able to say what that is short of changing the second amendment to ban guns. >> flanigan won't obtain illegally, has no criminal history, mental illness known to anybody, so this is someone that would walk in.
4:58 am
now younow you have to take a psychologic. he would have passed. there was no history. >> at you say this person was not mentally right. i don't know about you. i havei have worked with a few odd people over the years, angry people. you can't say you can't have a gun. >> this is the issue with the notice to the employer. well, he should have known better. have a referred him for mental health testing, mental health treatment, tried very hard and apparently his previous employer had the same situation. the same situation. you can't force an adult to go into mental health rehabilitation. where does the line get drawn? >> it's not about guns but really fixing how we get help to people.
4:59 am
>> but if you tell your employer, i think your little crazy get help, that starts triggering all those laws that says you can't be targeting someone and say by the way, i think your crazy. then that's a federal violation. >> a very fine line. please go get help. you have had a lot of problems. neil: it was not pleased. it was go get helpful we will fire you. >> they had so many complaints and then the gunman has complaints that just did not add up and everyone else in the newsroom said he's off, but they tried to help him. >> is a mental health problem. neil: thank you both. meantime, time for a look at our online poll results. aren't democrats exploiting the shooting by calling for gun control? lopsided. 97 percent said absolutely.
5:00 am
that is it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. he will be among our guests. next weekoining us. lou dobbs is back on monday. you can catch my radio show on fox news radio. good night from new york. >> do you care who the next president is? >> no, i do not. >> but i care. i don't want her or him to win either. >> this type of economy is not what america is supposed to be about. stossel: democrats want to spend all of our money and republicans claim that they won't. but is it true? >> we need to build a wall. this candidate makes the race more interesting. if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration. >> we balance the budget, cut taxes. >> republican voters have lots of choices and candidates say


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