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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 3, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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"strange inheritance" story you'd love to share with us? we'd love to hear from you -- tomorrow joanie and i join maria. right now we leave with you lou dobbs. keep it right here on fox business. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the republican establishment tonight breathing a sigh of relief. donald trump has signed a republican loyalty pledge to not run as a third-party candidate, were he not to be the nominee. but it's looking more and more like he will be. a new poll shows donald trump with the support of 30% of likely republican voters. dr. ben carson a distant second but moved up strongly in the national poll. 18% support. the poll demonstrates just how anti-establishment, anti-washington the republican mood is. we'll take that up with
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best-selling authors brad thor and naomi wolf. also tonight, hillary clinton's troubles are piling up. now a former state department employee who helped clinton set up her private e-mail serve ser pleading the fifth to a house committee investigating benghazi. what is she hiding? and a big victory today for tom brady. a big loss for commissioner roger goodell and the nfl. a federal judge today tossed out brady's four-game suspension in the deflategate scandal. where does it all go from here? we'll talk about that with sports marketing legend tony ponturo and robert bolin. donald trump showing the republican party he is loyal to the party. the billionaire populist conservative signing a pledge, ruling out a third party or independent run. the move comes after polls make it increasingly clear he is
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likely to win this nomination. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: donald trump signed the republican national committee loyalty pledge to not run as an independent or third-party candidate and back whoever wins the gop nomination. >> i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party, and the conservative principles for which it stands. >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> reporter: only trump declined taking such a pledge during the fox debate last month. trump met with the republican national committee chairman reince priebus, trump denied any deal for his pledge and had no intention of changing his mind. >> i'm not controlled by lobbyists. i'm not controlled by anybody. i'm controlled by the people of the country in order to make our country great again. i see no circumstances under which i would tear up that pledge. >> reporter: a feistier jeb bush at new hampshire town hall
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was already throwing elbows. >> there's one candidate in the republican party that is preying on people's angst and fears. donald trump's view is that the end is near. his pessimistic view is let's close the borders. all based on negativity. >> reporter: bush came out swinging first thing this morning after trump complained last night about his speaking spanish on the trail. >> i think donald trump is trying to insult his way to the presidency, and it's not going to work. he wants to tear us down, he doesn't believe in tolerance, doesn't believe in the things that created the greatness of this country. it's hurtful for people and mr. trump knows this. >> reporter: trump doubles down this afternoon. >> we're a nation that speaks english, and i think while we're in this nation, we should be speaking english, that's how assimilation takes, that's how, whether people like it or not that's how we assimilate. >> reporter: bush got an earful of illegal immigration from a voter. >> we're pissed off. right now there's an air of appeasement.
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>> reporter: bush calls trump's plan to have mexico pay for the wall ludicrous. >> rounding people up, dividing families up, creating real kay on, it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to round people up and ship them off. >> reporter: a new national monmouth poll shows donald trump has broken 30%, ben carson is the only other candidate in double digits and jeb bush has sunk into the single digits with the rest of the pack, and still months to go. lou? lou: carl, thank you very much, carl cameron. on the democratic side, hillary clinton's transparency problems have worsened. an aide who helped set up her private e-mail server invokes his right against self-incrimination. two of clinton's top state department staffers are answering questions from the house committee investigating benghazi. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report.
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>> reporter: the stakes were raised bigtime in hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. as a former aide who set up her server decided to plead the fifth to avoid subpoenas compelling him to testify including the special house panel investigating benghazi. >> i know in the past people invoked fifth amendment privilege, you'll have to ask why he did. and you're free to glean whatever inference you want from the fact that he did. >> reporter: he worked on clinton's 2008 campaign and became an i.t. specialist at the state department and helped set up a server at new york home of the secretary and former president bill clinton. an aide to charles grassley seeking his testimony told fox, quote -- . >> reporter: the clinton camp insisted they wanted pagliano
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to talk and cited the cooperation of other former aides like cheryl mills who went behind closed doors to testify before the benghazi panel. clearly not such a great day in clinton world. though her staff tried to keep a stiff upper lip. spokesman nick merrill declaring -- the top democrat on the benghazi panel elijah cummings rushed to clinton's defense by claiming pagliano is only taking the fifth because he did not want to be drawn into a political spectacle. he admitted it would be better for pagliano to talk. >> am i surprised that he has decided to take the fifth? no, i'm not surprised. am i disappointed? yes. because i would have loved to have heard what he had to say. >> reporter: republicans note it's harder for clinton allies to cry politics when there's a nonpartisan fbi investigation looming. >> this is the one guy that can
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put all of this to bed. him pleading the fifth speaks volumes. >> reporter: clinton is eager to testify in public to the benghazi panel in late october. the story may have legs as we edge closer and closer to the early caucuses and primaries. lou? lou: ed, thank you. ed henry. in china president xi jinping presiding over a massive military parade to commemorate japan's surrender in world war ii. the extravagant parade, the most forceful display yet of china's military power after weeks of mounding concerns. featuring some of china's newest fighter jets flying overhead, missiles, drones, helicopters and among the high-tech weapons displayed for the first time. the df-21 d anti-ship ballistic missile that experts have
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called a carrier killer because it's designed not just for any ship but to specifically target and destroy american aircraft carriers. there's considerable anxiety in the pentagon, the ability of the missile to accomplish the chinese claims remains in doubt. china also showing off the df-26 intermediate range ballistic missile capable of striking a naval base in guam with a conventional warhead. at the parade, president xi announced he would cut 300,000 chinese soldiers from the 2 million strong armed forces. that move, the largest reduction in force in more than a decade for the chinese allegedly meant to modernize the people's liberation army. the parade celebrated the ruling communist party which with this parade commemorated world war ii efforts to rewrite history. in fact, the major battles with the japanese in china were
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fought not by the communists but by the nationalist government led by general chiang kai-shek. if you're wondering why the united states does not put on similar parades. here is the press secretary telling all of us. >> why doesn't the u.s. display new military hardware in parades? >> that's a good question. i hadn't considered that. i'd like to say it's not our style. the u.s. military is the world's foremost military. and people shouldn't doubt that, and people know the strength of the united states, the strength of our military. lou: instead of a parade, we get a public relations statement from the pentagon. china the in the only country flexing military muscle publicly. military satellites now tracking a russian intelligence
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ship that has been spotted off the coast of kings bay georgia. kings bay is home to the navy's east coast ballistic missile submarine fleet. the russian ship is capable of cutting undersea communications cables and other sensors. a senior military official says the ship is about 300 miles off the coast of the united states, and now headed toward apparently cuba. here at home, a major victory for patriots quarterback tom brady and a big nightmare for the nfl. federal judge richard berman today threw out brady's four-game suspension for the deflategate incident. berman issuing a scathing 40-page ruling saying he found what he called several significant legal deficiencies in how nfl commissioner roger goodell investigated accusations that brady used underinflated footballs. berman wrote that the nfl failed to give brady proper notice that he could be suspended.
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didn't provide the opportunity to question one of the league's investigators and denied him incredibly access to files generated in the investigation, and the files upon which much of the investigation was based. brady maintained his innocence throughout the seven month long scandal, even after attorney ted wells said it was, quote, more probable than not. talk about a standard. that the patriots deliberately deflated the balls. goodell appealing the judge's ruling. i'll have a few more thoughts in my commendary about goodell and his decided lack of success in making these kinds of judgments. we're coming right back. [ cheers ] >> the democrats' hillary clinton problem is worsening. a former state department aide will plead the fifth amendment. what's he hiding? we take that up with attorney
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and harvard law professor alan dershowitz. social media lighting up the talk of ufos after florida residents spot a str
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vote on president obama's nuclear deal. ayatollah khamenei has threatened to cancel that agreement entirely, if the west were to merely suspend economic sanctions against iran rather than cancel them altogether. it is fairly clear that president obama and secretary of state kerry have ceded immense leverage to the construction of the deal. a final vote from the iranian parliament won't occur for at least another month. here at home, the house will vote on the nuclear deal by the end of next week, president obama has enough votes to pass the deal in the senate, but republicans plan to express their disapproval of the deal within a matter of days. no matter how feeble the gop leadership appears by being able to muster a grumble rather than strong effective opposition to the deal. my first guest tonight says the stakes are too high with the iranian nuclear deal to
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require a mere presidential agreement and perfunctory vote from congress. joinug is alan dershowitz, professor emeritus of harvard law school and the author of the case against the iran deal. professor, good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: is the president selling out america in the deal? >> selling out america, the world and israel. he said to lessen the holocaust is to believe the threats of enemies over the promises of your friends. khomeini is threatening to -- he promised 24-7 inspection, he's promised they wouldn't cross red lines and broke all of the promises to the world and to americans. lou: and without shame, embarrassment or slight apology. >> no, with proclamation he was saving us from war and
11:18 pm
preventing iran from developing nuclear weapons. my favorite quote from secretary kerry is we can't reject the deal, the iranians will be right when you can't make a deal with america. my god, is that the function of the american secretary of state? lou: is that the function of an american president? they have entered a world which it is all but impossible to hack your way through the absurdities, the untruths, and just pure nonsense and noise that they generate to what end? i cannot imagine this deal. >> well, the goal is to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons, ever. but the president won't look us in the eye and say this deal stops iran from developing nuclear weapons. the deal itself -- lou: he's acknowledged, professor, that in point of fact it will not. >> it will not, ten years. lou: within a matter of days, some 15 years hence, that a
11:19 pm
deal will be -- a bomb will be at hand for the iranians. a nuclear iran. >> he told tom friedman, he paraphrased him in the "new york times," who said if we can stop iran from developing the bomb for ten years, we succeeded. that's not good enough to end the sanctions, not good enough to take the military option off the deal. it will encourage the iranians to cheat, more likely there will be war under the deal than without such a deal. lou: what will be the result in your judgment over the course of the next several years? >> my book has a pair of dice on the front cover. it's a roll of the dice. it's russian roulette. nobody could know. it could produce peace, that's possible. but the likelihood of increasing chances of war are too great for the deal to be accepted and accepted in a very democratic way. the majority of the senate opposes it, house opposes it, and yet he needs 34 people from his own party to support it from the senate, which he now has.
11:20 pm
that's not the way the constitution was contemplated. lou: and clinton, the very idea that this woman has so many questions around her conduct, her judgment. moving to the level of criminality, the fbi carrying out now a criminal investigation. >> but not of her, not of her. let's be fair. lou: let me be very clear. it's an investigation of her, her conduct as secretary of state as well as post-secretary of state. >> but it is designed to make sure it doesn't happen again. you can't prosecute somebody for doing what they did at the time it was legal, and there is no evidence there was a single e-mail that was marked classified. there's no evidence. lou: there is evidence, there is evidence went investigation already, that someone, whether she, her staff, removed classified tags on those e-mails, and there is now evidence that, in fact, she transmitted classified information in at least six
11:21 pm
e-mails. that's what we know. >> what we heard is there's evidence what she transmitted may now be deemed to be classified, but at time she transmitted them. lou: i think i did not underline clearly that the information was classified. the tags were removed. >> i have not seen that. lou: it's a matter of investigation. i see your passion. you have an open mind but you made a solid choice about your candidate. >> let me be clear. okay, they can give him immunity and he can testify. lou: immunity. i'm so tired of these games. i think that's one of the reasons that outsideers and the republican side are gaining great favor quickly from an electorate that is also less than pleased with the artifice and the nonsense, great to have you with us. >> likewise. lou: alan dershowitz. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is --
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we'd like to hear from you. cast your vote at speculation running rampant in south florida after residents awaken to a strange sight in the sky. that is a strange sight, isn't it? the oddly shaped cloud, not a weather phenomenon, nor luckily for all of us, a ufo. instead, it was an atlas five rocket that successfully launched from cape canaveral wednesday, delivering a military satellite into space. water vapor does such strange things. i think it was a ufo. just kidding. up next, take up the deflategate scandal with sports marketing legend tony ponturo and sports attorney robert bolin. there's a reason you don't want to get upclose with wild animals. you may have suspected that already. tourists learned the hard way. we'll show you the video. that's the fun way. stay with us. you owned your car for four years.
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. lou: a few thoughts on deflategate and the judge who slapped down the heavy handed roger goodell. judge richard berman wrote commissioner goodell had been unfundamentally unfair, the judge in my opinion was being kind. the commissioner led a conspiracy to entrap the patriots to besmirch their old world quarterback, and goodell was unethical throughout the entire kangaroo process that he created. goodell's actions throughout were those of a two-bit racketeer, one who's learned absolutely nothing from his mounting failures, of which there have been many, too many for his owners to, in my judgment, ignore.
11:28 pm
goodell's ego has grown larger than the $10 billion business he's supposed to steward. and mistakes are ever more costly. in may after he announced he was suspending tom brady for four games, i warned in the commentary that the commissioner was setting himself up for failure. roger goodell is leading the nfl from behind. trying, it appears to preserve his job at all costs. whether to the truth, to proportionality, to fairness and balance or further immense cost to the nfl itself. goodell continues to insist on leading from behind. and i think this time goodell has provoked a public relations battle, and a legal battle they believe he will lose. and today, lose he did. judge richard berman cited several, quote, significant legal deficiencies in the nfl case. writing quote, because there was no notice of a four-game suspension in the circumstances
11:29 pm
presented here. commissioner goodell may be said to have dispensed his own brand of industrial justice. in my view, the commissioner has been dispensing his own brand of industrial justice for too long a time. courts and independent arbitrators have had to bring goodell back to the reality of his role quite often of late. his punishments of players have been dismissed or reduced at least on four other occasions in the past three years, so-called bountygate. ray rice, adrian peterson, greg hardy, now tom brady. and within hours today, the nfl offices announced that the commissioner is appealing judge berman's commission. the appeal will only, in my judgment, detract further from the game, tarnish further the shield and not end well for either the nfl or goodell.
11:30 pm
our quotation of the evening by c.s. lewis who said -- well now, everybody is watching, goodell and company should have read a little more c.s. lewis or perhaps what they did read didn't take. we're coming right back. tom brady vindicated, and his four-game suspension vacated. is it time commissioner goodell be terminated? sports marketing legend tony ponturo and sports attorney robert boland join us. and this whale watching tour about to get their money's can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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. lou: top news at this hour, donald trump signed the republican loyalty pledge, promising he won't run as a third-party candidate and will back the republican presidential nominee which he fully assumes will be himself. day three of a massive manhunt in fox lake, illinois for three suspects who allegedly shot and killed a fox lake police officer. dozens spent hours responding to a reported sighting that turned out to be false. and tom brady, the winner court, the nfl losing and loses big. a federal judge overturned his four-game suspension, the nfl is appealing but will not seek a stay of the decision which means brady will lead his team in next thursday's season opener with the pittsburgh
11:35 pm
steelers. joining us former vice president of globed media and sports marketing for anheuser-busch and the ceo of ponturo managing group. tony ponturo. and principal of bolland sports practice, robert boland. were you shocked, surprised? >> i'm surprised that the judge didn't set aside the arbitrator's decision. the great way the precedent set that the court upholds arbitrator's decisions but it was telegraphed for the last couple of days and certainly in all the hearings as judge berman argued with the nfl and tried to cajole them to settle this case and took several days to issue the decision. it was going to be affirmans, it would have been quick. the fact it's a reversal it drops on thursday just before a holiday weekend. it took a while longer. seems everybody had notice and
11:36 pm
sense it was going to go this way. surprise sense that the nfl didn't try to settle. lou: it was pretty clear, tony, to bob's point here, judge berman said well's report doesn't make a lick of sense. i'm paraphrasing for a federal court judge and said point-blank, i don't see the competitive advantage where tom brady throws more completions with an inflated ball than with a deflated ball in the first half. >> judge berman said he thought it was ridiculous from the beginning. if you're smart you'll figure out a compromise. and interestingly enough, we weren't in the room, brady's camp was willing to compromise as long as it was admitting he didn't cooperate, and the nfl thought they had a win, win and little did they know they were on the losing side. lou: it would have been quite spectacular when we look at this thing, tony, bob. roger goodell is one of the most arrogant people leading
11:37 pm
any business organization. he's had four rounds turned back, the courts and arbitrators when he sought to overreach himself and the collective bargaining agreement, to guess he would be reasonable and settled with the urging of a federal judge, probably, it was inconsistent with our experience. why do you think, bob, if you will, why do you think he is so quick to appeal? he has a lousy record in federal court now? >> well, that's the one place the nfl has done very well is in the appellate courts, between goodell and his general counsel jeff pash, winning percentage is much high or appeal than in the initial trial rounds whether it's the gambling case, whether it's the lockout case, whether it's the clorette case, the nfl is strong on appeal except for the american needle case in the u.s. supreme court. so the record is much stronger.
11:38 pm
lou: that's three out of four. >> well, the other cases were the first round arbitration, and this would be a first round arbitration in the nfl's mind, it's going up to the circuit court of appeals where they've done a bit better, and that's what they still think they're going to do. lou: do you think there's any hold on what berman ruleed? >> i think it's going to be very hard to overturn berman, given the nature of the factual findings he made. >> the factual findings. >> the burden of proof shifts. lou: right, but here's the interesting thing about that 40-page decision by the judge. basically, he was very politely saying that that was a sordid process constructed by roger goodell, which he was first the investigator, then he was the decider, if you will, making the judgment, and then he was the appellate court. i mean that's pretty strong stuff from a federal judge.
11:39 pm
>> you are precisely right, lou. it's a strong rebuke. lou: and goodell goes up to the second circuit court. good lord. what are the owners thinking about, tony? why would they do this to the game, let goodell continue to trash the shield. >> i think it's time for a real soul-search. common sense has to take over. the lawyers are taking him down a pretty dark home. they have to realize that it's not about 345 park avenue and the nfl. it's about the players and the patriots and the eagles and the giants and bringing it all to the corporate office, and the fan doesn't want that, and they're going to hurt a business. the sponsors don't want it. lou: this is really ugly, bob, and to tony's point, we're talking about the new england patriots, as you've pointed out, we're talking about the oakland raiders, whoever the
11:40 pm
team may be, the philadelphia eagles. not roger goodell and his ego sitting in a corporate office in new york city, running -- by the way, trying to trash one of their biggest stars. >> lou, no matter how you slice it, the prestige of the league and the commissioner's office was in this case and squarely on the line and it's taken a hit out of this. i think you'll see a shake-up, but yeah, you would almost harken back to the predecessor as commissioner paul tagliabue who settled everything adeft executive leader. >> real quick, i'm getting yelled at by the producers. does goodell survive this? >> i think he does, i'm not so sure that there aren't going to be organizational shake-ups inside the nfl after the appeal is decided and telling the owners the appeal is the thing. >> i think he's going to survive but changes will be
11:41 pm
happening now in the next 30-60 days. lou: tony, good to have you here. bob, good to have you with us out there in ohio land. >> thank you so much. lou: thank you so much. and turning to, well, an australian whale, what a segue. watching whale tour. they got their money's worth. look at that. four humpback whales off the gold coast recently putting on an incredible show for whale watchers on the tour bus. the massive animals diving, breaching the surface feet from the bus. the tour guide says the whales were so close to the boats they couldn't turn on engines and move away had they wanted to. up next, here the middle east in flames, europe buckling under illegal immigration crisis, and president obama, china is asserting naval power and russia too close to our east coast and nuclear submarine fleet. is obama holding fire or hiding out on the threats? a little later, best-selling
11:42 pm
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i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. . lou: a host of issues to take up with our next guest, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise
11:46 pm
institute senior fellow john bolton, also fox news contributor. great to have you with us, john. let's turn first to europe, a massive illegal immigration crisis is unfolding before our eyes, and the euros seem utterly paralyzed. what do you make of it? >> i think they are paralyzed. they have no comparable strategy that america's had for decades, the melting pot, they don't know what to do with these populations that come across from north africa and the middle east, and the normal reason the economic reasons they've come in the past are now being overwhelmed by the disintegration of states and order, and stability across north africa and the middle east. we see populations fleeing syria and iraq fleeing isis. lou: there are reports that amongst those refugees by the hundreds of thousands are islamic state terrorists who
11:47 pm
are posing as immigrants, as refugees, what do you make of it? >> i think that's almost certain, you know you recall the boat lift of cubians when castro opened his prisons and insane asylums in cuba and legitimate refugees were joined by the refuse that castro was trying to get rid of. what you have people legitimately concerned about, religion, genocide, being infiltrated by foeshl terrorists. >> what is going to happen in europe? very quickly. the european union is challenged. what are they going to do? how will they respond? >> well, they don't have a plan at all, have you countries on the periphery in eastern and central europe like hungary being overwhelmed. worried about what happened on the high-speed train between amsterdam and paris when the three young americans prevented a bloodbath. >> you think this is going to
11:48 pm
get much, much worse before europe responds? >> absolutely, and poses a risk to us ultimately that the terrorists are going to make it here. lou: here's a risk. 70% of the resettled refugees in the world are being sent by the united nations. u.n. resettled refugees are sent to the united states. why in the world are we taking on 70% of them? >> there's no good explanation for that. you've got an immigration that thinks the southern border should be wide open for everybody including people fleeing chaos in the middle east who may be terrorists. lou: so, well, if that's the answer, if it is entirely up to this president, good lord, who knows what will happen. >> we're in trouble, right. lou: and china, that massive display. your thoughts? >> well, china is celebrating victory over japan, but the communists at the hands of mao tse-tung were letting chiang
11:49 pm
kai-shek bear the burden of the fighting. lou: as we pointed out on the broadcast, ambassador. >> yes, absolutely. to shadow obama while he's in alaska. the chinese are on the move, speaking of no policies in europe, we have no policy under this administration to deal with a resurge in china. lou: and russia, off the coast of georgia, watching over our eastern nuclear submarine fleet, same deal? >> yes, absolutely. our adversaries are pursuing aggressive approaches. we're not responding. everybody can read this deal with iran. they see the united states in retreat around the world, unfortunately. >> you know, it's no longer an expression or just to turn a phrase, is it. we are physically retreating. ambassador, always good to have you here. ambassador john bolton. >> thank you, lou. lou: dramatic footage capturing a moment when passengers in a
11:50 pm
safari truck dreaded a bull elephant had them fearing for their lives, a massive bull elephant decided to charge a truck full of passengers, i'm sorry, not to laugh. they were screaming so loudly. the angry animal pushed the truck with ease before giving up on them in disgust and retreated fortunately. none of them was injured, but they had a heck of a story for when they returned. up next, donald trump attacks governor bush as having low energy. nothing worse in trump world having low energy. bush attacks trump as a fake conservative. now, that's interesting. is jeb bush a conservative? trump, well, he's a new bona fide fully pledged republican. can he be stopped by jeb or anybody else. we'll talk to the left and the right, best-selling authors brad tho
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lou: joining us now, political consultant, cofounder of the daily clot -- hiscloud .com. his latest book sitting all sorts of sales records as usual.
11:55 pm
let's start with donald trump. he is in it to win it. areit. are you excited? >> i cannot contain my excitement. what jumped out to me, we talk about the american people because you're not supposed to let people want of 4th or 5th party. setting up a 3rd party. trying to delve into the deep inner partisan issues here. lou: it would be efficacious for the left but not the republicans. a lot of excitement.
11:56 pm
>> you and i have talked about trump before.before. i originally thought it was a great thing. i don't think he has the humility or temperament that we need in the oval office. he gotoffice. he got upset about megan called -- megan kelly for the campaign question. the guys of sussed. if you. been carson and trump head-to-head 55 percent. it basically looking at a guy that has 30 percent of the republican party now. lou: 17 candidates. the democrats only have hillary clinton really.
11:57 pm
>> why you underestimate bernie sanders. lou: he has not been able to overtake her and she looks like she has serious problems. it's either a terrorist issue or criminal issue. >> that's an overstatement. lou: a little . >> it is an inquiry at this point. >> questions being posed by men with badges. >> maybe they need to learn new yoga poses. lou: she will be held to a slightly higher level. >> no one wants us to be the news every day obviously.
11:58 pm
again veering over to big picture this is the 1st post nsa post electronic surveillance presidential campaign. lou: the obama administration one that case in court. but the fact is she still has standards to which she has to aspire and to meet as secretary of state. >> having been around and on presidential campaigns, no one wants their e-mail the matter how noncriminal to be out in public. and i think -- >> the nature of being secretary of state. >> absolutely. you can't do business if all your daily e-mails are out they're all the time. lou: you command the idea of a private server?
11:59 pm
>> no, it's ridiculous. >> there was no government server. lou: of private server was a private and has been surveyed, watched over, and cleaned from over the course of years. >> exactly. >> with the pug leon of thing you covered earlier, taking the fifth amendment i would've liked to ask dershowitz if he has any culpability and helping hillary keep things out of the public eye . >> you. >> you are criminalizing being a politician. >> no. no, i am not. lou: we have got about 15 seconds. >> there are things that are born classified. when you get information from a foreign government server , that is born
12:00 am
classified. that is what they will be talking about. kennedy: good night. >> harsh allegation. always fun to debate with you. kennedy: we are out of time. thank you for being with us. join us your tomorrow. ♪ kennedy: hello. i watched a press conference with diamond donald trump. an about-face to embrace the loyalty pledge. is it a clever plot? willing to play ball, or is he so confident he will win the nomination that he can only soften the blow's on stage at the next debate. i we will tell you this much, the press conference is enterta


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