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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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the company provides home reprayer and improvement services. according to bell, he made $300,000 in revenue. lou dobbs. congress has caved in to president obama giving him a major victory in his nuclear deal with iran. president obama has secured enough democratic votes in the senate to assure that the deal survives despite opposition from republicans, some democrats and a number of allies, including israel. we will have a full report coming up here tonight. and the jeb bush/donald trump war of words getting even nastier, trump called jeb bush low energy and warned bush that his insults against trump may sink his campaign. and bush telling report nurse miami that trump is not
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conservative, an insult he hurled in spanish so who is the strongest best and date on the issues of immigration enforcement and border security? among the field of 17 gop candidates bush, trump are the original. we will take that up with our special guest here tonight president presidential candidate former texas governor rick perry. and how does his campaign plan to break out from the field? joining us now former laying guy political director ed rollins. national review editor fox news contributor rich lowery, he with the eagle embraced. you look fierce, ferocious. >> it's the trump eagle. >> now we are going -- my guess is he's going to come one a bigger eagle. >> he already has a bigger eagle. >> it's good to have you both here. let's start with the iran deal support. senator mikulski retiring the
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34th vote. are you kidding me, ed? >> first of all, what republicans need to do is stand up and do a fill bust nr reverse, read every single item, demand every single thing in this document, make sure the american public know what a bad deal it is and it's being passed over their objections and the objections of both houses of congress. at this point in time i want to see them tattoo this thing across this presidents and john kerry. this is a bad deal and in the next ten years -- >> do they have the guts and leadership? >> they better. you've done your part and you certainly have done your part. this is a bad deal and we will live to regret it and our allies in the middle east will live to regret it. >> rich, your thoughts? >> i would be on board for all of that. very unlikely to happen. what happened here was impossible stuff once they reversed the usual standard for the standard approving treaties, you usually need two-thirds to approve it, in this case you
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needed two-thirds to disapprove it. >> and let's be clear, the leadership knew what they were doing. they put themselves in this position. this was a -- this is a scam on the american people by the republican party. >> well, the problem they had is if they said we're going to skr it as a treaty president obama will say, so what, it's an executive agreement i'm going to do it on my own, i'm going to unwind all these sanctions on my own authority. >> wouldn't they be salivating at the political consequences to that of the presidency. >> it would have denied legitimacy to this deal which it gets a fig leaf from. >> two issues, one you keep saying the alternative is war -- i'm sorry, it is. >> we understand. >> it is bs. secondly -- sniel cover this eagle's ears. >> the only alternative is a war which is absurd. the second is that we can't hold sanctions ourselves. we put the sanctions in
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beginning in '78. we are a powerful nation, have a significant banking system. they came to the table because of the sanctions and we will never be able to put sanctions back on them again. >> and here president obama was in a desperation to have this deal as a legacy project, it's something that he signaled his intention to do from the very first presidential debates with hillary clinton when he said he would have talks with every dictator in the world without pre conditions and he wasn't kidding. >> when you put the national security of the united states in jeopardy and that of our closest ally in the middle east, israel, for the purpose of legacy, a talking point for distant historians, which probably -- >> don't forget john kerry wants the nobel peace prize. >> can we just trade him. kill the deal and take the prize snee takes the prize. >> jeb bush and donald trump going after each other, both not enjoining it. certainly trump it. bush doesn't seem to be, rich. >> yeah, i think -- i understand
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that bush feels as though he needs to fire back because trump has been glee flee hitting at him for weeks now. it's impossible to have a tit for tat war with donald trump. it may hurt trump but it's not going to help bush. if i'm any other candidate in in race i'm completely delighted that jeb bush is the one at war with donald trump. >> the republican party, they have hillary clinton, they've going after her full bore right now to, i think, limited effect frankly, and the national media doesn't seem to be really focused on this. this seems to be another benghazi. the e-mails, it is clear over 100 of her e-mails with classified information. it's crazy. >> i think we failed on making the case on benghazi. this is a case of integrity and being dishonest and misusing classified documents. the man that i am betting on at
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this point in time is chuck drassley. he field strongly with this issue and won't let them off the hook on this one i think. >> she is paying a price and it is evident every single day in her political standing. remains to be seen whether the fbi has the institutional integrity to recommend charges here or not. >> what is your best judgment on that? >> i wouldn't be surprised if they do recommend charges. i'm not sure she will get indicted but that would be a catastrophic event for her. >> as you talk with rich lowery that does leave open the possibility that they won't as well. rich, thanks. appreciate it. ed, thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> an eagle and colorful laing badge. where else can you get this? if you can't find a way to surf at the beach why not bring surfing to the streets? an american pro surfer decided to attach a rope line to the back of the truck and surf the streets of long port, new jersey after a storm finding a puddle
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big enough to surf. believe it or not that's the way i learned to surf, behind a board of plywood behind a pickup truck on the canal banks of southern idaho. it was a hoot. donald trump and jeb bush getting all the attention for exchanging insults, but which of the 17 gop presidential candidates do you believe would actually deliver on immigration enforcement and border security? we take it up with our special guest tonight, former governor rick perry. this russian rocket blasted off headed to the international space station, it's going to be quite a crowd. that story and much more straight ahead. stay with us. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough,
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a stunning statistic, all but certain toin fluns the race for the white house. a new report finds 51% of this country's immigrants receive some kind of government welfare including medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance, the figure is far higher than the 30% of native led households using welfare. the report comes as republicans are attacking one another's positions on immigration. this is a video, for example, by
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a fellow by the name of trump attacking another fellow by the name of bush. >> yes, they broke the law, but it's not a felony. it's kind of -- it's a -- it's a -- it's an act of love. >> well, donald trump and jeb bush not the only republican candidates trading barbs on the issue of illegal immigration, our first guest tonight says trump's proposed border wall is nothing more than rhetoric. for more on how he would handle this country's illegal immigration crisis, how he would handle this economy and other issues i'm joined from austin, texas, by the governor of at that that straight state and republican presidential candidate rick perry. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> jeb bush says it's an act of love, donald trump wants to deport illegal immigrants, where
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do you stand at this moment on the issue of illegal immigration and border security? >> i think we need to flesh we ever wun out from the standpoint of rhetoric. when somebody says let's build a wall then i think it's appropriate to say, you know, it's good to have this conversation, it's good that we are having a conversation that now for 30 years this border has not been secured. we've known it's been a problem. it's -- >> would you be surprised, governor, if i told you i didn't believe a single one of these candidates about anything that has been said so far on the issue of border security or illegal immigration because, as you said, we've heard it -- >> good for you. >> -- we've heard it all before. >> good for you because the fact is until the media really digs in on this issue and said explain to me exactly what you are talk being when it comes to securing the border, because everything goes back to that. whether it's this issue about people are on welfare, whether it's the cost to the states when it comes to the schools, when
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it's the -- you know, all of the cost of this border that's not secure has been mounting up and costing billions and billions of dollars. so the issue all goes back to securing the border. if you secure the border. this whole conversation about the 14th amendment, those go away. we know how to secure the border, lou. the issue is we have not had the will in the exhaust to do that, we haven't had the will in congress. washington is completely corrupt when it comes to this issue. >> this issue and many others, let's be straightforward. there is a reason that the american public holds a 6% approval esteem. >> is it that high? >> i didn't say it was deserved. governor, as we look at this issue, though what, would you do about it? what would be your first steps to first secure the border because it does seem we have built a consensus here that we have got to secure the boarder >> yes, sir. >> again, assuming that any of this rhetoric and pandering, let's be clear, amounts to a
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real policy and real action. >> well, let's talk about reality. it's 1933 miles from tijuana right by san diego all the way to el paso and el paso to brownsville. you must understand the size and scope of this to get your hands around t then you must believe that manpower and boots on the ground are the real key issue here. whether you build a wall that's 20 foot high and 1933 miles and you ask the question how long is that go going to take to build and what's it going to cost, but there's a better way i will suggest to you and it's having the personnel in the right places, it's the boots on the ground in the right places. it is the strategic fencing and the type of wall, if that's what you want to call t in the met poll tans and the aviation assets. if you don't have the aviation assets looking down 24/7 making sure what's going on on that border, identifying what the
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problems are and quick response teams that go there to interdict, that's when you secure the border. >> what point do you think any candidate is going to talk about treating mexico like a mature response democratic sovereign nation and stalk straightforwardly to their leadership and say, end illegal immigration and you end it now? >> right. and i think that's one of the things that's been missing all along is the will at the white house, the will from washington to clearly send the message. now, keep in mind, mexico is the number one trading partner for a state like texas. they are a major importance from a trade standpoint, but the other side of it is mexico has their fair share of foreign aid that flows into that country as well. a real negotiator, a president that is committed to securing the border, will get mexico's attention and i will suggest to you that having 14 years of being a neighbor and a governor of the 12th largest economy in
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the world knows how to do that, we know how to get mexico's attention, but most importantly we will send the message that the border is going to be secure, boots on the ground, aviation assets, strategic fencing. the border is going to be secure and mexico will salute that i will suggest to you. they are not going to have a choice. >> i would suggest that they would make awful good partners in that effort if they wanted to be a principal trading partner of this country that they would make every effort to make sure they are a full partner in secure that boarder. >> we can also be of assistance to them on the southern border of mexico. last summer it was central american kids that were coming up here showing up on our border. it wasn't mexican citizens. >> if you and i keep suggesting to one another these solutions we will get this thing solved here tonight, governor. >> you know, it's really pretty simple. >> it truly s part of the simplicity is business round table, u.s. chamber of commerce
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spend ago billion and a half dollars lobbying on this issue and turning most if not -- well, i better not say most. at least half of congress -- >> too many. >> -- into somewhat weak spine folks on the issue. let's turn to the campaign. you've lost your staffer in new hampshire, he says he is not working for you any longer, the same thing has happened in iowa where your co-chair has recently left. you've got a strong super pac supporting you, but where does your campaign go here? how do you break out from the pack? >> lou, i tell people i've been broke whether before, whether it was a dry land cotton farmer in texas. i've been broke as the governor ever texas in 2003, we had a $10 billion shortfall. i know how to deal with t you cut back and make the corrections you need to make to get things back headed in the right direction. >> how do you break out, then?
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>> well, i think this is going to be about who has got the record? if americans care about who has the best record sit ong that stage of the 17 republicans who is it that's been at the core of issues that are truly conservative. and i might add those serve tifr issues that we put in place, taxes, let you keep more of your money, a regulatory climate that's fair and predictable, a legal system that doesn't allow for oversuing, educational policies that free people to go and succeed in life. nobody has done that like we've done it in the state of texas. if results matter i am going to be breaking out. the fact is nobody else on the stage has the record of which we have to offer the people of this country. >> governor rick perry. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. an atlas 5 rocket successfully launched from florida's cape canaveral today, the military carrying one of the next generation satellites into the orbit. it's designed time prove
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communications for our combat forces. the international space station about to get just a wee bit crowd. three new crew members blasted off to space in a russian rocket, their addition brings the iss crew capacity to nine. something is that hasn't happened since back in 2013. by the way, they have room for just one more. up next, why donald trump's rivals should avoid pick ago fight with him. and the european union gearing up for emergency talks on its illegal immigration crisis. that's right, they've got a problem very similar to our own. we will have an update and much more. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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as i said, european governments are struggling tonight to deal with a worsening immigration and refugee crisis. more than 3,000 people a day from the middle east and africa
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are crossing european borders, some eu nations cannot cope with what has become a flood of immigrants and several countries are beginning to enforce their borders to stop illegal immigration. where do most of the refugees and asylum seekers go? 70% of united nations refugees are settling in the united states. guess where most of those go. they go to texas. in fact, if houston were a country, houston would rank fourth in the world for u.n. refugee resettlement. a few thoughts on the exchange of insults between the renee dwad outsider and ultimately establishment candidate. donald trump and jeb bush making it clear they don't like each other. no surprise trump loves a slugfest, even begs candidates to try him out. the surprise is that bush
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obliged him. back in april before he was in the race declared he wouldn't be among those throwing punches at his republican rivals. >> i'm not going to turn back and attack people, i'm going to stay focused on the positive hopeful message because i believe it. tearing down other people won't help at all. >> that was then, this is now. >> i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. so my views are a little different than if i lived in iowa. partial birth abortion. >> i'm very pro choice. i am pro choice in every respect and as far as it goes. >> as far as single payer t works in canada, it works incredibly well in scotland. >> the fact is that 25% for high income people it should be raised substantially. >> you look at his record of what he believes, he supports democrats. i mean, this is not a guy who is a conservative. >> governor bush couldn't take it anymore apparently and he is
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trying to dish it out and hoping his version of tough talk helps him in the polls, but so far no effect. the latest average shows donald trump handle leading the republican field, jeb bush polling a distant third. in the latest monmouth poll out of iowa bush garners only 5% support. today trump returned fire accusing bush of hitting him out of desperation. >> i think he had really no choice. he is doing very poorly in the polls, he is a low energy kind of guy and he had to do something so they are spending a lot of money on ads. let's see what happens. so far everybody that has attacked me has gone down. >> trump happens to be right in his statement. so far the attacks on him haven't helped a single one of these candidates. but there is a lessen in awful this. only one candidate has steered clear of insults and that candidate is dr. ben carson who just happens to be tied with trump in the latest iowa
7:28 pm
polling. turns out governor bush had it right in the first place, tearing down other candidates isn't helpful, unless your name happens to be trump. >> our quotation of the evening this, one from former secretary of state henry kissinger, it was he who said, 90% of the politicians give the other 10% a bad reputation. >> we're coming right back. obama's nuclear deal with iran threatened by his political allies who have been reliable until now. fox news analyst kt mcfarland joins us next on what it all means.
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china this week will show off its military power with a giant parade in beijing. more than 10,000 troops, hundreds of pieces of military hardware will be running through teen men square and do you remember, if you will, the last time you saw an american military parade in your town or city or anywhere around the country. think about it. when is the last time you saw the united states military parade nothing an american city? i ask the question because the answer i think tells us much about what the elites in this country have been doing to this country. i'd like to hear what you think, give me, if you will, an e-mail or text me or tweet to lou dobbs news on twitter or lou
7:33 pm lou @lou noing me now kt mcfarland. great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> let's start with sanctions. imposing sanctions against individuals and companies for the actions of the chinese government. >> what does that mean? first of all, obama doesn't like to put on sanctions so whatever sanctions he puts on are probably not going to be effective and certainly not going to be very tough. the other sanctions that he put on whether on russia or iran he didn't want to do that. once the saxes were on he lifted them. i think he is unlikely to put up any serious sanctions that will make any difference to the chinese and he is certainly not going to do that to ruin the party he is planning in september with the chinese president. >> and much they have to party about. going to share china and russia intelligence. isn't that lovely? do you suppose the obama
7:34 pm
national security apparatus, if there is such a thing, do you suppose that caught them by surprise? >> it probably doesn't d. and it doesn't have. since the cold war we have been trying to separate the chinese from the russians. the nixon administration made friends with china, reagan's objective was to take russian out of the equation that is correct worked as w then we were the sole super power. now we have seen both countries get together. what's also interesting with regard to the hillary clinton e-mails, i've seen some intelligence report or from intelligence experts who have said that while the chinese and russias probably the iranians hacked into her computer and into her e-mails early on so there is a likelihood that they were reading her e-mails, her incoming and outgoing e-mails in realtime as we were sitting down to negotiate with them. >> did you say the iranians? >> as well as the iranians. >> one would have to believe with almost complete assurance that the russians and chinese
7:35 pm
would have hacked into her -- whatever purts were accessible. >> right. >> all of that information compromised. >> sure. >> there seems to be on the part of this administration no hurry to prosecute, to bring had he ever to the same justice as david petraeus who some argue committed a lesser crime at least in terms of its impact on national security than she has done. >> just think about this. while hillary clinton was sacramen secretary of state what would she receive? what's the u.s. negotiating position if there is a red line in syria? if they were reading her e-mails in realtime no wonder we have cut such bad deals for the last eight years. it's because they knew where we were standing, where we would go, what our negotiating position was going into any negotiation. >> i can assure y there are millions and millions of americans who would like to believe that that was the reason for the miserable negotiating
7:36 pm
results on the part of this administration with the iranians. certainly part of it. >> i'm sure it's part of it but also it reflects president obama's world view which is the united states should not be the world super power, we should lead from behind, but really what we should do is step back and let the global community somehow take over. not understanding that if we step behind it isn't the global community that steps forward it's chaos. >> and russia. >> or russia or china or iran. >> thank you very much, kt. here in the united states black lives matter protesters in minnesota spewing vile anti-police rhetoric over the weekend just hours after a harris county, texas, sheriff's deputy was ak burned and murdered, executed at a houston area gas station. >> pigs in the blanket, fry them like bacon.
7:37 pm
>> joining us tonight former nypd detective bow dietl. former washington d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler. both fox news contributor. let me start bo, but. what in the world is going to be done here? this is not in any way abating, it's not -- this is out of control. >> first my heart goes out to that officer. he had two kids and all that and this black lives matter group is the same -- three quarter of them with r. white people, the same ones that showed up at ferguson, baltimore. this is a new trend that they got. i've got a name for you, jamala bolden. did you ever hear that name? she is the little girl four days ago in ferguson where she was sitting doing her homework, nine years old, the cutest little girl and she was shot dead. does her black life matter?
7:38 pm
she was shot by another african-american. what about her little life? that's what aggravates the hell out of me. i looked at this picture this little girl she was shot doing her homework and where are my black leaders standing up to stock the violence on the streets between 5,000 and 6,000 minorities will die in the next year. >> ron, to bo's point, i mean, black on black violence is an absolute disgrace, but black leadership, including the president of the united states, are not standing up and dealing with issues, they are not standing up and saying, this -- this campaign against law enforcement has got to end. why not? >> yeah, you know, it's completely out of control and unfortunately, lou, i have to tell you that i think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. back in december of last year, lou, i actually made a prediction after those two new york police officers that were having lunch in their car were gunned down in cold blood by a
7:39 pm
guy newspaper new york, remember that in brooklyn? after that horrific incident i said we're going to continue to see these cases and sure enough it's starting to come to pass. here is what needs to happen. not only african-american leaders, lou, all leaders on both sides of the aisle out of washington and these presidential candidates need to, number one, they need to speak out and become enraged and outraged about what we saw happen in texas. that was just pure wrong. but i also want to say this real quick, lou, that officer in texas was killed not just because he was wearing a police uniform, but he was a white man wearing a police uniform and i have to say, lou, i want to be fair about this. that is a hate crime and it disturbs me. bo, i would like to hear your opinion about this, but it disturbs me that we haven't heard anybody from the justice department investigating this as a hate crime. what am i missing here? >> like always you are so right. do you know what gets me, i think we lost four law enforcement officers in the last
7:40 pm
seven days were killed. not one of our -- our attorney general, our president, they are attacking cops on the street, they are shooting and killing cops. when are we going to band together? exactly right it's not black/white, it's good/bad. it's murder and not murder. this is the evil that's out there. if for some reason you can listen to the mtv awards last night. black lives matter. this becomes the calling cry. every life matters. that little girl that was shot dead nine years old doing her homework, where is her life? where is the demonstrations about her dying? where is our president? he's naming some mountain. where is our attorney general? where are our leaders? you have farakan calling out for them to kill cops, musicians calling out to whack cops with music videos. >> on another level where is all that political correctness that the left normally suf dates
7:41 pm
america americans with. >> out the window. >> not to be found. >> thank you very much. >> ron, good to see you, my friend. kate steinle's family suing the feds and city of san francisco over the murder of their daughter at the hands of an illegal immigrant. >> nobody has taken responsibility, accountability and nothing has changed. >> we take up the case and sanctuary cities with our legal panel couldn't. jonis fill born and wendy patrick join us. drones are everywhere and guess who they took for a ride? that story next. stay with us. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow!
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the family of kate steinle the young woman killed on san francisco's pier 14 two months ago is suing the city and federal officials, the suspect in the case illegal immigrant juan francisco lopez-sanchez had been released from jail despite requests from immigration to detain him. her murder set off a national debate for sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. steinle's brother today spoke out. >> nobody has taken
7:46 pm
responsibility, accountability and nothing has changed. no amount of money will ever bring kate back but i hope that you say standing here today making a statement will start the process of change so people will feel safe when they come to this city. >> joining us tonight criminal defense attorney jonas fill burn, career trial attorney wendy patrick. >> this is seeking obviously the family some sense of justice, holding accountable the city officials and the federal officials. >> right. >> what are the prospects? >> all right. if you go -- if you look historically the prospects are not good. other people are v. tried the same type of lawsuit and california judges have struck it down, but i am hopeful because this attorney is doing things a little differently. in the past attorneys have basically attacked the sanctuary statute and said the statute itself is the reason why the
7:47 pm
harm was caused to plaintiff. judges have said, no, no, no, the statute itself is not designed to pro effect the public from violence or harm, it is designed to assist in the enforcement of immigration. they are assigning this unicorn definition to the statute. >> that's absolutely on its face pure absurd sniet i agree this lawsuit is different, it's saying we're going to point our fingers at the sheriff who thumbed his nose at a district request from i.c.e. for this particular manned and i think that might assist in getting the judges to agree with this plaintiff as opposed to prior plaintiff. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi letting this immigrant, one assumes he knew full well his record and danger to the public. why would he not have an obligation not to release that
7:48 pm
person. >> the problem the way the laws are written with the sanctuary cities is a sheriff who thinks his hands are tied. it's discretionary but people don't want to offend due process rights by going around the policies they have in place. the lawsuit in this case it's true it's litigation but oftentimes litigation leads to legislation. >> i.c.e. had asked that sheriff's office to detain this -- and he said, no, we have a statute against -- i mean, that's crazy. federal law overwhelms on at least on its face local law or state law. >> it does. >> that's a sanctuary city blem ma. >> to hell with sanctuary cities. >> that's what serve saying right about snu the sheriff knows historically courts are going to come down on the side of the cities because that's
7:49 pm
what they've done. >> let me ask you this way, this sheriff being sued, acting absolutely ear responsibly just as a matter of law he should be held responsible. that's in violation of the federal -- why aren't groups, organizations going after those sanctuary statutes? >> they are and that's what we're seeing a lot of right about now. many people had never heard the term sairng wear city not much realized they lived in one. when you have a scenario like this it's shining the spotlight on the recidivism when some of the officials don't know what kind of discretion they have. >> what's this going to be -- what will be the impact? do you think there will be change here as her brother said? your heart goes out to the family. >> if a judge has the guts to say, yes, the city and i.c.e.
7:50 pm
and everybody else involved had a duty to protect us from people like this defendant we will open a whole can of worms and we can attack the government every time that happens. that might not be a bad thing snoot judge who had the guts to interpret the statute on sanctuary cities and say it's purpose with a to enforce immigration law, that's about all the guts you can stand from a federal courthouse. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> folks finding creative ways to use their drones. we were hoping they would. take a look as this british man who was aboveground, you see him there, in a homemade 54 propeller super drone. the aircraft can fly for ten minutes, carry weight up to 350 pounds. you know, it's a -- it's quite remarkable. i mean, that's worth ten minutes. could have brought a friend. 350 pounds, are you kidding me?
7:51 pm
that's advanced technology now. a lawn chair and 54 prop lars and engines of course. up next, a busy week for the president, he renamed the mountain and learned survival tips. isn't that why we have the secret service? we take it up with andy levy and joanne hansichevski up next.
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i feel better with those five chinese navy ships in the bearing sea off the coast of alaska knowing they are there protecting our president who is this week on alaskan adventure. he renamed mt. mckinley, learned survival tips from bear grylls, but jimmy kimmel poked a little fun about the president surviving in the wilderness. >> this show, i don't know if you have seen t celebrities eat mice and squirrels and drink bodily fluids n this one the president teaches us how to survive alone in the wilderness sur round bid 14 secret service officers. bear grylls and president obama will trek through the forest eating roots and berries which is what his wife makes him eat already so it should be okay. >> joining us now former miss
7:56 pm
new york u.s.a. joanne nosuchinsky and andy levy. joanne, what do you think of this? the president, survival test? >> i know that golf is played outdoors, but i never considered obama to be an outdoorsman. so this should be interesting. i know some people are outraged that our president is doing this, but he has set the precedent for future presidents and i think it's a good thing. we're moving in that direction where, you know, it's mixed media t all comes together. >> it's very manly of him to do this, don't you think? >> this is literally all i know about this, there is a petition at white to make president obama drink his oun urine while filming bear grylls. we ask that obama do the right thing and drink his own urine
7:57 pm
for science. the people demand t what a time to be alive, lou. >> it is. what a good idea this trip to alaska was for our president. >> the petition only has 566 signatures so your viewers need to get on this. >> i think probably there are going to be only a scant number take you up on that invitation snu never know. >> the president renaming mt. mckinley. that took great political courage, a defining moment, a legacy moment for this president. >> so because he -- the president is okay with doing this i think that in the future when buildings and streets are named after him and people want to go back to calling it what it was originally called he can't have a problem with that. >> that does put him as joanne says he is going to be vulnerable in 16 months. >> you are assuming things will be named after him. i don't know. >> somebody somewhere would find a street. >> this is a local story.
7:58 pm
alaskans want the mountain to be named denali, ohioans want the mountain to be named mckinley. also it's important to remember the mountain doesn't care. >> you know, that's a point i haven't heard anyone else making. >> no one is thinking about the mountain. >> it is. >> in the language of the mountain, there are no proper names, they use genderless pronounce to speak of each other. >> that's so new age. >> yes. >> progressive, i think. >> well, putin pumping iron and you thought that we wouldn't bring the russians into this conversation. putin pumping iron. talk about manly, macho. there he is. i just thought of this. we haven't seen a picture of obama pumping iron since everyone laughed at him on his european pumping excursion. >> which is why we should never
7:59 pm
shame people for their workout wardrobe or habits because working out is great for you. what i think is great and we need to adopt in america is putin then shared a cup of tea with the prime minister after their workout. i think american men should as well. >> a cup of tea. i think that could -- i think joanne has got something there. it looks a little, i don't know, staged. >> no? >> no? >> i don't mean on. >> i might be slightly overskeptical. >> we all made fun of president obama because he was using little weights. putin wasn't lifting a lot when he was doing those flies, one plate was coming up. there also could be a valid reason why he was hitting the gym. the new rumor going around is that he might be dating a former undefeated boxing champion whose nickname is sledgehammer and she is 6 foot tall and 148 pound weight class. >> i don't know if there is enough iron to pump as it were on that one.
8:00 pm
anyway, good to have you here. joanne, great to see you. thank you both so much. >> thanks for being with us tonight. goodnight from new york. neil: thank you very much we will see what they do after this. >> ♪ working is important but to date do they have to work nine to five? >> no. i don't think so. >> do they want to work at all? >> yes. i love all love my job is tax free every single one of them. >> politicians say we create those. >> 1.israel million jobs but is that true? >> we look at the number of full-time jobs by 2.3 million dollars. >> they force employers to
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