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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  September 6, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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>> bank of america. i just bought more, i think it's up 20 percent in the year. and can't stop from putin to working in a sweatscherr. i shares italy moscow. neil is next. \s. well, the fight is not over s they'll be teaming up to take the iran nuke deal down. it may be too late. the president may have more than enough votes to save this deal, with you senator ted cruz telling me he still has other plans. >> actually i will see thousands of people gatheren. it involves pro-israel groups, national security groups, tea party groups all coming together. last week i invited donald trump to come join us. did you invite anyone else? >> you know, i did not. the reason i invited donald trump is that when donald shows up, he brings with him an
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army of television cameras. the mainstream media will show up in force to film what occurs. i think there is no more important issue facing this country right now than stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. well, even charles says this is why the establishment crowd is crowding the others out. also f.f we have our panel here. first of all, my changes to charles, filling in for my objects. they did such a great job, they will never be asked to do so again. [ laughter ] . charles, on this, what the heck is going on? >> the group think and power hungryness of washington, d.c. is -- what ted cruz is talking about, it was all about the, you know, antiestablishment. it wasn't about a particular party, but the fact that washington, d.c. continuing to let us down and will not listen. the overwhelming majority of americans think this is an awful
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deal, and it's too dangerous of an awful deal not to do louder voices. and that's why you have the ben carson, donald trump and carly fiorinas all lead. >> the irony is the -- even though this will be overwhelmably rejected in the house and senate, it won't be by the margin that would override a presidential veto. so it's not defeat enough. >> i think that's the kind of stuff that probably rattles americans, right? >> rattles americans, and inks a deal that is a bad deal for not only us, but israel and the rest of the world that is essentially a multibillion handout to iran. and that makes the world and a less safe place, and politicians acting in their own interests. i want this, i want this for my legacy, i'm going to get it done, acting in the interests of the people who line their pockets. what's some americans are sick of.
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that's why these people are popular. >> an established senator, would have to use a donald trump to sort of push the cause. >> it's odd, but it's a political season we're in, donald is a press magnet. ted cruz, if anything, he's really smart. this guy, you know -- when you ask people about president obama and harvard, they sea, yeah, yeah, he ran the law review or whatever. they can't think of what he contributed. you ask ted chris progresso -- supporters they say he's the smartest in the room. >> i got that all the time. >> this is a smart move politically. you know, ted cruz' calculus is trump flames out and he wants part of that coalition. >> what do you think, adam? >> i agree. ted chris is clever to be doing
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something like this. you mentioned donald trump, ben carson and carly fiorina. and so -- but the president is leading on this iran issue. i know everyone's going to hate me for saying this. >> we already hate you, so go ahead. >> thank you. you know i love you. the constitution allows for this. the founding fathers set up a way where you had to have a big majority on certain things. that's what this situation -- >> well, i could argue about whether this is a deal or different rules or treaties, but then it's going to happen, and i think scenes of this populist rage, this is why we have it.
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what do you think? >> i don't think there's ever been another case where the president has ran through a deal with a country that says death to the united states every morning in their beginning prayers, where they'll be allowed after a certain period of years to get nuclear weapons so instead of him requiring two thirds, the opponent requires two thirds, i don't understand. he's completely hornswoggled and tricked the american people. why, why, why is he doing this? and what is the legacy? the legacy here is disaster. >> you know, ben, you're being populist now, which is kind of -- that you would stoop to this. >> no -- >> no, he is. let me finish. this speaks to the issue. you're saying what people want to hear. who says death to america? >> that's the truth.
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khomeini says that. >> a man of your ability can find this on the enter net. every day with this, death to americans, and we're handing them nuclear bombs. not immediately but eventually. that's terrifying. >> even if you think, as i do, that we should have some degree of interaction with iran, they have a very sec ullr pop ulas, is this deal that he's cutting worth it? if you start reading the fine print, you start thinking, whoa. >> charlie, at least that's an intelligent conversation. that's a conversation on the merits, which is what -- what is what people in government -- >> doesn't it scare you a bit that the leadership keeps saying the leadership -- not just a bunch of crazies in the street, death to america, we are cutting a deal? that has to give you some pause.
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it gives chuck schumer some pause. >> the people right now want someone representing this nation that will look out for the best interests of america. this deal does not do that. >> general russel honore, you remember him, ten years after katrina, he was saying this along with our turning the back on the military, you know, russian ships just off the coast, chinese ships just off the alaskan coast, it's all part and parcel of taking this advantage of this perceived power vacuum. and that rage is part of what's going on. >> 300,000 vets dies on a waiting list, 900,000 waiting right now? i don't think you have a single republican vote on obamacare, and american people say we want
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checks and balances, overwhelming victory, and since then they've rubber stamped everything coming out of white house. >> not everything. >> a lot. >> why did mitch mcconnell go along with it and provide the vehicle to a simple, you know, majority and all? , you would have to get up to two thirds to reject the deal. he went along with that. >> very, very serious mistake. i don't know why he did it, but it was a very serious mistake. let's just get this straight. this president is inking a deal with no security in it for the united states at all, and none for israel, which is our closest ally. israel is the only country in the world that would actually fight. >> you brought up mcconnell. people hate all politicians, because you can't trust them. they're not looking out for the american people. the american people don't want
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this deal. republicans and democrats they want -- >> what does carl -- what was mcconnell as rationale for allowing this thing? >> it makes no sense other than they's -- >> here's the thoughts, special interests and party lines. schumer come out, for one it was clear that this was vetoproof, and then people like cardin coming out that this -- >> and palpable rage on the parts of the left and the right that explains not only donald trump, but all these outside candidates. resonating. proof of that was in chicago this week, and doesn't that town's mayo know it firsthand? >> you're going to see a mass exodus of people getting the hell out of this [ bleep ] city.
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kate steenhe's family planning to sue san francisco's sheriff over policies that protect alien criminals. also a judge overturning tom brady's suspension, some are calling for nfl.ú.úññññññ
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is it space shuttle facility. have a great day. the city doesn't have a problem, it has a spending
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problem. >> i can't pull out of my garage, my streets are raggedy. >> our school needs more, not less revenue. >> and your fuzzy blue sweater, and you say you'll be better. >> this is a town where taxpayers feel they're getting -- and all because they say chicago mayor rahm emanuel is looking at his friends and their vested interests rather than theirs, and they're not happy about it -- what do you make of this, ben? >> well, the problem is municipal pensions. the workers' pensions are absolutely out of control. even if they're not unionized, their pensions are absolutely staggering. they do all kinds of tricks to get themselves more pension money p. i don't want to do anything to harm the firemen or the firefighters or the police or ambulance workers. they deserve every penny, but the rest of the bloated bureaucracy is sucking this country dry.
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>> you've got to wonner who works for whom, though? i mean, they work for us, right? >> i think no big city has a stronger union presence than chicago. you want to talk about a group in those chicago teachers, they are -- they don't even have a conscience. they have voted themselves raised an bon uses. >> i'm sure one or two of them do. >> think of that one -- every way imaginable, and here's the thing. you created a ticking time bomb. it cannot heal itself. >> and everything -- you know even governor christie has tried to rein in the growth -- but in chicago that's not happening. >> right. we should point out that cops and the fire department get some pension benefits, and maybe they should, but these are amazing. >> they have to come up with a way that they're dug one other
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thing. look at that crowd. very multicultural. >> look at that. if the democrats have one, too. >> property tax increase come january, chicago will have the highest sales tax of any big city. >> that's what they do. >> in order to get more money, they just raise taxes. >> garbage tax, e-cigarette taxes, and these hit the lows income chicagoans. >> i don't know how many people in chicago are using e-cigarettes. >> it's a growing number. actually that suggests -- >> maybe i can stand corrected. fair enough. even you as a liberal have to be ashamed, right? [ laughter ] >> neil, every day, or at least every saturday morning. [ laughter ] >> the only native chicagoan, i
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think, on this panel -- >> native chicagoan, but look where you are now. >> i mean, i have to work, right? >> yes, for the nonliberal confines of san francisco, but continue. >> this reflects on our previous segment. governing is hard. in fact, give mayor emanuel some credit. he has taking on the chicago teachers' union. he has tried to change things there. he has had some success, and still he's in a world of hurt. he has to raise taxes to pay the benefits. >> but he's done nothing else. focus on the rich and local sales tax, then the taxes get to be regressive. that is not the way you do it. if he was half at great as addressing spending, as coming up with more revenue they might have solved this problem. >> and it shows you -- rahm emanuel used to be a new democrat, one of bill clinton's people and they were supposed to be for not raising taxes at
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every turn. he's turned into, you know, what we have in new york. >> a bankrupt city with pensions -- that's the worst thing you can do for bankruptcy, just go back to the -- >> we're going to have to -- raise the taxes, people move out of the city and your revenue base shall references, and then you really can't meet the obligations. it is possible right now that you can now understand why bernie sanders is very, very popular with this rage and why donald trump is popular with this same rage. why both of these guys have lately been targeting wall street.
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zoo whan bernie sanders and donald trump have in common besides being out of the box candidates? they are both critical and often quite critical of wall street, of hedge fund managers, of these guys who at least donald trump has said have more in creating jobs abroad and screwing taxpayers here than of anything else. that's something that is a fascinating development and could explain the populous appeal of these men. you know, one thing about trump on this is it seems to be so counter to the so-called republican base. >> its not really. i would say now that donald doesn't need the wall street
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jump on. >> he would penalize companies that ships jobs overseas, and -- >> and the tax treatment that private equity firms and head hedge fund managers have. the sizable portion of the base does not care about capital gains taxes and flat tax and all the sort of stuff that jeb and all these guys talk about. they care about real meat and potatoes issues. >> you just -- >> yeah. >> is he going to agree. >> we're going to take that outside after this. >> it's very ease where i to pick on hedge fund managers. it's -- >> bernie sanders. let them pick on wall street. those are the companies that help raise money for new business. >> you know what's interesting about that?
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trump said he is saying that bernie sanders and donald trump, are saying you're right. a lot of these wall street guys are greedy sob's, and they have only their interests and not yours. >> they're right. for the most part a multibillionaire limit the liberal progressives. swref green has a house on the market. that's still huge. i think the american public needs to understand and i think they mostly do, and best thing in a great american company is not the same as wall street. >> from trurchl's perspective, this is old news. we beat that already. this is not the most important thing. >> not the hedge fund. >>. >> we went after that.
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>> that's -- >> there's an issue here that never gets discussed. hedge funds don't exist primarily for millionaires. yes, there are a lot of millionaires. they work for college endowments is for hospital endowments, for pension funds. they make this money to allow people to retire and to get education, to get -- they're not a bunch of pirates and maniacs just stealing from the poor. >> some are. >> their job is to help charitable organizations. he. >> all right. i want to thank them. they still can't beat a september to remember for making money. after this.
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stocks, it's a good september to remember. charles -- >> talk about great. >> increased consumer spending. >> stick with them in the long run. you'll be a happy guy or gal.
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>> charles, you like this? >> i like -- you shaky now? >> i agree with ben. don't be afraid long-term. >> all right. ben and charles on the same page. that warrants a fox news alert. the cost of freedom now. we're here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure pain that my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. the failure to respond and make any changes says to me that what was done to kate was okay, that she was collateral damage. >> wow. brother of kate steinle, announcing his family will sue san francisco sheriff and others over the death of his sister. kate's accused killer is an illegal immigrant with a long rap sheet who was released back in the


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