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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 8, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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in chicago. >> again, proof positive, exhibit a that black lives matter more than black lives matter are in group. charles: sheriff clarke, appreciate it. at home, thank you for watching every night at 6:00 p.m. right now i leave you with the best. lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton has for six months denied any culpability in her own e-mail scandal. she's resisted any acknowledgment that her actions were wrong and most likely illegal and utterly dismissive of the charges against her. today mrs. clinton changed all of that, she finally bowed to the polls that show a large majority of americans believe her to be dishonest and unworthy of trust. mrs. clinton told abc news that her decision was a mistake, and that she is sorry for it. her apology comes after a second intelligence review
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confirms mrs. clinton did, in fact, receive e-mails that contain classified information including top secret information on north korea's nuclear program. so is hillary clinton really sorry for her actions, or is she worried about the prospects of a potential run by vice president joe biden, and is she worried as well about the plummeting poll numbers. biden is closing in on clinton in the polls and he's not even a candidate yet. we'll have a full report for you and take up the democratic disarray with jedidiah bila and hank sheinkopf. the administration has opened the door for a larger u.s. response to europe's refugee crisis, a crisis caused in the view of many critics by the president's failed foreign policy choices in the region. we take up who's to blame and whether the united states should be involved at all in the european crisis. our top story tonight, hillary clinton's poll numbers and free fall, and there's no
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question why her polls are dropping dramatically. a second intelligence review found two e-mails that mrs. clinton received as secretary of state. the e-mails contained highly classified information. yet it took mrs. clinton until tonight to finally apologize and to admit she made a mistake. >> that was a mistake, i'm sorry about that, i take responsibility, and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. lou: quite a reversal for a candidate who's tried to stonewall and deny the importance of having constructed her personal, private e-mail system and insecure server for official state department business. those falling poll numbers finally make it clear to mrs. clinton she has little choice but to acknowledge what she's done. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> we doll it. >> reporter: just as hillary
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clinton hit the reset button on russian relations, her team is trying that with her struggling campaign. her advisers ironically revealing in a carefully coordinated leak to the "new york times" they want to bring more spontaneity to a cautious campaign, and have a strategy to have clinton show more humor and heart, as the candidate retweeted this msnbc clip. >> work out of choice? >> swimming, but that's not always available, so treadmill and weights and walking. >> and the food you crave most? >> probably chocolate. >> reporter: except back in june, clinton's aides claim they were planning to show her softer side, in the run-up to the second launch of her campaign on roosevelt island, so veteran democratic strategist david axelrod tweeted diminish -- clinton advisers told the times after conduct a focus group in which voters said they wanted
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to hear moreo, mails, the campaign decided to get more transparent, and the candidate offered a more contrite tone, despite admitting to the poll tested strategy, clinton went offmessage insisting to the associated press the e-mail trouble has not damaged her campaign at all. yet a new monmouth university poll shows clinton's lead nationally continues to shrink. down percentage points in a month while vice president joe biden and democratic socialist senator bernie sanders are in a virtual tie for second. >> text or e-mail? [ laughter ]. >> we ask that first and we're asking. >> you e-mail. [ laughter ] reporter: that clip may have been offmessage since a second review by the intelligence community found two e-mails in clinton's server including one about north korea program did contain highly classified information when she received them. as secretary of state john kerry scrambled to deal with the mushrooming demands by
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congress and the public for various clinton records. appointing retired ambassador janice jacobs to serve as transparency coordinator, officials insisted they were not adding more bureaucracy. >> it's trying to cut through the layers. >> reporter: clinton told abc news i'm sorry for the e-mail set up, trying to clear up friday's interview with nbc where she was only sorry this was confusing. lou? lou: ed, thank you, ed henry. we wanted to give you a taste of mrs. clinton's reversals over the past six months. listen to this. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified materials. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. i did not receive anything that was marked as classified. >> i don't know, you know how it works digitally, did you try
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to wipe the server? >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> that was a mistake, i'm sorry about that, i take responsibility and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. lou: quite a journey and now as transparent as she can possibly be. on the republican side, great news for donald trump who keeps surging in the polls. a new nbc marist survey shows trump receives 29% lead over iowa, dr. ben carson at 22%. that is a double digit increase in the polls for trump who polled at 17% in july. jeb bush is third, 6% support, down from 12% two months ago. in new hampshire trump has 18% with a 6-point lead over john kasich who moved into second place. carson third, 11%. europe now faces what is
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the worst refugee crisis since world war i, hundreds from iraq, syria and other middle eastern countries and pakistan flooding into western europe, fleeing violence in their home countries. persian gulf nations such as kuwait, bahrain, the united arab emirates haven't taken in a single syrian refugee, and the obama administration says it may get involved. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has our report. >> the question is what can the united states do to respond to that humanitarian crisis and what we have already done is substantially more than any other country in the world. >> reporter: the u.s. contributed 4 billion dollars in aid and soon could be doing more in considering allowing more syrian refugees into the u.s. the obama administration today signaled an evolving strategy in dealing with the burgeoning humanitarian crisis overtaking europe. >> we've taken in 1500 since the beginning of the conflict. 1300 of those since january of this year alone.
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>> reporter: numbers that could rise dramatically especially if the united nations can convince the u.s. to do more. annually the u.s. takes in 70,000 refugees from areas all over the globe. syria is a special case. the state department received 17,000 referrals for syrians from the u.n. high commissioner for refugees since 2011. the u.n. would like the states to take in thousands more than the 1500 to 1800 slated for the year. by contrast, germany said it can accommodate up to a half million refugees a year. the whole world is looking at us and we can't just say listen, syria is too far away, we won't deal with the problem. >> reporter: the white house shift amid heart-wrenching pictures from across europe and the middle east. images of desperation and devastation. how many refugees could end up here is a sensitive issue. texas, california, new york, michigan and florida above the
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the largest refugee populations in the u.s., whether they end up here or elsewhere they will be vetted to weed out potential terrorists. a nightmare with security implications. >> we're compassionate on this issue, i think it's a tragedy, of extraordinary proportions but we got to do this thing right, and to let in thousands of syrians into the united states, not knowing who they are would be a very irresponsible. >> reporter: to further illustrate that point, an fbi counterterrorism expert testified before congressional lawmakers in february, michael steinbach telling the assembly there is no way to safely vet refugees from syria and other so-called failed states. lou? lou: kevin, thank you, kevin corke from the white house. republicans say that mr. obama's withdrawal of our forces in the region led to this european refugee crisis. here's former vice president
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dick cheney on fox news sunday. >> he's created a huge vacuum, he's made it clear he's not going to use military force to an effective extent. the vacuum that was created once the caliphate was formed and so forth and the enormous violence in syria contributed directly to the refugee crisis. i think when the u.s. played a major role in the region, when we were there on a significant basis, it would have been much easier to manage this situation. lou: president obama now has at least 41 senate democrats supporting his nuclear deal with iran. that is enough to potentially block a vote in the senate on the resolution of disapproval. however, the house of representatives expected to pass the disapproval resolution and this week. we're coming right back. much more ahead, stay with us. russia's presence and influence in the middle east is rising. the white house can't figure it out. >> we don't know exactly what they're doing. >> reporter: what is putin's
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next move? what does it mean for the united states? we take it up with general jack keane. and a mystery fireball lights up the sky over bangkok. we have the story and the video here next. stay with us. you total your brand new car.
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. lou: u.s. intelligence has
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detected evidence of a significant escalation of russia's military engagement in syria's civil war, including the introduction of russian ground forces possibly. large russian troop and cargo aircraft called condors are sighted flying into syria and the u.s. military says russia is now building a base for the staging of its troops and heavy equipment near a northern port town loyal to syrian president bashar al-assad. joining us tonight to discuss the nature of the weapons systems that the russians are bringing with them, the likely course of events now under way in syria, former army vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst general jack keane. general, good to have you with us. as we're now watching these behemoth cargo aircraft flying into and in one instance into syria, into damascus itself, the russians seem to be sending a very loud signal, they mean business. >> yeah, they mean business and
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have always meant business when it comes to syria. this is the foot hold in the middle east, lou, very important to already have a navy base here. what's happening inside of syria is probably got the russians a little bit concerned. the political support for assad from the alawites from his branch of shiaism, to the point that's got him concern. they want to prop them up, military capabilities number one to do that and send a loud message around the regime that maybe they need to have a successor to assad, and clearly putin sees this as his way to influence not just syria but other countries in the region. lou: and this -- all of this activity, the overflights, the delivery of rockets, the delivery of other weapons systems into syria all began in
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earnest it seems as the forces opposed to assad began encroaching upon damascus itself, is that correct? >> yes. remember right from the beginning when the opposition force got themselves organized against assad and he cleared the streets, many leaders joined the opposition force. they had the momentum against assad and analysts were predicting that assad was going to fall in weeks and months. what stopped that from happening fundamentally is the russian assistance and the iranian assistance who propped up the regime. and also the russian want to be the number one supporter of the russians in terms of where the allegiance is. the iranians are about to get a windfall in cash here as we've been talking about in weeks in terms of the sanction relief money, something in the neighborhood of 100 billion plus and something in the neighborhood of 150 billion. some of the money will clearly
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go to assist assad as well. lou: as we watch russia's influence in the region begin to move even higher over what is already a significant level, the relationship between china, russia and iran, we look at saudi arabia now investing 10 billion dollars in russia. obama is basically turning his shoulder to saudi arabia. we're watching what looks like a shift in foreign policy, a shift in direction in the region that's seismic in its potential. >> it really is staggering what's happening. and relatively ignored, frankly. the king of saudi arabia know for a fact that the obama administration's disengagement from the middle east led to the rise of isis and to the challenges that assad has got in terms of this civil war and
7:19 pm
how protracted it's been, the refugees, et cetera. they clearly have got to look someplace else for support. not just arms and weapons, but also geopolitical support. it's not surprising that the russians are right there. you know, talk to the kingdom of saudi arabia, and saudi arabia has to play the hand that they've been dealt, and it's a lousy hand, and they know it. they used to have the embellished security of the united states and they are calling all of that into question. lou: general jack keane, good to have you here. >> okay, good talking to you, lou. lou: thank you, breaking news, a massive sandstorm that began in iraq has enlarged to the point it is now also blanketing much of the northeast. it spread to parts of syria, to turkey. imagine the scope and the scale of this incredible sandstorm, it's reached into egypt, lebanon, israel and the palestinian territories as of today. health officials are warning
7:20 pm
people not to leave their homes, schools closed in jordan and lebanon. five deaths blamed on the storm. many flights across the region had to be grounded because of poor visibility, and the fact that that much sand is not good for jet engines. syrian regime called off airstrikes against rebels in central syria. and a reminder to vote in our poll tonight, will the justice department bring charges against hillary clinton as a result of her e-mail scandal? cast your vote at dash cam video out of thailand capturing a mysterious fireball lighting up the sky over bangkok. this created panic and some confusion in a city where authorities thought they witnessed a plane crash. they dispatched rescue workers. astronomers say the object, in their opinion, was likely a meteorite or space junk burning up late in the atmosphere. up next, democratic calls
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. lou: a record this summer for gun sales. the fbi reports gun sales hit another record over the past three months. federal authorities processed 1.7 million background checks for new firearms through the national instant criminal background check system in augusta, loan. it is the most since records were started in the late 90s. the summer has seen a renewed push by some democrats including most prominently hillary clinton for new gun control measures. clinton has also long supported
7:26 pm
a special 25% national sales tax on all gun sales. the kentucky county clerk jailed because she refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses is free tonight. kim davis released five days after she was jailed because she defied a federal judge's order to issue licenses to same-sex couples. she claimed it violated her religious convictions. fox news chief legal correspondent shannon breen with our report. >> thank you all so much. i love you all so very much. >> reporter: hundreds who gathered to rally for the release of kim davis got to hear from the rowan county, kentucky clerk herself. shortly after the same judge set her free, but not without conditions. federal judge warned davis if she should, quote, interfere in any way directly or indirectly with the efforts of deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally
7:27 pm
eligible couples, she would be violating the order and possibly facing a return to jail. her attorney refused to say whether or not she would interfere, but vowed she will not resign. while davis has been in jail, five of her deputy clerks have been issuing licenses to all couples altering them so rowan county rather than davis' name appears on the line for county clerk. by his order, they aren't challenging the validity of the altered licenses and considers them in compliance with the court as well. davis' legal team disagrees. >> whether her name is on it or not, it is under her authority. if we say the clerk of rowan county, we know that's kim davis. she cannot allow her name to be associated with something that conflicts with god's definition of marriage. >> reporter: 2016 gop presidential contender and former arkansas governor mike huckabee quickly rushed to defend davis and headlined today's rally in her support.
7:28 pm
>> we will stand with kim, we will stand with the constitution, and we will stand with our faith and will not be bullied no matter even if they incarcerate us. >> reporter: fellow 2016 gop rival senator ted cruz was not part of the huckabee rally but showed up to visit with davis today, calling it an outrage she was imprisoned for six days for living according to her christian faith. there are several states that have or are working through the process of putting together accommodations for public employees who do not want to take part in same-sex marriages, kentucky is not one of them, lou? lou: shannon thank you very much. shannon bream. donald trump and ted cruz appear to be joining forces some of the time. why? and what does it mean? we take it up with co-host of outnumbered jedidiah bila and hank sheinkopf next. kentucky clerk kim davis is
7:29 pm
out of jail. judge ordered her release but not to interfere with marriage licenses for gay couples. >> she loves god, she loves people, she loss of her work and will not betray any of those three. lou: the case is far reaching and far from over. and a group of snorkelers catching a once-in-a-lifetime show. the story is next. stay with us, we're coming right back. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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lou: the main news tonight, the obama administration says it's considering steps to help europe with its immigration crisis, its refugee crisis, it could mean more refugees come here. hillary clinton says she's sorry and it was a mistake to have her private e-mail server and to have classified information on it, and in the e-mails she received, the interview with abc news is the farthest she's come to apologize and to accept some responsibility in the scandal. a new nbc news "marist poll" shows donald trump topping the poll still, 29% in iowa, a 7-point lead over his closest rival dr. ben carson at 22%. trump and senator ted cruz teaming up to oppose the iran deal. cruz and trump will both be in the rally on capitol hill tomorrow. cruz has developed a close relationship with trump. the two have met privately five time. reports say they talked by phone on occasion, cruz
7:34 pm
publicly defended trump on the issue of illegal immigration. >> when it comes to donald trump, i like donald trump. i think he's terrific, brash, and speaks the truth and nbc is engaging in political correctness that is silly and wrong. lou: mind you that was back in june. he was ahead of his time. joining us now co-host of "outnumbered" on the fox news channel, jedidiah bila, democratic strategist hank sheinkopf. good to have you both with us. >> good to be here. lou: give trump credit. >> i know. lou: that's a month before trump's surge to the top of the polls. >> i know, no one has been able to bring this guy down. i said a few months ago when we were talking about, this i wonder who it's going to be, lou? i wonder if anyone is going to steal the mic from them. lou: you said in context a little wispfully. >> i like fire on the stage, and glad trump is bringing it, but i would love to see it elsewhere as well.
7:35 pm
i don't want one guy full of fire and everyone else putting us to sleep. ted cruz is reluctant to criticize trump, i think he wants to ally himself with the guy in front. trump needs the conservatives that are a little skeptical. ted cruz brings those in. it's not a bad allegiance, i see what he's doing there. >> i don't care what ted cruz says or does, he's not going anyplace. we're a long ways away from iowa and new hampshire. anything can happen in politics. lou: forgive me, i'm a little -- you're the best strategist out there. >> i don't know. lou: for the democratic party in my opinion. >> well, maybe. >> maybe. lou: the second part of that statement, however, goes to this. none of the strategists have quite read trump correctly and not sure that reading cruz correctly or any of the others. it's hard to define what's going on there? >> on the extraordinary lou dobbs program some months back, there was a discussion about populism right and left.
7:36 pm
and someone on the lou dobbs program extraordinary program that it is, why is sanders over here, and why is trump over here? because people are disgusted with the both sides of the aisle. this is not decided but not going to go to the extremes. it's someone we don't think of right now who's in the mix that will come to the top and ultimately be more much more problematic than donald trump is. lou: to your point, the catalyst has changed in the democratic party without biden announcing. he's surging in the polls. what do you think? . >> i think democrats are hungry for someone that can compete with hilary, they see all of the problem, she is apologizing. her apology has been poor and i think it has shown her lack of likability. so they're worried. and here comes joe biden who despite the fact she makes a ridiculous comment, he's highly likable. people feel like he resonates with him when he speaks and feel like we have nowhere else to go.
7:37 pm
lou: people think he's like the crazy uncle. >> may be the crazy uncle. >> he's the likable crazy uncle. >> americans are rejecting dynastic politics, if you look at clinton's problems and bush problems, they're in the same place. lou: can i say this? hallelujah! we're going to go for a thimble full of dna with a label, bush and clinton and obama and biden. >> this is also a reaction to 40 years plus of clintonism in the democrats, dominance of that particular world. even though biden is not young, they want something new. >> i agree. lou: can you really sit there and tell me that biden is something new? different, but not new! >> he ran for president a long time ago, he's been the vice president. he's got thing to talk about. he can say he's in the room doing x, y, and z. he's got something to say. lou: what do you think is the reason for the trump alliance. >> if he's the guy, i want to
7:38 pm
be part of the team. lou: how about from trump's perspective? >> i think he's saying there are a bunch of conservatives skeptical of my policy who believe that ted cruz is a solid leg to stand on. if i ally with him, maybe they'll think i'm solid. >> he's going stay on the outside but now got somebody on the inside sometime, cruz gains a lot. an awful lot. lou: i hadn't paid attention to something, we all took note that jeb bush plummeted in the polls as has scott walker. scott walker has been leading the polls for most of the way since early this year. do you realize jeb bush was only in the lead, according to the real clear politics averaging, for one week? >> that does not surprise me. lou: it's surprising, because he had such a dominant position in the press, he's taken the toughest hit here. >> it proves to you that having money does not necessarily decide outcomes. money is important, but it is no longer the single decisive factor. lou: i don't think he should
7:39 pm
tell that to donald trump, do you? >> i know, right. lou: it is corelary. >> he has the name recognition and once he declares everyone is going to rush to support him. i kept saying have you listened to him speak? he has zero power to get people excited about the policies. lou: i want you to be clear, i saw none of this coming. >> i saw it all. lou: jedidiah, thank you so much. hank, thank you. will the justice department bring charges against hillary clinton as a result of her e-mail scandal? cast your vote at a group of snorkelers capturing incredible footage in the waters of off hawaii. the snorkelers encountering this is a humpback whale, and her young calf twisting and turning through the waves, as if that weren't majestic enough, their gopro camera
7:40 pm
recorded the whale breaching, jumping through the air. man, what spectacular pictures. you know, these gopros, i don't want to sound like i'm endorsing anything, it's extraordinary what we see these days. up next, the largely self-funded campaign with legendary investor wilbur ross, i assure you he's self-funded. the wall street-backed hillary clinton campaign tackling, well, what else? campaign finance reform, who would you want to reform it? we'll take up the irony and the massive irony here next. stay with us. we're coming right back. ♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank?
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . lou: on wall street today, good news, good news, everybody relax. stock prices surge more than 2%. the dow industrials gained 390 points, the s&p up 48. the nasdaq gaining 128 points. turning positive for the year to date. volume on the big board, 3 1/2 million shares. the wilshire 5,000 measuring today's gains at $575 billion to. naut in context, it was a good day indeed. joins us billionaire investor wilbur ross, chairman
7:45 pm
and ceo of wl ross and company, one of the world's great investors and good guys. good to have you here, wilbur. >> good to be on, lou. lou: let's talk about first, these polls that are showing, showing donald trump commanding a lead, but he has not lost since he entered and stood up in the middle of july. what's going on here? >> well, i think people are tired of the same old politics. i think hank, who came on the show just before was quite right in that, but i think there's more than that. i think trump is expressing a lot of thoughts that people have, but don't want to say. and i think they welcome someone voicing those views. lou: and even though he does not come across as a wonk, he does show a command of what he thinks and his view of the issues, which is unrivalled at
7:46 pm
least in this field. which is a pretty good field of candidates. people forget scott walker was leading for most of this year in the polls? >> donald is not a wonk but always involved, in the years i've known him, always convinced what he was saying. i think he delivers it with a great vigor. lou: yeah, he does. >> and has a way of oversimplifying things so people understand what he's really saying. lou: no one will ever accuse donald trump as he accused jeb bush of being a low-energy fella. let's turn to, if we may, the clinton e-mails. she finally after six months relents and says she has some plausible responsibility in this all and is sorry, not necessarily to whom or for what but at least gave an apology. it took six months, five months for her to turn over the server and the thumb files. is this enough? or is it too late?
7:47 pm
>> i think apologies are great. right when the event happens. i think a six month lag is quite a bit too long, and what it does show is her perception that this thing is getting bigger and bigger and more and more of a problem. lou: and i want to go back to, you had an event at your home in southampton. >> right. lou: and a few friends and the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus. from that, a number of people said after they left the event that trump, well he's galvanizing he's not going to be the guy. the conventional wisdom is so utterly wrong here, whether the most sophisticated elites or the most intractable ideologues on the democratic side. things are changing here, what's going on? >> i think the people, first of all, at the event itself, he
7:48 pm
was very conciliatory about trump, and felt as i do that trump did a very good job galvanizing people into interest in republican politics. i think trump has done another thing that's very important. he's the first republican candidate to say it's good to be rich. it's good to be successful. that's a boost to your political resume, not a handicap. and then one of the problems romney has is he couldn't get used to. that he was a little shy about having been successful. lou: maybe because he knew he hadn't been quite as successful as donald trump. do you suppose? >> well, based on donald's numbers he's more successful than anybody i know. lou: wilbur ross, you could say more in less time. my gosh. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: wilbur ross. a reminder listen to my reports on radio coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. now to the weekend box
7:49 pm
office where the christian movie "war room". universal's "straight outta compton" second place, 11.3 million. broad green pictures "a walk in the woods" 10 1/2 million. overall, something of a sluggish labor day weekend, but the summer box office was the second best in history. grossing just about 4.5 billion dollars. a quarter of a billion short of the record set back in 2013. not bad. the one millionth corvette is back on display at the national corvette museum in kentucky and nearly two years after it was swallowed up by a sinkhole. you're watching high-speed restoration. restorers spent months trying make the convertible roadster as new as it did when it came off the assembly in 1892.
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the one millionth corvettef the most valuable, an estimated three-quarters of a million dollars and it's back to par. up next, kentucky county clerk kim davis sparks liberty. the city of baltimore takes up a settlement with the family of freddie gray. we take it up with our legal panel. stay with us. every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? to breathe with copd?ow hard it can be it can feel like this.
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>> breaking news now. a british airways flight caught fire on the tarmac at mccarron international airport in las vegas. that fire has been extinguished. the boeing 777, there were no injuries, all passengers were taken off the aircraft and bussed back to the terminal. again, all are safer. the emergency shoots were delayed, it seats 275 people. again, a fire on a british airways flight at mccarron international airport in las vegas is now out. no injuries reported. the cause of the fire, not yet known. well, joining us now two of the best attorneys in the business, fox news legal analyst and defense attorney heather hanson. let's start with the judge releasing the statement. >> the judge was right here. lisa: putting her in jail for six days.
7:55 pm
>> whether you like it or not . lisa: i don't. >> you tell me that but you're asking me my opinion. the supreme court ruled that the homosexual have the right to be married. she was denying them that right. so that's contempt. lisa: but why six days? come on. >> well, i do think that there could have been some financial fines before they went to that, this constituents. i think there should have been a range of things had she not complied, made the fines larger and larger. and i also agree, there should have been some accommodation with her that everybody was happy. >> right. and that's what this judge is saying now. >> six days was so he could think apparently because he sure didn't think too well. >> the plaintiff that brought this case, she can go back to her job, but she's got to do her job. >> and her name is no longer -- but her title is. >> let's find out about her job. a muslim flight tenant because she refused to serve alcohol.
7:56 pm
she's filed a federal complaint. serving alcohol is part of the job, she would have known that, would she not? >> but she converted after she -- >> oh. >> but listen, lou, it depends whether or not it's an essential part of the job or marginal. >> what would you call it. >> i would call it essential. >> a long flight? >> and a lot of people enjoying cocktails on the plane. >> yeah. >> but the thing is they've been able to thus far to accommodate her but now suddenly the people who have been helping out i think were no longer willing -- >> exactly and that's what was kind of strange to me. reasonable accommodation. they think her that so that other people could do it. but reasonable accommodation may not work that well if you have other flight attendants. >> come on. how about saying i can't do the job anymore because i've converted, i've got to leave. what's wrong with that? >> or how about getting money out of the airline. >> i understand but aren't the courts -- when are the courts
7:57 pm
going to quit playing this and do redistribution? >> well, handicap or religious reasons, it has to be. >> you're looking at me -- >> that's one of the most idiotic things i've heard. you make a decision, the company did nothing, the employer did nothing to interviewed on that contract, that relationship. she did. let her bear the consequences. >> by converting? >> but she has the first amendment right to exercise her religion. >> for her religion? >> forrer religion? >> i think it's ridiculous. let's put it in the context of kim davis. if she had decided to creditor to christianity and decided in the middle of it she was not going to marry gays. >> i think there's still an attempted accommodation. >> attorneys come up with these. how about this one?
7:58 pm
get real. i mean come on. >> well, get real on both cases. >> if it's something as easy as putting a downloadable form on the alliances and no skin off the employer, then great. >> and the thing about the airplane -- >> high school refs mode down in texas near austin, texas. high school football and these guys if you've seen the video. >> horrible. >> plow into it. do we have that video? yeah, we should plane to you why we don't have it. apparently somebody owns it and they don't want it used anymore. but apparently hits a ref and one knocks to the ground from the back and the other spears him in the back. >> he's lucky. >> should they go to jail? >> yes. >> i couldn't agree with you more. >> assault, battery, they're kids, they'll be tried as juveniles. this is orchestrated. they were back there, was
7:59 pm
there an adult, was there a coach that helped them along? >> and if so, can that person be in trouble as well for soliciting an assault? >> any coach who has a team of to do something like that, should be fired. >> but should there be criminal charges? >> is that not an out right assault and battery? >> but what you have to do is get those two kids kid's in now and say tell us if there's anybody helping you, a coach or anything like that or we'll be harder on you. get that coach in there now. >> we agree. criminal charges. >> yeah. for all of them. >> lisa, thank you. >> that was by law your look. you're the lawyer. [laughter] i was doing the looking. time for a look at our online poll results. now, we ask do you think any of the other gop presidential candidates have the ability to camp up with donald trump? 44 said "yes." 56% says "no." that sounds like a majority. we want to take a moment and congratulate our producer.
8:00 pm
she gave birth to -- if i mess this up. aria kayla young during our show last thursday, a healthy baby girl weighing seven pounds and seven ounces. good night from new york. . lisa: all right. hugs and high fives as i watch hillary's slow and constant explosion, i realized she's like that bad movie on cable that you've seen a million times. you never really like it in the first place and you can't force yourself to watch it again. she's you've got mail or cricks. she'll be fitted for leg chains and prison stripes any day now but until then, her and her team are trying to turn a wooden boring by-product into less a. the magic and missing


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