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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 10, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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with you. it, trying to make you some money. now lou dobbs. he's the best. keep it on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump has a lot to celebrate tonight. a new poll shows him with the support of almost a full third of republican voters in the country. his highest national number in the election cycle. and while you might find this hard to believe, trump has women to thank for his surge in support. so far no war of words, no public feud is cut into trump's support in any way. but that hasn't stopped trump's rivals from trying and trying very hard. louisiana's governor bobby jindal launched a scathing attack today on trump, excoriating the billionaire as a narcissist and egomaniac and
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shallow carnival act. i'll be talking with governor jindal and asking him what prompted that absolutely blistering verbal keel hauling. we'll have trump's reply. congress giving the president a free pass on iran. senate democrats successfully blocked a vote on the senate on the republican resolution to reject the president's deal with iran. and in the house, the best republicans could do was to approve a nonbinding resolution saying the administration hasn't provided the necessary, promised and required, legally required documents for a vote on the deal. i'll take it up with citizens united period david bossie and others here tonight. and a story that will leave you reeling in disbelief or confirm your worst fears about the country's military in the fight against the islamic statement we're learning disturbing new details about the obama administration's disastrous strategy to try to defeat the islamic state. u.s. officials now admit
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they've lost track of all of the 54 syrian opposition fighters they trained. those fighters, they say, are either dead, captured or missing. it seems that almost anything could have been their fate. and it cost taxpayers, american taxpayers more than 40 million dollars to train those missing 54 fighters, and it gets worse, believe it or not. dozens of military intelligence analysts are openly complaining that higher-ups have changed their field reports to make it seem like the war against the islamic state is going far better than it actually is. i'll discuss all of this with the first director of national intelligence five-time ambassador, john negroponte. our top story, trump surging in the polls despite or because he's unafraid of controversy. a new cnn poll shows him neting 32% support followed by dr. ben
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carson in second place with 19%, and governor jeb bush in third place, 9%. carson's surge leading to this exchange of insults between the two. >> i don't in any way deny my faith in god. and i think that probably is a big difference. >> he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. who is he to question my faith, when i am -- he doesn't even know me. i've met him a few times. i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor by the way. >> trump also criticizing carly fiorina, telling "rolling stone" magazine, quote -- that led to this back and forth
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and clarification by trump. >> honestly, megyn, i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means. maybe i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> probably i did say something like that about carly. i'm talking about person anot look. although when i get criticized for my hair, it's not that bad, you know you've seen me, it's not that bad. when i get criticized about my hey, nobody does a story it's terrible, they criticized donald trump's hair. lou: and bobby jindal launched a scathing attack on donald trump. >> i like the donald trump act and show, donald trump is not a serious candidate. he's a narcissist. he's an egomaniac. only thing he believes in is himself. he's nonserious, a carnival act. donald trump is shallow. he has no understanding of policy. donald trump is insecure and weak. lou: joining us now to talk about those remarks, republican
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presidential candidate governor bobby jindal, former assistant secretary for the department of health and human services in the bush administration. former u.s. congressman, and two term governor of the state street global advisors of louisiana, and recent polls show the governor gaining more support in iowa. he plans to visit all 99 counties in his campaign. governor, good to have you with us. >> always great to be with you, thank you for having me back. lou: delighted to talk with you. let's start with -- i mean that was a broadside of broadsides against trump. what provoked it. he seems otherwise such a quiet and self-effacing fella. [ laughter ] >> let me say why it was so important for me to do that. i think this is incredibly important moment for our country. we've got a great opportunity. the left has run the economy into the ground, they destroyed our foreign policy. the idea of america is slipping away from us. there is an important opportunity for us to rescue our country to apply conservative principles,
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conservatives have an important choice to make. do we apply proven conservative principles or turn on a man who stands for nothing but himself in donald trump. the democrats are gift wrapping this election. rung the worst candidate, running the worst campaign ever. let's not blow this. lou: not blow this, but at the same time, it almost in some days, some moments in this campaign, governor, seems like donald trump is the only one among the 17 candidates seeking the gop nomination who understands there's no god given right to bore the hell out of the voting public! it is important, but what have the republicans done? bush provoked this comprehensive immigration reform nonsense, and didn't secure the border. we've got -- the republicans have control of the house, the senate, and what the heck have they done, governor? the republicans have got to make a case here and they might ought to do it in such a way that people listen to them and
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ultimately believe them. >> lou two, things you're exactly right. donald trump is entertaining. i've enjoyed the show. it's a lot of fun to watch when he gave out lindsey graham's cell phone number, gave kids helicopter rides, the folks in jeb bush's rallies were falling asleep. i like somebody who san outsider, politically incorrect, i agree we need to fire them, not only the democrats but the republicans as well. have you honest socialists on the left, lying conservatives on the right. these republicans couldn't stop the iran deal. they won't defund planned parenthood. didn't stop amnesty, didn't repeal obamacare, seems they are unwilling to fight for principles, only interested in perks and privileges. i agree with all. that the idea of donald trump is great, the reality isn't. he's not for limited government. he's for socialized medicine, higher taxes. lou: governor, i got to say to you, republicans have grown government every bit as much as
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democrats over the last 30 years. there is not a wits worth of difference of the government under democrats than republicans. >> i agree, i would make this point. only one candidate running for president who shrank the size of government. i cut the budget by 36%. we need a proven conservative. what we don't need is somebody who takes every position possible, says outrageous things, he doesn't have policy depth. tells us tax plan will be fabulous, health care plan will be great. he doesn't stand for anything but donald trump. he's not here to make america great again, he's here to make donald trump great. lou: his hat says he's here to make america great again. come on, what does your hat say. >> that's a great reagan theme, i'm glad he borrowed it from reagan. exactly right. lou: well, the republican party is derivitive of reagan, is it not? >> absolutely. lou: he's the icon of the republican party. >> absolutely. look, i applaud him for taking
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reagan's slogan, i don't criticize him. i fault him for not living up to it. i argue him being a narcissist and egomaniac. we need to throw the bums out in d.c. at least the democrats are fighting for what they believe in. the republicans promise us the world, they don't do anything, they caved again today. they keep giving up. obama can't negotiate with castro or iran, the only group he can negotiate are the republicans in d.c. >> if you're elected, what do you do about the iranian deal that is now a fait accompli. >> first day tell the iranians we're not honoring a bad deal signed by the predecessor. every option is on the table to stop. that tell israel we've got israel's back, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with israel. they could be starting a nuclear arms race in the middle east. the sunni countries aren't going sit there idly by. this is one of the worst legacies. i will remind the american
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people peace through strength works. the idea we can give into dictators like putin, the castro brothers, like iran, it doesn't work. we're seeing the results of the president's failed foreign policy. lou: again, governor, we're watching that under the leadership of the republicans of both the house and the senate. mitch mcconnell and speaker boehner, do you think they're among the rascals who should be booted? >> absolutely! the iranians conned president obama. president obama condthe senate republicans. they approved this bill that requires them to have a two-thirds vote to disapprove it. every senate republican except tom cotton voted for it including the republicans running for president, including ted cruz and the others. we need a back bone transplant for the republicans in d.c. we need term limits. they need to live under the rules and laws they passed for us. they love obamacare while they exempted themselves from it. that has got to end. we need part-time legislators that work in the real world that grow the american economy,
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not the government economy. lou: governor, i think you caught a few people's attention in the last five minutes or so. we appreciate you being with us. governor bobby jindal, thank you. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> the president ordered his administration to dramatically increase the number of syrian refugees that the administration will allow into the united states. not the 1500 the secretary initially mentioned. no, the number of syrian refugees he puts at 10,000 in the next fiscal year, fleeing violence associated with the islamic state that continues to spread across the middle east and north africa partly because the obama administration's strategy to fight the radical islamist is failing and russia is taking full advantage. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin has our report. >> reporter: despite two phone calls from secretary of state john kerry, russia continues to build up its fighting force in
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syria, pentagon officials have seen seven russian antonov condor military cargo flights land in syria in recent days. a massive military buildup amidst new signs the russians are extending an airstrip. russian soldiers have post selfies on twitter after arriving in syria. russia's foreign minister did not deny the buildup. >> the russian federation is sending both military equipment, according to existing contracts and humanitarian aid with the planes that head to syria. >> reporter: in another setback to the u.s. led fight against isis in syria, the pentagon lost track of all of the 54 syrian opposition fighters that it trained. they are either dead, captured or ran away. u.s. officials admit privately the small force was inserted into syria in july, immediately attacked by an al qaeda affiliate. their leader was kidnapped. the pentagon hoped to train 5400 fighters this year. as of may, the pentagon spent
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nearly 42 million dollars to train this force out of the 500 million dollars allocated by congress last fall. >> we've been candid that the initial phase of this program did not lift off with the kind of efficiency that we'd hoped, and the secretary's been candid about that. >> reporter: in addition, the pentagon inspector general is investigating a complaint by 50 central command intelligence analysts who say assessments were changed by their superiors to present a rosier picture in how the fight against isis is actually going. >> i think it's the best thing is to see what the ig investigation which is separate and apart from the secretary's office, see what it comes back with. there are allegations that there are whistle-blowers if they come forward, i think this is obviously a matter for a hearing in the armed services committee. no doubt. >> reporter: the pentagon inspector general is
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investigating. mike morell, the former deputy cia chief said if the reports are true, someone should be fired. lou? lou: jennifer, thank you very much, jennifer griffin reporting. we're coming right back. stay with us. the u.s. warns russia of a military confrontation. putin moves huge numbers of troops into syria. we take up russia's rising power in the middle east with a former director of national intelligence, john negroponte. and these homes near tokyo washed away, residents plucked by helicopter from the rooftops. rooftops. we'll have the latest on the
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11:19 pm
talk about pondering possible sanctions against individuals and some companies? >> well, in fairness, first of all, the issue of attribution is difficult. i've heard said that they don't know whether they can really attribute it to directly to the chinese government or some other entity or private individual, though i think we're right to be quite suspicious. secondly, you've got this issue of retaliation which i've thought a lot about, and one of the problems we have with china is that our economies are so interdependent, particularly on issues relating to technology. i can't believe that all of our laptops and all of our cell phones practically all the iphones are made in china, so if we were ever to take measures against china that hurt them economically, we'd be hurting ourselves. so we're in a real conundrum here, but clearly this is a
11:20 pm
very disturbing issue, and if the 21 million or at least 21 million records of people have been stolen, it's a very, very bad thing indeed. lou: and you talk about our dependence upon china. we have a deficit of 300 billion dollars. they hold 1.4 trillion dollars as you know, in u.s. reserves. you're talking about a very fine distinction between being dependent economically and being politically slavish to the chinese, and it's also disconcerting to think that the united states has not gone through in minute detail an understanding of what would be the result of various retaliations against the chinese, for this kind of behavior, otherwise, we're writing them a blank check, if you will, on our future. >> yeah, and i agree with you also, they have certain in the
11:21 pm
economic realm, they have dependencious. look at massive exports they undertake towards our country. but again, before we go down this path of that kind of retaliatory measures, we've got to think this thing through, and do we want to start some kind of downward spiral in the trade relationships? or can we think of some other way, better way of taking action against these kinds of encroachments by china. i certainly think it needs to be on the diplomatic agenda, and i think that we've got to keep that issue in the forefront of our relationship with them and our discussions. lou: i reserve for another time a discussion about whether the chinese would respect in any way our posture and our positioning in preference for diplomacy rather than intelligent deeply, deeply thought out responses
11:22 pm
economically. let's turn, if we may, to 54 highly trained by the united states forces. 54 highly trained syrian rebels who have disappeared. our military acknowledging, admitting they have no idea where in the world the people are. we spent about $750,000 of taxpayer money to train each one of them, and we can't even find them, let alone point them toward a target. >> well, gives you some sense of the chaos that must be occurring in that country now. even the government of bashar al-assad is losing its grip. palmyra fell, isis is gaining strength. that's one of the reasons the russians are making moves to bolster the assad regime, and have you this incredible stream of refugees headed towards europe. no end in sight.
11:23 pm
lou: these refugees are the result most acknowledged of the administration withdrawing our forces from iraq and doing absolutely nothing having drawn a succession of red lines with bashar al-assad and the result is the islamic state and its rapid growth and the exodus of literally millions of people from the region. >> well, it's clearly the result of extreme instability in syria, and our inability, not only ours, but the inability of the persian gulf states and the europeans and others to do anything about it. what really concerns me is that with germany announcing that they're going to take 800,000 refugees in the next couple of years without addressing the issue or talking about the issue of root causes, that is to say the instability in syria. it's like an open invitation or
11:24 pm
blank check to anybody in the middle east who wants to come to europe. they've got to think that through and they've got to work with us and we work with them and the persian gulf states to stabilize the middle east. that's the root caught of this problem. lou: to stabilize the middle east, and we've got a president that's put 4 billion dollars forward to the united nations for the syrian refugees without so much as a mention of its causes, what policies to follow, what actions to take to end the crisis. the same with angela merkel. i can't figure out what audience she's speaking to, ambassador. it makes no sense what she's saying, and one absurdity compounded by the next. >> it's a bit like trying treat the symptoms without even mentioning the disease, and i think that's what has happened here. a holistic strategic approach is necessary to the entire problem.
11:25 pm
lou: john negroponte, always good to have you with us, thank you so much, ambassador. >> thank you. lou: does the impotence of the republican-led house and senate forcefully dispel the notion that ours is still a government checks and balances? cast your vote at, we'd like to know what you think of whether the checks and balances remain in place. powerful floods ripping through parts of japan, forcing more than 100,000 people to flee their homes. floodwaters from a recent typhoon washing away homes, bursting through levies, leaving hundreds, thousands of people in need of rescue, some by helicopter. up next, a few thoughts on the presidential candidate folks should think twice about attacking. and details on a migrant crisis. a migrant crisis much closer to home than europe.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on donald trump's unquestionably capricious attack on carly fiorina's look. trump says he was attacking fiorina's persona, not her face, even though he said the worse face not persona. not apologizing in the face of a barrage of criticism, as usual. trump took the opportunity to point out as well fiorina was also a lousy leader in her days as ceo of h-p and pointed out she lost her senatorial election in a landslide. he, donald j. trump does not whine when his gop rivals or the clucking national media or late night comedians attack him or his look, calling him everything from a clown, a monster, a fool, a no, nothing, most incredibly when they mock his physical appearance as well. just listen to bush, to
11:31 pm
clinton, to the very sensitive jon stewart, as they all mock the appearance, the face, the persona of poor donald. >> well, i had debate prep with stephen colbert, he played donald trump as you might expect. was a little surprised he put on yellow cotton candy on his head. he ate his own hair, asked if i wanted some, i took a little piece of the donald's hair. >> if anyone wonders if mine is real, here's the answer. the hair is real, the color isn't. and come to think of it i wonder if that's true for donald true. >> my hair is just fine. >> first things first, your hair is not fine. people are not attack their hair, they're defending themselves from something that appears like it's about to attack them. lou: wow. you might expect that of jon stewart, such low comedy, but take a look at this cover of the highly regarded and usually
11:32 pm
interesting if somewhat superior or on occasion snooty economist magazine. look at that. a trump helicopter carrying in the donald's hair? do you see anything hurtful about the economist magazine cover making fun of the donald's appearance? with a trump helicopter no less carrying the donald's do? presumably, presumably just in time to save washington in its far too sanctimonious self-important players in both parties from themselves and us from them. so the donald has worn up well under the torrent of attacks from nearly all quarters even those against his hair, his very persona and watched trump return the insults and hits and get as good as he gets. he gives far better than he takes. when was the last time we could say that of any politician, let alone a candidate for president?
11:33 pm
our quotation of the evening, this from mahatma gandhi who said encourageingly, we think -- we're coming right back. he didn't say it quite that washg the inflex was mine. stay with us. a showdown over obama's iranian nuclear deal. speaker boehner says the fight is only beginning, but some say this is boehner's last fight. we take it up with leading conservative david bossie. and some people do some crazthings for fun, but this guy is just a little more than crazy. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance.
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. lou: the top news at this hour, an agent's top intelligence official says china will continue to target american national security and business interests with impunity. james clapper did not say what the united states government will do about it, if anything. donald trump surging to the much to a new national poll. the cnn poll gives trump 32% with a big jump in support among women and college-educated adults. dr. ben carson is next, 19% in second place. everyone else in single digits. republican efforts to block president obama's nuclear deal with iran failed in the senate this afternoon. a disapproval resolution will not reach the president's desk.
11:38 pm
the deal goes ahead unchecked by the republican-led house and the republican-led senate. joining me now, the president of citizens united, one of the countries leading conservatives, david bossie. good to have you with us. let's talk about real quickly here the iranian vote, blocking a vote in the senate. and the house of representatives resorting to show votes that have no impact. this is what it's come to? >> it really has. we've just void of leadership in the house and the senate. you know, there would literally be difference if nancy pelosi and harry reid were in charge. that's troubling for the last several years. i got to tell you the votes in the house wouldn't happen if it weren't for courageous men like nick mulvaney or peter roskam. lou: and mike pompeo and tom cotton and the senate, they're doing their best? >> they are doing their best to fight their own leadership.
11:39 pm
it's a tragic circumstance we find ourselves in. we should be consolidating our efforts to fighting obama and what should be seen as a treaty, but instead, we're going to be doing some show votes tomorrow unfortunately. lou: it's as if the republicans, particularly and the persons of mitch mcconnell, the majority leader over the senate and john boehner, the speaker are trying to reserve their fire so that they don't upset the power of the presidency for the next president whom they hope will be a republican. the reality is, is it not, we've got to roll back the power of this imperial president who we have an authoritarian figure right now in this white house, and frankly, david, i think most people, i hope most people agree with me, republican or democrat, whomever, we don't want that kind of president sitting atop our government. >> first of all, i totally agree with that. people are fed up. when congress was at home over
11:40 pm
the summer, they were hearing from their constituents that they are tired of the republican leaders going along, kick the can down the road time after time. lou: they didn't pay much attention to that, did they? >> they're just back today. they listened in august. we'll find out on what they do on planned parenthood, busting the spending caps. lou: you and i both know what's going to happen, that's zero. >> yeah. lou: let's turn to the more interesting part of the world, that's governor jindal kicking donald trump's tail. donald trump talking about carly fiorina. start with jindal. what do you think of his comments about trump's conservative record, if there is one? >> look, i think the people don't understand donald trump, and i think on one hand, and i
11:41 pm
think that bobby jindal is in a position where he has to gain traction, he has to start talking harder shots at those who are leading. i think that's part of the overall effort. look -- >> do you credit him for taking those shots? at least he wasn't dancing around about it. >> look, donald trump didn't dance around, bobby jindal is not dancing around. they may be talking about each other in disparaging ways. i have great confidence in bobby jindal. he's a very articulate, very smart dedicated conservative. lou: is he commanding attention? i mean we got -- you got donald trump and you got 16 other people trying to prove they're not going to put voters to sleep. >> that's the problem. that's why guys like governor jindal have to go to these types of events is to try to attack the front-runner. lou: as you saw, i like
11:42 pm
governor jindal too, and they got to build some excitement. >> they do. and that's what donald trump has done. lou: and what david bossie always does, even in court. thanks for being with us, david. >> thank you. lou: david bossie, by the way, i want to quote, if i may, the article from politico saying this is david bossie's campaign finance world, and the rest of us are just living in it. nice article, david bossie, good to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: an alabama man going viral after he pulled off what he called, quote, the most epic vehicle jump ever, end quote. i'm not sure i'm ready to argue with him. there it is, the slow motion video shows him jumping from an suv into a lake. he performed the dares stunt at a friend's farm. some folks giving the daredevil flack for holding his nose
11:43 pm
before he hit the water! i will not -- i will not in any way give him any demerits or discount the quality of that leap or that stunt. up next, a baltimore judge decides where to hold the freddie gray trial. and you will not be surprised by the outcome of this case in good old baltimore. and if you think walking on heels on land is difficult, wait until you see where one athlete wears hers. we're coming right back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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. lou: a baltimore judge today denied a change of venue motion in the trials of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. defense attorneys unsuccessfully argued that pretrial publicity,riots and the $6.4 million settlement approved just yesterday make finding a fair jury in the great city of baltimore impossible. our next guest says a change of venue may still occur in the case. joining us former police officer, trial attorney and criminal court judge, alex ferrera. good to have you with us. >> great to be here, thank you. lou: judge, are you surprised that there was no change of venue given everything that's happened in the case. >> i can't say i'm surprised,
11:48 pm
judges tend to like to keep the venue in the city where it originally lies, if at all possible. they will still have the opportunity because the motion will be made again before trial or at the time of trial, at the time of jury selection, so the judge will revisit the issue, i think ultimately it will get moved. i'm one of the judges who believes that venue, you should do everything can you to keep venue there, and i picked juries in cases, i don't know if you know the case that became the movie pain and gain, the real case was my trial. took a month to pick a jury but we were able to do it. i'm a believer that you try, if you can't do it, you move the trial. in this case when you have riots in the community. lou: you just had a $6.4 million settlement. there was a court case. >> that was the frosting on top of it. have you riots. any juror who sits on the jury who has to think if i acquit the police officers i'm going back to live among the people who burned everything to the
11:49 pm
ground and they're going to know i'm a juror, you got that issue. >> the mayor says the reason they settled for 6.4 is if they didn't get it now, they might create more rye thes on in effect. >> they hadn't filed a complaint. you have a settlement for 6.4 million, more than all 120 prior cases they had. lou: going back to 2011. >> come on, come on. before a complaint was filed they settled for that which sends a huge message to the jurors that we think the police officers are guilty. i think ultimately it will move. >> i want to talk very quickly here about the two football players who hit an umpire in the back, purposely, then speared him after knocking him down. >> yeah. lou: why aren't these guys in jail? >> they should be. clearly, that's a criminal offense, you city right on video. one guy hits him so hard, he knocks the cap off and then the other conspiracy him on the ground.
11:50 pm
the coach was sharing some of the blame he was viewed as inciting the players, he didn't like the ref's calls and needed to get even with him. i think he will be prosecuted as well if that turns out to be true. i heard they're claiming the ref made racial slurs, i don't know if that's true or the race card being played. lou: no one would ever do that. >> bottom line is at best, at best, that is an explanation, it is not an excuse. it does not get you out of anything. you could say it at sentence fug like. >> you think criminal charges? >> they absolutely should. lou: judge alex ferrer, great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: a female surfer showing the glamorous side of her sport. the 23-year-old proved that women surfers can be talented, glamorous at the same time. she made a video of herself wearing a lacey evening dress and high heels riding the waves.
11:51 pm
that's pretty impressive. her heels didn't keep her from keeping perfect balance on her board nor did it stop her from keeping time to the music. how about that? there you go. that's a wrap. up next, it might be time for hillary clinton to start panicking about her campaign, lots of others are. i'll take it u
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lou: joining us tonight,
11:55 pm
chief white house correspondent for the washington examiner. national review editor, fox news contributor. let's start with buffy general just tearing into donald trump and emerging from it reasonably well. the donald was rather muted in his reply. >> this is not really a good idea. trying to set themselves out. ♪ you think it's a good idea? >> no. it is not working for jeb bush.bush. he spent a huge chunk of change on a big add going after trump for being a democrat, and it has not done anything. you need to concentrate on your own campaign. this is the reason why donald trump is doing so well. energetic, passionate, running away with the whole
11:56 pm
campaign. it is a political reality show. he has the energy and passion on his side. lou: does he have the energy, passion more at least more of both as compared to governor bush? >> i agree with susan. i don't think this makes a lot of sense. bush has to engage in a certain level because trump has been gleefully pounding on him for it feels like months now. lou: i think it has been. >> why does he need to do this? lou: attention doing it. at least against a hold of the where's answer this is what i've got to sell. >> is it worked for anyone else? >> it's a more effective candidate then governor bush >> i don't know about that. lou: a hundred and $20 million and see how he does.
11:57 pm
>> there are signs is picking up in iowa. iiowa. i would be happy for trump and bush to be of work while ii stick to my knitting in iowa. someone in a secondary debate is going to shine just the way carly did last time, and there is a good chance it could be bobby. i would be focused on that rather than getting in this world of insults, but there is no doubt it is getting him attention. lou: as we look at what is happening with the republican-led congress and senate, they have just about dispelled the idea that these are coequal branches of government now. this president is running right over top of the courts , existing law, and the republican party controlling both houses. >> i was at the conversation with conservative meeting yesterday where you have people like role and dan
11:58 pm
talking about how this month will be pivotal for the speaker of the house. voting whether they will vacate the chair, how he handles the ran vote and defunding planned parenthood these are fighting words. they have not succeeded before, but they were targeted and talking about donald trump. they were not huge fans, but the leaders need to emulate his fighting spirit. lou: we have heard this nonsense from republican after republican over the course of his term a speaker the republicans cannot even shape their destiny in the houses that they control. is that likely to change? >> no. the likely a successor would be kevin mccarthy. if you want real populist, i would not look to him.
11:59 pm
but the iran deal has been a disaster at all levels. the obama administration has added insult to injury by not even complying with the terms of this extremely weak they have been consistently trampled by this president and have not found an effective way to respond. lou: and there is not a high degree of competence that they will find such a way. goodgood to have you with us. thank you so much. let's take a quick look at our online poll results. there they are. do you want more syrian refugees in this country, as
12:00 am
the president insists we bring in at least another 10,000? apparently secretary cary was misspeaking when he said a hundred thousand. you can figure the rest out. that's it for us tonight. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: hello. i am watching the reaction to hillary clinton's campaign as it continues to colonel like sour milk as democrats scramble to find a political savior. nervous democrats are looking around for potential white night which is so racist. #white knights matter. they also.out the late game an ultra- lame apology and overbite dancing may not be enough to save her candidacy and speculate that the chatter could continue.


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