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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 11, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president and two, they can look at the folks out there and say, i promise you, you have my whole heart and my whole soul. my energy, and my passion to do this. maria: can't argue with that. more on that straight ahead. president obama meanwhile scoring a victory on capitol hill. democrats blocking republican effort to derail the iran deal. this means the deal will go through. tom brady shaking off the "deflategate" drama. new england patriots beating pittsburgh steelers 28-21 in nfl opener. brady threw four touchdown pass on the night. >> boo! maria: a lot of reaction there. futures how we're expected to open this morning. fractional losses. the dow jones industrial average opening down about 11 points. s&p 500 also under selling pressure last night.
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in asia a mixed session. shanghai posted a slight gains. other major averages in the region edged lower. in europe here is what markets are doing right now, falling in early trading just fractionally. ftse in london flat on the session. cac in paris down half a percent and dax index in germany down 2/3 of 1%. oil to watch in terms of markets. crude prices tumbling nearly 2% after opec and goldman sachs cut price expectations on oil. oil down almost go%. today we remember the events of september 11, 2001. the country will pause to honor thousands of lives lost in the terrorist attack 14 years ago today. we'll bring you those moments throughout the morning on the fox business network. stay with us there. the war of words heats up between republican presidential frontrunner donald trump and other members of the field. blake burman with the details out of washington. blake, good morning to you. maria: hi, maria, good morning
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to you as well. we start with bobby jindal who basically weren't on a rant against donald trump. he described the republican frontrunner as narcissist, egomaniac and as shallow. that was really just the beginning. jindal continued to the biggest attacks on trump to date last night speaking with lou dobbs. >> conservatives have an important choice to make. do we apply proven conservative principles or turn on a man who stands for nothing but himself in donald trump? >> reporter: as you might imagine trump did not stand by idle. his campaign sent out this statement about jindal. quote, he did not make the debate stage and therefore i have never met him. i only respond to people that register more than 1% in the polls. i never thought he had a chance and i have been proven right. we'll see in jindal's new strategy works. for the meantime, if nothing else, maria, he has people talking certainly. maria: sure does, blake, thank you so much. blake burman. we'll bring in a republican
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strategist and joining us on the phone is former obama campaign director steve shale. thanks so much for joining us, gentlemen. ben, i will kick it off with you. is donald trump impacting the gop field overall negatively? what is your take on all of this jabbing back and forth? >> will, my first response yesterday was, bobby who? i mean i forgot with 16, seventeen candidates bobby jindal was even in the race. i don't know if he is negatively affecting it. i think he is bringing a lot people to the conversation. he is making it interesting in august and september when this campaign in my opinion hasn't really started because we're not even concentrates on iowa and new hampshire yet. we're not even into january. so i think he is actually bringing a little bit of interest to a conversation that maybe hasn't even begun in most people's mind. so i have a little appreciation for that. i think he is tarnishing his own image from time to time with a lot of comments that he makes
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but certainly making it interesting. maria: he is definitely bringing energy to the election, that's for sure. steve how do you see it. >> ben, i think is right this is publicity stunt for jindal. reality while jindal is absolutely right, i don't think there is nothing new or out rage just what he said yesterday. this guy took unnecessary shot at ben's former boss john mccain a former war hero and went up in the polls. problem republican party had trump got in the race, 20% favorables on republicans. now it is 60%. i don't know where it turns around. maria: what about your authorities on dem side? what is your take on hillary's performance? >> maria, i'm involved in draft biden movement. we're seeing more and more polling the race is wide open. cnn yesterday came out with a poll showing hillary with 10 point lead over bernie sanders.
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her lead is less than it was over obama in 2007. we have a pretty wide-open race now. maria: we sure do. i want to get your opinion, martin sorrell. >> we're humble ceo. we split that. maria: you have your fingers on the pulse of advertise world. >> hopefully. maria: corporate sentiment right now, what are you hearing from that group in terms of this election. >> incredulity i guess. i shouldn't say this. it's -- maria: say it. >> as foreigner i shouldn't -- it strikes being sort of a tv reality show. there is a serious element here. i think power of celebrity, if it's a power. and you know you have kanye west on mtv shows saying i don't know whether tongue-in-cheek or not say he will run in president as 2020. kim kardashian the perspective first lady. all a little bit strange. maria: maybe. >> a little bit odd.
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maria: but you can't underestimate how donald trump is raise nating with people. >> he resonates because -- maria: anger. >> there is discontent and discontent, for whatever the reason is. now we see this in the u.k. we see this in europe. we see extreme parties both on left and right making progress. you have extraordinary situation in the u.k., jeremy corbyn, look-alike for michael-foot was, looked a little bit like dr. who. stooped back, a little elderly, nothing against the elderly, extreme left. made the party unelectable. tone my blair pulled them tore the center. corbin is pulling them to the left. strange phenomena. the effect we saw in 2008. there is a lot of discontented, disrupted people, economies and this has pushed people to the extreme. from economic point of view, ceo's who run companies i think extremely cautious and all these
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event are making them even more cautious. we're seeing gdp forecasts coming down. very little implosion goldman took down oil price forecast this morning. >> right. >> little pricing power. as a result lack of investment. animal spirits have been i am did ever since 2008. that makes the economy quite a tough background. unemployment, concern about employment. concern about the future. automation, all these things, are making people i think increasingly nervous. donald trump does resonate. there is no doubt about that. maria: all ahead of a by the way of a federal reserve meeting next week wednesday and thursday. bin, real quick, let me ask you in terms of where we are in this process. is it too early to define who really is in the lead in terms of, you know, 14 months away from really the election? >> yeah. i mean if you look at campaigns past it's a little different than what we're seeing this now.
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you kind of liken this gop field to almost a ncaa tournament exempt we can't get out of the first round. we're not eliminating anybody. we have to get to final four quickly. used to be you had to win iowa or new hampshire to advance. now when you have 16 people, use ncaa idea you have to survive and advance of the once you get to florida, where i am today, i think that will probably make the decision at some point for the gop. maria: all right. we've leave it there. ben, steve, thank you so much for weighing in here. we'll see you soon. much more on race for white house coming up. former did deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush karl rove will weigh on in on the race later in the 8:00 a.m. hour. we'll keep talking with martin sorrell on global economy. today's top story in the "wall street journal," technology ipos hitting a seven-year low, accountings for only 11% of u.s. ipos in 2015. journal reporting that most valuable startups are
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intentionally holding off on ipos. uber expecting to boost revenue by 400%. airbnb expecting to triple revenue. jack, why such a small number of tech companies filing for ipos you think. >> if unicorns were everywhere are little girls wouldn't love them. in the tech market unit any corns are everywhere. why should i buy this billion dollar tech company when a new one might be coming out afterwards? facebook phenomenon was this company baked in the oven forever. it became huge in market value. still we found it went up. everybody is hoping for next facebook. too much money flowed into this. you have private equity guys. remember they're not spending their own money. they're spending wealthy investors money. i think too much has gone there and we'll see a shakeout. maria: other thing, dagen, you go and go when the market is ready for you. it has been volatile markets. maybe not the right time to go public right now? >> absolutely.
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there is a massive amount of excess. we don't see it because these companies are not publicly-traded. according to the journal there are 117 right companies funded by venture-capital that are valued north of a billion dollars. that is double the number from just a year ago. maria: yeah. >> the bigger question is for the economy, if these venture capitalists can not have a liquidity event and take these companies public in the next year or two, does it hurt the ability for startups to raise money down the road? that hurts economy. >> other element is private equity companies have been exiting. look at companies like blackstone, carlisle,cvc, they have been exiting from private equity invests and liquidating quite heavily last two to three years. they felt the markets were toppy. they were looking for interest rates to rise. we'll see whether they start to rise shortly. so they have been extremely cautious. venture capital market, obviously they have to realize.
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we're making our digital investments taking longer term view. we're strategic venture capitalists. we're not looking for early exits. we're looking to build brand over long period of time. it is quite different. private equity firms have been liquidating. you talk to the heads of them they have been liquidating last two or three years. maria: let's not forget they bought at very low prices to or three years ago and time to get out. >> there is debate whether markets are still too high. whether long term p-e ratios are at historic highs and whether the market is still too long. maria: i want to ask you about innovation coming up in the program. you are really watching an investing in the middle of this digital revolution. >> yes. maria: in terms of where advertising is going. money is still in it. v. however -- >> there are big debates, maria, taking place. nielsen ratings for the traditional networks are not looking particularly good. now that is partly because measurement system is wrong. it is not good.
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the hurdle for off-line, for linear tv is much higher than, hurdle for online. big controversy taking place about measurement systems. we made investments in comscore to remedy it to come up with better mousetrap. measurement is one part of it. there is something happening as you well know, you see it on fox and see it elsewhere where people are consuming screens. look at total screen hours i would say they're up. if you look at total hours on network television, traditional television, probably the same or maybe even down. so there is a change in the pattern of viewing. traditional print also under pressure. digital print, big opportunity. digital tv, big opportunity. outdoor billboards, rated probably about right. cinema probably about right in terms of time spent versus investment by our clients an ourselves. big movements going to take place in traditional tv, in
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traditional print and internet and mobile. maria: we'll keep talking about that. not getting better analysis -- >> i think you probably can. maria: no. coming up new york state becoming first to approve $15 minimum wages for fast-food workers. what that means for the industry's biggest names coming up. stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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maria: welcome back. another win for president obama and highly debated iran deal. jo ling kent. good morning, jo. >> senate narrowly block ad deal aimed at iran.
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obama administration is also preparing to admit at least 10,000 syrian refugees in the next 12 months. that is nearly 600% increase from standard levels. this comes as white house faces growing pressure to do more in the global migrant crisis. new york state has approved a new america sure to raise fast-food minimum wages to $15 an hour from the current 8.75. changes will be phased in gradually over three years and six years across elsewhere. new york state is first to pass such a law. maria. maria: welcome back, jo. >> thank you. maria: coming up could sinking price of oil have another 15% drop in the future. one bank thinks some. we'll tell you latest downgrades and estimate cuts on oil. down 2% already this morning. back in a minute. ♪ [phone recording] thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly.
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maria: welcome back. goldman sachs says oil prices could fall to $20 a barrel. opec expects prices to remain in 40 to $50 price range for the next year. todd horowitz is standing by in chicago. good morning to you. what are we seeing in terms of oil markets? we know what goldman is saying. >> good morning, maria. i think goldman is trying to force the markets down. this is third call for $20 call on oil. oil, like everything else is trying to outhandicap the fed and what they will do next week. opec will step in and say, hey, we're continuing production. prices are stablizing at $45 level. i expect that to continue to be same way. too many people on short side and too many people looking for big push down. a lot will have to do with the fed next thursday. maria: you think this is call from goldman but you're on the other side of the trade. is that what you're saying, todd?
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>> i'm definitely on the other side of the trade. i think goldman want to be on other side as well. think they're talking their book to push it down to get out of short positions. i think short side is thing a little bit too crowded in oil. maria: toed horowitz, thank you very much. have a great day to you. you're expecting oil prices at "barron's" to go lower. >> largely for technical reasons. he says are there are a lot of short term, short contracts, long term there has to be capitulation to take it down to briefly. for the month it hits 20, it might average 40. i am not saying it will stay there. maria: this is big story. tony roth, chief investment officer at wilmington trust. tony, if we were to see oil prices go even lower than they are now, into the 20s like goldman is talking about, like jack is talking about, does that have knock-on effect to markets and broader economy? >> absolutely.
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medium to long term, lower oil prices are accretive to the economy. maria: accretive. that is what dagen think. >> medium to long term but in the short term we've seen this strong correlation between the drop in oilprices and drop in equities markets globally. that is around concern that oil prices effectively represent an effect rather than a cause. in other words, they are effect of the slowing global economy, particularly out of emerging world. now the capitulation that you're describe something really technical capitulation, right? it is not fundamental capitulation. you're describing a short period if it happens. so i don't believe if we get that capitulation, it is going to be particularly meaningful for global equity markets over long term. sure, short-term volatility. who knows what happens on any day or week. >> i don't look at commodity prices and decline there and the decline in oil as an indicator of growth in china, of growth -- it is backwards looking.
6:24 am
i'll tell you why. i think it could be positive because you've already had the downdraft. i don't think it is forward-looking. peak oil, when oil topped 2008, was that an indicator that the economy was going great guns and booming? no. it was an indicator of speculators. the economy fell out of bed later in 2008. and the entire financial system crumbled. so i'm just saying it is inverse indicator. oil is down. maybe we get a bounce-back because it is down. maria: that is exactly the question. >> theoretically it is tax cut. we would see consumers spending. we haven't seen it yet. >> i disagree a little bit. maria: do economies lead commodities or do commodities lead economies? >> i think economies lead commodities. retail sales number last month, retail sales number last week, which is last meaningful piece of data before the fed meeting next week, right? maria: right. >> so the last one we saw was third strongest retail sales number since 2008. >> question in my mind in
6:25 am
relation to the fed is the u.s. recovery as broad based as some people think it is? or is other people think it is not? a let of ceos that we deal with tend to make very conservative, they're forecasting gdp growth for the u.s. at beginning of this year were always loyer than goldman or the experts. maria: right. >> as over the year they have all come down. experts have come down towards where ceo's were at business council happens to be. we see that actually pretty much every year. so i think u.s. recovery is not quite as world based. >> i agree with you but the question is what should the barb, what will the barb for fed raising right? it is not a robust economy. the fed is in this extreme standard deviation monetary stance, okay. maria: would you put new money to work in stocks right now. >> absolutely. maria: you would put money in stocks. >> what sort of view, long-term view. >> both long and short. i do think the fed will move next week. >> you do. >> i think they will move.
6:26 am
i can tell you why. i think they will move and a big relief for the market when they finally move. we'll get selloff. >> won't get taper tantrum. >> i don't think so. short-term selloff and market recover realize that economic growth is solid. >> a sign the economy is healthy enough they think they can raise, bottom line. >> i think that's right. they desperately want a raise, right? let's be clear out of that. maria: they want to get out of zero. >> they want to get out of zero. they move in december, like last two weeks of the year, like august from liquidity standpoint. fed is extremely concerned about liquidity as money markets move into overnight facilities, et cetera. maria: can u.s. keep strong growth with rest of the world under pressure. how many countries is wpp in. >> 112. maria: 112. we'll get martin sorrell's thoughts on world economy. european leaders discussing what is facing region. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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tree and do good morning, everybody. friday september 11th at 6:30 in the east coast. jack otter with this morning. as well as dagen mcdowell and wpp group chairman and ceo martin guerrero. the ceo, not chairman. the war of words war of words in the gop as republicans during tremendous stands for nothing but himself. but himself paired but himself. tribe respondents had failed to respond to people that register more than 1% in the polls. president obama scored a victory. democrats blocking the effort. this essentially means the deal will go through. tom brady shakes off deflate great drama when the patriots beat the pittsburgh steelers 28- 21. reddy threw four touchdown passes.
6:31 am
let's turn the markets and what we said this morning. expect in a weaker open. the federal reserve meeting federal reserve meeting in a two-day meeting talking about that today. dow industrial right now expected go 35 points. crude oil prices tumbling 2% after opec and goldman sachs cut price forecasts. bowman talking about oil in the 20s. today we remember the events of september 11, 2001. the nation will pause to honor the thousands of lives lost in the terrorist attack 14 years ago. we will bring you those moments throughout the morning on the fox business network. we turn our attention to you at wpp. i want to ask you about the global economy because you said earlier the company isn't 144 countries. >> 112 countries. we went into cuba. we have our men have our man in
6:32 am
havana already and when the sanctions are lifted we have to be careful, but once they are lifted its the market. it's a parallel to vietnam in the mr slightly more at 60 million. cuba is much smaller. the growth here in new york the last couple of days, one of our clients is committed to growth in the package and not a supermarket by karen dress up, it's an extremely good market. you have a dichotomy between what is good politically and what is good from an economic point of view. not just about the u.s. economy comments about china. i remained unapologetic, i'm ashamed. brescia obviously longer-term, big problems particularly with distinctions in ukraine. brazil in the next two or three years to be difficult.
6:33 am
we made another small investment in brazil we are bullish on it. it has proven to be right at least up until now. resilient entrepreneurs interesting. a lot of them starting to take money off the table. they are starting to realize historically they've been very bullish. india is the one break that it's been really strong. the western european economist, that germany would be very strong. spain is recovered. france is still wobbly, italy better. they reduce the esp -- and said again he will do everything he can to make sure the european economies keep going. looking for growth in europe is fair. it is better than it was.
6:34 am
the fed raising interest rates, what makes me worried about it whether it's an election year next year and they can't do anything or not because i think the economy is quite fragile. people who run the companies as opposed to those people who observe them are nervous. >> that's what i was getting at. i wonder, jack otter, if the u.s. can see sustained growth in japan is in recession, candidate and recession from the brazil this week, europe is your. >> the demographics of the country are relying on the demographics of the emerging markets where their population bubble is age 25 is supposed 25 as opposed 25 is supposed to her baby boomers which are on the cusp of retirement. that's where we want to get demand. it's obviously not air. so it is very hard for us to break out of 3.5% growth last quarter which is fantastic under
6:35 am
circumstances. >> going to larry summers point about inflation. >> we talked about gas earlier. the biggest problem of course is demand. lower gas. is the tax break you're talking about will eventually help with retailers. airlines booming. ticket prices coming down because of oil. we are going to see these effects that are positive for demand. >> just really quickly, how accurate our corporate ceos? since 2008 do they tend to be negative? >> maria talked about innovation. i'm in the clay christiansen school to the immigration receives incremental, not fundamental and some technology sectors. the innovation you see tens to be incremental and partial and
6:36 am
it's not very fundamental. if you're running the company, woody faced with? one end you have bluebird and airbnb disrupting your business. driving down costs. you sit down and remember he looked up at -- [inaudible] quarterly earnings, legal and general has said abolish quarterly review. >> we talked about that here. maria: the journalist was talking about report talking about report for marty lifted basically saying this is encouraging short-term mentality. >> the company is in my view of the past are the ones that offend corporate governance the way you have controlled with voting rights skewed to the people who run it. so let's take mark zetterberg or
6:37 am
let's take the owner of this particular channel. that gives great stability and the right people running the company, but the long-term strategy is put into place, otherwise you sit there worrying about what will happen to short-term. average life of the ceo is five to six. maria: that's an amazing number actually. maria: launching a case of salmonella cases in chipotle restaurants across the state. >> good morning, maria. since the start of september, 45 cases of salmonella have been reported to state health officials in minnesota. of those cases, 32 people had eaten a chipotle restaurants around the time they got sick. investigators were to identify a specific food source of the outbreak. for the meantime, chipotle has changed the source of the suspect to produce, maybe cucumbers. the stock is in effect.
6:38 am
chipotle stock trading 20% over the past three months. i'm a big chipotle fan and will talk about walkable little cost you extra. maria: don't forget to start your weekdays with nicole and lauren simonetti. right before they show fox business network at 5:00 a.m. eastern by. biggest names discuss the issues facing the region. we will be right back.
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maria: heart of his appearance in the late show with stephen colbert, elon musk revealing images have a space fax dragon capsule. >> maria, space acts releasing images to and from the international space station. a company hopes to begin these missions by 2017. the nfl says don't blame the patriots for some difficulties, technical issues throughout the game last night. shortly after takeoff, both coaches headsets began malfunctioning to her safety and power infrastructure issue caught by bad weather. things are back up and running by the end of the game. "star wars" to take over the holiday shopping season topping toys "r" us 2015. ballmer says it could be bigger than disney's frozen. some include lifesavers and the remote control robot you have on
6:43 am
. maria: i try to bite into his art is sold out. i am on a wait list. maria: wow, thank you. servers are meeting to talk about the issues facing the region. ukrainian president portia and go who called russia a threat to the democratic world joining us live right now is fox news contributor judith miller. good to see you. tell us what is happening on the ground in key of this morning. reporter: well, all of ukraine seems to be here. 350 people who had come from all over europe to discuss the future of the country. president porchenko told that this morning rush is now waiting to see what the west will do, what we will do at the moment he announced for the first moment
6:44 am
there has been no showing in the disputed territory of russia is occupying. no showing for the first time. but he said he doesn't know what's going to happen because they don't know what putin is thinking about further moves. you could just be distracted by syria. we know that europe is extracted by the huge refugee crisis. in the meantime the country is fighting for his life. maria: in terms of leaders from the u.s., who can you tell us about who is there who are participating in these conversations about russia? reporter: at the moment, new-line this year. they're both in the academic world, general petraeus comest in the crystal, the general talking about the european aid and in american assistance with the ukrainian army. maria, this country has
6:45 am
basically rebuilt its army in less than a year and the only real form of assistance are from uncaring tease that this country has is the military assistance. listening to former generals talk about the crisis that ukrainian is facing, everyone says ukraine is doing well but they need much more assistance from the west. we are now providing them anything besides defensive equipment, basically night vision goggles, humvees, bullet proof vest made radar systems. they need to do something about the 8000 russian troops still in the territory, the box is called. they are not going back. russians agreed to go back in something called the minsk agreement what they have not honored the agreement.
6:46 am
the world is waiting to see what putin will do. maria: we will be watching as you cover it at the conference. judy miller live in kiev. it is an unknown what happened to putin and what putin does next. >> is a link between immigration crisis. i think last week or this week was calling for a reduction of the sanctions in connection with agreement in relation to immigration end quote is. the danger is the immigration situation will cause the negotiations, which will ease the sanctions around russia. some countries in europe like hungary, denmark are going to start a negotiate an agreement in relation to immigration and maybe the russians will emerge with some concessions. maria: this is a live picture of
6:47 am
the pentagon. unfriendly name the american flag to commemorate the memory of those lost 9/11. the pentagon was struck at american airlines flight 77. killing all 64 people on board with 105 defense people and personnel. they were inside the building at they were inside the building at the time of the attack. ♪ g data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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maria: welcome back through the summer's blockbuster bounty is officially over and as a home universal studio coming in as a box office with four films to top the top 10 list accounting for more than a third of all box office revenue this summer including jurassic park grossing
6:51 am
$647.5 million. michael kammerer joins us now with more on what is happening. >> good morning. universal, baby. they are at this summer. they have a lot of contenders. prior to this birthday with a stepchild of the studio's past from parent to corporate terror. they never had a million dollar movie. this summer between furious seven, jurassic world and minions. the all-time big winner for this year. one of the biggest losers as sony, down 75% compared to last year. the only hit was a faith-based movie called war room made for $3 million. [-open-bracket one, has a big 30 million at. if it wasn't for the sony hack this would've been a summer that would've sent amy pascal home
6:52 am
packing. maria: it is interesting that the sony hack has done. would you attribute that to sort of an underperformance? >> no, it's the movies. adam sandler was on the backend of his his career at this point. in terms of winning movies. we were just talking about bridesmaids. pitch perfect, train wreck ends by. it kind of underperforms. hoping to relaunch the franchise. dagen: have you been to burning man? where are the photos? [laughter]
6:53 am
i want to see your outfit in your vehicle for driving around. >> my better half forces me to go. i can take three days. after three days the dust wins out and then i leave. it's an amazing experience. 18,000 people that does there come a quite extraordinary. i'm sitting in the middle. there is some connection. library's work better than apple iphone's. last year the blackberry worked much better. maria: hbo releasing its first look at the new bernie made us busy. what is your take? >> dead on, dead ringers. get ready for a lot of madoff movies. this one will be on hbo it will be really good.
6:54 am
robert de niro, michelle pfeiffer starring as the same pair. dagen: we should have the photo. they have the photo. it's an hbo movie because nobody would actually pay money to see a period who is going to pay $15 to see a movie about bernie madoff, so hbo buys a period >> at emma schama lines they come back. not only a great storyteller, but a very different model for hollywood. it's all gone on to gross tens of millions. paranormal, insidious. they distributed another hbo movie. they made paranormal for $15,000 to women to gross over $200 million. these are margins that studios
6:55 am
empty. maria: what about the movie company. media stocks have been crushed as you know. how would you characterize the larger owners of the studios? >> you look at them as media companies as a whole. many people who lead the media companies will not be here in three or four years time with the exception probably of disorganization. although leadership in four or five years time of change which comes back to what i was saying before. what makes new news corp. or news corp. and fox trusting as their structure and commitment to the long-term. changes in the scene in leadership will not be dealing with issues we touched on before. what will happen to streaming, what will happen in relation to netflix and hulu and measurement and all these long-term issues will not be dealing. it's an interesting time.
6:56 am
content is extremely important. the things we discuss in future films and what netflix is going to do. i'm told the commitments of 4.5 billion as the second-largest budget already in terms of commitments. we've been heavily involved with media rights capital which produced house of cards for netflix and full screen. minority investment. and of course bias. fox has invested in which 10% and shane smith has done an incredible job. people said young millennialist are not interested in the news. think again. a different way of presenting news. it is just a different way of presenting. less stuffy.
6:57 am
maria: is a great investment for you. great to have you on the show today. always a pleasure to see you. dagen mcdowell, jack otter, great to see you. >> we think the leasing of the song will be the big story, not so much the hardware. maria: back in a minute.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: good morning. i maria bartiromo. it is friday, september 11th. we are here as sandra smith, gary kaminsky and new york stock exchange ceo of grasso. your top stories right now with the gop field candidates from bobby jindal to ben carson to take him for a runner donald trump. governor jindal told lou lou dobbs just last night.
7:01 am
you have a poor choice of here he stands for nothing but himself and donald trump. democrats are giftwrapping the election. running the worst campaign ever. let's not blow this. >> vice president joe biden on the late show with stephen cole bare. he did not appear close to be making a decision about jumping into the race. >> you said this weekend you don't know if you are emotionally prepared to run for president. >> love, i don't think any man or woman should run for president unless number one they know exactly why they would want to be president. two, they can look at vaux out there and say i promise you you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy on my passion to do this. maria: not straight ahead. pressing a bomb on capitol hill.
7:02 am
dropping the effort to do drill the nuclear deal. this deal will go through. tom brady shaken off to sleep deep drama. new england patriots beat the pittsburgh steelers 28-21. brady threw four touchdown passes. we will show you how we expect the opening to look like. the dow jones industrial average to open 60 points. we see in the market worsened the last half an hour. nasdaq, s&p 500 also weaker. shanghai composite in china with slight gains but the major average edged lower overnight in asia. european markets down as well in early trading today. s&p 100, and down more than 1%. oil the market to watch right now. crude oil price tumbling 2% after goldman sachs said oil could go into the 20s. opec cutting price forecast.
7:03 am
today we remember the events of september 11, 2001. the nation will pause to wonder that thousands of lives lost in the terrorist attack 14 years ago. we will bring you guys on the fox business network. first to want to turn to grasso. 14 years ago you show such incredible leadership. condolences to you. you have a patent on basically cherish in our court authority, fire department and n.y.p.d. >> good morning, maria. this is of course the 14th anniversary and we should all pause to honor those we lost in particularly these incredible firsters wanders. they spin signifies the 23 new york city police officers, 343 new york city firefighters and 37 port authority police officers who ran into those buildings set 25,000 people could come out.
7:04 am
i was blessed. i had 144 people in that tower. my entire enforcement division and they all lived because of the heroic efforts of those incredible human being and this is the day we should never forget. their sacrifice to honor and celebrate those who walked out but never forget those who didn't go home to their families and friends. train to i will never forget that moment after the dust had settled and we knew it was a terrorist attack. i came up to your at the new york stock exchange. you had shut down. obviously trading never started that day and asked you what now. very calm way, you told her try to direct people what to do and the exchange opening the following monday after that dreadful tuesday. >> that day we took our instructions and i was in constant communication with an
7:05 am
incredible human being, rudy giuliani who really was the quarterback of the nation, the nation's sole was tested and rudy giuliani rose like a beacon. he told me when i can let people leave the exchange. almost 5000 people on the trading floor that we held in the building because we were very concerned that additional openings beyond the first two towers were going to come down. fortunately we were right. number seven didn't come down until 5:30 in the afternoon. by that time, rudy had given me the okay to send people home and was sent into the east river and north from the east river. it was a day of incredible heroics. the fire department, police
7:06 am
department and ordinary citizens in those towers helping one another. maria: is very hard to know what to say, what you shouldn't say. i was on the air that day and i remember wanting to communicate to people that there were no fatalities have been the new york stock exchange never the new york stock exchange never on with it but he didn't want to give away too much in case the exchange was a target. >> i'm just honored to sit next to two ) and two people we spoke so many times that week. i've stated many times it wasn't just september 11th but when he was able to put together. but we talked about it earlier this week. i was a sign to the world when the new york stock exchange reopened that america would continue to be open for business. on a personal note i like to mention my close friends and colleagues lost that day tim grassi is so, marty and marty frink.
7:07 am
i was remember those three specific way in addition to everybody else on this day. >> i joined gary. i have a dear friend and herman sandler, the founders in their own male who died that day. i also have john santa tour from engine 24 ladder five. bernie buka was a fire marshal. so many members of the fire department i was privileged and honored to call friend. but people don't remember about the days of the 343 firefighters who perished, almost 100 of those men were off duty. they didn't have to be there. it was their decision to jump on a track and go down to the trade center. stephen sellers running through the brooklyn battery tunnel to get over to the towers. we will have his raise later in
7:08 am
the month. it was an incredible day of her row x for both first responders and just ordinary people coming down the stairs. maria: it really was. we will talk to folks from bcg corners which of course would turn us into a charity day which much of the revenue they've raised will go to charity. want to check the futures right now. we showed you earlier in lower opening another so they see right here. dow industrials down 66 points in several moments of silence and pause as we remember and we never forget the events of september 11th. the war of words keeps up between republican presidential front runner donald trump and other members of the field. blake burman with the latest on that. good morning to you. reporter: bobby gentleman headlines yesterday after he went on a rant donald trump. he described the front runner is a narcissist, egomaniac and
7:09 am
shallow or not is just the beginning of a lengthy speech yesterday. jimbo continues the biggest attack last night when he spoke with lou dobbs. >> conservatives have an important choice to make. do we apply proven conservative principles or a man who stands for nothing but himself and donald trump. train to his campaign sent out a statement saying he did not make the debate stage and therefore i've never met him. i only respond to people to register more than 1% in the polls. i never thought he had a chance and i've been proven right. speaking of polls come a quinnipiac university poll is out for my era. donald trump in the lead with 27 support in the state. dr. ben carson in second with 21%. you can see the gap from there. one of the headlines they are, scott walker where he was once
7:10 am
considered a big favor all the way down. >> blake burman, we will be watching the rest of the republican field so hesitant to attack drug. give me your take on this election year with trump for years. >> you know, i have to give trump a lot of credit. he is brought to the table issues that need to be aired. he would be the first to say i have not the politically correct candidate. i am not the insider. the american people are very tired of insiders to the republican party and i've supported republicans. the republican party said give us control of both houses of congress. we'll get things done. they've gotten nothing done. maria: that is why people are so mad. sandra smith, everybody got tax reform was low-hanging fruit, immigration was low-hanging fruit.
7:11 am
what has been done? >> i'm just a country boy doing the best i can. i'm not one of these politicians. i don't know how you guys play this game, but here i am and here is me. whether he gives us the truth in the real donald trump, you can argue that. but he is playing that card and it's working. >> he's always thought it. i remember when he proposed a new building for the new york stock exchange. it was big. in the east river and was going to be an incredible facility. this would have been about 1997. as only the donald could come me he had a 71092-foot tower next to it. because we were founded in 1792. he had the new yankee stadium next to it.
7:12 am
donald is a big thinker. americans have always been optimistic. maria: it wasn't jacob was huge. >> you look at the blog see how in new york city. maybe 18, 22% of the people actually vote and you see what you have in new york are the best thing about trump as he will make focus on tran people focus. more people will vote as a result of it. maria: i totally agree. he is energizing the race. why didn't he put the new york stock exchange and the bother. >> some people said we were sinking had we done this. maria: google said on tran had uber. we will have the very latest. stay with us on that. we live in a world of mobile technology,
7:13 am
but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back. big changes to fast food restaurants in new york state that could change the industry forever. jo ling kent with the story. reporter: and a measure to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers and $15 an hour to $8.75 where it is right now. it will be phased in three years in new york city six years elsewhere. new york state is the first to pass such a law in the u.s. an unexpected twist during the taping of the late show with stephen colbert during an interview with goober on tran uber see how comic protesters stood up and said separate is destroying taxi jobs. stephen colbert are allotted him to speak freely. it doesn't end there and the ongoing battle over whether drivers are employees or independent contract is. a california regulator declared a former driver was in fact an employee and not a contract to. the business model blood on the
7:17 am
contractor model to avoid paying benefits like health insurance and employment. maria: this is really an interesting story. let's talk about what is going on with wages paid minimum wage is going to $15 an hour. is this the good idea? >> i think it's a horrible idea. i think it will put a cost squeeze on small businesses. minimum-wage jobs are entry-level jobs. you want people to enter the workforce and aspire to move up the ladder. i think that is the highest hourly wage on the globe not just in america but around the world. >> even if it is not right away and they say it's gradual and incremental, if a company is expecting the cost will double just for salary, they are going to cut back. >> maria, there's a beta disingenuous politicking going
7:18 am
on. in new york state, even though the governor squarely behind it as they heard him say the other day, he knows the assembly will not approve it. what better opportunity than to stand with labor and say i'm in support of higher wages even though i know you're not going to get done. >> one ring about the uber storage is one simple thing. the uber exists because what was out there wasn't working. if people wanted the tax season they were clean and the drivers were polite and turkey where you wanted to go, my father-in-law and the delivery business makes a point that it's almost like why do i have to take a taxi driver. the uber figured out what people want and that's the important thing. but the value is and what happens at the business i have no idea. the business is successful because it is serving a need.
7:19 am
>> inet taxi drivers who have successfully made the transition. if that's the way the free market works. >> which is why the leadership of the taxi unions. my good friend, the head of one of those unions has got to get together with the fleet owners and develop a type knowledge's strategy to provide a competitive product. if they do that, uber will face competition. maria: is taxi medallions were a million dollars. the valuation has come down to $750,000. uber astarte disrupted. >> the chicago values are down 60%. even more of an impact there. >> speaking of chicago taxes, slow slow to implement credit card use. they've been so slow to adapt to the new technology world that
7:20 am
uber moved in and has been very successful. >> this is where union leadership can play an important role in centralizing, developing and launching a product that is competitive. the drivers, taxi drivers really work their tails off would be competitive. i am old enough to remember when a taxi medallions was more valuable than a seat on the new york stock exchange. maria: will talk more about that. up next, but oil prices fall below $20 a barrel. goldman sachs appraising called this morning. back in a minute. ♪
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back. big call out of goldman sachs and oil prices could fall to $20 a barrel. opec expect in prices lower trim and $40 to $50 range for the rest of the year. todd horvitz standing by in chicago. we see that news weighed on prices of goldman's call pushing prices lower so they can buy them. reporter: that is correct. i think it is absurd, irresponsible. they are making a ridiculous call of $20 from this level here with what's going on and the prospect of wealth will go one reeks of somebody who says we need to get prices lower so they can accumulate and buy undershorts backordered long position. oil is under more pressure down another 1%. look for it under pressure.
7:25 am
maria: the question is do lower commodity prices laden economy or does an economy that is all laid lead commodities lower? >> there hasn't been any evidence that low oil prices factored into any specific area other than casual dining and apparel. on this call, goldman sachs was very, very adamant years ago that oil was going to 150 and would never trade below 100 in our lifetime. it is the same firm that said 150 price target. maria: sounds like you agree with todd. >> goldman called for 200 by 2010. maria: you're absolutely right. they are saying $20 isn't the base case here. >> maybe they pulled out the report and it said 200 inmate took off to zero.
7:26 am
maria: we will be right back. stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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7:29 am
maria: good morning, everyone. welcome back it is friday, september 11th 7:30 on east coast, with me the this hour sandra smith, wall street week co-host gary kaminsky former new york stock exchange ceo dick grasso your top stories 6:30 on east coast the war of words in gop field continuing, bobby jindal take on donald trump asking if republicans want to turn to a man who stands for nothing but himself in "trump saying i only respond to people that register more than 1%, in the polls. ouch, president obama, scored a victory on cal hill democratics blocking the republican efforts to derail iran nuclear deal this essentially means this deal is going through, tom brady
7:30 am
shaking off "deflategate" drama epg new england updates rot booth steelers 28-21 in nfl opper brady through tour touchdown passes on nights to markets expecting lower opening from a brairjz dow yes, i do opening down 45 points nasdaq s&p 500 lower this morning morning on weakness in europe mixed markets in asia crude oil prices tumbling nearly 2% goldman sachs the university price expectations for the price of oil, today, of course, we remember the inventories of september 112001 horning the thousands of lifes lost 14 years ago today, we are will bring moments throughout the morning on the fox business network. a quiet day so far in terms of market action, among the weeks of wild swings we have ben seeing what is the federal reserve next move tony o abrogating told us he thinks
7:31 am
feds of raise rates next week. >> would you put new money to work in stocks. >> absolutely. >> would you put money in stocks. >> i would, because i think that long-term, long actually i this i the fed is going to move next week when they move i can tell you why i think they ever going to move i think going to be a big relief for the market when they finally move. maria: are i want to bring in director of globalal macrothank you for joining us you think fed i raises. >> i think first time in years a cliff-hanger focus on the domestic data will raise if they folk on fact market conditions tightened look at credit spreads, break evenings what is happening overseas they could very well hold off yet again, about it you know with december not really considered a good month to go, in october, being kind of an in between, meeting, it is sort of september or wait till next year. >> one of the questions i
7:32 am
asked can united states, continue growth if in fact we've got so many challenges around the world canada in recession, japan in recession russia week europe still recovering what do you think? >> well, i don't know the answer to that, that is the whole issue that the fed is thinking about, when is that if we are going to have a recession, because of what is happening around the world, in united states, next year, and they haven't raised rates, what do they do then i think that is really been the major concern since august 17. the major concern is if we are at zero, and we are in a recession, then the fed has nothing they can do then we have to rely on fiscal policy i don't know what the right answer is you know -- if fed you raises next week is market going up or down i just don't flow the answer to that would i say you think the market is going to have a rally off a fed increase as tony suggested? >> i think once if fed goes
7:33 am
other goes or doesn't go market will probably rally september because it has near term certainty i think if the fed does raise rates you may have sort of a buy the news rally if you will having sold the rumor, but even the market doesn't seem to be fully discounting the rise you look at interest growth only pricing in 30% chance. >> what do you think is greetest fear of the fed right now to not raise a quarter point at the next meeting? what is what do you think they think is worst-case scenario from that. >> fed is concerned the fed reads tea leaves of the markets so if inflation expectations are well below the fed targets, fed targets 2%, the five year rate 1.2 corrode spreaders widened 50, 60% from their lows about a year ago, so what happens is that the market can tighten for fed in a way that is happening our dollar is up global drain effects reserves
7:34 am
in china elsewhere, so, markets are tightening already, and if the fed decides they are tightening too fast, then it is a problem and that may force them to hold off i think for fed not about a quarter from zero, now, or later it is about the track and what the market price is seeing this happened with tapeer tantrum in 2013, you know the fed said one tapeer in congressional testimony market put dots together that weren't meant to be put together a massive tightening in financial conditions. >> i wonder if federal reserve does not raise rates next week if the market spruce that as even worse than higher interest rates because if fed doesn't ray of it tells market this economy is slower than you even knew. >> i think, i think the fed i don't know if they would think that, but there -- there is you know sort of a new notion going on about quantitative tightening if you look at drain in forgery exchange reserves overseas especially
7:35 am
in china they're down you know, about a trillion and half on a flow basis over the past year or so, and if that is the -- the efl twin of qe if qe versus qt debate, then the fed listens to that, then i think it is just noomdz that there are global pressures not necessarily u.s. pressures, but globally pressures that may be will tell them hold off. >> i think we are in the middle of analysis paralysis you hear people talk about what they want the fed to do is say one and done, i would rather have fed say four, and no more. i mean come on! let's get serious, a quarter of a point move? what does that mean? i think the reality is the u.s. economy is moving in to the leadership role on a global basis, you know people talk about the disaster in china. well, wouldn't you love that kind of a disaster here in
7:36 am
america? a 5% gdp growth rate? come on, let's get serious about this. you are not normalizing interest rates if you look at normalization, post world war ii, and say, 25 basis points 100 basis points? doesn't make any sense! . >> you like may be able to move 50 base points next week says say we feel strong about u.s. economy we feel we are on the right track we rather take it up to 50 and get it done right now. >> i think you are dead right, dead right gary, you know the fed making the strong statement like that, i think the market will slingshot -- >> to highs. >> i think you are right. >> skwl >>. maria: that would spark a rally what are you telling clients. >> i told them what we always tell them have a plan stick with the plan people forget, because we've had such low volatility until just a few weeks ago, that the 10% correction one in three odds of 20% bear market one in five
7:37 am
it happens, you know, over the very long term, stocks are still the best game in town we still go 9, 10% a year despite about occasional you know, big sell-off so investors if they have a proper plan that makes sense for them, just stick with it don't be the person who sells the low. >> i agree but retailer investor feeling ail yenated one issue high friend of the courts traikd controversial computer based rapidly trading hypocrites say front run other investors, dick here is a clip. >> creating, an advantage to an institutional user or a particular type of trader, that disdisadvantageous retail investor is bad for the country bad for markets bad for business. >> looks good doesn't he -- >> yeah -- run on thursday -- >> younger when that was taped. >> taped yesterday how has new
7:38 am
york stock exchange handled this, hft-- >> the issue i don't think can be handled by nyse or any of the 60 market centers in the country. i think it will got to be handled by regulators the sec fed treasury those who compose the market committee oversight committee have got to bring our regulations in line with the trespassed and strategies you see in the market. maria: you trust them to be able to do that though. >>. sandra: do you trust them -- >> sandra, what they have at their i think beck and call are people in the community who would be happy to lend their time and talent to an overhaul, to bring the regulations in line with current technologies and strategies. >> i just want to say one thing to that i hope mary joe white of sec watches wall street week on sunday to understand from dick exactly what are the issue is why they
7:39 am
should bring him in, to sit down with them, and explain what they need to know. maria: it is a different market right now how from being aired ahow fractured right now. >> ibm a bellwether each can relate to trades 60 different venues can anyone tell me last sale on ibm if trading 60 different places, some are completely transparent, some are semi transparent some dark you got to be kidding me. >> if new york stock exchange stopped trading it wasn't a big deal. >> not only algos, the etfs taking you mean 30, 40% all trading. >> volatility dislocation. >> i make the case that etf, the combine and the disaggregation of etfs newest form of program trading index are a by trajectory i am
7:40 am
buying pieces at cheap level selling unit or buying unit cheap level selling pieces that is fine you regulate conduct in the market. >> are getting to have more products, and more frequent trading of products, i think we lost our way in the sense of what we tell investors one is transparency, and they want to know exactly what they are buying and selling. >> by the way, why etf business has been so successful because it is trairpt. >> correct, transparent, but the way people are trading, again dick pointed out, it is creating unfair advantage to many, many. >> that is monday morning, right. >> that. >> last monday market down 1,000 -- >> couple weeks ago, that was. >> 200. >> etf orders put in over the weekend at opening market levels, and. maria: and they were limit down so some companies within etf not open could not open. >> you created all flash crashes. >> that is -- fundamentally the reason that the public
7:41 am
doesn't trust the market today. that we have sent millions of investors to the sidelines, and what have they done they parked their money at a zero rate of return. >> unfortunately they are missing out, on long term returns for equities, good to have you on the show you the so much for joining us, coming up nfl season kicks off resounding win for tom brady intellect super bowl champ patriots, fox sports inspire mike garafolo is next.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
. maria: welcome back pg new england operates deetdz steelers 28-21 not without attractive steelers coach mike on head set issues during the game. >> there is also a a -- here. >> yes. >> listening to the patriots radio majority first half on headsets. >> patriots radio broadcast mike garafolo did headed sets pay a factor in the patriots' win. >> i think they did look like communication issues with the steelers, now, according to the nfl there were issues on patriots sideline as well having headset communication issues with helmets but you
7:46 am
could hear in mike tomlin's voice in his words, that it always seems to happen in foxboro the steelers web site wrote every time nfl went over to the patriots' sideline to figure out what was going on all of a sudden no problems with headedsets kind of shady. >> on steelers official web site. >> sandra i know you have an opinion on this. sandra: i don't know i missed the whole game because i had to get sleep to come on this program, i mean, really what are we supposed to think about the integrity of the "nfl today." >> we are supposed to think that they are technologically issues should not be happening this day and age, nfl said it is an nfl provided headsets, that is not necessarily the case, the -- teams can bring their own headed sets. >> boy. >> it is managed by home team they have their guy manages it in their stadium, if you go back you will find several references to people saying this of an does happen np foxboro. >> from 12-billion-dollar --
7:47 am
>> 12 billion last year. >> i don't understand it but it does tend to happen, not just in foxboro but the frequency with which i it happens in fox bureau leads people like mike tomlin to be accept cal. >> i am not a patriots fan i am not an apologist you don't buy the argument that they were trying to tune into stephen colbert? [laughter] >> a particular program these days i don't i don't think so, scott and the patriots, radio crew pretty good, by the way, not to be steelers want to be listening to it during the game i think in the end, there won't be a -- three month investigation don't think calling on this one i don't think you are going to find any conclusive evidence patriots were doing anything but probably watched going forward. >> roger goodell wasn't at the game. >> he was not i was surprised they could have taken him in, underground nobody could have seen him take him to box tell nbc give us a shot here or
7:48 am
there, but don't dwell on it. >> in a would have been a nice shot of him there. >> i think it would have been perfect to close the wound to have roger in bob kraft's box, okay? to basically say, to the millions of football fans, we're going to put this aside, it is football season, let's play. >> let's play football. >> how about, the headed of the nfl players association demar submitting there with jeffrey kesler lead attorney on the case. >> that is radio it. >> kesler getting a hero welcome name chanted posing with fans recognized him, that was -- >> i think everybody is putting this aside i this i a falls important tratrayal everybody will tie tom brady to "deflategate" i don't think he will outlive that if he does will take a while roger goodell lobby shill questioned. >> i think a terrible mistake to linger on bob kraft a great
7:49 am
leader of great franchise brady going down as one of the very best in the history of the game, let's get over it. maria: absolutely -- >> the. >> mike garafolo give us -- >> lifelong jets fan. >> i can't believe what i heard from dick grasso, an amazing, owner. >>. >> not only a jets fan but a season ticket holder. >> how about jets mike can you tell us. >> have i think going to be okay, that defense is pretty good i like ryan fits patrick as quarterback better than ge genee smith right now could do damage. >> a pointed question have you been drinking. >> later today you and me both. >> 7:49 in the morning thank you so much coming up one week from all important september fed meeting the jury is still out on a pending interest rate hike, will they or won't they
7:50 am
on thursday? anthony is weighing in next back in a minute. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade.
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. maria: welcome back expecting a lower he opening from barrages take a look where we stand, dow yes, i do expected to open down 40 appoints nasdaq s&p weaker on the seg, we are going to bring in sky bridge capital finder anthony scaramucci from italy what happens next week at fed meeting thanks for calling from italy. >> maria, let me tell you dollar strong here economy booming in florence i do think there is just too much dissensation on the fed rate hike so i guess they are going to pump this probably till december, but that is not the real news today maria. today is your birthday -- grasso with gary the team, i
7:54 am
happen birthday. >> thank you, we're gefr going to tell your age we know you turned 29 again this year. >> we want to tell you we are thrilled about the show, we like that something we are getting the competition as relates to the ratings. maria: thank you so much thank you for that well wishhap birthing day. >> cotton candy cake not saying what year that was. maria: are a you guys are too much. >> happy birthing day. >> oh, my gosh. >> that one is -- >> per instructions of your producer, i took the canoli. >> happy birth day. >> thank you so much. >> happy birthday, thank you so much. we are going to cut the cake in a while, anthony
7:55 am
scaramucci, no -- fed creaincree next week. >> enjoy your do a. >> thank you so much, and, we will enjoy these cakes dick so important to have you on the show today on this at a. on september 11, 14 years ago, after you really showed incredible leadership i want to thank you thanking all the first responders in particular that dreadful day. >> thank you a lot of wonderful people came together, behind the american flag, and made us all very proud. the securities industry i have never seen, a period where they all put aside their competitive jealousy worked like dogs five days to get that market reopened, and, of course, the great people con-ed verizon made it all happen so it was a wonderful demonstration of the american spirit! they killed thousands, ruined
7:56 am
billions in property did not destroy the american way of life. maria: we knew on that tuesday on that monday, september 17 can when everybody came back to ring opening bell reopen markets you had everybody up there at that podium that said we are down but we are not out. >> exactly right. maria: dick grasso thank you for being here gary kaminsky good to see you. we'll be right back. responders.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. . maria: good morning. i'm maria bartiromo it is friday, september 11 with me this hour wall street week co-host gary kaminsky fox business network sandra smith top stories, the war of worz in gop field, candidates from jindal to ben carson trying to take on donald trump here is what governor jindal told lou dobbs last night. >> the -- this have an important choice to make do we applaud proeven conservative principles or turn on man who stands for nothing but himself in donald trump. >> democrats are gift wrapping
8:00 am
this election running the worst candidates the worse came ever let's not blow this is. >> on democratic side vice president joe biden on "late show" with stephen colbert last night neshl interview did not appear close about a decision about jumping into the race. >> you said this weekend you don't know if you are emotionally prepared to run for president. >> look. um -- i don't think any men and women should run for president unless number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president, and, two, they can look at the folks out there, and say promise you you have my whole heart my whole soul my energy, and my passion to do this. maria: more on that straight ahead, president orange county, scoringcounty president obama blocking at a wraen evident to did he rail
8:01 am
the deal it is going through. >> tom brady shaking off "deflategate,"ing new england beating steelers 28-21 season opener brady through four touchdowns passes on the night we are expecting a lower opening from broader averages dow jones industrial average down 43 points into the week, nasdaq s&p 500 expected to open lower in asia mixed session shanghai composite up slight gain major afternoons edging lower ornt, in europe markets are down, this morning, in early trading to look eft cac quarante dax index down under 1% off the worst levels of the morning, oil seems to be the market to watch the today crude oil prices tumbling nearly 2% goldman sachs said oil could go to 20 dollars a barrel, opec also cutting forecast on oil. >> today we rome events -- we
8:02 am
remember events of september 11 terrorist attack. >> futures lower opening trading begins less than 90 minutes a lie out phenomenon latest on ppi inflation in conjunction out 30 minutes consumer sentiment due out later this morning as well, gary your thoughts on this massive volatility that we are watching last couple weeks. >> well,something just doesn't feel right since august 17 we talked about it in the earlier hour, the question of is the fed going to raise is fed not going to raise in long run, made this point that it doesn't really matter okay? we will get through this, but i think i think we talked and i agree with you, i think the best thing for the fed to do right now is to raise rates, surprise upside, despite the fact there is global slowing, despite the fact that we may be slowing, if they truly believe this economy is strong, then send a message, to the marketplace that they
8:03 am
feel comfortable getting off zero getting of or emergency measures and want to be at certain level, as opposed to bleeding it out, over the long period of piem get it out of the way, so that when we have a recession we know we will have, another recession in this country, we're not having to be worried about how the fed is going to jookt but is recession closer than we think sandra smith a lot of people think commodities of telltale sign what is going on the entire commodities complex has broken down. sandra: china a big part whether you like to talk about it o are not china played a huge part in the global sell-off and slowdown, i always since i was a kid -- commodities market turned to commodities markets to give me a sign of what is happening now which is just what domestic economy. >> surindicatoror. >> doesn't look good copper oil prices, goldman -- talking but talking about 20 dollar oil. i mean this is still these are still difficult times, for the american economy. >> have the problem is liflt
8:04 am
historical you look at industries commodities, historically a leading indicator for recession the problem is we koobt go back and look at historical data, because we are coming off something we never did before, which is, search on years, of zero percent interest rates seven years of trying to manipulate the equity markets higher, to get asset prices higher. >> should have resulted in higher commodities prize devalued the dollar. >> told inflation was going to be guaranteed at least 2%, five years ago. >> makes you widen how bad is it -- >> makes you widwonder does fed what they ever doing does it ma the. maria: we will talk more next week two-day meeting a critical meeting, we've got one more piece of data before the meeting that is retail staelz next week, let's turn to 2016 race donald trump on top a new quinnipiac poll finds the republican candidate to be the most loved and
8:05 am
unloved in the iowa caucus blake berman with details. >> am i the trend that we are seeing nationwide,continues in iowa. the latest quinnipiac university poll shows antiwashington groundswell, donald trump remains the top of the field in first of caucus state with 27% support, another political first-timer dr. ben carson second with 21%, senator he had to cruz rounds out top three, here is what is at the core of this all i want you to take a look at this statistic here it is. when republican iowa voters were asked when type of experience do you think would better help candidate serve effectively as president someone had d.c. spencer or an outsider, 79% voters there said an outsider to 15% favoring the traditional politician in that. also, of note iowa flag for scott walker continues he had trump librarying numbers there earlier this summer in iowa
8:06 am
but now just polls at 3%. maria. maria: all right, blake that says it all frankly sticking with 20 -- aide to former secretary of state hillary clinton pleads fit in front of a congressional panel could prompt investigators to grant him immunity in for to my. >> joining us right now former governor senator of nebraska bob kerrey. >> hillary clinton has been sliding in the polls,what is your observation of this scandal and it could prevent her from being the democratic nominee? >> well to second one, the answer is yes. i mean, the race has gotten more competitive, look we have a federal law called freedom of information act, what that allow does is it gives citizens a tremendous amount of power, with the executive branch, you submit a request get information what your government is doing gives citizen power i believe what secretary did was to say i want to do end run around for i going to set up a server in
8:07 am
my home nobody ever done that before, collin powell didn't do that it wasn't because didn't want two cell phones around secretly for god's againing give me red one blue one who the hell cares she did ep run are on foia enormous point law for citizen a tremendous amount of power, by the way, it is never a good thing i don't care who you are if fbi is looking at your hard drive, that is not a good fact to have if you are running for president -- >> i want to get your take on this with a struck me the fact she wiped server clean. >> answerat having the e-mail server and but then erasing it. >> if you are a government official, and the foia request comes in, and you wipe your server clean you bring somebody in, by the way, the -- the gai that was handling it out in colorado he taking the fifth the one trying to provide security, then she said don't worry about it i got secret service in my house
8:08 am
secret service don't you do cyber security -- the guarding server doesn't prevent it from being hacked usual secretary of state i decide what clearance is going to be you make determination is this classified nobody marked it classified i didn't worry about it you are the one that has the decision, the problem is it lacks credibility i think she is nearliesly competent a traffic decision i think many ways now trying to you know, are set the ship right but hard to do. because first -- it is have a reasonable doubt to do because when -- you've got this memory i did it because i didn't want to carry two cell phones that is not why she did it she did it in my view she didn't want to couple with foia. >> as we know that is what those she wiped clean. >> have gary. gary: by obama jindal saying democrats basically serving it had up keeping support of hillary clinton. -- dnc actually hoping joe biden gets into the race? what is going on behind the
8:09 am
scenes with dnc as it relates to what is happening with this whole -- >> have i wouldn't agree with what governor jindal said not exactly i don't think that trump and republicans right now are doing everything they can -- a allergy nup of hispanic points not going to win cuyahoga cleveland with message they have to win, it is the other way around in my view. >> dnc hold to joe biden gets into this you know senator biden. >> i don't think the -- first of all, dnc lots of people, use the word hope a bunch of people trying to figure out what to do saying misapplying words, so i don't think they have the capacity actually to persuade joe biden to run you saw what happened during pittsburgh, he is deeply loved death of son i think united americans great moment of grief terrible for him, good for us in lots of ways. so the people are feeling a lot of love to him, and it is -- you know, put in political terms, when he ran for
8:10 am
president, in 2008, he chris dodd bill richardson left less than 1% he is polling 13x what he did in 2008. >> he ran two successful campaigns, was part of a ticketing that won 2008 part of a ticket that won in 2012, normally, under normal circumstances the party would go to the vice president they wouldn't good to former the secretary, so -- you have an unusual set of circumstances, but i think, you know it is very personal i take what he said -- last night if not 1 so% if heart is hurting so badly that he can't do it, he would be the do it. >> you are a medal of honor recipient, you are a navy seal you are on 9/11 commission, what are you thinking about today on sl september 11 families made sure congress set up commission in the first population, congress did most
8:11 am
things necessary to get the job done, but what was moving then and now is what people in the private side have done one thing often missed particularly in business world is all the attention on what wall street did and didn't do, in 2008. they have done more than any other sector of the economy to take care of veterans when they come home far more than anybody -- >> from aid to giving jobs. >> right look at jpmorgan chase for example. >> a good job. >> propriety. >> in terms of getting jobs to veterans. >> americans er generous we take advantage of freedom giving volunteers we gave last year gave away 400 billion dollars that is more than gdp of all the 15 nations on earth, so, i think we have rallied to the cause i think made it clear why our system of government why our freedom is important, i think we are organized ourselves relatively well to keep the risk at a minimum never to zero but minimum. >> great to have you on show senator bob kerrey is there
8:12 am
technology ipos a 7-year low what is going on with tech ipos could uber square and air band b turn things around a look at ipos next.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
. . . maria: welcome back, another win for president obama decayed iran nuclear deal jo ling kent with the story. >> good morning, nearly blocked mush aim at derailing with iran voted 58-42 to clear the way for president obama to complement the deal unexpected twist during the taping of the late smo with stephen colbert during an interview with uber ceo protester stood in the audience shouted quote uber is destroying full-time professional taxi jobs col bet reportedly allowed to him speak freely before continuing
8:16 am
on. >> topping the "the wall street journal," technology ipos hitting a seven-year low accounting for 11% of companies going public this year, according to new data from renaissance capital, maria most valuable start up uber airbnb intentionally holding off i was in san francisco meeting with some companies you can sense there is a little bit of uneasy about when to go we expect to see them go next couple years. >> makes sense, gary the fact is the markets have been troubled with all volatility you want going when you have better market performance. >> no kaerlgs between businesses airbnb uber alibaba the fact alibaba large ipo what happened subsequently given the way that was allocated i am certain, many obtainingers minds trying to think about size who incompeten ipos ipos look like. >> regulatory issuairbnb and ub
8:17 am
wharnt regulation will get in the way. >> you mentioned alibaba then china the story of china, so, maybe in a growth slowdown, is also creating some pressure, before chinese companies go public, a lot of new york stock exchange nasdaq counting on china, chinese companies. >> well there is always ipos it is headlined ipos that people hear about, as opposed to the smaller companies nontechnology deals, but i think in both cases, as we pointed out on the show airbnb and uber, yes got regulatory issues but the fact is these companies are growing, and i am not going to defend it but when we'll want to find growth they want to buy public companies, they grav tight towards growth. >> mind bogpling private company evaluations upper 51 million airbnb 25 billionlimit of yft, they are split. >> doesn't leave a lot on the payable leave it at that.
8:18 am
>> lyft one is interesting seems like really slow at chipping away, at the market share with uber are they making i any more progress. >> they are making some progress, adjusting business model a little bit, they do believe they are going to be many incumbents in that particular space, and especially with uber having issues in terms of with customers lyft could do something uber works better right now more cities around the world. >> court battles still. >> yes. >> police to the bgc trading floor annual charity day stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies
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. >> worst day in my life the best day in my life meaning, that the great acts of heroism so proud of my firefighters and police officers, who stood their ground, i go all over the world people come up to me ab tell me i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for i would like it when they say your firefighters your police officers. maria: it was his former police officers, and firefighters that was former new york city mayor rudy giuliani with stuart varney more coming up during varney & company yee expectantor fitzgerald lost 658 employees on that dreadful day september 11, 14 yearsog company teams up with bgc to raise money for the relief fund charities around the world cheryl on trading floor right now good morning to you. cheryl: good morning, everybody. maria, yes, every dollar that is made today by cantor
8:23 am
fitzgerald bgc will go to kanto if its verticaled relief funneled something very different from what started many years ago, 14 years ago we celebrate anniversary remember those lost never forget guys told me already never forget september 11 tsunami katrina events, this fund now has raised 180 million dollars, overall 800 families 932 children, that were affected, of course, by september 11 all going directly to kids aid to families, charity day itself just this day alone the chairman ceo cantor fitzgerald 115 million dollars globally has been raised, one of the things that howard told me last year i always remember, too, maria is that every dollar goes to charity every single, that is important to howard lost his brother september 11 they want to make sure not only do we never
8:24 am
forget we also continue to do good work, in names of other people, other families, those around the world, that needed assistance need help, so a lot of celebs coming through, we are going to talk, pamela anderson cast of sopranos going to be here sports stars too a low long event for fox business bgc, coming up in a few moments we will see you soon. >> cheryl casone in new york, gary audible a difficult day a day that marks all of our careers and our generations, of course, i was on floor of the exchange watched first plane go into the first tower on television, ran out to the corner broadway and wall street, was ufbl feeling so many people out there, that camaraderie everybody sharing phones and telling people what would happen in on the street corner from a block away, second plane into second tower ran for my police along with everybody else on broadway
8:25 am
found this spot across from new york stock exchange where you had to walk down three steps, and just waited there because there was soot in air black smoke you had to close eyes going to get something in eyes plarl when builds collapsed unbelievable awful day we all lost friends. >> i would have been in city that hour was in midtown tunnel at that time with brother michael to catch a train to meeting at wilmington, delaware former colleague and friend david faber called me when first plane hit i was able to get out of the city i mentioned earlier a clear friend former colleague of mine we lost that today will say one thing, unlike most people put calendar in a phone, or technology keep calendar, tim used to have a piece of paper, always write down where he had to go to this day i still do it i do that, literally 14 years, i just write down notes
8:26 am
to myself because tim used to have a piece of paper would come into every day with former colleague, tobias you know say i did this, i did this so i -- just continue to do it because my way of honorer being him. >> sandra you were in school your husband it was trading with people em. >> that futures markets open for trading my husband was trading he was communicating with people down at new york board of trade the world trade center, and it desk in chicago was able to tell them something was happening, identified it before they knew sitting in the building. >> about unbelievable. >> i was in college a junior in cluj laz lifollege lsu, my bd to go alert in a classroom this happened went to the fraternity house starting school, seem people were not settled in went to confederate hours determined this was terrorists two guys left the
8:27 am
fraternity went to armyy recruiting office on college campus that day signed up-ended up seeing combat because they said they couldn't sit idley buy other people fought for freedom it was amazing to witness, and i. >> i have to say that is about unbelievable plea trefbl they did that huge kudo for all first responders everybody coming out they were going in. we'll be right back. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done.
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tree into good friday morning and everybody appeared a maria bartiromo appeared with me this hour, cohosts gary kaminsky in the house.
8:31 am
fox business network standards made. more words in the gop field continue. bobby jindal taking on donald trump asking if republicans want to turn to a man who stands for nothing but himself. trump responded they only respond to people to register more than 1% in the polls. president obama scored a victory. democrats derailed the iran nuclear deal. essentially means the deal is going through. the new england patriots beat 28 to 21 in the season opener threw four touchdown passes. was czech market. we just got the number of peer futures open weaker. dow industrials down 40-point b. had nasdaq and s&p weaker. ppi coming in unchanged beard expectation calls for a decline of one 10th of 1%.
8:32 am
oil is the market to watch today. crude traces tumbling almost 3%. as i worsen down two and three quarters% to $44.66 a barrel. goldman sachs seen oil could go to $20 a barrel. opec cutting is forecast on oil. turning to politics. republican and democratic candidate firing away at donald trump after he appeared to insert carly fiorina in a "rolling stone" article. here he is defending his comments last night. >> she mentioned something about me. she knocks me and let somebody knocks me like jeb bush or anybody else, i think it's appropriate to fight back. we talk only about her personae. all of a sudden out of nowhere he starts attacking my face. i don't know him. he doesn't know me. why would he attack my faith.
8:33 am
i don't attack people's faith in i don't know somebody and a wooden attack in any way. i thought it was inappropriate he did die so i let people know how i feel. maria: president george w. bush chief of staff karl rove. thank you for joining us. your thoughts on all of this. >> well, trump has been carson's comment which have been construed as an attack on trumps religion. on the other hand, trump responded by saying ben carson was not a good doctor. this is a man whose a brain surgeon who is renowned for his skill and was immediately allowed the doctor. i bet the conjoined twins who were separated by the scale of ben carson might argue at donald trump. let's be fair, donald trump
8:34 am
taught about the namespace. he said for gods sake look at that face. he was questioning not her personae but how she looked in his comments were pretty clear assess the comment where he said while he didn't serve in the military he felt he served in the military and a true sense because his parents sent him off to be disciplined at a military academy in high school. a little bizarre. >> particularly when a batter in here like that, something our veterans have gone through. >> remember, this follows when he said he didn't like john mccain. he says i like people who are captured. richard nixon have a ceremony. maria: john mccain is an american hero and we all know that.
8:35 am
>> remember when he took offense about carly fiorina during the debate and she said, did anybody here get a call from bill clinton? bill clinton had encouraged him ultram to run. in the debate she said did anybody here get a call from bill clinton? i didn't. i was entirely fair and he came unglued. maria: that is such a good point. it basically said just did donald trump is working with hillary. it's funny how many checks he hurls. i don't see those jobs hurled at hillary. >> absolutely not. he not only was encouraged by built to run. he encouraged at hillary clinton's campaign for the u.s. senate as harry reid, ted kennedy and his largest contribution in 2006 was to the
8:36 am
democratic congressional campaign committee to elect nancy pelosi speaker of the house of representatives. he's got a little x living to do. maria: having said that, he is resonating and touching a nerve. >> good to see you again. with all of that, if the numbers are right, his numbers continue to grow or stay where they are. here is the question i want your thoughts on. there is a mindset where the candidates that this will all go away at some point and get back to regular politics. at what point in the cycle would they have to say, you know what, trump is not going away and how will we address it? >> people are recognizing this is not the normal blip. we have an unconventional year and he's the unconventional political candidate. i think he has risen because the
8:37 am
emphasis is on him and his personality and upon these statements that cause people to say somebody will stand up and threw bricks through the plate glass window. i don't think people are aware of the statement is making an overtime he faces difficulty. hello riley had advice. in the end for petty personal attacks and focus if you for the country. if he doesn't listen, they will be ultimately a cumulative effect. he may be leading the republican packed but among the voters he is the least popular and it is a connection. there's a strength and weakness to be found. many times we think is your strength is also your weakness. their strength is a strong brash leader that could become more of a weakness than it is now when
8:38 am
people react negatively. >> i know we have a couple seconds. just wondering if you decided to run or not. >> is a deeply personal decision. i would not be surprised either way. i thought the interview with stephen colbert was pretty revealing. biden is uptight. you get what you see and he's wrestling with this decision. encouraged by his sons dying wish but also aware that cost it will recount his family. at the end of the day he will probably run. maria: will hillary be the candidate? >> she will but she will be damaged goods and republicans should have a chance to peter provided we have nearly two thirds of the white vote and just under a third of the nonwhite though. the candidate that's able to reach out to the t. know an asian-american communities
8:39 am
better than past elections. we need to get back to where we were in 2004 and 12% of the african-american vote otherwise we are going to win. -- moment of silence ahead.
8:40 am
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it's from daddy. sfx: dad's voice i love you baby girl. duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices so you can always be there. ♪ maria: today where a member of the events of september 11, 2001. and just a few moments, the country will pause to honor the thousands of lives lost in the
8:44 am
terrorist attack. today 14 years ago. we'll bring you the moments of silence throughout the morning on fox business network. sandra, gary, earlier talking about where we were on that day. in a moment we will have a moment of silence on the white house and then the new york stock exchange which would mark the first plane that went into the first tower. >> this is a good day to talk to each other about where you were that day in new york city, every single year on this day. it's an amazing to sit down and hear everybody's story. maria: the white house and in ground zero. as we know, the second plane hit after 9:00 a.m. eastern time. it won't be until later when later a moment of silence in the new york stock exchange.
8:45 am
ground zero is a different place today. >> it is hard to see them watching the video and be able to speak because of earnings back such terrible memories. the important thing, and dick grasso made a point and i spoke to him about it this way, what the country was able to do around the differences later that week, too bad we can't get back to that on a number of issues. it is tragedy that it takes something like this to get the country to rally around something. maria: it is true. waiting for the president to emerge as we wait for a moment of silence at the white house. ♪
8:46 am
oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ♪ [moment of silence]
8:47 am
[moment of silence] ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. marriage and health care technology pushing to change the way we care for ourselves. our next guest is looking to uber eyes. oscar salazar is our next guest. i love this state and the fact consumers are taking on the responsibility to care for themselves is promising. tell us how the app works. >> the app is very simple.
8:53 am
you enter basic information, insurance card for example. when you need care, you just hit a button to find a doctor closest to you and connect to you via chat or voice call. you need a telemedicine console. he performs that with you and everything is charged through the app. maria: sandor, different in medicine today. sandra: because this is an apt, your key demographic is young. most young people are healthy. you would be dependent upon an older audience to ramp up the user base. >> at this stage are demographic is young but what we are trying to do is manage because it's a product --
8:54 am
sandra: how much do you charge to use this? >> twenty dollars per basic and $25 per telecom thursday. sandra: do you have the amount of doctors? what is the incentive? >> with some flexibility they can do it on their downtime, extra hours they have. they can perform telemedicine services, they can increase velocity in the business. >> when you pitch this to the doctors, what are they saying? >> doctors that are familiar with technology like it because they are in control of their time and in control of how they can perform this. we have a chat in the upper patients can take pictures of skin rashes for tele-council and telemedicine. maria: you are a real innovator. you are the cofounder of uber.
8:55 am
>> i had the opportunity of participating in that. maria: do you think it is worth $55 billion? >> if somebody wants to pay that maria: true capitalists. o-oscar, good to have you on the show. oscar salazar. we will be right back.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
maria: we are expecting a lower opening for the broader markets. final thoughts from you, gary. >> if you are a long-term investor, i hate to say this because it sounds so -- if you are thinking three, five, seven, nine years come if you're not a daytrader it doesn't matter. maria: it does matter for the economy. the whole debate they raise a fragile situation here take us back. >> you've got so many retail investors sidelined from the market and a lot of them were on
8:59 am
the sidelines during the market rally. often still advising clients to be primarily an cash. you still got a scary marketplace. a lot of volatility spooking people. >> i've taught people that saw through the summer. if you need cash for the next 18 months, it should be in cash. by the way, same thing for the last 30 years and that should always be a policy. maria: if you are a believer and you won't touch the money, the inequity. it's been great having you today. such an important day. >> a sad day, but happy birthday. glad i was able to spend it with you. thank you so much for being here. "varney & company" is next. i'll send it over to you. stuart: good morning, everyone. it is a solid day for a commemorate what happened what
9:00 am
happened. today's september 11, 2015 and we do remember. first i will take you to the news polls. cnn shows hillary clinton's lead shrinking. this is a national poll that also shows joe biden gaining ground with 20% support in apple. next, the quinnipiac poll shows trump not way out in front, but out front in iowa. six points ahead of dr. ben carson. scott walker nowhere in sight. vice president joe biden appeared with stephen colbert last night. will he run? listen to this. >> i don't think any man or woman should run for president how much they know why they would want to be president and can can look at folks and say i promise you you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy and my passion to do this.


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