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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 12, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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like to share with us? we would love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our web site salute and a shoutout. fantastic. thanks for watching the show. lou dobbs is next. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump's feuds with his rivals getting nastier and more personal. but try as his rivals do, they can't sap nor slow his support. a new poll shows the republican front-runner solidifying his lead in iowa where he has the backing of 27% of likely caucusgoers. but most surprising is the fall of wisconsin governor scott walker, a precipitous fall from the top. back in july, walker led the field with his 18%. now he's in 10th place, only 3% support. that's just two points higher
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than the 1% who back former texas governor rick perry, who today decided to drop out of race for the republican nomination. also familiar from free falling numbers is hillary clinton. her advantage in the democratic presidential nomination fight has fallen to just 10 points. voters apparently fed up with the former secretary of state, who took five months to admit she was sorry for using a private e-mail address to conduct government business. we'll have a full report on all of that coming up tonight. and the house of representatives today rejected a resolution to approve the president's nuclear deal with iran. 25 democrats joined with republicans in rebuking the president's authoritarian and likely transitory foreign policy achievement. the vote today symbolic, but the republican leadership is so weakened and so disspirited, they take what little they can from mr. obama's meager offerings.
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we take it up with forbes media chairman, steve forbes, and lieutenant colonel ralph peters among our guests tonight. our top story, the changing fortunes of the republican presidential candidates. donald trump remains the favorite of iowa caucusgoers, but wisconsin governor walker has seen his prospects plummet. and it's becoming increasingly clear that having washington experience is a huge negative. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: former texas governor rick perry has withdrawn from the republican 2016 presidential nomination race, and did so this afternoon in a speech. >> today, i'm suspending my campaign for the presidency of the united states. we have a tremendous field of candidates. probably the greatest group of
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men and women. i step aside knowing our party's in good hands. >> reporter: a pair of nonpoliticians have broken away from the pack in iowa where wisconsin governor scott walker who led polls two months ago is now tenth. the next debate's in five days. trump leads but ben carson on his heels. the rest are far back in single digits. trump resorted to answering reputation to carson's ability as a neurosurgeon and faith. all three channels took his news conference live and calmly gave the same answers to the same questions on race and other issues he face daily. >> all black lives matter, including the ones that are eradicated by abortions. >> reporter: others are taking on trump as a narcissistic egomaniacal mad man. they warn it hurts the gop and helps hillary clinton. trump's image is positive in iowa.
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carson's sky high, but trump's among 7 candidates viewed favorably by 60% or more of likely gop caucusgoers. trump's media domination eclipses the nomination, making it enticing for some to coax donors. the only woman in the gop race, carly fiorina added expanding the roster to 11 on cnn's primetime stage. the qualifying rules for the rest of the field in earlier debate that evening have eliminated former virginia governor jim gilmore who failed to reach the needed 3%. trump and bush are tied for the lead in one category. 20-25% of caucusgoers will definitely not vote for either one of them. tough business today particularly for perry. lou? lou: indeed, carl, thank you very much. carl cameron. turning to the democratic race for the white house and what has been months of bad
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news for hillary clinton's campaign, a new poll is out that may be the most brutal yet for her. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with that report. >> reporter: as hillary clinton took another hit in the polls this was not the image her campaign needed. a collapse of the stage at the university of wisconsin-milwaukee. particularly rough coming hours after fox news reported clinton's earlier event in ohio was only about half full. clinton and aides raced to tout the larger size of the wisconsin event. tweeting to fox, quote, this is just the overflow as clinton greeted supporters in the overflow room. >> sorry there wasn't enough room in the venue before i raced to see all of you. thank you! >> reporter: clinton surround intense pressure from campaign donors to show she can halt the crash from the e-mail controversy, with a new cnn-orc poll showing nationally clinton
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has dropped 10 points in a month. she's at 37% while democratic socialist senator bernie sanders pulls in 27%, and vice president joe biden gets 20%. while biden leads donald trump and jeb bush in head-to-head matchups, among registered voters clinton is in a dead heat with republicans. clinton's explanations over her server simply don't add up. >> wasn't because she didn't want to carry two cell phones around, she's secretary of state, give me the red one, give me the blue one. who the hell cares! >> reporter: pinch hitting for his wife who canceled her chicago visit to add more campaigning in new hampshire where. she now trails sanders. lou? lou: ed, thank you, ed henry. russia's government today openly mocking president obama's policies in the middle east. foreign minister sergey lavrov held a news conference which he called on world powers to arm government forces loyal to
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syrian president bashar al-assad. lavrov said you cannot defeat the islamic state with airstrikes alone and that it is necessary to cooperate with ground troops. russia, of course, has been escalating its military presence in syria over the past week, and have flown in more than a thousand russian combatants to syria, some of them from the same plainclothed special forces units sent into crimea and eastern ukraine. that buildup began days after a secret meeting between russian president putin and the iranian quds force commander soleimani but the state department is downplaying the buildup. >> i don't think i would call it a buildup. it's unclear what the military activities are about. i don't know we're ready to call it a buildup, necessarily.
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lou: that is a remarkable statement and response from any spokesperson for any administration that i have ever heard, let alone from a former admiral. despite the effort to downplay the buildup, secretary of state kerry today called his russian counterpart, he's called him twice this week to express his concerns about the escalating conflict and presumably the buildup as well. congress today gave president obama another free pass on his nuclear deal with iran. the republican-led house voted to reject the nuclear agreement and to prevent the president from lifting economic sanctions against iran. but the actions don't have any real impact because the senate will not take up the bills and they were nonbinding in the first place. yesterday senate democrats gave the president his big victory, they blocked a vote on a resolution to reject a nuclear agreement. majority leader mitch mcconnell
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is planning to hold another vote, again, next tuesday. but minority leader harry reid predicts the outcome will be exactly the same. we're coming right back. stay with us. lawmakers in congress successfully block efforts to kill the iranian nuclear deal. obama considers it a personal victory, but is it a victory for the country. we take all this up with forbes editor in chief, steve force. what this man does to get out of a tight parking spot leaves onlookers simply stunned. yo
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. lou: china's foreign minister today warned the united states, warned the united states to put a stop to, quote, groundless accusations against beijing. the chinese government responding to director of national intelligence james clapper, who told the house panel yesterday that chinese cyberespionage continues to target a broad spectrum of american interests. the white house is now reportedly preparing to levee sanctions against chinese companies and those individuals for cyberattacks against american firms and of course,
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the u.s. government. joining us is forbes media chairman and editor in chief, steve forbes, good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> they would warn the united states about frankly any damn thing, but on this one, that is as we say, that's chutzpah. >> well, what do you expect when you have a weak president. they know they can push him around. they know he's not going to do anything, he can draw as many lines as he wants, they're meaningless, they know they have a window of opportunity. when the u.s. threatens something, they throw mud at him, kick sand at him, and unlike the guy who turns himself from a 97 pound weakling into a man of strength. lou: skinny but tough, i cannot think of one single area in foreign policy where he has
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projected toughness, resolution, true spine, and nor a vision of what his foreign policy should be. >> his foreign policy is to withdraw the u.s. from the world. let the bad guys reign. he has an affinity for all the people who seemingly are anti-american. north korea gets away with activities, unleashing iran. they're going to get a signing bonus of $100 billion to commit susan rice former ambassador of the u.n. says bad behavior, i.e., they're going to kill americans and kill people. terrorist activity around the world. lou: and, of course, the president's warm embrace of iran irrespective of the fact that it's the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, irrespective of the fact that it's responsible for an estimated one-third of our casualties in iraq. this is an administration that has republicans walking around talking to themselves. they have no, it seems, capacity to respond
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intelligently to, they're outmaneuvered, he is so much smarter than the republicans, it is laughable to watch. >> well, he has an agenda and willing to bend any law and rule to do it. lou: let's say he's a serious character, what does that make of the republicans if they can't keep up with him. they can't match wits with him, they look like utter fools! and by the way, the national security is at stake here. don't the republicans have a responsibility to come up with people far brighter with more imagination, more creativity and far more effectiveness? >> well, i think that's going to emerge because the american people are going to demand it, just as happened in late 1970s, decade of malaise, military, our military personnel having to go on food stamps. reagan turned that around, we're going to see a turnaround after 2016. the public is ready for it. the fact that democrats who
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cravenly cowardly went along with the deal in the senate all either went into tears, i hope they saved the tears for the funerals of victims of iranian terrorism, and a lot of footnotes in the explanation saying it's a bad deal but, no but the -- buts, this is not obamacare. lou: this is not orthodox in the case of one candidate in the case of governor bobby jindal, he says the republicans need to have a spine transplant. donald trump says these people are stupid. i don't see the american people arguing with the assessments whatsoever. >> teddy roosevelt put it very well, he said they have the back bone of an eclair. lou: the back bone of an eclair, the reality is republicans keep spewing nonsense and acting as though they are the committed guardians of one thing, if not the national interest, the
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guardians of the status quo and this establishment. that's got to change, does it not? >> well, you're going to see it in the debate next week, in terms of national security will be up there. chris christie is running ads in new hampshire on national security. people than what is happening now, what's amazing about the iranian deal, the more the americans learn about it, the more unpopular it becomes. >> how in the world can a republican be elected on the basis of foreign policy. we watched a charade in the congress of the united states. >> ronald reagan did it. lou: no, listen. we have watched a charade of mitch mcconnell and john boehner in the house. these people have put up an absolute fraud on the loyal opposition to this president's nightmarish deal with the iranians, have they not? may as well be fiction. >> that's why the popularity of republicans is slightly above that of barack obama, the face of the republican party. they have been outmaneuvered.
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ronald reagan combined a vigorous domestic program, strong foreign policy, welded it in the way that convinced the american people. we turn it around, the field is ready to do it again. lou: of the field now, 16-1, james gilmore barely hanging on. who -- you mentioned ronald reagan and theodore roosevelt. who comes closest in the remaining field to those two icons of american leadership? >> we're going to see, i'm still looking at the field. by the way, by the way, candidates are discussing it, lindsey graham he's going nowhere. >> you got to be kidding. my god. >> not winning the nomsgliegz this is the guy who wanted to be the hand maiden to barack obama to push the muslim brotherhood on egyptian president assisi as he took power! come on! >> he's been a leader on iran. lou: he's been a handmaiden also to john mccain. steve forbes, always good to
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have you, thank you, sir? >> thank you. lou: breaking news now, a dangerous escalation of tensions in the middle east. a senior official confirms to fox news thatcon components of a surface-to-air missile have been sighted in syria. russia is sending advanced antiaircraft missiles to syria. this now confirms that that fear has taken effect. the united states says russia's intentions are not clear, they certainly should be clear to anyone at least when it comes to surface-to-air missiles. don't you think? be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe a low energy candidate has a chance of winning the republican nomination for president? we'd like to hear from you on that issue. cast your vote at an italian man taking a hands-on approach to solving his parking problems. surveillance video, you got to have surveillance video, and this one shows the man
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returning to find his car boxed into a tight spot on the street, so he did what any man would do. he lifted it. he moved it, away from the curb as the rugged individualist he is. onlookers apparently shocked by the fete of strength. you know, it's great to see self-reliance and independence at work, even if it's in italy. up next, i'll share my thoughts on congress and its choice of symbolism over substance and action. i'll tell you why perhaps you should put san clemente, california on your list of top whale watching spots. there's a clue right there. there is a clue as to why. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig . lou: it was good talking with steve forbes, a great american and his views on the political contest before us all.
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a few thoughts now, if i may, on the imfeebled leaders of the republican party, and their outright cynicism. the house of representatives did finally vote on the iran nuclear deal, and in so doing demonstrated that the president lacked the votes to approve his deal with iran. 25 democrats joined in with all the republicans in the house, but there was nothing about it binding, nothing that resulted in any way meaningfully from that vote. andrew mccarthy wrote a national review of the gop's sad game of hollow opposition. he called the republican maneuver surrender then play fight, and that's precisely what they do, in the senate in particular, and in the house frequently. the votes in the house and senate this week were merely a series of feel good votes for some republicans. a parliamentary device of deceit, the republican leadership hell-bent on more next week. good lord.
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listen to senate majority leader mcconnell. >> we'll revisit the issue next week, and see if maybe any folks want to change their mind? lou: that's an awful, awful nice thought on the part of mcconnell, but it's pure bull and mcconnell knows it. there will be no changing of minds, president obama has his win, it is over. after the republican victory in last year's midterm election senate majority leader mcconnell promised to get things done. and the newly re-elected speaker john boehner was all bravado when he said if president obama were to try to go around congress, he will get burned, as he put it. >> when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself, and he's going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. lou: that warning something that one might administer to say a five-year-old, not a president of the united states,
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one twice elected. the republicans are the ones who actually got burned, of course, not obama. even after his midterm shellacking as the president acknowledged, obama vowed to press on with his agenda with or without congress and he has done precisely. that and the republicans have had absolutely no answer to obama's fiats. mr. obama ignored rules, tradition and the constitution, and his actions unopposed by either a courageous congress or court have rendered our government no longer one of co equal branches, nor is it a government of checks and balances. our president has become authoritarian and our congress demonstrating that it is impotent and passive only playing at opposition to what has become an imperial presidency. boehner and mcconnell have preened and postured. you've seen boehner threaten, but they've done nothing.
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they could hardly have performed words nor acted more cynically if they bowed down to the imperious mr. obama, who apparently mistook the speaker and the majority leader as nothing more than doormats. or was he mistaken? our quotation of the evening. too late for practitioners boehner and mcconnell, but here it is, nonetheless. of course, we all wish we had authored that quotation. we're coming right back. stay with us. a new poll shows how quickly politics changes. good for donald trump, other candidates not so good. next with the washington free beacon's mark lachlan and rebecca berg of real clear politics. and bears always entertaining, they don't always have the best sense of balance,
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at least not on a hammock. we'll have t
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. lou: top news at this hour, the white house to start implementing iranian until deal immediately. congress finishing voting on it, and then we move to october 19 as the implementation date presumably. we'll see. the embattled mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings-blake not running for
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re-election. her decision a day after a judge ruled the trials of six police officers charged in the freddie gray death will remain in baltimore. louisiana's governor bobby jindal feud with trump is escalating. jindal said trump, quote, looks like he has a squirrel on his head. trump tweeted lightweight jindal registered less than 1% in the polls mocked my hair. so original. take that. joining us rebecca berg, good to have you with us. reporter at the washington free beacon, lachlan, good to have you, rebecca, i have to say, this i have no dog in this hunt, but bobby jindal referring to trump's hair even if hardly original. he's showing moxy. what do you think? >> he's showing some moxy, lou, and giving donald trump a taste of his own medicine. using the personal attacks that
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aren't really based in policy, but we've seen with these other candidates in the republican field how ineffective attacking donald trump can be. just look at rick perry who today we find out is dropping out of the race, the first republican candidate to drop out of the race for president. lou: i think we should point out something else, rebecca, i think we should point out something else, rick perry was if not the first, he was very early in insulting donald trump much to his regret i'm sure. >> exactly my point. and actually his campaign has said, and he has said, he told me that he didn't regret it, that it was the right thing to do, and it was really the only chance that they had to get any media attention in the donald trump's presidential election where he's take up all the oxygen, that's what they needed and obviously they failed. lou: you know, lachlan, one of the things i'm tired of is people talking about the foor
3:36 am
candidates who simply can't overcome trump's ability to dominate them. if you can't handle that, get out! >> and we saw the first candidate to go very aggressively after trump, rick perry dropped out of the race. if you want a case study for how that works out for the republican candidates that's a cautionary tale. lou: cautionary but at the same time, i'm not kidding, i think governor jindal did exactly the right thing. he's going after him, and i don't see any other way to play, but straight up and play hard. by the way, the american people are saying they don't want a bunch of milquetoast orthodox pablum drinking and spewing candidates soaking up air time. >> there is middle ground there. lou: i don't think there is! >> ben carson was asked directly would you like to respond to something trump said about you? he said not particularly and detailed plans for the nation. that's the right approach. lou: it's certainly one and precisely right for dr. carson
3:37 am
without question. but the other candidates, rebec awho is going to break out, who is going to break out here? >> here's the problem for the other candidates, lou. no matter how much they decide to take on donald trump, no matter how brash they try to be and could end up looking inauthentic just to be brash with donald trump. the problem for most of the candidates is they aren't outsiders. that's what republican voters appear to be craving. that's why we see in iowa ben carson and donald trump combined taking up more than half the vote among republicans right now. so if you're scott walker or jeb bush or any of the other candidates who are elected officials, former elected officials, there is nothing you can do torques raise that from the resume. lou: and ted cruz who was being dismissed by many savants in the media particularly, and some of his rivals now, is being too harsh and being too pointed in his attacks on policy.
3:38 am
he's starting to look very smart here. he's moved to number four in the polls. again an insider, not an outsider, and i think showing that he's got real potential here, an upside, certainly moving to fourth place is not an inconsiderable achievement, do you think? >> amazingly enough, he has become almost the establishment alternative among the more conservative candidates in the race, when stacked up next to trump. >> the establishment right now, lachlan is cussing you. the last thing they want to do is think of senator cruz as one of theirs. >> i'm sure they would never admit it publicly, but that's the amazing thing about donald trump. he makes cruz look like an establishmentarian and certainly his post in washington didn't help with that. lou: very quickly, take a look at vice president, as my buddy bill o'reilly says, on colbert last night.
3:39 am
>> i don't think any man or woman should run for president unless they know exactly why they would want to be president. they can look at folks out there and say i promise you, have you my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy and my passion to do this. i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. lou: rebecca, is that persuasive among voters, do you think, in saying i can't wait for joe to get there? >> i think it was just a very candid moment from him frankly. it doesn't seem to me it was calculated to necessarily draw voters in or get them excited for his bid. i think right there he was just being very open and emotional about his state right now, and his state of thinking. and that interview to me was not a convincing argument that he is looking to run for president right now. it looks like he does have deep
3:40 am
reservations about that. lou: do you agree, lachlan? >> yeah, i think it showcased why he would be a formidable candidate. he's honest, candid, very likable and relatable. he's got that going for him. whether he's in a place personally to do it, obviously that's his position. lou: that doesn't take into account bernie sanders the socialist nor hillary clinton who's in significant trouble. we'll save that for another time. thank you, both for being here, lachlan. thank you rebecca. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote at whale watching in california, the whale watchers had a special treat this week. a pod, this pod of killer whales showing up just south of san clemente. the whales thought to be eastern tropical pacific orcas, killer whales that normally live in mexican waters and haven't been seen in that part
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of the ocean since january. the pod captured the attention of the group and they captured the rare sighting with underwater gopro cameras. that's right. i said gopro does. this look like a marketing assault to cross a broad spectrum of media on the part of gopro? yeah, i think so, too. but it was pretty good. from whales to bears, the bears spotted in the family's backyard in warren county, new jersey. a mama bear and her cubs fascinated with a strange, well, gyrating, unhinged object that humans call a hammock. the bear cubs couldn't figure out how to use the hammock as many humans can, but they had a lofrt fun trying, and the home owners they watched and recorded from a safe distance, as these cubs had a lot of fun with that hammock. up next, divisions deepen
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in europe over refugees and the crisis that has ensued. aggression building up in syria, the obama administration refuses to call it a buildup. why should they? why should they acknowledge reality in any form? well, that response might be a little familiar to some crimeans for example. we take that up and much more next. stay with us.
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. lou: our next guest says we're witnessing a real european crisis with syrian refugees, and to that end, russian president putin won't mind sending a lot more syrian refugees into europe. joining us fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. ralph, good to have you with us. you make it seem as though in that remark that you think putin is exacerbating the crisis, if not, in fact, causing it? >> he's not causing it, he's enjoying himself. he's enjoying messing with president obama. he's enjoying disrupting nato and the european union. and right now what we're seeing is just a phenomenal, remarkable situation where
3:47 am
germany, which has a grain population, needs young workers, wants to skim the cream off the refugees and dump the rest of them into other states that have high unemployment, have already all the refugees they can handle, and this must be a bigger problem than the greek debt crisis. the germans need a broader spectrum of workers, but the problem is that as you saw with the extent of the greek debt crisis, europe is still not a real union, they have very different needs between north and south, even between west and east within the european union, and merkel is doing what she wants to do and country wants to do and what's best for germany, period. lou: have we overestimated the intelligence of the european leaders, underestimated the intelligence of putin and she, and ayatollah khamenei? i mean they are playing with
3:48 am
the united states leadership and the european union leadership as if they were abject fools, as we're watching this crisis unfold. we're talking about millions of refugees swamping europe. we're talking about a president who is leading the only superpower looking like his feet are frozen in cement, as he stares awkwardly towards the middle east and does nothing? >> well, you've got a president whose idea of courage is to put onions on his hamburger. it's stunning to me what's happening. putin certainly is not sending his troops to syria for humanitarian reasons, and i think he will be perfectly happy to cause more waves or at least allow more waves of refugees to leave syria, get all the trouble makers out, flood europe, disrupt the eu, hamstring nato, show how weak the americans are and we have the late breaking bulletin that
3:49 am
you mentioned that russians are sending sophisticated airdefense missiles to syria. they don't have to. putin knows obama is not going to stand up and send the u.s. air force to confront the russians. obama won't confront anybody except republicans in congress. putin is rubbing it. in it's really an embarrassing time for the united states of america. lou: and the republicans, of course, in any battle of wits seem to be insufficiently armed. >> unilateral disarmament. lou: let's turn to 54 trained, highly trained syrian rebels who have disappeared from the face of the earth after the united states spent 40 million dollars training them, and the pentagon wants to train 5,000 of them. are we really this stupid? this bad? is donald trump right? is our leadership so stupid they can't be effective at anything? >> not all the leaders are. but the trouble with team obama is they have these fantastic
3:50 am
educations on paper, but in reality they have no street smarts. and obama lives in a fantasy world. lou: they've got a lot more than the republicans, for crying out loud. talk about bereft of street smarts, the republicans are hardly what you call shrewd. let's go to where we turn from here, the iranian deal, your thoughts quickly, we have about 30 seconds. >> the fascinating thing, put sin brilliant strategically, he waited to invade syria until the iran deal is done. obama is so committed he will not do anything to confront iran and therefore won't confront russia because russia and iran are on the same team. we're seeing an alliance merge trying to dominate the middle east and we're not even in the game. lou: ralph peters, always good to have you here, thanks a lot. >> thank you, lou. lou: if you have thoughts, follow and tweet me at lou dobbs news, please. up next, tom brady puts deflategate behind him, and man
3:51 am
does he remind roger goodell who the star is in that nfl thing. we take all of that up and who's responsible for the head sets. my goodness! how could that happen, in boston? my goodness. we'll take up that with some of the country's favorite radio talk show hosts. and on this date, we remember and we remember every single day. .ú.úññññññoñ
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lou: joining me now, radio talkshow host mark simone. let's start with the 1st casualty of the gop, former governor rick perry stepping out. i happen to think he is a great guy. >> he is wonderful. i've gotten to meet him a few times. great record. ii don't know that i would make copy of his test record. lou: had to take that shot. >> he is brilliant on taxes. you get him on other subjects, maybe he is not so knowledgeable. as soon as he put those glasses on, it was not him anymore. lou: and trump went after him on that. >> but once he said it, you cannot look at him. lou: and trump has a skill. we have known him a long
3:56 am
time. trump, let's take a look a look at how he is doing. i think that's rises a lot of people. he is doing very well with women voters. trump's support among women, one 3rd. he has moved up since just last month. he does things to these numbers that we have never seen occur on the part of any candidate. and among those who have college degrees, adults with college education, he is up 12 points since last month. >> nothing surprises me here. he can be rough, make crazy insults, and it might be childish and mean. but so what, he project strength, power, toughness. he looks like he will come -- protect you. that's what people want.
3:57 am
he will get in they're and bus this up and in this game. lou: you have hit the central.that so many analysts, savants, gurus miss because they are part of the problem, i think. that is, he has put the spotlight squarely on those candidates supported by massive fundraising from k street, the lobbyists who have spent a billion and a half dollars, more than any other issue by far in washington,, a billion and a half dollars on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform. and he has put that harsh light on all of it and just the stench that emanates from it. >> and he reminds me of you because you were out they're fighting. people were trying to stop you, and you did not back down. lou: they were trying to kill me. you know, we have watched these groups proceed from
3:58 am
the public arena. >> with you it was never right versus left. it is common sense, say what you think. wouldn'tthink. wouldn't you love it if every politician got injected with truth serum? lou: you may be going one step too far. i'm not sure we can stand that from some. this one, we apparently plan -- can. it seems to be welcome, and it is not just republicans but independence as well and many democrats. he was talking to jorge ramos from univision. he got ramos to acknowledge, even as he was jumping aligned ask questions and got him to acknowledge in that press conference that trump was one among hispanics. >> telling him you cannot build a wall 1900 miles. he build skyscrapers in his
3:59 am
sleep. >> he has been they're and done that. he is full of bull and is a rascal and is mr. showbiz and is a showman. there is another thing, he is a multibillionaire who has achieved great things in his life, and then you have -- it is like a county treasurer trying to sit they're and say, let me show you how to do the books. >> you will never see 50 skyscrapers the say rubio. lou: don't give them any idea. we don't need to see any. >> and he is killing himself with this routine. lou: it may not be authentic, but it is a little bit fun. lou: we will see how that goes. new authenticity, recent authenticity, and always
4:00 am
authentic, mark simone. let's take a quick look at our online poll results. does the impotence of the on that tomorrow. that's it for us. what happens when people break the rules? >> investigators described it as a black market bizarre. >> all right. we all agree here. live in prison without parole. >> but sometimes we like rule breakers. >> my focus was to be mean, nasty, just as bad as bill maher and everyone else. >> senator ted cruz looks his work. >> we are the largest organization on planet ert -- >> this company saves lives by breaking rules, and this young girl became famous writing her own rules. >> i decided to show you guys some fought knit ideas. >> this company is rewriting the rules of business, but this guy got in trouble trying to obey


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