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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 15, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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about china, it should talk about china. the market there, the hang high was off another 3 1/2% today and the second story that we're looking at is the immigration, migration problem in europe and it's going to cause additional slowdowns, at least in the nearby, for europe as they try to digest the huge population. >> my colleagues on the desk, always a pleasure and an honor. thank you, everybody. thank you so much for joining us, ashley webster is in for stua stua stuart. >> thank you very much, i'm ashley webster, stuart is back tomorrow. the big story, they keep on coming for hillary clinton. the latest poll shows her support among women, women i say, plummeting down nearly 30 points in eight weeks, since july. donald trump packs a basketball arena, blasts hedge funds and ceo pay and what does he do? he goes up in the polls again. pope francis visiting america, blaming capitalism for the
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migrants who are flooding europe now. what about isis? how many of you watched the monday night football double header because of their fantasy teams. and now congress wants to get involved. and the wildly popular mcdonald's mcrib. is that going to turn around? we know what stu thinks on breakfast all day. ♪ the mcrib controversy. let's take a look at the dow futures, stuart says it all the time. we're looking for stability, he likes that word, calm, that's exactly what we've got and the dow up just about a quarter of a percent. we had weak economic data, it's about the fed. and take a look at oil, oil has been, well, drifting slightly higher. up about 1%, up 47 cents and by
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the way, regular gas down a penny overnight and that's the good news. ♪ >> the royal fanfare. sandra: that's great! >> 2.32,amazing, the national. >> an on regular down 29 days in a row, the cheapest it was in the land 1.64 in aiken, south carolina. sandra: road trip. >> road trip. it would be a lot of gas, but great to say we got it for 1.64. flash floods in utah slamming into cars carrying women and children, and heavy rains in the nearby mountains causing the flash flooding. this area about 300 miles south of salt lake city. turning now to sports. the 49ers beat the vikings, and a huge game from running back hyde. adrian peterson, the vikings, making his return after a long
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suspension last season. the 9ers held him in check nicely. a wild one in atlanta during the falcons and eagles. 26-24 behind two touchdown from julio jones. to politics where the big game is going on. take a look at this, hillary clinton losing support among democratic women. and now, 42% of women support hillary, down from 71% in july. and joining us, from the national review, katherine, my goodness, a huge drop down, 29% in eight weeks. why? >> she's not trustworthy. look what she just said about sexual assault survivors, that they deserved-- or they have a right to be believed. okay, if that's what you think. how about paula jones and the other people who accused your own husband of sexual assault. she's gotten a reputation for significant things opposite to what she said before about criminal justice and gay marriage. this is something that
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contradicts the may she's living her life. you can't say sexual assault survives have a right to be believed when you're married to an alleged rapist. come on. >> it's interesting, she's on a charm offensive. you know, hillary, you have to be more authentic. the harder she tries, the more she shows she can't do it. she's on the talk show circuit, entertainment tonight, different things, does that make a difference? it seems so forced. >> it is forced she looks awkward when she tries to make a joke or a pop culture reference and authenticity is more about believing what you say and a knowing who you are. people aren't that stupid. if you're supporting her, you're stupid you have to be at this point. i believe that. look at what she's saying and doing, that's what i think. >> what's interesting the latest poll shows a steep decline from white women voters
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63% in july, down to 42%. why that particular category? >> i think what she was trying to do with the sexual assault comment is bring that up. the women who that's important to, which are a lot of white women, and talking about on college campuses, they know about her past. people know about her past ap just to say something like that and knowing that she's not living her life that way and she doesn't believe that accused her own husband or she does and that's fine. both are horrible, she's horrible. >> in "the washington post" a number of people were interviewed. we want a woman in the white house and backed hillary. now we don't think she's the right woman, she's too divisive. maybe they'll have to wait for a different woman. her background makes it difficult for people to support her in the long run. >> she may be a woman, but it's not feminist to vote for somebody because they were married to a president and
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stayed married to a president even after he's accused of sexual assault multiple times. >> we'll leave it there. the latest poll on the republican side. donald trump and ben carson increasing their lead. up from 24% in july. carson 23%, up from 6% in july. meanwhile, jeb bush, 6%, that's down 13 from july. u.k. had 6%, rubio 6%. not pictured, by the way, scott walker. meanwhile, donald trump taking on hedge funds. listen to this, i have a friend in the hedge fund because, not a friend, but good representing us because by the time he finish he may not have much of a hedge fund. the other day he called me up, hears me talking about hedge fund guys are going to pay up. what are they going to do? they'll be fine. >> they're just fine, i think
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he made that point. look, even the people he's targeting say they're going to prosper. >> let's remember what he said on friday and the tax plans. we have an amazing tax plans reducing taxes for the middle class. the hedge fund guys, they pay 20%, they should be qualifying at 39.9%, let's be honest, they're smart and great accou accountan accountants, but he's going off jerry-- one of the nicest, i think, well run hedge funds companies and he went after him personally because he got rid of his clothing lines. >> oh, a personal revenge. >> does wall street start to be
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afraid of trump. >> it depends quote, unquote wall street, hedge fund guys, yeah, they doesn't want him in. some of the traders, they like that bombastic attitude. and especially out of florida where he's got buddies, they do not like trump, they're saying bring back mitt romney. >> jeb isn't doing a whole lot. >> jep can't do it and they don't trust trump. >> thank you very much. now to your money, asian markets are down. the market is down there.
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let's bring in market watcher, you say china, a two weeks ago we would see that on wall street, but like i said, the fed. >> the focus is on the fed [buzzer] >> the f-e-d. okay. the good news is that china really is so separate from the u.s. economy. the only fear we have is that the chinese have to start selling some of their 2 trillion in treasury bonds. buy that that's way off. our stock market is seen as the place to flee to for safety and the number, only 2% of our gdp is represented by import, exports of china. >> we're seeing global slowing. we know the impact on the markets. europe is starting to stumble again, so that's got to have an impact on multinational
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companies from united states. >> that's right, but we also have so many domestic companies that are going to do well. cheryl just mentioned macy's. macy's is an excellent investment for any investor looking to stay domestic and away from europe, away from asia. dillard's, kohl's, some of the companies, a 4% dividend yield. it's interesting, goldman sachs had researched this morning, barclays, credit suisse and they see these as they come back in incredible value opportunities for investors to go into with dividend yields. we might see companies that are beaten down in europe. >> so what does the fed do? >> the fed cannot tighten. it's impossible for the fed to tighten because the reality-- >> they're going to at some point. why not now and rip the dan bade off? >> because very much of a
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fragile economy and it will rile us up. dose won't happen. everyone thinks the fed is going to tighten because they created this asset bubble. >> don't think they do? >> i think they have to. we all have opinions about this, they've got to do something. december-- >> at the basis points, it's being a little pregnant. >> celebrity apprentice has a new host, it's lauren simonetti. >> that would be fun, ashley. the show is taking to snap chat, take a look-- >> i cannot wait to say, you're fired! or you're terminated! or you won't be back schaim.
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>> that's the 68-year-old arnold schwarzenegger on snap chat prepping his line for firing contenders in the celebrity apprentice when he takes over donald trump. who quit the show. >> i didn't know anybody older than 24 years old was on snap ch chat. >> is the governator. shaquille o'neal says he turned down the opportunity to open up places in the inner city, he says it's one of the biggest financial mistakes he's made. >> do you think? >> and look at the aisle seats to move up and over the sheets
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and passengers can get more room to come in. >> anything is worthwhile, two inches i'll take it. >> you've got it. >> thank you, lauren. tune in every morning at 5 eastern with lauren simonetti and a great show and they do smile at 5 a.m., i guarantee it. >> the nanny state in the pacific northwest, people in seattle don't want inspectors going through their garbage. they are saying what they should and should not be throwing away. it's the trash police. the judge is next on that. >> i understand that people have noble goals, but at some point you have to say you can't violate my rates to achieve this noble goal.
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>> a day after long range missile launches. north korea is resorting all of its atomic fuel plants with sophisticated nuclear weapons. the north says it's ready to use nuclear weapons on the united states at any time if it continues to quote, cease their restless hostile policies. moving tanks into syria, by the way, a reading on production in august was down more than expected. despite all of that, just take a look at dow futures right now, flat, dare we say stability ahead of the fed meeting? we may dare. it's pretty much of a repeat of yesterday's session as we wait for the f-e-d. i did say fed, just did. the city of seattle is looking at program, and waste inspectors are making sure that you're recycling and composting
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properly. judge napitano is here. this is insane, basically the trash police come out and go through the trash. if 10% or more was recycleable, you're throwing it away, you can be fined. >> it's an interesting legal problem and i don't know how it's going to end up. in the state of washington, and in most parts of the country, here is the law. if the government is going through your garbage looking for evidence of a crime, it needs a warrant to do so. stuart: right. >> if the government is going through the garbage looking for something in the environment, it doesn't need a warrant. if the people of seattle are offended by them going through their garbage, and i would be, it's an executive branch, the
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mayor, to deep advertise garbage collectors who are not city employees to act as if they were police and to go through the garbage and look for things that don't belong there. there should be a less intrusive way to preserve the environment. >> so garbage left on the street on a public street outside, do i have any expectation of protection say under the fourth amendment? >> with he will -- well, let me put it out. if you put garage on the street or the garage room in your apartment, do you have any privacy interest there? do you expect whoever receives it will protect your privacy? the courts have said probably not. >> no. >> so if you are concerned about the consequences of liability for what you put in the garbage, you want to dispose of that in such a way that the garbage police can't trace it back to you.
9:20 am
>> so the residents of seattle have fired suit for invasion of privacy? >> i don't know if they're going to win that suit. >> i do think if it's a political issue in seattle and the government sees the reaction to it, the government might stop the program, there might be an ordinance in the seattle code that could be enacted, prohibiting the mayor and the garbage police from doing it. >> of all the things going on in the world. >> and what has more-- one would think-- less intrusive ways. i understand the need to protect the environment, but to turn garbage collectors into police who are threatening and warning people, you can't wrap this bag properly, it's not what we expect in the west. do they do this in the other country. >> they don't, i'd like to think they don't. appreciate it. pope france --
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francis is attacking capitalism again. and later in the hour, fantasy football covering the way we watch and cover the game. someone who does cover it with join us shortly. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud.
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>> pope francis again taking aim at capitalism saying that europe's refugee crisis was caused by a quote, bad, unjust socioeconomic system that worships the god of money. well, cheryl, that same god of money is asking for $200 on the retail market to see the pope. so what gives? >> scalpers. cardinal dolan here in the states, officials are furious because the tickets are scalped. two tickets are $100 some are going for 1,000. these are 80,000 free tickets to see the pope. and they're scalping them. >> want to talk about money. how much are taxpayers going to pay to have the pope in their city, philadelphia, washington d.c., extra police. >> we don't know. i've been asking the question. the training in new york, drills, that's taxpayer money going--
9:26 am
why doesn't the vatican kick in. i just offended a million catholics, i'm sorry. >> and then the scalping thing is not very christian. >> all right. the opening bell, we'll leave it there. three minutes away, have we achieved stability. and the mcrib, a debate about that, will it turn things around? the market open after this.
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sure into the opening bell is ringing. everyone is clapping. yesterday's section is flat. this will start the same way up 23 points. stuart likes to follow this closely and sandra smith is lapping. up 29. staying at 29. joining us, cheryl casone, senator smith, hilary kramer and harry levin in chicago. the two days said meeting -- leading starts tomorrow at the big decision on interest rates announced on thursday. hillary, what are they going to do?
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>> there's no question the fed cannot tighten. too much global weakness. the reality is a jobless recovery and jobless recovery in the fed knows the numbers they look at our erroneous numbers. the fed has to say right now and focus on waiting it out and see what happens with inflation helping inflation doesn't become a problem. sure into yesterday was talking to cheryl casone i said why don't they raise interest rates .12% on both sides of the issue. what he ain't? >> i don't think they'll do that either. i think this market will take an egg dip. it will be a 3% and 5% drop and i don't think the economy is where it needs to be for them to do it. the other reason they do it is to save face. ashley: sandra smith, what are they going to do?
9:32 am
why not both a quarter-point to get it started. the markets might have a knee-jerk reaction. we need to get back to the markets functioning as they should without this level of involved in from the federal reserve. investors looking at buying a share of apple or ibm and wonder and i really owning the company or my subject to the fed next move. ashley: what if they don't raise rates, what does that say about the economy? >> this is bad things about them. sandra is here as a voice of reason. for the band-aid off. she's absolutely right. look at the unemployment rate. ashley: most people would give up looking. this is a second-quarter gdp briefly caught.
9:33 am
no one is buzzing me when i'm talking about gdp. just do it. they are losing credibility every single day. ashley: let's move onto another ratio before we beat the fed to death which we've done. moving to china. hillary says that the nonfactor at this point. we had some late performance of the chinese markets. no impact today on the markets here. >> trading is not a nonfat or a week ago in two weeks ago we had some big down days because of what happened overnight in china. it certainly affects what you are doing if you are a model or pot investor and hopefully going to see it go higher than it's not something you want to pay attention to. ashley: sandra, what do you
9:34 am
think? transfer your book, goldman sachs recently said they are not worried about china. the exposure but the u.s. equity market is not that big. >> even though i wouldn't be rushing wouldn't be russian and chinese stocks right here. at the same time he asked. sandra: i wouldn't even be referencing chinese stocks in this market. ashley: the u.s. exposure to china. >> economic nor china if you buy companies, you have a lot of exposure as well. we've got to move on. let's look at the big names for lunch every day. let's begin with apple. did okay yesterday. we never got that the numbers were on the iphone's moving slightly lower. that's not being a quarter of a
9:35 am
percent. netflix is down slightly 1.5% down $1.50. amazon is pretty good and nice and i remain down nearly three bucks. let's look at wal-mart moving slightly higher. caterpillar, and nickname impacted by what's going on in china. let's look at make donalds. fifty-three cents closing in on $100 a share at 9742. the wildly popular mc rib when we found out it not going to be available everywhere. so what. the quarter pounder is getting bigger by a quarter of an ounce. cheryl, let's start with you. we make fun, but it sounds like more tinkering than anything.
9:36 am
cheryl: let's go back to the mc rib. people want this particular sandwich. only the 55% of restaurants. come on, really. you can't bring a pork seal much? get on board with the plan because you make money. there's original aspect to it. and donalds is getting their act together. it is a good value. anything under $100 is great for an investor's portfolio. >> all of these classes are interesting and restaurants make a lot of sense because the american consumer does treat themselves is a dinner way up there. texas roadhouse, mcdonald's. >> he goes to the drive during as the coffee which is likely
9:37 am
defense. ashley: upgrade for weight watchers and it's a winner. nicole, what's going on? >> the stock is a big loser this year down nearly 80%. just like you said, it's up almost 10%. craig allen at one of the analyst firms put a $10 price tag. why did they do that? going into 2016 day like that and see potential bear. unique visitors hitting the website has improved for weight watchers and also that new marketing plan to pay off the near-term debt. my family keeps make donalds in business. create your own burger. ashley: i love the segue from
9:38 am
weight watchers back to mcdonald's. thank you so much. don't forget to tune in every morning the foreign simonetti and nicole on sbm im. -- isbn a.m. you will make a donation directly to u.s. candidate to retreat. it starts today. hillary it may sound cold that doesn't mean as much as far as its values? >> it won't move the needle on twitter. the process could take three months to six months. they spoke as mr. graham and is able to monetize their apps. ashley: sandra, what do you think? sandra: it is innovative. the conversation right now is the election and twitter wants to be the top trend in conversation. ashley: it's good or grass-roots types of campaigns. this could be the move. cheryl: if it makes twitter money i'm all for it.
9:39 am
if this works, good. ashley: i think it's natural. let's look at 500 workers and closing a factory. can you blame the craft craze for this. larry levin, have a feeling you're a craft type of guy. >> you've got a couple of that taste terrible but certainly people are liking that stuff and it's hurting what used to be that big red, miller, coors and people are looking at other things. ashley: cheryl, the crew here is that if someone brings miller or something like that to a party they won't drink it. they will take it as a gift to the party they get invited to. if that's a trend?
9:40 am
cheryl: i had a couple before the show today and it's great stuff. [laughter] it is a new consumer trend. people are making them at home. ashley: out of the anheuser-busch of the world do? >> that is what makes capitalism so great. >> it's all about vodka. tito vodka is flying off the shelves these days. we've got beer, mcdonald's. donald trump taken on hedge funds. they are going to pay out. would you say to that? >> i say he's taking on a tough crowd. they are pretty powerful. it will certainly bring the donald of a few points.
9:41 am
the hedge funds are concerned it's a pariah and in many ways they are. they are taking money out of pension funds. it's not their own money but its hard-working americans and others but they are managing. ashley: harry levin, looks like trump has picked a good one but the hedge fund guys. >> this is just his next one. they will be more after that. people love to hate wall street. donald trump knows that and is a real good market. take this in stride here to be saying a lot of what is very practical and headlines right now. >> he wouldn't be a true politician if he wasn't talking out both sides of his mouth. ashley: lariat i've been in chicago, thank you. let's check the big board with about 11 minutes into the
9:42 am
session. the stock seems to have stabilized at 25 points. as they suspect it, stability is the word. we shall see its stabilized brands down half of a percent with wine in chicago starting next week. always looking to sell liquor in the stores. i was in green bay for three years, followed a lot of packers bears game. scott walker has disappeared from the pole. now he's returning to union bashing. we will have back next. >> on day one that will stop the buses from taking money out of
9:43 am
the paychecks of federal workers for union dues spent on political purposes. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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ashley: let's take a look at the big word for you. 15 minutes into the session. ho-hum, haven't been able to say that too often. up 30 points on the dallas you can can see we are holding steady when we look at the stocks, the majority in the green although essentially flat on the day of the stocks moving lower. walt disney and the dow 30. watch out amazon, ebay rolling out its own speedy shipping service called ebay plus. the service will be made available for $22 will provide two day shipping with a 30 day return guarantee on the available in germany. ups 95,000 for the holiday season about the same number as last year at ups approaching
9:47 am
$100 a barrel. the latest republican presidential poll showing trump in the league. notice who is not pictured in the top five. governor scott walker now trailing towards the bottom of the pack with 2%. walker firing up his base last night with a renewed antiunion bush. watch this. >> we are calling for the national labor relations board going forward. we need to take on the big government union bosses in washington just like i did in wisconsin. collective bargaining is not a right. it is an expensive entitlement. we need to eliminate the federal big government union and that the american people back in charge of the government again. ashley: interesting. joining me now from the national relation labor ward peter.
9:48 am
if you are chairman, the nlrb wouldn't exist anymore. when you think about that? >> i'd be pretty happy with it. they could make me a lifetime federal judge to make me more impartial. ashley: he calls this his power to the people plan. it would make every state a right to work state. this is the issue that wrought him to the attention of conservatives around the country and is going back to basically kickstart his campaign. is this the issue you think can do that? >> i hope it can. you know governor walker. he is comfortable in his own skin. he doesn't have an arrogant bone in his body and is identified three problems. the nlrb is a problem. in 1935 that was supposed to be a panel of impartial government
9:49 am
employees. i was comprised of labor lawyers and they know what's good for them. if they want business, they bested what organized labor wants. the important point is scott walker is not saying we will not enforce nations labor laws. we need to change the body that does it. i don't know what his proposal will be, but the authority of the board could be transferred to let federal judges who weren't subject to the same pressures the members of the board are. >> he also point out, he says federal workers in 2012, federal workers spent 23 million hours doing union work and not working for the taxpayer. that's the kind of stuff that makes people's blood boil. >> you know, it should. the unionization number one is unnecessary. most of the term are decided by
9:50 am
law, decided by congress. what they bargained over are the details come address close, flextime schedule. the official time you talk about cost roughly $160 million in 2012 which is the last year these figures were available. when i was chairman of the national labor relations board i found out by accident to my surprise that the president of the union that represented 100 to 125 staff attorneys did no work. she hadn't done work for years. i put things in process to change that because abuses go on throughout the federal government. ashley: we're out of time to buy blood is boiling now. thank you for joining us. >> happy to be with you. ashley: fantasy football taking the world by storm. next, someone who covers the law
9:51 am
on how fantasy has changed the game. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ashley: if you watched any football games over the weekend or last night, i did those come you couldn't avoid the rush of fantasy sports commercials like this.
9:55 am
new jersey democrat frank vallone is calling for a congressional hearing into the relationship between the nfl and fans the league's. fox sports insider joins us now. i don't like when politicians get involved, but this fantasy football phenomenon is just exploded. i use to do it every year and i got out because it became so consuming. why was he in this mass of its lotion? >> it is a new niche called daily fantasy sports were illegal in every state decides five. you can bet day-to-day on the site in their marketing budgets or huge. you would forget there was football games on. you go to subway's, everywhere. looking at a hole all at a whole all card on 53rd street and there is draft games on it. ashley: quite persuasive.
9:56 am
you make up the next morning and it's got all this money in your account. >> is past summer, and dual andros kings made $535 million in new investment. fox sports, cbs, yahoo! all involved. the legs are okay with this. ashley: doesn't change the the way you cover football because it's all about the individual, not the team. >> great question, the way cover the game doesn't change. however, i was in buffalo this week. are we going to get a lot from this player, that player. the players begin to get it. said jeremy mcelroy from the cheese that stop asking me questions about fantasy football. i'm focusing on the game. it's a distraction that noah player will ever not play as
9:57 am
well and that is why it's legal and white betting on games might not need because you can't fix the outcome. -year-old but rewarded for positive things. ashley: we have some congressmen who says we need to get involved. there could be regulation coming. >> how often do we hear frank alone. his point is that gambling is not legal in new jersey. you can't bet on sports so why are we not getting money out of this? why are these guys making money in new jersey and not as. just now some legals of came out. ashley: thank you so much. appreciate it. donald trump attacking ceo pay. we have a ceo who says he has come as the years make way too much money. that is new at 10:00. north korea getting nuclear facilities back up and running.
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it could've been brenda. >> all right, here is the big story, a fresh set of polls out this morning, yes, donald trump still in the lead, but ben carson continues to gain ground. the big loser, governor scott walker down to 2%, didn't make it on the first page of graphics on that. hillary clinton losing support among women, bed rock of her support. now only 32% say they'll vote for her in 2016. number was 71% just eight weeks ago, down 29% in eight weeks. and north korea firing up the nuclear weapons program again and won't be afraid to use the bomb against the united statesment on the eve of his visit to america, pope francis blaming the syrian refugee crisis on capitalism, the so-called god of money.
10:01 am
stay tuned, hour two of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ all right. first, let's take a look at the latest out of utah. flash floods there killed at least eight people. five others still missing, flood waters slamming into two vehicles carrying women and children in a small town near the arizona border on monday afternoon. heavy rains causing flash flooding about 300 miles south of salt lake city. some dramatic video. let's go to the markets and look how the dow is moving or not moving at this hour. all pretty steady as she goes. the dow up 51 points pretty much where we've been since the bell rang a half hour ago. disn disney. and bank of america says buy
10:02 am
this one. and let's take a look at oil for you, it's been drifting higher. a nearly 2% gain of 44.76. regular gas down a penny overnight to 2.3 it, whoo hoo! the average on regular down 29 days in a row. that's quite a streak. now to politics. donald trump taking aim at ceo pay and hedge funds. take a listen. >> i have a friend in the hedge fund business, not really a friend, a nice guy, but be good representing us because by the time he finish he may not have much of a hedge fund. he heard me talking hedge fund guys are going to pay up. he doesn't know what to do. the truth is they'll do just fine because we'll make the country so successful, they'll do fine and doing better.
10:03 am
ashley: let's talk about the c ceo's fat cats, not saying that you're one of those, but you agree with donald trump, don't you? why? >> i do, ashley, i think that unfortunately today you have too many ceo's getting these frankly disgusting large amounts. money versus the median salary of their employees, when their performance is horrible. it's one thing if the company is performing and it's performing exceptionally well, but unfortunately, many of these companies, what they do to ceo's, this'll stack the board with friends, stack the boards with people that will agree to their compensation and agendas that they want to push and when you get 500 times the median salary of one of your workers, and your stock is down, your performance and your company is down, it's crazy, it's ridiculous and that's what trump is talking about liz: it's e-mack here, however,
10:04 am
that 500 median ratio, comparing wall street ceo's to factory workers, the ratio is smaller. getting back to the issue at hand, you know, can donald trump just win on, you know, raising hedge fund income taxes and hedge fund guys say, yeah, we pay low. it's a small slice of the tax revenue, it's not enough. >> well, look, i don't agree with you. i think when you're talking about a ceo that gets 50 million dollars, 60 million dollars, a 100 million dollars for performing poorly, to me, that's not crazy. and so, yeah, clearly there may be issues with certain statistics as relates to the median ratio, there's no question that ceo's are ripping off investors, that's what we're talking about, as relates to trump's policy-- >> i'm sorry, to get back to e-mack's point. you can't compare that company
10:05 am
with the average person on the factory floor and office because their job titles and responsibilities are so hugely different. >> well, when the stock goes down because the performance of a company is so poor from a-- >> to understand that. >> that's ludicrous, yes, they're different, no question about it, but should they go this kind of gross amount? and that's the reality. and the public, frirngly, i think, has had enough ap certainly, investors had enough. the sec had good things in now they require companies to reveal the difference so you'll be able to tell how much more your ceo that you're investing in in terms of their company is making versus the median worker in an organization. that's a good thing. these kind disclosures are good. so are the advocate investors trying to hold boards accountable and these are good things, too, that will help investors make better decisions
10:06 am
e i with definitely agree with that liz: you don't want the government stepping in and dictating a ceo's pay. ashley: that's a good point. >> that's a point that donald trump did make, a lot of ceo's are appointed by their friends who want to be on boards for their egos. ashley: thank you very much. look at the poll, hillary clinton losing support among democratic women big name. a drop of 29 percentage points in just eight weeks. joining us now, the senior contributor at the daily signal. genevieve, that's quite a precipitous fall. what is she doing that's turning people off at that rate? >> i think it's what she's doing that's turning everybody off. iowa polls or frankly national polls, which is she's not being forth coming about the e-mail scandal and not portraying herself as someone that's trustworthy. look, at the end of the day, it's not something that hillary can portray as a sexist case
10:07 am
against her. it's not what her clothes are or what she looks like. this is about a real scandal that's brewing that she has not been upfront on. i think even women are coming around and saying, look it, i can't defend this. >> and the women are the bed rock of her campaign, can she win without it? >> i don't think she can. i think that any democrat would have a tough time without winning a large percentage of the female vote, especially single female women have been a growing foundation for democratic candidates and certainly been one of hillary's core constituencies and she is winning the same among women as she has with men. it's dropping across the country and it's a new poll that's out. state by state, the numbers are not good for hillary. >> we were talking about this earlier and she's going on talk shows and giving individual interviews, but nonator what she does, the word authentic seems to come up and she just does not seem to be genuine,
10:08 am
what is that? >> well, look, this is a problem for hillary partially because it's not the first time a story of of scandal or a story of where the truth isn't-- it's kind of hard to find has come out. it's a history with bill and hillary, but it's both of them. hillary had her share of scandals as well. i think for many people, they're kind of tired of it. for those in the democratic party they're tired of having to defend it and come up with excuses for the clintons and certainly for hillary. i think at the end of the day the public knows hillary well enough, to know it's not genuine. her answers just haven't added up and keep changing. if she doesn't get ahead of this very, very soon you're going to see folks like joe biden and others jump into the race. ashley: it's interesting in "the washington post," they interviewed women why they changed their mind about hillary. they said they'd love to see a woman in the white house and thought hillary would be that candidate and now decided she's
10:09 am
not the right one and they'll have to wait for the right one to come along. that's a pretty strong statement. >> that is a strong statement and shows how smart american women are. they'd like to see a woman be president one dayment i would like to see a woman be president one day and it needs to be the right woman. we're about to have a debate around the country of republican candidates and there is going to be a woman there that a lot of women may not know about. it will interesting to see the reaction to her tomorrow night. ashley: thank you. let's go to the market and check the big board. our next guest says the fed is ready to raise the rates. we're at 44, bumbling along. and too many hints to back down now. the most anticipated rate hike in the history of all financial markets anywhere, anytime and
10:10 am
wringing our hands, are they going to do it this thursday, jason? >> well, i would argue it's a coin flip. although i will tell you what we're modeling for, which is where the rubber meets the road. we're looking for a rate hike actually not this week, but in october and it's a little unconventional. we think there's so much academic data -- economic data overseas, and there's a general sort of sense there's been so much volatility in the market, it's probably not the right time. i think they'll get a couple more data points on the jobs front, perhaps the inflation front, and wait until october to raise 25 basis points. ashley: what does it say about the economy. sure they keep getting cheap money, but we know the rates are going to have to go up at some point. >> what i would point back to, the fed doesn't want to advi
10:11 am
advice-- surprise folks. what the market tells, there's about a third of the market thinks it's going to happen this week, another third in october and another third in december. it's very much split. i think the fed doesn't necessarily want to surprise the market, but it would be a good base case to think about october at this point. ashley: they all look rather befuddled, the members of the fomc. how much credibility has been hurt with this entire process? >> well, i think it has been pro tratracted and i think it's been exhausting. the bigger point, what's going to happen to the fed curve and the funds rate and so on in the first half of next year. we're pretty comfortable with the fact that there will be a rate hike barring some catastrophe. the real question is whether the market is going to look at this and say it's sustainable into next year. that's going to drive valuation models higher, it's going to
10:12 am
drive multi-i am its higher and certainly the bank space where there is a leverage in the small cap bank arena, to fund our higher interest rates. >> you think at this point, probably wednesday, maybe thursday, they still don't know what they're going to do. you really believe it could be a coin flip to decide? >> yeah, we're really looking at it that way and i think from, again, from a modeling standpoint. if you look at-- we focus on the banks at the fund and financial services sector, banks in particular and what folks are modeling for in general, the aggregate in that space is a 25 basis point lift in october, and there's some-- there's a lack of convention as to what's going to happen in december and at this point there's no thought at all about interest rate increases the first half of next year because of what we're seeing in terms of what's happening in china and other emerging markets. clearly, there's a global slowdown and is it going to drag the u.s. economy down here over the next several months?
10:13 am
>> one day we won't have to talk about it, but it won't be for a while. thank you. appreciate it. north korea says it's moving ahead with the nuke program and it's not afraid to use them against the united states. a legitimate threat or sabre rattling? we'll have the full story exn -- up next.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> all right. let's take a look at big board for you. over an hour into the session now, and [yawning] >> cheryl just did that. get some black coffee. >> poor cheryl. ashley: an accurate summation of what the market is doing right now, which is kind of bumbling along as we wait to see what happens with the fed on thursday. >> woo hoo. ashley: up a buck 29 at just over $77 a share. guess what, porsche hoping to change the game when it comes to electric cars. can you imagine?
10:17 am
lauren simonetti explains why, in case you missed it. >> it will speed up if you need caffeine. watch out tesla, porsche has this electric car as a concept. it was just unveiled at the motor show. 0 to 62 in less than three and a half seconds. now, that's relatively comparable to the tesla model s, but the mission e seemed to have a better battery, can reach 80% charge in 15 minutes. isn't that like the same as charging your iphone. ashley: i wish my iphone could do that? how much is it? >> i don't know the price point, it's a concept car. ashley: that's cool. >> that's cool, this is not. job losses at miller coors, shutting down a brewery in north carolina where more than 500 workers will lose their jobs. america's second largest brewer saying growing demand for independent craft beers hurting its mainstream beer business
10:18 am
and that's the result, job losses. if you are craving an mcrib, look at that thing, good luck finding one. mcdonald's says the mcrib will not be available nationally this year, it's up to the local franchises to decide whether they want to sell it. some are, and a handful, none in our area that i could tell on the mcrib locator. ashley: you've looked into this, haven't you? >> the fanatic fan. and mcdonald's needs help right now, usually they've put the mcrib out around the time nationwide, it's boost their sales in the second half of the year. they're not doing that this year. only in some franchises. >> i think that's wrong, it's a bad move. ashley: but we're talking about it. all day breakfast. all right, lauren, thank you very much. don't forget to tune in every morning at 5 eastern, with lauren simonetti and nicole. nicole: at 5 a.m.
10:19 am
there they are smiling away, ridiculously early and they're still happy. and north korea, a response to the atomic fuel power with sophisticated weapons stating they're ready to use the nukes on the u.s. at any time if it continues to quote, seek their reckless hostile policy toward the north. heritage foundation, james carafano, thank you for being here. i hear this from north korea, we hear it all the time. how much of a threat should we take this? >> well, look, anybody who doesn't think that north korea wants to build a nuclear weapon that can reach the united states, either from north korea or the submarine, of course they want to do that, you're an idiot. what good would they do it, they know if there's a war with the united states, we'd wipe
10:20 am
them off the map. they don't care. they want to jail out of free. we can have a nuclear war and if we get out a shot and take off one city, is that worth it? are you willing to mess with us to lose los angeles or portland or anchorage? and we'd shoot down-- >> couldn't we shoot it down, anyway? >> welcome, that's a good question. if it's fired from a submarine, depends where the submarine is, and if it's-- depends on how many are fired. so this is why, with north korea what we really need is belt and suspenders. we should be moving forward as rapidly as possible with missile defenses. on the other hand the pentagon announced we can expect a third less missile defense we told them. on the other end we should be tightening down on north korea. they say it's the most sanctioned country in the world and that's a lie.
10:21 am
we sanction more people in zimbabwe. we know where the north korea money is and we're not going after it. ashley: is this trying to to,pressure on the u.s. and the west to common kind of restart some talks? i know it doesn't seem like a great way to try to get talks going, but does it put the pressure on u.s. to restart those talks and talk about sanctions? >> anybody who tells you that they know what the north koreans are thinking, is somebody you shouldn't have on the air. only the north koreans know why they do what they do and we're just guessing. we know they do this kind of rope-a-dope thing where they threaten and as an expectation of threatening, they come back and be more accommodating. don't confuse that with their trajectory, they want the capability to reach and attack us. ashley: we will take it seriously for sure. james care fanno, thank you so
10:22 am
much. >> if you're a football fan, you can't avoid it, the commercials are plastered all over football. the details after this.
10:23 am
10:24 am
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> all right. let's check the big board again. the dow now at session highs, we're up 89 points, okay, we are bumbling along. we're on the up side and waiting on the fed. don't buzz me, that's what's going on. remember the massive hacker, 83 million accounts at least of j.p. morgan chase? the department of justice appeared to have a lead on the culprits. we kind of thought the chinese, but elizabeth mcdonald says-- >> yeah, a tampa guy, an alleged bitcoin, currency. early 30's, anthony mergeo, he
10:26 am
has a colleague under possible prosecution as well. in plea deal talks he's in with the department of justice. what they found in the course of their investigation that their activities were linked to the j.p. morgan hack of 83 million accounts. what they found was-- >> at least found someone. >> this is important for the viewers, a crime ring out of russia, they're doing major stock fraud with phishing e-mails and hacking into people's systems from that. separate that that, turns out the administration, when it comes to china's hack into, no economic sanctions from the administration ahead of the china president's visit that's up and coming. you know, even though china reacted angrily saying, you know what, the u.s. dialed down, it's not us. we've got top executives of
10:27 am
fortune 500 companies, saying that the military is hacking into the country. ashley: god forbid we take a stand. thank you. united auto workers said it would keep talking about the contract delaying a strike. the most profitable, and investors like it. and the opening weekend for the nfl, if you saw you saw a lot of ads for website like fan duel and drop kings. and the ceo of drop kings was on our program last week. >> fantasy football, 56 million people in the u.s. and canada playing and only 5 or 6% played daily fantasy sports games. we take a small commission on the games you play against each other. >> football, baseball, basketball are the biggest. hockey is quite popular.
10:28 am
golf is popular. ashley: one thing we can tell you is that get a huge amount of money for their advertising. adam shapiro joining us and we've been talking about the amazing, mushrooming, if you like, called fantasy football and the ads, it's nonstop. i think it's subliminal. you ma i can it sound so proper, draftking. let's talk the numbers. 110 million, stuart had that part of it last week, spend on advertising. what do you want to call this person, gambler, a player, player in the united states. this year there's a trade association, fantasy sports trade association and they say the average amount that a fantasy sports player will 465. last year, two years ago, it's $95. it's growing. who is involved? major league baseball has bought a position in draftkins
10:29 am
and the one of the large sites. and this is growing and it's huge and according to the trade association just in canada and united states, playing sports, the question, is it gambling or not. ashley: is it legal? yes or no? >> is congress going to step in. >> yes, thisser. >> the answer is no, it's not gambling. the 2006 unlawful internet gaming act create add loophole that specifically permits fantasy sports. you pay a $25 entry fee, you're not waging above that $25. ashley: okay. >> you're also using statistical information and the law outlines how it's supposed to take place. i won't get into the gobbledygook of the law, but a
10:30 am
congressman from new jersey calls himself an advocate of sports betting. he's raising the question, what's the difference between this and-- >> it's real money. >> can you tax it? >> that's right. >> oh, don't get into that. >> sorry i brought that up. ashley: any of you play fantasy? >> no, i live in fantasy. >> here is the thing, the two companies are spending a lot of advertising. and it looks like they'll be acquired by major sports or-- >> 2 million what fan dul will pay out. 2 million. ashley: thank you. draftkings. and pope francis calls it worshipping the god of money. could it be the end of humanity? the details next.
10:31 am
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>> all right. let's check the big board for you. dow at session highs. up triple digits now, it's starting to edge higher, up 109 points and it's good for 6/10 of a percent gain. let's take a look at the dow 30 for you. wow, other than wal-mart and disney, we're in the green across the screen, coca-cola just turned even. ups for hire after 95,000 people for a holiday season, how does it rank? about the same number as last year. let's take a look at oil for you, it's been drifting higher. up about 57 cents, 44.57. all right, want to get back to that poll about hillary clinton losing support among democratic women. now, 42%, that's down from 71%
10:35 am
in july. that's a drop if you're keeping county in just eight weeks. joining us now is tamara holder. are you one of those women voters who has been turned off by hillary clinton? >> maybe. >> maybe? >> i don't know, i'm still waiting. >> why aren't you convinced? >> well. ashley: why are you holding back? >> i have a reason about women voters and why they weren't fans in 2008. ashley: why? >> women are terrible to each other. women are not nice to each other. ashley: really? >> they do not like to see each other succeed. they're not as nice to each other as they are to men. that's just how -- why we don't rule the world because we tear each other down. ashley: is that true? >> i don't agree with that. ashley: i'm shocked. >> that's a blanket statement. i think there's something to that, but i mean, i think goes' got to be more to it. you don't think it's the cheating husband that she went back to cheater and--
10:36 am
>> "the washington post" article, because they interviewed women who changed their mind. we want a woman in the white house. >> the right one. ashley: we want the right one. we thought hillary was the right one and now we have to wait until the right one. that's a strong statement about hillary. >> a strong statement how she's running her campaign. she isn't running a convincing campaign. it's not just about e-mails, it's about the e-mails and how she's responding to it. because she's just back and forth apologizing, denying it. we don't know what's going on in her campaign and i think that's affecting her more than actual issue itself. >> does this poll give joe bide and extra push toward throwing his hat in the ring? >> definitely, he's looking at the numbers he's dropping and the democrats don't want to lose. just like the republicans want to win. >> you don't want to lose your party in the white house, anybody who thinks we're going
10:37 am
to lose because of hillary and bernie sanders is a wild card. >> he's like a rock star especially among the memorials. that's taking the wind out of hillary's sales a little bit. the clear alternative. how far can he take it? >> another group of people are the african-american voters that came out for obama and i think in august. s trois 80% of african-american voters would vote for hillary, to bernie's 23%. that's a huge group of people. number one would they come out? if they did, who would they vote for? would it be biden, sanders or stay at home? >> she's trying to charm everybody right now by appearing more human. >> the pictures. ashley: the pictures and all of this. it's so fake by the way it's forced on us, wouldn't you agree? >> i think it's like the olden days. look how cute i was and look how normal i was, look how likeable i was.
10:38 am
people don't remember those things. we all looked cute in college or just had our baby, i wouldn't know about the baby. ashley: you're not buying it? you think the awe tuthenticitaue is struggling. it's unfortunate because she is a mom, a grandma and a wife. ashley: women are not not nice to each other. >> how smart sandra smith is the last hour. ashley: who? >> you. ashley: i feel the love. thank you, ladies. [laughter] >> now, pope francis taking aim at capitalism yet again and case that the european crisis was by a bad system that worships of the god of money. elizabeth macdonald is here to talk about this liz: the pope, i'm sure there will be a coverage of it. you have to take perspective
10:39 am
where came out of. it came out from argentina after the third wave between socialism and capitalism. where pope john paul came out a totaltainer regime. the request he is, which is better for the poor? if you're a christian, you focus on the poor. the pope will talk about the poor. >> there's massive income inequality and people die at extraordinary rates in russia, china and north korea. that's the question, is the pope going to focus on-- >> yeah, his comments are almost idiosyncratic on capitalism. the question is which is the better system to bring people out of poverty. ashley: how is this going over with americans. >> and you look at how much it's going to cost when he
10:40 am
comes here. ashley: california the right to die bill that would allow the state to grant terminally ill patients the right to end their own lives legally with described medication. joining us now ken barnes from san diego. he has a personal story to share with us, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. maria: th. >> if this legislation passed, you're not in favor of it. maybe you can share your story. >> one of those for assisted suicide see it as a choice issue. if it was a choice, that would be okay. but the challenge, person who are disabled, those who can't speak for themselves, the idea that assisted suicide could be pushed on them. ashley: what is your story?
10:41 am
>> just like many people we have different ways that we come to be active. for me, i had a twin brothers with cerebral palsy and 29 in a wheelchair. and it was hey, you only have so much longer to live. that experience and growing up in a household where we were on public assistance until i was a teen and using med-cal. and my mother advocated for this time and time again. so many people don't have an advocate. what if you're in the hospital and lower reimbursement rate and you only have a few months to live, thousands of tolls to continue on or $300 to help you end your life. it's naive that they wouldn't
10:42 am
find a way for the water to run through the rocks. ashley: i've got 20 seconds. the supporters of this bill say it's about a peaceful death, not assisted suicide. how would you respond? >> we should put more resources into pail-- palliative care, hospice, and not ending life. ashley: thank you. and cheryl, what are you watching on somewhat of a quiet market day? >> i agree with you. the dow 135, we can take that. and look at twitter, in the las hour, the fact that you can now donate to your favorite political candidate through twitter. they've been teaming up, it
10:43 am
could be an opportunity. the other way to look at, compare twitter to facebook because a lot of analysts come on the show and told you and stuart and i and they like facebook as a stock than twitter. but twitter may have something going on. ashley: getting ready to launch the most expensive suv ever. we've got one outside the studio, i'll give you a sneak peek and maybe drive off in this next. >> wow.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks are not too far off session highs, the session high, i should correct myself. 16,512. s&p 500 up 15. nasdaq gained 37 and with this news that we're seeing today stocks turning to positive territory for this week. the two trading days must far ahead of the fed's decision. on interest rates, wednesday and thursday, 29 of the 30 dow components with up arrows. and this moment, chevron, microsoft, merck leading the way. on the dow jones industrial average, a mixed bag of economic news, some retail sales numbers that were good enough so we'll see what happens with the fed. on the aluminum deal with ford and alcoa, they're strongest
10:46 am
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10:47 am
>> if you're in the market for a luxury suv, boy, do i have a treat for you, and i mean luxury with a capital "l", this
10:48 am
is a bentley, yes, bentley, the stately car is now going, i don't know whether to say it's off road. joining me is michael weekly, the president and ceo of bentley. i can't put suv and bentley side by side. why did you get into this market and explain what this car is and what it does. >> it's the largest, quickest expanding market in any segment throughout the automobile industry. so far, really, there hasn't been anything in the order of luxury segments. so we're hoping to create a new segment for luxury vehicles. ashley: what is this? >> it's $229,000. ashley: what do i get for a quarter of a million dollars. >> 12 cylinder engine, 600 horsepower, 660 foot pounds of torque, zero to 60 in four
10:49 am
seconds. ashley: would you go off road in one of these. it's an suv in name, right? >> it's got the credibility of off-road capacity that the best suv in the market can do. you've got a program that can take you through eight different settings, from the perfect setting for snow, perfect for gravel and perfect should you be in the mojave desert or a sheik in the middle east. ashley: who is your typical customer and market? >> current bentley customer typically owns six or eight cars. ashley: six or eight cars? >> from the fleet he has in the garage, typically two premium you have suv's already. and you could discard one of the other ones. ashley: so this is available? >> it's available in north america from the first quarter of next year. ashley: first quarter of next
10:50 am
year. >> and launched for the european market. ashley: we talk about the lovely new car smem. the leather smell coming out of the back seat is remarkable. >> one of the features of bentley as a brand, the hand crafting with the ultimate performance on the other side. ashley: it's a lovely vehicle. that's an understatement. >> thank you for having me. ashley: all right, we'll be back with more on varney after this. i'm going to are a spin. all right. is it our insightful strategies that make edward jones one of the country's biggest financial services firms? or 13,000 financial advisors who say thank you? it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, making it the most loved electric toothbrush brand by americans and their dentists.
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>> summer may be ending, but drivers have a lot to look forward to as gas prices continue to drop. jeff flock is at a refinery in illinois. more good news, jeff? >> yes, this is the citgo retinery. and you see the canadian crude. and they've been down each month and that's despite the fact that consumption is up, cheryl. take a look at first week of
10:55 am
september, this first week of september compared to the last four, we've had the best consumption since pre-recession, 2007. good news there. take a look at prices at the pump. we've got the states below $2. the average. 2.32. it was a week ago, losing a penny aday. the winter gasoline cheaper than what they've been making all summer. >> jeff flock, thanks. here are the highlights and we've got more varney two minutes away. >> we've had a jobless recovery and the fed knows the numbers they're looking at are erroneous numbers. the fed has to stay pat right now and just focus on waiting it out and seeing what happens with inflation. >> right, but if the government is going through your garbage looking for something that
10:56 am
could harm the environment, if the garbage is disposed of without warning, it doesn't need a warrant to do so. so, if the people in seattle are offended by the government going through their garbage, i would be offended by the government going through my garbage, most people would be, they have to change by statute. >> hillary, her answers haven't add added up and keep changing. if she doesn't get ahead of this, very, very soon, you'll see joe biden and others jump into that race. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions,
10:57 am
including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. .. your link to what's next.
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we could save a lot of money. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. ashley: 90 minutes into trading. we have the solid triple digit rally on our hands, 150 points to the upside, green arrows all around, following a isis stockpiling thousands of homeses
11:00 am
and tanks, amber smith says they are operating like an army and she is here to make her case. to the campaign trail hillary clinton losing support among democratic women down nearly 30 points in eight week since july. donald trump and ben carson ahead of the second republican debate, check twitter allowing political donations through tweets. pope francis taking aim at capitalism again blaming europe's refugee crisis on, quote, the god of money. "varney and company" our 3 starts now. all right, market rally up 162 points, let's check the big board. we were bumbling along for the first hour of trading but picked up nice momentum, the dow up 20%, disney the only stock in the bottom right hand corner of
11:01 am
the dow off 30 in the red, morgan stanley cut its target price, ups is going to hire 95,000 people for the holiday season. how does that compare? same number as last year. new supply deal for alcoa. ford will use multiple aluminum parts in the ford 150 point trucks, they have been the best-selling in the united states for more than 30 years, quite a record. take a look at oil that has been drifting higher, at $0.50 or thereabouts, 34, 52, so with regard to oil we have been, we got down to 38 barrels somewhere like that last two weeks, la hoya experts say it has to go down and retest that kind of level before we can say there is a bottom to oil. >> goldman sachs falling to $20 a barrel but it is tying in to why we see the market's rally,
11:02 am
volume picking up today, low-volume yesterday, the energy names like chevron, bigger point add the ears on the dow, that is why we are up 160 points, there's a lot of cash on the sidelines, any small piece of data at these fed watchers get, to buy into the market, trying to anticipate that rate hike. the fed is so short-term thinking, we have retail up 2 present, let's raise rates. how the fed thinks, that is why you are seeing an uptick. ashley: retail sales were ho-hum under what was expected. >> we had 3.2%, industrial production, the dating points, starting to grab onto that, positive economic. >> we might not have the supply.
11:03 am
ashley: positive for all prices that go up. staying on the markets, check out the price of mcdonald's, the company announcing the return of the wildly popular mc rib sandwich but it won't be available everywhere causing quite a stir in the quarter pounder getting bigger by a quarter of an else. doesn't sound like that huge deal. >> for the quarter pounder there searing and a little differently. you are quite the mcdonald's expert. the big story is the mcread the. have you had one? ashley: a long time ago. haven't had one since. >> it is good. good luck finding one. this is the seasonal best seller for mcdonald's. just talked about them. in the back half of the year.
11:04 am
it is not this year. ashley: the old practice is a big move. >> because they are making so many moves mcdonald's is not sure how much they can push their franchise, local franchises you make a pig, you want to sell the fine, if you don't don't. >> that is, mistake. the turnaround plan. and a perfect example of this, a lot of the country is not getting, a group of franchises saying -- take this, of all these things -- >> something is so hard to get when you want it. ashley: one of the biggest things, this hour, isis amassing so much military machinery there nearly reaching army levels, even some of the and american
11:05 am
tanks. former u.s. army helicopter pilots and concern veterans for america's senior military adviser amber smith, thank you for being here. they are continuing, isis continuing to build up military hardware. a lot of it stolen from the u.s. and given to people fighting isis an end been defeated or run away and isis came along to say we have brand new home thes. >> operating as an army with command-and-control structures they now have these advanced military equipments to help them reach their objectives, nearly every city they have taken in iraq or syria they have captured, military equipment, iraq especially when they took ramadi, they fell in and captured thousands of u.s. humvees and tanks including an us so they have a lot of heavy
11:06 am
weaponry. ashley: we know they are good at the pr game, social media how sophisticated are that operating an army or doesn't that matter? they have the hardware. >> isis has proven to be acting as an army. not only are they using standard terror tactics in terms of suicide bombings and assassinations but doing that in conjunction with military tactics. they use intelligence, they have shown tactical patience and sophisticated planning as well as having command-and-control structures so they are not just looking to spread fear and violence but gaining and holding ground which is what organizational army does. ashley: how would you characterize our response of our? doesn't seem to be a lot of rhetoric. we have had bombing from the air but they continue to amass all this military hardware and hold ground. >> exactly. the rapid rise of isis and their continuation to make advancements is very concerning
11:07 am
especially since the war started we spent billions of dollars, we have basically the air campaign has been 1-sided and they are making those advancements. i think it is clear the strategy we have right now is not working. all it does at best is disorganize isis for a few minutes and degrade their ability to have freedom to maneuver and they change their tactics and continue on. ashley: next question is what should we be doing? >> we need to shift our strategy complete the. not long ago the former army chief of staff said it is time to have a conversation about. on the ground. of things to not change very rapidly which is not looking like it is going to we need to have that conversation but if that happens we need to be clear on a few issues. the mission needs to be clearly defined for our soldiers. generals need to make sure they have the freedom to fight this war and win it and our soldiers have rules of engagement that is
11:08 am
not going to benefit the enemy over the american soldier. ashley: does this country have the appetite for something like that? >> it depends. we need to look at that as the point of view, we fight isis as they stand and they will continue to grow. ashley: amber smith thank you, we appreciate it. back to politics, second gop debate is tomorrow night, donald trump keeping that momentum going leading the latest cbs poll with 27%, ben carson not far behind, jeb bush falling back, scott walker not even pictured, 2%. republican strategist mercedes is here, does the gop in the field need to come out swinging in and strum in this debate or is that a big mistake? >> i think it would be wise to go after trump especially if trump goes after you but i don't think they need to get stuck on
11:09 am
this fighting against trump. they need to show why they are relevant, why their policies matter but it has to be ♪ as of substance and style. we can talk about policy and numbers defy one of these candidates on the debate stage tomorrow i would hone in on my style and my 1-liners and really make it so that the voters out there can basically say wait a second, there is a contrast with donald trump because it is going to be the donald trump show again tomorrow. ashley: let's talk about the other people who need to step up to the plate, jeb bush for one, his style is to go into great detail on the issues, he gets bogged down, comes across as low energy as donald trump as pointed out. this is very important for him tomorrow night to come out and really make an impression. >> he was pretty steady in the first debate but he needs to pop. this is an opportunity for him
11:10 am
to inspire. he is good at talking about the facts and statistics and his record as a conservative governor but this is an opportunity for him to be jab which is coming from the heart, talking about this individual out there suffering in the lower middle class, basically what we are dealing with in america, the tough situation if he is able to make that connection with the stories about individual americans across the country i think it could resonate but again it is going to be up to him to come out and not just sound like a policy wonk, we get that, we know he has the leadership skills, can he bring that emotional appeal which is in lacking. ashley: who else among trump's rivals have to step up their game or risk having to drop out of the race? >> there are so many of them. obviously governor scott walker has been hurt the most by donald trump. you was one of the favorites
11:11 am
early on especially in iowa. he has been damaged by the trump rise. i think it is important for him to have a strong debate performance. she didn't have it the first time around. we will see how he reacts. senator marco rubio has to give a solid performance, he did it in the first debate, he is very effective communicator in really talking about again the personal story, this narrative which i think really works very well. ashley: ken donald trump win the republican primary? >> yes he can. i think this idea that he can't win it, he is self financing his campaign. the polls right now tells us right now who is hot, who is connecting and he is doing very strong, this >> translator: by december but he is delivering strong messages and because of the fact the we have so many candidates on the
11:12 am
field donald trump can very much, the vote is very divided, clearly if he goes out strong in iowa and new hampshire the strong performance, he is leading in florida, he has the real possibility, he could win the nomination. we should not discredit that. cheryl: we don't have a lot of time. what can carley do tomorrow night to really take her place on that stage? >> she needs to be carley. she is a strong debater, effective communicator. she is especially able to attract the women voters that is all little disgruntled with trump because he made offensive comments, one thing about carley is chinos a policy. she again knows how to connect with the people. people, we are going to be looking to see that moment between carley and trump and i think she is going -- she will have a solid performance, i have no doubt about that.
11:13 am
ashley: makes politics fun, appreciate it. let's move on, those wildfires continuing to rage in california, hundreds of homes destroyed, thousands more at risk, live report, meantime hits keep coming for hillary clinton. women abandoning her. that is next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> the down nice little rally, up 146 points earlier. energy leading this rally, chevron moving higher, 2%. nice pop for microsoft. that will make stuart varney happy. it is up 2%, almost 44%. take a look at fit bit. and overweight rating, $47.
11:17 am
and take a look at tesla on an up day. the valley fire continuing to bear in, 62 acres and one person dead. two other wild fires throughout the state. claudia cowan in middletown california, the backdrop is devastating. >> it is hard blocking, to see other people's homes, we are at the middletown manner. and number of cars as well, just rubble, the wheels of this car melted off, that is a good indicator how fierce this fire was, 67,000 acres, the equivalent, twice the side of the city of san francisco.
11:18 am
the fire turned deadly when a 72-year-old woman became trapped in her home, the retired teacher was disabled and couldn't get out. officials say other presidents are accounted for and four injured firefighters continue to recover from second-degree burns. the town does remain evacuate did, he lost three homes in this fire, one was a rental, another was under construction, the third was where he lived for 30 years with his wife and their three sons. choking back tears he told me he used a garden hose to protect his beloved home for as long as he could. >> to save a half how bad it is, that was my american dream. >> he told me he does have insurance so hopefully he will be able to rebuild. he is among the 13,000 residents displaced by this fire.
11:19 am
ashley: the destruction is remarkable. thank you for that report. more trouble for hillary clinton. we have been telling you about this. a new poll shows support for hillary among women has dropped 29% since july, eight weeks. guy bentsen, come on in. this is not good news for hillary. the women vote surely is the bedrock of her campaign. >> that is right and these are not just any women voters, these are democratic women voters, democrat primary voters who have flocked away from hillary clinton to other quarters whether it is bernie sanders or joe biden who is not in the race, when we talk on this program with stuart varney friday i referred to hillary clinton as still the front runner but wounded one and this is more evidence that that is the case. ashley: she is trying to turn it around, listening to her advisers, trying to be a kinder gentler hillary clinton, it seems like the voters and
11:20 am
according to this hole they are seeing right through her. >> you can only do so many makeovers wishy has universal name recognition, people formed opinions of her and just showing up with hilary duff version 8.0, don't know which one we are on now, people are not going to buy it and what is interesting is the cbs news poll that came out over the weekend in iowa and new hampshire the two first states, hillary clinton trails bernie sanders by 10 points in that poll in iowa and 22 points in new hampshire. dire straits forewoman presumed by many to be the nominee. ashley: put on the throne. does this give joe biden even more incentive for joe biden supporters pushed him all little closer to getting in the race? >> sure. if you have a floundering front runner with the specter of this fbi investigation it is a cloud
11:21 am
that is not going to lift anytime soon. this won't get better for hillary clinton in the coming months and give some point democrats look around and say are we going to nominate bernie sanders? interesting note came across my e-mail, a pro hillary clinton super pac for the first time is taking the gloves off and taking shots at bernie sanders tying him to the far left labor leader in britain. the hillary people likely nervous about bernie sanders. i think joe biden, you got to take a strong look at him. if you're a democrat worried about hillary and your viability, it would be political malpractice not to give a good hard look at this sitting vice president. stuart: rundle joe ran is what they're saying. great stuff, appreciate it. coming up next twitter running out a new service that will make a lot easier to get your cash to your favorite candidate. we will show you how it works after this. bp
11:22 am
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this is a great place to work. not because they have yoga meetings and a juice bar. because they're getting comcast business internet. comcast business offers convenient installation appointments that work around your schedule. and it takes- done. - about an hour. get reliable internet that's up to five times faster than dsl from the phone company. call 800-501-6000 to switch today. perks are nice. but the best thing you can give your business is comcast business. comcast business. built for business. >> the dallas in rally mode, ali baba bouncing back against the price target, and 2%, $1.54 at $64.14, ali baba. check the price of twitter,
11:26 am
media giant teaming up with mobile payment company square to accept political donations, stocks moving higher and one.5%. jo lin kent is here. what does this mean for the candidates rising money? it seems like it is the kind of thing to do to use social media blitz >> sign up for a cash account, tweet this link by twitter and supporters can donate without beating on twitter, and your debit card, after the campaign a lot of these is too easy. twitter needs every single click it can get. ashley: the ceo. >> jack dorsey has twitter, clearly there is synergy very every way but a lot of candidates have signed up, walker, bobby jindal, been carson, hillary clinton has signed up, she has not started deploying this yet but this is a move for twitter to increase
11:27 am
advertising. of those wes get promoted the campaigns are paying for some. ashley: want to talk about hacking while you are here. what does it take to turn and i keep professional into our hacker? >> corporate securities, it doesn't take much at all. $2,000 or less, 28% of those surveyed in the u.s. hack on their own company. ashley: very disturbing. >> it is hi number, 30% there, this according to cybersecurity, who do they want to hack on the outside outside their company? they want to hack the white house. david cameron's private e-mail, facebook, apple, your bank account, walmart, pizza. i do like that weird buttery
11:28 am
dipping sauce. ashley: packing those. >> it comes free with the pizza. ashley: this is the biggest result of this survey. >> it might be. you'll get these companies and security is such an important issue, people spending $2.5 billion, how much insurance companies provided less year. and so what do you do? make sure it is a priority to talk to your employees secure the border. ashley: their good side. >> change the password. ashley: very good. >> you never know. papa john's flavors. ashley: these people end up with big jobs with multinationals or the government by being hired as an actor. >> the good kind go inside companies and held some polk holes in their cyberdefense to help them prepare for something larger. >> i'm nervous, these ethical
11:29 am
hackers, takes $2,000 to make not ethical. ashley: a lot of money. >> survey everyone in the company, not just the experts. ashley: fascinating stuff, thank you very much, appreciate it. let's move on. up next scott walker says if he is elected you can say goodbye to federal worker unions and the nlrb. union supporter on that to react after the break. >> we need to eliminate the federal government unions and put the american people back in charge of their government again. so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mmm hmm. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. hi mi'm raph. tom. my name is anne.
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ashley: let's check in board for you. the dow or d. -- the ballot nearly 150 points be in little whilenow. almost 2930 stocks moving higher. disney can offer a price cut for morgan family. check out the shares or alcoa to provide aluminum parts for the f1 50 pickup trucks. a wonderfully at 953. oil on the way up as well. up nearly one and three quarters of a percent at 4475. the spring and ross gibbons or wealth empire.
11:34 am
listen, we've got -- i would say we've got a little rally on our hands. we floated on the flat line yesterday. probably would do the same today. why are we moving higher? >> stuart, thanks for having me back to people waking up to the fact these stocks are cheap. i think people are coming around. yellen is probably not going to raise rates. it is just so insignificant in the grand scheme and it scheme and authority been priced into the market. my guess to be some rain that the rates are going to get hiked and traders to the bullish side. ashley: so you believe they will not raise rates. when will they raise rates in your opinion, russ? >> i would probably say and a year. i just don't expect it. it is just so over forect,
11:35 am
stuart. we been in a zero interest rate environment for years now. if they boosted its going to be a quarter of a percent. it is nothing in the grand scheme. i don't know why everybody is making such a big deal. it is not as if rates will jump 2% or 3% overnight. drain to do expect another leg down? do we need more correction before we can build again? >> i can see another 10% down. all i see right now as it got to be a little bit tactical. the last three or four years, managers put a dartboard on the staff are making good money in the markets. it easy. everything is cheap. it is not cheap, but it's not expensive either. there's a niche opportunities. general motors, apple, sharon held his trading 11 times four.
11:36 am
a stock buyback will boost up all the other metrics. there's got to be a little more tactical. the fear out there is unwarranted in my opinion. >> no need to worry. thank you. we appreciate it. "the wall street journal" tally in all of the proposals backed by democratic residential candidates and well-known socialist bernie sanders and determined it would cost taxpayers roughly 18 trillion over 10 years. cheryl, that actually makes mr. obama -- >> first of all, 15 of the 18 trillion torahs government-sponsored health care plans. that is the bulk of the $18 trillion. he also wants to expand social security. he wants to make tuition free at public colleges. how are you going to pay for the common mr. sanders? he plans to raise $6.5 trillion
11:37 am
over 10 years they increasing taxes. we know he's a socialist. he's admitted it and he wants to turn us into france. end of story. >> just to put this into perspective, and this is the biggest budget expansion we've seen since world war ii. ashley: it is 18 trillion the rich are going to pay for. >> even democrats are like are you kidding me. are you joking right now. come on. ashley: when this gets out of naftali peyser 18 trillion, the candidacy has got to be in trouble, right? >> this is another example of an agenda. delegate free college tuition if they wanted. governor scott walker calling for elimination of the national
11:38 am
labor relations board. i spoke to former nlrb chairman peter schomburg about it earlier. listen to this. >> if they want business, if they want a job off the board, they've asked you organized labor wants. the important point is scott walker is not singing will not enforce the nation's labor laws. we need to change the body that does it. ashley: with me now a state of the union author still dying. you heard from mr. schomburg. he looked at scott walker's proposal. what do you think? >> i think it's pretty sad he's trying to jumpstart his campaign. he's thinking to this level. he wants to ban federal unions. he wants to have a national right to work law and get rid of the nlrb. the first reaction was from
11:39 am
republican mike huckabee who said why don't we ask union folks to look at the republicans rather than act like they are the enemy. ashley: scott walker said and i brought this up more than 3.3 million hours in 2012 were spent by a federal union workers not working for the federal government but working on union issues. they weren't doing that the taxpayer pays them to do. that seems to be a fair point. wouldn't you agree? >> no, it's not a fair point. this is about two different numbers. 3% in iowa which is where he polls today after initially leaving iowa. this is 2% nationwide. donald trump has all the oxygen out of the republican tent and this is a bottom of the pack candidates desperate effort to resuscitate his campaign. he didn't even try to do these
11:40 am
things. he said in wisconsin he wouldn't favor as daybreak to work law but when conservatives got to conservatives got to have a change to the spirit this is going nowhere and it's just again a sad, pathetic attempt to breathe life into the campaign that lasted. ashley: they said the same thing in wisconsin but he seemed to prevail there. >> he did seem to prevail there, but he was before these things before he was against them and vice versa. it's the real problem in this country unions when we got the biggest wage gap we've had in 100 years, the biggest income inequality since the great depression and he thinks the problem is unions are too strong. the fact that nobody supporting him shows a dozen of many people who believe him. >> he also wants to stop the automatic withdrawal of union
11:41 am
dues for political purposes. shouldn't the individual person have a right to say i don't want that to be used for political purposes? doesn't he have a point there? >> if he has a point, he should make that point and argue here is what i think should happen. what is trying to do is destroy the union note in this country. he has every right to do that. he's basically tried to eviscerate public sector unions to some success and now he's doing the same with all unions. to pretend he's doing this on behalf of the taxpayer again when we've got growing in the many quality, hardly anybody in this country thinks the problem is working people are getting too much. ashley: we will leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. another attack on capitalism from pope francis.
11:42 am
he is blaming the european migrant crisis on the god of money. judge napolitano is back for more after the break. ...and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said.. doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function.
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11:44 am
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and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next. ashley: new jersey democratic congressman frank bulldog wants to attack the illegality of the most popular and fastest-growing policies. fantasy sports spirit but is the beef? >> this is the letter that frank pallone wrote to congress saying this is very murky territory. is illegal, is it not legal. based on the 2016 mother says federally online gambling not legal but it's absolutely okay. he wants more information about a couple things. a total review of the status and
11:47 am
general. how do they offer cash prizes, and what piece of the pie -- whether the players who played the real folk all sport actually participate in fantasy sports as well. this is where it gets tricky and he wants them to look into all of that. big business as you saw from the commercials. ashley: they spoil everything. >> i am zipping my live. ashley: thank you judge, you are next. taking another site that capitalism blaming the migrant crisis on the god of money in an interview with the portuguese radio station. we see these refugees import people escaping from wars and hunger. that's the tip of the iceberg. the cause is a socioeconomic system that is bad and unjust. all rights, judge andrew
11:48 am
napolitano is here. >> okay, the holy father is a challenge for traditionalist termcap x of which i am one. traditionalists who came of age under john paul ii and under benedict the 16th. though they were not exactly fine rant on capitalism were far more into philosophy and he has her claim himself somewhere between a communist with a lowercase b. and a marxist with an m. at the same time trying to be a roman catholic. and they are not proper. >> you want to see how people fared in a communist society. look at russia, cuba, china.
11:49 am
he is a child of the failed fascist experiments in my america in his ears and he has chosen to reject the lessons. why are they serious refugees coming into europe? their homes are being destroyed by war. not because they can't buy food. when there is peace they can buy food and they have jobs. i disagree with his holiness focus on the economic inequalities in syria as a reason for these. ashley: as the head of the church that must be difficult to say. this is not the first time you said. >> the pope is infallible and faith in models. thank god it is just limited to faith and morals because he is -- he sounds like a left-wing professor of london school of economics when he blames mass
11:50 am
migration. >> i've been to the vatican. >> in the past two years they had a $200 million facelift. where did that money come from? it came from rich catholic s. with expendable income. where did it go to? the hard-working hard-working blue-collar label sticks at the cathedral as perfect a system as we can come up with. raise the money from rich people. >> the rich people who live under the god of money, how are they going to react to the pope? it was in a position where they won't agree. >> a lot of them are biting their tongues because he is still the vicar of christ, still the head of the roman cap at church. when he speaks economic quite frankly, it goes in your and --
11:51 am
in one ear and out the other. >> a nice catholic man. are you catholic? >> yes, yes. here's a challenge, an obstacle for this traditional roman catholic and they shouldn't be. >> migrants are playing to capitalist economy is right now. it's ironic. true duty will be here soon enough and you can tell him in person. cap, more trouble for the irs. the agent to getting slapped with a lawsuit for not disclosing the bonuses they paid to lois lerner. details on this after the break. with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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>> fallout from the irs scandal. the agency being sued over bonuses paid for the investigation. lois lerner. gerri willis is all over this. give me the details on this one. >> tax analysts suing irs. they want more information about the bonuses, some details back
11:56 am
in june 30th 2013 and conservative scripts were targeted get out some $70 million in bonuses. jessica $42,000. ashley: lois lerner. what is that based on? >> you think it would be based on performance. now she's doing something perfectly illegal. the president likes to say we did nothing wrong. not true. i may reach you a quick quote from the tax analysts president. and they understand the need to embrace transparency before it becomes a shell of its south. and they must come to an end to get the funding and must become more accountable.
11:57 am
ashley: -- so there's more details to come out? >> first there was a foia request. that didn't bring any information, so then they filed a lawsuit. that hasn't done anything either. they sit around a table talking, trying to extract information and we see time and time again the irs does not like responding. >> we love you holding their feet to the fire. gerri willis, thank you very much. we will have more "varney & company after this.
11:58 am
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. . >> running, not just about emails. it is about the emails and how she's responding to it. because she's just back and forth apologizing, denying it. we don't know what's going on in her campaign. i think that is affecting her more than the actual issue itself.
12:00 pm
ashley: we don't know what is goes on with the campaign. tamara holder on hillary clinton losing support of women voters. she lost 29% in the last eight weeks. interesting stuff, neil cavuto. neil: what a drop-off, you know, ashley? if you think about it, tha free fall. only can count what is happening now, got time to pick up. boy, that is a free fall there. ashley: that certainly is, mr. cavuto. take it away. neil: thank you very much. all eyes on california tomorrow and the big presidential debate. i can tell you already they have the knives out and ready to get extremely nasty. picture a cavuto family reunion with weapons. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "coast to coast." donald trump free at throwing bashes, the -- barbs, the barbs are coming back. look at poll before tomorrow's


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