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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 15, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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cheap narrative. there you go. charles: thanks for watching, great show, remember every night, 6:00 p.m. you've got see lou dobbs. he's got a special 9:00 p.m., covering donald trump and national security. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump tonight will try to take his campaign to a new level, and he intends to do so by directly speak to the issues to which he is least knowledgeable, least experienced and perhaps most vulnerable as a presidential candidate. the republican front-runner tonight is in los angeles to deliver his first national security speech, and he has chosen a suitable locale and dramatic venue, the deck of the u.s.s. iowa, less than two hours from now. his speech comes as trump surges in the polls and draws huge crowds all across the country, crowds that defy expectations given that the
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first caucus and primary election are still four months away. trump has chosen a dramatic moment for his foreign policy and national security address. it comes on the eve of the second republican presidential debate. as trump's rivals are likely sharpening their attacks against the billionaire populist who's revelled in the rough-and-tumble of campaigning and of course, debating, and to this point he's prevailed. all things politics with jedidiah bila and the national review's rich lowry and joined by congressman lee zeldin. more european countries are ramping up border security trying to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants and refugees that has become a european crisis. austria, slovakia, the netherlands announcing they're tightening border controls hours after germany imposed checks on its border with austria. hungary acting to shut down a
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main gateway closing border with serbia. we'll look at the countries that decided to build fences or build walls to stop illegal crossings of their borders. we'll take up the crisis with fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. and defense of democracies president clifrt may on the issue of how this crisis may well influence our presidential election. and the obama administration is now backtracking on imposition of sanctions against china. for weeks now, the administration had been suggesting it would impose sanctions against chinese companies and individuals as punishment for chinese spying on american corporations and the u.s. government and cyberattacks against u.s. networks and data files. but the white house today announced that the president hasn't made a decision, and will not sanction companies or individuals until president xi
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jinping completes his state visit to washington. we'll have a full report coming up as critics blast the president for what they call a toothless response to chinese aggression. our top story, the top 11 republican presidential candidates are hoping to seize the spotlight in the second republican debate tomorrow night, but it will be tough to steal attention from front-runner trump who has a talent for commanding voter attention and media coverage. as he says, it's all about the ratings. one day after rallying a huge crowd in texas, trump tonight giving a major national security speech aboard the retired battleship u.s.s. iowa in los angeles. his speech scheduled for less than two hours from now. we'll be bringing that speech to you live right here on the fox business network, complete with preview and analysis of trump's speech. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in los angeles and has our report. >> reporter: donald trump drew
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20,000 in dallas. the latest polls show trump ahead but ben carson surge into the 20s to a virtual tie within the poll's margin of error. jeb bush leads all others with just six. >> here's the headline, carson surging. i say what about me? where's my name? i'm at 40! where's my name! unbelievable. >> reporter: trump hit the low 30s, but after tripping up on foreign policy questions since the last debate, trump rallies on the deck of the u.s.s. iowa in los angeles. >> i want to make it so strong that we never have to use it. >> reporter: trump has not said how and under fire from the fiscally conservative club for growth with a million-dollar ad blitz. >> which presidential candidate supports higher taxes, national health care and the wall street bailout? it's donald trump. >> reporter: this one blasts trump for back the supreme court decision expanding government power to take private property for public projects.
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>> he can make millions. >> reporter: neurosurgeon ben carson is getting under trump's skin, and raised 20 million dollars despite trump's attack on career in medicine, energy and faith. >> look at this face. >> reporter: it was carly fiorina's face that trump focused on recently as trump boosted her recognition with words. wisconsin governor scott walker joined the chorus aggressively for the first time. >> the more people listen, the more they realize, this is not our party, this is the not country i grew up in. >> reporter: jeb bush hit trump daily for three weeks and the super pacs launched a $24 million ad against the billionaire contrasting trump's negativity and pessimism to bush's sunny optimism. >> i am certain we can make the decades just ahead the greatest time ever to be alive in this world. >> reporter: tomorrow's debate will be about a lot more than donald trump, it will double as a contest between all the candidates who can best channel
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the gipper for maximum effect. lou? lou: carl, thank you, looking forward to it, carl cameron. zeal live coverage of trump's much anticipated foreign policy speech with special edition of "lou dobbs tonight" at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. on the democratic side, socialist senator bernie sanders continues to rise in the polls. dominating in new hampshire and iowa. the latest survey by monmouth university shows sanders has a 7-point lead over clinton in new hampshire. 43-36%. vice president biden is running third with 13%. as for clinton, she's trying to make herself more available. more amenable to the media giving an interview to extra where she weighed in on her husband as a possible running mate. >> he would be good, but he's not eligible, under the constitution. he has served his two terms and i think the argument would be
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as vice president, it would not be possible for him to ever succeed to the position, at least that's what i've been told tflt has crossed my mind. lou: bill clinton has largely been on the side lines of her campaign, but that will change thursday when the former president headlines a major fund-raising event in chicago. you just knew he couldn't stand the sidelines and the inattention much longer. the obama administration tonight is under rising pressure to take a stand against china's constant assault on u.s. government data networks and files and china's powerful cyberattack on the federal government's office of personnel management. that cyberattack occurred over about a-year period from 2014 to this spring at which time we learned of the invasion of opm systems and the theft of data. that cyberattack captured the sensitive, personal information of 20 million government employees and the obama administration seemed to be
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committed at the time to retribution and reprisal against the chinese government. but no. a senior white house official telling the "washington post" the administration will not impose sanctions against chinese companies, individuals or certainly the government before president xi jinping's visit next week. as the president hesitates and shrinks from holding the chinese accountable, we're learning troubling new details what china is doing with the data it stole. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> reporter: current and former intelligence officials as well as cybersecurity experts tell fox news the chinese are taking the security clearance applications stolen from the office of personnel management and mayorying them up with health care records to build a complete profile of federal employees like a facebook for espionage. >> can be used to embarrass you publicly and force to you work for the chinese government.
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>> reporter: the founder of it security firm crowd strike is tracking how china is cataloging the data. >> private version of facebook with much more detail about your life than facebook has that the chinese have access to. >> reporter: the 127 page security clearance application is like a road map to your life, where the applicant lived, worked, reference, family, drug abuse and no one is immune as the fbi director recently joked. >> if my sf 86 would be in a strongly encrypted database, someone would be reading it today. >> reporter: the breach is now a generational problem, that no amount credit monitoring offered by the government can fix. >> every effort can be made to make sure those people are protected and obviously includes family members as well. this is going to be a wide-ranging effort. >> reporter: of particular concern is the children of applicants who could be black mailed or targeted sometime in the future based on the stolen data. >> the information that's been collected may be used decades
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later to try to get them to reveal information about their parents' work and use that for espionage activities. >> reporter: government auditors remain skeptical not enough changes have been made at opm to prevent another breach, leaving the computer networks vulnerable and at high risk. lou? lou: catherine herridge reporting. the senate is expected to vote on advancing the president's nuclear deal with iran for a second time in two weeks. the procedural vote which requires support of 60 senators to pass fell two votes shy last week. tonight's vote is expected to have precisely the same outcome. if that's the case, it means the president's nuclear deal will be implemented despite majority votes in the house and senate against it. we'll take up the deal with lee zeldin who strongly opposes it, later in the broadcast. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. who's afraid of donald
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trump? apparently both political parties. tonight trump's set to talk about national security. we preview the trump talk with fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland and president of the foundation for defense of democracies clifford may. they're here next. deadly flash flooding hits utah, and wildfires are raging in drought-stricken california. we'll have those stories here next. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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. lou: more european countries are bringing border controls into effect in the face of the illegal immigration and refugee crisis that all of europe faces. germany, austria, slovakia, the netherlands all putting forward border checks to take control of their borders breaking with the european union's open border policy that is simply being overrun. hungary declared a state of emergency in two of its southern provinces as new laws to prevent illegal immigrants and refugees from entering the country without official authority took effect. european union nations yesterday agreed in principle
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to relocate some 160,000 refugees from italy, from greece and hungary all across the eu. but more than half a million illegal immigrants have crossed into the eu so far and they have not been as the eu is now discussing, distributed among the member states. joining us, the past the foundation for the defense of democracies clifford may and former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. cliff, let's begin with you, trump is the first candidate to stand up and declare that he is putting forward a foreign policy address, a major national security address. is it too soon? is that the appropriate time? is he ready, in your judgment? >> well, i'm not sure we know. i think we will find out. we haven't heard much from him so far that would let us than he understands foreign policy and national security on
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anything like a deep in the woods sort of way. i don't think a president has to be a foreign policy wonk. president reagan wonk and he was successful but he had basic good ideas such as peace through strength. the idea that our enemies should fear us and allies must rely on us. lou: and mr. gorbachev, tear down that wall. he understood the principles of democracy and the world order rather well, k.t., don't you think? >> yeah, i worked for president reagan. i must say as the beginning of his administration, i supported the republican establishment candidate. it was george h.w. bush. people said what does reagan know about foreign policy? and yet reagan turned out to be the most successful american foreign policy president of his generation. why? he was able to take down the soviet union without firing a shot. none of the other -- lou: a minor achievement. >> a massive ax achievement. lou: i can imagine wonks around
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the world circa 1989 saying how could he do that? he knew so little. this is about leadership, about a commitment to a nation and its people, and no one could ever question reagan's commitment. in the instance of donald trump, what do you expect of him tonight, and do you expect much, really? >> look, i'm one of the people who thinks that trump actually makes a lot of sense on foreign policy. he hasn't put a lot of meat on the bones. lou: you mean not like obama, not like bush, is that correct? >> or not like other candidates. his instincts are good. he said i want the strongest, toughest military so nobody picks a fight with us. that was peace through strength in the essence. we're going to have the strongest, toughest military so nobody picks a fight with us, if they do, we squash them. what i want to look for tonight with mr. trump is can he put meat on the bones. does he have the next sentence or two that she -- he needs to
7:19 pm
or stay at superficial level. he's pretty good at superficial level about, you he needs more depth. lou: what do you want to see, cliff? >> the ideology, to repair the damage that the current administration is doing, right now it's the opposite of what ronald reagan believed. right now our enemies, they think they have -- they don't have to fear us at all. and our allies think they can't relious at all. that's what you don't want. maybe he can make that case forcefully, and if he does, i'll be the first to say so. lou: all right, we're going to take you up on that, cliff. we'll be following up with you. clifford may, k.t. mcfarland. thank you, both. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our pole tonight -- cast your vote at if you want to connect with
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me on social media, by the way, follow me on twitter -- links to everything found at drought-stricken california, wildfires are raging and there is flooding at the same time. firefighters have made progress on control of two of the 12 wildfires raging across the state, almost 300,000 acres burned. the valley fire in lake county is now 15% contained. that's a 10% improvement from last night. the rough fire in the sequoia national forest is 40% contained. los angeles, however, received nearly two inches of rain just this morning, and that led to floor, a number of people had to be rescued from the swollen los angeles river. all of this taking place, of course, in the midst of what some describe as a 500-year drought that has taken just about 95% of the state of
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california. in utah, nine people were killed, four missing after namely was swept away in a small community that is home to members of a polygamous sect. up next, a few thoughts on the political contest in the race for the white house. and 11-time world champion surfer kelly slater shows off the sort of skills that makes a legend. we'll show you the incredible video. much more straight ahead. stay with us.
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. lou: a few thoughts on the unique role that donald trump is playing in presidential politics, who has taken the people's side in the battle over executive pay. trump says they make too much. he's taken the people's side on the issue of tax privileges for some capital firms like hedge funds. trump says they pay too little in taxes. and ending the offshoring of production.
7:26 pm
trump says american business should invest their capital in this country, create jobs for americans, such radical thought has the political establishment apoplectic. trump's vow not to bow to special interests or take lobbyists money has supporters swooning, and establishment gop types incredulous that trump would dare challenge the orthodoxy of the republican party and american politics. here's sun microsystems co-founder and silicon valley entrepreneur scott mcnealy trying hard to dismiss trump. >> i think anybody who understands where innovation comes from, where wealth gets created, it doesn't necessarily get created on, you know, a you're fired tv show. i haven't been able to decipher trump's actual philosophies and strategies and the values under which he will decide things as he goes forward. lou: mcnealy is hardly alone.
7:27 pm
he is certainly not alone among many establishment leaders learning that something called disruption occurs in politics as well as in business, and trump is certainly decidedly a disruptor. he's doing to presidential politics what mcnealy himself and almost all of silicon valley did to business back in the 90s. trump is bringing a new wave of thinking, a new way of operating. he's dislodging ineffective, inefficient disappointing politicians and building his own market his own way. he's a classic disruptor. disruptors by the way are exalted in business schools across the country and usually in silicon valley and among business leaders and the political orthodoxy instead is in a paroxysm of existence by the unusual billionaire populist. here's why donald trump is a driving force right now. not even a third of americans
7:28 pm
have confidence in big business or big banks. of course taxpayers spent 245 billion dollars rescuing the banks during the financial crisis while banks have paid out nearly 120 billion dollars because of their behavior, their misconduct. paid that money out in fines, settlements, penalties pr everything from fraud, money laundering, market manipulation and anti-competitive business practices. voters have less confidence in congress. their latest rating under 15%. trump isn't in the least interested in appeasing either big business, congress, and certainly not the white house. trump is the first political disruptor in presidential politics in this country. only ross perot can claim the distinction as well, that would be about two decades ago, and he didn't sustain his role, it was short lived. trump likely will because he relishes his role as disruptor
7:29 pm
as much as distractors are discomforted by the tumult and raucous tumbling in the feist the arena. the marketplace in our great republic happens to be working once again, and all of us, i believe ought to say hallelujah. our quotation of the evening. this one from naomi wolf. she said -- nor as trump has demonstrated should it be constrained by the imposition of political correctness by media, special interest or anyone else for that matter. we're coming right back. the democratic and republican establishments are running scared of trump, bernie sanders is the new democratic front-runner in new hampshire and iowa. we take it up with
7:30 pm
"outnumbered" co-host jedidiah bila and the national review's rich lowry. looks like hot wheels for grown-ups, well heeled grown-ups, the suv defies gravity and roars into the record books. the amazing stunt video here next. we're coming right back. stay with us. . . rubut then i got ap domain and built my website all at godaddy. now i look so professional, i just got my first customer who isn't related to me. record books. starting at $1/month all at godaddy.
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emergency, closed border with serbia as the european refugee and worsening by the day. a new poll shows senator bernie sanders opening up a 7-point lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. sanders drawing independents from clinton. and the clear republican front-runner donald trump tonight will give a major national security address just outside los angeles. we'll be carrying that speech live right here in about 90 minutes. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the speech from the deck of the u.s.s. iowa in san pedro, just outside los angeles. those are live pictures you're looking at. but first some folks who today were not, well, they didn't seem to come off as trump fans or supporters. >> there's a big difference between building the coalition to get things done in washington and building a building. >> they're getting a lot of strong and wrong out of donald trump right now who has a lot of incredibly insulting things to say that are long-term very
7:35 pm
damaging for the republican party. >> if you take a look at trump, a lot of the concern is he a true conservative? conservative enough? >> the thing about donald trump he doesn't seem as tethered to putting forward actual policies as the other candidates are. he's talking about things that are frankly not possible. >> i don't think donald trump will be the nominee. i'm not convinced he's going to go all the way to the ballot in iowa. lou: joining us now, co-host of "outnumbered" on the fox news channel, jedidiah bila. national review editor and fox news contributor rich lowry. good to see you both. >> you didn't include me in the list of anti-trump spots? what am i chopped liver. lou: you have all the time in the world tonight. but first jedidiah. >> yeah. lou: this is really starting to, you can see the establishment scared to death. the "wall street journal" running a story today talking about how uncomfortable wall street is. he's making it clear. he's not playing for them.
7:36 pm
>> it's true, and he's driving everyone crazy, the establishment on the right crazy, the left crazy, no matter what people do or say about him, they can't tear him down, no matter what he says, he can't tear himself down. if he insults this or that person. that's what people love, people can't stand establishment politics, they can't stand politicians that recite the old rhetoric and like politicians that are unconventional and drive all the people crazy. you know what? if i were up there and speaking my mind and being honest, i would drive all these people crazy, too. he's like me. that's how they feel. lou: is he a phenomenon that will not sustain or in for the duration? >> i tend to think he's built to last. i wouldn't have thought he'd stay this strong this long. there are two guys utterly different who no one would have predicted would be this strong are and generating enormous obama circa 2007-2008 crowds,
7:37 pm
those are donald trump and bernie sanders. lou: and sanders has taken the lead in iowa and new hampshire over hillary clinton. she -- her supporters persist she is going to stand strong through all of this as she's lost a third of female voters in the latest polling. >> that's huge for her. she absolutely needs the voterses, she's running on the fact she is a woman, she could be the first female president. allies herself with supposed pro-woman issues, being pro-abortion and talks about lilly led better. women like men care about integrity and honesty and transparency, those are things she's clearly lack. everyone is looking at her and saying you know what? bernie sanders may be out there policywise but he seems like a guy who believes what he says he believes. we don't know what she stands for, we're not going with her. i think she's in trouble.
7:38 pm
>> why would they support a candidate no one likes or trusts just because she's a woman. and the theory of the campaign is if she gets to the general election, she would have to match obama's numbers with minorities and young voters that are really off the charts and really hard to see her doing that. she would make it up with white voters and especially white women, that theory is exploding before her eyes. lou: and she can't gain traction any of kind, at least is visible to me in any of the polls or any of the coverage on the issues that she tries to artic late. she is swamped by her own scandal. donald trump, on the other hand, is a problem for those other candidates. those 15 others now. is there any way for them to break through in this debate? >> i would -- if i were all the other candidates, i would counsel relaxation about donald trump. nothing any of them specifically going to say about
7:39 pm
trump at this juncture is going to make a difference. and maybe trump deflats, i think he probably will, but it's going to happen one way or the other. don't break your sword against donald trump. i think the lesson from the last debate. if it doesn't matter how good you sound in general, it matters if you punch through and have a moment, and ben carson did that. he was disappeared for a lot of the debate but had extremely memorable and different and refreshing closing statement. that's been enough for him in polls, the latest "new york times" poll to climb within four points of donald trump nationally. >> ben carson, one thing he does well. >> he set the standard too high. >> how many listened to scott walk or television, he sounds like a politician. regurgitating talk points. >> and the shame of that is governor walker has been real. he has done real things, been an effective governor, but as a
7:40 pm
candidate he's been inauthentic. he is chagrinned to be in the position he is, having lost the support he has. >> don't speak conservatism like it's a second language which is something mitt romney did for a long time. hillary clinton speaks liberalism like it's a second language. a lot of politicians on the right, when you hear them, do they believe what they're saying or a consultant tell them to say that. i think ben carson and donald trump people are inclined to think you know what? this is what he's about. >> polls can go up and down, once you lose your authenticity that's hard to get back. he had a summer seemed to be chasing donald trump's tail, and totally out of sync with where scott walker naturally is, that's hard to recover from. lou: and the club for growth, spending a million dollars going after trump? i mean we've got four months before the first caucus and we're going into the second debate, and they think he is touch a threat to the status
7:41 pm
quo and establishment they're spending that money? are you shocked? >> i'm not surprised at all, but i think that makes people like him more. they turn around and say look, if a lot of establishment vehicles are going after the guy, this may be the guy i want. establishment politics has gotten us nowhere. >> the club for growth is not an establishment outlet. >> people view them like that. >> they are hell on establishment candidates, ideological enforcers and going to go after trump sooner or later because trump is -- lou: who's the candidate? >> who are they behind? >> in any of the conservative candidates. lou: my experience has been they've been the handmaiden for the business roundtable and the chamber of commerce, but maybe i just don't understand politics. [ laughter ] >> i love it. >> i can't explain it to you, lou. lou: i'll have the opportunity. i always appreciate the tutorial from rich lowry and jedidiah bila. jaguar unveiling first ever
7:42 pm
suv and doing so in spectacular style. take a look at this video. >> here we go! setting a world record. that's right. you just watched that car do a full loop at the frankfurt auto show. take a look. the driver is terry grant. blasts the f-pace off the 63 foot tall loop. i would have preferred they did it in day, but we wouldn't have the spectacularing light. he broke the record for the largest ever loop deloop, and the brand is celebrating its 80th birthday. heck of a celebration. up next, north korea threatening a nuclear attack against the united states. that's right. another nuclear attack against the united states. and one of these billionaires is building a rocket launch pad in florida. we take up the private space race and more. you know, you can do all sorts
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of things if you have a billion or two laying around, huh? stay with us. we're coming right back. you're late for work.
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7:47 pm
committees and chairs the house republican israel caucus. good to have you with us, congressman. where do we stand with the legislation that you've introduced and sponsored that requires the administration to produce the side agreements, the information that was originally envisioned? >> the house took action last week past the resolution introduced with mike pompeo, the senate needs to take similar action, and the fact of the matter, is the law states that the review period does not start until congress receives the entire agreement including the side deals between the iaea and iran, and the side deals aren't insignificant. side deals are the entire verification agreement as to how this iran nuclear deal is implemented. lou: and what will be the effect? do you believe that president obama will take seriously your resolution, or it will simply watch as the senate moves
7:48 pm
forward and the deal is done? >> so by law, the president can't waive statutory sanctions until after the congressional review period is over. in order for the president to trigger that 60-day congressional review period, he needs to transmit to congress the entire agreement. there is no review without the review period, there is no waiver of statutory sanctions. the president said september 17th is the deadline, a lot of the media, the public, members of congress are playing along with the september 17th deadline as if it's real. it's not a real deadline. lou: how will you stop it? the reality is this president has done whatever he wants when he wants. he's had his way with the republican-led house. the republican-led senate. he's ignored law before. he will do so again by choosing not to enforce it, in this case not to acknowledge it. >> two things, one is with
7:49 pm
regards to the waiver of sanctions through the president's own statements as well as what the administration testified to congress, it is the iranian leadership who stated that the waiver of sanctions will be immediate, no suspension. it's the obama administration saying that the sanction relief will be phased in over the course of several years, based on compliance. from that standpoint, something else that is very important to note, the president about a year ago, as you know, he tried to, through executive amnesty change immigration policy here in the country, and a federal judge in texas upheld by a u.s. court of appeals said that that was an illegal action, it was inappropriate and it was stopped. additionally last week, there was a ruling that the house had standing to challenge a component of obamacare. so you had the legislative process, the executive process. lou: yeah, on two points two, fronts. in this instance, this
7:50 pm
president, it seems to me is as willing, is eager, perhaps to ignore the law and any constraint to congressionally impose by the legislature of any kind. i hope you're right, and i hope that's borne out. let me turn real quickly, the president decides there will be no sanctions against chinese individuals or companies, nor the government of course, until after president xi leaves for his state visit to washington. also there's no action as a result of the buildup in syria of russian troops, forces and weaponry. where are we left as a nation? >> we're being tested on so many fronts. you talk about chinese aggression, russian aggression tied into syria. iran, north korea. there are so many examples how we're tested right now. there's a huge range between silence and war.
7:51 pm
and every time that opposition to the administration says we can't be silent, we're being tested. we can do something about it, we need strength of leadership. the people who are supporters of the president say we don't want war. lou: they don't want war, i don't think any of us do. >> none of douse. lou: but passivity is hardly a policy. congressman, appreciate you being with us as always. congressman lee zeldin. >> thank you up. >> next, liberal seattle decides it's acceptable, acceptable to go through people's trash! is that a violation of privacy? and what kind of city are they running there? yuck! we take up the case with lis wiehl and mercedes colwin, they're here next, you don't want to miss that. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ lou: joining us tonight, two of the best attorneys in the business. what in the world is going on in seattle that the city has special deputies going through trash? >> my hometown. i was born there. lou: apparently it looks like a small, authoritarian community. >> they are very much into recycling.
7:56 pm
lou: chewing on bark. >> butbark. >> but they are mandating, and here is the problem likely. wewe can go pick up your garbage and look at it. if not, we can tag you and in january we can find you. lou: you are telling me this is not authoritarian? if people want to live with that -- >> little. >> it takes 600 years for that little bottle to disintegrate? lou: how did you know that? >> i read that. lou: have you been going through my trash? i mean,, here is the problem legally. there is a supreme court decision. >> i just just want to no if the city is out of its mind, to the people of seattle have a chance in hell? >> in your trash, can i ask you? why does anyone believe they have a proprietary interest? opposite of what the supreme court has said. lou: let me ask you, if a
7:57 pm
marshall, deputy, we just found this, this, and this outside your home, is that permitted? thing give it all up. >> exactly. the us supreme court says you do not have a proprietary interest in your garbage. lou: i have to be honest with you, this just defies common sense, ignorant, stupid, beyond belief. but, that's fine. [laughter] >> that's okay. just don't live in seattle. lou: washington state do we have a separation of church and state in this country? sticking with washington investigating a football coach or simply praying that his team will win.
7:58 pm
>> after the game. after the game. he's nothe's not making the students come and pray with him, saying that they have to come. lou: has this shrouded all of the state of washington, not just seattle. what is wrong with these people? >> back in my hometown, it just does not make sense. lou: thank god. >> after the game, completely voluntary. lou: array of reason. >> it should be fine. >> we are both on the same page. lou: two kids. >> live, this is so outrageous. absolutely outrageous. and they have not been expelled yet. open of kids to be charged as adults.
7:59 pm
>> the assistant coach egging them on. >> you're going to protect the rights of individuals. >> am going to protect the right of that referee imo down. lou: of 13 and 14 -year-old kiss ended results in assault charges. >> i'm telling you: more idiots. >> they are all terrified. lou: it is one thing for him to be asinine. it's another to be cowardly. thank you so much. thank you. time now for a quick look at our online poll results. how long we will it take the next president to reverse the damage obama has done?
8:00 pm
27 percent said five to ten. 32 percent said ten years, 18 percent said never. thank you for being with us. be with us. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: let us bring it in and discuss. tomorrow night's debate, and the bloodthirsty republicans see who can emerge and lead the pack. itit is no surprise donald trump sucking oxygen, hogging headlines and did what he needed to do by centering the conversation on his chosen issues. the moderator wants everyone to fight. what remainswhat remains to be seen as if his co- moderator will play got you again. now,


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