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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 15, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an email or go to our if you are male is in tonight's. until then, i will see you tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, and welcome to this special edition of "lou dobbs tonight". donald trump will be taking the podium on the deck of the uss iowa. retired battleship and tourist attractions doctor the port of los angeles located in the city of san pedro. national security and veterans issues trample have about 2,000 people the location has been criticized by some in recent days saying the visit is an
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appropriate use of the historic iowa battleship. there are several hundred demonstrators. the speech coming as he dominates the polls. republican voters continue to support him in large numbers. in the news he becomes the 1st republican candidate to talk more than 30 percent support. trump is crushing the rest of the gop field by double digits in the latest cbs new york times poll. joining us tonight, caitlin hughley burns, the five cohost, and pentagon, former pentagon official kt mcfarlane. good to have you here. let's begin. this is supposed to be trump's foreign policy in
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broad strokes. what do you expect? what do you think the viewers and voters expect? >> we are all wondering whether he will put meat on the bone. he has been talking in broad terms, have theand the other candidates have been slowly unveiling talking points and outlines. we will see if trump does that. he is currently taking command of the field in the polls, but also no other candidates are having any kind of campaign event ahead of the debate. lou: otherwise, clever, strategic move? >> ii think there simply preparing because they are all concerned about tomorrow's performance. given what you just showed, showed, you understand they have to figure out a way to deal with the republican in the
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room, donald trump. do you punch at him? he is a counterpunch or expert, but you cannot afford to just let it go. we can talk about him doing well. where is jeb bush? lou: jeb bush, governor scott walker, they have simply lost traction. donald trump certainly is trying to avoid that fate, although he notes -- he shows no sign whatsoever. as a foreign-policy, national security expert, can he meet you are standard tonight? is it simply too early and too much ram? >> i am expecting him to. i think it is smart to come out the night before the debate and put details behind it. he said things like the iran deal, one of the things he
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said was only have them where we want them we walked away and release the sanctions. i want to see more examples like that. if he gives them tonight, tomorrow night he is already halfway home. lou: you expect him to articulate the difference? >> can i ask a question? halfway home to what? >> making the case that he is more a fringe candidate. so many of the establishment looking at him. did he really be commander-in-chief? he does not have to get the kurds and all the other magic questions, but questions, but if he could talk about how he will deal with china, iran, isys,
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he is halfway home. lou: at least in the case of japan he will sit karo icon say carl icon on him. i would send flowers to the japanese. your views on what you expect. >> i saw you shaking your head a little bit. no foreign-policy experience. he has more. that enormous complex. he negotiated the city, state, federal. he has negotiated with governments all over the place. about longtime friend of his. the main cause in the 80s. if is all over the place fighting for veterans. >> what is interesting, we are seeing them become more and more of a candidate, a
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viable candidate doing candidate like things, having these candidates beaches unrolling policy over. i think that is significant. >> the fact that we are here tonight, all of us talking about donald trump as he prepares to stand up and give a speech on foreign-policy, he was marked for being with you he would and not knowing the difference between hezbollah and hamas, not knowing it was between the kids in the kurds. now he is dominating the airwaves. a one-man band, if you will. he does not have the vast professional campaign staff around him. he is out thinking, outworking his competition. competition. what in the world of those other 15 candidate is doing tonight and letting him step forward and dominate year?
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>> i don't know what they could do. we are covering him because people want to watch him. they want to see donald trump. between 15 and 20,000 last night in dallas. tonight three or 4,000. but my goodness, the television audience, anyone that puts him on gets ratings. chris christie was saying put me on. by the way, i don't buy what my colleagues say. i don't think there is any great policy prescription. make america great. >> who else is watching? all the foreign leaders. jimmy carter was president, american diplomats held hostage in tehran. within an hour the iranians release the.
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think of all the foreign leaders who are pushing us around. they have to be calculating. lou: and within that context , one of the things i find interesting, the sophisticated national liberal media does not understand the trump is already made a tremendous contribution to the public dialogue. he has shifted the debate single-handedly. he has change the parameters. comprehensive immigration reform in -- no longer is that the focal.of the debate. the debate is 11 and a half million illegal immigrants facing deportation if donald trump is president. in point of fact, that is a change in the initial
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bargaining position for the united states. here he is. donald trump. >> thank you so much. i did not expect that. you know, the group called and asked if i would come over and speak. i am here for a reason. i got here and they asked philip possible to come say a few words, and endorsement from your group with so many veterans, i really appreciate that. i did not expect it. i did not expect it. i did not ask for it. i am with the veterans 100 percent. they are our greatest people they are being treated terribly. not only the number of deaths, that is what is
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going on is incredible, but as of two weeks ago on wednesday, the vets have the longest wait in th history of the veterans administration. going to see a dr. and wait for days, and it is not going to happen. if i win, believe me, it is not going to happen. one of the things i thought i would do, the veterans hospitals obviously have problems. they are not properly run. when you have to wait long hours and days and in some cases have the dr. say i'm going on vacation, believe me, it does not get much worse. we are going to create a whole new system. we will take the system apart. if they are not doing the job, the veterans were go to private doctors, private hospitals, public hospitals. [applause]
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and we're going to reimburse those doctors and hospitals command you are going to get the greatest service of any veterans in any country because you deserve it. [applause] that is going to be broken down into something that is going to be special. right now, and you know it comeau we have illegal immigrants that are treated better by far than our veterans. that is not going to happen anymore. so i appreciated. so unexpected to be here. they do not build ships like this anymore. i said, what about recommissioning? the largest guns in the world, most powerful guns. iowa is a great place for a lot of reasons. we have been treated so well in the state of iowa. it has been incredible.
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we love those people. this is aa great shift. this is a great ship, and that is a great state. ii just want to say that we are going to come out with some plans, building up our military, make the military so big and strong and great -- [applause] -- and it will be so powerful that i don't think we will ever have to use it. nobody is going to mess with us, that i can tell you. and we arewe're going to have a president who is respected by putin, who is respected by iran. you know, let's talk about for two seconds the year-end deal. obama and his people call him the supreme leader of iran.
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obama talks about the supreme leader. i'm not calling in the supreme leader, but he said the other day he will never touch, do business with the united states again. they are taking a hundred and $50 billion, getting a deal that will go right into nuclear weapons much sooner than you think, self police. there going to go and self police. they have 24 day provisions. what people don't understand, that does not start for a long time. the clock is ticking. it could take forever. it is it is one of the dumbest deals and weakest contracts i have ever seen of any kind.
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so, we are going to do things in this country right we're not going to sign deals but we have more prisoners over they're and we don't even ask if one is they're because he is a christian. the whole thing is absolutely insane. they asked the president and secretary of state who may be -- hillary clinton is the worst secretary of state in the history of this country. right? all right. i have been saying it. the world blew up around her. just blew up. the world is like a differenta different place. because of this deal made by secretary carry who has no idea how to negotiate that he will supersede and may want to run for president.
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he has no chance like she has no chance. we will see what happens. [applause] we have many problems in our country. one of them is immigration. i tooki took a tremendous it when i brought up illegal immigration. for two weeks ii said, rush limbaugh, great guy said he has suffered more incoming than anyone i have seen. what happens is you have now found out what illegal immigration is all about. i am so happy that on the one that brought it to the floor. believe me, it's a big problem. it is a big problem. so you remember for about two weeks i said, this is tougher than i thought. then you found out, tremendous crime, drug going
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across the border. chicago, new york, la, all over the country. the drugs pouring in the money pours out. we get the drugs, they get the money. the cartels are going wild. they are making a fortune. i saw because i wasi was on the border. i was there command we saw it and everyone sees it every day. the kind of people that can do something about it but no leadership. so, we are going to build a wall. [applause] and mexico is going to pay
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for the wall. believe me. you know, a lot of politicians have said they are not going to pay. they pay. they never read the art of the deal. here's the story. i said the other day, what is the united states trade deficit with mexico, japan, and china? china, almost 400 billion a year. if you have a company where your losing 400 billion a year, you have to do something very fast. we been doing this for decades. not going to happen anymore. with japan where they are massive ships float right here and they drop off the cars, thousands and thousands and thousands of cars, millions of cars command we seldom be.
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and they don't want it because the farmers don't want arm. it is not going to happen that way anymore. with mexico, i have many people from mexico that work for me in with me. same with china. what am i, supposed to hate china? i have the largest bank in the world asis a tenant from china, bigger than any bank in this country. the problem we have is that the leaders of mexico, japan , china, and, china, and every other country is smarter, more cunning, sharper that our leaders. i love free trade, but you need smart people. i have the smartest people in this country lined up.
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i know the smartest. [applause] i have carl icon, the best business leaders, and they all want to do it. they are wealthy because they make good deals like me. it is a talent. you can't be a politician. i am fighting some really nice people. but they are never going to do anything with these countries. they will never be able to do it. it is an instinct, something that is special. they don't have it. leave me. make our country so great, strong, powerful, rebuild the military, make it so strong. we're going to take care of veterans. [applause]
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and in the end, and the end i want you people to look around and look at each other because this is going to be a special day. two weeks ago in mobile, alabama 31,000 people showed up. 31,000 people came to see us speak, and were talking about making america great again. last night in dallas at the american airlines center 20,00020,000 people, the basketball arena of the mavericks. [applause] 20,000 people showed up, and i want i want to tell you, it was a lovefest. 20,000 people, not one heckler in the whole room. there has got to be one. there were two words they used to be used a lot.
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silent majority, it's back. i think we can use it somewhat differently. i differently. i don't think we have to call it a silent majority anymore. they are not silent. they are disgusted with our incompetent politicians, discuss the people that are giving our country away, disgusted when they tell the border patrol agents who are good people and can do the job, disgusted when they are standing there helpless as people poor into the country , disgusted when a woman who is nine months pregnant walks across the border,, has a baby, and you have to take care. they are disgusted by what is happening to our country. you will look around,
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remember the people that are here because we are doing something special. this is a movement. we will make our country great again. i love you all. thank you very much. ♪ thank you. lou: donald trump wrapping it up a little bit earlier than many had expected on what was styled as a major national security and foreign policy speech. we will go to the panel right now. we are here. i want to turn to you 1st. somewhat dismissive. how do you feel? [laughter] >> you know, he has great energy. it is fascinating to watch.
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zero, maybe you will talk about how to deal with china, i did not see any of that. lou: were you disappointed? >> i would have liked more. veterans administration, if we can't fix the veterans hospitals throughout the veterans come to the public hospitals. that's. that's a significant thing. lou: i have to agree with you on that. >> but we would not have created the veterans organization to deal with health care if we both of today. it is an existing organization right now and taking it apart would be a huge challenge. >> i do not know if you have the longest wait times in the history of the veterans administration, but anything less would be inadequate. it is the only solution, to
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turn to the broader healthcare system for the service that each of these veterans deserve it. you are about to say something. >> but nobody said that yet. he said the military, going to make it so big and strong and powerful the no one we will mess with us. that was the essence of reagan's peace through strength. no one picks a fight, and if they do we will get them. >> don't we have the toughest military? i think we do. larger by multiples. >> we have taken it down to world war i strength. lou: military action is one 3rd of what it was after the collapse of the soviet union. and we are talking about pre-world war ii levels.
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i'm going back to 1.4 million troops at the end of 1940 which was a great achievement by the part of franklin delano roosevelt. >> we had at least three or four times a military of all the others in the world. >> we talk about the numbers , guess what, we pay our military more. we may have what is called allah military. we have the force structure, but you then go and look at the shape of the equipment and a readiness. it is not there. lou: i want to bring mark into this. you are a supporter of donald trump, enthusiastic for him. were you disappointed by the brevity? >> well, it was quick, but
11:26 pm
he said a lot. teesix 14 minutes along. >> but let me ask two questions, can you name anyone else in the world right now to drop everything,everything, televise live my cancel all commercials for anybody? night after night without a single note and talk and show that kind of energy and passion. lou:'s energy is certainly indisputable. going from what he has done since he was in mobile, alabama demand schedule. he is still running a sizable business which is impressive in itself. >> they have speechwriters, tweak it, focus group it. it still doesn't have the power what he did without notes. lou: we all need an editor.
11:27 pm
>> it is interesting to see this rise. he has flown under the radar , and it is really in his rearview. at one pole -- lou: i assume you mean getting larger. >> but what is interesting is, his style and approach and demeanor could not people. it is interesting that the voters are signaling there like the outsider candidates which kind they go with. lou: i find this interesting , covering trump, national media. first he was dismissed, mocked, laughed at. and here we are today, very nice people it is running
11:28 pm
against. he made it sound like a four letter word. >> yeah. lou: he is taking us on quite a journey. go back to what we were discussing.discussing. this man is moving the needle everywhere he turns. we have not seen his like. i turned him donald the disruptor because he is disrupting. he is a disruptor. interestingly in business and economics a disruptor is a disruptor is a positive catalyst force. the same could well be said of donald trump. >> no question. some of the harshest critics with the harshest assessments have been on the right. lou: they are scared to death. big banks and business a trembling. >> going crazy.
11:29 pm
lou: you tell me what is wrong with that. >> wait a minute. this is a business network. lou: and it is a free enterprise capitalist network. we are all about the essence of capitalism which is creative destruction, the only way a free enterprise free-market economy works. we have a stolid establishment and democratic and republican parties. the democrats have a coronation, and the republicans are desperately looking for someone to do with the business roundtable and chamber of commerce tell them. this is about the american dream. i think all of us would agree it needs resuscitation >> our greatest talent in theaters and minds are in the private sector. they were terrified that
11:30 pm
they would get smeared and tired. this guy is heroic. >> the other thing, the country is already there. the majority of american people look at washington and say this is -- lou: more than 70 percent say the country is headed in the right direction. there is not much debate after that. a little thing about what direction. we will take that up next. more analysis, one of the shortest, i believe. vice president biden bashing trump. he went after trump. the vp. i hope he knows what kind of trouble he is in. a preview of his white house run. we are com
11:31 pm
11:32 pm
lou: vice president biden bashing donald trump by name at a hispanic heritage event in dc. be prepared. >> i don't want anyone to be down right now about what is going on the republican party. i am being deadly earnest about this. i want you to remember notwithstanding the fact that one guy absolutely denigrated an entire group people. it's a vast majority of people prepared to give someone a chance, and that is all this is about. this will pass. what you're hearing, this is about democrat and republican, a message that has been tried many times before. we always, always overcome.
11:33 pm
lou: always. back with us now. we asked him to give up his seat. [laughter] he had to get onto another broadcast. your reaction? >> not surprising. i was following on twitter. it seems like no matter what he does they love him. i think it was light on specifics, but that's politics. tell me who is giving specific answers on what they will do to grow national security. i her before that this was very reaganesque, and that is absolutely true. he was more democratic or
11:34 pm
liberal at times, it's reminiscent. people are looking at him and say, why are we so forgiving? now we have someone else who is charismatic. lou: the injury to the left and many on the right is compounded by your reference to reagan. in just hearing the word, you worked for reagan. and it is presumptuous and premature to refer to him and reaganesque terms, but you can't help but make a comparison because he does not have a lot of patients with long-winded speeches. most americans would rather here donald trump for 14 minutes then some want for an hour and a half. >> reagan was successful in
11:35 pm
a number of things before he became president. governor, head of the labor union negotiator, hollywood movie star. i like it trump and he has been successful in a number of things. all of the establishment, particularly the think tank world, they all think, he doesn't no anything about foreign policy. they said the same thing about reagan, and yet when he did but all those other guys could never figure out, take down the soviet union without firing a shot. not smart enough, doesn't no anything, forget it. >> he is the most successful builder in america, one of the most successful businessmen in history. he has built all over the place. this reminds me of her is giuliani.
11:36 pm
he hadhe had the same exact qualities relentless cost they have day and night, staying on top of everyone until time square was cleaned up, and that is what trump will do. that is the way he runs things. >> we talk a lot, and you are right, not many candidates have unveiled specific policies. people are lookingpeople are looking for this trust that he will do what he says. that is what am watching for. that he have the command and is able to follow through. >> does he look like he is kidding? lou: we are going to have to take a quick break and come back. just listening to him admonishing his audience, listening to president obama condescend, if you will, the
11:37 pm
thing about trump is he is talking to people, talking to them straight up shoulder to shoulder, and that is compelling stuff. also, an interesting counterpoint to everything we live through, a president who says, we did not build that to a guy who has the same job as a guy who has built a lot of that. a lot of the social class just can't get there heads around the phenomenon. what they are saying now
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lou: trump's foreign policies beach lasted only 14 minutes, but will it when more support? some of the rampant skepticism that we saw throughout the day about the trump candidacy. >> a big difference between building a coalition to get things done in washington and building a building. >> you know, a lot of incredibly insulting things to say that i long-term very damaging. >> a lot of the concern is over whether he is a true conservative. >> he does not seem quite as tethered.
11:42 pm
only so long they can go on like this, talking about doing things that are not possible. >> i'm not sure he will go all the way to the ballot. lou: skeptics. representing a sizable view of the public. just about everything you see in these numbers, 63 percent have not made up their mind. >> that is interesting. what we have seen, he's being taken more seriously by not only his supporters and the rest of the party but the rivals. jeb bush completely altered a strategy. we've seen all these other candidates. it's difficult to apply any
11:43 pm
lessons of history i will be applied to candidates. lou: criticized roundly. we are watching a phenomenon we have not seen for a long time. i have to go back to ross perot, a reluctant candidate. i great friend of this program and a great friend of mine ran his campaign. thethe fact is, ross perot for a moment, brief, shining moment, us interest in something called the death sentence. now you have trump who is story realstarring real emotion and interest and engagement with the american people. i'm going to say right now your witnessing something so unusual and rare, somebody who is bigger than the media itself.
11:44 pm
and the media is having a fit because they can't figure out what to do with this unwieldy force of nature. the establishment is scared to death. challenges the assumptions that the trying to preserve irrespective of the changing world all around them. i think we are watching something special. how it ends, i don't know better than anyone else, but a, but a man who looms so large over our lives and institutions that it is exciting to watch. >> i ask people to think about what this race would look like if he were not in it. we would not be talking about many issues, particularly immigration. for the 1st time in a long time you see people excited to debate these issues and
11:45 pm
get out and vote. if he were missing, the other candidates would be more lazy. he has forced them to be on their game and is forcing issues to the forefront. >> issues like immigration, they have to. if they want to take him on a have to tackle that issue as well. >> they are just afraid because of political correctness. >> is going to leave a trail of dead bodies. he comeshe comes up with labels. i knew something was wrong. i did not know what. brilliant, but something is wrong. she gives me a headache. will never forget. lou: he is free with his words, this is a country
11:46 pm
that used to celebrate freedom of expression. now you watch, they try to cocoon themselves as victims of something rather than engaging in free expression in the country. the first amendment still applies and it is not a pretty thing. often a rough-and-tumble thing. he has brought back rough-and-tumble. >> and authenticity. been carson, carly fiorini, private sector. >> taking up more than half of the vote which is remarkable. lou: something special are watching. the silent majority comeau we will take that out. is it truly silent? what in the world does he really mean? we will explore that. trump does have some company at the top.
11:47 pm
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lou: presidential candidate doctor ben carson moments ago weighing in on his rise in popularity. >> the polls are not particularly surprising given the fact i am out there amongst the people a lot and have been seeing the level of enthusiasm and the size of the crowds for quite some time. this is not surprising. lou: and 2nd place in the latest poll. 23 percent support. he may not be surprised, but a lot of folks are that he has moved so fast so quickly >> especially since we know they are craving these candidates. hecandidates. he could not be more different. style, approach, background. lou: energy.
11:52 pm
>> and trump has started to go after him on that. lou: one of the most successful neurosurgeons. energy and everything. >> what is interesting is that he is gaining in the polls and capitalizing. lou: which of his messages is most appealing? >> he tries to tell people he can literally solve problems and has solved what were thought of as unsolvable problems, forget he has a big base of support , followers who have been tracking his career and does well on my evangelicals. lou: by the way, the evangelical support is being tested by a number of candidates who are popular with the evangelical community.
11:53 pm
>> there is a lot to choose from. carson as a warm, likable energy. if you like he's the kind of guy you would like to get to no, politics aside. he seems to believe what he says. he seems committed to principles, and it's interesting. the people who don't like that bombastic approach the still like that outsider, someone who seems authentic have nowhere else to go. now, it remains to be seen, she did not get a chance to fully show herself. lou: a major opportunity. >> she could shake this up. lou: is a your expectation she will succeed? >> it's been above expectations so far. the thing i love this, it is the outsiders.
11:54 pm
in the history of the world if you want to change the way it works a lot of times you have to have a revolution. that is what is so exciting. washington is corrupt. >> and you are seeing it on both sides. >> we are? >> bernie sanders, -- teesixteen's to pick up a few points. >> hillary clinton was the clear front runner. the fact that he has been able to passer. lou: iowa and new hampshire, impressive that given everything hillary clinton is still the national front runner. >> well, ben carson, incredible life story, brilliant guy. i don't know that they will vote for him. no known skill as a
11:55 pm
negotiator, no executive experience. he hired a nurse and receptionist. there is some truth to that. >> there is. probably doctor carson could say he got off light. he is not going to put up with the challenge, whether you say that he was 1st insulted, if you didn't a challengedhe challenged him. i will be so well prepared. she will be brilliant. lou: it will be fascinating to watch command i am still trying to get over a 14 minute foreign-policy speech. >> you don't want to reveal everything at once. we can't wait for tomorrow night.
11:56 pm
lou: the trick allow theory of foreign-policy. >> he has written two books. lou: and i'm sure. i will wait for the executive summary. thank you all. that is it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. right here on the fox business network. we thank you for being with us. good night from new york. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term.
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thank you for being with us. be with us. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: let us bring it in and discuss. tomorrow night's debate, and the bloodthirsty republicans see who can emerge and lead the pack. itit is no surprise donald trump sucking oxygen, hogging headlines and did what he needed to do by centering the conversation on his chosen issues. the moderator wants everyone to fight. what remainswhat remains to be seen as if his co- moderator will play got you again. now,


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