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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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inheritance story you'd like to cher wi share with us. send me an e-mail or go to our website.ave it there. thanks for watching, lou dobbs is next. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the top 11 republican presidential candidates are about ready to take the stage tonight for the second primetime debate of the 2016 presidential election cycle. this debate held tonight at the ronald reagan library in simi valley, california. it's a fitting location considering tonight will largely be a battle between political outsiders and the republican establishment. front-runner donald trump, retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson and businesswoman, former ceo carly fiorina, they've all been moving up in the polls in recent weeks as they project their lack of
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government and political experience as an asset. in fact, the latest poll out of new hampshire shows trump in first place, 22% support followed by carson and fiorina. we have predebate analysis tonight with former reagan white house political director ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning new york post columnist michael good win and weekly standard senior writer steve hayes. senate republicans announcing a plan b to try to stop the president's nuclear deal with iran. the republicans new way forward plan b involves a mote on a measure that would prevent president obama from lifting sanctions on iran until iran releases four jailed americans and also recognizes the right of israel to exist. will the republican approach work in the senate? we'll talk with leading republican senator john barrasso. and europe's biggest refugee
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crisis since world war ii turned violent. police in hungary clashing with several hundred illegal immigrants angry at being blocked from crossing the border with serbia. the european union is reeling with sheer numbers of illegal immigrants trying to cross eu borders. we'll have the full report for you. our top story tonight -- 11 candidates about to take the stage for the second presidential debate of the 2016 race. donald trump center stage, and the center of attention. how will the other lagging candidates try to break out and boost their campaigns? fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron has our report. >> reporter: on the deck of the u.s.s. iowa, the front-runner delivered what was billed as a national security speech ahead of tonight's debate. without saying how, donald trump promised to put veterans in private hospitals when the va is backlogged, a practice already underway. >> the veterans are going to go
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to private doctors, private hospitals, public hospitals. and we're going to reimburse those doctors and the hospitals. >> reporter: he made a startling comparison. >> we have illegal immigrants that are treated better by far than our veterans. it's not going to happen anymore. >> reporter: potentially a huge night for the only woman in the gop race who successfully played trump's insults against him and made it to the primetime debate stage. >> a big opportunity to introduce myself to the almost 50% of the nation in republican primary voters who don't know my name and don't know i'm running for president. >> reporter: now in new hampshire and iowa as well, he plans a steady as he goes debate strategy. >> i don't think my strategy is going to change at all, the polls are not particularly surprising, given the fact i'm out there among the people a lot, and i've been seeing the level of enthusiasm, and the size of the crowds for quite some time. >> reporter: all three outsiders have continually gained momentum since the last
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debate unliked the experienced politicians stuck in single digit. jeb bush needs to show he has the brass to beat trump. ted cruz needs a breakout moment if he wants to win trump supporter. kentucky senator rand paul went to a shooting range and blasted the tax code today. marco rubio needs a charismatic moment and ohio governor john kasich needs to accelerate the descent he began in the first debate. that's true for all of the single digit bunch. organizers say the debate may start late and could go 2 hours and 45 minutes or 3 hours, for the 11-candidate field, fatigue, irritation at not being called and general frustration could be a factor for any of them. lou? lou: carl, thank you. we wouldn't want to miss. that carl cameron reporting. on capitol hill, a bombshell admission from the top u.s. commander in the middle east.
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general lloyd austin told the senate armed services committee only a handful of u.s. trained syrian rebels are still fighting in syria. >> it's a small number, and the ones that are in the fight is, we're talk four or five. >> so with the fighters that were training and equipping, is it still the goal to have about 12,000 there? is that the goal? what's the expectation then for them? >> we certainly won't, at the pace we're going, we won't reach the goal that we initially established for ourselves. lou: congress had approved half a billion dollars to train 5400 fighters, but officials now say fewer than 200 are going through training, and that nearly all of the 54 u.s. trained syrian rebels simply cannot be accounted for.
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russia escalating military buildup in syria despite repeated complaints from the obama administration. four russian attack helicopters spotted on the tarmac of the airport in latakia, an airport that the pentagon says is quickly converted into a russian forward operating base. the arrival of the helicopter gunships follows the shipments of sophisticated battle tanks, armored personnel carriers and troops over recent weeks. yesterday secretary of state kerry made his third telephone call to his russian counterpart, foreign minister sergey lavrov. in the last ten days, according to the state department, quote, kerry made it clear that russia's continued support for president assad risks exacerbating and extending the conflict, end quote. russia apparently not listening nor caring. syria's civil war creating some 4 million refugees. hundreds of thousands of them
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are poring into europe. today violent clashes broke out between some of the illegal immigrants and police in hungary who are now trying to regain control of their border. fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in hungary and has our report. >> reporter: lou, it is a sign of how serious this refugee crisis is becoming here in hungary and in europe. we're just back from the scene of a major border clash between migrants and hungarian security forces. something like several hundred migrants and refugees at the main hungary-serbia border crossing tried to break down a fence threw stones and police responded with water cannons, pepper spray and women and children were caught in the middle. earlier today, we watched hungarian police get tough again, they rounded up three
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young migrants from the border, they tried to sneak in, they will now be detained and could even face jail time. so could, believe it or the in, some members of an extended family we found being held by police. they came all the way from afghanistan. young and old, healthy and sick, looking for a better life now. looks like they found a dead end in hungary. others are more resourceful. we watched as migrants hiked along the border fence between hungary and serbia and next door croatia who plan to use that as a new gateway to the new destination of germany, it's not clear how welcoming the new country will be, lou? lou: greg palkot reporting from hungary. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. >> the big gop debate showdown at the reagan memorial library. trump leading the way.
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>> the polls come out, and we're really killing it. we are killing it. lou: dr. ben carson and carly fiorina gaining, the rest are far behind. has this become a three-candidate contest? we take it all up with former reagan white house political director ed rollins. fox news contributor michael goodwin, up next. and more violence in high school football, this time a new jersey player hands another his helmet in the most unsports man-like way. that story, the video coming up next.
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that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. . lou: president obama today suggesting he's prepared to retaliate against china for a string of recent cyberattacks. he spoke today before the business roundtable. >> we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset, but is something that will put significant strains on the bilateral relationship if not resolved, and that we are prepared to take some kind of actions. lou: white house press
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secretary josh earnest said the president's remarks were, quote, intentionally nonspecific, end quote. ernest explained that the sanctions may not be necessary after chinese president xi jinping state visit scheduled for next week in washington. the president's rather weak foreign policy is sure to be one of the topics of tonight's presidential debate. here to discuss what we can expect from the republican presidential hopefuls, former reagan white house political director and fox news political analyst, ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning author and fox news contributor michael goodwin, good to have you here. >> thank you. >> thank you. lou: the reagan library, it looks like there's going to be a lot of people trying to reach for the mantle and claim reaganesque standing, if not stature. >> a few voted to reagan, that's as close as they come, and no disrespect to the cast
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of characters that's there. i think the reality is this is a survivor contest tonight. trump is obviously gone and created a great deal of attention, a lot of disaffected voters and to a certain extent someone like bush, some of the others have to have a big night or they're not going to be in this game. they may have the money but they're sinking like crazy. i would say the first debate that's on today, the four guys at the bottom are never going to debate again, they're done. and i think the four or five in the big debate that aren't going to be around that much longer either. they will run out of money, lack of attention to the proposals and no substance offered to date, i don't see any of them rising to the top at this point in time. lou: apparently, cnn has extended this debate another hour. they've added one other person to the debate. of course, carly fiorina, who is polling strongly now, at least in recent days.
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is this any way to run a railroad? how easy is it to break through with that many people even with the extended time? >> yeah, it's something on the order of two hours and 45 minutes. i read somewhere that all the candidates are being advised not to drink a lot of fluid before they go on because there aren't any breaks, you won't have a chance to get on bathroom. limit your water intake. as ed said, it's a survivor but it's almost an endurance test at that point. a you wonder whether the audience is going to watch that long, but i think that, lou, you look back at first how much things have changed since then, and trump was soaring going in, he's still soaring, ben carson is the big change in events since the first debate. >> what's driving that? >> he has support among evangelicals, people thought huckabee, walker, and he captured that. he's a spiritual man, and obviously, i don't think he's a
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finalist, i don't think at the end of the day he's going to be there, he's the outsider that has a distinguished career. the key thing, to your point where. is the rnc in the republican national committee that's trying to run the last campaign all over again. limited the number of debates and it's their responsibility, they're cosponsors, why aren't they stepping in and saying 90 minutes is plenty. two hours is maximum. why go three hours? because if it's a boring debate, everyone thinks it's going to be a fistfight, if it's not, you're not going to have people watching the later debates that come down the road. >> a gaffe at that late night hour, that extra hour. lou: they will get tireed. >> yeah, everybody gets tired. lou: here's what trump tweeted today, he accused cnn of quote, unquote milking the debate for almost three hours. you know one thing can you say about trump, he speaks plainly, again.
11:18 pm
trump staying is too long with too many people on the stage. >> not only that, they have -- they're charging ten times more the commercial rate for the second, third tier cable network at this point in time, and you and i have both had relationships in the past. lou: here, here. just in the past. >> this is their biggest night ever, i'm appalled they are allowing double, triple times the rates for commercials to make money. lou: it is a free enterprise economy, i don't even begrudge even cnn much charging so much money for meeting the demand in the marketplace. what i don't understand is how -- going to your point. how the rnc can let the hours extend, and it's unfortunate. very quickly, the cruz scorpion ad. have we got that just to give our viewers a sense of it?
11:19 pm
do we have that commercial? hearkening back to the ronald reagan 1984 ad for those of us -- let's take a quick look at this. >> there's a scorpion in the desert. for most of us, it's venom is a clear and deadly threat, but others refuse to even speak its name. since the scorpion seeks our destruction, isn't it time we recognize the scorpion for what it is, before it strikes again? lou: those boots obviously worn by ted cruz. >> having been involved in the bear ad of 1984. lou: preventing the soviet union. >> it was symbolic and people knew. that this is the third try at. this the bush people tried it with wolves. this is now scorpions and, you
11:20 pm
know, the clarity, imitation is nice, but at the end of the day it has to be effective. i don't think that's a very effective ad. i don't think anybody sees the scorpion in this thing. lou: last word? >> ted cruz is among the desperate ones, there's a noble effort to talk about foreign policy, islamic state, iran, et cetera, the timing looks like a gimmick, i don't think that's going to work you. >> say he's desperate. he's in what, fourth, fifth place in most of the polls, the national polls. >> right, but not really moving in relation to trump and carson. they both sort of -- no, he may be survivor so that if they do fail, he'll be ready, but i think so far he's underperformed. lou: we're going to see them all perform tonight and on and on and on. [ laughter ] >> the nodoz debate. >> three hours for a football game is okay. three hours for a presidential debate is outrageous.
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lou: ed rollins, and michael goodwin. thank you, gentlemen. breaking news, general motors has agreed to pay 900 million dollars to settle a government investigation of its ignition switch defect. the agreement will be announced tomorrow. it settles charges that general motors failed to obey federal law that requires prompt disclosure of safety problems with vehicles. no individuals as part of the settlement will be charged. gm's faulty ignition switches led to the deaths of more than 100 people and hundreds of injuries. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote at as always, we want to share your views with the audience. new jersey police are investigating a troubling incident at a high school football game. a player from linden high school caught on video as he ripped the helmet off an
11:22 pm
opponent and then as you see there, swung it, bashing him on the head with his helmet. the linden player has been suspended from school and suspended for two football games. other player required 10 stitches to his head. no word whether criminal charges will be filed. up next, a few thoughts on the battle to claim ronald reagan's mantle, and it claims a certain type of bravado to race a ferrari and porsche through an area in beverly hills. in this case, the drivers, well, they have a special privilege. we'll tell you all about it. it will an outrage. i assure you. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the big republican debate tonight at the reagan presidential library in california. president reagan's presence
11:27 pm
looms large over these candidates, most of whom are trying to connect with his legacy, his philosophy. back in 1984, a reagan campaign ad warned, quote, there's a bear in the woods, referring to the threat from the cold war-era soviet union, and the spirit of homage, senator ted cruz came up with his own variation in a new ad with a similar warning for voters. >> there's a scorpion in the desert. for most of us, it's venom is a clear and deadly threat. but others refuse to even speak its name. lou: and governor jeb bush embracing reagan as well. he wore a reagan-bush campaign shirt. there you see, over the weekend, calling his tax plan reagan inspired. check. governor scott walker frequently compares himself to the gipper telling the country's greatest president was a governor from california. trump is quick to liken his own
11:28 pm
political transition to that of reagan adding that mr. reagan liked trump's attitude. even the democrats trying to evoke reagan, using his famous, it's morning in america ad to hit the republican candidates. it's no surprise the candidates are trying to ape reagan, the icon most voters viewsa the country's greatest president, and with issues like illegal immigration, aggression by russia, a stagnant economy weighing on the country, all the candidates could benefit from many of his words including these from his farewell address. >> but in my mind, it was a tall, proud city built on rocks strong than oceans, windswept, god blessed and teaming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace. a city with freeports that hung with commerce and creativity, and if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone
11:29 pm
with the will and the heart to get here. that's how i saw it and see it still. lou: that's how i see it too, and i suspect you as well. and i'm hopeful our next president will be able to undo the great damage done over the past seven years almost, and return this country to the shining city upon the hill. we'll learn more tonight, perhaps, about who that's likely to be. our quotation of the evening, this one again from president reagan, speaking of borders and illegal immigration. the president said this -- it is a reagan view and quotation that those urging amnesty and open borders tend to ignore for some reason. we did not. i hope you won't either. we're coming right back, stay with us. carly fiorina didn't make
11:30 pm
the first primetime debate but lobbied her way onto the stage tonight. will she excite voters are be lost in the crowd? we take it up with the weekly standard's steve hayes and jessica tarlov here next. and this hockey player doesn't like drones, he really doesn't like them. >> i hate drones. lou: so what's he going to do about it? we'll show you, next. we're coming right back. stay with us. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. iand quit a lot,t but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch,
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. lou: top news stories at this hour, violent clashes on the hungary-serbia border as illegal immigrants threw bottles and rocks at police, police fired bactergas and water cannon. debate night for the republican presidential candidates, it's make or break for nearly all of the rest. and scandal plagued hillary clinton slipping further in the polls, bernie sanders beating her in the latest survey in new hampshire and a cbs "new york times" poll shows clinton's lead over sanders nationally cut in half. joining us now senior writer for the weekly standard, fox news contributor steve hayes. good to have you, steve. >> hi, lou. lou: and democratic strategist jessica tarlov. good to have you. >> thank you. lou: let's start with the debate tonight, how reasonable is it to expect any of the candidates other than fiorina,
11:35 pm
carson or trump to break out, jessica? >> i think it would be unreasonable to expect someone to really surge ahead, but slow and steady wins the race here. i think john kasich could do well. i think he made a red bull joke he'd be drinking that before he got on stage. i think the real key here tonight everyone is talking about do you attack donald trump or not, and i think if you politely attack him on substance that you can get somewhere. if you say things like how are you going to finance that? like how is carl icahn going to get back all our jobs from china? that you might get somewhere. it might resonate with voters and those watching he doesn't have solid plans. lou: you're going to make, i think, poor donald trump wish he used hope and change which seemed to pass for specificity. >> make america great again is definitely hope and change even. >> i think it's specific and commanding, what do you think,
11:36 pm
steve? >> it's fine as far as the slogan goes. i agree that donald trump hasn't been as specific as certainly as some of the other candidates. and as you might have brngs i think that is a rich place for other candidates on stage with him to go tonight potentially to challenge him. if you go into the debate thinking you're going to outtrump donald trump you're not. it's like going on "the daily show" with jon stewart and thinking you're going to be funny. don't try to be bold, over the top, don't try to be too aggressive. challenge him when he presents an opening, the openings will come often on policy and substance where he is far, far short of the other candidates. lou: by the way, in the early debate among the most notable comments that i've seen from those debaters, governor bobby jindal said this, if we could put up a full screen of this quote. i thought it was rather apt --
11:37 pm
we do need to secure the border. he said that to cheers, jessica. that sounds like a breakthrough statement to me, what you? >> breakthrough in what way? we're going to have president jindal or resonate with the american people. lou: it's unquestionably a comment that will be, it will bring his name to the fore in the media. >> i think bobby jindal said a lot of things that were great. this is one of them. i think lindsey graham as well, his comment was hispanics are americans too as a lot of the candidates were treating the entire population as if they are all illegal immigrants. there are a few sound bites that are going to push people not necessarily in the top tier. lou: as jessica sweeps with a very broad brush here, we should remind you she is a liberal. steve, your thoughts.
11:38 pm
>> certainly that was a popular thing in the hall there where they were having the debate. jindal has had a number of applause lines in the early part of this debate. lindsey graham has fared quite well, a number of one-liners, this is a much more relaxed lindsey graham than the fox news debate. last time he was stiff and out of sorts like the thing is too overwhelming for him. this is the lindsey graham, who whatever you think of his policies and people disagree with him on things like immigration is a likable enough guy and coming across as likable in this debate. he'll be declared the winner by consensus when this thing is done. lou: all right, steve, thank you very much for being with us, steve hayes, jessica tarlov. >> thanks, lou. lou: if you're not a fan of drones, you may be a fan of tampa bay lightning captain steven stamkos shows he has pinpoint accuracy on the ice,
11:39 pm
we knew that. not only does he hit targets in the corners of the hockey goal, he hits targets, whoa! flying overhead, from drones, and yes, drones were hurt. we call it damaged, hurt is a little -- anyway. pretty good. way to go. >> i hate drones. lou: i hate drones. he hates drones, i love drones. the senate announces a plan b to stop the president's nuclear deal with iran. it will work? i'll be talking with leading republican senator john barrasso here next. and flash floods roaring through utah and an update on the search for many who are still missing, and the deaths are rising. we'll have that story and more. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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. lou: the white house today announced president obama and israeli prime minister netanyahu will meet at the white house on november 9th, they'll discuss implementation of the iranian nuclear deal. that announcement comes as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has proposed a plan
11:44 pm
b, to stop the deal altogether. mcconnell now wants to force a vote to prevent the obama administration from lifting sanctions until iran releases four jailed americans and recognizes the right of israel to exist. that vote is expected to take place tomorrow, the same day the 60-day congressional review period is set to end. joining us now senator john barrasso, member of several key committees including foreign relations, energy and natural resources, environment and public works, also the republican policy committee chairman. senator, great to have you with us. plan b, it will work? >> well, i think it's important to make the democrats take that vote. stand up and be counted, lou. the democrats say they're friends of israel. the democrats say they're for human rights. we have three americans held hostage, one a former marine, one a former past on, one a journalist for the "washington post," and we think they should
11:45 pm
be released. additionally, when you just take a look at this whole system that's out there, we want to make sure the democrats are willing to say that israel has a right to exist because the supreme leader said in 25 years israel would be gone. so we want democrats to stand up and say they agree with us, that before you release sanctions, we need to get the hostages back and iran has to say israel has a right to exist. no excuse for them to do that. lou: and it's your view tonight that's exactly what will happen tomorrow? >> well, it's my view tonight that the democrats have been blocking even having a vote on this iranian deal. this iranian deal is so unpopular at this point, more unpopular than obamacare. only 21% of americans in the recent pew poll are supportive of this, for every person in support of it, at least two are opposed to it. this is a dramatic failure because one, it doesn't stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon.
11:46 pm
two, it gives iran lots of money. three, there are secret side deals that nobody in the congress has had a chance to see, and four, allows iran to get additional weapons they can use for terrorism. lou: and almost as troubling as the fact that the obama administration itself claims that the president nor secretary kerry or anyone else has seen all of these side deals. so the american people are rightfully scratching their heads and wondering what in the world is going on here? in terms of that vote, what is the likelihood that the republican leadership in the senate will kill the filibuster and reduce this, take on the nuclear option and implement it? >> well, in terms of the nuclear option where you go 51 votes, if you could actually get a result, i would be for that. but right now you get on 51, you put it on the president's desk. he vetoes it. you get no result.
11:47 pm
that's the problem with using the nuclear option, it doesn't get you success that means something for the american people or for our country and national security because the president, with the 46 democrats in the senate has enough votes to sustain anything he chooses to veto. so 51 doesn't get us a result. lou: and the republican position here, fairley clear, the overwhelming majority of americans oppose this deal, at least the deal that we are allowed to know about. those elements. and the democrats are absolutely insistent on the president's way, irrespective of the popular will of the american people and the view of the republican party, there is no middle ground for those democrats? >> well, four democrats did vote with us on this, and it's interesting because they're the democrats that seem to know the most what's in the deal in terms of leadership positions
11:48 pm
on the foreign relations committee and among the senate democrats, but didn't do anything to convince their colleagues to vote against the president. president has used to basically as a loyalty test to him personally rather than a loyalty test to the safety and security of our nation. lou: benjamin netanyahu and the president to meet november 9th. your thoughts. >> well, i think it's about time that the president sat down with mr. netanyahu because realistically, the relationship between the united states and israel has been rocky over the obama administration. it is probably at its low point right now. i think the people of israel need and deserve much more reassurance than they've gotten from this administration about the role of the united states in protecting israel at this time when iran is still, you know, having protests in the street, chanting death to america, and death to israel, and yet the president is going
11:49 pm
to give them all of this additional money in iran, which i know they're going to be using, i expect they'd be using for terrorism, not to build hospitals or roads or schools. that is one of the biggest problems with this. and additionally, the president has come out yesterday against the exporting of crude oil, but yet going to lift the sanctions so iran can export crude oil. it's hypocritical. lou: senator, always good to talk with you, thanks for being with us tonight. senator john barrasso. >> thanks for having me. lou: this just in, breaking news, in santiago, chile. the entire coast of chile is now under a tsunami watch, after an 8.3-magnitude earthquake hit just off the coast of chile. powerful quake shook the capital of santiago causing buildings to sway. people running into the streets.
11:50 pm
this occurred just 10 minutes ago. several strong aftershocks have fallen within moments. the tsunami alarms sounding throughout santiago. authorities issuing the tsunami alert for the country's entire coast, as you said, that tsunami alert also extends all the way north and west to hawaii. hawaii is also under now a tsunami watch. again, after that 8.3-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of santiago. the u.s. geological survey reporting the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.9, then quickly upgraded the earthquake to a magnitude 8.3. we will be bringing you the latest as we learn more. again, this powerful earthquake hitting chile just a matter of about 12, 13 minutes ago. turning now to the death
11:51 pm
toll rising in utah. there, devastating flash flooding, a total of 18 people have now been confirmed dead in the flash flooding along the utah-arizona border and in zion national park. two people are still missing and search parties are looking for them now. up next, donald trump's rivals on a mission to take him down and to boost their campaigns. what are the odds? we'll be talking with best-selling authors brad thor and naomi wolf. they join me next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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lou: joining me now, cofounder of the daily clout, naomi wolf. >> great to be here. lou: "new york times" best selling author brad with his latest, code of conduct. naomi, start with this poll in new hampshire, trump 22%, carson 18%, fiorina in with double digits. the rest single digits. what do you think? does this show the potential of a 3 person race here, soon? >> i couldn't say that, but it picks up on what we spoke about last time. the american people are sick of insiders, and sick of the locked up nature of the political
11:56 pm
establishment. they are gravitating to these. lou: on the democratic side, you have hillary clinton, who maintains a 20 point advantage nationally over bernie sanders. she is under going to a coronation process. >> it is a coronation process. she is the designated establishment victor in advance. i was furious reading that dnc squelched prospect about responding to additional debat debates. lou: the roug rough-and-tumble f republican contest in contrast to coronation of hillary clinton. we'll see if it happens it is what she wants, and the dnc striving for.
11:57 pm
the rough and tumble, this is truly a wide open presidential primary, the first i have seen? my career. this is the real deal. >> lou, i agree with naomi. i believe that people are sick of politics as usual in dc. in 2010, grassroots helped to give house to g.o.p., they gave them the senate. now, they really want to give them a particular digit on either hand that is not very nice. but, people in grassroots, and i think throughout republican party feel that the g.o.p. has abandoned them. you know if there is a way i could get mcconnell and boehner chucked out of office, as well as getting someone to usher in to do what he sayings, i would devote everything that i have to do that. lou: they are working hard to
11:58 pm
get boehner out. but the republicans are disappointed with the leadership of mitch mcconnell, and leadership of speaker boehner. despite the fact they have good strong -- majorities in the senate and the house. your thoughts on how the republican party has performed so far this year with the control of both houses. >> i mean, you know, they are super disciplined. but they are disciplined at making sure that nothing gets done. you hear someone like lindsey graham the language almost sounds retro, so determined to not meet anyone half way, just stick to their republican agen agenda. i think it is part of the why that americans are so turned off. >> i would disagree with you about the republican not
11:59 pm
reaching across. if you look at how this country of founded, republican party has come further toward the other side then left to our side. >> what? one example, one. one. >> that was driven through strictly by democrats obamacare they had control of everything, compromise with a word in the democratic lexicon when they are in the moneyminority. lou: we're out of time. >> thank you. >> what a great ending here, update, chile, report the coast of chile ask is on tsunami watch, an 8.3 magnitude earthquake hit about 10 minutes ago, two aftershocks followed. tsunami waves are possible on the coast of chile, and peru, and hawaii, is also you were tsunami watch tonight.
12:00 am
that is the latest we have. we want you to join us tomorrow night right here, thanks for being with us tonight, good night from new york. kennedy: hi, how are we? we are fantastic. now i have wondered why down i like hillary clinton? i assumed it because she is a wishy-washy statest, with ill defined statements, and a 87ing for pow 87 -- quenching power. >> i just continue to believe, more people see more of her, they will come to know why i believe so strongly she would make a great preside


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