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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 19, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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se"strange inheritance," thank u for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. do you have a "strange inheritance" story for us. we'd love to hear >> good evening. the mainstream liberal media piling on donald trump the candidate they love to hate and fear the most is not with the french writer said with a firestorm of attacks but what he didn't say when a questioner at his town hall meeting said this. >> we ever problem called muslims. our current president is one. you know, he is not even an american. but anyway we have training camps.
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>> we're taking up the of controversy was he a plant? we'll trump -- will tromp either berge weaker or stronger? the 2016 race will take this up with real clear politics editor and though weekly standard fred barnes. the pentagon claims it is making progress in the fight against the islamic state but the army in particular appear do take leave of their senses on the issue of syria. believe it or not they think it is good news to announce there are now trained fighters on the ground. nine. they take up the failed policies.
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to schedule a an emergency meeting from the refugee crisis descents end to violence. croatia was initially open with more then 50,000 people crossing the border over the last few days. our top story the media mustering far more of rage then the pentagon whose fault call that the size of the trade and syrian forces -- this week. there are now trained fighters, nine of them double the number they told the central command two days ago.
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is a small number. talking four or five. >> with those of your training and equipping it is it the goal what is the expectation? >> it will not reach the goal. >> he said it with a straight face. initially the goal was to trade 5,000 fighters under a program costing taxpayers have a billion dollars and the ignition and that there are zero the nine fighters accounted for to manipulate intelligence for years to portray a far more optimistic view against the
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islamic state to conform to their of obama administration and preferences. >> find out for of fact that i was told this was going on. >> the chairman said the disconnect is far more extensive there previously reported. >> it is foolish to pull all of the troops out that this would be bad but the administration referring to the jayvee team and al qaeda and has decimated suspicions as further confirmed from central command were the documents were analyzed.
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those documents were blocked and the experts were not available. >> somebody has to answer the question. >> that same group who handled the documents are now lodging complaints about the assessment that hyped the battlefield damage to minimize their resilience. they insisted today no one pressured anyone. >> i believe that is considering actions that may or may not have been taken i don't think there is any accusations made against the white house officials. >> into a encourage whistleblowers to offer full congressional protection.
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>> and cedeno quarter of the pentagon doesn't seem to get better. ash carter called the russian rand counterpart to talk about the russian military in syria. it marks the first time the defense chiefs have spoken in more than one year because of russia's annexation of crimea does that mean we'll bobble by house has forgiven them? and what is the difference? the two had a'' map constructive conversation on the indeed to do escalate the situation is syria and the russian minister said his country's actions in syria are defensive in nature''. that settles that. the rushes transporting into syria reconnaissance that
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shows eight russian attack helicopters on the ground double the number there this week. secretary carter continues the talks with the russian counterpart to say there president believes military talks are an important next up" . there is again. a step towards what? that secretary carey did not say. >> many have entered the union illegally and nations across southeastern europe are closing borders blocking bridges to shut down trains to block the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing into their nation's. there were clashes in croatia and the government declared it was overwhelmed by the 50,000 refugees
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arrived in the past three days it has closed its border crossing with serbia and officials are sending refugees back to hungary. as they began to build another razr wire fence on the border with croatia and slovenia is shutting down rail service the huge bond dash european union is holding an emergency summit next wednesday to discuss how to better manage their borders metadata demonstration of urgency to wait until all next week. politics and a capacity of our media establishment the candidates of both parties to summon sanctimonious outrageous as they attack the front runner their assaults of donald trump had nothing to do this time with anything that he said but it
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is about what he did not say. to call president obama of muslim trump did not correct him on either count to trump's regret to all of those that are piling on froebel sides of the aisle. >> he has to decide how serious of a candidate he wants to be and how he handles problems like this. somebody brought that up in the town hall meeting a mistake clear things up he has an obligation as a leader to do that. >> he knew or should have known what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds but not true bin from the beginning he should have repudiated that type of rhetoric or the level of hateful message is prejudicing and
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discriminatory comes out of the same unfortunate reservoir of hateful rhetoric we have seen too much of. >> trump castle his appearance today according to his campaign of a delay of a significant trend -- business transaction caused him to miss the forum. we will be back with mitt wabash much more. >> candidates of both parties pile on donald trump not for what he said but what he didn't. we bring that up next. this thrill seeker goes one heck of a ride we have the video rights year.
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even wait and talk next bring better circle is looking at a number of factors it hillary will implode also a group of nearly 50 prominent party fund-raisers begin circulating a letter to encourage abided to get in the race. our political reporter good to have you here executive editor of "the weekly standard" fred barnes great to see you. i had never seen such a broad spectrum in all degrees of 360 with this many attacks. when this is quite a display. >> donald trump did not have a good week without a good debate performance. his town hall was of bit stale he is cancelling his appearance this weekend.
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but the republican party it is interesting to see how they respond we have only seen chris christie and lindsay gramm come out against him so he has to decide if this is the conversation they want to dominate the race. lou: will reince priebus tell the other candidates to toted down? to make this will not slow down donald trump. we have seen these happen and not have any effect but if he wants to continue to compete in the general election he needs to make some corrections. lou: what are the odds of that? >> federal think they are very good but it is one thing to correct sometng he said i don't think he has to correct the people in the
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audience for those that may be politically incorrect or hateful. when. >> but not according to hillary clinton. she says she a was appalled. but that means she it is disingenuous. and chris christie had a good debate and mike donald trump to say he cannot do that. would i have somebody that had a question that was a little out of order i correct them. when did this become a rule of politics in america? and donald trump if he is silent that it isn't
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politically incorrect. >> it is extraordinary to watch with that sanctimonious impulse escalating all around it convenient the of course, . turning '02 joe biden the big problem today was try to correct the political correctness of the audience member in aide donald trump tower hall better numbers continue to sink but her campaign has been shattered. here comes joe biden? refing today she sees this moment here change the conversation for sugar. she will capitalize combat. it is true but i think joe biden looks at this situation that this will be
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a personal decision of course, . if i am a fund-raiser to build this camp because he doesn't have a campaign or infrastructure and has not been raising money. but he still leads the campaign even though he is vice president. >> she is right fund-raisers and money and the strategy instead week after week we see in decision. watching the senate all these years figuring out if he will run. and what he will do if he does will he take on hillary? to show how different he is. but he is wasting his time running.
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>> i see a bounce in his debt and the gleam in his eye. >> he does want to be president. we know that. >> doesn't it seem that everybody does? >> breaking news the government accuses faults why get of cheating on the emissions test. they say they installed software on half a million diesel cars to make them test cleaner than they were. volkswagen that includes already may face fines or penalties. we will see. a reminder to vote tonight. cast your vote with like to
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>> a few comments higher against donald trump spotted it and coasta rica. stay with us. next.
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the national media because like the establishment they serve, they can't control them. but trump has given his
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opponents and critics and detractors lots of openings to bash him and trash him. and the supporters can claim the attacks against their hero are unfair. if you take on the establishment, please don't expect it to sit still while you irritate powerful people. it does not work like that. if you speak truth to power, don't expect power to make we listen. they seldom appreciate annoyances. if you take on the world, you are automatically outnumbered and outgunned. does not mean you can't win, but does mean you will be punching up, not down. they will be punching down. truth is not the weapon. the establishmentthe establishment media has
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pounced on trump for his comments on illegal immigration, senator john mccain, carly fiorini to name a few of his targets. and now for saying nothing trump chose to brush off the remarks about muslims, and the pylon started instantly. even the white house could not resist. >> not the 1st to countenancenext these kinds of views in order to win votes. in fact, that is precisely what every presidential candidate is doing when they decline to denounce the political strategy. lou: he left himself vulnerable to the attacks and will go on for a while. the viciousness, height of sanctimonious charges is further evidence of the fear
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that trump has created. the establishment and the mainstream media are scared to death of donald trump. he is a disruptor challenging the establishment, the leaders of both parties, the massive orthodoxy throughout this country. and they are accustomed to doing the bidders of their betters in the establishment will trump learned from this contrived media tempest for which he can only blame himself and fight smarter and harder? perhaps with a little modesty he could. perhaps a larger laugh at the jokes of others. we will not have to wait long to find out in either case. a lot rides on the course that he does take. we are hoping for the best.
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now, the quotation of the evening. first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you when yes, i have shared the gandhi quotation before and repeated it here again but only because i believe it bears repeating. we are coming right back. europe's refugee and immigration crisis is out of control. countries forced to protect themselves. the european government is still sucking his thumb. next on america's role in that crisis. and if crossing this deep gorge on the slack line seems intimidating, imagine doing it on a bicycle. the scary story and video
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lou: the main news this hour, the republican presidential field gathering in south carolina for what they are styling as a postdebate summit. donald trump won't be there. the white house today easing travel and business restrictions for cuba allowing certain american companies to establish offices in cuba for the
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1st time in decades. defense secretary carter meeting by phone with his counterpart in the kremlin struggling to come up with some kind of response to the military buildup in cuba. so far the response is a phone call. joining us tonight robert mcginnis, author of the new book never submit, and it is a delight to have you with us. never submit. will the extermination of christians get worse before it gets better. it is great to have you with us. i have never seen -- that is not fair. one of the most painful things i have seen when officer in uniform is testifying before the senate armed forces committee, the general having to say we have four or five -- it
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turns out nine in syria right now. >> a tougha tough time there. it is embarrassing. we spent $41 million. given the parameters that are being worked with, there is not much he can say. he can't say the white house has a bad policy and strategy. you don't do that when you are in uniform. you're going to have to do a lot of hard swallowing in tough places. lou: i commiserate with the general the idea that you are handed a preposterous mission. it seems to me they're should be some common sense, decency, and the interest of the nation would be among those things. but we also have the charges that centcom intelligence officers have been shaping
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intelligence reports to the civilian leadership amongst others that conform to the administration's political viewpoint. and desired outcome. >> we saw the same thing in vietnam. the reality is, we have political generals, politicians that are appointed at the pentagon and are influencing how they make decisions and announcements. just likejust like we can't say we have an islamic enemy in that part of the world. we have to get down to ground troops and let our intelligence tell us what is happening, bomb damage
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assessment. lou: the lessons of vietnam were learned the hard way. we are repeating the same mistakes right now throughout our adventures were misadventures in the middle east and south asia. amongst the things that are happening, jihad against christians in the region goes almost without notice by the white house and the national media. your book, you focus on it. your thoughts on how bad it is going to get. >> a century ago 15 percent of the middle east were christians. you have entire towns that once were a lot of christians. syria, no more. what has happened is, you have the radical islamic
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state on one side, the sunni world, and the other side, the iranians. in the middle, the 2nd class citizens of the region that are rejected already. it is a terrible situation, not just for the christians but any non-muslim. lou: the president is ignoring what is happening, is enough? >> he is, and his policies are directly related to the dismal situation not only for christians who believe the end times for them but the entire region. we have one civil war after another. no telling where else. it looks like egypt started to have an insurgency in the west. so isis has morphed. lou: you are referring to the insurgency by the islamic state.
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>> and they franchise all over the map. lou: we are going to have to go. we always appreciate your time. the book is never submit. a wonderful title. breaking news tonight, tiger woods has just announced he has undergone a 2nd surgery, a 2nd surgery on his back. tiger woods writing on his website that he has been told he can make a full recovery from the microsurgical procedure. intended to relieve pain from a pinched nerve in his back. the doctors who performed the 1st surgery in march of last year called this 2nd surgery a complete success. he has not one one of golf's biggest events since the 2008 u.s. open.
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taken his board to the next level. maneuvering his bike across a 60-foot long slack line strung across a 370-foot deep gorge in france. he had to stop in intervals to maintain balance, but he crossed without falling, which we consider to be a good thing. it took him more than a year to get ready to complete this feet. congratulations, and i often wonder why. up next, shocking new details pointing to an illegal immigrant crime wave in this country. that and the illegal immigrant who killed the san francisco woman in court today. the stories and much more straight
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lou: released a shocking study this week on crime wave data tied to illegal immigration. statistics showed illegal immigrants according to this poll account for 13.6
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percent of all offenders. 12 percent of murder sentences are linked to illegal immigrants. estimates there are more than 1.2 million criminal illegal aliens are large in this country. arraigned on 1st -- second-degree murder charges. claimed it was accidental. our next guest says this illustrates perfectly how the rule of law has broken down and sanctuary cities all across the country.
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there are 300 of them, either not? >> states and counties. >> and in direct opposition to federal law. how do they get away with it? >> the obama administration has taken a wink and nod approach. wanting to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement claiming arizona was violating the constitution. when these cities to fire federal request to detain someone, they look the other way and it is an outrage. built around the simple convenience of the business
3:48 am
establishment of the country and a number of hospitality and leisure industries. this is an ugly sort that stands against this country. business establishment. the president of the united states, they try to hide these numbers. they will not tell people who is committing the crimes. they identify other ethnicities, other racial origins, but not illegal immigrants. >> with all respect to fox news i would take exception to the report because it conflates legal and illegal aliens. the numbers are not quite i don't think reliable.
3:49 am
lou: this is why it is reliable. >> no because that was only criminal aliens. lou: you don't no the source. >> the gal. lou: the us sentencing commission. >> not illegal, just alien. anyway,anyway, we will go on to sanctuary cities which is absolutely an appalling -- it is not just the business establishment but the demography of the country is changing. the los angeles times trying to be silent on the murder and subsequent murder and rape of a 68 -year-old woman in santa maria. they have decided that their base which is now a largely hispanic one we will not tolerate discussion of this. we are finding, as the demographics change,
3:50 am
politicians themselves are terrified to say the obvious thing, if someone is in this country illegally and commits a crime, there is no ground for keeping a person here. lou: the way i think of this issue, if the american people don't care enough to preserve the country, to preserve the rule of law we are a nation, a nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation of all. we havewe have not been a nation under that definition for about 30 years. we are less a nation today than we have ever been. >> and it is falling apart culturally. the real problem with the mass emigration is the 2nd and 3rd generation where you see crime going up. the public will pay for it.
3:51 am
lou: i believe in capitalism and free enterprise and that as a person and business you cannot compete in the marketplace, then your going to lose. we had too many people who are too weak. therefore they into the dustbin of history. it has always been thus. >> thus. >> you break down the rule of law and have nothing left. >> thank you so much. lou: a lot of confusion and cries of racism and islamic phobia after a texas team was arrested after a homemade clark. what are they celebrating? what is going on? donald trump under fire for not speaking.
3:52 am
[laughter] this time the media insists that he failed to speak. he must be reeling trying to comprehend it. we take that up with a panel
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. lou: joining us now, radio talk show host on wpht in philadelphia, john giordano.
3:56 am
good to have you with us,dom. and sam sorbo, also the author of the answer, good to have you here. let's start, sam -- >> thanks. lou: first of all, should donald trump be held accountable by the political correctness crowd for what he doesn't say? >> okay, i love this story because i want to ask the liberal elite when he became obama's spokesperson? when did obama get so weak with the iran deal and everything, that now he needs donald trump to stick up for him. that is really, they've gone a long way now. lou:dom, are you surprised that even that we've gone this far with the pc nonsense? >> i think it's brilliant -- >> yeah, since i saw the guy last night i said there's tomorrow's show. and our buddy, and yours, lou, chris christie said obama is an american, he's a christian,
3:57 am
take that, there, and trump should have said that, ridiculous! >> and hillary clinton, sam, she's apoplectic, she cannot believe the depths and hateful rhetoric to which donald trump did not descend, rather unvetted, by the way, she would be shocked to find out that crowd was unvetted unlike her own, but i would like to remind everybody of something that the hillary clinton campaign distributes in 2008 when it comes to hateful rhetoric, and it reads barack obama's mother was living in kenya with his arab african father late in her pregnancy. she was not allowed to travel by plane so barack obama was born there and mother took him to register his birth in hawaii. that was going out from the clinton campaign and has the affrontery to pull the nonsense she did today on the campaign trail, your reaction? >> she can dish it out but can't take it.
3:58 am
she's responsible for the red button with putin and look how well that turned out. i'm not surprised she turned into the frackas, what else is she going to do, she can't talk about her record. lou: well, her record, dom, i think we can say it's checkered. undistinguished in terms of monumental achievement. [ laughter ] >> but here she is, she's lost over a third of women supporters and she goes on as if nothing happened. she successfully stonewalled on everything from benghazi to e-mail scandal, it's a remarkable performance even for a clinton, don't you think? >> well, yes, but she's not bill clinton, lou, and in the end, the drip, drip, drip of this, when bernie sanders is knock over coffee cups this morning and he's the guy pushing you out in new hampshire, it's pretty bad. lou: pretty bad, the 14-year-old, president obama
3:59 am
inviting this young boy out of texas from i believe it's irving, texas, because he brought in a phony, a pretend clock or a real clock, mistaking it for a bomb but wouldn't tell them what he had done, sam, do you think the president is celebrating the wrong things or a convenient way to reinforce this narrative against america? >> well, it's just -- it's an outrage because honestly they ask you if you see something say something, and that's exactly what these teachers did, and they should be held up as heroes. i don't care it wasn't actually a bomb, it looked like a bomb and the child was not acting as if it wasn't a bomb. he didn't deny that it was, he didn't come out and he was warned, he was warned not to go show it to other people. he was warned by one of his other teachers, it looked like a bomb, looked suspicious, please don't show it to other teachers. he plugged it in so it would
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make the noise, attract attention, and now we know his father is an islamic -- lou: we have to -- an activist. >> an activist, thank you. to s dom, thanks for being with us, have a great weekend, good night from new york. john: we need to build a wall. i also believe we need a fence. but what good will that do? >> even here they could swim right around us, they could walk around us now. >> they do, even when there is fencing. >> people get around it, they bring ladders like this one lying right next to the fence. john: suddenly europe has big border problems, too. what can they do about this? what can america do to have locks on our borders, that's our show tonight.


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