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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 21, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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liz: great show you guys. join charles payne every night, recorded if you can't catch it live. right now is lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. i'm lou dobbs. the european refugees and illegal immigration crisis is widening and worsening by the day. it appears on the verge of becoming a global crisis. european leaders set to hold an emergency meeting this week as thousands upon thousands of migrants and refugees from africa, the middle east, and southern asia are swarming across the borders of the european unions. some countries are acting now, unable to wait or contend with the masses of people who are crashing borders, swamping resources and sapping patients. hungary's parliament today
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giving the hungarian army and local and national police sweeping new powers to stop the entry of hundreds of thousands of refugees. and after more than 20,000 legal immigrants who fled the middle east, went from their small country over the weekend. it can is a crisis that has been ongoing over the last decade. u.s. officials are warning that there is a notable increase in the number of unaccompanied minors and families crossing into the southern borders. while that has been a rarity, the border patrol specifically sees a decline in those things. this is the second year in a row that we have experienced an influx of illegal immigrants, prominent british politician and leader of the independence party, a warning the united states not to follow europe's catastrophic era, saying the united states must not permit a
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flood of illegal immigrants into this country. we will have much more on the international refugee and illegal immigrant crisis and we take it all up tonight with former justice department official christian adams. and the united states this week welcomes 3 liters that we have invited to our country come the leader of the catholic church, pope francis, and the leaders of the two most populous nations in the world. chinese president and the prime minister of india. and also a major shakeup of the white house. scott walker announcing that he has dropped out of the race. walker was considered a top-tier candidate and was a front-runner for the republican nomination, failing to post one half of 1% of the latest national poll. and religion in the selection cycle, doctor ben carson
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sparking controversy when he said he does not advocate putting muslim in the oval office. that comes just days after donald trump declined to correct a supported it said that president obama is a muslim. and we will talk about the role that religion is playing as one of the most progressive and controversial folks. and our top story is the rising and falling fortunes of republicans running for the white house. scott walker is out of the race. but that will have little impact on the remaining candidates, walker lost his front-runner status when donald trump entered the race. and he has other things to worry about now.
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there are still 14 that are going after the donald. among them carly fiorina that has moved up in most polls. senior political correspondent mike emanuel has the report. >> scott walker's campaign is off to a red-hot start. the initial frontrunner. the poll numbers stopped and fund-raising became more and more difficult. >> i believe that we are helping to clear the field in this race that has been a positive and conservative message, rising to the top of the field. with this in mind, i will suspend my campaign immediately. reporter: in the republican field, all of the hot names are political outsiders. >> doctor ben carson is dealing with support in the latest cnn poll. >> and religious controversy someone of his own making.
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he continued to lead with 24% support but he slipped a point. carly fiorina has jumped up to second place with 15% after being widely seen as the winner of last week's gop debate. doctor carson has slipped to third with 14%. senator marco rubio has jumped up to fourth with 11% after receiving positive reviews in the debate. jeb bush rounds out the top five at 9%. carson on "meet the press" was asked should it matter to voters >> if it fits within the realm of america and consistent consistency with the constitution, no problem. >> you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> the constitution provides that there should be no
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religious problems like this. >> this is not something that is the vast majority of americans and ironically enough i actually do think that the views articulated by doctor carson are entirely inconsistent with the constitution. reporter: many are loyal to this country. >> i once let everyone know that you should honor your service, i want to be your commander-in-chief, doctor carson is a good man but he has created a religious task. reporter: donald trump took a forgiving stance. >> he's speaking his opinion. we talk about freedom of speech, he feels very strongly about it.
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reporter: but as for donald trump, he said if elected he would forgo the presidential salary of $400,000 per year. donald trump said he won't even take 1 dollar. lou: thank you very much. mike emanuel. by the way, if you didn't know, nearly every u.s. president can be characterized as a christian with a episcopalian, presbyterian and baptist being the most common denominations. thomas jefferson, andrew johnson were considered unaffiliated. the obama administration announcing that it will raise the number of worldwide refugees at the united states bring in every year to 100,000 by the year 2017. that's a 43% increase over the quota of 70,000. many refugees, a population that is 90% muslim and has been by the millions. in announcing these new figures
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over the last week, secretary of state john kerry says the united states is doing what we know we can manage immediately. but some in congress are not so sure, saying the administration is letting refugees in without a concrete and foolproof plan to ensure that terrorists won't enter the country without vetting. then simon hall has the report. reporter: for many refugees, these idyllic island is a first place of entry to europe. the fastest route by sea to the land that they so hope will embrace them. we saw them today as they came over. one after another, fleeing the horrors and joining what has become the biggest mass migration of people since the second world war. more tragic things with another boatload of people, leaving behind the chaos in syria and trying to find safety in europe.
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behind them lies chaos in europe. this blind boy is one of many they came with his family hoping for a future. two nights ago, 24 drowned and the night before that, 36. before that, 20. this tragic journey is only possible due to a massive smuggling route. $1500 for a one-hour journey. giving this refugee a life jacket, in a vote with a small motor. this woman was clutching her child. she says she left because she didn't want her child to die. but the journey is just beginning and once on the island they are moving and pushed from country to country until finding one that will take them. and it's europe struggles to do so, it appears that america may
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start to absorb some of those numbers, secretary of state john kerry saying that they would take more than 85,000 next year and 100,000 in 2017. lou: over the past 40 years the united states has taken more than 3 million refugees as part of the refugee and admissions program. that is an average of 75,000 per year in this one program alone. and hope frances today wrapping up a four-day visit to cuba before he arrived in the united states tomorrow afternoon. he met with fidel castro, the man that and the catholic church in cuba for the past half-century. any criticism of the cuba communist government so far has been indirect. the pope is urging thousands of cubans to serve one another. not in ideology. the critics, however, have taken issue with the pope that has weighed in on political matters in sounding something like a
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leftist politician as he has railed against mobile warming and capitalism, calling capitalism the dumb of the devil. when the pope has arrived in this country tomorrow, the president and first lady are going to greet him joining outside of andrews in washington dc. the pope is not the only high-profile leader arriving in america, the indian prime minister narendra modi will be here on thursday, also chinese president xi jinping will make his first official state visit to the united states since he became president in 2013. the president, his first stop tomorrow will not be washington but rather washington state where he meets with american technology company leaders. those leaders are eager to expand in china and also concerned about china's cyberattacks and censorship of the internet. china's president will be greeted by president obama with
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a 21 gun salute on the white house lawn and a state dinner. republican presidential candidates suggested that obama canceled a dinner, in protest of a number of issues including cyberattacks against the u.s. government, aggression and south china sea and of course human rights issues. we are coming right back, so stay with us. >> obama's nuclear deal taking effect. everything going great. both sides tell us. everything is going great. robert scales on what is neither trust nor verifiable. and how one man's life is saved by a piece of gum stuck to his shoe. we will have a near-death experience on video right here next. stay with us can a business have a mind?
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and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. lou: joining us now is robert scales, it's good to have you here. let's start with the build up. that will let the state department did not want to call it a build up. which is one of the most absurd positions that he could've taken. jet fighters have been moved in,
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anti-air missiles have been brought in. armored personnel tanks, this is a serious build up from the part of the russians and this defense secretary, ash webster are talking with his russian counterpart, we are told that their discussions were over this. how did that go? >> well, i hope that they have de- conflicted. one has to wonder what they are talking about. i mean, isis doesn't have that. it has to deal with the same airspace. who's airspace? .gov isis? perhaps u.s. and russia. the russians have format su30s and they also have sa32s which are designed to shoot down
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aircraft. lou: instead of speaking openly and honestly to the american people, we have reached this stage where there is a campaign by this administration about what it is doing and what russia is doing and the islamic state in the middle east and that is a major problem for americans who actually believe that we have a right to know. >> the interesting point is that this information, it's wrong on both sides. latter putin has this on both sides, saying that america is leaving, i am the new power, i am the one that is going to fight against terrorist and backup bashar al-assad and he's doing 90% of the killing.
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and russia is on the rise of the middle east and america is on the decline and there's simply no question about that. lou: having a small number, referring to syrian rebels, fighting against the sheer matte, saying that there were 45 of them. and he prefaced it saying that it's a small number. so it turned out by the end of the week they had accounted for nine of them. we had spent $41 million and the absurdity, the embarrassment of this administration knows no
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bounds. >> the resistance fighters tell us, no, the enemy is bashar al-assad. he is killing the women and children. the worry will occur later. so we build this, if you will, this sort of wall between those that need to be killed and those that are those that walked off the training ground, that have been scooped up or simply fled. and unfortunately what you see is the result of a failed program to advise and assist, something that we should have started doing it least three years ago. lou: general, always good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: the pontiff arriving in the united states tomorrow, expected to receive a warm reception despite his anti-american rhetoric of late and his
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description of capitalism as the devil. so we want to know, do you think the vatican should stop accepting money from the united states and would you recommend that they quit taking out money? we would like to hear from you. go to and a close call for a saudi arabia man all caught on video. the man was casually walking down a sidewalk when a window pane fell from above him. narrowly missed him, believe it or not. the man had stopped to get rid of something on the bottom of his shoe and the gum on his shoe saved his life. if you want to connect with me on social media, and i want to do, follow me on twitter on lou
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dobbs news or e-mail me at links to everything at lou coming up next, a few thoughts on the outside candidate and the outsiders race for the white house and this is all we can see before this in july. nasa now releasing stunning victories with incredible detail. we will show you the pictures. stay with us next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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lou: a few thoughts on political history being made on hillary clinton's first sunday talkshow appearance in nearly four years. that is history for you. john dickerson asked the democratic front-runner about the rise of political outsiders in this 2016 race.
7:27 pm
and here's what she had to say. >> tell us why it doesn't put you in a fixed. >> i could not imagine anyone being an outsider more so than the first woman president. >> okay, let's think about that. i mean, what is she on? first, being a woman makes you part of a large majority in this country. and does mrs. clinton really labor under the view that all this had no idea where she has been and what she has been doing in the last few decades? hillary clinton could not be more clearly the furthest thing from an outsider. she has spent more than three decades as a political insider, the first lady of arkansas, the first lady of the nation. u.s. senator, president presidential candidate and then presidential candidate once again. and then she has the full support of the democratic party, the political establishment, the
7:28 pm
network and the organization built by her and her husband over those decades on top american politics and they embrace most of the national liberal media. hillary clinton really is wanting to sell the mad idea that she is every bit the outsider as the three outsiders in the republican deal that never held political office or work in washington. her claim and her delusion is preposterous. like her response when asked to describe yourself in three words. [laughter] >> i can't possibly do that. i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. and i've been in the public eye for so long that i think back, it's like the feature that you see in some magazines. real people actually go shopping.
7:29 pm
>> her appearance with the comfortable dickerson, well, it's part of her new humor and heart campaign. the last time that she tried to relate, she famously claimed that she and her husband were dead broke when they left the white house. or that she had no classified material whatsoever on her personal server. all one can say to that is what difference does it make. but in probably her poll numbers appear to have cost them their decline. she tops the democratic field with 42% and biden has moved up to 22%. earlier this month really had dwindled and she's almost double that now. and all i can ask at this point is what is it that has drawn more democratic support that she affronts reason, integrity and that seems to grow daily.
7:30 pm
and the quotation of the evening is meant to offer hope and comfort. to offer mrs. clinton a woman's perspective on her perceived outsider status or at lease so stated. these are the words of the amazing carol king, hall of fame singer-songwriter and a lot more. she said in her career that i have never felt that my being a woman was an obstacle or an advantage and i guess that i have been avoiding it. we are coming right back. can donald trump maintain his lead or will a new candidate still the gop show? the political "a-team" tonight. and what could be more exhilarating than this flight?
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how about 12 people. at the same time in a flight. the story and video next ♪
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. lou: the top news at this hour, last minute preparations underway for the first ever visit to the united states tomorrow, the pope is in cuba tonight where the opponents of the castro government were not allowed to meet with him. dissidents turned away. some of them arrested. donald trump, slipping 8
7:35 pm
points in a new cnn poll, trump leads comfortably carly fiorina and ben carson, in fact, by a wide margin. scott walker a short time ago, dropping out. and muslim american groups calling to drop out of the race but he's not backing down saying he would not support a muslim president of the united states. our next guest to need distinguish between radical muslims and patriotic muslims. joining me now, president of the american islamic forum for democracy, and it is great to have you with us, doctor, a medical doctor i should point out to everyone. ben carson, you could just see clearly. he had a focus i believe the law that is discomforting to many americans and many muslim americans as well; correct? >> absolutely. and i think what's happening, lou is we've had now almost
7:36 pm
seven years of a president that has been so far deep and apologetic that he won't even call isis islamic, so we have a strategy that's both domestic and foreign, so now they're trying to have courageous candidates that identify with the problem. the problem is, though, if we overstep and miss the distinction between political islam, which is a supremacies . lou: which is what we see in the millings right now. >> exactly. and i'm so glad you're talking about it, lou. this is not whether or not we can tolerate a muslim president. should islamists be in homeland security, government, anywhere? should we be guiding our foreign policy to help nonviolent islamist and the answer to all of these is "no." but those no different leading the charge, to write about the
7:37 pm
evils of but we as american founding fathers in a society based on liberty. muslims can do the same thing. can but in large number will not. >> right. lou: there's a huge gulf between the american muslim as a community in this country and their actions to -- if you will, put up a wall against the radical islamists and insist upon reform. and clarity on the part of what their views are, what their values are, and that frankly radical islamists be dam. >> and this is the problem is that, unfortunately, the groups that we've been engaging and fighting cad cal islamists are modern islamists that are nonviolent. it's like dealing with drug violence and bringing in the meth distributors of saudi
7:38 pm
arabia and iran and legacy groups to help us with the drug that they're feeding into our population. so we have a leadership problem, but the majority of muslims are like my family and so many political refugees who sought to come to america because it's a beacon of freedom, and we're seeking to reform, we understand the responsibility we have -- lou: i'm sorry i think most people do. i did neglect to say, and i want to point it out right there as you're talking. doctor served in the united states navy for 11 years as a medical officer. >> yes, sir. lou: and as an example of the patriotic and the people that you're describing. the other thing is that donald trump, not getting engaged with some person in the audience. by the way, no one, a lot of reporters are looking for him, knows who the questioner was in this town haul meeting in new hampshire asked the
7:39 pm
question about muslims being a problem in the country, and he dismissed it. and he referred to the president as a muslim. now, what's interesting is the very same people are saying that there's nothing wrong with being muslim or suggesting that he should have defended the president and said they was not a muslim. what he did was just dismiss the guy and move on and, by the way, anyone who has ever talked to people in which -- by the way, no one's given trump credit for being in an unvetted crowd of folks asking questions. we have to give him some credit for that. why is it incumbent upon him to discuss the president's religion. >> i don't think it is. especially -- i don't think it is for him to defend the president. i thought what i was missing, though, from his comments were the individual also said we should just sort of ship out muslims. now, he said later he was talking about training camps. but if there's anything we vet our candidates on, lou, it's their precision and speech and
7:40 pm
responses. lou: we buy that. we so far buy that. we've got a democratic front runner who says these an outsider for crying out loud. doctor, thank you so much for being with us. come back soon. >> thank you, lou. appreciate it. lou: one of the world's most talented wing suit fliers calling on his pals to pull off an incredible stunt. here it is. watch this as the french dare devil launch themselves from the mountain in the french alps. just feet apart. isn't that insane? they even managed to get into formation as they zoom into the valley, far, far below. i mean that's a spectacular picture, isn't it? another spectacular set of pictures. nasa releasing this incredible new video of the plant pluto. that's right. i said plant, and i mean plant even though there are those who want to deny its status,
7:41 pm
made up of images, taken from the horizon spacecraft showing pluto's icy mountains. this is spectacular. we've never seen this kind of resolution. mountains, glaciers, plains, streams, nitrogen of stunning detail. we want to show you this. this was the most detailed image we have ever had of the dwarf planet perform i think of it as a planet without any question. take that, all of you -- you reformers. up next, the shocking surge on the southern border. and firefighters making progress over destructive wildfires in california. we'll have a full report -- i said reformers, i meant for those who want to deny pluto as pluto as a planet. we'll have the full report. stay with us ♪
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lou: or next guest says the obama administration failure to enforce immigration displays to enforce our border has led to a crime wave of staggering proportions. joining us tonight is chris, former u.s. department attorney, he served under president bush and obama, author of the book injustice, exposing the racial agenda of the department.
7:46 pm
chris, good to have you here. a crime wave of such immensity described by the newest fox news report. and this administration wants to strangle the data that all of it was based on. what's going on? >> well, it was a fluke that this number even got out, lou, because the department of homeland security has been strong arming states, including texas where the data came from, about the crime wave. 2,993 murders committed by aliens in texas, over 600,000 unique crimes committed by aliens in texas. the reason they don't want the numbers out is because it makes their policies look like a disaster. when you have this much crime going on by aliens. lou: well, what it does do, as well, is if people aren't aware of this, there isn't the reflux to say secure the damn
7:47 pm
border. there isn't a reflex that says deport those illegal immigrants. there isn't the reflex to establish law and order in this country in the border states; right? >> it also under mines the narrative of people who are saying all these aliens are coming here with good intentions, that they're just like you and me. there's something bigger going on. there's something that's cultural that's driving this crime wave, it's happening in texas, it's happening in california, it's happening in all the border states. and this department of homeland security, this president doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. lou: what is it that's happening? >> well, first of all, department of homeland security just spending enforcement. i'm talking to people inside the government all the time that get memos and new ideological driven policies to just not do anything.
7:48 pm
they're staggered by these -- lou: what is your reaction to the report that this administration wants to make possible for as many as 8 million immigrants to vote in the election -- and i'm talking about 2016. 8million. >> yeah. the pedal's to the metal. it's not a conspiracy, it's on you the in the open. have made deliberately trying to get as many people voting in next year's presidential election as possible. it's part of how they use power. lou, when you hear immigration, whenever you hear immigration issues, you need to start thinking about election issues. because they view immigration and elections as linked together. it's a long-term strategy to change the electing of the country. lou: it is you and me that have to understand what's going on here, i think i've had a pretty good sense of that in the last decade. i'm just going to say it. it's the idiotic leadership of
7:49 pm
the republican party who are doing nothing to ensure voter integrity for this election. we're sitting about 14 months away from this election, and i don't know of a thing being done to ensure that these initiatives, if we can call them that, won't take place, won't occur, and republicans be swamped at the polls. do you. >> no. and as you might put it. to change the electorate and they don't understand it, two pagthey don't understand the 15, 20-year long-term planning by changing the electorate of the country. that's what this is really about. it's to make texas blue. once texas is blue, the republicans can never win another national election. lou: christian, always
7:50 pm
informative, we appreciate it always. >> take care. lou: you too. and in california, 1,600 homes as three of those large wildfires are burning still across northern counties. firefighters making progress on the valley and butte fires. both fires, 70% contained now. 10 other active wildfires, however, are burning in california, consuming nearly half a million acres of land, at least six people have been killed. up next, the republican presidential field getting a little smaller. the democratic field may get bigger, a new report. joe biden says go get them, husband, we're coming right back ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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lou: joining me now to help figure out what is going on, presidential politics,, presidential politics, good to see you. reporter for the washington beacon. good to have you with us. let's start with you. clinton is gaining support. shesupport. she has opened up her lead over bernie sanders. are her problems contributing to the up swell of support? >> i do noti do not think her problems will have gone away, but she has been able to have a good week. a lot of the e-mail controversy was drowned out
7:55 pm
by the activity in the republican party and donald trump which may be let her message get through a bit. lou: do you feel better knowing her better? >> it is telling ofthat the best week she has had in a long while is one where no one was talking about her. her. a lot of the attention was focused on the republican field. the 1st week where there were not new damning revelations about e-mails coming out which does not bode well for the campaign. i don't know if this message is going to stick, but the more that people talk about clinton the less they seem to like her. >> she has declared herself an outsider. she will sell the idea that a clinton is an outsider.
7:56 pm
how absurd can that campaign and candidate get? >> that one, i think, i do not know what kind of legs that outsiders label has. it is not her strongest point. lou: how valid do you think it is? >> i think that perhaps the smarter frame for every one is, this election is about you and what you want to do in your resume. think being in washington is held you. lou: not according to the two earliest departures from the republican field, two of the most successful governors: active: former. stepping up. your thoughts. obviously trump remains a strong front runner is
7:57 pm
dominated for months. and carson has said he does not want a muslim in the white house. what is next for fiorini and carson? >> well, she seems to be the only potential challenger to trump. gaining trump so that fundamentals have changed in that republican voters clearly want an outsider candidate. maybe that outsider is changes with the flash in the pan moment where they will settle around someone with a little more experience. i would not be surprised if someone like marco rubio still feels he has that folksy attitude about him. lou: the establishment is struggling to get their candidate set.
7:58 pm
it has turned out to be a vastly more difficult chore for the republican party than the establishment committee thought that it would be. the democratic party establishment is scared to death, more scared that she will not. >> let's separate these two primary elections. the concerns, i do not agree with that premise. put that aside for a quick moment. lou: 30 seconds. >> the idea that we are seeing trump and k-1 and carson do as well as they are so far shows that the republican primary voter is looking for something different. you saw how fast walker went up and dropped down which shows a restless electorate. lou: the last word.
7:59 pm
>> if clinton wants to run as an outsider she is throwing her own campaign under the bus. she has said it time and again. once she starts trying to be the outsider, she does not send a chance. lou: thank you so much. good to have you with us. thank you. >> thank you. lou: time now for a look at our online poll results. are the media scared to death of donald trump and therefore have to crush and? 90 percent of you said yes. time for a few of your comments. president obama promised transform america, and he did. barry commented on facebook, hillary clinton is the best the democrats offer america. sam commented, trump is the
8:00 pm
candidate giving ways to untold millions of americans witnessing a purposeful destruction of our economy. that is it for us tonight. please be with us. until then, good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: high. capitalizing on another solid debate performance using the momentum of solid answers and gender contracts to push her upof the fickle presidential totem pole sitting just downwind of donald trump nine places behind his support according to the latest cnn poll. she loves math and judiciously deploys numbers and specifics mike price boca lows in a drab from


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