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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 24, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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had a tough situation with my family. you guys helped me through it. now here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama, at this hour, sitting down to a private dinner in the white house with chinese president xi jinping who arrived in washington this afternoon. xi's visit at a particularly tense time in u.s./chinese relations, while china assisted president obama and the construction of his controversial nuclear deal with iran, china's cyberattacks against the u.s. government and american business have also embarrassed mr. obama by penetrating government networks and ceilings, secret sensitive files containing the personal data of 21 million government
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workers, and there are new warnings tonight that the number of workers affected by those attacks may be significantly higher than has been revealed to this point. we take up china's attacks with cybersecurity experts bruce parkman and steve bucci. also tonight, you are looking at live pictures of new york st. patrick's cathedral, where pope francis will lead a prayer service this evening. the pope in new york city after going decidedly political in the first ever papal address to a joint meeting of congress. the pontiff calling upon americans to embrace illegal immigrants. this, from the leader of vatican city, which is extremely selective about those who are allowed to reside within its high, thick walls. we take up the pope, his message, his likely influence on american politics. and new gop presidential polling shows donald trump holding the lead that's made him the front-runner since early july, but his numbers are slipping slightly.
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dr. ben carson, carly fiorina are on the rise in the latest quinnipiac polling. we'll have the latest numbers and analysis for you tonight. our top story, the president's pivot to asia goes on. president obama tonight under significant pressure to get tough on china as he holds a private dinner with chinese president xi jinping. in recent weeks we've seen a number of provocations by china, a troubling alliance with russia, aggression in the south china sea and large scale cyberattacks against the government and american intellectual property. but white house press secretary josh earnest was demure when asked if the office of personnel management cyberattack would come up. >> i don't want to prejudge any of their conversations, and you're right that we haven't publicly made any pronouncements, about who may
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have been responsible for that particular incident. the work of our investigators continues, and there are some -- some conclusions they have drawn that have been aired publicly, but nothing that we have, you know, made a pronouncement about. lou: well, the president almost made a pronouncement, he was more forceful than ernest when he reminded everyone of what he told the business roundtable last week. >> we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset, but is something that will put significant strains on the bilateral relationship if not resolved and that we are prepared to take some kind of availing actions. lou: no sanctions announced as the white house weighs exactly how to deal with china.
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it's been nearly four years since the administration announced it was pivoting to asia. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen with our report. >> reporter: on her first overseas travel, secretary of state hillary clinton toured the far east, part of a much ballyhooed pivot to asia or strategic rebalancing as the obama administration called it. nearly seven years later, the u.s. remain preoccupied with isis in syria and iraq and implementation of the iran nuclear dealhat consumed much of the last two years. >> whatever happened to the tippett to asia? is that happening? >> the asia region is very much alive, and i think you're going to see that reflected in the discussions with president xi here tomorrow. >> five of our seven treaty alliances are in the pacific region, and we take those alliance commitments very, very seriously. >> reporter: pentagon officials say the next two years will see
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two more destroyers dispatched to japan and submarine station in guam. russia's incursion curbed the attempt at rebalancing. >> the strategy is still good, we just to recognize there are additional threats out there that we didn't expect. >> reporter: critics say the obama administration has poorly funded the state department's east asian bureau and cite muted complaints from allies that problems like north korea are not receiving high-level attention in washington. >> there were initial small steps, including 1200 marines to australia. it is true, however, that since then there hasn't been that much more in the way of positive addition. >> reporter: whether or not the pivot to asia was salesmanship than substance, china is the great regional concern well into the future beyond the obama era and there, the challenge for u.s. policy makers will be not to categorize china as friend or foe but to know there will be both and how to tell the
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difference. james rosen, fox news. lou: russia's growing concerns now over the military buildup in syria. the russian defense ministry announcing it will hold naval drills later this month in the eastern mediterranean, possibly near the coastline of syria. the drills will involve the guided missile cruiser but russia denies planning strikes against the islamic state forces in syria. russia's buildup is sure to be on the agenda when president obama meets with russian president putin next week during the u.n. general assembly session. president obama and putin haven't met in person since brief encounters at asian economic summit almost a year ago. pope francis is now in new york city, the second leg of his u.s. tour. the pontiff has a full schedule on his first visit to the city. evening prayers at st. patrick's cathedral, he will address world leaders at the united nations tomorrow. earlier today, the pope addressed our leaders urging
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congress to abolish the death penalty, to fight global warming, and to embrace illegal immigrants. fox news correspondent shannon bream with our report [ applause ] >> reporter: pope francis made history today becoming the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of congress, touching on subjects from poverty and climate change and urging lawmakers not to look away from the millions of refugees flooding across europe's borders as well as immigrants streaming to america. >> we need to have a common decision to discuss whatever problems are. >> reporter: while he did not speak specifically about abortion, the pope did emphasize the sanctity of life. >> the golden rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life
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at every stage of its development. [ applause ] >> reporter: then followed up that statement by calling for an end to the death penalty. house speaker john boehner, a lifelong catholic who invited the pope to address congress was visually emotional throughout the capitol hill visit, calling it a blessing, adding let us all go forth with gratitude and reflect how we can better serve one another. house minority leader nancy pelosi also a catholic said, quote, he challenged us to rescue our planet from the climate crisis that threatens the future of our children and the health of god's creation, and to do so sensitive to the needs of the poor. instead of joining lawmakers for lunch, the pope decided to serve others blessing a meal for and meeting with hundreds at a center for needy residents. he's had a jam-packed public schedule, a private meeting is getting plenty of attention, especially in light of these words from president obama earlier on wednesday. >> here in the united states,
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we cherish religious liberty. >> reporter: the pontiff met with members of the little sisters of the poor engaged in a high-profile legal battle with the administration over obamacare mandate that employers provide cost free access to various methods of birth control. the white house declined to speculate whether the pope intended for the meeting to send a message. >> this particular case does illustrate the lengths to which the administration has gone to protect for religious liberty, while at the same time protecting access to health care that millions of women rely upon. >> reporter: as for how the little sisters of the poor viewed their meeting with the pope, one put it very simply, we were deeply moved by his encouraging words. lou, back to you. >> shannon, thank you so much. shannon bream. in the race for the white house, a new quinnipiac poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton still leading their respective parties. trump tops the republican field 25%, but that is down 3 points for trump since last month.
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dr. ben carson up 5 points with 17%. carly fiorina has gained 7 points at 12%. bush followed with 10%, rubio at 9. on the democratic side, clinton held her ground in front of bernie sanders 43% to 25%. biden in third place, 10%. new fox poll shows voter dissatisfaction running high. 40% of americans are satisfied with how things are going in this country and 36% are extremely or very proud to have president obama as president. but there's not a lot of enthusiasm for the democratic and republican front-runners either. 28% would feel proud if hillary clinton were president. 20% would be proud of a president trump. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. new polls show donald trump's lead holding but not building. we'll take up the latest on the presidential race with betsy
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. lou: pope francis taking a political agenda to congress today addressing the distribution of wealth, climate change, also essentially calling for open borders. he said, quote -- the vatican, for its part, welcomes millions of visitors every year, but only allows a very few select persons who meet very strict criteria to be admitted as residents or citizens of vatican city, the most, the strictest, the strictest immigration policies in the world. only about 450 of its 800 or so residents holds citizenship,
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that's according to a study by the library of congress. and joining me now, politics reporter for the "daily beast," betsy woodruff, good to have you, and the host of the chris plante show. good to have you. >> hi, lou. lou: betsy, the pope's call to not be impressed by the large numbers of illegal immigrants crossing our borders, who somewhere calling for us to confer citizenship upon but to be impressed by their stories. were you surprised how political the message was? >> you know to be honest i really wasn't. the pope has been very, very open and explicit how much he supports immigration. when he was driving through d.c., a five-year-old girl whose parents are undocumented immigrants broke through the security line, he waved her up and gave her a hug in the popemobile. lou: wait a minute, wait a minute, betsy, are you telling me you thought that was a spontaneous, unscripted, unplanned moment which a
11:17 pm
five-year-old girl defeated the fierce forces of vatican security and reached the pope? >> i would be floored if vatican pr ever tried to set up anything to push their particular narrative of the day, right? lou: thank you, betsy, chris? >> this is on purpose. lou: well, it was a wonderful piece of theatrics, little more than, was it, chris? >> well, it was. setting that aside, what the pope was addressing. lou: you want to set that aside, don't you? >> she was staged by whomever it was staged, it was staged. but if the pope wants an explanation as to why people are fleeing from the south to the north, they're trying get to a more free market economy, and getting away from socialistic economies which cannot sustain them, employ them, feed their children, and so on. we take in more immigrants than all other countries combined. we are a nation of immigrants, a million new citizens every year, and by the way, we're
11:18 pm
more than $18 trillion in debt dealing with poverty, we're a generous country. the most generous in the world, and i'd love to sit down with the pope for an hour or so and give them a few of my thoughts on the subject. lou: well, the pope is probably -- i don't know what he's aware of, but when people look to the united states to distribute its wealth, they need to understand that about $19 trillion. almost $19 trillion of our wealth is built up on debt, debt that from borrowing money from others, so effectively our generosity is depending utterly dependent on the chinese being generous with their credit that they extend to us. this is madness, this presumption that we have unending wealth, that there is no limit to what we can squander in this country, and the idea that a vatican with very high walls, very thick walls around it, would suggest
11:19 pm
that there simply be open borders is -- well, it's something we should say to the pontiff is simply tear down those walls, lead us by example, don't you think? betsy? >> yeah, i mean i think that's absolutely a valid point. what struck me about his speech, going back to chris' point, people freeing from government, socialist economies, the most radical part of his speech wasn't the immigration section, it was the fact one of the four american heroes he listed was dorothy day, envowed socialist, cf1 o catholic, she deposed the united states entering world war ii, within orthodox catholicism, you are going to have trouble finding someone who follows the churches teachings, the fact he praised her that's radical. that's a big deal. lou: i thought frankly it was interesting people thought it wasn't as political a speech as
11:20 pm
it might have been. i found it extraordinarily political, and especially speaking to a joint session of congress. what did you think, chris? >> well, it was very political, he hit on a lot of issues, some of which the democrats and the news media, i repeat myself, are seizing on to advance their own agenda. he spoke to matters of life and family and marriage, and a variety of other things that liberals would not agree with him on and not highlighted on the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers, i can assure you. socially and economically, it seems fairly clear that pope francis as, look, many popes have been in the past, he likes to frame it in the context of charity, but it's very socialistic. lou: yeah, and by the way, let's turn very quickly to these polls, not much surprise from the democratic side, some surprise on the republican. trump leads as he has for the
11:21 pm
past 2, 2 1/2 months. republican party. but some slippage betsy and some rise on the part of dr. ben carson and carly fiorina. your view, very quickly? >> absolutely, it certainly is not an awesome poll number for trump. what struck me of the top four republicans in the poll, all three beat hillary clinton in a head-to-head matchup except for donald trump. the entire point of his candidacy is win, win, win, no matter what, if he's not beating hillary, that's tricky, it doesn't look good. lou: the last word, chris? >> a lot of the candidates have picked up a few points. the points had to come from somewhere, likely to come from donald trump. looks like they have. not a large number of points, and hillary will get out of the race and joe biden will get. in she's the most awful candidate in modern times and will eventually be abandoned by the democrats and kicked to the curb once again. >> you are breaking the hearts of millions of republicans across the country.
11:22 pm
[ laughter ] >> we'll still have joe. lou: betsy and chris, thank you, both. >> thank you. lou: breaking news right now, fed chair janet yellen, yellen abruptly ended her economic speech she was delivering in massachusetts a short time ago, as you see here at the podium. she required emergency medical conclusion at the end of her speech, the federal reserve says she is okay, we're told she was lightheaded, dehydrated after a long speech under bright lights. after a few sips of water, yellen felt fine and is back on the normal schedule for the remainder of the evening, but she did require medical attention. a reminder, always that we should hydrate. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you find it concerning that president obama has come to terms with the iranians but not the russians nor the chinese. cast your vote at two daredevils capturing heart stopping video that you
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11:28 pm
europe will be atop the agenda. critics have scolded obama for lack of response to both syria and ukraine on the part of the russians. the president went on a quick rant about critics who say our country is in decline, last week speaking to the business roundtable. >> our problem's not that china's going to outnegotiate us or that mr. putin is sort of outstrategizing us. take a look at russian economy lately? that's not our problem. our problem is us, typically. we're the -- we engage in -- i'm being generous when i say we, but -- [ laughter ] >> we engage in self-inflicted wounds. lou: did he say that? has anyone looked at the russian economy lately? has anyone looked at crimea, the eastern ukraine, syria lately?
11:29 pm
self-inflicted wounds, he said, there's a curious construction particularly as he tries to imply he's not the author of the infliction. the author of one wise and ineffective policies, whether his meaningless red lines in syria, brazen attacks on libya that destabilized the country for four years is mercifully inept attempt to install the muslim brotherhood in the assisi and passivity in the face of chinese aggression in the south china sea. and soon it appears in syria. president obama seems lost in it all, let's hope he is not. mr. obama rolling out the red carpet for xi jinping and 21-gun salute and massive state dinner while the chinese launch cyberattacks on government and businesses go on. and adding to the world leader highlights, obama and putin
11:30 pm
next week will have their first face-to-face meeting in nearly a year since the sanctions that mr. obama promised would be utterly crushing to the russian economy and influence putin to roll back invasion of ukraine, annexation of crimea. all this as russian, syrian and iranian military commanders are setting up a coronation cell in baghdad. so much of calls of deconfliction by the way is purely a bureaucrat's word, and let's hope it turns out to be not as meaningless as hope and change for example, not as damaging as an absolute absence of a strategy on the part of this administration. let's hope. now the quotation of the evening. this from benjamin franklin who said, as we look upon all of the activity of leaders of various nations in the country, the pontiff, benjamin franklin
11:31 pm
said -- suddenly a lot seems to be in motion in washington, but we won't confuse it with action in the national interest will we? certainly not yet. we're coming right back. europe divided on how to deal with its illegal immigrant and refugee crisis. the head of the european union says europe's in trouble. we take it up with ralph peters here next. and dash cams capture everything these days, but these guys likely never expected this. >> are you kidding me? lou: no, we're not kidding. wait until you see the video, he (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you...
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. lou: top stories at this hour -- pope francis arriving in new york city this afternoon. now he's leading prayers at st. patrick's cathedral. tomorrow morning he speaks before the u.n. general assembly. pentagon sources tell fox news russia has begun flying fighter jets out of forward operating base built in syria, and russia today said it will begin naval drills in the region in the next week or so, primarily in the eastern mediterranean. and european leaders meeting today, failing to come up with a solution to their immigration and refugee crisis caused in part by the war in syria. the most they could agree on is to get hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to countries where most of the refugees have
11:36 pm
managed to arrive, and joining me now fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. great to have you here. >> hi, lou. lou: the head of the eu saying he fears for the european union's continued existence because they can't control their borders. your thoughts? >> yes, at some point you do have to control your borders. you heard the pope say, talk about the importance of immigration? well americans get, it we just want it to be legal. europe is dealing with a flood of a few refugees and a lot of economic migrants. and it's the draconian orders out of brussels issued to countries that don't want these migrants, that can't afford these migrants is a form of imperialism, germany is being a real bully about this, playing humanitarian. lou: to be clear to our viewers, ralph is talking about the fact that the european union has ordered their member
11:37 pm
states to accept an apportionment, a distribution of the refugees, irrespective of the size of the country or their resources or their budget to accommodate. >> absolutely correct, and the countries of eastern europe are struggling to get out from under the soviet hangover, they're doing well. they have high unemployment. they don't have wealthy economies yet, and by the way, they were occupied by or fought the ottoman turk muslims for centuries and don't want them back. it's outrageous. lou: ralph, but again, you have a half million people that have entered the eu illegally coming from as far as southern india, pakistan, afghanistan, from northern africa, the middle east. what in the world did the european union expect would happen? >> germany expected to get a lot of relatively well-educated, young workers
11:38 pm
and laborers and dump all the incapable people on the other smaller countries. i mean the volkswagen scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. lou: a familiar scandal to many americans, i'm sure. >> yeah, indeed. but for all the problems of europe, i am personally -- lou, i am really, really, really worried about putin's next moves in syria. we may be in for a major crisis that obama can't begin to handle. lou: and that crisis, we're talking about something like 2,000 russian troops, the creation of the forward air base in latakia. we understand two more are being constructed. there air dozen to 18 jet fighters have been moved into place. 8 gunship helicopters. this administration has had a three-year window of opportunity to take steps to secure u.s. interests and a strategy in the middle east and has declined to do so.
11:39 pm
>> let me make two points, as the late yogi berra said, you can't predict the future, but sometimes can you come pretty close. first of all, putin is not going to go in there and go after islamic state. he is going to go after the relatively moderate operation of fighting assad. he's going to do his best to exterminate them and inflict civilian casualties, he won't hesitate and take his own casualties if he has to. he wants to set up the world with a choice of assad and islam being state and nothing else in the middle. everybody out there, there is a very good chance that pint will order the shootdown of an american fighter, and he will then say it was an accident but rubbing obama's face in it because he knows obama will not respond in kind. the correct response will be to sweep the russian planes out of sky because putin is a bully. putin knows he can't stand up to us. lou: we know this. there is nothing abstract about
11:40 pm
what putin has done, he controls the newest province of russia, crimea. he has absolute influence over eastern europe, and every time he makes a noise, they tremble at nato headquarters and u.n. headquarters. >> and putin has now with the iranians building a wall of states from western afghanistan through iran, iraq, syria and lebanon to the mediterranean that will exclude us, keep us out, surround our only allies out, there the kurds, and bully turkey, saudi arabia and the gulf, and obama is doing absolutely nothing in the face of what may be the greatest strategic crisis of our time. lou: colonel ralph peters, always good to have you here, appreciate it, ralph. >> thank you, lou. lou: trouble in the skies for a couple of small aircraft, dash cam footage out ofcalifornia shows a small plane making an
11:41 pm
emergency landing on a busy set of roads an intersection. engine stopped midflight carrying a student pilot and instructor. no one hurt. another small plane made an emergency landing on a florida highway. there it is, and incredibly no injuries reported as a result. up next, the president says chinese cyberattacks are, quote, unacceptable. what will he do about it? and usain bolt better watch out, japan's golden bolt, there he is, coming for him. blinding speed. an even better story. that's next.
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11:46 pm
steal commercial intellectual property. what do you think, bruce? >> well, lou, and thank you for having me on the show again. the chinese president is scared, here's the reason why. we're finally starting to get mad. we're starting to get serious about cybersecurity, and talking about addressing the chinese government's primal fear, which is there are talks about cracking the great fire wall around china, and we know that these oppressive regimes whether china, iran, russia or syria rely on uninformed population, by cracking the fire wall and informing the population and letting them see alternative political and economic policies, the nfl, espn, fox business news, who cares? we're going to create unrest and social dissent. lou: why haven't we already done it because the theft that the chinese carried out against this country, and to listen to the white house, and steve, i want to ask you this, the white house today denying that it's china behind these
11:47 pm
cyberattacks. let me show the audience quickly these cyberattacks by china in this country over just the past five years, to just give everyone a sense of the geography involved, if not the intellectual property, the sensitive data and technology files that have been stolen as a result of these cyberattacks, why in the world are we waiting now to get serious about a response? >> well, i wish i could be as optimistic as my colleague there, but i just -- i don't see us using all the tools that we do have against them. this administration is just very nervous about screwing up the business relationships with china, and i think we're going to see the chinese president breeze through here, have his parades, all that stuff, and walk out with a smile on his face, and nothing is going to be changed. lou: let me ask you both, and steve, begin with you, as we follow up, do you think the united states has the capacity to shut down china's nonsense?
11:48 pm
>> we could do a lot of offensive things to them. we're very, very good at offensive cyber, but we're very surgical about it. the spy stuff, the opm hack, that's not the stuff you go to war over. it's espionage. the other stuff, the intellectual property theft, that's a different thing, we've never seen the scale that the chinese have been stealing with, so nobody knows what the heck to do. lou: espionage, bruce, as i turn to you, espionage, as far as i'm concerned, when it entails the theft of at least 21 million individuals all of whom happen to be federal employees at one point or another, all of their personal information, 5.6 million fingerprints, if that isn't the stuff you go to war with a country assailing the essence of your digital existence, i don't know what it would take?
11:49 pm
>> i disagree with steve on this. i think the theft of that information with the sensitivity of the data behind it, we have five million americans, over five million americans that can't travel basically outside the united states because their fingerprints have been stolen. backgrounds have been 20 something million americans, lives are ruined for decades. we're going to offer them three years of credit monitoring? i disagree. this is the stuff -- lou: just that alone is enough to aggravate most americans to their bone, this is the response of the federal government we're going to give you credit monitoring. i am so sick and tired of the -- of the limp spine of bureaucrat who run this government, and by the way hold policy, decision-making roles in this administration. these people owe the american people an apology. we'll never get it. but they're a poor excuse for the foundation of a government. do you disagree, steve? >> no, i agree with that completely.
11:50 pm
the idea of putting that much data, and it's my data by the way, i'm in that pile of people, to put that in one place, unencrypted on substandardly defended networks is ludicrous. it's negligent, and no one's been fired over, this no one has been given blame for it. lou: we are talking about the obama administration, steve, no one gets fired there. bruce, i know your files are floating out there somewhere in chinese internet land, but the reality here is that we have a government and leadership both in the -- let's be clear, we're talking about both political parties here, there is no sense of responsibility to the american people, there is no sense that there would be reprisal toward the chinese or for that matter insistence that american business have significant security to protect the data of consumers,
11:51 pm
customers and clients from hackers. i mean this is -- we're looking at a, now, a wild frontier that is breaking wide open, aren't we? . >> yes, sir, and while technology is improving, it's the attitude of american companies that keep relying on the government to fix. this the government cannot fix this. only way the government can fix this is if we become like china, control all the internet access in and out of our country. that will never, ever happen. companies and individuals need to take this seriously understand and that they are also responsible to ensure their own cybersecurity. lou: bruce parkman, steve bucci, thank you, both for being with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: a high school field goal kicker, the midland, texas player tried an extra point. the ball was traveling far too low to the ground. fortunately the ball hit the referee's head at just the right angle, watch this, and
11:52 pm
bounced high enough to go through the crossbars. there you go! and ask you what an umpire is for! in japan, inspiration to all of us, 105-year-old man nicknamed the golden bolt, there he is! breaking the old record, he finished the 100 meter sprint in just, come on, man, 42 seconds. you know something? i could do that maybe in two or three minutes. congratulations to the golden bolt, and a great inspiration indeed. up next, vice president biden winning more support for a run for the presidency. we'll tell you which, well, these women would win if the election were held today. get ready, the suspense is building, we'll have the answer next. next. stay with us.
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active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. ♪ lou: let's get the politics thank you. these polls show donald trump holding basically his lead. which is impressive. overseeing fiorino and ben carson move up a little. >> you have to back off a little. carson, a life story, and
11:57 pm
admirable guy. make some pretty bad gaps, a few of them not too long ago >> those are not gaps, that is what he believes. lou: listen to you. >> i am soanswer conflicted, i don't know which one i want to see dominated. >> all three are tremendous successes in the real world. not career politicians. also about being leaders. lou: they are leading in the polls. lost about one 3rd of supporters. these bowls when theyballs and they are good or bad, up or down, political viagra.
11:58 pm
i can say that on the air, can't i? lou: i love that. but the.simply is, despite the fact that you have had up-and-down polls -- lou: very quickly be a felon. is that going to be a problem? >> only and rush limbaugh's world is that a reality. >> not according to the department of justice. very inappropriate. that is the fbi. we are getting enough reports to find out that the server that was supposedly wiped was not. it is getting complicated. >> and she is not the subject of any probe. and said it very publicly. >> and the department of justice said she did
11:59 pm
everything legal and appropriate. >> the most politicized justice department in the history of the world. lou: i cannot accept that part. >> there is only one thing the fbi does, criminal investigation. >> then you have sources that i don't. essentially to make sure everything on the surface is totally cured. i will say it again, they wanted to make sure that unlike the white house server that was hacked, they want to make sure the document server was secure. >> the entire federal government apparently and the said that they were able to recover the e-mails which prove that they were wiped out. >> made it clear that the server was not wiped. >> the professional clinical term.
12:00 am
>> i stand corrected. >> before we go, happy birthday. from mark and myself. i'm sorryp is closed. we have to go. good night. ♪ kennedy: i have four words for you, hallelujah. in proximity to his holiness, hope francis who brought congress to his knees. and with his slow, deliberate, indecipherable speech he to might -- reminded us of a few important things. he at the social conservatives on board with this talk about the golden rule and defending life at every stage, and the left already adored this pope. the speaker of the house needed a few more yards of fabric to sop up his lovely


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