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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 29, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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with you. watching every night at 6:00 p.m. you're going to get more of this stuff from my man lou dobbs. he's next. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama today defending his strategy to defeat the islamic state, a strategy that critics say is murky at best and clearly not working. the president opened a summit on fighting radical islamist terrorists, a u.n. sponsored summit warning that the u.s. led fight in iraq and syria will be what he called a long-term campaign, but the president ignored the new reality in syria, that is the role of the russian military forces that have been pouring into syria over the past three weeks. instead of intensifying the fight, mr. obama announced he's
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slapping new sanctions against more than two dozen islamic state leaders. critics question why he hadn't already put sanctioned on all identified terrorists. not only republicans blasting the administration's inept tactics in syria. former secretary of state hillary clinton admits one of the things xas bathe the crisis is the u.s. inability to train syrian rebels to fight the islamic state. the administrations ineptitude extends to director of national intelligence james clapper today testified that we're losing the fight in cyberspace. he also told congress there isn't much we can do about it. clapper claims we shouldn't retaliate either, because we also spy on china. we take up the president's foreign policy failures tonight with former united nations ambassador john bolton. and republican front-runner donald trump firing back at
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what he calls the bankrupt "forbes" magazine, after information pegged his net worthaf 4.5 billion dollars. trump claims he's worth at least 10 billion. we'll ask our guest, well, why he and the other gop candidates aren't on the forbes list. we'll talk about that and much more with presidential candidate former arkansas governor mike huckabee. our top story tonight, a busy day for the president who spent much of it defending his ambiguous and unambitious strategy to defeat the islamic state. the president began his summit with cuban president raul castro, a handshake and a discussion of the possible end to the cuban embargo. that vigorous handshake in sharp contrast to the president's reluctant handshake with russian president putin. russia and the united states of course, sharply disagree on how to fight the islamic state and who to support, and to this
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point, putin has outplayed obama and badly. president obama's strategy has produced little, if any results, fox news white house correspondent kevin corke is at the united nations with our report. >> reporter: on a morning when president obama had a rare meeting with cuban president raul castro, it was rare cooperation with russia that set the tone for the day. the white house said last night's face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin gave the administration much needed clarity about the kremlin's efforts to fight isis and expanding role in syria. >> we are prepared to work with all countries including russia and iran to find a political mechanism in which it is possible to begin a transition process. >> reporter: a process the president hopes will lead to the end of the brutal regime of syrian dictator bashar al-assad. while the white house has repeatedly called for his immediate ouster, british foreign secretary philip
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hammond told me a more measured approach with russia leading the way is a safer path forward. >> the russians have to be involved in a sustainable solution in syria. they have a significant role on the ground. that i have leverage over the regime which frankly the rest of douse not have. >> reporter: more leverage and more reason to prop up assad. syria and russia have military and economic ties dating back decades so as the regime crumbles under the weight of war and millions of citizens flee, russia is promising to protect syria's embattled leader under the guise of fighting isis. >> russia stated they're not only there to fight isil but also in syria to support the assad regime, and that is not constructive. >> reporter: more troubling for the u.s.-led coalition is russia's intention to forge regional network to combat isis. the kremlin hoping to build partnerships with iran, iraq and syria reaching out to jordan and saudi arabia which
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has longstanding ties to the u.s. as the "wall street journal" reports the russians plan to fly reconnaissance missions over iraq. and while some gop lawmakers said the administration's strategy in syria opened the door for russia, the criticism isn't limited to the opposition party. former obama cabinet member and democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton says the obama strategy has failed. >> well, we got to deal with where we are right now. it's obviously now a different set of circumstances, and what the pentagon has been doing hasn't worked. >> reporter: while isis maintains grip in syria, afghan forces have been locked in a fierce battle in the city of condus, clearing the way for government forces to reclaim the country's sixth largest city. fox news can confirm tonight that a top pentagon official is stepping down. evelyn farkas leaving after five years on the job, she was responsible for the military
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relations with russia and ukraine. lou? lou: kevin, thank you very much, kevin corke. highly anticipated hearing on planned parenthood and the appalling charges against the organization on capitol hill today. the embattled president of planned parenthood testified before congress for the first time since the release of controversial disgusting videos this summer showing her organization profits from the sale of fetal tissue. cecile richards tried to defend her organization. she told the house oversight committee that the videos had been edited by activists to mislead the public. >> planned parenthood has been in the news recently because of deceptively edited videos released by a group that is dedicated to making abortion illegal in this country. the latest smear campaign is based on efforts by our opponents to entrap our doctors and clinicians into breaking the law, and once again our
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opponents failed. lou: ms. richards also failed. in fact badly. just moments before that hearing began, a forensic analysis reported the videos, quote, are authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing. richards also clashed with congressman jim jordan over a video apology she issued just days after the first of those videos emerged. >> i'm asking you a simple question. there was only one video at the time you issued this statement when did you your video, there was only one video. i want to know, in that video you were referencing, which statements were you apologizing for? >> congressman, at the time, as i'm sure you remember, that video was released, we had no time to evaluate how much editing had happened. >> which true statements in that video were you apologizing for ms. richards. >> i was reflecting that on that video, not any particular
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statement, that did not reflect the compassionate care that we provide. lou: republicans also accused planned parenthood of wasteful spending on political activities, including travel, lavish salaries, something democrats took issue with. >> your conversation we're showing baseline tax returns is $590,000. correct? >> that's not my annual compensation, my annual combination is $520,000 a year. >> as the chairman said earlier that's nearly 14,000 per day. what is all that money being spent on? >> objection, to the chairman beating up on a woman on our witness today for making a good salary. lou: the congresswoman fast to play the gender card there, and it seemed to work. planned parenthood receives about a third of the $1.3 billion annual budget, about $450 million from the federal government.
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that is, federal taxpayers. new warnings tonight that cyberattacks against americans whether in the private sector or in government are increasing in frequency and scale and sophistication, and the top u.s. spy says there's not much that can be done about it at all. his shocking view expressed today the director of national intelligence james clapper making the statements. clapper told the senate armed services committee he does not believe china will cut back on its cyberattacks against the united states. clapper's skepticism expressed just days after the white house's much ballyhooed cyberagreement between president xi and president obama. >> hope springs eternal. i think we will have to watch what their behavior, is and it will be incumbent on the intelligence community i think to depict, portray to the
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policymakers what behavioral changes if any result from this agreement. >> are you optimistic? >> no. lou: lawmakers also criticized clapper for not retaliating against the chinese, but clapper said there are limitations on on how the administration can respond because, as he pointed out, the united states spies on china. >> we too practice cyberespionage. when we talk about what are we going to do for -- to counter-espionage or punish somebody or retaliate for espionage, it's a good idea to talk about the old saying people live in glass houses. >> it's okay to steal our secrets that are most important because we live in a glass house? that is astounding. >> i did not say it's a good thing. i'm just saying that both nations engage in this.
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lou: one of the most bizarre statements ever made by any head of intelligence in this countries history. the obama administration has been under increasing pressure to stop the flood of cyberattacks that industry leaders say are erogued their excessive advantage. effectively clapper is saying our federal government cannot secure our private, sensitive, individual data and cannot secure our most secret government information, private and government technology in the nation's most sensitive intellectual property. that from a man charged with knowing what is actually happening in the world, and formulating policy. we're coming right back. stay with us. presidential candidate mike huckabee has a breakout strategy. the governor tells us all about it here next. volcanic ash mixing with a supercharged atmosphere. a rare and breathtaking
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. . lou: gop presidential candidate former arkansas governor mike huckabee is now building what he calls a southern fire wall, his campaign now focusing on bolstering his chances in the southern state primaries.
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he's announced leadership teams in four southern states that include governors, congressmen, state legislators in arkansas, tennessee, north carolina and georgia. the last time our guest ran for president, he carried arkansas, georgia, alabama, tennessee and louisiana, in 2008. joining us is the former governor of arkansas, presidential candidate mike huckabee. governor, good to have you with us. you can repeat the fete of 2008? >> well, i sure hope so. we started out in 08 winning iowa, and went onto almost win south carolina. this time we plan to win it, and then the sec primary which it's called because of the states that are in the sec, happen on the same day, that's going to be an important one for us, we're putting a lot of folk us winning iowa, south carolina, and making a sweep of the sec. many of those states, states that are carried before, states where we are building and have
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built a very strong organization, and frankly if you don't win in the early states, lou, you're not going to be in the finals, like the ncaa march madness, doesn't matter if you are undefeated, you don't win the early states, you don't win the nomination. lou: what are the polls telling you? you have not advanced in the polls, not like you performed in 2008, certainly. there is this -- the expression, the hackneyed expression, you've got trump and fiorina and dr. carson sucking the oxygen out of the primary to this point. what do you do about it? >> well, i'm at about the same, actually i was in better shape right now than i was in 2008 at this point. any of us who have run for president understand that you don't worry too much and you certainly don't panic because poll numbers at this stage aren't great for you. we have a saying that says if you're hot when it's hot, you'll be cold when it's cold,
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and that's the way it normally has played out in every presidential primary. you know, our focus building the organization, the structure, there are a lot of people whose balloons are high in the air, nowhere to go but down, and look, we've seen this every election cycle. people who are on fire at this point the of campaign sometime don't even make it to the first vote being cast. lou: can you appreciate, governor, i'm sure, how to some of us this also seems like rationalization and those of us at the top of the polls explaining in the early days -- anyway. >> just look at the numbers, otherwise we would have president giuliani, president rick perry. lou: and they've done a terrific job. i'd like to turn to a couple of issues, listening to dni clapper. he sounded like a man representing the administration that had been in office for
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seven weeks, not seven years. your reaction. >> well, i think his comments today, though they didn't make sense, they make as much sense as the foreign policy that this administration has carried out. i mean how else can you describe or explain why we would make a deal with the iranians that violated what we said it had to have in order to make the deal. why would we have a red line in syria we didn't keep? why is it we would have a reset with putin that reset him to be in charge of most of the world's power? we picked the wrong players in yemen, we misread that, we picked the wrong players in egypt. we've had a disastrous foreign policy in light of that. i'm not sure what else clapper could say. he was just almost unbelievable that he actually said it in public. lou: and as you say, talking about the president's foreign policy. his choice to lead a summit on violent extremism seemed filled
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with wretched irony. governor, good to see you, governor mike huckabee. breaking news, the united auto workers union threatening strike that makes the ford f-150 it will affect more than 250,000 workers including the 7500 at the kansas city plant. the union has authorized the strikes to take place in five days unless an agreement can be reached. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question -- . a breathtaking rare phenomenon caught on video. bbc earth captured the moment that the supercharged volcanic ash cloud sparked lightning in the patagonia region of argentina. the rare phenomenon called a
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dirty thunderstorm is called by ash particles colliding during a volcanic ash eruption. there are 39 active volcanoes in the world, that is a reduction of 3 in the past month. up next, a few thoughts on the president's empty threats, red lines and hollow promises. and another criminal learns that leading police on a high-speed chase, well, you would think they would learn faster than this, isn't always a good idea. we'll show you the end to this pursuit. rather dramatic and fitting. stay with us. it's one of the most amazing
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. lou: a few thoughts now on our president's string of fierce threats, startling sanctimonious rhetoric and passive nature, not a great combination for anyone serving as commander in chief of this great nation, our presidents previous to mr. obama were
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looked upon by allies and friends as leaders of the free world. that is not how they look upon this president. our presidents have for the most part honored their obligation to do what they say, to speak truth to the american people. traditions and values sometimes die hard, sometimes with considerable ease. president obama last friday announced with much fanfare he reached a, quote, common understanding with china's president xi jinping, but our nation's top intelligence official today told lawmakers that what the president called an agreement, a common understanding, probably won't make a wit of a difference. >> hope springs eternal. i think we will have to watch what their behavior is, and it will be incumbent on the intelligence community, i
11:27 pm
think, to depict, portray to our policymakers what behavioral changes if any result from this agreement. >> are you optimistic? >> no. lou: clapper added that his approach in something of a non sequitur will be to trust and verify. but then again, his boss also claimed that his iranian nuclear deal was also built on verification, the surprise inspection kind, 24-7 as he put it. mr. obama neglected to acknowledge he had misspoken to the american people. what he had done was agree to side deals between the united nations and the iranians, allow them to self-inspect. what is going on here? not even the top officials of the obama administration believe the president's so-called agreement with china will hold up. words and promises and threats come so easily to this president. after all, this is the same
11:28 pm
president who in 2012 famously, famously laid down a red line over assad's use of chemical weapons, only not to follow through with the threat of military action. white house press secretary josh earnest today was asked about that red line. here's what he said. >> does he ever regret drawing the red line and not enforcing it? >> he does not. and the fact is we would be in a much worse situation had the united states acted unilaterally in those strikes. lou: imagine what worse would look like. well, the russian military buildup continues in syria, and remember the state department denied that russia was building up its military in syria two weeks ago. and putin's influence is expanding throughout the region as the president denies reality, deceives all who will listen. you remember, of course, his empty threat and hollow promise to quote degrade and destroy
11:29 pm
the islamic state? is there any reason can you think of as to why any of our enemies should believe that president obama will make good on his threats, or why any of our allies should believe he will be as good as his word? this has not been an exhilarating presidential performance to behold, has it? now the quotation of the evening on our president's seeming lack of capacity to keep many if not most of his promises and compulsion to make hollow threats to world leaders. legendary businessman harold janine once said -- and obviously every bit is true in politics. we're coming right back. "forbes" magazine gives donald trump the cover of its
11:30 pm
new billionaire's edition. bet he loves it, but not what follows. co-host of "outnumbered" jedidiah bila and the weekly standard's fred barnes join us next. big old ball of fire in not such a great location. we'll tell you all about the in
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has met a cuban president on u.s. soil. president obama met and shook hands with raul castro at the united nations, he demanded the return of guantanamo bay to cuba and the lifting of all economic sanction. u.s. forces successfully struck taliban targets in the north. allowing afghan government forces to begin to retake a government city. and donald trump is furious at forbes. forbes gave the donald a front cover of the billionaire's edition of the magazine, forbes pegged trump's net worth at a paltry 4.5 billion dollars. trump is outraged, he says he's worth more than twice that. no wonder he's lashing out! joining us jedidiah bila and fred barnes, and the author of this book, jack kemp, the bleeding heart conservative that changed america. congratulations. >> congratulations.
11:35 pm
lou: and what a subject. jack kemp one of the greatest conservatives and i think political thinkers of either party for sometime. >> you know we had the great achievement, very few comment on, remember all the liberals and the economists could not figure out how to deal with stagflation in the 70s. jack kemp, a phys. ed. major figured it out. supply side income tax cuts he sold to reagan and look what happened. a huge recovery and years of prosperity. lou: because we are so deeply into the woods so early in this discussion, one other thing, it's impossible to imagine, but in the mid 70s, the united states congress, its econmetric model did not include the supply side of macroeconomics, and as fred said it changed the
11:36 pm
world and this fella had a lot to do with it. let's talk about the world changing, civility and peace rains among the republican candidates, they're going to embrace the reagan 11th amendment. hallelujah? or are we early? . >> i think we're early. had the 11th commandment for a long time. thou shall not criticize another republican. lou: great copy for every political reporter. >> if they stop picking on each other, i'm out. that's part of the fun, they call each other out. i'm not saying you got to put on the boxing gloves, but i like they hold each other accountable. i'm not saying personal attacks. some of the stuff that goes ogrow up, get out of the kindergarten playground. act like grown men and women. i like when they say you did this in your record. you say you have a plan about
11:37 pm
this, i haven't heard that. lou: the "new york times" was complimenting the republicans and donald trump from getting us out of the awful stayed nature of american politics, predictability and half heart the promises, 25% performed. >> well, you know, we've never had good predictability in the year before an election. remember who was leading four years ago, it was herman cain. the pizza tycoon. lou: he was making it something of a hoot. i give herman credit for that. >> he was ahead in the polls. i didn't mean he was ahead in being funny, in the polls. lou: what the hell's the point, really? >> read too much into what goes on the year before. lou: marco rubio starting to sound like anti-establishment politician, this is a man who hasn't done anything but politics. >> he has to. that's the way to get the
11:38 pm
popular vote, the way to get people excited. he's the only guy people think of the establishment crowd that the establish sdment like. lou: he's the least establishment of the establishment crowd. >> exactly right. >> you got to be kidding me. >> chris christie, donors are stepping up. is there fire to come after the fanned embers? >> it may be so. chris christie has been good in both debates, i think. lou: i would agree with you. >> hasn't showed up in the poll numbers, but i think it indicates his campaign has some life left in it. we can overestimate the value of money and politics at this stage. you know how much money scott walker's super pac had in the bank? lou: not enough. >> 20 million dollars. that didn't save him. lou: there's an old saying, if you forgive me for bringing another business perspective to this. the surest way to kill a bad product is to advertise it, and this is ball advertising, these folks.
11:39 pm
>> chris christie has been interesting for me, he's not a guy i would gravitate toward naturally, questionable stance on gun control. he took the obamacare subsidies. i have a lot of questions as a conservative looking at him. in the interviews he's shined through. he's managed to have a lot of the toughness that people like on the stage, but at the same time, look like the adult in the room and rein that other stuff in so he looks like he has common sense solutions, i've been impressed with his performance on the last debate and interviews with megyn kelly and what not. lou: kevin mccarthy will be the next speaker, are you kidding me? the new boss will be the old boss? >> i think he's different from boehner. lou: which way? >> he views all the republicans as a team, and the ones who boehner couldn't get along with, he includes, and i think it will be a little different. but there are still the numbers that republicans cannot overcome. 60 in the senate. you have to have 60 votes to
11:40 pm
stop a filibuster. 67 to overcome an obama veto. lou: but the numbers pertain to anyone who would aspire to the speakership. it's going to be interesting to see how the conservatives play this out. going to have a shutdown yes or no? >> no. >> no. lou: all right! we move on. jedidiah bila, fred barnes, thank you, both for being here. the book is jack kemp, the bleeding heart conservative who changed, i would say contributed powerfully to america. congratulations again. >> thank you. lou: astonishing video out of russia showing a highway collision unlike any other you are likely to see. look at this, and the result. a small car running smack into the mini bus, a major fireball explosion. minor injuries we're told, a broken nose for one, sustained burns to the feet of another. and the reason is, as you see, there compressed fuel in the
11:41 pm
mini bus. up next, intelligence officials admit we're losing the fight in cyberspace, the guy who's supposed to be leading the fight and can't do anything about it. president obama tries to stand up to putin. well, ambassador john bolton
11:42 pm
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. lou: joining us now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute, senior fellow john bolton. also fox news contributor. that beautiful building behind you, so much happened there, the president shared a summit, it was styled on violent extremism. i think they meant radical islamist terrorism. i'm not sure how they got that transposed, but there it is. what do you make of the success of the president's leading the summit and the result? >> well, it was a typical u.n. venture, there's a lot of speeches being given, nothing will come of it. in all the years the world has faced terrorist threats from radical islamists, the u.n. has never agreed on a workable definition of terrorism and not likely to do so now. what we have seen over the past two days, the real events were yesterday. vladimir putin came, he had a clear understanding of russian
11:46 pm
national interests, he had a strategy to protect them in the middle east against isis. i happen to think his strategy is very adverse to the united states but contrasted with our president who didn't seem to know what the subject was. lou: you mean the idea of having disputed territory and governance in the territory i.e., syria, you're saying it's unfair for putin to put his troops, air force and missiles into syria to make sure his geopolitical will is in point of fact effective? >> right, it's a radical notion that putin has laid out. he is following russian national interests. if obama understood that of american national interests, we'd be in a different place. putin made points here. i think he touched a nerve with the europeans, hundreds of thousands maybe millions of refugees fleeing into europe or
11:47 pm
coming out of the syrian mess might eliminate the problem and might get him free of ukraine sanctions. putin thinks he knows what he's doing and the contrast with obama and ethereal speeches of world order are something to behold. lou: something to behold almost as abstract and obtuse if you will as the president and the rest of his administration talking about cyberattacks. today we heard after the chinese president and the american president reached an agreement, a common understanding on stopping all of that nonsense. the dni, the director of national intelligence james clapper says we can't do anything about it, can't protect american citizens, we cannot protect our top secrets in this government. even if we could said the head
11:48 pm
of the intelligence community, morally we shouldn't because we do some spying of our own. is this administration just lost its mind? >> well, i wouldn't be the first to say, that i suppose. but i thought that statement by clapper was very instructive. clearly he didn't see much of an agreement between obama and xi jinping, and said quite outspokenly, he was pessimistic about the outcome. we'll see how long he lasts as director of national intelligence, but honestly, that was a fair assessment of what came out of the meeting. you have to look long and hard for anything that looks like an agreement. lou: john, if that's a fair assessment, i don't want fair, i want people with a triple-digit iq in the jobs with an absolute commitment to this nation's interests without apology to anyone. that we'll save for another day. john, good to see you.
11:49 pm
>> all we need is a new president, lou. lou: i'm afraid we may need more than that, frankly. watching this. ambassador john bolton, i'm glad you could visit your old neighborhood there. thank you so much. john bolton. >> thank you, lou. lou: the dow up 47 points, the s&p up 2, the nasdaq down 27. volume on the big board heavy trading 4.1 billion shares. we're in what they call volatile sessions of late. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. in oklahoma, one suspect tonight is in following a 100-mile-an-hour chase after failing to pull over for a traffic violation. the suspect led oklahoma state police on a chase across two interstate highways before, there you go, rolling over when trying to exit the highway. well, he did exit the highway. not successfully.
11:50 pm
he ran from them, he was caught moments later. two trooper vehicles were damaged in the pursuit, but the troopers themselves, uninjured. thank goodness. up next, the deflategate saga may not be over for roger goodell at least. and paul walker's daughter files a wrongful death suit nearly two years after his death. we take it up with lis wiehl and rebecca rose woodland next.
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lou: joining us now, two of the best attorneys in the business, lis wiehl, and rebecca rose woodland. wrongful death suit in paul walker case, filed by his daughter. it seems a long time ago. it seems like a tough case. is it? >> yes. because comparative ne negligene in california even if the driver was going 90 miles an hour, that contributed, to the accident they will take whatever dollar that jury would say, 90% of accident blamed on the driver then the plaintiff gets $100,000. lou: is there a bit of prejudie on part of juries in this case. >> i think that porsche is the problem here. i will tell you why.
11:55 pm
i think that we're looking at a passenger in the car. if he was a driver bias meeting against him in the state. you only respect responsible of going -- you only relationship responsibility. with a driver who drives response belie. unless porsche is prove they were planning to race or drive fast. >> porsche carerra in this case, a model i am not familiar with. porsches are designed to go fa
11:56 pm
fast. >> that will work against porsche. if they have experts that say no, his suit alleges he was going 61 miles an hour. >> they are not on a racetrack, they are driving, the passenger assumes responsibility when they get in the car. lou: we're going to. >> i don't get the porsche. >> they claim there were things that porsche still. lou: the truth is, the porsche has all of the money. >> deep pockets. >> we know that. you never know. >> tome brady -- tom brady. >> oh, tom brady. lou: changes the subject. >> yes. expedited time table, nfl, and
11:57 pm
roger goodell, as if beating out his brains is not enough, he has to draw attention to himself with his own decisions, insisting on a time table, appellate court ruled they will expedite it, how about february 1. >> this is silly. >> it should be dropped. lou: federal court system telling goodell and nfl grow up. >> it should be dropped, appellate court should just drop it, send it back we're sticking back with the underlying decision. i didn't like brady losing his quell phone but -- the into found the decision. lou: this is goodell's ego working and 32 owners of will nfl letting hired help run right across the top. >> but it is the court's responsibility to say no could
11:58 pm
stop it now, and send it back. >> he has a right to go to an appeal. lou, of course, he does. >> the judge said, you deputy do this proper -- you didn't do this properly. so we deny it. either you win fully or you lose fully, he lost fully, he said i want another chance but make it faster for me. why should you make it faster for the nfl. lou: they are not only absolutely some of the most irresponsible and incom incompet leaders thess -- 32 owners coult in place, a even dective, and pet -- vindictive, and petty. >> and the public said this is silly let it go. but why are the judges going along with this? it does not make sense to me. lou: i was going to ask, the nfl
11:59 pm
they wanted this to be expedited, february 1 is -- >> that is expedited in a federal court. people face death penalty and life sentences. >> and waiting and waiting. lou: all right. we have to e expedite this right now. thank you rebecca, and lis wiehl. >> looking at our on-line poll results. has president obama surrendered american influence in the middle east and eastern europe to vladimir putin and russia am 91% of you said yes. last night we talked about rise of identity theft. gerri willis, had some tips on how to protect yourself, and avid being ripped off. don't pay companies to monitor your credit. forget fraud alerts, go for credit freeze, if your kmart
12:00 am
company -- credit card company has not send you a card with a chip, demand one. thank you for being here, we wish you a good night, from new city. kennedy: on the watch we have a full gander of that hillary clinton dun -- dunham interviewd her sit down is not just a heap of hot malarky. don't get me wrong, but if you sitting around with a emotional exhibittist hillary, prepare for a different kind of e enlightenment. we learn more from her ugly duckling goldwater girl face, coming out as a beautiful torment swan. >> for the longest time as a young girl i thought


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