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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 30, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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great show, appreciate it. at home, we appreciate when you catch us 6:00 p.m. every single night. if you can't catch the show, dvr it, especially tomorrow, we have a very special guest, donald trump. that's right. in the meantime, keep it right here. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. russian president putin today made it absolutely clear that unlike some world leaders he does far more than talk. less than two days after sitting down at united nations for face-to-face talks with president obama, putin today ordered the launch of russian airstrikes in syria. according to u.s. defense officials, those strikes are not against the islamic state, but on syrian rebels including the u.s. backed free syrian army, who want syrian president bashar assad out of power. the obama administration seemingly caught offguard with
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defense secretary ash carter and secretary of state john kerry issuing more warnings to russia. warnings that putin is obviously not heeding. and president obama himself nowhere to be found as russia expands its influence in the middle east. also tonight, another foreign policy failure in afghanistan nearly a year after nato ended its combat mission there. u.s. special forces are now on the ground in the northern city of kunduz trying to help afghan forces retake it from the taliban. they seized it earlier this week at a major military victory for the taliban. we take up the president's embarassing handling of afghanistan and the war against the islamic state. we talk tonight with general jack keane, ambassador john bolton, former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland. and donald trump reigniting his presidential campaign. a new poll shows trump with a 10-point lead over his
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republican rivals as the billionaire ends his six day boycott of fox news. we'll discuss all things politics with former reagan political director ed rollins, fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt. top story tonight -- russian president putin defying the west and the obama white house by launching airstrikes in syria, putin significantly escalated the war in syria. today's russian attacks mark the first time russia carried out a major military operation outside the borders of the former soviet union since the end of the cold war, almost a quarter century ago. those strikes carried out against what the russians said were islamic state terrorists. but at least some of the russian targets were in the city of homs, and u.s. defense sources say those strikes hit not islamic state targets but other targets of the assad
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regime in the city of homs not under the control of the islamic state. russians gave the united states only a one hour advanced notice that those airstrikes were taking place, and at the same time, ordered the u.s. military to get out of syria. despite all of that, secretary of state kerry at the united nations did not protest, but rather he acquiesced to russia's new active military role in syria and by extension legitimized the russian presence in the entire middle east. kerry said the united states would, in fact, welcome russia's military efforts if russia were to keep its word and hit islamic state targets. >> the united states supports any genuine effort to fight isil. we have also made clear that we would have grave concerns should russia strike areas where isil and al qaeda
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affiliated targets are not operating. strikes of that kind would question russia's real intentions fighting isil or protecting the assad regime. lou: but at the pentagon, defense secretary ash carter admitted those strikes likely weren't against the islamic state. >> we have been observing russian activities and i don't want to go into detail about that at this time, but one of the reasons why the russian position is contradictory is that exactly the potential for them to strike as they may well have, in places where in fact isil is not present. lou: and the state department says u.s.-led coalition missions are continuing as normal tonight, despite a demand from russia to get out of syrian airspace and to be
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perfectly direct here, we have no idea what normal means when it comes to the so-called u.s.-led coalition. the coalition is made up, we are told, of 62 nations. their roles are not reported by the pentagon or the state department nor their activities. only nine of those nations appear to be actually engaged in attacks against the islamic state. general jack keane warned lawmakers this week about russian president putin and the failed policy in syria. he testified before a house foreign affairs subcommittee yesterday. >> once again, putin is outmaneuvering the united states, and once again, he will utbluff us. putin's economy is in the tank. his financial reserves are running out. his military is no match against the united states. he has deployed a relatively small military and limited capability to syria.
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he will likely get what he wants, the preservation ever the assad regime. lou: present remarks by the former army vice chief of staff and fox news military analyst general jack keane joins us. as always, you were straightforward, you succinctly advised congress of the situation in syria. how big a mistake has president obama made here, how difficult will it be to forestall more russian military forces going into syria? what's your judgment that the point? >> it's a huge strategic mistake. largely dealing with what his ideology is and that is certainly to disengage from the middle east because of the potential for wars and certainly that vacuum gets filled. we have for the first time since 1973 any involvement on a navy base on the mediterranean by the russians, the limited capabilities on the ground here, but significant strategic implications, you know, for the
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middle east itself, and russia clearly wants to take the dominant role in the middle east as an outside nation, a role that has been reserved largely for the united states, post world war ii. lou: a role that to this point has looked as though it's been formed, shaped and directed by utter inept, if you will, officials in washington, d.c. the united states cannot claim its success against the islamic state is somehow being interrupted by the russian president and his forces. in point of fact, he made a persuasive argument before the united nations it seems to me that the world desperately needed the intercession of the well-meaning russian military against the islamic state or at least, if i may be sarcastic in that, that seemed to be the reception at the u.n. by most of the nations. >> yeah, well he's not here for the islamic state, that's for sure. that's a false narrative he's
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created to provide justification. he's here to stand up and make certain that the assad regime does not fall, given the recent pressure taking place against the assad regime by the rebel forces. that carter that he attacked today, six airstrikes in different towns in three provinces along the aleppo-damascus corridor and the rebels have been closing that off and he'll open it up. eventually he'll do something with isis out of the northeastern part of syria. make no mistake about it he's here to guarantee assad stays in power. lou: there is no question to most reasonable people that president putin means to advance russian national interests, means to advance the interests of those allied with russia and the strategic importance of syria is established for russian interests. so the administration looks even clumsier that they would accept any, even the pretext
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that this would be an attack on the islamic state for international purposes. how much longer can this administration be clumsy, appear inept and affect the margin in the months and little over a year ahead? >> you know, i hate to be cynical, lou. i've kind of given up on it a little bit. frankly, i think they will make one incompetent blunder after another. you hit it on the head, secretary kerry succeeded the legit mace by agreeing we're going to sit down and coordinate our activities. the russians never told us they were coming into syria. they flew their fighter jets underneath the belly of cargo aircraft to keep it off the radar screens. why are we doing that? we should be telling the russians with no doubt about it, we're going to fly when we want where we want and do what we want, and you better avoid
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what we're doing or face confrontation, and then we have to double down what we're trying to do to succeed in syria and iraq which is an abject failure. lou: general, not cynical, sound like a realistic judgment to me. thanks for being with us, general jack keane. >> good talking with you, lou. lou: quickly, weather-related news, the bahamas are bracing for hurricane joaquin. it has become a category one hurricane that could hit the east coast in a matter of days. right now the storm is some 200 miles east-northeast of the central bahamas. 80-mile-an-hour winds expected to drop about 3-5" of rain as it hits the bahamas tonight and tomorrow moving north. the hurricane is projected to strengthen over the next two days, and will track likely near the east coast above north carolina this weekend or perhaps as late as early next week. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. russia's in syria bombing
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targets and obama is in the white house, licking his wounds. we'll be talking about all of this and more with k.t. mcfarland and ambassador john bolton here next. and a group of professional skydivers sets a new world record. we'll show you how they did it, and how many it took to do it, here next. stay with us.
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. lou: the obama administration now withdrawing u.s., well, intelligence agents from china, as a result we're told of the office of personnel management cyberattack by china. the move follows concerns in high places that the compromise personal data of some 22 million federal government workers includes embassy personnel who might actually be intelligence agents as well. joining us tonight to talk about all of this, the middle east, eastern europe, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, also fox news contributor, former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. start with the middle east, john bolton, i don't know if there are words to describe what this administration is doing. it has just legitimized in my
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opinion russian military presence and influence and activities in the middle east from which it's been proscribed for some 40 years, and i don't think this administration gives one wit that it has done so. >> i think you're exactly right. this is a huge strategic setback for the united states in a region of vital national interests. we have no counterstrategy to what the russians are up to, and their aims go well beyond syria. they're selling arms again to egypt which they haven't done since the 1970s, they'll provide a sophisticated air defense to iran, prying and probing for american weaknesses all over the region. this is a fire bell in the night, and i think adversaries around the world can see the weakness and allies can, too. i think this is a historic moment, sad to say, a historic moment where power in the middle east is passing from america's weak hands.
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lou: and this power shift, and i happen to think the ambassador is right, don't you? >> absolutely. lou: watching a power shift that is going to have, i personally fear, horrific consequences. >> particularly in the middle east, and i'm looking at the next 48-72 hours. we are flying in the same airspace the russians are flying. when i talked to people at the pentagon and said what are the rules of engagement? what if an american pilot is there and there is a russian plane? there are no rules of engageme engagement. what happens if a russian plane shoots down an american drone. lou: if there is an accident, there will be no response from the administration. this president has established himself as the weakest president since certainly jimmy carter and well beyond even carter. your thoughts? >> absolutely. he's doing it intentionally. i think the president came into office with the leading from
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behind strategy that the greatest throw the world peace was not communism or the soviet union or china, it was the united states. so therefore, take a step back america, and i'm going to make it happen. lou: your thoughts, john? >> for a year and a half or two years we've seen a number of incidents at sea and the air where russian assets have challenged our airspace, come close to ships at sea or nato areas, i think they've been practicing. they're ready to go. we don't have a clue, we were flat-footed by, this even after a 90 minute meeting by putin and obama monday. secretary of state kerry said we would welcome russian participation about isis, and even as they're striking non-isis targets forces that we supposedly support and then to appear again with him this evening to say we've got a few details to work out. the theater of the two of them
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standing there together and who went first? sergey lavrov. who has the upper hand? he knows even if john kerry doesn't. lou: and k.t., quickly, the withdrawal of our so-called spies, intelligence operatives, intelligence analysts in china. the public has known about it for four months, own now they act. we know the cyberattacks took place over a period of a year and a half well before the administration acknowledged it and heard the director of national intelligence this week acknowledge or at least admit, say, claim, whatever, however you want to express it, that there's not a thing the united states can do to defend itself, its intellectual property and national secrets from cyberattacks. k.t., is this remotely, is this even remotely acceptable on the part of any official at his level?
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>> foreign policy and international relation says like a shark tank. and when other sharks smell blood in the water they start circling. it's the chinese, the russians, the iranians and north koreans they're all circling the shark. the sharks are looking at a wounded america and going to go in for the kill. lou: john, the last word, please? >> when you withdraw spies because cover is blown, you don't announce it, not only have we done that. every chinese national who has spoken to the people withdrawn is going to be in jeopardy. this is another catastrophic mistake by the administration and a long list that would take too long to discuss. lou: at some point do we begin to believe there is some level of intent here on the part of this administration? we'll take that up in another conversation. ambassador bolton, thanks for being with us. k.t. mcfarland, thank you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. we'd like to hear
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from you, cast your vote at there's an old saying, so old that it hurts to even repeat it. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. that's exactly what the obama administration wants to do with the internet. this white house is moving closer to giving up american protection of a free and open internet that it designed and created. this administration is trying to give control of what it calls global stakeholders. principal among them china and russia, two countries better known for censorship than freedom of speech, let alone stewardship of any asset so valuable and precious as the world wide web. a group of skydivers setting an incredible world record before camera.
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202 skydivers from 30 nations simultaneously jumping from nine different aircraft and forming the largest sequential skydiving formation ever. in what looks like a giant star as you see there. extraordinary! the daring group accomplishing the fete on their seventh attempt. wow. spectacular. up next, a few thoughts on the president's failures in the middle east and a little bit of why. and shocking video captures the devastating impact of california drought. you will find this video incredible because of what happens to one lake in very short order. all captured on video next. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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. lou: there seems no end to the embarrassing ineptitude of the obama white house in matters of foreign policy. certainly no american president has ever been so roughly
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handled as barack obama at the hands of vladimir putin. just two days after obama rebuffed putin's offer at the u.n. to form a partnership at islamic state. russian air force attacked jets, struck targets for the first time in syria, not even 48 hours later. the airstrikes mark a significant escalation of the war in syria, and that war against the islamic state is now being actively led by the iranians and the russians in cooperation with the united states from a distance, a pleasant, if you will, and marginal distance. the united states for now at least has been stalemated if not outright checked in the region. this is the emotional reaction of our defense secretary to the russian airstrikes and the altogether short notice given the united states. >> i take my oo -- the
7:28 pm
russians at their word, they're exceptionally clear what they're saying and actions seem to reflect what they say they're going to do. my problem is i don't understand what they're doing. my problem is i think what they're doing is going to backfire. lou: extraordinary that our officials think that what we need is their analysis of what their competitor, rival, enemy is doing that is russia. russia knows what it's doing. our government doesn't seem to. even our allies support a role for russia in syria. this is the british foreign secretary for crying out loud. >> what we would all like to see assad gone as quickly as possible. but the russians have to be involved in a sustainable solution in syria. lou: they're certainly involved now, even germany's merkel said we need to cooperate with russia and the austrian foreign
7:29 pm
minister said we won't win without the russians. quote -- also the involvement of assad in the fight against islamic state terrorism, that sounds like a vote for status quo, doesn't it? even israel doesn't exclude russia's role in the war in syria. amos gilead said, quote -- all putting to the lie comments by the president's spokesman josh earnest today who could only offer this weak statement. >> russia will not succeed in imposing a military solution on syria any more than the united states was successful in imposing a military solution on iraq a decade ago. lou: extraordinary. what a simple minded
7:30 pm
contradictory comment that suggests the white house has no clue about geopolitics and the foreign policy that it is trying to follow. the fact is events have now moved well beyond this president and his entire administration. and if mr. obama does not act quickly, he will find himself, his administration eating putin's geopolitical dust and himself relegated to a second tier status in our history books, and that's not a legacy one would think he would want. our quotation of the evening, this one from, well, for our outclass ruling class of both political parties, i must add, one abraham lincoln who said, well, facing a collision of historical forces --
7:31 pm
note, the president, president lincoln made it clear that it is not sufficient to think or to merely talk but to act. we're coming right back. the donald makes his return to fox news. did he, a suggested he should, cut the crap? >> it's the clown stuff that's not fun. last question. >> well, okay. i can understand that. >> okay, good. >> ed rollins and chris stirewalt how the donald did. and, yes, how did bill do as well? a semi truck blows a tire and overturns and its precious cargo not easy to gather up. we'll have the unbelievable video here next. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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. lou: the top news at this hour, defense secretary carter today casts doubts on russia's claim it's hitting islamic state targets in syria. russia started strikes after ordering american warplanes out of the syrian skies. newly released e-mails show russia linked hackers tried at
7:36 pm
least five times to get into hillary clinton's private e-mail account. clinton received the e-mails disguised as speeding tickets, it's unclear whether she actually knew about the attachments, but the point is that foreign services apparently tried to enter that private server. trump tops a new usa today suffolk university poll 23%. two other political outsiders dr. ben carson, carly fiorina are next, 13% each. joining us now former reagan white house political director, fox news political analyst, republican strategist ed rollins, good to have you here. >> thank you very much. lou: 23%, 10% lead, pretty impressive. >> the thing is it's sustained, it's not in spite of several attacks on him by others and certainly some missteps. he's got a base of at least 20, 25% of the vote, and it's not
7:37 pm
going away no matter what happens. lou: have we got o'reilly? just a quick snippet of their interview last night. i'm told we don't have that ready to go. after six days back on with o'reilly, i thought o'reilly did a great job of him. he, trump, where are we going for the shot? i was getting lost for a camera. trump was a kinder and gentler and smarter fella showing a little constraint. >> he has basically swamped the field, the all-star cast of governors we are proud of. that's the base of our party. lou: what's that we stuff? >> as a republican, brushed aside. you know, and my sense is he sees a force to be reckoned with, he's not going away, supporters are not going away and to a certain extent he's going to win delegates, i don't think he'll win the nomination, i am doubtful of that. lou: why would you doubt that?
7:38 pm
>> you can't win with 23%. lou: he's got 10% more than anybody else. >> i've watched this game more than anybody else. you've got to win someplace, if the election were held today in iowa, new hampshire and the south. lou: is he getting outorganized. >> he doesn't have the resources. >> you got to run and get somebody. >> i have no idea who's going to basically be the alternative. >> i would quickly agree with you that it's -- >> i think the real story is how we had the all-star cast of governors, 31 governors and some of the best of them and they got swamped. lou: by the way, you've got people stepping up talking about now insulting trump, when in fact they are life long republicans and government workers. >> i don't think trump gets insulted, i think he -- lou: he sure did and has been
7:39 pm
from a number of corners, i'm not suggesting he got his little feelings hurt. people running against him aside from the three amigos who are outsiders, those are life long career politicians who are seemingly out of favor in the republican party. who's going to step up? >> not out of favor with the public today. i can't tell you. everything i been this game is shattered and i'm trying to look at it every day and give you the best analysis i can. lou: explain the teamsters endorsement. >> the teachers are smart guys, they endorsed reagan, bush, they're going to play powerful game, they're a strong force, they don't click their heels and march the afl-cio. lou: who do you think they'll endorse? >> whoever the democratic nominee is eventually. lou: i think they'll look at trump. >> they'll look at trump. they're going to play it all they can. smart guys. lou: speaking of smart guys, ed rollins. >> as a former teamster, i can attest for the guys.
7:40 pm
lou: you are a teamster, five-time golden glove boxer. >> i had to be, i was the only guy with jackie press who was the president of the teamsters. mr. presser took a gun out and put it in the planter, i said guard, it don't let anybody steal it. [ laughter ] >> well done, ed rollins as i expect. sometimes i'll tell you my dinner with a teamster when i was a reporter. california dealing with a series of unfortunate events and water principally one of the greatest parts of the misfortune. los angeles firefighters responded to a sheared fire hydrant that spewed water, precious water 20 feet into the air. look at this, before it could be shut off, and in folsom lake. time-lapse video capturing the effect of the drought over the course of six months in california. look at this. this is stunning.
7:41 pm
the lake, 18% full right now, most of the lake is gone. coming up here next, fox news political editor chris stirewalt ranks the republican presidential candidates and a yankees family learns having amazing seats near the dugouts, when you get an opportunity, treasure it. we'll tell you what happens, not once, not twice but three times, we're coming right back. ♪
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♪ . lou: here's a shocker for you. our guest notice ranked ted cruz as the number one republican candidate in his 2016 power index. senator cruz knocking jeb bush out of top spot for the first time this election cycle. here to explain himself, fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt. good to see you. a lot of people have got to be shocked that cruz you put him in first place. >> here's what we're looking at. we're trying forecast who is the person who has the best path to the republican nomination today. who is the person that is on the best path that is working it the best? jeb bush had been in the first spot for a koons age, and really from day one on the grounds he had so much money, he had so much institutional
7:46 pm
support, like romney before him, like mccain before, that like his brother, that he would be able to gut it out and drag through the the end, no matter. what he has had such a bad run, unfortunate run and engaged with donald trump and it didn't work. i don't know if it -- lou: you should have told anthony scaramucci. he signed up a big walker fund-raiser, he signs up now with governor jeb bush. >> you got to go somewhere, right? these guys got to go somewhere, you got to have a place to go, and if you were picking the chalk right now among the establishmentairn or quasi establishment types. lou: i think it is fair. >> you have to pick bush, he's the guy right now. bush is in such an attrited state. his condition has slid so far that if he found himself one-on-one with ted cruz going into the homestretch, you know
7:47 pm
that's how they work out. two candidates dueling in the stretch. ted cruz ain't rick santorum, he ain't newt gingrich, he ain't herman cain, he has resources, organization, if jeb bush found himself today in the one on one duel with cruz, cruz could beat him. lou: he has rand paul just chewing on him. >> oh, man. lou: is that for paul's benefit, or is it -- what's at work there? >> well, i don't know how you all said it where you grew up, that's a whooping, he's putting a whooping on rand paul and stealing voters, rand paul is down at 1 or 2% and can't get anything going and trying to get back to libertarian roots. i don't know whether rand paul stays in the race, whether he trenches but he's in trouble. lou: chris stirewalt and
7:48 pm
senator cruz number one in power rankings. >> number one. lou: good to have you here, appreciate it. >> you bet. lou: on wall street today stocks rallied at then of a brutal third quarter for investors. the dow gained 236 points, the s&p up 36. enough to get out of correction territory barely. the nasdaq up 103 point. volume 4.4 billion shares. the worst quarter for the markets since 2011. the dow down 7 1/2, the nasdaq and s&p down about 7%. reminder listen to my financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> we've been talking about the nationwide identity theft crisis and some of the losers, you and me and consumers across the country. new chip enabled cards are becoming mandatory and look to be part of the solution. fox business network's gerri willis joins us. no one knows more about it. chip-enabled credit cards? is this really the answer?
7:49 pm
>> well, it's part of the answer, and you're right, this is going to be a help, a step forward absolutely, but very few people have them, even though the industry agreed to come to the table with the credit cards this week. lou: mandatory and begins this week. are all the merchants, all of the consumers up? no, not a bit. >> six in ten folks do not have these yet. most of us don't have it yet, and it would be nice if there was also a p.i.n. associated with this. lou: like the europeans use. >> exactly right. so you have to import like a four digit code, this will give you a double layer of security. we don't have that. lou: we don't have it, when are we going to get it? where are both political parties on this? is business, the chamber of commerce, the roundtable, nowhere? >> nowhere. because it's in everybody's best interest not to do very much about this. lou: these creeps, these thieves, these folks outsmarting everybody are going
7:50 pm
to continue to steal our identities, our money, our accounts. >> let me it will you, you have a lot at risk. you may think i'll get a new credit card, it doesn't make that much difference, but in the long run, they have access to a lot of information but, they can put this together and really have access to your entire financial identity. lou: gerri, thanks so much for being here, gerri willis. and the identity theft crisis is worsening considerably year by year, and the government doing literally nothing about it. more than a million angry bees swarming an oklahoma highway. take a look at what happened after a truck loaded with millions of honey bees rolled over unleashing what turned out to be a black cloud of these insects swarming cars, including a highway patrol car. we're told no one was seriously stung but folks were, and it took beekeepers, professional beekeepers four hours to clear
7:51 pm
the scene of bees. thousands of which escaped. that's good for the environment, though. maybe not fbt folks shipping the bees. but nature adjusts. up next, carl's jr. tries to sex up the immigration debate with models, and we want to find out how you think they did. a border wall, burgers and models. red eye's joanne nosuchinsky and andy levy have a few thoughts. they'll share them right here, next, you don't want to miss a single word. we're coming right back, thank you.
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>> first. >> but that is a very short wall i would have appreciated it if they committed to that idea. >> if there was a lot you could not spike over. >> or that beautiful door. [laughter] lou: the your kiki spee and is the viral sensation three opportunities.
7:57 pm
and a foul ball. there goes. not helping the team medal. number two. is this fair to the san? >> shave on major league baseball this is bullying getting the video footage replay over and over doing commentary it is shameful and i want an apology. >> now you bring your own glove to the game that is part of the july. but. >> teeeight brought a young lady. the first to totally excuse the ball pop flies are tough to judge and a ground ball
7:58 pm
bounced off the rail in front of him but the third one of ball boy tossing him that was embarrassing been on the other he and all the '80s veadar embarrassing. >> sometimes you just drink too much data game in your skills are off. lou: still recalls sober he would not catch that ball. [laughter] >> i am not suggesting that i would have either. turning to donald trump and his historic interview with bill o'reilly how did he do? >> i thought he did find. he told trump. >> you don't say that i do when i have not see that.
7:59 pm
[laughter] he told trump that basically he needs to be nazer iran to more mature. battle see the point he is not going to change there is no point. >> we need to measure behavior of the putin scale and trump is definitely on par with putin. lou: that is a great point because a lot of voters are thinking is the man enough to handle vladimir putin? >> yes. >> absolutely no oh though why and -- the way he wives like a little baby please. lou: donald trump i had nothing to do with any comments made by him. [laughter] good to see you. the critical care of time poll results for -- to embolden the enemies
8:00 pm
82 percent said yes. it is defective. this is not up to the standards reduced to. that is it for tonight thank you for being with us. >> i am watching bill clinton's struggle he has been constrained sidelines like upper right for the presidential quest now he is looking to break free offering strong indications he will beef up his role. he is symbolic of a booming time in history with america was working and diesel and hip-hop had interesting people and grunge just above the fold and he symbolizes a pristine time and much of that past allows them to


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