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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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questions to our guests,@deirdre bolton works. you can follow the show on facebook, charles payne is here, "making money" is coming up next. . charles: we begin with breaking >> >> guests who would win against hillary clinton? it isn't trump. "making money" starts right now. >> watch out donald trump that pursue your rearview mirror is a lot closer than you thought.
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charles: the latest pool - - pull shows the latest numbers. ben personally one percentage point behind and if held today carson has a much better chance to defeat hillary clinton the only candidate to get 50 percent support. and also shows guess who is on top for the least ethical? hillary clinton. donald trump is not far behind. doing consulting for the fox news poll we have our professor shot. it is still so amazing well trump continues to get coverage and media attention , ben carson continues to creep up. why is he resonating so much with the liberals are going crazy with "the washington post", why can he consistently moved up their ranks?
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>> it is interesting to watch his performance. trump has got a lot of attention but carson has the appeal as the outsider and a credentials to be smart decisions without the baggage of trump so as this unfolds it is almost as republican voters are committed to go outside the establishment and not to trumpet as they focus on questions of liability and electability, carr said looks increasingly promising >> i saw an article that said the most dangerous candidate is carson because of his comments were the sharia law ruling in the white house he has not been afraid or intimidated to be
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concerts -- completely a political correct. >> i think a lot of the things that he said, he inoculated himself against some of the charges seeing is intolerance or anti-immigrant but day told people i am smart i have the capacity give me some breathing room and then of the positions he has taken with the aggressive questions has cost much with voters is seems to be resonating if think there is so little media backlash. charles: i haven't gone through the nitty gritty but the evangelical teapartier eight and conservatives like cars and a lot.
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other then carson and trump icn interesting battle between rubio and ted cruz. it feels like it if carson does not succeed or read the carly fiorina. i think cruz fits the bill maher or what about that match up? >> you put your finger on what a lot of political scientists are talking about that they try to figure of who is doing better on the undercard that the long term presumptions trump or carson if voters have second thoughts it see newsgroups in rubio bumping up against double digits they have passed jump -- jeb bush amicable long-term planning that they have done with the calendar and fund-raising
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looking at the coalition's coalition's, people are beginning to think that is the matchup to keep an eye on even if the top is drawing attention. charles: can we stick a fork and jeb bush or is it too early? >> it is way too early. in political science we are bound by a lot of the radical conceptualization that values endorsements. charles: what does that mean? [laughter] but if you say we basically have off 13 primary contest with this new system, we know when that party ways if it does have an impact of money matters.
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it feels like we are at the last battle and i have the sneaking suspicion we may be under rating trump and carson the new anti-establishment movement that looks like it is dangerous on the republican side. >> jeb bush had a war tressed -- just of 100 million and cruz raised a lot of money we heard about adelson. how much will money play a role? it seems like it has been inconsequential. >> we tend to sit back tuesday to go to iowa or new hampshire and you can equalize the advantages but then you start contesting a lot of states in a quick period of time that at that
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point conventional wisdom the will begin to matter and it is winner-take-all you cannot go door-to-door so the campaign that trump and carson and others are waging to put that to the test. charles: right now he is barely holding onto the lead. but 37 percent said they would definitely vote for him that was only 8 percent in june and only 18 percent said they would never vote for donald trump. o dollars to bring in genevieve voyage's the former rnc spokesperson we are talking about traditional races this is
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one for the record book senator howard plays out the -- no matter how it plays out. >> what is amazing ability of the numbers you would vote for personal think he has the best numbers i would vote for him over i would never vote for him. the you see that across the board and that says the republican base at the end of the day whoever gets this will say it i have always ben for them and for the on i was for this. they don't dislike anybody but people like cars and are doing better. >> when you say the republican base what is that? >> those who are physically and socially conservative.
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yes ben gerson polls the evangelical wing but he pulled across the board everywhere i go republican top groups and carson is somebody outside the beltway it is surprising i do not realize he was so well-known he is resonating a big part they liked him and they're like the fact he does not get shaken. charles: i have spent time around ben carson and his wife but it strikes me as a rockwell painting the wholesome american family that we aspire to rupert you have been writing some great pieces that if donald trump was up 30% we would ask the what is the message now? >> it seems to me with this new poll is seems trump and
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cars in our though leaders there out by themselves and this is the second we have seen ted cruz climbed into third place at the top of that second tier. but he has to lecter recent developments in the happy. then next is the number of people who said they would never vote for donald trump is 59% in june. now is down 18% so that this but -- -- despite the hoopla people see him as a plausible candidates than a couple months ago. >> a lot of that has to do with his more humble approach but since he has stopped with the attacks it feels like his momentum has stopped. people feel he is nicer but
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do they come in first? >> sometimes i wonder if he's scared himself save little bit with his early success how well he has done has given him pause i think the rally has been a moment he said waite. i have a shot. he has talked about read calibrating to do things differently when he becomes the nominee. it is interesting to watch him react. >> he talked about to be counterpunch he likes carson and ted cruz a lot. don't miss fox business during debate today blood dash tamara with the nerve breezing lineup period bartiromo sitting down with former secretary of defense leon panetta.
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then stored party system was senator marco rubio and jeb bush. then on the intelligence report we will have bill o'reilly tomorrow right here on fox business network. hillary clinton is fired up all the sudden taking on tromp outside of his own hotel taunting him on the eve of the debit -- democratic debate. wait until you hear his reply. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> >> that was some light he was doing well and by the way he will be alive trading during the democratic debate that should be more exciting art lover and colonel peters, we will start with zero i am sure you'll see the new poll with the plot
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sickening everything that donald trump talks about you cannot dispute. we have lousy bills of the military and the trade side. >> i am not one of those people you want to show off your mouth but at the end of the day trump never, never answers specifics on tough questions. you can i declare vagrancy on isis or sue vladimir putin is a you are fired to the ayatollah khamenei and this is serious business i feel all of us on all the challenges are hammering washington but the commander
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in chief is really, really hard the last thing that i will say is that's trump is utterly unqualified. would you allow somebody who claim to be a heart surgeon to operate under loved one just because he said i will hire a good nurses? that is a lot harder but those of strong opinions but we have elected a lot of qualified people and they are not respected around the world of the fears us with lopsided trade policies maybe it is time to find someone who may know how to handle that differently yes they go there with the best of intentions. >> i could not disagree more. i know donald trump a little bit looking at donald
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trump's record i know the candidates are not even good. they are phenomenal people know the date matches carson but he is very credible i just remember the comments they made about reagan and what would they call them? and all of these quotes from republicans anderson went against him in the primaries than the general election. i think republicans have a huge surplus of candidates. >> wait a minute. ronald reagan had a positive vision of america he was not tearing it down by the way he also was governor of california. but donald trump will say
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anything at all to get elected and back to the basic premise so tell me now and give me specifics don't say we would go to the middle east to take all their oil. and then to legitimize everything. charles: but are did say his plan was reagan asked him -- esque. >> he has laid out very well and the others have to. he really has done a good job. >> which deductions go away? >> wait a second if you would ask reagan that. he has to go through house and senate in ways and means it is three years before that happens. charles: in all fairness
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peters -- colonel peters nobody will give those details right now. but trump has the temperament to be in the d.c. system. oh lot of these people are embedded. the next president will be long gone. he does have the right personality to call the people he calls losers together. >> as a 75 girl i will keep the morale of the. [laughter] but seriously not one of the actual members of congress supported him they all supported john connally and bush when we came they came with us. we did the tax bill and the others with a majority in the house in the senate and the work done very well i think trump has been very persuasive with his business deals. i am not endorsing him ideas
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a good candidate and the others are also and i really mean that. charles: final word to colonel peter. >> by an old-fashioned idea ethics and values matter. he is proud of for bankruptcy's because they were not my personal bankruptcy so the says i protected my fortune i screwed all the small contractors. now he is suing one of the most revolutionary chefs in america because he does not want to play by his rules. where are our values? >>. charles: in all fairness all the people they go into business with their all big boys. >> all those subcontractors? >> idle the he hurt any little people. >> go to edmonton city. charles: assembly plants to
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hundred bills together of the lot -- deals together a few will otwork out right to understand the temperament and the way he has presented himself i do think he is trying to pull back. both if you are fantastic for gropings for coming on tonight. the market put up a the good fight then all of a sudden biotech and transportation hit a brick wall. we will tell you next.
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charles: the market had an interesting day we were down early with lackluster trading bandit conduct again and it felt there was a winning streak then they ran out of gas. they were hammered transportation stocks then
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after the bell with a lot of earnings and jpmorgan end a potential blockbuster deal. since this is soaring. but first of all, with the vix index down 10 days in a row what is the message? >> and after that economic reports the fed raising rates is off the table but i do believe the global backdrop the emerging markets the contribution of growth for global growth is 75% so that china effect.
6:28 pm
>> but after posting ugly we import/export numbers because of more likely they will do some sort of stimulus. >> short-term maybe that is the case but long term that policy shift is much less of a growth rate. i am talking 3% or 2% growth based off of policy decisions they're making. charles: to a transportation stocks down earlier in the year which is counter intuitive with a gasoline transportation they fourth told of the broader market moved but today they would hit the trendline so we would still be light on transportation oil and gas will come under pressure. the high correlation and
6:29 pm
with consumer staples or discretionary. >> how do i distinguish the difference with a consumer discretionary and consumer staple? dr pepper or anheuser-busch and looking at a consumer staple but you can have a time horizon over one year. >> batted is crazy but sandisk is popping big time in the after market. maybe micron or western digital what about coming out of this?
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>> what we believe is the momentum stocks when it comes to attack looked at the blue-chip names like cisco systems or microsoft you will see mergers. charles: the democrats are ready for battle tonight and hillary clinton takes center stage but joe biden much a lot more electable against the former secretary of state. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. nobody's hurt,but there will you totstill be car. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car?
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it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. charles: hillary clinton took a jab at clinton when vestron in front of the trump hotel. >> title date is entertaining when somebody is called immigrant that is unacceptable behavior. when we're here together in solidarity. and if you are going to run for president then you should represent all the people of the united states. charles: hillary was then a big is this evening the old one to show up to speak at this rally yesterday she
6:35 pm
remains the front-runner among the democratic primary voters but the latest fox news poll even though joe biden has not declared comedy is giving clinton a serious run and has done a lot better than she does with the g.o.p. rivals. my guess is back with the. erica, i hear where hillary coming from and she is trying to inject some life into her lifeless campaign but biting trumpet is clear he is against illegal immigration but if she grasping for straws? >> no. she is taking a strategic strike with the non by voters in order to bin elections today in particular national you need the nine white voters so to
6:36 pm
go to those groups voters in registering them to appeal with them and stand with them is a very strategic strike. charles: this is my problem what about president to all americans live a plan for the people that are not white were these people what about the president to create the tide to lift all ships. >> it is incredibly divisive does anybody out there really believe this will create more middle-class jobs from the plaza leads to a better middle-class? she has to hold on to that key part of a constituency where sanders has said gentry liberals she has the establishment seems to go on a to go to the private sector union but teachers' unions and dmv workers but
6:37 pm
she has to keep that in her corner because that is just more bad news from old liberal joe biden. charles: let the other guy shoots himself in the flat was the strategy. it seems both parties have tried their best. how do the republicans attack eventually? whether sanders or clinton? >> you will see ideas come out. look at the democratic field one talks about the future the democratic side is old and tired. the reason hillary is in so much trouble because americans think she is taken
6:38 pm
part in an unacceptable behavior. i think they are old ideas the old crowd that is not the wave of the future. >> if sanders stores will tonight will the party be willing to read mitt he is here tuesday and it is the socialist party? >> i don't think we are a socialist party but i don't think anybody thinks sanders is going anywhere anytime soon. he is a candidate debating and differentiating and giving voters the chance. >> it is a rocky road you don't want to miss fox business presidential debate we are hosting the g.o.p. candidates milwaukee wisconsin.
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charles: up next forget about the democrats the real debate is playboy that will stop publishing new photos of women. water they thinking? next. [ male announcer ] some come here
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to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things. but it's always about the very thing we do best. ♪ charles: the end of an era of playboy has announced it would no longer publish date 30 photos in the magazine pretty soon you really will just buy those for the articles. reporter from serious ex them radio.
6:43 pm
maybe it was the big deal to get a playboy as a teenager it felt like a rite of passage is gone. >> it is a great idea playboy is a totally outdated experience people are tired of seeing and hugh hefner still walk around but people are more interested in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition and a the petraeus secret show that is what this will become. let's differentiate from gq or other magazines how will that distinguished itself? >> that is the point competitors like "esquire" orgy q. don't half of one nudity with yogurt demographics and went
6:44 pm
playboy made that movie was a 400% increase in traffic they didn't want that on the office computers. >> they stop on the web site also? >> they did. the whole point was to take on the social mores to be taboo and right now with the internet and with pornography is not taboo that if that is not taboo then why pursue that and not focus on the articles? >> not only did the web viewership go up with the median age of dropped which is a great sign people are interested in looking at new duty as much as they used to >> and they say we do it classy maybe euphemism for a lot of their brush. [laughter]
6:45 pm
but it isn't like the pornography that you get at work is clean that is oxymoron expect people read magazines anymore you cannot really read that unless you're in the confines of your own home so if you make it more readable the people could display or read on the train then that is a type of thing that they need to bring out. >> their competitors have been trying to compete for women readers as well i don't think "esquire" have not been successful because of women readers so if playboy could expand into women leadership i think that is a good thing. >> that is a good point because of "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue of lot of people pick up that are women so now women may pick up this magazine. charles: is a little bit of
6:46 pm
a sad day for people like me. income inequality the so-called cure it is time to get all americans into the game be aware of false profits. we will be right back. this ♪
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6:50 pm
hoarding the cachalot there is upward mobility the number that is wearing with the gap between the rich and the port is what is covered by progressive policies. so everyone knows, the top five states with the largest gaps of income inequality york, connecticut, louisiana york, connecticut, louisiana , number four california number five massachusetts. extraordinarily poor people among all of these rich folks they have high taxes but tufts burdens to start business there is a formula to make people pour and keep them there. >> i wrote a book in 2012 called eureka. they know that state really well i left there to go to tennessee because there is no income-tax it is a to
6:51 pm
class world and it is sad to see them destroyed them destroy a terrific state and they make that not liveable for a lot of people. charles: in new york all the people who could be working in the oil and gas industry because you have a couple of factors said this is bad for the environment the biggest gap of any state between the rich and the port and the opportunities are under their feet they cannot take advantage. >> without touching that third rail government house to move away from the regulatory environment they are in percolation incentivize investment spending across the board regardless of what industry that will actually start to lift. charles: what about the third real? >> it is sent democrats are
6:52 pm
republicans but let's get business. charles: i don't think it is a confidence for at a five are very rich progressives have been in power for almost ever. when is the last time you didn't have not progressive policies with high taxes and a lot of regulation and a nanny state they know what is best for their people. >> you may have a point from that perspective but i am suggesting incentivizing from the tax structure will create jobs. charles: here is my question can they come back? they have a massive exodus you're not the only one who left california there was a wagon trail. with that cautionary tale.
6:53 pm
>> to have a low-grade broadbased flat tax. they need state regulatory reform government spending reduction and policies for a the country needs it to get going what i was there we had proper 13 -- proposition 13. charles: now illegals can vote and all kids get topees none of that made america great. next.
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how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. . charles: california governor jerry brown signed a bill that possibly paves the way for illegal immigrants to vote. now the bill automatically registers illegals to vote through the dmv. this is nuts, even for a guy
6:57 pm
named moon beam, let's bring in milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. sheriff, i don't know what would make anyone think that this is a good idea. help me understand it, from your perspective. >> you can't understand it. look, apparently in california, jerry brown and the democrats are rung out of dead people, if they can find the votes, now they're going to illegal immigrants. this is a violation of the constitution. he knows it. article 1 section 8 says that congress has the authority to establish rules on naturalization, not the governor of california. the 14th amendment says the constitution applies to citizens, and then 19th amendment says people who between the age of 18 who are citizens can vote in america, and if you think that state of california will only apply to state elections and not federal then, you have another thought coming. this is part of their shtick, jerry brown and the democrat,
6:58 pm
voter fraud and cheating in election says part of the strategy to get out vote. charles: it's interesting, i just had art laffer on, he left california, millions replaced by babies and low-skilled illegal immigrants. having said that, is there philosophy, some white guilt run amok with progressives and this stuff. he's trying to give away the country! >> well, you know they probably have more illegal immigrants in california than any other state of the union, so their philosophy is why not take advantage of it. this is going to cause a mess. they're never going to on the voter rolls sort out people who are not eligible to vote from those who can. it will be a big mess in the end. at the polls, they'll throw up their hands and let anybody votement i believe people in the other 49 states have a vested interest to sue the state of california, it could affect an outcome in a national election. that would impact on my civil
6:59 pm
right to have my vote count, even in the state of wisconsin. charles: i agree with you 1,000%. there's a kia ad, the idea of participation trophy for all athletes. shows the father, his team won and got a participation trophy. he pulls off the plaque and writes chance instead. tell me your thought on that, a country where everybody is a winner and make the winners feel like not chance at all. >> i saw the ad, i think it's great. look, winning matters like donald trump says, we don't win anymore in america. this is what he's talking about. charles: i agree 1,000%. sheriff david clarke, appreciate you taking out the time and hopefully get you on real soon. >> thank you, charles. charles: the democratic debate, donald trump is going to be tweeting live. that's going to be a lot more exciting than anything else we have to say. remember the fox news poll. this is a shocker.
7:00 pm
donald trump with a one percentage-point lead over ben carson. the plot thickens, we're here to help you figure it out. it is about your country and about your money, who's in the white house next is going to determine the direction of your income and family. up next, lou dobbs. you want to keep it right here on fox business.. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the big story tonight dr. ben carson's breakthrough in the latest polling. brand new fox news polls out tonight show dr. ben carson making huge gains in the republican race for the white house nomination. carson is now virtually tied with front-runner donald trump after nearly doubling his support over the past two months. and among all republican primary voters, carson has the largest number who say they would definitely vote for him. we'll have the polls for you


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